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The following disclosed suppressed and alternative energy principles are taken from the Weinfelden Energy Conference http://weinfelden.innoplaza.net . All of the engineers described, lack a faculty centre to support their R and D and to provide an infrastructure for further public awareness and education of their related field.

There is currently no government or faculty sponsorship behind their field, yet they possess the answers to SOLVE the environmental and energy crisis!!. With the establishment of the granted research and development centre further public awareness and benefit will be assured from the submission of the following education into Panacea’s faculty Division.

Research and development principles disclosed at The Weinfelden Energy Conference:

Prof. Josef Gruber of Fern Universität Hagen is the president of the German Association for Space Energy (GASE) which was founded in 1981 for supporting research and use of a new renewable source of energy, the Space Energy (SE). GASE collects information from all over the world and spreads it to interested persons. It supports cooperation on a large scale, based on the view: ‘The secret of success is cooperation’

Jeane Manning is the author of the book “The Coming Energy Revolution” also translated into German and the book “Granite Man and the Butterfly”. She has also co-authored several books and has a long career as a professional writer. As a motive for writing about new energy research she states: “My three children”. In the Weinfelden conference Jeane Manning told about private experimenters like Edmund Grey with his cold electricity, Johan Grander, Bender and negative resistance, John Hutchison and his batteries, Wingate Lambertson with his “WIN” device, William Baumgartner, Paul Davidson’s antigravity achievements and David Hamel’s spacecraft experiments

Prof. Dr. Eng. Konstantin Meyl: “Advanced Concepts for Wireless Energy Transfer “

Besides that Konstantin Meyl is a vivid lecturer that really caught listeners, his topic of scalar and plasma waves was really captivating. Hearing about longitudinal electromagnetic waves based on vortex particle model really gave one something to think about after the conference. Not without reason, Meyl is called Schwartzwald Tesla”. By Meyl, the scalar waves or Tesla waves are able to travel right through Faraday cage type shielding that stop ordinary transverse radio waves. Tesla’s magnifying transmitter has been calculated to produce scalar waves with a velocity of about 1.5 times that of light. Meyl stated that scalar waves should be described as a special case of Maxwell’s equations.

Discussing how longitudinal waves obviously exist, even without plasma in the air and even in a vacuum, Meyl declares: “I have solved this question, by extending Maxwell’s Field Theory for vortices of the electric field. These so-called ‘potential vortices’ are able to form structure and they propagate in space for reason of their particle nature as a longitudinal shock wave. The model concept bases on the ring vortex model of Herrman von Helmholtz, which Lord Kelvin did make popular. Meyl has published books describing the fomulas.

Prof. Jean-Pierre Vigier: “A New Source of Energy”: When Professor Vigier from University of Paris prepared to start his lecture one could sense from the behavior of the audience that something special was expected. That was what happened. This experienced professor had experimented along with Prof. Z. Marit of the University of Belgrade, with a new energy source based on palladium and lithium-7. Professor Vigier states that these types of reaction have previously been misinterpreted as cold fusion. “This is not fusion or conventional chemical energy”, Vigier stated. “It is new type of chemical energy”. This new energy is based on both ‘spin-spin’ and ‘spin-orbit’ couplings. Vigier has suggested developing economic and clean lithium-7 energy techniques instead of constructing more fossil fuel or nuclear energy power stations in France

He also tells about the aether model which suggests that particle-like ‘solitons’ (vortexes) can carry superluminal (faster than light) interactions. “This explains why Alain Aspect has observed superluminal interactions of polarisation between photons, why Van-Flandern has shown that the Newton interaction is superluminal between the sun and planets and why Tesla’s force (the Coulomb force) is superluminal between charged sources.” During his extensive career, Professor Vigier has worked together with Frédéric Joliot-Curie and Louis de Broglie and even Einstein asked for his assistance.

Professor Athanassios A. Nassikas introduced the audience to a Quantum Space-Time model as a possible consequence to the fact that the approach of an electron to a proton results in the absorption of gravitational energy. Professor Nassikas has demonstrated some of these effects with a simple test arrangement producing a few percent weight loss. Nassikas also told about positive and negative space and time and stressed that our world is statistical in nature. Nassikas was well aware of the difficulties with introducing new ways of thinking to the scientific world: “The main problem in physics now is not technical; it is philosophical” he said.

V.V. Roschin and S.M. Godin:”Generator with Energy Conversion and Anti-Gravity Effects”

Photo: Sergei M. Godin lecturing about MEC and Schneider (left) translating. Among the lectures which amazed the Weinfelden conference audience, was the presentation on the “Magnetic Energy Converter” (MEC) built by Roschin and Godin of the Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow. This rotating device produced weight loss in excess of 30%. When the converter reaches a certain speed it’s rate of rotation suddenly increases.

Photo: Vladimir V. Roschin sitting in the front row of the Weinfelden conference audience.

The converter is a version of the type that Prof. John R.R. Searl experimented with in the UK in the 1970’s. By designing and building this version of the rotating magnet generator Roschin and Godin also proved that the stunning, controversial results obtained by Searl are fundamentally verified. These researchers point out, that a cornerstone of modern physics is the occurrence of internal energy of elementary particles, and where does that come from? In their theory they suggest an explanation based on microwhite and microblack holes connected to centers of elementary particles: “…the pulsing microwhite hole is a retranslator of energy between adjacent worlds and actually is a source of energy for all elementary particles, and consequently, all matter”. Dr. Hans Weber commented the lecture on basis of scalar wave effects

Author, Dr. Paul LaViolette: “New Methods for Energy Generation and Gravity Control”

Dr. Paul LaViolette presented anti-gravity and free energy phenomenon explanations based on the Sub-quantum Kinetics Theory. Among the topics he analysed were anti-gravity like Thomas Townsend Brown’s Brown-Biefeld Effect, the Searl Effect and the Russian MEC by Roschin and Godin. He also thought that the classified B-2 bomber’s propulsion system may be based on electrogravitic technology. LaViolette also introduced the ideas of positive and negative mass and talked about subquantum etheric fluxes. He pointed that matter emerges continually from space by fluctuations and introduced some basics about vortexes and soliton fields.

