David HUDSON – Virginia Beach Lectrure 1994

## David Hudson in Virginia Beach – April 2 & 3 1994 (Transcript) Extracts from: http://www.subtleenergies.com/ORMUS/presentations/virginiabeach.htm

I am here to introduce for the first time, David Hudson, cotton farmer from Phoenix. Welcome him, please.

Mr. Mike Latimer, I am not going to give you anything that can be construed as paranoid, there are no plots, there are no agendas, there is nothing negative about this. I hope you all find it as enlightening as I have.

Ah, this is the first time I have ever spoken just basically to the public.

We have over seventeen years of research and over five and one half million dollars has been spent to get to the point where we are at right now. Our work began about 1975 or 1976 and we were working with analysis of natural materials. You know, on our farm we do soils analysis, antitoxin analysis, these types of standard analytical procedures. Basically, we had soils that we were sending it to commercial laboratories and they were giving an analysis on this soil and the analysis was not agreeing with what we were observing in the soil and so we began a process, basically analytical chemistry, to separate out everything that we were told was there. We finally got down to a specific material that we were being told was iron, silica and aluminum.

Now, I am going to skim over quite a few of the early years, because we want to get on to the gist of all this. But, basically, this iron, silica and aluminum did explain something about this but it didn’t explain all of the properties. One thing that was observed was when this was dissolved in acid it reduced out of the acid and filtered onto an actual filter paper, that as it dried it would explode. I have never seen any iron, silica and aluminum that would explode.

Finally after three years we were able to get rid of all of the silica, all of the iron and all of the aluminum, and I was told by a Ph.D. at Cornell University that I had pure nothing, except I could weigh it and I could hold in my hands and could perform chemistries with it. So with absolutely pure nothing I had x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, atomic absorption, emission spectroscopy and even neutron activation. Pure nothing!

He told me that if I would give him a $350,000 grant that we would assign a graduate student study it. I had already paid him about $18,000 because he represented he could solve my problem and he didn’t. And so, I decided we could get more for the money if we did the work ourselves.

Basically, I spent the next three and one half years working with a gentleman who was trained at Dortmund, West Germany doing spectroscopic analysis. We had him set up the long burn time procedures, DC arc emission spectroscopy. We built the excitation chambers and inner gas shielding around it and were able to do the 300 second burns on the DC arc emission spectroscopy.

This is the way the Soviet Academy of Sciences said that the analysis had to be performed. Basically DC arc spectroscopy and, ladies, bear with me, it will get better. DC arc spectroscopy the material was placed on an arc electrode, and arc was struck, and it vaporizes in 15 seconds and when it vaporized it emitted light spectra. And that light spectra goes through prisms and it goes into the rainbow spectrum and certain light frequencies appear for certain elements. When you burn this for the first 10 or 15 seconds you get traces of iron, silica and aluminum and then everything stops reading. But if you have the excitation chamber and you look into this inner gas, through this last wall into this inner gas you can see on the electrode there is still a white material and 20 seconds goes by, 30 seconds goes by, 40 seconds goes by, 50 seconds goes by, 60 seconds goes by, 70 seconds goes by and then it begins to read. You get palladium and platinum, then rhodium, then iridium, then osmium. They come off in the sequence of their boiling temperatures. They come off in the sequence of their vaporization temperatures and these are procedures that have been developed by the Soviet Academy of Sciences. A 15 second burn simply reads the exterior but it doesn’t read the matrix.

The amazing thing was, we decided that if it started reading at 70 seconds then let us stop the burn at 65 seconds when there is absolutely nothing there but carbon development. We stopped the burn and sent it for neutron activation analysis, the most sophisticated analytical probing used in the world. No precious metals detected. Now, you begin to scratch your head and say, now, wait a minute, are we creating elements? Was it possible that these elements exist in a form that no one knows about?

I went to a Ph.D. analytical chemist, a graduate of Iowa State University. His job was to take unknown material and separate it specifically. He worked for seven years. I paid him and three Master’s chemists who worked for seven years; who finally developed a qualitative and quantitative separation procedure.

We were able to separate the rhodium, as a blood red chloride, we were able to separate the iridium as a light green chloride, and we were able to separate the osmium by distillations and purifications, but as separated elements they were still not identifiable by instrumentation. They had all the properties of the metal, but they were invisible to instrumental analysis. As pure separated material.

We actually prepared chloride salt, blood red chloride salt, which was very unique in the color itself, we sent it to Iowa State University, and they became very irate. All they could detect was chlorine. But chlorine is a gas, and this was a crystalline solid material. It must have a metal binding the chloride. And they couldn’t find it.

We began to do magnetic field studies on the material. Because all of the material in its hydrogen reduced form was magnetic, and yet when you anneal it, it becomes non magnetic.

The protonated material which is the last step in the production of the high created single element is to produce the hydrogen monoatomic material. When we anneal the proton away in the same way that amorphous silicon is produced, you end up with a snow white powder. A snow white powder of gold, a snow white powder of silver, a snow white powder of palladium, a snow white powder of platinum, a snow white powder of rhodium, a snow white powder of iridium, a snow white powder of ruthenium, and a snow white powder of osmium.

We learned how to take the metal salts that were being sold commercially, that people buy in the electronics industry and the high-tech industries and how to make these products disappear. We can literally take the rare rhodium chloride, dissolve it into acid and through a process of disaggregation of the metallic salt, literally make them disappear. You still have a blood red solution, it is still there, but the machine no longer can read it.

Now this pretty heavy duty stuff I am laying on you, and pro tunc it is that all the analytical data that you are receiving, whether it be on herbs, whether it be on tissue in your body, is potentially incorrect. Okay. Once you are aware that these elements exist, it changes your whole outlook about everything.

The material when it turns white, now I will use an element. Gold is one of the elements. Gold…most people think they understand gold, at least they recognize it when they see the metal. Gold, when it is produced as monoatomic, protonated gold out of an acid solution is light gray, almost black, but when you anneal the proton away, it goes white.

When this annealing occurs, and we did what is called thermographic metric analysis, it is a procedure whereby you can heat and weigh the sample at the same time. A very sophisticated machine that it costs about $800 a month to rent. Very expensive machine, made by Stanford University. And when the material goes to the white form it loses 4/9ths of its weight. You can actually take one gram of gold and convert it to the white form and it weighs 5/9ths of a gram.

Now this is very disturbing to the Ph.D. analytical chemist trying to do a mass balance on all of the material. Yet you can take the 5/9ths white powder and convert it back to metal and it weighs a gram. Now where did the 4/9ths go?

When we were doing this procedure, we were heating this in a magnetic field. We were told by the manufacturer that there was no magnetic field, but there is a magnetic field. The heating element was bifilar wound which means that the electricity was wound one way and another wire goes right beside it to cancel the field. And the heating coils were bifilar wound and you have magnetic standards that you put into the machine and heat them and they are non magnetic and they become magnetic and they lose their magnetism and you weigh them and there is no magnetic field.

Yet you put this stuff in there and they could literally make it weigh 300%, the beginning weight, or you can make it weigh less than the planetinium (?) weight. Now, this is very disturbing to the people watching it. We talked to the experts over at Stanford and they said that the only material that would do this, the only material that would respond to this tiny magnetic field is a superconductor. A superconductor. But this is a superconductor at 600 degrees Centigrade. Not only room temperature but without red heat conducting. It literally gets invisible when it is in a perfect superconducting state. You can’t see it, but as you cool it back down, you can see it again. It is a snow white powder.

It is a snow white powder that has no chemistry. It is a snow white powder that has no crystal structure. It is a snow white powder that not only is not a gas, because it is an arrangement coupled to itself and literally you can pick it up and hold it and weigh it as 5/9ths of its true mass. It literally weighs 5/9ths because it is interacting with the earth’s magnetic field. And a superconductor produces around it what is called a Meissner field and a Meissner field cannot be penetrated by any external magnetic field. None. And it resists breaking the magnetic lines of force.

The earth’s magnetic field of several Gauss is a huge magnetic field for a superconductor. In fact, to give you some idea of the sensitivity of a superconductor, a superconductor will show light, a single element superconductor, will throw light in response to a magnetic field of two times ten to the minus 15 ergs. Now for you non technical people, what is an erg? There are 10 to the eighteen power ergs in a Gauss, ten times ten, times ten, times ten, times ten, eighteen times, there is that many ergs in one Gauss. This will respond to two times 10 to the minus 15th ergs, or .000000000000000015 times with a two of one erg. It literally is so sensitive a magnetic field that you can run your hand under the tube that you are producing the white powder in and the white powder flies around in the tube in response to your body. But you take a magnet and put under the tube and there is no response at all, because this is too much magnet. It is the subtle field that this responds to. Dramatic responses.

In fact a pure, single element superconductor can flow up to 700,000 amps per square foot with no volts, forever and forever, and forever and it forms around it the proof that it is a superconductor. The test that you have a superconductor is not the test of conductivity, and the only reason I am laying all this foundation out for you is because it has implications from here on. A superconductor by definition will not allow any magnetic field to enter the sample. A superconductor, by definition, has no voltage potential in the sample, if you take a voltmeter and two wires like you use on most surfaces to measure resistance and you put it on a superconducting material and you turn on the batteries, it will read zero. Because it takes the voltage to get the electron off the wire into the sample, and it takes the voltage potential to get it out of the sample and onto the wire. But the material will not allow this potential to exist. So the only way you can get energy into the superconductor is to tune the resonance frequency of the conductor to the frequency that the superconductor is superconducting and then the energy flows.

The electrons flow on in pairs. It is no longer Fermion physics, the electron is called a Fermion in physics, it becomes a boson and flows on as an electron pair. It doesn’t have to come off. It doesn’t have to go any place like electricity. It literally can keep feeding energy into this superconductor that just keeps getting greater and greater and greater. It does not have to go anywhere. It literally flows within the superconductor as light forever, forever and forever. If you want to tap it, if you want to take the energy off, you have to tune the frequency of the conducting material through the superconductor and acquire voltage potential and off comes the energy as electrons again. Okay?

Now, we are through with the boring part. Once you realize that these elements exist. Are you with me? There are actually eleven elements. It is possible for these elements to exist in this state. It is a new state. However, it has been confirmed by the national government, it has been confirmed by Oakridge National Laboratories, and it is the hottest topic in nuclear physics right now. About 1985 the scientists observed that the heavy elements, the big heavy nuclides, that they would spontaneously fragment and in their inquisition as to why these nuclides, the non radioactive isotopes, why did they just bust apart, they found that some of the rare earths would do this also. The rare earths do not have that large a nucleus. The rare earths are not cumbersome nuclei. They are relatively light and are found in the middle of the Periodic Table. They actually found that it has to do with the configuration of the nucleus. And the word that they basically accepted now in the industry is asymmetrically deformed high spin physics. And the nucleus no longer is spherical, the nucleus becomes deformed and goes to a high spin state, and in this state they theorized that these elements should be a superconductor.

There are people in nuclear magnetic spectroscopy who have known since the 1960s that when you apply these tremendous magnetic fields and cause atoms to spin up, that they pass energy with no resistance, no net loss of energy. If you could produce a system of high spin atoms, then these atoms, they should theoretically be a superconductor and the same way the energy goes around one atom, forever and ever, it should go around a system of many atoms forever and ever. Okay? The atoms are not permanently bound. They are actually are out about five to six angstroms apart, depending on the element. They are nestled in the coulomb wave which emanates from this resonator. The next atom sucks them away and perpetuates it. The next atom nestles in the wave and perpetuates it.

In fact the Russian physicist, Andre Sakharov theorized that, and Harold Puthoff, I think some of you know him, has written about this and expounded this theory; that, in fact, a resonance coupled quantum oscillator, would literally weight 5/9ths of the weight in the earth’s magnetic field. And it turns out that is exactly the weight loss that we observed. Okay.

Now, what we did is… these elements could be anywhere, and so we went down to the super market and we bought brain tissue. Pig’s brains and we brought it back to the laboratory and we destroyed the organic material with fuming sulfuric acid, and we did a qualitative and quantitative analysis on the brain tissue. Did you know that in excess of 5 percent of the brain tissue by dry matter weight is ORME?

