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ORME Rhodium ORME Iridium ORME Gold

The samples above were made in a lab from metals by August Dunning after over 2 years of lab work. Persistence pays off.
Do NOT confuse ORME with ORMUS or M-State, They are not the same thing.

(The term Orbitaly Rearranged Monoatomic Element was agreed to while traveling to the U.S. patent office to re-apply for patents. David Hudson had been advised that he needed to patent the materials in order to prevent someone else from first securing a patent and then legally preventing him from continuing the scientific investigation of the materials. It should be noted that world wide patents were granted and USA patents were confiscated in the interest of national security. Each year approximately 6000 patents are confiscated in the interest of national security from people and companies within the united States whom apply for patents. It’s a sad fact that big business controls even the patent office and so many innovations are prevented from reaching the public in this way.)

Several years ago I met with David Hudson at his home in Arizona, the first thing he told me was that I was one of very few that had actually come to see him and talk to him in person about ORME, he had not answered my e-mails, letters, or phone calls. So I went and parked in his driveway at about 3:30 am and waited for him to awaken. I figured that a farmer was likely to awaken early in the morning and I wanted to be certain to catch him at home. We talked for awhile and I found out some very important information about the real thing ORME. At one point David told me something very profound. He said “…you know, the wet method [taught by Barry Carter] does not work.” I looked at him with a puzzled expression and he said “Think about it, changing the pH of a water solution only effects those things attached to water molecules. If ORME was attached to a water molecule, it would not be monoatomic.” I said that makes sense. David went on to explain how he had tried all kinds of ways to change the pH of solutions he knew were full of ORME in the early years to get the ORME to fall to the bottom of the beaker or flask he was using and how it had never worked…

Later I learned that changing the pH was a great way to get the trash or what was not ORME out of the solution I was working with. The stuff attached to the water molecules was not ORME and it would easily cluster together and fall to the bottom of the flask.

The ORME would be left in solution. I learned a lot of other things from David Hudson, most of which I gave a great deal of thought and meditation time to. It was invaluable time, as I learned methods to make ORME the real thing in less than a week, by spending close to a month thinking about one part of our conversation. Another thing he said later gave me the hint that I needed to figure out a way to go from micro size clusters of gold atoms to ORME in about 43 seconds. But I did not stop there. . . I must say that although David Hudson had not answered all of my questions, he never told me a lie and I left with a profound respect for the man. . . Some of the David Hudson O.R.M.E. patents are maintained on file, on this server for your viewing pleasure. http://miraculewater.com/WaterLibrary/patents/patents.htm

David Hudson , told me how he first found his ORME in the water of a local hot spring that was known for its health and healing effects to those that bathed in and drank the water. Later he found a rich natural deposit and this sparked his interest in the mining industry. David Hudson was a wealthy cotton farmer at the time of his discovery and he hired the best scientists he could find in addition to the investigation conducted in his own lab to do investigative work into these special materials. Over a period of about 20 years David Hudson spent close to $7.7 million, and a total of about $8.8 million before ending his investigation [figures in USA dollars]. David Radius Hudson extensively documented what has become the most special state of matter, known to science. Science is often slow to recognize and teach about new discoveries, as such few modern day scientist or schools know of or about this new state of matter. Stable, non-metallic, Orbitally rearranged monoatomic transition group elements selected from the group consisting of cobalt, nickel, copper, silver, gold, palladium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, and osmium.

Mercury ORME was added to the list after David Hudson applied for his patents. It was found that not only did these special elements in the ORME form have unique health and spiritual effects upon those that consumed them. These materials also have specific application in forming catalysts, high-temperature ceramics, refractory materials, corrosion resistant materials and they exhibit properties of high temperature super-conductivity and have many use in energy transportation and production. These materials can be refined from ores which do not analyze by conventional western instruments for any of said transition and noble metals, or by conversion from pure metals or metal salts of said elements into the orbitally rearranged monoatomic species.

It is also possible to isolate them from water based solutions and certain plants and substances in nature. Hudson believed Ormes, to be individual atoms of the T-metals and by virtue of their orbital rearrangement able to exist in a stable and virtually pure form. David Hudson and the scientists he hired extensively documented how these ORME elements have different chemical and physical characteristics from their respective transition group metal forms.

Their thermal and chemical stability, their nonmetal-like nature, and their particulate size are characteristics rendering the ORMEs suitable for the many applications they naturally occupy. I later discovered that what David Hudson’s scientists had thought was monoatomic due to limitations in scientific equipment was actually in the case of the real thing ORME white power gold a single atom of gold coupled to a single atom of Deuterium, and that if it was coupled the right way, then it was super conducting [S-ORME] and it was not monoatomic but diatomic. For simplification, the equipment that David Hudson and his scientist were using did not have the degree of clarity available in today’s ST Scanning Electron Microscopes, as such it was nearly impossible to see the very small deuterium atom next to and bonded with the gold atom. Even in today’s best ST Scanning Electron Microscopes, a single atom of Gold only appears as a very small dot! Gold in it’s most common occurring form [isotope 197] has 3 potential bonding locations in which other atoms may attach to it. The outermost bonding location is located in what most of us have been taught to refer to as the outer electron shell. The other two bonding locations are located on the next electron shell going inwards. When bonding occurs on this inner electron shell, we achieve a very special type of bonding and the S-ORME is born. This inner bonding is more of an marriage of the two atoms than the usually bonding to the outer electron shell which could be described as dating. A true white powder of gold is formed in this way. When gold isotopes 194 [194 isotope gold is stable] and 195 [195 isotope gold is not stable and quickly changes to 194] are used, and the same deuterium atom is the only thing bonded to the gold atom, a blood red powder is achieved having all the characteristics of the legendary substance called ‘Red Lion’ or ‘Elixir of Eternal Life’. Old School Conventional Physicists [basing what they say upon what they were taught] say this combination is not possible but Bio Physicists and Bio Chemists Tell us that the combination is not only possible but could have very unique characteristics when different bonding possibilities are explored. The most common isotope of gold which is 197 and the isotope of hydrogen called deuterium when combined with the inner shell bonding yielded a white powder providing all the characteristics of that described as the Super Conducting S-ORME GOLD and the ancients described as Bread Of The Presence of God.

This material can be found naturally occurring in some waters to varying degrees and is concentrated by the MiraculeWater processors into the final product water from all of the water that enters the processor. The same holds true for iridium and rhodium S-ORME forms also.

David Hudson documented two distinct forms of Gold, Iridium & Rhodium ORME. These two varieties he called S-ORME & G-ORME. The “S-ORME” being super conducting. My research has shown that the S-ORME form is the most valuable to the human body. A great many other scientists have documented how the DNA in cells has ORME on the ends of the strands and throughout the sections known as codeons. The thing called a Bio Photon that glowed inside of living cells has been determined to be S-ORME also. When you start to realize that DNA is made of ORME and that the ends of DNA are ORME and that the Bio-Photons that glow inside a cell is an ORME that is super conducting and has charged miesner field. You start to understand how life as we know it could not live without David Hudson called ORME.

The scientists that David Hudson contracted with [all signed non-disclosure agreements] found that each of these atoms started to become harder and harder to detect when the cluster size of the atoms dropped below 32 atoms. By the time that the atoms were in the Monoatomic [single atom without metallic bonding] cluster size, they had become undetectable to almost every kind of test equipment currently in use to detect and quantify metals in the western world. Currently there is only one kind of test equipment known to have the ability to quantify ORME and even then it must be extensively reconfigured from the standard set up to detect and quantify ORME. Lab testing for the presence of what David Hudson called ORME is not currently available from commercial labs in the western world. Some labs in Russia can test for and determine not only the presence, but the ratios and quantity of ORME present within samples. Be prepared to pay a sizable amount of money for this testing if you so desire it. Also be aware that many labs will tell you that they can test for ORME, when they cannot, try to deal with reputable labs that actually have the right equipment if you desire to spend your money obtaining lab tests. The S-ORME form of Gold is believed to be what texts like the Holy Bible refer to as Bread of the Presence of God.

ORME in general is believed to be what texts like the Holy Bible refer to as “The Hidden Manna”. While the ORME forms of Iridium and Rhodium are fairly common in ORGANIC foods and water. The ORME form of Gold is much rarer, David Hudson’s labs and scientist only found ORME Gold in one type of food, the concord grape. My testing has found the ORME form of Gold in two other foods, the Goji Berry [only from select areas], and brown stone ground mustard, more common machine processed yellow mustard seemed to be deficient in the gold ORME even when the original source of the mustard plant was from the same location. I can only conclude by this that the magnetic fields generated by conventional yellow mustard processing must drive the ORME out of the end product. David Hudson documented how the ORME was reactive to extremely low power magnetic fields when in the super conducting form.

I Saved Some Recordings Taken From One of The Video’s of David Hudson’s Lectures ( “Presented for the layman by a layman” — David Hudson — Cotton Farmer )”David Hudson at the Ranch” — November 16, 1995 Parts 1-9 Is the Discussions of Science Journal References and Test Results Special Note: The Merck Index – 6 doesn’t report Rhodium and Iridium or Gold as being toxic.

– Part One – mp3 http://www.miraculewater.com/Audio/Hudson/hudson1.mp3
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– Miesner Field Excerpt http://www.miraculewater.com/Audio/Hudson/hudson2.mp3

Second Part – Here’s Where It Gets Interesting For Some People
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– Questioner Thirteen – mp3 http://www.miraculewater.com/hudson/sound/hud-q13.mp3

M-State is a term used by one of David Hudson’s Scientists to denote single atoms of any of the transition group metals with one or more sodium or other atoms attached to it, Metal ions suspended in water and attached to water molecules fit this description. Ions are not ORME. Neither is the stuff that falls to the bottom of a flask as it clusters together when the pH is changed. Many things we call chemical compounds also fit this description and they are not what Hudson called ORME. M-State was a term that denoted an atomic configuration whereby other atoms of the same transition group metal are not bonded directly to each other. [As defined by definition gained from direct conversation with the man that coined the term.

While many of us that have done serious investigation know his name and have permission to contact him at any time we wish, I am continuing to keep it undisclosed at this time.] These M-State Elements have some positive effects upon health when consumed and some positive effects on spiritual things.

They are also often toxic to the human body. There are several sources for M-State products on the net. It is also fairly easy to make and there are published procedures that most people can follow. But this is not what David Hudson called ORME.

M-State in some cases could be turned into orme either in the body after consuming or before. People that consume M-State like the precipitates should take care to stay away from food & beverages that contain sulfites.

Just a few examples of foods containing Sulfites are onions, some breads, red wine, and supplements such as MSM. These sulfite containing foods have the ability to bring the atoms back together and form what we call heavy metals in the body. This can cause health problems and just one of those is that the kidneys and liver can be damaged or rendered completely inoperable.

ORME has no such problem associated with it. I know that Barry Carter has removed more than one person from his email forums when they have tried to revel this fact. It’s a shame as most of these people suffered severe health problems in order to learn this. Some have even died.

Not all M-State is bad, some preparations can serve valuable purposes. There are also some cases where ORME has been called M-State in the literature on the web. This appears to be due to the author of those pages not knowing the difference between the materials.

The term “ORMUS” has been used to describe a wide range of materials all of which do not analyze well by conventional scientific equipment. This is confusing to say the least. Barry Carter tries to explain why he lumped everything that did not analyze well into one category at in his Definitions Page http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/Definitions.htm .

Barry Carter who is responsible for the majority of ORMUS, ORME, & M-State information that has been placed on the web, decided to lump everything that did not analyze well by conventional means into one category and call it ORMUS. This catch all term used by Barry Carter. Might describe ORME, M-State or small clusters of atoms [That’s a really big category of materials that is by scientific definition compounds].

We learned from the work of David Hudson that in the instance of gold, it started to not analyze very well when the cluster size was reduced below 32 atoms. Thirty two [32] atoms in a cluster is a very long way from ORME, but Barry Carter put this into his general category. The reported effects of consuming ORMUS has ranged all over the place. Some ORMUS might contain some real actual ORME, or some M-state, or just small clusters of atoms that were toxic by nature and gave a person a buzz or some effects when consuming the small dose of poison. There are many sources for “ORMUS” on the net.

ORMUS is easy to make and there are published procedures available on the web for it’s production. Ormus can be dangerous to consume and usually places a burden on the body to get rid of heavy metals via the liver and the kidneys. Ormus Silver and Ormus Copper are the only 2 forms of ormus that I know are safe for human consumption. The Ancient People Knew About These Substances And Some Comprised The Most Valuable And Sought After Substances On Earth For Untold Years & For Those That Still Know About Them They Are Still The Most Prized & Sought After Substances On Earth.

Far More Valuable Than Yellow GOLD & DIAMONDS. Respected historian, lecturer, and author Sir Lawrence Gardner, in “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark,” provided extensive information as to the history and use of ORME throughout recorded history. Watch The Sir Lawrence Gardner Video about ORME Elements

In prior times the knowledge was usually only handed down from one to another and kept secret from the general public. The Alchemist of Old Once Knew many of the Secrets to the Production and Use/Effects. Today with the Internet more information is available than ever before on the subject matter, much of it is confusing and often contains inaccuracies that mislead the reader. One prime example of the misinformation is Barry Carter’s lumping ORME, M-State, and his toxic wet method ORMUS into one category and calling it all ORMUS.