Prof. John R. R. Searl: “The Searl Effect Generator and the Levity Disc”

As the symbol of independent inventors, John Searl did not leave anybody in the audience cool. A practical experimenter with practically no financial resources had attained such anti-gravity results already in the 1970’s that many listeners would have completely refused to believe without the successful replication of his ‘Searl-Effect Generator’ (SEG) built as a variation of their own by Roschin and Godin in Moscow.

Thomas Valone, M.A., P.E.: “Future Energy for Heat, Electricity, and Transportation”

Author Thomas Valone concentrated on telling about energy shortages and the environmental risks of our current energy production methods. He described the global-warming and the energy-gap in the USA. After this introduction, Valone told about new innovations like David Follman’s experiments with biomass and electric arc. Other inventions which he introduced were a ‘Cold Fog Accelerator’ with 150% average efficiency and the ‘Betavoltaic Battery’ with operational life of about 25 years. In Illinois, Dr. George Miley was experimenting with Thin-Film Electrolytic Cell Power producing ten times the output power compared to it’s input power. Photo-remediation of nuclear waste with excess energy was being tested by Los Alamos and Brookhaven Labs. Later, he told about electrostatic motors originally invented by Benjamin Franklin and about charge clusters studied by Ken Shoulders producing nine times the output power compared to the input power. Valone is the author of the “Homopolar Handbook” describing Faraday-disc type motors”

Dr. rer.nat. Dietrich Schuster:”The Principle of Resonance and Oliver Crane’s Physics”

Dr. Schuster introduced the basics of Swiss theoretician Oliver Crane’s thoughts about physics and the basic particles, space-quantum-media. This media is capable of carrying the longitudinal electromagnetic waves described by Meyl in his lecture. Dietrich Schuster has published the essay “Das Resonazprinzip” and an utopian novel “Die Schattenmaschine”. Schuster has published the essay “Das Resonazprinzip” and an utopian novel “Die Schattenmaschine”

Dr. sc.nat. Hans Weber: “Space-Quanta-Generator with Magnetic Resonant-Coupling”

Dr. Hans Weber is working for an alternative for nuclear energy. The method being developed by the Swiss company Space Quantum Research (SQR) is based on magnetic resonance coupling inspired by Oliver Crane’s theories.

Professor Ph. M. Kanarev: “Water as a New Source of Energy”

The intelligent glance characteristic to professor Kanarev’s fatherly figure kept audience intensively concentrated on his clearly expressed and thoroughly explained lecture about water electrolysis. When the idea of his lecture started to shape in listener’s mind, one could only wonder why nobody has told these basic paradoxes about water electrolysis before? The things told by professor Kanarev were simple to grasp for anybody with a little understanding of chemistry or quantum physics.

Russians had started search for new energy sources started some 40 years ago. Although millions of dollars had been spent no positive results had been achieved this far. Kanarev had found that in some cases ordinary water splitting electrolysis produces excess energy and developed the idea further along with a theoretical atomic model and a plasma electrolysis device for very high efficiency water splitting. Kanarev’s plasma electrolysis uses no fusion and causes no radiation for producing the excess energy with typical efficiency of 150 … 1000%. Professor Vigier commented Kanarev’s lecture about magnetic field producing energy and professor Nassikas about ether absorption.

Prof. Ph. M. Kanarev’s list of scientific achievements is quite impressive and tells about an innovative researcher not afraid of publishing revolutionary results. He has developed the axiom of space – matter – time unity; the law of the formation of the spectra of the atoms and the ions; the electromagnetic models of the photon and the electron; the model of the hydrogen atom, the principles of the formation of the atoms and the molecules; the theory of water electrolysis; the deduction of the mathematical model of the law of irradiation of an absolutely black body from the laws of classical physics; the results of the experiments connected with obtaining additional energy during usual and plasma electrolysis of water; technical devices for obtaining heat energy, hydrogen and oxygen during plasma electrolysis of water; mathematical models for the calculation of the gravitational radius of the black hole and the contortion of the track of the movement of the photons by the gravitation fields of the stars and the planets.

For more details on this conference contact for their Conference Report: The 226-page Weinfelden conference report with a collection of lectures in English and German is available from conference organizer Adolf Schneider, e-mail: adolf.schneider@datacomm.ch . Price: DM 50.- or SFr. 40.- or Euro 25.- or USD 25.- + postage. “Neue Wasserstofftechnologien und Raumantriebe”. Vorträge des Kongresses vom 23./24. Juni 2001 im Hotel Thurgauerhof, CH-Weinfelden. Jupiter-Verlag Adolf und Inge Schneider, ISBN-3-906571-20-3. Mail address: Jupiter-Verlag/INET, Thalrichstrasse 808, Postfach CH 4622 Egerkingen, Switzerland. Tel: 0041 (0)62 / 388 98 53, Fax: 0041 (0)62 / 388 98 51. http://weinfelden.innoplaza.net/

There is no reason why Corporate energy cartels who sponsor government would choose to pursue this technology as it would result in their financial suicide. Can you reason why the public granted research and development centre is needed to provide the refom for these current conditions?

The conference subject matter and technology proves that these conditions currently enable an under resourced R and D environment which stagnates environmental benefit!

The next section will profile suppressed and alternative energy patents to further demonstrate the sheer amount of diversity needing grant support.

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