It literally is the light that flows within our brain and our nervous tissue. It literally is the analogy that I will give you that most people won’t understand in this group, and that is why I am letting the public hear this, because they are not ready for it yet. If you are familiar with the hologram, you understand that a laser, a single frequency light if sent through a beam splitter, one half is encoded with vibrational information from the hologram. A 35 mm negative, or whatever. The other is called a reference beam, and we brought that together and you have the hologram.

Your DNA has in it the vibrational information of who you are. Okay. This is the encoded information. We have been able to play with DNA, with gene splicing. We have monkeyed with the DNA, but we have never had the light. We have never had the light. We have never known where the light emanates from.

If anybody does a standard analysis, they don’t see this. It is called carbon because there is no absorption or emission spectra associated with these elements; with standard analysis. But it is, in fact, the emanator of the light of life. It is, in fact, what is in your body that makes you you. It is the light bulb and the projector that creates this hologram that we call you.

You take the superconducting wave, is just like a laser. It is a single frequency light, the only difference between it and a normal laser is that the normal laser produces a wave length, right? A superconductor produces two wave lengths to form opposites. A wave length and a mirror image wave length. The net result is a null. The net result is that you can’t measure it because they cancel each other. There is no way to measure the superconducting light. In fact there is no way to measure light within our body. You poke it and it responds, but one day you poke it and it no longer responds. The light is gone.

The Meissner field is the aura. The Meissner field around all living systems is the aura; that non-polar field that literally exists around every living thing. Life is pretty simple, as long as it is just physics and chemistry.

Ah, I really, really felt embarrassed when my uncle walked up to me and handed me a book that was actually a Time-Life series book, called Secrets of the Alchemists. It just came in the mail one day. And it talked about the white powdered gold. At 1160 degrees the white powder fuses into a transparent glass. And it talks about a transparent glass. Now what are the chances that there are two white powders of gold? What are the chances that there are two gold glasses?

The only thing is that in this literature it says that it is the cure for every disease known to man. It says that it literally is the container of the light of life. That if you stand in its presence you don’t age and if you partake of it you can live forever.

Well, we knew that these elements were in our living system. But what if, and this is just thinking out loud. But what if, we are deficient in those materials. What if we need a little extra?

So, we decided we would do a little experimenting with it. First we began with animal studies, we took animals that the veterinarians were trying to cure and had given up. They had tumors, they had cysts, they had tick fever, they had valley fever, and they had every antibiotic that modern medicine has had been given to this animal and they couldn’t get him over it. We injected iridium and it got well. Within three weeks all of the disease was gone. So they stopped injecting him and the disease came back again. So they began to inject him again and all the time he was taking these antibiotics and they were having no effect at all. And I said, inject him again, and it went away again; so the doctor was sufficiently impressed.

He said, “You know, I have a fellow that worked for me here that has AIDS. He has the HIV virus. He was virtually dead. He was so bad that he couldn’t eat. He was being fed with an intravenous tube. He had sores in his throat, he couldn’t swallow. The doctor gave him 2 mm injections of this, for three days and then four days without. Three days and then four days without. In three weeks this man was eating normally, he was dressing himself and even attended a wedding back in Indiana.

Now, Aids is not like cancer, you don’t just spontaneously recover from Aids. The T-cell count went up 600 percent. His white blood cell count went from 1,200 to 6,000, and we were impressed with these results.

We decided to work with some people that were not quite dead yet to see if we could find out what it does.

In the published literature, the modern science right now, Sys-platinum and Carbono-Platinum have been used for cancer cures. If you look at the literature and read the literature; the modern medical community has concluded that these elements seem to interact with DNA. They seem to cause the DNA to relax, and to recombine corrected.

They never chemically bond. It never becomes associated with the RNA, the DNA, the ATP, the GTP. None… there is no chemical bonding, yet it corrects and perfects the DNA. And that is exactly what the alchemists claim that it would do. They said that it would perfect your body. Perfect it down to the level of the DNA itself.

Well, this was getting pretty heavy and pretty serious. In fact, if you really pick up the literature, you find out that apparently this was known to ancient people. You find out that in ancient Egypt that this was knowledge that the Pharaoh’s high priests knew.

But it wasn’t for everyone, it was administered in the Great Pyramid, it was taken during the 40 day fast. There was ten days of drinking only water, and on the 11th day to the 30th day of the procedure, for a total of 40 days, you ate the manna, the “what is it” and the water.

If you take the white powdered gold and you mix it in water, it forms a gelatinous suspension, that looks just like semen. The material was called the golden tear from the eye of Horus. That which issues from the mouth of the Creator, the spittle, or the semen of the Father in Heaven.

Our real knowledge about the bride in the bridal chamber, the coming of the Father in Heaven to be inseminated by the opening of the mouth ceremony, to be inseminated by the Father in Heaven and regenerate our bodies, total renewal of our bodies, the perfecting of the DNA within our bodies, so that we are like a young child. There is no way to enter into the presence of the Father lest you come as a young child.

Blessed will be the man who will overcome, for he shall be given the hidden manna, the white stone of the purest kind upon which will be written a new name. The streets of the New Jerusalem will be paved with gold so pure as to be like unto transparent glass. And the foundation to the New Jerusalem will be like unto transparent glass. That is in Revelations.

I don’t belong to a church. I am not trying to… interest you in a church, but it is conspicuous in the Bible. It makes you stop and think about this a little bit.

At this time, there are Aids patients, there are cancer patients, and there are MS patients that are [taking this]. Basically, every disease that originates with a problem in the DNA, can be perfected by this light. Okay. It literally is the essence of life itself.

We are mainly working with rhodium and iridium because in your body there is rhodium and iridium. The gold is basically set aside.

But the implications to this, the fact that it is in your body, the fact that it is in every herb that is used for regeneration and repair, and no one knows it, it is in herbal tea, it is in Essiac tea, in pure aloe vera. It is in all these products that we have been told that this will regenerate your body and no one knows it. There are three or four milligrams in these natural materials. That is why they do what they do. But the aloe vera, people say that there is nothing in there, but there is if you know how to analyze for it.

Okay. I think, I think that I am trying to keep this short, and trying to keep it concise, and basically what I would like to do is, tonight we are going to have a workshop on the physics of room temperature superconductors. The physics of cold fusion, the physics of this matter and why the superconductor. And discussion of the effects of superconductors and how it relates to these technologies, basically scientific. The workshop tomorrow will discuss the medicine, the effects on the body, the observational data, and basically the medicine aspect of it and basically the philosophical aspect.

The material has been administered in 1 to two milligram doses. According to the data it will totally perfect our bodies. It takes 250 milligrams per day for 30 days. No one has taken it in these amounts yet. But we do have the material in these amounts and the testing will probably commence in the next month to a month and a half on a healthy person. As you know, there are aspects in the DNA, over 30 of them, that are not functioning now. We don’t know what they are. Therefore, we don’t know why it is in our DNA. or in your body.

Your body right now is rhodium and iridium light. It is OR light, or OR gold. It is the Hebrew word or the highest light. Okay. When we literally fill ourselves with this light, through ingestion, we literally move up in resonance to a higher light. Okay?

It is the manna. The Lord told the Hebrew people “you have not kept the covenant, so the manna is being taken from you but it will come back in the end times and you will be a nation of high priests, and an elect high priesthood”. Not just high priests that take the manna, it will be for everyone. The disciples asked Christ, “When will we see you again? And he said, “When you have prepared the proper food.” “What is that?” According to the angels, it is the food of God, and when you have on your proper garment. Your rainbow garment, the enhanced Meissner field.

There is a new World Order coming. There is a new World Order coming but it isn’t the one George Bush saw.

I hope that this information is received well by this group. I hope that this group respects what I have said. It is science, it is physics, and it is in the published literature. I will tonight show you the Physics Review Letters, the Physics Review, the Scientific American article, and literally these elements that were made by the government and confirmed to be in this state. I can show you the emission of the gamma radiation out of this stuff. It is all in the published literature if you know where to look for it.

So, I would like to have a short announcement. Now, I have not spoken in public before, so you will excuse me. I don’t have experience with this? Is there any aspect of this that I can share with you people at this time? If there is a general question… There we go.

Question: I would like to ask you to share with the group what the connection that you made with your ancestors and the Holy Grail… is that not okay?

Answer: This is the right group. All right, when I found out about the philosophy stuff, it really embarrassed me. That is the only word that I can say, I really felt embarrassed, that my money and the five and one half million dollars is my money. I have to answer to myself for that. Fortunately I have an understanding wife.

I found that in doing the research. I was told to read a book called, Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Some of you have read it? For these people, you understand what I am talking about. It is about the de Guise family and the divine right of kings. It is about the family and the group that is following this group, and this mystery and the investigation by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, all over Europe.

Well, what this is all about is the blood line. Okay. The descendants of Solomon and David. Not Christ. He is the heir. Christ had to be of this blood line, but his family carried this blood line. For you who are interested in DNA, and work with DNA, there is a blood line that carries the specific DNA. Okay. And so it is literally within us. This family split into the de Guise family and another family. Okay. This family is the family Nostradamus and his father worked for, for those of you have read about Nostradamus. He worked for this family. Nostradamus prophesied by 1999 the occult gold would be known to science.

Very specific prophecy. This is 1994. There are five years to get this out to the world, okay. The family disappeared from France, the other family are in Germany and Spain right now, and people are saying that this is the man that is going to plant the golden tree of life. Is this the man that is going to bring about the New Jerusalem? Is this the man that is going to be this important man in history because he is descended from this blood line? That is the gist of it. They never say this in Holy Blood, Holy Grail, I don’t know why; they kept talking about Christ’s children for some reason. Well, what they don’t understand is that Joseph of Arimathea was his bloodline. He was Mary’s uncle. His daughter, Ann, traveled out of the Holy Land with Joseph of Arimathea, up into what is western France now, settled right next to Brittany, and there became known as Anjou [Ann the Jew?]; which is where she lived in and where her descendants came from. And literally the area of, France is where she lived. Geoffrey d’Anjou was a descendant of hers. Geoffrey was nick named “Plantagenet” and went over to England and married Matilda [or Maud], and their son was Henry II, the first of the Davidic blood line kings of England. And everybody that the King of England has to trace their bloodline back to this bloodline or they can’t be the king or queen of England. In France the early day d’Anjous were also carrying this blood, and all the way down to Marie Antoinette, and when she was beheaded that ended that line in France. However, that side of the family is the mysterious side. It disappeared, well, they went to Germany to get away from prosecution from the Pope, and by the King of France, because if you were of the Davidic blood line, and you were in a Christian nation, you believed that the Davidic blood line should be in your kingship. That he should be your ruler, and so the king who didn’t carry this blood thought these people were a threat to him and he was trying to kill them and get rid of them. So these people went to Germany and then immigrated to New France, New Orleans.

Okay. Two years ago, my cousin joined the Mormon Church, and the first thing they told her was to do her genealogy. And she came up and said, Dave, guess what, you are related to Marie de Guise’s daughter Mary, Queen of Scots. Well, my great, great, great grandmother, was Hanna de Guise, daughter of Christopher de Guise, brother of Claude de Guise, and so I am a descendant of the family.

The Hebrew name of the golden field of light is the OR Tree. OR meaning the Golden Tree. Okay. And in “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” they talk about one aspect of the Orme. The name of my patent in 1988, before I knew any of this was, Obitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements or ORMEs.

This Grail is not for sale. I am sorry, this material is free to those people who are properly prepared, understand what it is, and are literally ready to become the true Latter Day Saints. At the time that we are totally comfortable with the effects of the body, the changes that are going to occur, I will be in touch with Dean and we will get the word to you. Okay?

This isn’t for everyone. This is as big a step as you will ever take in your life. I have given it some very serious consideration and very serious thought. For those of you in your various areas of research, this understanding of the physics of these elements in the body, understanding how they work, how they access the ORME energy, how it throws light within the body, is very important to proper health and nutrition. Okay?

