## BEST INFO on JOECELLS, TALKS from JOE himself, by Alex Schiffer

The purpose of this update is to make available to the general experimenter a 120-page transcript. This transcript was derived from 4 tapes of a speech by Joe in 1993 to a select group that visited him at his home.

As usual, my aim is to share scarce experimental material that is normally reserved for the lucky few. I hope that this update is of some benefit to you.

PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!! I obtained the following transcripts as a ‘swap’ for some test equipment. The transcript was not done by me nor was the original tapes ever in my possession.

What you read is all that I have, I cannot add any further material.

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Interesting day with Joe – Message #45 of 3404.(messages collected on a JOECELL forum)

Hi all, Well Damien Danny Renea Len John and I all called on Joe today

We witnessed the Spark flashing around the engine with Joe using the hi tension lead even onto the battery terminals firstly negative then Positive and then to see the spark drawn into the Battery

Yes every thing flaming arc’ed in the engine Bay showing that you could even put your finger close to the point of entry yet not be booted as you’d expect it

Just absorbed the Spark and then Joe said I bet you haven’t seen this and proceeded to stop the engine by extending the spark away from the airconditioning Pipe and the flame arc changed colour and stalled the engine on the rubber pipe which has an inert Gas within it

How does it Stop the engine with no failure to the Computer system as it restarted again all this is bloody amazing

Really just goes to show how much we have that we don’t know the why I still maintain that we are able to do more cheers bGuys safe drive to Toowoomba and Brisbane hope you enjoyed the day will post the video when it’s been edit’d
Cheers Peter

# RE: [JoesCell2] Interesting day with Joe
Hi Peter, Thank you for info.Good to hear that Joe is still working on this interesting technology.I bought his videos and book way back when and thought it was an interesting way of powering an engine.

Some questions on your interesting day with Joe:
– What kind of cell was powering the engine, if any?
– Was it a new way of powering an engine?
– What was the year of the engine and was it originally fueled by carburetor or fuel injection?
– What was the inert gas used?
– Was the energy a steady energy flow, vs the Joe cell design?

Looking forward to the day we can buy a unit to power an engine, or buy an engine that’s already converted (car or genset).
Never figured out how it worked but still very interested in learning more.

# RE: [JoesCell2] Interesting day with Joe
Peter, When you guys left last night joe continued to talk some more then showed us another amazing experiment. He got some water that was charged but wouldnt let us touch it due to Len maybe upseting some water while touching it.

He zapped a silver spoon 4 times with current (estimating 12 volt at 300milliamps but he said you can do it with any current) with this water in it then light it on the wooden table and let it burn but didnt burn the table. I dont know if you have seen this yet Pete, maybee you have several times but either way i got it on film which you will get as soon as.

# Re: Interesting day with Joe
forgive the necroposting but… Damien the table not burning is very interesting as it can tell you something about the vapour properties of this flamable charged water.
If you soak a PAPER money bill (too bad for us auzzies eh) in alchool and then set it alight, you will notice that the bill itself will be completely unharmed. It happens because vodka itself does not burn, only the vapour burns. Vodka’s naturally high vapour pressure is further exacerbated by the heat from the nearby burning flame and this causes it to completely evaporate from the bill (leaving it dry) before the flame can ever get close enough to burn the bill. it’s a neat party trick i hear.

So, from Joe’s table burning experiment it seems that charged water may have a vapour pressure similar to vodka (basically ethanol&water).

# Re: [JoesCell2] Interesting day with Joe
Hi Damien, I have a question about the water. You said he zapped it with a silver spoon. Are you saying that he took a spoon and had 12v hooked up to the spoon and then put the spoon in the water? and did this 4 times. Or did he put the spoon close to the water and it got zapped for power form the water?
Ron in Redding

# Re: [JoesCell2] Interesting day with Joe
G day Ron, He had a silver spoon and had some charged water. He let us taste some of the water but keeped some in a different bottal in fear of one of us discharging the water due to maybe one of us having a negative reaction with the water.

The first time joe did it it wouldnt work 3 times due to one of us getting close to it, then joe got a different batch of water from the same bottle and got a neg and pos terminal from a 12 volt at less then half an amp power pack like you use to charge ya mobil phone with.

He zapped it 4 times then lighted the water and it lite straight away letting it burn on his wooden table and we said dont wreck ya table for us and joe said its ok the table wont burn. The water burned like in the BNE short video clip. Joe did state that only the right minded person can do this which explains my countless attemps at the boollon experiment with neg water. But joe stated this would never run a car. maybe hes right or maybe joe doesnt want to see us in trouble.

Now joe wouldnt tell us how to get our cells going he was sort of telling us not to do it for resions of danger to us and for other resions which i respect due to his experience. The other problem on the day was to many questions were thrown at joe which didnt give him a chance to answer them properly which got him wound up but he still had a good humor about it. Joe is just Joe who sees things by natural instink in stead of a text book.

This guy despit of having a cell going in the past has the most extrodiary mind i have ever meet. Joe looks at life completely different to most of us and he states that he hasnt read or studied any science.

Joes main objective to show us on the day was everything has frequency and he showed us this by upseting or finding a frequency to burn the water and showed us other things which Pete will publish and edit for all to see.

# Re: Interesting day with Joe
Was this done with that aetheric charged water? Vernon’s & Hardings?

# Re: [JoesCell2] Re: Interesting day with Joe
Damien, Do a google search on ionic silver and some of the pieces will begin to fall into place.

# Re: [JoesCell2] Interesting day with Joe
Hi all, I am new to this group so forgive me if this question is a little daft or going over old ground.

If the “water” can be burnt without damaging the table (wood?) could it be something similar to Brown’s Gas?

I remember reading that it is a form of hydrogen that is used in cutting and welding but strangely the flame burns cold.
Could this be what is being produced?

# Re: Interesting day with Joe
Pat, Im as dumb founded as anyone eles on this. This was a suprize to me.

What i will do is give the video to Pete to exsamine it and hopefully he cen post it on BNE so everyone can see the experiment. He might be able to explain it better or his observations. I wanted to be honest and not feed you something that i dont know much about.

The day was totally amazing and one ill never forget.

#Re: [JoesCell2] Interesting day with Joe
Hi Pat, Browns Gas is a process that is within a pressure vessell at 60 PSI this is withina vaccumn major difference brownhas the Power On and we don’t just smiling alot and laugh a bit you’ll work it out
Cheers Peter

# Re: [JoesCell2] Interesting day with Joe
Hi Peter, thank you for the info. I’m intrigued – no Power On at all? Still trying to get my head around what’s occuring

# RE: [JoesCell2] Interesting day with Joe
Pete, Iv watched the video heaps. (all of it probably over 10 times) ( My partner says im married to it) Especially Joe playin with the engine bay and the aircon. I wonder what effect we would get by doing the same experiment with a DC spark from the lead instead of AC. Would this act as a joe cell. (The vid is in the mail to mate. Its only vcd as we had problems with the pc but once its rectified ill send another copy on dvd)

Iv also arked the lead on my car batteries in the car like Joe did and caps and cant blow my self up. Im wearing googles to avoid acid in my eyes but im game. It goes to prove that an AC spark wont make the hydrogen and oxygen burn like it should.

But im sure if i arked a spanner across the battery terminals i could ignite the gas being DC but i wont. Im ugly enough without acid burns on my face.

My centre tube that you recomended to use is being welded withe the plate and bolt to it like you recommended on both cells. Ill email a pic when its done (Thursday i pick it up)

Darren has rang me everyday and his mind is still running 100 mph.
Cheers Damien

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