I personally feel that it is about time that the truth be know about what he calls ORMUS; many people have been misled and many have died by what he has hidden and how he has confused people. Please don’t think badly of me for revealing the truth, I feel it is long past due, and someone has to do it. Years of intense study, communication with other serious researchers, and 1.3 million spent in the research just in the first 3 years alone, and thousands of hours dedicated to laboratory experimentation has added to the information and enabled the me to clarify much of what is known about these materials.

Throughout recorded history the names have changed many times but the substances they refer to have remained the same. More often than not the marketers throughout history have not sold the real thing but in stead, sold Cheap imitations that have done little to provide the purchasers with the effects of the actual materials that the makers claim them to be in many cases. This has perhaps been one of the greatest contributing factors to the lack of public knowledge other than outright censorship. Those that did know and have the ability to produce the real substances seldom provided them to others.

Red Lion Sill In The Flask
Please note processing has not been completed forthe Red Lion to be ready forconsumption. This picture is from my lab.

Gold in acid solution being repeatedly boiled down in order to break apart the metallic gold clusters.Note the dates.
The solution on the right is starting to get close to mono-gold chloride.You can tell this by the green coloration it is starting to develop.
Picture supplied by August Dunning in his quest for ORME Gold.

Forest Green Gold Chloride. Known as the Green Dragon. Note the color of the vapor in the flask, it is the nitric acid leaving the solution.
Also note the vent tubes. The fumes are both highly poisonous and highly corrosive. This picture is from my lab.

This is mono-gold hydride with bonding in chains, it looks similar to wet method precipitate and cotton in water.
There is still lots more processingbefore it becomes the highly desirable ORME Gold. Don’t confuse Ormus with Orme,they are like night and day in difference.

Gold Glass and Penny. Like David Hudson said, you can get gold glass when you superheat Gold ORME, and it does become a white powder again when you grind it back up with a mortar and pedestal. Picture is from my lab.

I adjusted the brightness and contrast on this photo because it had come out very dark.I tried to preserve the original colors.

The paper used for a background is actually high gloss white. Some people thought that I placed the price too high at $500,000. Nobody else in the world could offer you this. Nobody else has it. I don’t know of anyone that has ever been able to make this particular combination of ORME elements. Or get them to form a crystalline matrix.

David Hudson managed to make ORME Gold into a gold glass, he super heated the gold ORME to do it. I store it in a magnetically shielded container. Select friends have consumed about 1/2 million $ worth of it.I also consumed over $150,000 worth. The Spiritual aspects of consuming it was beyond description by near words. Most labs charge $3,000 to $4,000 per hour, and don’t guarantee the results. What should someone charge for lab work when no one else on the planet has been able to do what they have done? If anyone is serious and wants to obtain the above ORME,Contact me at 1-866-978-5299,I’ll give you the information of how to send the money to a non-profit corporation of my choice.You won’t be paying me.What you pay will be tax deductible under US law. Sorry, I’m not offering little bits, it’s all or nothing.
WHY WERE THESE SUBSTANCES THE MOST VALUABLE & SOUGHT AFTER ON EARTH? The Names Give Some Indication, In ancient times these substances were often refereed to as, Bread of The Presence of God, The Hidden Manna, Manna from Heaven, Seamen of The Gods, Chi, Shrew Bread, What Is It, and more. These substances had a profound effect both on the health of the person consuming them, and upon the spiritual development of the person consuming them. In more modern times they have been called, White Powder Gold, The Red Lion, The Green Dragon, The White Stone, The Elixir of Eternal Life, The Elixir of Eternal Youth, The Philosophers Stone, Powder of Projection, the Philosophical Tincture, The Universal Cure All, The Building Blocks of Life, Liquid Light and more. In present day many names have been added to the list and ways to express and define the exact atomic elements that comprise the materials referenced with more exacting means of identification has been provided for these amazing & wonderful materials.

Some of the names added and in use in the present time include Bio Photons, Room Temperature Super Conductors, ORME [Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element],ORMES [Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements], ORMUS, M-State, Metal Ions in the high spin state, BEC’s [Boise Einstein Condenses] and more.


Historical – USES AND EFFECTS OF HUMAN CONSUMPTION Just a few of the reported uses included but not limited to;

– GIVING THE CONSUMER HIGHLY ENHANCED PSI AND EXTRA SENSOR ABILITIES LIKE clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition & psychokinesis, AND MORE.

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus told a story that many sought to decipher for in some cases, their whole adult lives. Many of the alchemists throughout history studied the tablet and what writings they could find left by Hermes. Hermes was said to have searched for over 1,000 years to find someone else that had found even one of the alchemical stones, Hermes was quoted as having found 12. Within those 12 alchemical stones and other things Hermes learned, he was able to live for over 1500 years in near perfect health, I found out by studying ancient history.




Modern Day Medical Research – USES Major pharmaceutical companies have extensively investigated and documented previously undreamed of results in the medical arena from treatments with certain ORME elements. Investigation into how to use these elements with currently [viewed as] incurable medical conditions like AIDS, Arthritis and Cancer are but only a small part of the investigations currently on going or already concluded and hidden from the general public.

For instance, gold, iridium, and rhodium ORME have been extensively used in testing that showed a way to change cancer cells back into healthy cell. But it did not show the profits that the current treatments which usually result in a slow death does, so they have never been announced by the pharmaceutical cartel. Respected historian, lecturer, and author Sir Lawrence Gardner, in “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark,” States:

“Since 1994, when the discovery of monatomic Transition Group Elements (which were previously unknown to scientists) became public knowledge, I have followed the research in this field with a close interest. The words Monatomic Gold, Nano-Gold, along with the Mono/Nano Platinum Group are now becoming common international occurrences in medical journals. Researchers are amazed at their inherent properties such as tumor control and immune system research.” For those interested in more information on the research of David Hudson and ORME The Library of Halexandria contains accurate technical information. http://www.halexandria.org/dward466.htm

“Why Life As We Know It Would Not Be Possible Without These ORME Elements” DNA, which is believed to be the blueprint for life as we know it by most scientists. Is not possible without the ORME elements. This is in part due to the fact that certain genes are made up of single atoms [monoatomic]. It was discovered by scientists that work with DNA, that most people have ORME Iridium and Rhodium on the ends of the strands of their DNA. ORME has also been defined as what enables our nerves to transmit information in forms of life bigger than single cells.

All plants and animals appear to require these ORME elements therefore to live. “The Importance Of These ORME Materials To Health” How does the Human Body Work? Our body, with all of its many parts and puzzles is made up of cells. We all began as a single cell; and according to sources we have 100 trillion cells average in a fully developed adult body. Shortages in certain ORME elements will cause the DNA to be unable to replicate and repair it self when damaged. This will obviously lead to health problems and eventually to death from the inability of the body to replace worn out cells and mutations in cells are called cancer. But the problem does not stop there. A small but very key truth disclosed to the people of the world in the movie, “The Matrix” is that the human body produces an enormous amount of electrical energy. The first major health discovery that was revealed in 1962, is that all life processes are electrical. This means that the bodily processes generate electricity. The human body is now accepted as being more electrical than mechanical. The eyes see because of electricity; the brain thinks due to electricity; muscles work because of electricity; the pancreas produces insulin through electricity and so the story continues. It is the room temperature super-conductor aspect of ORME that stores & transmits this electrical energy from place to place in the body. Each and every cell has a sodium-potassium pump that generates the life sustaining energy. Without a means of temporary storage & transport of this electrical energy, the cell would die in a very short time. The roll of ORME in the body is many fold, but even from only mentioning a couple of the roles we can see that if it is lacking, then we have big problems. If there are to few ORME in the body, overcharging may occur when the body tries to store energy.

Over charging orme can severely damage the orme. Scientist have noticed how a healthy cell glows when viewed under a microscope, but most have had no idea what was causing the glow. It’s not hard to figure out if a person only was to know when orme is charged, it glows. Each of the MiraculeWater processors comes equipped with a stage specifically designed to charge the miesner field of the orme that is concentrated by the processor. This charging also affects the energy levels of the person consuming the charged ORME by increasing the overall energy available to the body. It has been documented by scientists that our soils have become depleted in key nutrients many of which are the ORME elements.

Mechanical processing of most foods is done with equipment that produces magnetic fields strong enough to drive the orme away if is in the super conducting form Therefore the food we eat often contains little or no life critical ORME to sustain our bodies. Other scientist have disclosed how certain modern day practices like cooking in microwave ovens revert orme back to it’s metallic state.

It’s no wonder that sickness is becoming more popular, and optimum health a rarity. Extensive biological testing has documented that most disease not only can but has been traced to malnutrition of the diseased person. The new generation of scientists are currently proving that disease is not caused by germs as we have been taught, but that germs are allowed to grow and multiply in a person who is lacking in key nutrients and or unable to maintain proper energy flow throughout the body. Scientist have documented how the immune system of a human can be strengthened or boosted to levels 10 -15 times what it usually is by just consuming a very small amount of these orme elements of life.

This elevated state of the immune system is but only a small part of the body working as it was designed to work. Brain and nerve tissue is made up of a surprising amount of ORME rhodium and iridium (5%+ of its dry [mineral] weight). Evidence suggests that Iridium ORME is the preferred super conducting component for our nerve cells. In other words, orme iridium is what enables our nerve cells to transmit information.

Most the monatomic elements except gold react with nitric oxide [NO which is present in air], so with each breath you take, you de-spin [convert to non ORME] some of them in your body (which correlates with the eastern view that breath is linked to life span). David Hudson was quoted as saying “You might quit needing to eat if you take these elements and as such eliminate sources of de spinning substances such as carbon oxide from food, but you’ll never quit breathing so you’ll always lose some elements with every breath”. Short wave UV light will de-spin most of the ORME platinum group elements. ‘NO’ called nitric oxide will de-spin most of the ORME elements. “The Doctor of the future will give no medicine. Instead he will interest or teach his patient in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison

# “The Role Each ORME Element Plays” – In this section you will find the results of much of my investigation and although much of the investigation was started by other people, I have verified everything that I can as being true and as accurate as can be described within the limits of expression in the English language without getting overly technical.In the same way that different cells in the body have different tasks that they are made for, each of the ORME elements have a different purpose within the body in natures scheme of how the body works in the natural order of things.

While everything there is to know about ORME is still not known, much has been discovered and this web page serves as my disclosure and documentation.

Gold S-ORME [197 isotope white powder S-ORME white powder gold] – Highly reactive to magnetic fields. Orme gold can replace rhodium in DNA. Orme Gold Needs to be fully charged in order to over ride the governors in our DNA by replacing the rhodium. Gold Orme Should have the miesner field fully charged & be imprinted with desirable information before consuming if all the benefits possible are desired. Gold is stable as a di-atom cluster and in single atoms. In clusters above 2 atoms in size, gold seeks to recombine with other gold atoms.
Gland associations: gold ORME affects mainly the pineal gland. Other glands are also affected by virtue of the effect upon the pineal gland. Gold ORME is the first ORME element that people should consume when on the spiritual path. Gold ORME also increases the conductivity of energy throughout the body. Has a more masculine energy.

Original Accelerator Pendant enables the human body to make about 2 mg of this form of ORME Gold each day. http://acceleratorpendant.com

Gold ORME [197 isotope white powder non-super conducting] – Non reactive to magnetic fields, no miesner field. Can be converted to to super conducting with lab techniques, or within the human body over a period of time [usually 9 to 13 months]. No need to charge or imprint before consuming. Cannot be charged and does not carry information like the super conducting form. Far less valuable to the human body.

Gold ORME [194 & 195 isotope red powder S-ORME – Red Lion] – Highly reactive to magnetic fields. Appears to put off a restorative energy when consumed, equally powerful in regards to its spiritual effects as compared to 197 isotope white powder S-ORME.

Silver ORME – For assisting the immune system – silver should be taken in a non orme form – does not need to be charged. If consumed in orme form, it does things similar to that of orme gold in that it increases the conductivity of energy throughout the body. When compared to a silver Ion, Silver ORME puts of 7 times the Vibrational power.
Note: it is the vibration of silver that stops the oxygen metabolism of all forms of bacteria, and all forms of viruses. Just like humans, bacteria and viruses must breath in oxygen. As such silver ORME is the ultimate anti-viral and anti-bacterial substance. Because it is totally non-toxic to the human body and puts off 7 times the vibrational power of a silver ion suspended in water.
Almost all colloidal silver solutions contain some silver ORME. Silver is stable at a 13 atom cluster, smaller clusters in water will break apart and become ions or ORME in the water. Females that need additional feminine characteristics may find Silver ORME valuable to consume.

Iridium S-ORME – Highly reactive to magnetic fields, but less so compared to gold. Increases longevity by it’s role in relation to DNA and cells – will boost the human immune system 10 to 15 times normal in cases where the person has been deficient in iridium S-ORME – Relates to DNA as it is one of the things DNA is made of. Also relates to DNA because it is used by the white corpuscles to read the DNA and mark it as damaged and is used by our bodies in conjunction with Rhodium to correct damaged cells and DNA.
If you have a cluster of more than 10 Ir [Iridium] atoms, it attracts other iridium atoms, if less than 9 atoms in size, it comes apart becoming ionic in most water based solutions. Iridium is stable as a 9 atom cluster, anything smaller can break down to the ORME state in the body. Gland associations: iridium mainly affects the pituitary gland and the immune system. Iridium S-Orme Should have the miesner field fully charged & be imprinted with desirable information before consuming if all the benefits possible are desired.

