Some names for the Zero-Point Energy:

Radiant Energy ; Radiant Reactive Power/Charge/Current ; “zero-point” Radiation/Energy/Field ; Cold/Negative Electricity ; Sea of Energy ; Dirac Sea ; Electromagnetic Quantum Vacuum ; Ground Energy ; Universal/Primary/Eloptic Energy ; Anenergy ; Vacuum Fluctuations ; Higher Dimension ; Zero-Point Vibration ; Evanescent Waves ; Electromagnetic Medium ; Electrical Earth Waves ; Interdimensional / Residual Energy ; Quantum Oscillations ; Vacuum Electromagnetic Field ; Virtual Particle Flux ; Dark Energy / Light ; Cosmic Energy / Rays ; Aether ; Ether ; Bioenergy ; Orgone ; Space Energy Field ; Spacetime ; Hyperspatial Energy ; Life / Odic Energy ; Od luminescence ; Pre-Existent Primordial Field of the Universe ; Ultra Material Particles ; God-Force ; Creative Vibration ; Qabala ; zipee

Also related to ZPE :

Hyperspace ; Quantum Vacuum Physics ; Negative Entropy, Negentropy ; Quantum Mechanic ; Virtual State ; Sonoluminescence and QED ; Cavitation ; Cold Fusion ; Casimir effect ; Diamagnetism ; Gravity ; Inertia ; Lamb shift ; Van der Waals forces ; De Broglie waves ; Electrets ; Remote Viewing ; Time-Reversed Waves ; Bioenergetic Cosmos ; Cosmic Rays ; Pi Meson ; Psychokinetic ; Antigravity ; Superluminal Particles ; Minkowskian Reality ; Scalar Aura ; Mind Energy ; Vegetative signal growth

Remark from MDG:

1- If we read Stanley MEYER patents wf_meyer_electrolyser.html , we can understand that through sending specific frequency of pulse trains to a ‘capacitor electrolyzer cell’, we can ‘pump’ some ZPE (called Universal Energy by Meyer) under ‘cold electricity’ form, and produce enormous amounts of HHO (watergas) with little power used. See also Meyer’s clearest explanation in the ‘Meyer Memos’, especially Memo5  and Memo 10

2- If we read the story of Bob BOYCE car_electrolyser.html#BOB1 , we can understand that his damaged alternator (one diode failed), at a certain speed (rotation frequency), was sending a specific frequency of pulses to his electrolyzer cell that was then ‘pumping’ ZPE under the form of ‘cold electricity’ and producing much more ‘water gas’, like Stan MEYER … but using a modified alternator in place of a Power Generator.

3- If we read John BEDINI  , we can understand that he is sending specific frequency of specific pulses like S. MEYER and B. BOYCE, but to DC battery or Capacitor in place of an electrolyzer cell (both are quit similar in design actually…), that reacts also by ‘pumping’ lots of ZPE under the form of ‘cold electricity’.

4- Jean Louis Naudin get the effect also with coils and back EMFhttp://jnaudin.free.fr/teptheo/teptheo.htm , http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/scalwidx.htm .

Using this facts, and an adapted switching system to alternate charging / discharging cyclesof the battery, many inventors have build successful ‘everlasting free electricity generators’; See:

# Carlos Benitez – Electrical Plant, 1915
# Nikola TESLA’s Switch – Ronald BRANDT – Ron COLE – Kromrey, 1930 : Bedini energizer 2
# Antonio d’angelo’s Motor-Generator, 1935
# John Gulley’s Motor, 1946-66 : http://www.rexresearch.com/auto2/gulley.htm
# Fred Baldinelli’s Dual Relay Charger, 1974
# Robert Alexander’s Dynamo-Electric Converter, 1975
# William Stoneburg’s Self-Charging Power Supply, 1978 : http://www.rexresearch.com/auto2/stonbrg.htm
# Larry Jamison’s Energizer, 1982
# Bedini’s Energizer, 1986
# Richard Mac Kie’s Switch PODMOD, 1992
# Tilley’s Charger/Spinner, 1999 : Foundation – by Keelynet
# Jasker’s Power System, 2002: http://theverylastpageoftheinternet.com/newclaims/Jasker%20Power%20System%20.htm
# YILDIZ ‘s Electrical Generator, 2004

Like says John BEDINI since more than 20 years, it’s on his website: IT’S RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!

# Even more simple, 2 batteries and 1 electronic circuit! Yes, and it’s solid state, no moving parts ; and all details are already available ; just need to adapt it to a ‘ready to market’ product. C4 Bedini’s Solid State Charger : USP 2003/0117111 A1, Jun. 26, 2003 ‘Device and Method for Pulse Charging a Battery and for Driving Other Devices with a Pulse’;  bedini solid

# Or developp to a bigger size, the ‘auto-sufficient’, ‘perpetual mobilum’ Bedini & Cole 1988 ‘Window’ Motor (Yes it runs alone since 20 years, without battery !) bedini window

all details and parts are in the latest book http://www.icehouse.net/john34/bedinibearden.html

The question is: Who will be the first to put online a ‘finish’ version, ready to use by anybody, that everybody will be able to reproduce, everywhere on the planet ?
I think it will be somebody with a very good heart, willing to free mankind from under-development, misery and suffering, willing to improve the life of billion of persons, using the internet network to spray his drawings/blue prints at the four corners of the world, at the speed of electricity … a modern hero, acting just for posterity, or for God … May it happend soon !

## A special short selection of other systems that seem quite simple to replicate, to generate ‘free’ electricity:

Maccanti, Giampaolo
Barbat, William
Summera, Arthur P. /Electrinium Battery

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