It literally is a return to the original state. The state that man was created in. It’s what the Hebrews call the Adam Kadmon, the first man.

The judgment will come about when there is a return of the Ancient of Days. That is what the Bible says. Who is the Ancient of Days? The oldest man. When the original man that was created here on earth [returns], and you can telepathically read everyone’s heart and mind, when there is no more lies, no more deceit, no more deception, no more abuse, everyone knows there is no need for doctors, there is no need for lawyers, there is no need for courts, there is no need for government officials, there is no need for any of this. You no longer need to eat unless you choose to. Because you are literally being fed on the magnetic fields of the universe. You don’t need housing because you are not affected by heat and cold any more. You don’t need energy; you can be anywhere you want to be, because you are not of this space time. You literally exclude even gravity from the magnetic field and you literally can be anywhere you choose to be.

The bad guys can’t control you any more. They have nothing that you want. You don’t need it and you don’t want it. You know, you are free. It is the ultimate Emancipation Proclamation. It is science, it is here now, whether you believe it or not, it ain’t going to change anything. It will not go away. Okay.


It sounds simple enough doesn’t it. Who has a hand up here. Here is a question.

Question: Can you describe the piece of the hologram and how it shows the back as well as the front?

Hudson’s response: Yeah, I don’t know how many people here are aware of or have read the book, the Holographic Universe. It gives a real good description in there of the holography and basically the superconducting wave, the beam splitter, the encoding of the information into the beam, and then intersecting these two lights again.

The thing that is amazing to me is that you can take a 35 mm photograph, that is a picture of a woman standing on this rocky knoll, and you could literally cut out the corner down here that is the knoll, and it has no woman standing, it is just a knoll. And you can take that much of the negative, and it has the whole picture in it. Only you can’t see it, but it is all there. It is just changed from the original. But the amazing thing is that if this woman is standing in a backless dress, and you have taken a front view of her, when you project this hologram, you can walk around the hologram and she has got the backless dress on. All of the vibrational information of this woman is encoded in that silver negative. And now the light has it encoded in it. It literally is encoded in the light, so that when they intersect, you have the hologram.

The only difference between this and the laser light. It is a single frequency light, just like the laser, is that it now has two dimensions, instead of the one like the ordinary holography. And so now the rest of the beam is with the wave. And so this is why you go up and this hologram has substance to it. It resists you. This hologram is you. It is encoded with the vibrational information of your DNA and this light that flows through and is encoded with information produces the hologram that we call you.

Another question?

Question: David, in reference to the qualities of gold and light being so similar I always think that it is an interesting metaphor, that the Latin symbol for gold is Au which is the two letters from the word aura or light.

I lived in Asia for five years in the Himalayas and when I was there and I had a healing experience, I was given something called a jewel pill by the Tibetan llamas and it contains gold among other elements and the Ayurvedic uses this as well. And it had incredibly feeling powers of healing, in about three hours on my whole body and mind.

I was just wondering if you could compare the mantric or chemical processes that they use, which obviously do not involve the equipment that you have, with what you are doing. Do you have any knowledge of that?

Hudson’s response: Well, first of all, if it was a pill it didn’t come from a mantra. A pill, they produced it. When you check with the people in India, you find that most of these people ascribe to the teachings of Ayurveda, and you will find out that there is a Ayurvedic medicine and when you get the most ancient Ayurvedic, you will find out that they talk about white powders that were found in areas where you mine gold. They didn’t have the word rhodium iridium, palladium; they call it the iron that was found in the areas.

The Maharishi has personally been informed about this and he has said that it is the stuff. It is the only endorsement of a Western technology this man has ever made. He has always endorsed Eastern technologies, but when he heard of this, he said, “This is the stuff.” The Ayurvedas refer to this as the soma, prana, manna, I mean it depends on what tradition it comes from, but it is an ancient understanding that has diffused down through society.

I went to Rabbi Plotkin, in Temple Beth Israel, in Phoenix, where I am from, and said, “Have you ever heard of the white powdered gold?” And he said, “Oh yes, but to our knowledge no one knows how to make it.” He said, “there are two groups, one in Jerusalem, and one over in LA who are intensely studying the Cabala, trying to learn how to make it but to our knowledge the last time that it was known how to be made was in the time of the first temples, before it was destroyed. When I told him that I had the USA patent on it, he said, “Dave, you have got a lot of very serious decisions to make.” This is when I awakened to the fact that I had something bigger than I knew, you know.

Next question: David, what you are doing, chemically, is it like what some of us, like myself are doing inter-dimensionally, spiritually, with building a light body process in the body?

Hudson’s response: It appears that by eating the correct foods, particularly a vegetarian diet, eating certain herbs, drinking herbal teas, will concentrate some of this, and by meditation, that you can increase the light flow in your body.

You can’t measure it. There is no instrument that we have to measure it, but, yes, it can be done in that way. It might be interesting to you people, you have heard of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and you have also heard of Sai Baba, and most of you have heard that he manifests this stuff out of the air. It is called the vibhuti, and it is over 95 percent iridium in the orbitally rearranged monoatomic state. He calls it vibhuti and it literally is ingested by him. And it builds up in his stomach, and it creates a material called lingam, have you heard of the lingam. He actually regurgitates this stuff, back up, and it is worshiped as a holy material. Okay.

Well, there is a science to this holy material. What I am bringing here. My job is to bring scientific understanding to this and take it out to the world. What religion has failed to do in the last 2,000 years, science can do in two or three years, okay. This is understandable now by science.

Question: Is that the same Maharishi that is headquartered, that has a school or area in Iowa?

Hudson’s response: That is correct. John Fagan, the man I worked with taught him how to do the analysis, and John Hageland, who ran for president, he is the one who introduced it to the Maharishi and told him about it.

Question: Two quick questions, one you talked about it produces white, have you tried to take a spectrum of the light that is produced by it and the other question, do you have any idea about what type …what makes this material a different form of matter, other that this orbital rearrangement, does it like make it go partially out of the physical universe where it is a different dimensional order, different type of material, than anything else we have seen?

Hudson’s response: When it is in a perfect superconducting state you can’t see it, it is invisible. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. It means that it has no chemical bonds, and no crystalline structure. And literally when it is in a perfect superconducting state it excludes all magnetic fields, including those frequencies that you see with. And so it is there, you just can’t see it.

You asked if space, yes, it has a specific frequency in the near infra red spectra, right before it begins to superconduct. When it is superconducting it is not measurable. It actually emits a wave that is the equivalent of a Plankian wave length which is so short that no one has ever been able to get close to it. It is the singularity, it is the creation, it is the uterus of matter, it is where the zero point, the no point, the infinity and literally, the atom, the spinning atom has this electron and this positron ready to pair right before it begins to superconduct, and still we can measure it right before it goes into the superconducting state, but once it is in it there is no instrumentation that we are aware of that can determine anything about it.

Question: I need to understand this a little bit further. Ah, each patient has benefited so, you have made the choice to share this with the whole planet and not hold it back just to the elite. Correct?

Hudson’s response: I elected to work with rhodium and iridium because it is natural to the body and to add additional amounts to increase the light within the body and apparently the HIV infected virus is going away.

Question: You have chosen to give this manna to the people of the world freely, that is my question.

Hudson’s response: We have chosen to give the rhodium and iridium, as to the gold, no.

Question: If anyone can take this does this mean that their DNA will rearrange itself so that those people who are now bent on destroying life that their consciousness will change with the results, or does it mean that a person of pure consciousness and heart will only be able to take it and have an effect. I don’t understand how that part of it works. Do I have to be pure of heart to take it and then I get into an ascendant state? Or can you give it to everyone across the board and it will bring them to a level of consciousness that will be to the benefit of life everywhere?

Hudson’s response: That is a very interesting question and what you are saying is, “Does it purify the mind as well as the body?” Apparently it does not affect the mind. Remember there is an Anti Christ, there is one who presents himself and does all the right things and becomes like Christ, but then uses his gift for his own self betterment and his own progression and so, I don’t believe that there is any purification of the mind that occurs when it is taken.

That is what I have a great degree of apprehension about; who the first person will be. People say, “How come you haven’t taken it? Well, you know, it is a very big step. We are just tip toeing into it. Talk about seriousness of this. We are literally working with the essence of life. The essence of who you are. And so we are working with milligram amounts of it right now and 2 milligrams a day cures AIDS so what is 250 mg a day going to do? And that is the amount that they talk about. They actually talk in grains, and how much the grains would weight. Approximately 250 mg is what they are saying and we will work our way up to that level. And see what happens.

Question: All right. Years ago I read about some people in Switzerland and England that were called breatharians, and they didn’t eat any food and some of them didn’t even drink water. And, they lived comfortably even with in a naked condition in Switzerland in extreme cold. Now where were they getting their energy, and I understand that they had a purified body before they could do this. They had to go through vegetarianism and purify their body before they were able to do this? How do you explain this situation?

Hudson’s response: I never heard of them and I don’t explain it. I have no knowledge of it and so I can’t explain something that I am not aware of it. You can explain it if you are aware of it. I can’t.

Questioner: We had one of those speak here about ten years ago at our conference, a breatharian.

Hudson: Another question coming up?

Question: Some years ago when we went to India in New Delhi we were kind of looking at the Ayurvedic medicine and we were with a fellow who was head of the whole organization in New Delhi and he sent us out to a place to look at how they made their medicines, and if I recall correctly they were telling us that they fired the gold 120 times. Does this have anything to do? That is what they put into their medicines, the Ayurvedic medicine. Is this anything close to what you are talking about?

Hudson’s response: Yes, mam. The gold, in fact, is the most noble of all elements. When it is in the monotomic state it is the most difficult to get out of it. Okay. Gold is the most sensitive of the elements. It is very delicate and so you know, I don’t know what they do, but I have read their literature and I have read their books and. apparently they don’t know how to do this today.

Now they will tell you that they do, but most of the people who work with mercury, which is not in my patent, and is one of the elements that will do this. Mercury will form a high spin atom also, but that form of mercury is not poisonous. If you talk to and inquire about the Ayurvedic medicine men over in India most of them have died with their teeth falling out and their hair falling out which is indicative of mercury poisoning, and so the Maharishi Yogi said that they don’t have it and was extremely interested in this and for those of you who respect him, I will tell you what he said.

Question: There is a group in Los Angeles that are producing a product called protogold, does that have any relationship to what you have been doing?

Hudson’s response: I have no idea. I apologize, there are probably a lot of things that you people will be aware of that I a not. My work is totally private. I paid for all my work and this is the first time I have ever been out to speak. There is probably a lot of things going on in this world that I am not aware of. I have met a tremendous number of people here and stayed up all last night reading a paper that verbatim describes the changes that are going to occur. They didn’t know when it was coming or who was going to bring it. I am impressed by the insight that some of this people have in this group. I tell you that it is unbelievable.

Question: This is definitely very exciting and the whole issue and the implications of this is just overwhelming, but is there also a technical aspect and benefit. It seems that this opens the door to lighting and the energy and there is a whole other side and arena of this that you haven’t mentioned.

Hudson’s response: It is a room temperature superconductor for one. It literally flows light in response to the earth’s magnetic field. I can put a ring in your back yard that literally will begin to flow light in response to the magnetic fields in your back yard. Then with the Josephson Junction, which is a known technology you can literally pump that energy out continuously. It is free energy. And it is running on the earth’s magnetic field. You want to levitate, you want anti-gravity, all you have got to do is put it in grids around a vehicle and energize it and literally it will lift up and move, anywhere you want to go with it. Tell me, the technology, the implications of this are tremendous. I mean, it is new stuff.

Questioner said that she “thought that all the time.”

Question: In the alchemical test, you know they speak of alchemists or UFOs working on the etheric or spiritual level and also on the physical level. Have you ever tested it to see if you could actually convert lead to gold?

Hudson’s response: Well, there you go back into the ancient literature and there have been these people here on earth and there are people who have achieved this state here on earth and it goes on and I am taking it that they are moving on to something similar to this. I don’t know. They obviously are not mad at us. They obviously tolerate us and they are watching us. We obviously have an interest to them and, you know. I don’t give them any trouble and I hope they don’t bother me.