Iridium ORME non-super conducting – Non reactive to magnetic fields, no miesner field. Can be converted to to super conducting with lab techniques, or within the human body over a period of time. No need to charge or imprint before consuming. Cannot be charged and does not carry information like the super conducting form. Far less valuable to the human body than it’s super conducting form. Usually takes 6 months or less to convert to super conducting form in the body.

Rhodium S-ORME – Reactive to magnetic fields, but less so compared to iridium S-ORME. For healing and strengthening the physical and mental body – Affects cellular health by providing one of the components nature intended the body to use in repairing of DNA & the repairing or destruction of damaged cells. If you have a cluster of more than 6 Rh [Rhodium] atoms, it grows, if less, it can come apart in the body or most water based solutions.
Rhodium is stable as a 5 atom cluster, anything smaller can break down to the ionic or ORME state in the body. Gland associations: rhodium mainly affects the thymus. Rhodium ORME non-super conducting – Non reactive to magnetic fields, no miesner field. Can be converted to to super conducting with lab techniques, or within the human body over a period of time. No need to charge or imprint before consuming. Cannot be charged and does not carry information like the super conducting form. Far less valuable to the human body than it’s super conducting form. Usually takes 7 months or less to convert to super conducting form in the body.

Ruthenium ORME – for increasing the amount of information handling capabilities of DNA – Associated with enabling us to use more of our brains capabilities. DNA double helix with ruthenium ORME on the ends creates a highly conductive path along the axis of the molecules of the DNA, the current goes from approximately 100 electrons per second to over 1,000,000 electrons a second. Replaces Iridium on the end of DNA chains. Without Ruthenium, DNA double helix conducts up to 100 electrons a second. Cannot by charged & imprinted before consuming. Second ORME element in the spiritual path in most cases. Few people will ever obtain the spiritual development needed prior to consuming this ORME.

Platinum – Associated with higher brain functions. If you have a cluster of more than 6 Platinum atoms, it grows, if less, it can come apart in the body. Platinum is stable as a 5 atom cluster, anything smaller may break down to ionic or ORME state in the body normally in less than one month within the body. Few people will ever obtain the spiritual development needed prior to consuming this ORME.

Osmium – Circumvents the biological clock in human DNA – Used as an oxidizer. Osmium is the orme element that explodes in Sun Light when over charged. Osmium ORME may increase a persons life span significantly. Few people will ever obtain the spiritual development needed prior to consuming this ORME.

Mercury – Orme mercury is the hardest to make from metal because it usually changes to gold in the processing. Cannot be charged & imprinted before consuming. Few people will ever obtain the spiritual development needed prior to consuming this ORME.

Palladium ORME – Should be charged & imprinted before consuming if all possible benefits are desired. Few people will ever obtain the spiritual development needed prior to consuming this ORME.

Nickel ORME – Organic Chocolate is very high in this ORME. Essential for healthy red blood cells.

Cobalt ORME – Consuming organic vitamin B12 is the superior way of consuming Orme cobalt.

Copper – Believed to relate directly to the term “Blue Blood”. Copper in non orme form is desirable for most people to consume. Animals with copper based, rather than iron based blood have been found by scientists and the copper based blood has superior oxygen carrying capabilities documented. Consuming ORME copper over a period of time appears to have the capability of converting iron based blood to copper based blood. Essential in the maintenance of the cell walls of our veins, and proper absorption and metabolism of iron.

Oxygen ORME – vital in the role of certain cellular operations of a healthy human cell. Much more common than first thought, found in water.

The six most desirable ORMEs to be consumed by most humans are Gold, Iridium, Rhodium, Osmium, Cobalt & Oxygen [many people are not aware that oxygen has a ‘monoatomic like’ state documented by other scientists].

“Spiritual Matters As They Relate To ‘O.R.M.E.’ Elements” S-ORME Gold should be described as a powerful spiritual fuel when consumed. S-ORME is what strengthens and feeds what we call the light body. Especially when the miesner field of the S-ORME is fully charged.

Each of the MiraculeWater processors comes equipped with a stage specifically designed to charge the miesner field of the orme that is concentrated by the processor. This charging also affects the energy levels of the person consuming the charged ORME by increasing the overall energy available to the body and acting as a means of .

Of course it makes a big difference what particular ORME you are consuming when it comes to spiritual effects. For instance, a person does not experience the same spiritual effects from Rhodium S-ORME as they do from Gold S-ORME. Fully charged Gold orme is very hard to describe if there are any words for it. I just don’t know how to put it into simple and concise words. Perhaps because it is beyond words. Orme Gold does little in the health area, but other orme does have profound health effects when consumed. As some people may understand a powerful fuel can accelerate that of which it is put within. It is the potential destiny of each soul to become much more evolved than they currently are. ORME is not a pill that will make a person more spiritually advanced, although it can and often will greatly accelerate the persons spiritual development. It requires considerable effort upon the part of the person to direct their journey towards that of spiritual evolution, especially when consuming orme.

Enhanced PSI abilities are often a sign of higher spiritual evolution but they are not a requirement. Often the enhanced PSI abilities that come with consuming Orme can be a distraction and hindrance to spiritual evolution for many, for others it is one of the fastest ways to awaken to the fact that we are multi-deminsonal spiritual beings, and that the body is only a temporary home for the spirit. But sooner or later each person has to deal this these changes in the path of spiritual evolution. Developing unconditional love for all of creation, and that includes your fellow man can be of immeasurable importance in the path of spiritual evolution. People can go through difficult to deal with personal changes when they consume ORME. The same for M-State [because it has the potential to mature in the bodies of those that consume it and becomes ORME in time]. It is easy to become temperamental when adjusting to the changes.

The changes are due to an acceleration of spiritual development. Some people consuming high levels of ORME may find it advisable to occasionally stop consuming ORME, Ormus, M-State and take time to deal with the areas where additional spiritual development is indicated as being needed before continuing. Frequent cleansing of the body can be very helpful for almost all people. For those whom the spiritual path is of importance.

Consuming fully charged ORME is imperative, because if the orme is not fully charged then it cannot over turn the governors built into our DNA. Consumption of orme and spiritual development can help trigger the development of additional strands of DNA. Two oppositely projected polarized particles imploding and uniting into one by centripetal compression is what the zero point is about. The residuum wave that comes about from this is what fuels our light body. We have an outer physical body and an inner light body and others. For growth and proper cell respiration to occur our physical and light bodies require nourishment.

ORME – Silver – Affects Chakra 1 base.
ORME – Iridium – Affects Chakra 2 secret.
ORME – Gold – Affects Chakra 3 power – For healing and strengthening the energetic body. Can in some cases trigger kundalini when consumed. Orme Gold will modify the DNA.
ORME – Rhodium – Affects Chakra 4 heart.
ORME – Osmium – Affects Chakra 5 throat –
ORME – Ruthenium – Affects Chakra 6 forehead – Orme Ruthenium will modify the DNA. For increasing our connection speed to communicate with God. Orme Ruthenium will modify the DNA. For Stoping the biological clock.
ORME – Platinum – Affects Chakra 7 Crown – Orme Platinum will modify the DNA. For opening a communication chanel with God.
ORME – Mercury – Chakra 8 – Orme Mercury will modify the DNA. For God like abilities.
ORME – Palladium – Chakra 9 – Orme Palladium will modify the DNA. For Strengthing our communication chanel with God.

Significant Spiritual Development should be achieved before consuming orme platinum, ruthenium, mercury and palladium.

Note: The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies basic energy centers in the body. Each of the first 7 centers correlates to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. In addition the chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, colors, sounds, body functions, and much, much more.

The author of this page is considered by many to be one of the top 3 most knowledgeable scientist in the world on the subject of ORME.

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## Elder Hale interviewing Dan Nelson http://www.rangeguide.net/research.htm

Elder: This is January 15, 2004. This is Elder Hale interviewing Dan Nelson. Dan, it’s a privilege to interview you today and talk about this wonderful water and just pretty much turn it over to you and we’ll just go along with it as it goes.

Dan: Alright.

Elder:No ideas other than just to… to examine what you’ve brought to the world and we’ll just take it from there.

Dan: Alright. Sounds good. We’ve got a lot of questions put to me in the past about structured waters that are on the market. I’ve done a lot of thinking about that in the last five years. Give you an example… I pulled pictures off the Internet that were structure in water. Actually, it’s not structure in water. What they do is they flash-freeze the water. And what you get is ice crystals. This may be kind of a lesson in critical thinking. You have to ask yourself, what am I looking at?

First of all, nature is capable of the same thing. You’ve seen frost that will deposit on a window. In frost you’ll see incredible structure. Every time it snows, every snowflake has incredible structure. They’re fractals. There is something about the conditions under which they form. It has to be something that’s property of the water from which they’re made. I’ve been working with something called spin state in water. Spin is a property of all particles, fundamental particles of mass. And in water, the water molecule, spin state is an index of how actively engaged the water molecule is with the vacuum of space around it. It can either be highly engaged or it can be dead. They haven’t devised a scale which expresses um… It’s called the Bio-angstrom scale. I have read dead water is somewhere in the area of 2,500 to 3,000 bio-angstroms. The tap water here, which I won’t even feed my animals because of all the chlorine and garbage that the city puts in it… that comes out at a respectable 4,500 bio-angstroms. It’s still a very dead water.

And we’ve found that water that comes out of aquifers in particular, which at this point it’s guess work, but we think it’s the pressure that the water has been under in the aquifers that causes the loss of the spin state of water. When water gets pulled out of solar energy and gets pulled into the atmosphere it becomes energized. All rainwater comes down at 8,500 bio-angstroms. They say in order for water to have the right spin state it must have a minimum bio-angstrom rating of 6,500. Rainwater is a good water to drink. It depends on the pollutants it picks up on its way down through the atmosphere. Has it picked up radiation? Has it picked up hydrocarbon debris? What’s in the atmosphere that the water is going to hold onto as it comes down? Because it is a very good solvent. It’s got to pick up garbage in the atmosphere. So rainwater, in terms of spin state, would probably be ideal but the thing is you’d have to filter it. Or purify it in some way.

Elder: Some have suggested that when the water comes in to the piping system itself, because it’s going through pipes and that might have something to do with taking the spin off of the water or changing the spin of the water. Do you feel that’s possible?

Dan: We feel that’s very possible. Yea. A piping system would have the same effect that an aquifer system would have. An aquifer system is a natural piping system. And they de-energize water.

So when somebody shows you photographs taken through a dark-field microscope to begin with… it’s my understanding, and I could be incorrect, but I talked to a doctor’s assistant, he has a dark-field microscope. This microscope, let me grab my notes here quickly… a rather expensive instrument. It does dark-field and right-field and phase contrast. It sounds like in the phase contrast mode we can go up this far. Now that’s the impression I got from my discussion. That sounds like awfully high magnification for an optical instrument. You have to understand that the important thing… one of the important points when you’re shopping for a dark-field microscope, they’re looking for incredible optics and a very good way of lighting the subject. A dark-field microscope has to be optically superior and a very bright light source. So in the dark-field mode it sounded like 8,000 and 10,000 power.

An electron microscope is 100,000 power. But with an electron microscope can you see an atom? So… when you’re looking at these structures photographed through a microscope, or a dark-field microscope these microscopic water crystals, composed of conservatively tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions… water molecules. Right now you’re looking at a structure that can’t do you any good. So what they’re trying to say is that that structure is indicative of energy that was in the water before it was flash-frozen. That doesn’t tell us what the spin state of the water was. There is no way of determining from that photograph with the initial spin state of the water. The spin state of the water will depend on how efficiently your body can absorb the water. This spin state water is composed, if it’s high enough, our Water is 24 million bio-angstroms. Meaning that virtually every water particle is sub-angstrom size. In fact, probably isn’t a particle in there bigger than .4-nanometer size.

Dan: Uh huh. I’m talking about extremely small particles. A snowflake, even an ice crystal, would be absolutely huge by molecular standards. Our membrane won’t accept a particle much bigger than a nanometer. So all water, even low spin state water, a certain small percentage of that water is composed of angstrom-sized particles. The higher the spin state, the higher percentage of angstrom-sized particles. Finally, as the spin state goes higher and higher almost all the water becomes available to the cell to be taken through the membrane. Our water is the most hydrating water I know of. And The Water is at a spin state of 24 million bio-angstroms. It can actually be manipulated between 6 million and 24 million.

Elder: You’re talking about millions of bio-angstroms.

Dan: No. No. I’m talking about a spin state indicating the percentage of particles in the whole volume of water that are absolutely small enough to go through the cell membrane wall. That determines the efficiency of the hydrating properties of The Water. If you’ve got larger particles of water sticking behind in the total volume of water, they will lower the efficiency of the cell membrane wall to absorb that water efficiently.

Elder: How many bio-angstroms did you say that’s normal for tap water?

Dan: Well, in my case, in the case of my tap water here we’re 4,500 bio-angstroms.