Yes, mam.

(Unintelligible question.)

Hudson’s response: Because there is no voltage in the superconductor, really it is more proper to think of the energy as being in the field, not literally like electricity, it is in the conductor itself, it literally is in the field itself. I think your other question is more medical and I think I would rather wait until tomorrow to discuss this.

Yes, sir.

Question: Have you any connection with this as to how plants pick up thoughts.

Hudson’s response: You know, the material is in the plants and you can say that it is the light of life and you know that the plants are alive also. What you begin to realize is that there is no time or space in the zero point and what they are running on and what you are running on are one and the same thing. This is the connection that radionics and prayer and your thoughts about that plant are connected and so, yeah, I don’t think that there is any question, you can affect this material in that plant by thinking about things about that poor plant. You know, I also think that you can think bad things about people, and it also affects those people. Now this is like witchcraft, you think good things about something and it affects it. You know, standard medicine, even medical doctors know that people do better recovering in the hospital when people come to see them and when people care about them. When nobody comes, they seem to do worse and the medical doctors can’t tell you why they do better, but they know that people do better when people come to visit with them. So science is beginning to acknowledge that there is a connection between people. They don’t know what it is but they know that there is a physics explanation for it that we are very rapidly approaching and I think that it is through the zero point.

Question: There was a point in history when we had alchemists who were doing things with gold. What do the modern alchemists do?

Hudson’s response: Well, this is also in Scientific American and you can look for the reference, apparently I have handed it out. There is a reference in Scientific American approximately two and one half years ago and I will go home and get my copy and let you know, but the asymmetrically deformed high spin nuclei have been observed to be gamma emitters without fission. And the nuclear physicists say, “We don’t understand it. It is not what we thought was going on in the nucleus, but it emits gamma level radiation.”

We heat this material up to about 800 degrees and it emits radiation of extremely short wave lengths and I presume that it is the gamma emission. Okay. If that is so, what does it take to convert lead into gold? Gamma radiation. What does it take to convert mercury into gold? Gamma radiation. So if that is so, then, yes, lead or mercury that is heated with this white powder will change mercury or lead into gold.

Question: Are you familiar with Walter (unintelligible)?

Hudson: Well, to some degree.

Question: Do you have any ideas about transmutation, you know photosynthesis. (Unintelligible)?

Hudson’s response: Well, there is no question that when the superconducting field is applied to matter, that all rules change. All the rules of physics that we thought were so pertinent. Because when the superconductor is present all of the atoms in there begin to respond to the field and so fusion or fission does not require near the potentials when it is done under the influence of a superconducting field. The superconducting field is the same energy as the bosonic field of the nucleus, and so when the whole material is enveloped in the superconductivity field the rigidity… well, for instance a nucleus that is in a superconductor when it is superconducting, you no longer have electrons, everything is just bosonic light and there is no resistance in the nucleus to this light. And so literally you have energy going in and out of the nucleus freely flowing in and out of the nucleus while it is in the superconductor. And you stop the superconductivity and there are nuclei that will have too much charge in them because these light particles got caught in the nucleus at the time it went normal. So immediately you experience gamma radiation as this excess energy is ejected out of the nucleus. Okay, and that is why Ponds and Fleischman are observing a certain amount of gamma level radiation and they think, “Where is this coming from?” Well, it literally is the residuum left over.

So it is not a good idea to have a superconductor and have it going in and out of the superconducting state because you get all these things happening that shouldn’t be happening there. Literally when you get into a superconducting state, it is not a high amount of energy involved and you need to understand that. That a perturbation of that field can cause a flux collapse. So that anything at all that begins to cause interference, whether it is nitrogen oxide in the air or whatever; and things begin to get a little hairy.

Like some of these people feel that there are UFOs and some of the metal is falling off of and all. Well, it is in the atmosphere that that happens. Once you are out in space you don’t have to worry about that, but it is a perturbation of the magnetic field which is a tremendous amount of energy flowing and a tremendous size of a field with the least little bit of excitation potential, but you let air or other gases get involved in the perturbation of that field and unharmonicity started and it can cause a flux collapse and that cannot function any more. So it would be a technical problem to administer in practical applications.

Yes, sir.

(Unintelligible question.)

Hudson’s response: No, I haven’t but it is in the same literature that I have researched and they have chemistries and all, themselves, when they are handled property, but apparently the noble gases are over on the far right side of the periodic table and you would expect them to not be high spin state so you wouldn’t expect them to be superconductors either.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: I would expect that the noble gases… there would be windows, electromagnetic windows as the gases are in a condensed state, it would have electromagnetic windows where actually the energy does this… you know, going around this atom and going around this atom. And that would have windows in time but you should not be able to build a continuum of windows very easily, it should be an engineering problem.


Question: Biological transmutation… with some of the information that we have heard from various books.

Hudson’s response: I would rather save that for tomorrow. This lady here wants to get into it too, because that is her interest, and I would rather like to keep this as much as inanimate physics if possible.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: There is the lightest element… the other elements that are capable of doing this but if you try to take them out of solution or out of the matrix, they go back to metals, are cobalt, nickel and copper. Okay.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: Not that goes into a high spin state. Okay. Yes….

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: Yes, mercury, I can make monoatomic mercury for you. We did not file for it in our patents because we didn’t know it at the time that we filed in 1988. Since that time, I have learned that it also platinum through mercury region… so, yes, it definitely is one of the elements, but it is not in my patent application…

(All of the questions that were asked were unintelligible and only the answers given by Mr. Hudson could be heard clearly on the tape)

Hudson’s response: Yes, the elements samarium through dysprosium go into this state and yes, in the making of the magnet there could be some superconductivity itself, I am not aware that it has ever been confirmed to be superconducting but it would certainly be a possibility that there could be areas of superconductivity. You know, most people would never experience superconductivity and would never have a reason to care, you know, and it took us forever to figure out what was going on here.

When it was first observed, it will literally drive you crazy; you begin to question your sanity. And you will say, “This can’t be. It just can’t be.” And we had to get more sophisticated and more sophisticated equipment to keep tighter controls and eliminate more variables from it and we got to the point where there were no other variables, it is still doing it, and at that point we found that there must be a reason.

This is real. It is a real phenomenon. And we have to find out why. That is why I began the literature search and found all this stuff and fortunately it was happening in science at a time when I needed it and so we now know why.

We now know that it is a nuclear change. We now know that these elements are there and that they can fission. And you say, “Dave I am going to take it for analysis, and you take it to someone that does DC arc spectroscopy and I guarantee you that you will wind up with the biggest bunch of crud being produced and he is going to have a tremendous background reading and it is the radiation coming out of it. It is everywhere and if you put it on a field it looks like somebody can mow the lawn, it is just literally spectra everywhere. In fact, when I was at Allied Signal they said, “You know, we measured the emission spectroscopy of a superconductor when it is superconducting, and do you know what it is? I said, “Yeah, it is everything. And the man hesitated and said, “How did you know that?”

It literally is everything. There is no finite spectra. It is just like it is everything. It is a tremendous background of spectra. All over the film and it sits there, sits there, and sits there until it goes normal and everything collapses and out of it raises these spectrum peaks, but as long as it is in the elemental form it is just garbage, there is no reality here at all. No, it is everything. There is everything going on in the energy reacting between the superconductors, the fissioning of nuclei, you know just garbage being produced all over. I mean it just… everything is going on. In a DC arc, you name it and it is happening and so that is why you have spectra everywhere; there is nothing particular happening.

Garbled question: Someone has stated that the human frequency is around… they were trying to hit …couldn’t understand why…

Hudson’s response: There are some things that need to be understood that 1 didn’t talk about. First of all, superconductivity is light, but light travels… this particular light travels the speed of sound. That might be interesting to some of you. That literally the light travels with the speed of sound. It doesn’t travel with the speed of light.

It is basically the speed that sound travels through air, this is the speed that light moves in your body. So…

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: Yeah, basically it is standard atmosphere, the speed that you holler and you hear somebody, that hesitation is basically the same speed that this is moving in your body. You touch something and it takes a second for it to go to your brain and your brain to come back and say, “Get your finger off of it.”

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: Right, that is what 1 am saying and that is the speed that the impulses run in your body also. It just happens to be the same thing. Coincidence.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: Because it is what the nerves are made out of. It is the light, and when the pain is experienced it has to travel up here and it has to come back and tell the muscle to get the hand off the hot stove. Well, that sequence of events actually travels by a liquid light of superconductivity. So, we are into the medical and we won’t talk about that.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: Yes, it is…it actually is in the myelin sheath and that is where you will find it.

Question: What about the internal combustion engine (unintelligible)

Hudson’s response: What do I think about the conspiracy theory? I don’t subscribe to a conspiracy theory like most people here right now. I believe that there are a bunch of very power hungry people out there and I think if you were in their position you would feel the same way. Most people… when you get up there and you live money and you work money, you are out to make all the money that you can. I don’t think there is a conspiracy. I don’t think that a group of people get together and say, “Let’s do it to the general public.” But I do believe that it is a concerted effort on the part of all these people to, yes, to keep us on this material. It is a cheap material and it is available relatively cheap and they can sell it for an elevated price (maybe they are referring to petroleum products in the question) and this is a profit and that is what they are in business for.

I do not believe that there is any question that there is something better coming and it is there and, you know, fuel cells are an excellent way to go. It is an interim plug-in to get us on through this thing but I just thought this group would be interested to know about what it does to your body also. Let’s just don’t stop with metals and catalysts, in the form that it is naturally, and that now is something to the body, so, you know. What do I think about… I think the rest of it basically is a medical issue and I think that we can talk about that tomorrow, about the changes that are going on in our body and what it means and where were are going and how we are going to end up eventually. I think that we will talk about that tomorrow and that will leave something for these guys tomorrow.

Question: You mentioned the name of the book that has something to do with physics.

Hudson’s response: Oh, Zachariah Sitchin. Are you not familiar with Sitchin? Zachariah Sitchin. Okay. He has four books out. Oh, six is it now. All right the one that we are interested in is the… not the one that deals with UFOs. Genesis Revisited. Thank you. The one you want to see is Genesis Revisited by Zachariah Sitchin. It is in paperback and I think that it is about $5.50 or something like that. And he is the one that talks about the Adam Kadmon and he talks about the stories of the creation of the first man by the immortals and this all information that was recorded on those plates or tablets that they dug up and are translating now. It came out of the area of Iraq.

They were the priests in their own time frame and this was found in those mounds of dirt where those ancient civilizations were and there is one huge library that when they uncovered it. Had thousands and thousands of these little clay tablets all inscribed with information and they are just now getting around to translating these and Sitchin has been involved in those translations. I don’t read it for his speculations, and his conclusions. I read it for the facts and he does explain when it is facts and when he is theorizing and I read it for the facts and let the theory go in and out.

To be in a little paperback, he has a tremendous amount of information in there that is coming from the translation of those tablets and it is literally an approximate translation of what is in those tablets and if you can get it for $5.00 this is a…. that one specifically talks about the Ben Ben stone they call it, which is the stone of regeneration in ancient Egypt and the travel of Joseph and Mary to the site of regeneration. The death and re-ascension associated with the Phoenix bird and it goes into quite a little bit about it and I think you will find it enlightening.

It also talks about the first man and how they were mining gold and got tired of mining gold themselves and so they actually took a being that existed here on earth and wasn’t smart enough to mine the gold and they crossed their genes with his and created the first man and they kept this man in an area called Edin. Okay. And finally they got to the point where they created a female and now they could procreate themselves and perpetuate the species and at that point they had more work than they knew what to do with so they began to let them go and they came out of Edin, and, you know it is disturbing because it is exactly the story that the Hebrews tell except this is way before the Hebrews version was given. The stories of how the Gods, anyway it makes excellent reading. Yes. I have the book, the Keys of Enoch,


Question: I am asking him now about the book, the Keys of Enoch.