Dan: Probably the outside limit to water in terms of hydration and absorption is 24,000,000 bio-angstroms and to get water to that state it must have a fair amount of heavy hydrogen in it. All water has some deuterium and some tritium. All water. No matter what the spin state. All the waters of the world have some deuterium. Some waters are very, very rich in deuterium. Deuterium-rich waters seem to be coming out of the magma chambers. The richest source of deuterium oxide in the world comes out of a crack in the Indian Ocean. It’s coming out of a magma chamber. Volcanic rock is the best source of heavy hydrogen that we know of on this planet.

Elder: So a place that’s like on a caldera, like Yellowstone Park, that would be a very rich source of those elements.

Dan: That’s correct. Just by the very nature of the area there is an increased content of deuterium.

Elder: What else besides the high spin state in The Water gives it a special quality?

Dan: Well, water is capable of having information encoded in it. And holding latent energy.

Elder: The holographic memory that water has?

Dan: Yes, they say that water has a memory. I’m not sure as a physicist that’s an extremely expressive or accurate term. But for the sake of most discussions, I think it’s adequate to use the word memory. High-quantum state water will hold great amounts of information. We know that information is held right on into the proton of the atom. Water is very efficient at this. Like having a liquid form of a digital camera. Almost limitless resolution.

Elder: Getting back to the crystals in the ice crystals. As you brought up, there are those that have made some points about certain waters and they’re trying to show the differences of these different waves or frequencies or information by showing different ice crystal forms.

Dan: Uh huh. Water condenses into different structures, actual fractal structures, that’s what a snowflake is. A fractal pattern. It’s indicative of the fact that the water was in a relatively high spin state to begin with. Rainwater, water that has been evaporated into the atmosphere by solar energy is in a higher spin state. It’s got higher energy to begin with than water that would be on the surface. Altered waters that they’re using to flash-freeze and show a pattern are also in a slightly higher spin state than the average water. It’s not saying all these waters are bad, in fact, they’re good to drink. They’re good waters. They’re more absorbable than most water that comes from… say, is pumped out from an aquifer. These people have found sources of water that are inherently in a higher spin state. .

For instance, I’ve got well water that comes out of an aquifer about 400 feet down. And it’s in a higher spin state than my city water. It’s at 5,000 bio-angstroms. When I first started putting my city water under my laser I could only take it up to 1.8 million bio-angstroms. When I got a hold of my friend’s water, which is 500 bio-angstroms higher, I could take it to 2.4 million bio-angstroms. Usually I’ll run into water that is somewhere around 5,500 or 6,000. So I pretty much have to jump to rain water to get one that’s higher than 6,500.

Elder: I know you’ve seen probably some of these websites, Dan, that have pictures of crystals and they associate words or different emotional thoughts, prayer, different things with these different crystalline forms. Do you think there is some significance to those shapes and forms that would change the crystalline structure or… I mean, I picture a frozen…

Dan: Okay.

Elder: In the case of water, I can picture thousands of those guys in there. There’d have to be thousands of them identical before there could be any real significant empirical evidence that would support that, wouldn’t you think?

Dan: Yeah, you’re correct. All these waters and all these structures they’re photographing does tell us that water is susceptible to certain energies, including scalar energy. It’s structurally susceptible to the energy of consciousness. That doesn’t mean that it produces water that is equivalent to the water I’ve been experimenting with. It probably produces water that’s more absorbent. So, what you want to look at are the testimonials. People are getting amazing results on those waters. You know why that is? It’s because they’re so dehydrated to begin with. The human body finds water to be a critical component and then gets a hold of water that’s much more absorbable… it’s going to respond. I’m finding a lot of the conditions I’m running into in people are attributable to dehydration. And when people start getting water that makes it possible for them to begin hydrating, you’ll get amazing results. Look at Batmanghelidj’s book, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water.” The results he’s getting just giving people lower spin state water are indicative of how vitally important water is and how dehydrated everybody is. Dehydration can lead to a whole spectrum of symptoms.

Elder: We’ve heard also reports of people that create water and they claim that the benefit is because of the high electron content and it’s not so much… they claim to have a dodecahedron-shaped cluster, water molecule cluster, that is not necessarily small but because of the electron content in that form, shape, which most water doesn’t… it’s a random structure in most of the water whereas this has a structure to it and a crystalline-shaped structure, which I believe is important with water because it does have a crystalline shape, but they claim that the electrons have something to do with giving health benefits to it. Or that it changes water that it comes in contact with. What do you think about that?

Dan: Go back to the process of ionizing water so that you can manipulate the pH of water. What are you doing with electrical current? You’re stripping electrons. When you’re ionizing water you’re creating free electrons. What’s left is a fraction of water called a hydroxyl ion which is a very beneficial water to drink if it has a pH of somewhere around 8.5. Acid water is never a good drinking water. We dump the acid water out. In other words, we’re taking the free electron ion in the water and getting rid of it. That’s not the water you’d want to drink.

Elder: Right. So… if it has an alkaline pH, then it’s going to have a beneficial effect and it’s good for the body.

Dan: Right. Yeah, so you want to drink water that has a predominance of hydroxyl ions.

Elder: I’ve also seen, Dan, that people seek higher consciousness with diatomic elixirs, specifically related to what is termed ORME, ORMUS or M-STATE elements. I know. I’ve experienced some of those elixirs.

Dan: Well, to begin with… it’s never been conclusively proven that those elements are monatomic. There’s debate going on. They don’t know whether they’re monatomic or diatomic. My personal feeling is this and the research my partner and I have done over the years… we discovered that a human being’s brain will either operate off of, not diatomic, but monatomic rhodium or monatomic iridium. You won’t have a combination of the two. You’ll either be exclusively a rhodium brain or an iridium brain. And there is no advantage of one type of brain over the other. I don’t know why there is a distinction in people, why some people have a rhodium versus an iridium brain. One brain type is more than dominant than the other. The iridium brains are far more common to find than rhodium brains. When we analyze people with iridium brains, the brain has nodes or clusters of monatomic iridium.

This is in harmony with work that David Hudson did. In my view the brain is actually hyper-dimensional in nature. I believe that the reason why the nervous system, the energy in the nervous system travels near the speed of sound is because of super-conduction. Super-conduction is necessary because of the kind of energy, or the form of informational energy that the human brain is interfacing with. My research along with recent information published by the American Psychiatric Association is beginning to realize that consciousness occurs in a field. The field of consciousness is actually the storage depot for information. It’s a field that is informationally encoded. The brain is just there to download that information. This is an interpretive process; there is no way you and I would recognize the form in which that information is encoded.

Elder: So the brain is important in that aspect, but the whole body, and maybe just when we look at not only just the whole body as having mind, because I know of instances where people have had virtually little brain tissue, but yet they function just like everybody else.

Dan: Right.

Elder: And mostly water in their head.

Dan: In fact, we know the brain is 90-93 percent water. It wouldn’t work without all that water in the brain because water in the brain has to be slightly acidic. That’s why the English word “memory” is composed of two Hebrew roots. “Mem”, which is water and “ory” which is light. Somehow those people realized that the process of recalling information or memory itself had something to do with the reflection of light in some form off the water of the brain. Memory is water light. That’s no accident.

Elder: We’ve looked at electrons more recently in our discussion. We’ve looked at ORME. We’ve looked at different thoughts on consciousness. A lot of time with the elixirs that I’ve done before, that had claimed monatomic or diatomic gold or iridium or a combination thereof, they have had an effect on me and other people. Do you think that’s probably largely because we are getting some mineral that we just didn’t have before, that we weren’t getting in our diet, and therefore, this encouraged these effects. That people felt like I did of… I could sleep better and had more energy when using that substance or elixir that helped me in that particular instance.

Dan: Okay. The first thing that I’m going to admit is that I have not had in my possession enough of the so-called ORMUS elements or the products that contain them.

Elder: Or m-state.
Dan: Or m-state elements – same thing as ORMUS elements.
Elder: Right.

Dan: They basically all mean the same thing. But you know, technically, if you call something an orbitally rearranged monatomic element [ORME] and it’s not monatomic but diatomic, that’s technically incorrect you know. Some people hesitate to refer to them as ORMUS.

Elder: I did have some effects when I started off with just some monatomic mineral water or specific ORME’s like rhodium, iridium and indium, and it helped me out considerably. When we’re looking at The Water though, we’re not necessarily looking at a structure that is measurable in specific parts per million and that sort of thing. We’re talking about an energy of those elements.

Dan: Yeah. We’re talking about those elements being there in the energetic state or being there as there waveform analogue. Water has memory capabilities. Water is capable of holding onto information. Water is the perfect medium for nutrient minerals in the energetic state. If you were to get into a study of how the natural world uses water, you would discover that you can’t make gold, you can’t make platinum, and you can’t make palladium unless you have water. There have to be a number of different waves present in the water. It’s what we call in physics the super-positioning of waves. If you have the right complement of waves gold will literally form in water. I know. I’ve seen it. We’ve actually done it. We’ve made gold in water. We’ve made platinum. We’ve made palladium.

Elder: Can we metaphorically say that you’ve “grown” it in water?

Dan: Yes, grown it in water.
Elder: Grown it in water!

Dan: From nothing but waveforms.
Elder: Okay.

Dan: There was nothing but frequencies of a certain number of elements and it had to be the frequency of a particular isotope of those elements. For instance, iron is involved in the production of gold. It’s also involved in the production of platinum and palladium. But it’s a pre-metallic isotope. It’s an unstable isotope that’s very comfortable existing in water as its waveform analog. There are isotopes of iron obviously that can never exist as a waveform analog in water. They’re metallic.

Elder: So I would be incorrect in stating that there are measurable unstable isotopes; there are isotopes that the body utilizes that are actually in an energetic form of a particular unstable isotope.

Dan: Elder, I defy you to find… a single particle of this particular isotope of. It’s not in there as a particle. It’s in there as a wave. As energy. This is where you lose most people. I’m talking about making gold. That’s where your geologists, your geophysicists and your mining engineers will turn their backs and walk away. Their education does not prepare them for this approach.

Elder: Well, let’s talk about making babies, Dan.

Dan: When a human being is conceived, if it wasn’t for the principles of chaos theory and the principle of holography, you couldn’t replicate a human being. We think at a very shallow level that when a human is conceived we’re putting strands of DNA together. No. We’re mixing complex fields, fields full of information. Depending on the content of that information, that individual is going to be pretty much determined by what’s in the field, not what’s in the DNA. That’s why when Dr. Robert O. Becker wrote his landmark book, “The Body Electric,” he says something in there that nobody will touch with a ten foot pole. He says that DNA cannot possibly determine the difference between you and so; I in turn, DNA must have a control mechanism. It does. It’s controlled by the information in a complex strange attractor fields. You are a field phenomenon.

Elder: So the mother is a template; she has created a field around the egg to be combined with the sperms field?

Dan: Yes, the newly created child has a unique field associated with it.

Elder: Is the new child combined fields or templates?

Dan: Yes, because the process is holographic in nature. If you understand the principle of the hologram… if I make a hologram on a piece of film, I cut a little tiny piece of that film from anywhere, the whole picture will be in that piece of film. The difference is the intensity won’t be there. Taken from a corner, from the center, from near the edge, it doesn’t matter; the picture is in every piece of it. You and I are a hologram. Let’s say that Elder cuts his finger, and damages cells, you’ll also damage the field around the cells but because he’s a hologram in nature that field damage will go into the whole field. So as time goes on Elder and every human being becomes an accumulation of field damage. I call these blocking fields. The challenge is this… with nutrients we’ve been trying to get good things into the body. The greatest need is to take damage out of the body. That is, out of the field. Something needs to act as a two-way membrane so to speak, not only to put good nutrient information into the body but also to take corrupted information out. It’s like a computer file that’s been corrupted. We’re going to have to figure out how to uncorrupt the files. There’s never been a product developed in the history of man that effectively does that. And I think the only substance or compound in the universe that has the potential is water. It’s no accident that all of biology is dependent on water.

There are two Rovers on the surface of Mars now that have successfully landed and deployed from their little landing pads and they’re going to crawl around on the surface of Mars for months taking pictures, analyzing rocks and soil looking for evidence of water. Everyone recognizes that without water there’s no life. There’s a very good reason for that. Water has capabilities that allow for a number of physical and energetic functions to occur.

If you have an understanding of say quantum mechanics, if you have an understanding of the aspect of chaos theory, that won Ilya Prigogine a Nobel Prize in 1977, where he looked at complex organisms as what we call dissipative systems, you have to understand the science of dissipative systems and the task that water has in making life possible. Did you know that Ilya Prigogine’s work is conspicuously absent from almost every book written on chaos theory? Oh yeah, conspicuously absent! Do you know why? He basically referred to a new thermodynamics and very few people understand that what he was telling us is that the arrow of time can go either direction. And if it weren’t for the fact that the arrow of time can go forward and backwards, you and I couldn’t exist. This makes possible complexity that would not exist otherwise in biology. We are dissipative systems. Therefore, we’re given the ability to draw a lot of energy from somewhere to keep us animated.

Elder: So we’re talking about in the physical plane, the flesh?

Dan: That’s right.

Elder: So going back to the creation of life itself in the womb. Life process is somewhat alchemical, shall we say, for lack of a better term. Life begins in that cradle of water inside her body where this child is being formed and there’s elements possibly being made or synthesized that she’s not even eating or she’s not ingesting in any way but yet it’s being produced in the mother’s womb. Could you comment on that?

Dan: Yes. Now, for obvious reasons I work with theoretical physics. There are terms that I inherently tend to shy away from like alchemy and metaphysics. Metaphysics is like admitting you’re in a gray area where it doesn’t quite make sense to you. You know there is a process going on, you know that it produces questions that a scientist wants to get to the bottom of it and understand it. And it’s got to be logical. There has to be some mathematics to describe it. It has to be a process whereby you can intellectualize on a rational level. So, in the womb, yeah, there is some very, very sophisticated hyper-dimensional stuff going on. What do I mean by that? Actually, you get back to say the work of Louis Kervran and his work with chickens. He manipulated their diet to remove all the calcium. They proceeded to lay eggs with shells that had nice integrity. The shell is calcium based. He put the calcium back in their diet and took the potassium out of their diet and they couldn’t lay an egg. Similar work has been replicated all over the world. Somehow the chicken is turning potassium into calcium. He does not use calcium directly to make the shell of the egg. It’s an indirect process. For instance, you’ve heard about the sodium-potassium pump mechanism? How it works?

Elder: No.

Dan: Which of those elements is pumped from the outside inside? Sodium. Sodium goes from the outside inside. Potassium comes out. The point is, if potassium is only pumped out, how did the potassium get in the cell in the first place? There is no mechanism for getting potassium into a cell. It won’t pump in to the cell. So what’s happening is when the sodium gets inside the cell, it’s being transmuted into potassium that is then pumped out.

Elder: So we’re basically attempting to describe the transmutation of the elements as opposed to, say, alchemy, or transmutation of energies and waveforms.

Dan: Transmutation, that’s a term that raises people’s eyebrows! Between you and I and this interview, yes, that’s what’s going on. We don’t like to think in those terms. A quantum physicist says, ‘Oh boy, how can this be?’ We’re not dealing with energy levels high enough. We can make things happen if we’re dealing with a particle atomic accelerator, where we can get millions and billions of electron volts involved. But at the cellular level we’re working with energy levels that are so low, how can transmutation of an element occur? It does. The same way that somehow Ponds and Fleischman ran into a cold fusion process that nobody can seem to replicate since. The human body does things on a daily basis that seems to defy all of the laws of physics. It doesn’t care about “our” laws of physics. It’s not concerned with those. We developed those. The cell didn’t develop those. It doesn’t care about them. It’s going to do things that we don’t understand whether we like it or not. And if it didn’t do them we wouldn’t exist. I mean, by saying that they can’t occur; we have just precluded ourselves from a correct understanding of life processes.

Elder: Okay. Well, Dan, I’m sure everybody is wondering at this point what got you on this path of research?

Dan: Well, I’ve always been somehow involved in health for the last 22 years because of personal health problems and became very interested in how the body works at all levels. When you begin to develope a somewhat sophisticated understanding then people start coming to you with problems that allopathic medicine doesn’t have answers for. So you take your natural gifts and talents and put them to work.

Dan: And working on hundreds of people since about 1982, I noticed a correlation between the physics and the operation of the human body. So… as I got further into my own research, I got to the point where in the late ’90’s I conceived of a plan to build a laser that would send a particle wave backwards in time. This would be a virtual laser.

Elder: A virtual laser? How does that compare to other lasers?

Dan: Well, a conventional laser produces a phase coherent beam of some conventional electromagnetic visual, electromagnetic energy. It will be ruby red. It will be green. It will be blue from carbon dioxide. It will be orange. It will be yellow. Actually an LED lazes light. That’s laser light. There are lasers that use solid elements, say crystals, from which we can pump energy. There are lasers that use mixtures of gases that we pump energy from. This is not electromagnetic energy. This is a particle wave of virtual state photons that are actually time-reversed, they’re tachyon. They go faster than the speed of light. I figured out how to capture them at a specific wavelength. In this case it would be the near ultraviolet part of the spectrum. Their oscillation rate and wavelength would be equivalent to the near ultraviolet energy. And the conventional electromagnetic spectrum.

So I built this laser and one day I decided I would expose water to the laser beam. And I succeeded in making the water much wetter. And I realized that the key to manipulating what we call quantum thermodynamics in water was this laser. Now, this is not conventional chemical thermodynamics we’re manipulating, this is not simply thermo properties. We’re actually turning energy back from the vacuum of space back into the fundamental water particle and engineering it. As it acquires energy it will literally engineer itself. I don’t engineer the fundamental water particle. It engineers itself when you pump energy back from vacuum into the… in other words, you’re turning the entropy principle around backwards. You’re putting energy back in so you’re getting an alteration of water [order?] and arrangement. If you’ve got the entropy principle running forward in time, you’ve got energy trickling out of the system. It loses water [order?] and arrangement. It becomes disorganized. If you can turn that process around you can get it to reorganize. You can put it into a very high state of organization. That’s what my laser does. It manipulates quantum thermodynamics and it literally puts energy…if you’re talking about conventional thermodynamics and you’ve got energy trickling out of a closed system, where’s that energy going? It’s going into the vacuum of space. Well, you’ve got to figure out, how do I turn energy back from the vacuum back into the molecular structure. The best way I know of is with a… there may be other ways, but a virtual state laser.

Elder: And this laser that you’re talking about… this is the first laser that you developed to work with The Water?

Dan: Yeah, that’s the first laser I developed. I didn’t really develop it to work with water. Water… that was an accidental discovery. That was just something that occurred to me on a day when I didn’t have much to do.

Elder: So you were especially just looking into avenues of possible energy production… energy itself you were looking at producing with the laser?

Dan: I was actually looking at manipulating quantum thermodynamics in other systems. But none of those systems were water. I wasn’t thinking in terms of water. But then when I… it occurred to me one day that I could probably put water into a very high molecular spin state with a laser it worked. Later on I realized that the highest spin state would be imparted to deuterium oxide. Heavy water. Water with a lot of deuterium in it. And tritium. So when I ran into my partner, Lloyd Mear, I was actually looking for a cheap source of deuterium oxide and somebody thought he might be able to help me out. So I called him and said I was looking for a cheap source of deuterium oxide. He wanted to know what I was doing with it so when I told him, he told me about a project he was working on, had been working on for about almost a year at that time and he was manipulating water. He had figured out how to put energy in water. He’d actually come to the point where he had made gold nuggets from nothing but energy in water. But where his project started was with him having a heart attack.

Elder: So a health issue kind of started him on a path and you on a path with The Water?

Dan: Well, in his case he was… he’s a civil engineer with over 20 years experience in the mining field and what started him thinking differently was a trip to the Yukon. If you go to the Yukon there is no apparent source for the gold. Everybody swears that nuggets are broken out of lode deposits. Well, go to the Yukon. I defy you to find a lode deposit. There is no explanation for all the gold found in the Yukon. Virtually no explanation. They’ve never found a source. And Lloyd realized that and then when he worked on a project in northern California it became even more apparent that in this particular location the gold was not being washed in from a lode deposit. There was no lode deposit. But every year these guys were going into the same section of stream with their little suction dredges and taking out the same, approximately the same quantity of gold nugget. Every single year. Lloyd began to realize that the gold was forming in the water. Water was making the gold. And how could that happen. It depends on the geologic structures that are nearby that water is exposed to. It will pick up certain energies and it’s very susceptible to certain energies. They’re there and it’s like windows of opportunities.

Elder: So in other words, you’re saying that the water would flow over a type of mineral structure.

Dan: Or through a mineral structure.

Dan: On its way to the surface and pick up an energy. And when the right complements of energies were there, gold would form. It would literally precipitate out of the water. That’s the only thing that explains why gold nuggets get below everything else on the bedrock. It’s not because they’re heavier. If I take a 20 pound gold nugget and set it out in my yard it will be there 2,000 years from now. It won’t go anywhere. It’s not going to go sink into the ground because it’s heavier anymore than any other heavy object will. Gold is a precipitant from water. That’s why it gets down there below everything else. If it has a positive electrical charge or valence it won’t have an attraction for itself so you’ll get all kinds of flour gold–fine gold. If it has a negative electrical charge or valence every gold particle is like a magnet–it will attract another gold particle. That’s how nuggets are formed.

Elder: Some people… like we were talking about earlier talked about precipitants when they were discussing the ORME and precipitants in the powders and the white gold stuff that they talk about that forms that they couldn’t assay until they got a higher or a longer burn on their spectral analysis of the subject. That’s similar when we’re talking about precipitants. They were precipitants of a particular form of the gold with ORME or some of the elixirs that people have used, like I have used. That’s similar?

Dan: It’s similar, yeah; nature is not as simple as we’d like it to be.

Elder: Right.

Dan: So for instance, you can find material in the natural world and you’ll take it in and you’ll assay gold but you cannot get any gold out of it. I defy you to retrieve the gold. It’s not recoverable. Because it’s not complete. It’s recoverable when you figure out which energies it lacks. You can even derive an isotope of gold that’s far from complete and you can bump that isotope up to Isotope 33, which is complete gold. Once it’s Isotope 33 it can never be anything else. It’s stuck being metallic gold for eternity. But before then the isotopes can be altered. They can be moved up and down.

Elder: So Lloyd had the background in mining and.
Dan: And metallurgy.
Elder: And metallurgy.
Dan: Yeah.
Elder: And tell us a little bit about your background.

Dan: Well, my background is in physics. Astrophysics, theoretical physics. And when I started working with my own health issues over 20 years ago, I started seeing the correlation between what I’d learned in physics and the human body and how it really operates. This is all… it’s not just simple chemistry. I mean, you know, maybe it would be nice if it were. But there’s too much of the human body that’s just simply energetic. It’s like Lloyd’s gold problem. The human body is the same way. It was simple chemistry… a lot of the problems we’re still dealing with would have been solved centuries ago. No, there are still a lot of things we don’t understand. Why? Because it’s all occurring on an energetic level. On an energetic level in an energetic state.

And to deal with the body’s health problems you understand that the body is made primarily of informational fields. The body has seven major informational fields. And in chaos theory these fields would be called strange attractors. They’re mathematical construct in something called phase space. And we began to realize that the body works off informational codes. The cells and all the activity in the cells are dependent on information from these fields. And the information is encoded in a real interesting way. And we have seven numbers which are codes representing the seven basic fields, strange attractor fields, and we discovered working with humans and animals that the mother has the ability to pull an element that is in our water called promethium. And by the way, promethium has never been found in the crust of the earth. Element 61 and Element 43 have never been found. They just assumed through the process of logic that there must be an element with that many protons in the nucleus. So they assigned a name for Element 43 and 61, but they never found it. That’s why this is so difficult for some people to deal with mentally. And on an intellectual basis. They’ve never found promethium. You know why? Promethium is pretty much only found in its energetic state. It doesn’t like to exist as a physical element that you can weigh, measure and analyze. It exists in the energetic state and it’s the only element that we know of that contains all seven frequencies of the primary frequencies that your seven attractor fields operate off of.

So in the womb, when a woman is pregnant, she may not have any of the minerals that she really needs to support optimal health and if she doesn’t have them she sure can’t pass them onto the fetus. So somehow, somebody or something gave her the ability to pull promethium out of the virtual state and put it into that fetus. And when that baby is born we’ll find it full of promethium and heavy hydrogen.

Elder: If it’s something that doesn’t manifest in a material way, how does one know that promethium is?
Dan: Well…
Elder: In these seven aspects…

Dan: In our Water we are delivering all of the elements the human body needs to be healthy. All the elements that you need to take in on a regular basis are in The Water. But… the body will only accept certain isotopes of those elements. Those isotopes are in The Water as their energy analog, as their frequency. But your body was designed with the ability to take the frequency in water and synthesize its own mineral. It’s a synthesizer. We talked about that before with the work of Louis Kervran. The body has the amazing ability to synthesize things from the energetic state into a material state.

Elder: So with this information… so far we understand that you’ve created or tapped into energy with this development of your laser. Then we understand that you have this ability to give specific information that is carried on this light?

Dan: I can literally take the laser, the particle wave that the laser produces and I can develop a numerical matrix and I can encode it into the laser. Now the entire field produced by the laser will become fractal in nature. The whole laser beam is fractal. And anything that’s exposed to it the fractal is superimposed on it… as an energy pattern. So that information will go into water as a fractal informational pattern.

Elder: Over time I understand that you upgraded The Water in different ways and when you would find out a new beneficial waveform?

Dan: Yeah. When we discovered working on people, which we do all over the nation, we discover what the human body’s needs are in the energetic sense, we go to work and figure out if we can address that need in some way and almost invariably you can put it in water. So The Water got more and more complex, more and more sophisticated. Became more complete in terms of the body’s energetic needs and The Water has gone through a number of transformations. And it just continually improves. It’s gotten to the point where this could be my own personal testimony… a woman calls her son and me, her six year old son is dying of leukemia. Now, they’ve given the allopathic course a shot. They’ve done the chemo, they’ve done all kinds of other extremely powerful drugs and the kid is dying anyway. So as a last resort, she says, “We might as well try this water we’ve heard about.” So they drink this water.

Two and a half months later I get a call and the kid, the doctor says, “I can’t find any cancer in his bloodstream. He’s cancer-free.”