Hudson’s response: Yeah, I met J. J. Hurtak in Sedona one time. And just after meeting me he asked me to come with him where he was speaking that day. He was quite a well-to-do man, with a big house, and he actually opened the meeting with a prayer and said a few things to them like ten minutes and then turned the meeting over to me. I had no idea that this would happen. He introduced me as the man who held the keys to the light body and this is his opinion. If you read his book, on Page 496 and Page 497, okay verbatim describes the asymmetric deformed nucleus, he talks about the electron orbital rearrangement, he talks about room temperature superconductors, he talks about low flying vehicles, spacecraft, he also talks about… anyway, how he knew this in 1973 when this stuff did not come out until the late 80s, you know, it is…

(Unintelligible question)

The man who what… the man who held the keys to the light body.


Hudson’s response: I don’t think so. You have to understand that when I realized that I was dealing with alchemy and Enoch was the father of alchemy, you know, he is called Enoch to the Hebrews, anything that had Enoch’s name on it I was looking at. I found this book and I say, “This isn’t an old book …this is a new book.” But it is to my knowledge, I haven’t found any glaring errors in the book. Now the problem is that people worshiped the deliverer of the message, J. J. Hurtak and all he has to offer is this book. He is the telephone and this is the telephone message. Read the message, but what you do with J. J. Hurtak is up to you.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: Yes… No, when it is highly purified in air, okay, and I haven’t got it in a sealed vacuum container, but in air it… under 60 or 80 power magnification, it still looks like flour.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: That is the way that you take it.

(All of the questions are unintelligible and I am only transcribing the answers which do not follow a reasonable order or content.)

Hudson’s response: I have never had it controlled accurately, I can tell you that it increases in volume when it goes from metal to the state, because it goes from two and one half angstroms to like six and seven in two dimensional coupling so it is like eight to ten times the volume, in fact, its specific gravity is 2.5, not 18 like it is in the metal. So you can… people look at it and say, “This isn’t gold. I know gold. This isn’t gold.” Well, it is gold, it is just another form of gold.

(Unintelligible question)

Yes, I am not sure how you got into all of this….

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: I like to think so, yes. Yes, I think I am. That is what my banker says too. Were you in my other talk. They say it was my analysis of soils and plant tissues and all that got me interested in this. It was natural materials. Yes.

Question: Ancient alchemists manufactured this or something very similar to this. What technology did they have back in their days…?

Hudson’s response: Well, let me just tell you that the procedure that I use involves one acid and salt. And that is not something that the ancients could not have had. And time. It just takes time. You have to get it going and you can’t just sit there with your mouth hanging open waiting for it to come about. Get on with the other work and do everything else and just let that run and they have called it fermentation, coagulation, sublimation, and you know, all of this. Well, it is mainly just time, you are talking about the spin state of a nucleus and to go from a low spin state to a high spin state takes time. Now fortunately if you start with nature, the natural sources of the monoatomic gold, it is in the monoatomic state to begin with, and so, if you are willing to take that out and work with that, I consider that much more rapidly, but if you want to take yellow metal to white powder gold it takes time, there is no shortcut. Mother Nature had hundreds of millions of years to do it so she…

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: It never quits emitting gamma radiation. And so… l have no reason to disbelieve at this time. I think that would be a more appropriate correct answer.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: There is Fulcanelli who wrote and who was quite well known, but I think that it was Schwaller de Lubicz. I think Fulcanelli was his student and he was the one who wrote about it and talked about it but the man who understood it was de Lubicz. That is my personal opinion. I have read him and I think he knew. I don’t think that he ever had the material but he is so clear. He understood. It is…

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: I have met him and he is an older gentleman who tells me and a few others have a patent on a fuel cell and his is aluminum, and there is no toxic material and the results are better than any fuel cell on the market being discussed. They have tried to get the automobile industry interested. They absolutely refused to look at it.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: You know, what kind of fuel cell it is? It is an alkaline fuel cell isn’t it? It is aluminum so it would be an alkaline fuel cell, okay.

Question: He hopes that he would be able to get this to the public before he dies. So far, he… but they won’t accept it. No one would come near it so…

Hudson’s response: Have you actually seen this fuel cell operate? Well, it is my understanding that the alkaline fuel cell does not have to have noble elements. But it is my understanding that this technology only works for a very short period of time and then the catalyst dies. Okay, we can get thirty years with no diminution of performance. We have as much as he has. I can build you one fuel cell and that is all that he can do. That is the drawback and I know that this is the position of industry on it. At this time, yes, they do perform relatively well under an alkaline condition. There is molten carbonate.

Question: He mentioned that they can use this aluminum container as part of the fuel cell. Therefore…

Hudson’s response: It sounds interesting if what you say is true, I just at this time, I am not personally in a position where I can tell you that I think that this is possible. I don’t believe that they have done this and I would have serious questions if it functions for a few days and it died.

I would contact the company down in Florida that has built the fuel cell powered car and I would get in touch with them. There is a company down there called Energy Partners.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: Yes sir. The paper I read last night. Oh, I think that woman is going to rewrite it taking out all personal information and making it available and so you will have it in the near future. It is this lady over here in the glasses and she may let you read it.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: Before 1999. That soon. Anything else. Should we knock it off and let’s get out of here.

Okay. Thank you

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: Orientational energy in the nucleus puts it in this state and so, you know, elements have been found that no standard laboratory can tell them what it is. 1 would like to have some of the material to do an analysis on myself. I would suspect that the properties that they are describing have the very same properties that my material has and so I believe that if I had those I, could come up with…

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: I am just… l don’t know about 115. I am just saying that the gentleman that had the material, over in Europe, the Billy Meyers, I have heard what it has been analyzed as, I heard what happened to the materials. You know, osmium is so reactive that it oxidizes on the table and that is hard for most people to understand but literally osmium is reactive and ruthenium is almost as reactive. The thing to understand is that the materials are so reactive in their elemental state they literally react with moisture and air and are lost. When they react with themselves they are so strongly bound that you can’t get them apart, that is why they are considered normal, but when they are apart and divided they are explosively reactive and you could get hurt working with these elements because of their reactivity.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: I am not going to have a newsletter. My mailing address I can give you.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: Ask him, who made the coffee, where is he. It does arrange itself in a two-dimensional structure. You can get an alignment and you can see that there is pattern alignment, but there is no absorption-emission spectra to quantitatively say what is there. There is no line spectra. This is what he copied right here… It is my understanding that is my reference list and he copied it.

My mailing address is Route 2, Box 970, Levine, Arizona 85339. Okay, Area Code 602 237 4991. Right. That is how to get in touch with me.

(End of Tape)

Tape A.

May 3, Easter Day, and we are going to talk about the physics of superconductors, we have got a couple more corning in, the special state of matter that we have discovered and are working with, and try to give you some understanding of the way the atoms react with each other. The nature of superconductivity, how it relates to the high temperature superconductors made today. You have read so much about the Percovite superconductors and also we will get into and are interested in cold fusion. What cold fusion actually is which is not known, and…

Yes, I will give them this.

Okay. A couple more tickets. Thank you. Basically, what I will be doing here is giving references and what I want you to understand. You can argue with the references, don’t argue with me. My work in actuality. There is no new discovery here. It is something that has been known. Every aspect of it is in the literature. No one has ever put it all together that 1 am aware of but it is there.

One of the best things to read about is an article in Scientific American, it was in March 1990, the article is called New Radioactivities. Okay. March, 1990, Scientific American and I do have one copy that I can show everyone. The basically… this gives you the basic background of what we are talking about.

Okay. What happened in the physics community is that about 1985 it was observed that literally some elements were observed to fragment or to fission into other elements and it was just strictly spontaneous. With no explanation for why this happened. Scientists observed it and they said that it was really wild. You know that we don’t have a radioactive isotope. We literally have an element sitting here and all of a sudden, bang, it is two or three other elements. Now this was new, to the physics community. They assumed that an element had to be radioactive; it had to be in this agitated state before the nucleus could fission. It was observed that these elements would fission. First one element they observed and then two and then three, and literally by sitting and watching these atoms, thousands of them, they would observe these spontaneous fragmentations.

Now, this flies in the face of the stability of the nucleus that we have been told how stable nuclei are. The first elements that were observed were the actinide group, and the actinide group were those lay people. It is those heavy elements, from Francium and heavier, these are the big atoms up there where uranium is and their nuclei are big, heavy cumbersome, lots of protons and lots of neutrons.

And so the first theory was that came up, and it was incorrect, was the first one put forward, is that it was these big, heavy, cumbersome nuclei that were just not very stable, but right after this, within two years it was observed that some of the rare earths would do this. Now this was very exciting because these are really kind of intermediate level elements. They are not that heavy they actually occur in the Periodic Table between the light platinum element and the heavy platinum elements. Okay.

And by the light platinums, I mean ruthenium, rhodium, and palladium. And the heavy elements are iridium, platinum, osmium. And so the elements that were observed to spontaneously fragment were samarium through dysprosium which are at the center of the periodic table.

And so, through trial and error, there were a lot of conferences held worldwide, there were all sorts of names that were discussed in the physics community and they were kicking around a terminology called cold fragmentation, cold fission, all sorts of names, trying to come up with something that felt right. Generally, right now, the consensus is that they are going to call it, you know, cold fragmentation. That is kind of the terminology that everyone is going to.

What they found is that it had to do with the structure of the atom itself. That it was the nature of the nucleus configuration that was causing this fragmentation, that literally a nucleus could reconfigure itself into an unstable state, and pop apart. It was literally wrenching its own self apart.

Now, the important thing to understand that this was never observed from a metallic substance, it was always observed from an element. Okay. Now, what they found is that the nucleus is made up of proton and neutrons that actually are referred to as proton and neutron orbitals. Now we are talking about the nucleus. Not the electron or the outside, but the nucleus which has protons and neutrons, but they actually refer to these as proton orbitals and neutron orbitals in the nucleus.

That is real hard for most of us to understand. We though that was a little, bitty, tiny nucleus, and how can it have orbitals. It has harmonic orbitals, just like the electron harmonic orbital.

And I hated chemistry and physics when I was in high school, but you remember the two, eight, sixteen, thirty two, that sequence. Well, the nucleus fills in just the same way, okay. The elements when they first begin, you have hydrogen, and helium, and that orbital is filled with just two electrons. Then you move to the next row. Here is hydrogen and here is helium and on the other corner, and it is a fit, there is no more. The next row has eight elements in it. And they being filling its electron orbital and it fills up as you go across the periodic table.

Well what happens is that the elements when you get up to the third and fourth row, the elements are filling their protons and neutron orbitals and when they get about half way across the periodic table, you are in what is called the transition elements. You are in the middle of the periodic table. They can’t decide whether they want to be electropositive, they can’t decide whether they want to be electronegative, they are just kind of here in no man’s land. Kind of wishy washy. They haven’t made up their mind where they want to be.

And what happens is that the nucleus is quite finicky. All of the filled orbitals that are previously filled isolate themselves from the unfilled orbitals and so here this sequence is about half filled or half empty depending on how you want to look at it and the filled orbitals say, “You guys are not filled. You protons and neutrons get out of here. You are not wanted here with us completed people. The completed protons and neutrons.” And so what happens is that they are pushed off and away from the nucleus. And so this whole concept of a spherical nucleus doesn’t apply now. What we end up with is a nucleus that actually looks more like a bowling pin or a figure 8 so to speak, like this, as opposed to a spherical nucleus. So you have all your filled protons and neutrons here and your unfilled ones are pushed away.

Now you only observe this when you have a monoatom. If you have a chemical bond, a diatom, or trimer, or a larger cluster of whatever size, there is something called dipole, dipole resonance that sets between the two atoms and stabilizes them. It is kind of a concept of a two cylinder motor. Or a three cylinder motor or a four or a five cylinder, literally there are inherent vibrations in the three cylinder and the five cylinder that you won’t find in a four cylinder or a two cylinder. But the roughest running motor of all is a one cylinder, and that poor one cylinder does not have any compensation. It doesn’t have a harmonic balance or what they call it in automotive and so the thing just goes to bouncing and bouncing and bouncing. Okay.