Elder: This is your testimony of…
Dan: Well, of something…
Elder: Of watching, observing what’s happened with this young child?

Dan: Yeah. What his mother personally told me. So she sent me a photograph of her and her son and you could tell that he’s all puffy and he doesn’t have much hair and that’s the effects of chemo. I got a picture from her about a month ago and you wouldn’t know that it was the same child.
Elder: That’s wonderful.

Dan: You wouldn’t know it’s the same child. And he’s ‘cancer-free’ living a normal life. Now, the only variable… in his intake of nutrients, intake of drugs, pharmaceuticals, and the only variable was to drink our water. Which is nothing but pure water. Pure, clean water. With virtually no chemical adulteration. There’s nothing added to that water except information at the quantum state. And within two and a half months this kid shows up cancer-free and his mother told me that he probably had a month, and maybe two months at the outside to live. They were losing him. This is what… this is an example of what you can do with water.

Elder: I understand and I have a testimony myself about The Water, Dan. Most of it is anecdotal as far as evidence and there really is at this point in time of man’s understanding no way to measure or give any empirical data that would support it. It’s just that as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Dan: The proof is in the pudding, yes. It’s… and you’re right, it’s all anecdotal. I can make no claims and won’t make any claims. The one claim that I can make legally and safely is that according to the medical profession water is an essential nutrient. You can only live for about a week without water. You don’t dare go without water. Doctors are encouraging people to drink a lot of water every day. They’re telling us to drink eight glasses or more of water and the reason why we have to drink that much water, and there’s no way eight or 100 glasses of ordinary water is going to hydrate you, it’s in a very low quantum or molecular spin state and it can’t hydrate you… this water you can completely hydrate on 2-3 eight-ounce glasses a day. So you can do what your doctor is recommending, which is to hydrate, he’s telling you to drink water to hydrate. But the problem is he doesn’t realize that there’s no way you can hydrate on eight ounce… on 8 eight-ounce glasses of normal water a day. You couldn’t hydrate drinking a 55-gallon drum. You will not hydrate. There are not enough nano-size particles in that water to hydrate you. But if you drink water that is all sub microns, you can hydrate on 2-3 eight-ounce glasses a day. That’s what you call efficiency.

So the whole problem was to take water, which is already an essential nutrient, make it a more efficient hydrating agent, and put information into water that the body would use like nutrient to effect its own healing and repair.

Elder: I’ve been on The Water for almost a year, Dan, and I’ve gone through some of the changes or the upgrades in The Water and I can remember at each of those changes or upgrades, I would have a new healing crisis as if something definitely was changed in The Water that cleared up another issue and my meter was a detox headache and then again was this feeling of well-being in the sense of my heart. I’ve noticed that my heart, my blood pressure as far as looking at something measurably that I can look at, I can see that my blood pressure that has been 158/24 and the numbers would be closer together, for the first time in several years my bottom number for the first time has gone up to over 70. It’s been up to 73, 74… like for example, 121/73. And this has only happened… the only change that I have done to get that effect is by drinking The Water. I’ve noticed that there was some energies put into The Water that had to deal with body megahertz there was a change. When there were upgrades that were dealing with body millivoltage I got a different effect and a healing crisis effect. As I understand it, and a question to you, Dan, was there something ever done, even though that you learned that DNA doesn’t necessarily have the effects that some people might think it has, is there something that The Water might have had an effect on or that you have put into The Water that affects reconstruction of DNA?

Dan: Yeah. We don’t believe that DNA is at any point in time cut in stone. We believe that DNA is alterable. If DNA is degradable… look at it in the inverse relationship. Can you repair damage? Why not. If you can degrade DNA, can you repair it? I don’t know why you can’t. We have certain energies in The Water … now in the beginning of this project we had I think a fundamentally wrong understanding that what we were putting into The Water were frequencies. They go beyond frequencies. We’re now beginning to realize that they are information-carrying codes. They are codes that carry vast amounts of information. And there’s no doubt that an organism that is as complex as the human organism is going to need a lot of information to operate correctly. But we’re finding that the information in these fields, these strange attractor fields, is shifting out of phase. And that it shifts out phase it’s no longer available to the cells in an accurate form. We’ve even found information that’s shifted in a maximal sense 180 degrees. You can only go 180 degrees out of phase. That’s as far as you can go. We’ve found people with information shifted that far out of phase with serious health challenges.

And imagine, Elder, if I had a pane of glass, a real clear, high quality pane of glass and I had a bunch of information etched onto the glass and you’re looking at it straight on and I began to rotate it… well it’s harder and harder to read that information. If I rotate it 90 degrees it’s completely unavailable to you. But if I continue to rotate it beyond 90 degrees… you’re getting the inverse relationship of the proper instruction. You’re getting the instruction in reverse. That’s what’s happening in these fields, these information fields.

Elder: And this is related to illness, emotions…

Dan: This is primarily I believe related to emotional, psychological, spiritual. I think that they are the primary precursor to most serious physical problems. There are other things that happen. There is chemical toxicity. There’s exposure to electromagnetic energy that’s harmful, that will say… unbalance the autonomic nervous system. There is just any number of things that’s going wrong. But all of these things are having an impact on the information in the fields. The cell sits there and it’s interfacing with this energy field and it’s depending on the information. It’s like a computer program. Tell me how everything in this very complex structure operates. Not only how it operates correctly, but in sequence. And if it can’t get that information then the cells begin to replicate improperly. The cells can actually be altered to the point of becoming the kind of cell that will eat you alive. We call that cancer. So the cell is dependent on information. A constant flow of correct, accurate information. Was it encoded in the field? It’s not in the DNA. Becker realized that. It can’t possibly all be in DNA. It couldn’t… there’s no, by any stretch of the imagination there’s no way DNA could carry that much information. It’s encoded in a field.

And for many, many centuries people have known about this energy field around humans. All living organisms, even plants, have what we call the aura. You can photograph it with Kirlian photography. Some people can see it. You’re looking at a hyper-dimensional field. You’re looking at a form of light in its virtual state, photon in nature. The fields are hyper-dimensional. They’re encoded with incredible amounts of information and without them the cell can’t live. It’s a perfect symbiosis. Without the field the cell can’t live. Without the cell the field can’t be supported.

Elder: So the light from the laser takes information from another dimension maybe and puts it into this dimension in the water and then pumping the water into us brings this information into our bodies. Would that be accurate or how would you describe that?

Dan: Somewhat accurate. In reality we’re taking hyper-dimensional information or energy and we’re using it to manipulate water in a quantum thermodynamic sense. In other words, we’re changing the space around the particles in the water. And the particles are… actually answer to the structure of space. See, in physics we say that matter… there’s two things we’ve identified. Well, actually there’s three now. We used to identify two things in the Universe–matter and energy. Now some of the world’s top evolutionary biologists are recognizing a third thing. Evidence for intelligence. Prior intelligence. Intelligence that had to exist before these structures came into existence. They’re too complex to build themselves. Prior intelligence. So now you’ve got three things.

So matter tells space how to bend. How to curve. In turn, space tells matter how to move and how to behave. It’s a symbiotic dance between the two. If I can take and structure space around the particles they will literally tell the particles how to move, how to behave, how to structure themselves.

Elder: It seems like I’ve read recently of some discoveries regarding space where they have found actual… anti-matter or some other form of material. I don’t know if that’s… I was going to say material but something of substance in space that fills up space in a sense. And it’s not measurable as far as their understanding until recently where they’re beginning to understand what you’re talking about–that third form.

Dan: Yeah, some people refer to it as zero point energy. Some refer to it as the space matrix. I prefer the term virtual particle flux field. The vacuum… virtual vacuum particle flux field. Because space itself or vacuum is an incredibly dense, unimaginably dense medium of particles – virtual particles that blipping into existence and going back out of existence almost as soon as they come into existence. It’s a flux. And particles of a number of different masses, energy levels, all going faster than the speed of light. All with negative energy, all going backwards in time. All falling backwards in time. There has to be a point where there is an interface or there is a point we call the point of bifurcation between our physical world where everything is falling forward in time and the realm from which everything, all reality manifests itself. The vacuum. Where everything is falling backwards in time. And you have to understand that such a point of bifurcation… the point of contact exists and those of us who are working with theoretical physics, at least I for one, have realized that I can build a device that finds that point of bifurcation.

Elder: How do you say that?
Dan: Bifurcation.
Elder: And what does that mean? For those of us who don’t understand the term.

Dan: Well, bi meaning two. Here’s the point of contact between two realities. In other words, Dr. Bill Tiller from Stanford University talks about… see, we live in a very, very gently curved space time realm where we recognize say three spatial dimensions. You’ve got length, you’ve got width and you’ve got height. So the standard, say vector analysis, you use three dimensions. Right? You have to have three points. Okay. That doesn’t hold true in hyper-dimension. We refer to that as an inverse or reciprocal space-time realm. All reality comes from that reciprocal space-time realm and has a way of manifesting itself as physical matter and energy definable by some kind of movement, which is capable of doing some kind of work. The challenge in dealing with the human body is to decide what can I do for the body in the hyper-dimensional sense? I don’t have to do anything for the body in the physical sense, which is what pharmaceutical medication, tries to do. Pharmacology is all about dealing…

Elder: My understanding of pharmakon, that’s from the Greek word, or pharmacy comes from the Greek word, pharmaceus, pharmakon, and my research shows it means the mixing of poisons.
Dan: Uh huh.

Elder: And basically where the whole concept came from and a lot of stuff I know and like in blood pressure medications and things they use snake venom. They’re even experimenting with other venoms, like spider venoms. For medications we’re actually doing some very seriously toxic substances to deal with symptoms. To stop symptoms going on in the body.

Dan: It’s my belief, based on my years of experience, you can accomplish anything you want to if you purposely stay away from pharmacology and deal with the energetic aspects of the human organs. If you can correct what’s wrong in the field, that correction will make its way to the physical level. The chemistry that’s not doing so well will be corrected. If you’re not producing hormones you should be producing, you’ll start producing them. It’s very important though to hydrate. I don’t believe any of this work is… is possible until the body is adequately hydrated. Once the body is hydrated and that water is there… that water is there for a purpose. And it’s because you have both the physical nature and you’re very hyper-dimensional in nature, you have these hyper-dimensional energy fields, you have information fields, and we call all this stuff subtle. Well, it is subtle and to us it’s immeasurable. And in a lot of ways undetectable. But it definitely has a profound effect on the physical aspect of man.

Elder: I’ve noticed in my 30 years of healing arts two of the most important things that I’ve focused on is water and mineralization and we’re trying to get something out of the minerals too, but yet you’re talking about something beyond what we’ve been accustomed to thinking that we try to get in our diets. Like trace minerals. People talk about get your trace minerals, get these minerals out of this and a lot of times we have found out in studies showing that there’s not enough minerals in the soil, thus we don’t get them in our food. But yet it’s actually beyond that what you’re talking about with the energies that we really exist upon.

Dan: Yeah. The body will only use something in a mineral form. It can’t use a metal. Anything metallic is poisonous to the body. A word of caution to those that are dumping tons of colloidal silver into their system… it may be death on 700 and something different pathogens, but in the long run it will be death on you too. Any metal, be it silver, gold or any of the elements on the periodic table is a toxin to the human system.

Elder: In other words, that specific isotope of that mineral…
Dan: Yep.
Elder: …that is in its metallic form.

Dan: But the body needs silver, but it uses an isotope that’s not metallic. The body cannot use a metallic isotope. It will only use a pre-metallic, unstable isotope. Why? Because of the work the body is designed to do it can’t do anything with a metal. You see… if you think about it… the human body is a crystalline structure. We now know that the building blocks of proteins, amino acids are crystals. So when the amino acids come together and form a protein. A protein is a crystalline structure. You’re made of protein, you’re made of water and water in its liquid state where we call its uncondensed phase, is a crystal. You’re a crystalline structure. What do metals do? They rob energy from crystals. That’s why metals are toxic to you. They suck energy from crystals. You are a crystalline structure.

Now… these elements in their pre-metallic, unstable form, their true mineral form, don’t rob energy. They contribute energy.

Elder: And these are the isotopes that you were talking about earlier today. Are measurable.
Dan: Uh huh.

Elder: That we can see that has a certain amount of protons, neutrons and electrons.

Dan: Yeah. And since the isotopes we need just can’t be found in our agricultural soils, as a rule, they’re generally not there. You can find them here and there, but as a rule you’ve been growing wheat on the same land for generations… whatever that wheat was designed to take out of the soil for the mammal kingdom has been long since depleted. But the minerals… there are minerals in that soil and that plant will grow and it will do fine because it doesn’t use the same isotopes you and I use. We have a need for very specific isotopes. The plants, if the isotope is in the soil, it will pull it into the root system and guess what that metal would do? It would energize the water in the plant. That’s why dry herbs are a bad idea. You need to be getting things in a liquid form, as a tincture, if you’re going to take substances of that nature.

Elder: That’s why essential oils seem to be so much better.
Dan: Yes.
Elder: Because you’re getting them in a liquid form…

Dan: That’s right. Directly distilled. The blood stream is a plant.

Elder: And there’s still some water in that to make it oil. There’s still some water content to some degree in an essential oil.

Dan: Uh huh. So… we found the best delivery system by far is water. Because all of these unstable isotopes… water picks up on that energy very well. It’s very sensitive to it. I’m not sure that’s an accident either.

Elder: I’ve used monatomic elements, separate monatomic elements in water to get mineralized. What is the advantage of getting this form that you’re talking about, the immeasurable energy form of the mineral or information? I’m not sure how to describe it… I’ll go ahead and let you take it from there.

Dan: I was sent a sample of a product that was supposed to contain elements in the ORME state. My partner and I analyzed it. We couldn’t find the elements in the ORME state that were in there. But it did contain… the most complex part of the mineral equation is calcium. The body actually needs calcium operating off of seven different frequencies. You’ll find isotopes that have frequency subsets. They all have the same… the same isotope will exist in different frequencies. There is a slight variation. Calcium… the calcium used in your teeth is not the same calcium used in your bones. And there is different calcium yet used by the central nervous system, so on and so forth. So some of these calcium´s on the market, for instance, coral calcium actually contains one correct frequency of the seven frequencies of calcium that are needed by the human body. It contains the correct one. The product that we ordered that was supposed to contain the element in the ORME state… contained one correct isotope of calcium and it contained the correct isotope of indium. Indium 125. So a person was actually getting two correct isotopes of two essential elements.

Elder: So they were doing better off than they were before.
Dan: Yeah.
Elder: And they did get some beneficial things.
Dan: Absolutely.
Elder: Just because of that.

Dan: Yep. If you expose the body to some correct isotopes, it will take to it like a duck to water. It’s so starved for minerals that when it gets the right minerals it doesn’t have to expend any energy at all in trying to convert the isotope to the right one. The body is trying to do that and it’s an energy depleter and that process is only about 10 percent competent.

Elder: Dan, get back to that glass view again.
Dan: Metaphor or analogy.

Elder: Yeah. It seems like a very good analogy, and those that are reading or listening can then see how things get turned around, the information gets turned around. It gets turned around in our bodies and it’s reflected in different physical symptoms and they’re also tied to… physical anomalies and emotional anomalies are also reflectively seen in this information too. How have you gone about… so far I understand that you have fed information in with The Water that helps feed in, but how does this reverse? Or does it reverse… speak to that. As far as reversing this image that’s being reversed already or has been… it starts out okay in initial information at the beginning, when you have good information, most of us as far as when we’re born, but yet things somehow over time and in some of us I think we even inherit some of the energy from our parents… but this information gets turned around and it’s reflected in these physical symptoms or abnormalities, whatever you want to call it, in our bodies and in our emotional frame of reference. So speak to that if you would.

Dan: Okay. When we’re conceived we’re the product of the information in two fields. The mother and the father. But the father in himself is the product of the information in two fields and those people, those two people are the product of … you see how this all funnels into one person? All the errors and defects in generations past are coming forward, being funneled into this fetus. From both sides of the family, the mother and the father. So when you’re born you’re a mess. Some people are born with horrible deformities. That’s information that’s just completely in error in the field. True story… like a firsthand testimonial this happened to me… when they bring a little girl to me with cystic fibrosis. She’s five years old. Elder, where do you catch a disease called cystic fibrosis? And why her and not all the other little kids around her? I’ll tell you why. It came through the field. And I was amazed when I analyzed this little girl that that condition called, or particular set of symptoms we refer to as cystic fibrosis is entirely emotional. I couldn’t believe it. This condition is entirely emotional in nature. So I’ve developed something as a physicist. It’s just energetic. It takes 20 minutes. I did this to her on a Saturday afternoon and the next morning she was symptom-free and she’s been symptom-free for over a year and a half.
Elder: Amazing.

Dan: Now… what happened? She had a very severe energy field distortion. What did I do? Just erased it. Canceled it. You can do that with waveform energy. You can cancel waves with other waves. Okay. It’s very simple to do. But… all of us are the product of a lot of distortion and then we accumulate our own damage. Through exposure to emotional trauma. Through physical damage. Accidents. Cuts, abrasions, breakage of bones, all that damage goes into the field. Every time we’re damaged physically or emotionally or psychologically the damage goes in the field and stays there. It’s a permanent feature. So the challenge was… everyone’s approach… everyone who ever lived is… the body needs this to be healthy. That’s true. But the body also needs to get rid of a bunch of stuff to be healthy. We’ve got to go both ways.

Elder: So we pick up information from our parents and then, you know, like… there might be no history of a particular so-called named ailment, it could have been that the mother was around another… some stimulus or something in the environment that wasn’t necessarily in her or in other words, her field or her information carried, or fathers, it could be something completely extraneous of that that could have affected the child and he was starting out born with a deficiency or problem and it wasn’t related to the parents, then when the child is born we pick up information in our environment and we continue through… and it continues to either better or worsen that condition.
Dan: Right.
Elder: Or a condition.

Dan: The medical field will try to attribute all of these things to defects in the genes. To genetic damage. What if the genetic damage occurs because the damage was in the field first? What if the DNA, what if your genetics is simply a reflection of the damage in the fields? Of the information in the field? The integrity of the information in the field. If you correct that, if you could find say, the disease cystic fibrosis as a defect in the genetic code and all of a sudden you could correct the field damage, would that defect in the genetic code disappear? Theoretically, yes.

Elder: Well, we see many instances and it’s documented that people have, shall we say, put in another code into their system. I like to refer to it as prayer. We pray. I pray and I believe and I believe my body is going to change and my body changes. We see countless, numerous cases where people decide to change that field. Or they change that information and it’s similar to what apparently goes on with this information that you are using with The Water or the laser. It’s putting that information in and as I understand with the latest development, if you want to elaborate on that some, you have actually got to this point where you can take some of this information out.
Dan: Yeah.

Elder: That goes in. That a lot of us in our efforts to pray or meditate on these other various forms of super-conscious work that we do… this is happening with the laser light and this new development that you have. Could you elaborate on that some?

Dan: Okay. Well, I got involved with my partner two and a half years ago, started working on The Water . He was working with water and putting the isotope frequencies in. And then he found out I was putting water in a high molecular spin state. He wondered how would these work together. Would they work together? Do they belong together? Well, of course they do. It’s like a hand in a glove. These technologies are made for each other. But initially The Water contained one kind of waveform. If in our world something is what we call, sign wave, which is also referred to as a transverse wave, in the reciprocal or inverse space-time realm that will be an impulse wave. And if it’s an impulse wave in our gently curved space time realm, then the inverse or reciprocal it will be a sign wave. So our Water contains transverse or sign/reciprocal wave. Or, excuse me, impulse wave. I meant to say impulse wave.

Later on, I figured out that I could get water to hold onto a wave that was discovered by let’s say, Nikola Tesla. He firmly believed that electromagnetic energy was not a transverse wave. It’s what you call a longitudinal wave. It was the same as a sound wave through atmosphere. I realized that I could get The Water to hold onto a transverse wave. Or excuse me, a longitudinal wave. So… in the beginning if you froze our Water solid most of the information I put in, in fact, all the information my laser puts in would be destroyed. Some of Lloyd’s information will survive freezing. The other thing that would wipe out all the energy was microwave. And if you stored The Water in a container, say a plastic container made of a plastic that was too soft it would simply absorb and dissipate the energy and it would kill the energies within The Water within about 24 hours.

So when I succeeded in putting the longitudinal wave discovered by Nikola Tesla into The Water, I put it in there in the ultraviolet, the visible ultraviolet particle of the spectrum. The interesting thing that came out of this was that we could freeze The Water and not lose any of the energy. So what was happening is the energies would climb onto the back of the longitudinal wave. They would modulate themselves onto the longitudinal wave just the same way you would modulate an FM signal. Where you have a frequency modulation of a particular frequency carrier. And they’ll stay modulated onto the longitudinal wave in the condensed phase of water, which is ice, and then when it melts and goes back into the uncondensed phase in water it crawls off the longitudinal wave and goes back with The Water. Okay.

So now, we’ve got the water carrying the longitudinal wave and because of that we were able to put the Schumann resonance in The Water. The Schumann resonance of 7.83 is being carried by the longitudinal wave. So you’re actually benefiting from the Schumann resonance by drinking The Water. As well as some other things. Later on I realized there was another wave that I could put into The Water which would give it the two-way aspect of being able to not only put nutrients and energy in that’s beneficial, but take bad energy out. So you have two kinds of waves or energies. You have consonant waves and you have dissonant waves. All these bad energies in the field that’s dissonant waves. We have to be able to get those out.

I realized that the analogy would be to imagine you could grab with your hands and ripe open the fabric of space time and you look in there and there’s an energy that’s incredibly beneficial. There is only one way to get it out. You have to develop a very special laser, which I did. So I conceived of the laser a little over two years ago, began doing theoretical work. I worked like Tesla. I work in my head. I finally after about six months to eight months, I figured out, yeah, this is going to work. I went to work on the laser and I finally finished it on the 16th of December of 2003. I exposed water to the energy and sure enough, now water is carrying the fifth kind of waveform. I called it an expanded proxy wave. And this energy literally deals not with the nucleus of the atom, but it modifies the electron shell. Now we have something that will absorb dissonant energy and take it out of the field.

The initial reports, and admittedly, I’ve been drinking this water longer than anyone, it’s just a couple days over a month, but the reports I’m getting back from people is that it has the ability to do exactly what I theoretically thought that it would do. And the initial reports are that, yeah, it’s taking dissonant energy out of the field and giving the body additional capabilities in terms of normalization of function. The body can never totally normalize its function if the field information is corrupted. Just like a computer file that’s corrupted. If that file is corrupted, what are you going to get out of that file that’s useful? Not a whole lot. And it’s the same way with the information fields.

Elder: When you say take it out, Dan is it… could I be correct in stating that maybe it frees up the energies in the body so that that pane of glass goes back with that information and reverses back to its normal or…

Dan: Okay… it takes… first of all, it takes energy that shouldn’t be there and cancels it.
Elder: It cancels the energy?

Dan: It cancels it. The energy that is phase-shifted in the field it begins to shift back into phase. Correct phase. So that that information is accurately interfacing with the cells and the countless number of functions that go on inside the cell to keep it healthy and keep it replicating properly. So all of these molecular machines inside the cell that perform all of these myriad functions, they all need a program to tell them what to do. They don’t inherently know it. They’re simply made of quantum stuff but they need a program to tell them what to do. And that program is in the field. So everything in that cell, all of those myriad functions, and it happens quite rapidly. I’ve seen photographs taken of DNA. DNA doesn’t just lie there, it’s always wiggling and jiggling and moving. And when that DNA is opened up so that you can replicate a protein, it happens very rapidly, and then it’s closed back up again. Those machines move at a high rate of speed and with precision and they need a program to do it. And people don’t understand. The program file is corrupted, people. That’s why we’re dying so fast. The most sophisticated organism in the Universe and we don’t live as long as a sea turtle. There’s something wrong here.

And all of our approaches up until now to make man live longer, oh, we’ve got to deal with free radical pathology. Oh, the telemere caps on the end of the DNA strands are degrading. That’s what’s causing aging. Oh no, declining hormone levels causes aging. No, no, no, those are all symptomatic of one thing. Accelerated entropy. Thermodynamics. Aging is a thermodynamics problem, people. It’s not a chemistry problem. It’s a thermodynamics problem. Chemistry is simply symptomatic of that. And one of the major problems is dehydration. Water is crucial to this organism and you’ve got to get water into those cells. And you can’t do it drinking the normal drinking water in this country. You can’t hydrate on it. Everyone that has ever come to me in over 22 years is dehydrated and some of those people told me they were drinking a gallon and a half to two gallons of water a day. And they lived by the bathroom door. They had to pee constantly. I’ve tried drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day and all I did was pee. Something’s wrong. It’s not being absorbed. It’s just simply passing through the kidneys and you’re wearing your kidneys out. People who drink The Water notice they don’t urinate as often. You don’t have to when The Water is being absorbed and utilized.

Elder: I have noticed that but I do have… I have noticed that when I do have to go I better…
Dan: Yeah, that’s… (Both laugh)
Elder: Get there as fast as I can.
Dan: Yeah.

Elder: One of the other things that I noticed with The Water too, Dan, I had some colonics done, two colonics done a few weeks ago and they couldn’t find any parasites at all in my body. And I felt like I was going to get blown up like a balloon because she was really… the lady that was doing it was trying very hard to find something… she couldn’t even find any color coming from the cecum area of the colon. And she was most impressed by that and I told her the only thing I’ve done in the last several months is The Water. I mean, I even stopped doing some of my other products just so I could get some accurate, you know, analysis of what The Water was doing to my body. But have you heard any anecdotes regarding the parasites and The Water yourself?

Dan: No, I really honestly, aside from you can’t say that I have. But I notice working with people the years that sometimes they’ll pass parasites and they’re not even conscious of it.

Elder: Well, we’re not normally looking for those sorts of things when we’re at that business.