This so the monoatom is there, if one of the elements on the left side of the periodic table are basically harmonic and it stays fairly spherical, the standard deformation is 1.3 to 1. Okay, it is almost spherical, kind of oval shaped. If it is on the very right hand side of the periodic table where its sequences are basically complete, it is basically spherical, but right in the middle, now, we find that this asymmetrically deformed nucleus forms, if it is a monoatom. So the criteria is that it must be a monoatom, and this is when over time the nucleus will deform itself.

Now the thing to understand about this is that these elements in the middle of the periodic table are just a few in the third row. It is more in the fourth row, and it gets wider in the fifth row. There are actually more elements in that fifth row down because the nucleus is fatter, it is more easily deformed.

Now some of the things that the physicists have observed is you are normally taught in high school and college that it takes a million electrons volts to knock a proton off a nucleus. That is an approximate number. Putting on the element is basically a little different, but it is basically a million electron volts. When you have a superdeformed nucleus which means twice as long as it is wide, and the word is superdeformed and now they call this, they make up their own language, and they have chosen the word superdeformed when it is twice as long as it is wide, you actually can knock off a proton with less than 10 electron volts. Because what is happening is that the protons and the neutrons are held together by something called the strong force. Remember that from physics class.

The strong force works only on very short distances. It is not a long range thing and what happens is that when this nucleus becomes deformed, the strong force is no longer that strong between the deformed particles and the spherical particles and so this figure 8, this particles are out here a distance from the other and they are no longer bound tightly. When they are uptight it takes a million electron volts, but when they are out here like this it takes less than 10 electron volts to knock a proton off.

Now the implications to this are quite serious, because literally you can strike an arc on this material and it begins to fission. And what do you get, you get iron, silica, aluminum, calcium, all of the ordinary junk that is everywhere in the universe. Okay, so you take it for analysis to someone who does standard analysis and they burn it and they see all this crud. But the crud wasn’t there before they struck the arc. Now this is very serious material. These are nuclei that are not stable and yet they are non radioactive. Now the implication is…

Why aren’t they radioactive? Because they are stable, they are in a neutral state themselves and are stable. With any small external potential they fragment. And when they fragment there is no gamma, no beta, and no alpha radiation. They are just heat, tremendous heat that emits from it.

(Question that is unintelligible.)

No, but I am but there has been a lot of papers written on the similarity between the radioactive state, which literally when it is radioactive, it has too many neutrons, too many protons, and when it is in this excited state it becomes deformed, right before it fragments, and so the analogy is that you have got the equivalent of a radioactive isotope but it is not radioactive. It is literally about to wrench its own self apart. This really is unsettling to physicists because this is not what they thought the nucleus was like.

It only happens to monoatomic elements… That is something I know and now you now know.

They have never said that specifically. What they have said is that they have made these elements in linear accelerators and high energy reactions and the elements have been observed to exist in this state. The state is a total lower energy state than the spherical nuclei and it doesn’t fission. You know, it just all of a sudden it will come apart, but there is no standard nuclear degradation to it.

The physicist will admit that there are new rules here and this is not the way they thought it was. And as long as you have diatoms or larger, you have never observed this. It has been observed in monoatomic systems is what you should be aware of. They don’t know this, I don’t think. I am just sharing it with you that it is the monoatomic system.

Anyway this article basically talks about the actinide group and what they have observed. It explains the electron structures within the nucleus, it explains the deformation and actually shows you a little diagram here of uranium, which is one of the actinide group as a spherical nucleus, okay, showing white and dark and then there is an arc in color and it shows how the nucleus deforms, okay, just like a figure 8, it looks like a bowling pin, and then how it spontaneously breaks into two other elements and there is no alpha, beta, or gamma radiation. Just heat. Tremendous heat from the nucleus because there is less total energy in the two elements that are formed afterwards than there was in the one big element before. And so when this happens heat evolves, nuclear level heat. Okay. Anyway this is Scientific American magazine for the skeptic.

Okay, once again, 1 repeat for the fourth time, March 1990. The article is called New Radioactivities. Okay.

This, the Scientific American article is not as early as this was discovered, it is only recently in 1990 that they published it but it was actually discovered about 1986. Within about three or four years after this they had the rare earths and as I told you they found that samarium through dysprosium did this.

Now if you look at the periodic table, immediately above samarium through dysprosium is the light platinum group elements. These elements are ruthenium, rhodium, palladium and silver and silver is a platinum group element, but it is a noble element and immediately below the rare earth group that does this is osmium, iridium, platinum and gold.

And so, what they said is if the: rare earths will do this, then we would expect the platinum group above and the platinum group below to do the very same thing.

Well, fortunately I had already filed my patent. I had those filed before even the cold fusion was announced to the public.

Anyway the people with the… at the national labs began working on the formation of these precious elements as monoatoms. Now they don’t come out in their papers and tell you that it is a monoatom. They tell you they made the atom which implies a monoatom by fragmenting heavier elements to these elements; but as a non radioactive isotope. And they found that they went to and remained in the high spin state. Okay. If you take two high spin atoms and physically bring them together they will begin to dipole-dipole inter-react and this superdeformed nucleus will inter-react and come back to a spherical state; and energy is coming off of it all the time that it is doing this. In fact, it actually gives energy off going both ways. So it is like fusion and fission, you get energy both ways. But this energy comes out of it and it literally goes to the low spin state. It spin flips back to the low spin state and is in this normal metallic state.

Now the transition from the low spin state to the high spin state is what no physical chemist had ever done before then. No one has ever been able to take the diamond and hand them the pure carbon.

And I use that analogy because everyone understands that diamond and carbon are the same element. Correct. The diamond is the high energy crystalline form of carbon. If you look at this diamond and you look at this black, sooty carbon, it is hard to believe that they are indeed the same element. But they are. One is a high energy crystalline form of the amorphous material. Gold, the yellow metal of gold is the high-energy crystalline form of the element gold. The element of gold is the snow white powder.

Now, this article in Scientific American does not go into the elements that are involved in my patent. You will find these elements and I have some of the papers with me in Physical Review C, Vol. 39, No. 3, March 1989, they are talking about super symmetry classification of nuclear levels and all odd-mass platinum isotopes.

When you read this paper it is a physics paper but what they are talking about is the odd mass nuclei that they possess this property called supersymmetry. It says that the theoretical interpretation of the negative polarity structures of the odd mass platinum isotopes in the framework of conventional models of power particles and collective motion has met with serious difficulty. Because of the transition region between strongly deformed and spherical nuclei. Okay.

Once again, strongly deformed nuclei is what they are talking about. The nuclear shape and core motion are not well defined. Moreover the unpaired neutrons can occupy three energetically quasi spaced single particle orbits and it goes on to describe those orbits. So what they are saying is that they are superdeformed also.

And, another paper in Physical Review C, Vol. 41, No.4, dated April 1990, this is Quantum Size Effects and Rapidly Rotating Nuclei, another paper, Physical Review C, Vol. 41, No. 4, entitled, Inertias of Super Deformed Bands, which actually gets into the physics of the nuclei when it is in its superdeformed state. April 1990.

Specifically, to my work now, and these are just introduction papers, Physical Review C, and the reason I cite Physical Review C is that this basically in all good libraries and it is one of the better publications in physics.

Physical Review C, Vol. 38, No. 2, August 1988. The title of this one is Superdeformation in Palladium 104 and 105. This is as specific as you get. Superdeformation if it is a superdeformed nucleus. The superdeformed means twice as long as it is wide. Okay.

It meets all the criteria that was just discussed in the Scientific American article about superdeformation and spontaneous fragmentation and how low a potential it takes.

Next article, “Possible discontinuity in the octupole behavior in the platinum through mercury region”, okay. It is Physical Review C, Vol. 39, No. 3, March 1989. And to read part of it; “Apart from the well deformed rare earth and heavy actinide nuclei (which I just told you about) which would not be expected to conform to the parametization of this theory”, they found that the neutron in the platinum region with Z particles which means proton numbers 78 through 82 and neutron numbers 108 through 126 were also anomalous. And one other quote I would like for you to hear is “a discontinuity of this magnitude is not observed in any other part of the periodic table”. In other words the deformation that they found in platinum through mercury, do you know what the other element is between platinum and mercury? Gold. Platinum, gold, mercury on the periodic table.

Why they don’t use the word gold, I don’t know. But platinum, gold and mercury are three of the other elements that do this. And this paper dated 1989 specifically addresses the nuclear studies that were done to confirm this deformation because there are no other elements on the periodic table that were seen to deform this severely.

Okay. Another one, called Structure of Osmium, Platinum Isotopes, Physical Review C, Vol. 38, No. 2, August 1988, and this goes into talking about the rare earth nuclei, and how deformed they are and how through the osmium through the platinum region, which is osmium, iridium, and platinum. Okay. So osmium, iridium, and platinum are the subjects of that paper.

Another paper titled Collective and Single Particle Structure in Rhodium 103, Rhodium 103 is the stable isotope rhodium and also palladium 104 and 105 are the two state isotopes of palladium. We are not talking about radioactive isotopes, we are talking about the ones in the jewelry you wear, the ones that are in the platinum you collect. This rhodium 103, the one stable isotope rhodium is 103.

This is not a radioactive isotope. Many people say, “Are we sure this isn’t radioactive?” It goes into a discussion of the physics, but more importantly, it says in part this is reflected in the level structure of Z which is the proton numbers of equal to or greater than 41, neutron memory equal or greater than 56, nuclei such as ruthenium, palladium and silver are found to do this. The reference is Physical Review C, Vol. 37, No. 2, February 1988.

Okay, the things that we understand is that basically all of these elements that were previously applied for in our patent, in this unusual, unstable state, that is, the superdeformation is the Nuclear Science Division of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories credibility. The inertia of superdeformed bands is Neils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. The super-symmetry classification of nuclear levels is by the Institute for Chemical Physics, University Republic in Federal Republic of Germany, the University of Sussex in Brighton, United Kingdom, the Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Mexico.

It is important to understand that this is all credible government, top level stuff. And what they are saying is that the very elements, the very elements that we discovered exist in this state that no one knew they existed in. They are now finding that they exist in this state also.

Fortunately, it was after we filed our patent that it was confirmed. The understanding that these elements can exist in this state, and it is a new state, it is literally a high spin state. And we were just getting into what was called nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and people who were working with, and this is a procedure where tremendous magnetic fields are applied to a substance causing the nucleus to spin flip to the high spin state.

The fields that we are talking about are fields in excess of 500,000 gauss, which is immense. I have seen some of these magnets that they use to do some of this work with. They are all water cooled, you know, because of the heat that is generated when they energize them is tremendous. But these people observed that when metal atoms were spin flipped into the high spin state, that energy freely passed from one atom to the next with no net loss of energy. Okay. This is important because atoms in the high spin state pass energy from one high spin atom to the next with no net loss of energy. That is an extremely important statement to observe in the 60s. It is in the college text and I thought I had a reference here, but I don’t, but you can find it in the standard college text books on nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. They talk about it.

Now they understood back in these early days that if we could ever figure out how to spin flip atoms and hold them in this high spin state we have a superconductor. A material that literally passes energy from one atom to the next with no net loss of energy. However, if it takes 500,000 gauss to do this you can induce energy to flow down the wire with less energy. So what is the practical significance of it. It has no practical application. It might be important scientifically, but it is not important practically. But if, in fact, we had a group of atoms in the high spin state that would stay in the high spin state with no external magnetic field, then theoretically this should be a room temperature superconductor.

Now is everybody following this. It is very important and is the crux of what we are talking about here. Now, the people at Argonne National Laboratories where I went to get this confirmed for the Unified States Patent Office said, “Mr. Hudson, we have physicists here who have theorized that the very elements that you are talking about, per the papers here, should be room temperature superconductors” with the elements that we filed on, the eleven elements, they said, “Yes, those are the ones and they should be but we have only been able to make them one atom at a time in our high energy accelerators, and so we have never had anyone who could take the diamond and give us the carbon. We have never been able to get a half a teaspoonful of this stuff to work with to prove whether or not it is a superconductor.” Okay. I said, “Well, guess what, I have cupfuls of the stuff and it is a superconductor.”

And, of course, this was Roger Poeppel the Head of the Ceramics and Superconductivity, and he said, “Mr. Hudson, do not talk to me over the phone about this, do not send me any letters to Argonne National Laboratories, this place is full of spies everywhere,” and he said, “if you are going to send me anything, wrap it in tinfoil when you put it in the envelope so that it cannot be x rayed and send it directly to me.” He assisted me in getting the confirmation.

We actually got a MIT chemist, a Ph.D., MIT chemist, who took the gold and made it into white powder for us and signed the affidavit for the patent office. Then the patent office decided that we would have to do more and I just decided that I wasn’t going to give it to them, so, me and the Department of Defense are at odds right now over it and basically it comes down to their wanting to understand it. The breaking of the metal/metal bonds is the key and doing that is extremely difficult.

For instance, and I will give you all this as an example and I hope that I am not getting too technical. Am I over the heads of anybody? I mean, okay. Well the guys appreciate it, the women maybe not, the guys are all right. I knew we would get a rise out of you on that. At least they are not Italian men anyway.

We will take gold because gold is the element that most people know best, if you say rhodium or iridium most people say, ” I don’t know whether it has a gray oxide or white oxide or what.” But gold, most people feel that they have a knowledge of gold and what it looks like.

Most of you understand what a diatom is, right? Nitrogen N2, hydrogen H2, oxygen 02, well gold is Au2 okay. You can dissolve gold in aqua regia. You can boil it for a year and you will never have monoatomic gold. The best you can ever hope for is Au2Cl6. You will probably end up with something like Au12Cl36. Okay.

These solutions are yellow to orange depending on the metal condensation, but it still has metal/metal bonds. Okay. Now I know that you find this all very interesting. The breaking of that last metal/metal bond in gold is extremely difficult. Gold is the most noble of all the elements and gold is not one to give up its partner. It says, “If you want my other gold you are going to have to fight for it.”

We and I am not going to give you all the chemistry. You can go and play in your laboratory for several years getting it, but there is a way that you can actually get the gold away from the gold by giving it other metals that it wants as much as it wants the gold. By acidifying this solution producing what would be protonated HAuCl4. Okay. So you went to a metal that it wanted more than its other gold and then a hydrogen in place of the other metal. And now we have HAuCl4 which is AuC13.AuCl, and it is in a hydrochloric acid solution. Then you can reduce that out of solution as HAu.

Now it is very important that you understand that this is not AuH, it is HAu, that the gold is actually gold minus 1. Now, if you understand that the periodic table, you understand that gold zero, gold metal, the periodic chart will tell you that its metallic state is 5D N6 S1. There is no such thing as an S1 state. Okay. The S wants to go to two electrons or it wants no electrons, but it doesn’t want one electron. It is just the way that it works.
It is like Lithium, Sodium, Potassium. They don’t want one S electron. And they are so reactive that if you put them in water they explode. Okay. Gold is just like that, it has one S electron in its outer layer and it doesn’t want to be that way. So what you end up is that if you have monoatomic gold, you can end up with gold plus one or gold minus one. But you can’t end up with gold zero. Does everybody understand this.

You can have diatomic gold which is gold/gold. Two atoms of gold. And you can have gold plus one, gold minus one, and the net between those two is gold zero. The two clusters are zero. It is the metal. But in effect, one atom is plus one and one atom is minus one and the net of the two is zero. But once you go to one atom, you get only plus one or minus one, but it can’t be zero. Do you follow this?

Okay. So you can have gold plus one, reduced to gold minus one, and now you have the protonated gold minus one. Now in the same way that amorphous silicon is produced from selane (?) which is hydrogen silisaw HSi, you anneal away the proton, just heat it. And when the proton leaves, the nucleus goes to the high spin state.

It literally goes snow white. As the proton leaves. And there is no other way to get to the high spin state. But once you have it in the high spin state, it won’t go back to metal either. You can take this white gold and you can heat it to 1160 degrees and it fuses into a transparent glass, but it never goes back to yellow metal. It literally reaches a nuclear state that is lower than the metal and there is no way to get back to the metal. You are down below that point and there is no way to get back there. Oh, there is a way, but it is tough and it takes about a year’s time. Okay.

We did this in our lab, and I wouldn’t say that it was without high power equipment. There is a reason why it cost over five million dollars, there is a lot of equipment that has been used and bought and rented… but this material when it is in the metallic state it weighs a gram. When it is in the hydrogen oride state it weighs a little over a gram because of the weight of the hydrogen and when it goes into the high spin state it weighs 5/9ths of a gram. Okay. The reason it weighs 5/9ths of a gram is literally that it is levitating on the earth’s magnetic field.

And I will tell you that to watch this happen, I am telling you people, it really upsets the chemist, it upsets people trying to do mass balances on the material. But when the black gold goes white, when the protonated gold goes white to the high spin state, it literally does not weigh correctly because it is a magnetic material being weighed in a magnetic field.

Now the magnetic field normally is not a consideration. Normally the earth’s magnetic field of one or two gauss is not a factor. But when you are dealing with a superconductor, this is an immense field. Okay.

Now, there are several books on superconductivity, that I can recommend. Ah, one is called the Physics of High Temperature Superconductors, by J. C. Phillips, he is with AT&T Bell Laboratories, and here is the reference, Physics of High Temperature Superconductors, by J. C. Phillips. [J. C. Phillips, Physics of High-Temperature Superconductors, (Academic Press, San Diego, 1989)]

There is another very important book and this is pretty heavy reading but is a great book, it is Amorphous Solids and the Liquid State, which is a specialized area all its own, and the authors are March, Street and Tosi, [Amorphous Solids and the Liquid State by Norman H. March, Robert A. Street, Mario P. Tosi.] and for people who work in superconductivity, people who work in amorphous details, people who work with non metal bonded materials, this is a good reference book. Okay.

And there is another one called, Superconductors and Super Fluids [perhaps High Temperature Superconductors And Other Superfluids by A S Alexandrov and Nevill Mott], and here is another good one, Introduction to Superconductivity by Rose-Innes [Introduction to Superconductivity (International Series in Solid State Physics; V. 6) by Alistair Christopher Rose-Innes, E. H. Rhoderick]. I got it when I was over in London. It is co authored by the University of Massachusetts, University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology. It is Pergamon Press.

Anyway there are several things that are very important to understand about superconductors and I brought this up in my introduction. I didn’t understand what superconductivity was and when we began to heat and cool the stuff, the weight began to change all over the place, and it was weighing… we were working with the material and it would go way down to fractions of a milligram and here this material was gaining 300% of this weight and it was going to less than the pan weighed and yet when we took it out and put other materials in there everything was fine. We put this material in and everything went crazy again.

And, when you realize how sensitive a superconductor is to external magnetic fields, that number isn’t important, and you are all taking notes now so you can write it down, now, if you understand the earth’s magnetic field is somewhere, you know, it depends on where you are at in the earth, but it may be 2 to 3 gauss, somewhere in that neighborhood. There is 1018 ergs in one gauss. So that is ten times itself eighteen times is equal to one gauss. And a pure single element superconductor will respond to magnetic fields of 2 x 10-15 ergs. That is .0000000000000002 (fifteen zeros and a 2) of one erg.

Now if you are familiar with mathematics, what we are talking about is nothing, I mean zilch, nothing. And it still causes this stuff to flow. Literally it is the equivalent of the mass of a baseball compared to the mass of the sun. It is like comparing the earth’s magnetic field to what this will experience, will cause light to flow inside this superconductor.

You know, the moral of the story is that they use a superconducting ring to literally see your thoughts. Okay. They literally put it around your head and they give you sour food and it lights up your brain and they give you sweet food and it lights up another part of your brain. They give you something that makes you mad and it lights up another part of your brain. How do they see your brain? With this superconducting quantum interference device which literally means that it is a superconductor and it literally sees the thoughts in your brain.

Now the only reason that I am sharing this with you is I want you to have some feeling of the sensitivity of this stuff to magnetic fields. How the tiniest, tiniest magnetic field can cause changes in it. How little do your thoughts and your thinking about the experiment is literally part of the experiment. I mean they have talked here about the experimenter being part of the experiment, this is it, boy, this is as much as it gets.

So, you know when we were working with this material we were seeing these dramatic changes in weight and it was not true mass changes, it was weigh-ability changes. Literally when it became… the material sat in a little pan, and the pan set on the balance, and the material wasn’t even weighing what the pan weighed.

Now something strange is going on here, this doesn’t… and yet we checked the machine, we used standards and everything works fine, and when we go back to this material and it doesn’t work. I was there many of the times when this was done. It was the interreaction of the magnetic fields of the machine with the material and even though the manufacturer of the machines says that it has no net magnetic field because of the bifilar windings. And you can imagine that these wires went all the way down and around and around in heating this material, and then it comes back up going back around. The concept is that the two wires passing each other side by side, they cancel each other’s field and that is what they use in radios and TVs. They call it bifilar winding.

But there is no way that those wires are in the same place. You know, this one the field would go this way and this one the field would go this way, but there is only a little bit of mismatch because they are in about the same place, right, and that little bitty mismatch is nothing for ordinary magnetic materials, but for a superconductor that is like 2 x 10-15 ergs. This field is immense.

So literally, with the material we said, “Could it really be a superconductor?” “Could this high spin material be a superconductor?” Well the test of superconductivity, what time are we now, we have got about an hour, the test for superconductivity is …is everybody clear on what I told you that a superconductor by definition does not allow any voltage potential to exist within the material. That is by definition. It cannot have voltage potential.

Therefore, wires connected to the superconductor, and this is a pure superconductor, you cannot get electricity off the wire and into the superconductor, because that takes a voltage potential. By definition, it doesn’t allow a voltage potential. And so what you get is that the material is an insulator, not a superconductor. It is only when you tune radiofrequency, radiofrequency tune, the vibrational frequency of the wire to the wavelength of the superconductor, that literally the electron flows on with no push at all. It literally seeks the path of least resistance, which is the zero resistance. Do you understand, so it literally, over time, the electrons start flowing onto the superconductor. Okay.

You must understand that the electron is going onto the superconductor as an electron pair. Therefore, we are talking about Bosonic physics of light. We have lost all particle aspect to this electron. It only goes onto the superconductor as light. So, you know there is Fermion Physics and they are both Einstein physics. The Fermion, the electron, as it goes on the superconductor pairs, and when it pairs it has no particle effect. It becomes pure light.

Now, you can only put one electron at one space time. That is why we have electron transitions on atoms, and this is spectroscopic analysis. This is based on its residing here in this space time. We kick it up to here and it is light, but now we have electron pairs and these electron pairs can reside anywhere in infinite amounts. There is no limit you can put 50 zillion electron pairs in the same space time. And so the electricity that you are putting into this superconductor doesn’t have to come off. Okay.

You don’t have to have another wire. So the energy is continually going onto the superconductor and you don’t have to have a wire to take it off. This is not electricity. Remember, 1 told you. This is not electricity. This is superconductivity.

The energy in the superconductor continues to grow and continues to grow and there is no way to measure it by any instrumentation that we know of once it is in the superconductor. Okay.

So materials that don’t even look like they would ever conduct can be a superconductor. Materials that are powder like cooking flour may be superconductors, do you understand. Because they literally hold the light within them. It really doesn’t have to come off. It doesn’t have to be electrically conducted to be a superconductor.

It is what? It actually comes out the physics and all is understood right now. And you find out that it is actually two-dimensional resonance. Okay. There is no third dimensional vibration to it. It is actually coupled in two dimensions. So what we have in a pile of this white powder is an atom that is resonating back and forth, a quantum oscillator, and it creates a Coulomb wave. It runs out both directions from it.

Other atoms ,as you anneal it, will move over and get into this resonance wave, coupled with the resonance wave and perpetuate the wave. Another high spin atom will nestle in that wave and perpetuate that wave and another will nestle in that wave and perpetuate the wave, another will nestle in that wave and perpetuate and literally what you will get is that you get a two dimensional coupled material that literally resonance couples all the way around.