Dan: I… I did have a woman in Helena… she had two tapeworms crawl out of her in the bathtub.
Elder: After drinking The Water?
Dan: No. It had nothing to do with The Water. This was on herbs.
Elder: Oh. Oh, okay.
Dan: This was walnut and black garlic. Or… black walnut and garlic.
Elder: Right.
Dan: She had two tapeworms crawling out in the bathtub. Oh, you know, proximally body temperature, water and they got tired of the herbs and left. That was the end of her headache problem. She had extraordinary headaches. She had migraines. She had these tapeworms passing back and forth keeping the illiocecal valve open and just poisoning her to death and that was the end of the problem when she got rid of the tapeworms. But this same thing that I did for this little girl with the cystic fibrosis, I did on a man who teaches at Weaver State University, he’s a professor down there, and he noticed a couple days later he was passing a lot of worms in his stool. People will pass parasites all the time and they’re not conscious of it. But you’re right; parasites don’t particularly like the energy in this Water. They tend to thrive in lower energy situations. So I can’t make any claims. I can’t say The Water will get rid of parasites, but if you are… were I in the position I’m in where all this information comes in from people on The Water… just unbelievable things are happening.

Elder: Well, I agree, Dan. To those that might be listening or reading about this interview, we’re not in any way, shape or form making any scientific or medical claims. This is basically just for research purposes only. For educational purposes only and historical. I think this is a very historical thing that you have discovered and Lloyd are working together on The Water that’s made a difference in my life and has greatly affected other people’s lives. I’m, to say the least, very thankful to have been able to have The Water and to be able to share it with others. And I appreciate the time that you’ve given us today and I don’t know there may be some other things you want to cover before we close.

Dan: I was going to say that in the beginning, when my partner started this project, he set out to create the world’s ultimate mineral supplement. Which would be just water with virtually no minerals in it… nothing but the waveform analogs. And he did it because he had a heart attack. He has four stints installed in his heart. And the problem of the deposition of plaque in the arteries was not going away and he realized it would get him sooner or later. So because of his knowledge of isotopes, some of them derived from a friend who is a nuclear engineer, and the fact that he could even make metallic gold appear in water or platinum or palladium… he wondered if he could solve his own problem with water. So he went to work on the problem and figured out that if he put the energy of Indium 125 into The Water it would get rid of his particular type of plaque.

His plaque was not based on calcium. It was based on aluminum phosphate. His coronary arteries were plugging with aluminum phosphate, as was the carotid artery. And if you image the brain with someone with Alzheimer’s you’ll see a plaque. That’s aluminum phosphate. The energy of Indium 125 goes and gets into the bloodstream. The system absorbs the water into the bloodstream, that energy just makes that plaque go back in the solution and just very, very slowly, but carefully and cautiously exits the system. Within four weeks his arteries are clean as a whistle. He said, ‘If I can do this with one correct isotope energy in water, what can I do if I had all of the correct isotope energies I need in The Water ?’ So that’s what he set out to do.

When I caught up with him he was still missing a few isotopes–I brought some of them to his attention, but we completed the isotope regime, we’ll call it, so that we had all the correct mineral isotopes the body needs in The Water. Then we found out with my laser we could put a lot more information into The Water.

Elder: So you mean by putting the correct mineral isotopes then the energies of those particular mineral isotopes… the energies…in other words, it’s not necessarily the measurable isotopes of those particular minerals that you’re talking about going into v but the energy.

Dan: Yeah, they’re not.

Elder: It’s the energies of those particular isotopes that you and Lloyd are putting into The Water. You know what you’re putting in because of the way you constructed the information. You know what you’re doing as far as putting it in but as far as anybody being able to measure that… there’s no way at this time for… science has not progressed far enough to actually measure those energies at this time.

Dan: That’s true. At first, you see, when I first got involved with Lloyd and this project, I was confused. And I should have been the one person that wasn’t confused. Well, I actually thought he had actual atoms and molecules of these isotopes in The Water. And then he’d come to realize and he said, ‘No, it’s all energy, Dan. You don’t need an atom or a molecule. As long as you get the energy in water it’s all the body needs. It’s absolutely fine with that.’ That was a leap of not faith… but it was a stretch of the imagination for me to realize now, hold it, do you mean we’re going to supply all of the body’s mineral needs with nothing but that frequency in water? Yes. That’s what is hard to grasp. People think, oh, you must have these minerals in there as atoms and molecules. No, we don’t. They’re in there as the energy. As the frequency of that isotope.

Now, when I finally came to grasps with that fact, I realized it was a lot easier for me to come to terms with it than someone who doesn’t have a physics background. It’s a real stretch for somebody who is outside of that particular field of endeavor. Can you imagine how the average individual who may be a teacher or an elementary school teacher or be a cement truck driver or a carpenter, plumber, anything… how hard it is for them to grasp that concept? That it’s simply energy. We do not adulterate The Water. It’s… in fact; we go look for the purest water we can find as a base for this. Absolutely the purest water we can find. We take that water, we dechlorinate it, but by law we have to ozonate it. So trust me, there’s nothing alive in that water. There are no organisms.

We sent our water to the state of Utah in Salt Lake. It costs us something like $3,000 to have our water checked and they have extremely stringent standards. We met every one of their standards. Passed with flying colors. Incredibly pure water. We’ve taken the chlorine out, we’ve ozonated it and the ozone only sticks around for a short period of time. It dissipates, it’s gone. Then we run it through an ionizer. We adjust the pH and we take the pH to an ideal 8.5. I think every authority out there will tell you the ideal pH range for water would be about 8.4 to 8.6. So we bring it right into the 8.5 range. That’s all we do to The Water. Everything else in The Water is energy. Immeasurable, undetectable, unquantifiable, unqualifiable. Unless you know what you’re doing. Unless you have the proprietary means to do it, which we do. Otherwise, how do we know what we’ve got in The Water? How do we know we’ve got anything in The Water?

So when we’re done people drink this Water. What are they drinking? Just pure water. It’s very hydrating. They find that they don’t have to drink tons of water. They feel good on 2-3 eight-ounce glasses a day. They feel satisfied. People that had an unbelievable thirst from water, they couldn’t quench it, started drinking this, 2-3 eight-ounce glasses a day, they don’t even think about drinking more water.

Elder: One of the reasons why I like to use it… promoting it for Range Guide expeditions and such is because you’re out in the wild… you want to conserve water as much as possible and I find that I don’t have to drink no where near as much water when I drink this Water. Although I’m sure I could probably do better and stretch it out further if I did mix it and probably be preferable if I did use more alkaline water so it will keep that pH level.
Dan: Yeah.

Elder: Dan, a lot of this is getting into supernatural to me. And I’m trying to comprehend. I think people are gravitating more towards believing and understanding that there are a lot of supernatural things in this world despite what science has tried to tell us doesn’t exist. And because of the evidence of it. A lot of us with the different things that we’re trying to do with ORMEs and elixirs and other products to raise consciousness, meditate to raise consciousness, we’re looking at super-consciousness, we’re looking at our conscious state of being and our subconscious state of being as far as how the body functions. And I’ve noticed since I’ve been drinking The Water that I feel like I have a greater resistance to those things that are in a conscious way detrimental to me.
Dan: Negative.

Elder: Yeah, negative is maybe a word I could use for it. But definitely lower consciousness. And we’re all trying to achieve I think with these different things a level so that we’re getting more into a super-conscious state of existing, thinking. I notice a lot of children these days, more and more children are exhibiting attributes of higher consciousness at a very early age. I think it might have to do with the time we’re living in. Where we’re at in the Universe, in our galaxy what’s going on. Of course, people will go in further talking about what Mayans talk about in this era that we’re moving into. Do you have any comments regarding these sorts of issues or discussions?

Dan: Well, to the general public… quantum physics and quantum mechanics have always been supernatural. It’s incredibly difficult to comprehend, to understand. Along came certain writers that began to take these ideas and do their best to bring them down to level of most people, to make them comprehensible. Fritjof Capra out there in Berkeley, UC Berkeley, did an excellent job when he wrote the book, “The Tao of Physics.” Began to popularize the idea that maybe the entire world around us is a phenomenon created by our paying attention to it. Maybe it’s only there because we are observing it. That’s an idea that developed some time ago. It seems that maybe things only exist because they’re either being measured or they’re being observed. In other words, everything has a wave function. It doesn’t become real until you collapse that wave function. In they’re not exactly sure what collapses the wave function. But I agree that the Universe is a carefully constructed illusion. Everything out there is just a wave phenomenon. Particles of mass or wave packets.

You think about my partner making gold on the frequencies in water. What’s he doing? Quantum physics. What we call the super-positioning of waves. If you get the right complement of waves according to the Fourier transform equation, it will define the form of anything in the Universe. So everything has a form, which is just a manifestation of how vacuum space comes together. How it puts waves together. That’s what creates our whole reality. Without it there is no reality. So, if you begin to think in terms of everything just being a manifestation of energy, a manifestation of waves, then it also must occur to you that if there’s a problem to solve there’s more than one way to solve the problem. There may be multiple ways of solving it. Multiple approaches. Some not as valid as others. Some not as effective as others, but there are multiple ways of doing them.

Look at the countless numbers of incredibly intelligent people who have realized over the years and some, a lot of them with medical degrees, that the great advances in the future are going to come not in the allopathic medicine. They’re going to come from alternative sources and they’re going to come from alternative approaches. And that’s all this is. It’s an alternative way. It’s the way I’ve chosen and my partner has chosen to look at the way the body functions, what the body’s needs are, what the body’s problems are, and how to go about solving those problems. And we certainly don’t, by any stretch of the imagination, practice medicine. We don’t touch medicine. We don’t touch chemistry with a ten-foot pole. We stay as far away from it as we can. That’s their realm. By law that’s their realm. And because of what I know I wouldn’t want to get involved in their realm if they gave me all the money on earth. There’s no future in it. Every drug man has ever produced is a poison. Virtually every drug ever produced is a poison. In fact, I’ll go you one further. In the… what we call the New Testament of the Bible that tells Christians to stay away from spiritism, in the Greek language do you know what word was translated into spiritism? Pharmakeia.

Elder: Pharmacon?
Dan: Did you know that?
Elder: Pharmacon is poison.
Dan: Yes. Druggery. Literally druggery.
Elder: Right.

Dan: Mankind has used drugs for centuries. They’re coming from pre-Biblical times. But they’re not the modality that’s going to get the best results, in my opinion. And until they abolish the Constitution I’m guaranteed an opinion.
Elder: Guaranteed.

Dan: Yeah. And the real future of this thing is in alternative. It’s in a holistic approach. You talk about a true holistic approach where you have to deal with all the aspects of the human nature… there’s only one way I know how to do it effectively and that’s with water. I can go to every level. The spiritual, the emotional, the mental and the physical with one substance. Water. You can’t do that with anything else. It’s impossible. As you said earlier on in our discussion, you can make changes consciously just by changing the way you think. It makes a huge difference in your level health and well-being. But you can only so far through conscious effort. There are some things that are wrong with us that are not accessible through conscious effort. No amount of meditating or thinking will ever change them or ever be able to reach down to that level and pull those problems out. It’s going to take another approach and I think the approach that we’ve taken is on the right track.

And I’m not saying this Water is done yet. I’m not saying it’s a finished product. I see improvements coming already. But the new wave form that I put out in The Water on the 16th of December was a major step forward. An absolutely major step. I don’t know if there will ever be another step forward in The Water technology that will be as significant as that one. But there will be little steps and that’s been the history of the whole project. Constantly improving The Water. As soon as I would make an improvement, my partner would have made… it was always out of date. You could never find the latest version of v. There was no such thing as the latest version. Now we’re getting to the point where I think we’re getting close to the last and final version of The Water but I can’t say when that will be. I’m still making little improvements and I see room for improvements. But I depend on people like you to bring me information that will trigger the right querying process in my mind so that I can determine whether or not there’s application to The Water. Is there application of the human organism to some other modality other than The Water? I’m always thinking on this. So this is an ongoing story. This isn’t the end of it.

Elder: This is not the end of it. Well, I guess that would be a good point to conclude, Dan. It’s been a pleasure to speak with you, ask all these questions we’ve asked today and go into this. I know that it might very well generate a lot more questions and a lot more study and investigation, which is what we want to do. It’s not always the answers that we always find that is important or the most important thing, but the questions that we ask. And I think you guys are on the right track with asking the right questions and you’re getting some good answers and it’s quite evident with what we are seeing with The Water and what I’ve experienced and what I’ve… all the people, most everyone that I’ve shared The Water with they’ve had a very positive experience. Sometimes it wasn’t a health, you know, a necessarily a good feeling because a lot of people do not understand that there is a healing crisis when we’re changing and sometimes with this Water it causes a quick change depending on how much you do and how fast you do. So each individual should start out with a little bit and work up to what they can handle as far as what changes are being made. But that’s all part of going back through those doors in time. Herring’s Law of Cure. You heal from the head down, from the inside out in reverse order of the symptoms as they occur.

I’ve noticed that I’ve gone through symptoms in my past, feelings that reminded me. I can remember the day when I had these feelings and pains in certain parts of my body that I’ve been going through in a short period of time. A year. Which is really a short period of time when you’re looking at almost 50 that I’ve almost completely.

Dan: This is what we would call regression phenomenon.
Elder: Regression phenomenon?

Dan: Yes. That’s right. That’s the body’s way of healing. It’s got to go back to the problem again. As it’s removing it from the field you’ll experience it… for a short period of time and maybe quite intensely, but it doesn’t last very long.

Elder: Well, I think we’ll complete it here. Dan, thanks so much for your time today and look forward to talking to you again in the near future.

[End of Interview]

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