And in the same way that an electron gets on one atom and goes around it forever and ever on its wave, now the system has a wave and the electron gets on it and goes around forever and ever and ever. It is, in fact, the same energy that is running an atom that is running the billions of atoms and they literally have created now this harmonic wave and resonance coupling in two dimensions. Okay. Is everybody picturing this now?

It literally is in two dimensions. Other atoms sitting in the third dimension on either side have no involvement in this. It is part of another two dimensional oscillator, but not part of this one.

Okay. And in passing, copper is not that noble. Copper is not noble, it corrodes and rusts and is quite non noble. You can put it into yttrium oxide, for example, and by repeated annealing, what happens is that you have barium oxide with an alkaline earth. You have copper which is an acid metal, barium is hydroscopic and picks up moisture. When you heat it you dehydrate it and what happens is that the moisture breaks into hydroxide with a barium and a hydrogen with an acid because it is an acid metal. And you cool it and then it equates again and you heat it and happens again. What happens with repeated annealing is that the copper breaks into the fundamental state.

It just so happens that yttrium barium oxide, just happens to form a crystalline structure whereby the coppers are in two dimensions. The yttrium barium oxide is like an egg crate, okay. And the copper is the eggs that are specifically spaced and specific distances from each other so that as the resonance waves start, the copper just happens to be at the right spacing in this matrix. And so yttrium barium copper oxide is really elemental copper in a yttrium barium matrix. It is not copper oxide. Copper oxide implies chemistry and this elemental copper. Yes there is an oxygen lying next to it, but it is not part of the chemistry, it is not part of the physics. It is not part of the superconductivity. Okay.

People investigating yttrium barium copper oxide know this now. They know something isn’t quite right. They know that the copper is binding with something but apparently it is not the oxygen. What they don’t know is that it literally… there is a nuclear transitional change that occurs right when it goes into the superconducting state. It goes into a high spin state and in its high spin state it superconducts. The neat thing about it is that with chemistry the yttrium barium oxide, they are able to break the metal/metal bonds, and so it doesn’t take that much cooling to start it superconducting.

The beauty of the heavier elements like gold is that gold is so noble that you can’t put it in a yttrium barium oxide and ever get it to become elemental. But when it does become elemental, which you can do through processes we have learned, it doesn’t even need a matrix. It is its own matrix. It is so strong a resonance wave that it literally will bind itself by itself and instead of being two and two and one half angstroms apart between atom centers like it is in metal, it actually is out at five and one half to six angstroms in this Coulomb wave. And though it is too far apart to be sharing electrons, it literally is in its resonance wave where these atoms are all oscillating in perfect unison, back and forth, back and forth and the old saying, “in the one is the all and in the all is the one.”

If you talk to a physicist he will tell you that the physics of a superconductor is identical to the physics of the atom. What is going on is literally billions of atoms acting like one macro-atom. And that is what superconductivity is. In fact, the man is right, that is exactly what it is. If it is the same, with lasers and understanding of lazing and light waves, this is understandable now.

The key to it is that these elements go to the high spin state. These elements transform themselves to a high spin state naturally and the key to it is that you break the metal/metal bonds and when you do that they literally will go to the high spin state on their own. Okay,

Question: I have a question. (Unintelligible)

Hudson’s response: You are talking superconducting. There is a resonant perturbation of it with the yttrium barium oxide. It is very slight and so it does have to be cooled a little bit before it begins to superconduct so that the interference of the yttrium barium oxide ceases and allows it to do its thing.

The beauty of the other elements is that they don’t even need a matrix. Once you have created them in this state they assume this resonance coherence.

Now the strange thing about it is that this is just like this air. Right now there is air in this room, but you cannot see it but it is there. Well, literally when this material is in perfect superconducting state you can’t see it. It literally is as invisible as the air. But don’t believe that it is gone. You just can’t see it because as you cool it back down it starts appearing around the edges first and it is exactly the same shape it was before, and it just never left, it just went into this perfect resonance state where you can’t see it any more.

(Unintelligible question)

Hudson’s response: That is right. By definition it excludes all external magnetic fields.

Now, I don’t know about you all. Would you like to take a 5 or 10 minute break and get a drink of water, wake up, you know. Or just order air. Why don’t we take, a break, so we wake ourselves up for say ten minutes, use the bathroom and come back and we will go again. Okay.

The National Laboratory has confirmed that the asymmetrically deformed high spin nucleus, when it is heated or disturbed to a point that its quadripole moment would alter, it emits gamma radiation and does not fission, so it is like a gamma emitting source. We found that heating it to 800 degrees under a controlled atmosphere and it literally destroys every container that you put it into. And we suspected it was gamma radiation, very short wave of light.

We went up to Dr. Jones at the University of Utah, who was the one who came up with the theory of cold fusion. We gave him not enough to cover your fingernail of the monoatomic iridium in the hydrogen form and the proton came loose it didn’t use the amount we suggested it use at all and it destroyed not only his detector, it destroyed his tube, it destroyed everything and he said, “Dave, I didn’t get a reading out of it, it literally shattered everything.” I said, “Well, I want to know what that energy is.” We have since been to Oakridge National Laboratory and they have confirmed it and published the fact in the Scientific American, and their words were that “something is very different that is going on right here. It is not something we know.”

Question: There is something that I would like to understand and anyone in the audience can call and tell me later if you cannot answer this question. But people here are telling us that it is all found in vibration and so I have the idea that if somebody was willing they could take a radionic machine or the equal of it and zap me with a vibration that was high enough to achieve my ascension, so my question is, what is the difference between, is this product or this manna, it is just a radiation like it has a signature or a vibration signature and could I eventually, is it conceivable that eventually we will get that vibration from a machine force rather than having to go through this. Do you understand? Does anybody understand what I am trying to ask?

Hudson’s response: I think I do. I will try to answer that. The important thing here is that it is a superconductor. And superconductor has nothing to do with electricity. Okay. People, in due respect everybody wishes magnetic field therapies and all, a superconductor responds to magnetic field just like an ordinary conductor, but if you grasp, and this is the test for superconductivity, because you cannot measure it directly, how can you find out that you have a superconductor? The proof of superconductivity is the applied voltage potential, and if you grasp this, voltage potential versus amperage, okay. As you increase the voltage potential the amperage increases in an ordinary conductor so the chart goes up like this. In this quadrant. If you reverse it, it goes down here and so it is positive negative, positive negative. A superconductor, as you increase the voltage potential, it goes negative. Okay. That is proof of a superconductor.

Literally, superconductors are in your body now, they literally are flowing the light of life in your body. But, it is not external. When you are filled with the spirit, then you are filled with the light, literally you appear to glow. Literally, when you walk into a room people say, “My God, look at that person over there.” They literally light up the room when they walk in. To do that literally the superconductor has to be totally filling your body and the aura becomes external, rather than internal. So instead of the residuum from the aura, you literally see all of it and it is on the outside of your body. I don’t believe that there is any way to induce this into your body without the receivers themselves that run on it. And so, you can receive it by eating the proper foods, the proper herbal extract, as holy men, but as science is progressing, we are learning what it really is in the herbs and I can give it to you pure. Okay.

Question: I am not sure how to phrase this question. Considering all of the comments that we have had with speakers directing their attention to the sabotage and to the conflict in the communities and to the political situation, have you, in your work, felt any of this sabotage, or you have mentioned that you have been published and you have gone to the traditional community of science. Have you felt any pressure from any external source that you would like to comment on, and if you have, what have you done to preserve the methodology if you were to die or something was to happen to you.

Hudson’s response: Basically the only problem that I have had is financial and you can’t spend five and one half million dollars of your own money without having some problems. My bankers decided in 1982 that they should stop me from doing this esoteric work and I am still doing it, so you know what relationship I have with my agricultural bankers. Other than that, no, I can’t say that I have had any problems. I do understand these other speaker’s concerns and I can tell you that I agree with virtually every one of them. It is just no big deal because the New World Order is coming and that is it. Question: Yes, David, many of us are not that technically oriented in a crowd of people like myself, what is going to occur if you wake up tomorrow morning.

Hudson’s response: Tomorrow we are going to talk about the specific medical applications, the results we have seen, the test data, what we are doing now and what the results have been from the tests up to now and where this appears to be going. We are also going to talk about the four practical applications.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t belong to a church but I definitely do believe in the Bible. I just think that it is not complete, that is all. It was Rome’s attempt to provide us with the books, but there are a lot of other books that should have been in it also that were called the Holy Scriptures. And, you know, if the people here will tolerate, I will discuss some philosophical implications, rather than religious because I don’t want to get into institutional religion.

There are a whole bunch of things about this that are going to be involved in the practical implementation of it and the players, these last true latter day saints, are not going to be unnoticed by Utah. And so, you know, there is a part that the establishment in Utah has to play in it. Joseph Smith that began this actually was contacted by Enoch, and you know he has since changed his mind and said that it was Jesus Christ, but originally it was Enoch and you know it truly was Enoch and he was to prepare the centers around the world so that this material could be introduced. They have names for this knowledge. It is part of the order of Enoch, they called it and Joseph Smith said that he knew that he didn’t have this capability at this time and we hope that we are prepared to receive it when it comes.

Well, at the point that this is scientifically understood, accepted and all, they will welcome it. It literally means the disbandment of the church when the true latter day saints come to the earth. There is a whole bunch of things that they will have to get used and there are people within that organization that will fight it but there are also people that will welcome it and you can’t argue with what is happening and so I just say, “brace yourself, it is coming.”

Question: David, you talked a little earlier about the magnetic field of the body and the spiral energy field as we now know it and when this supercharging takes place in the body that the external field is going to be pure white light and it is not going to be inside the body, is that what you are saying? Well it Would you go into that a little bit more because what I am thinking here is that if you your electromagnetic field now sort of resonates and it acts like a magnet and it attracts experiences to you, how do you think it will differ later and the differences with the light outside. Will it have any kind of magnetism to it?

Hudson’s response: Ah, gee, I don’t know if I understand exactly what you are asking. The superconductivity is a surface phenomenon and so if you have some superconductor you spread it out real fine over the ground it dramatically is affected by the magnetic field. If you bring it all together in a clump, it has less surface area. It is only the outside part that is affected. We have this all dispersed through our bodies, basically it is all affected, but it is inside our body, and all we see is the field. As our body is filled with this, and the light density increases, within our body. Eventually you get to the point where literally the field cannot get inside of it and it is literally on the outside of us and so, inside we exist within this envelope of light, okay. We have this physical body inside but literally the pure Meissner field is around our body. It keeps the external magnetic fields out the all radiation, ultra violet radiation, all of this can’t get in.

It might be interesting for people to understand that there materials that can kill these atoms. This is important. I skipped over it in my hurry. The elements are basically carbon, and carbon monoxide, sulphites, So3, nitrogen oxide and shortwave length–ultraviolet light, or shorter. Those are the four main things that kill this material in the body.

Unfortunately you can’t not breathe. And the day you took your first breath of air one percent of the air in your body was nitrous oxide and so the rhodium and iridium in your body is literally going out. Every breath of air some of these atoms stop doing what they are supposed to be doing, you are dying. You went through your teen years, your early twenties and then it just kind of went down hill from there. Literally, the light of life is going out in our bodies. Part of life.

You can eat vegetables and herbs and all and it make your light stronger and last longer, but you are talking about maybe one hundred or one hundred and fifty years at the most, but we are talking about is literally perfecting the body totally. With gold and gold is no longer pinned with nitrous oxide. You can breathe the oxide and not die, so to speak.

Gold is the special one. It is the one that doesn’t react with these elements. The gold is special and that is why the testing with the gold has been set aside and it is to happen though very soon. It will… and I know that you would like to know what the results of the gold and can I state this and I will have to say, “No, we are not at that point now. I am sorry but you are aware of it and we will be doing this in the future.”

Do you feel better already?

(Applause. End of lecture.)

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