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# Re: Study finds Company’s least “educated” filed most patents!· Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Fri, 4 Feb 2000 06:46:52

Hi DM et al! Thanks for sharing the great story with the URL, quite a proof of principle with the egg and torch demonstration, especially because the layer of paint was so thin.

I suspect many companies and investors reject new, radical ideas or claims outright because they fly in the face of reason and orthodox ‘laws’, or if they can’t capitalize and control them completely they will also ignore them.

What is interesting is that a new discovery that is so ground breaking and so sweeping, must spread like wildfire and FORCES them to be dragged kicking and screaming into either using the discovery or attempting to get in on it after so many others have a headstart because they recognized the importance and usefulness of the discovery.

I find it interesting that so many subscribe to this list but don’t really participate in any kind of discussion or proffer new ideas, links or discussion. It is the nature of discussion lists for this to happen so not unexpected. And the number of people who read comments posted here as displayed publicly in the archives, yet who are not subscribers, is shown by the eScriber ranking system for ‘hits’ compared to the other lists so I suspect probably thousands read the comments.

I suspect that some hope EVENTUALLY to see some revelation or discovery they can capitalize though MOST just want to be kept abreast of interesting or useful material.

This months Volume 5, Issue 29 issue of Infinite Energy has a couple of great articles on thermodynamics, the Carnot cycle, the Amin cycle and entropy which disputes formal heat engines.

One article says the Carnot cycle is in error because;
1) no combination of processes exist which can convert heat into work more efficiently as a total cycle than the Carnot cycle,
2) the work of an engine must be proportional to absolute temperature differences because of the KTG and
3) the applicability of the KTG (kinetic theory of gases) where an engine with a process whcih does not conform to the KTG is not bound by Carnot’s theorem because potential engine processes exist which do not conform to the KTG.

It gets back to Hal Fox’s great comments about the skeptics claiming we are trying to ‘get something from nothing’… Hal makes it quite clear that free energy proponents aren’t trying to do that or claiming to do that,rather we are trying to discover new and novel ways of TRANSLATING or CONVERTING ambient energy, whether it be in the form of heat, wind, light, zpe, aether, etc… to OTHER FORMS that can be more easily used to produce work, as mechanical force, electrical energy, light or heat.

I always liked the way he expressed it since we are literally swamped in a sea of energy of many forms. The idea that people could invent something totally new and ‘impossible’ because they didn’t know better……or didn’t know they could not, that it was against the ‘law’ I find both hilarious and refreshing.
— wrote:

Hi folks, Came across this great alternative science web site from (England?).

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Hi Marcelo et al! With regard to the Hindthorne coil arrangement you wrote; That description reminded me of the good old “Coler device”, with coils wound and attached to magnets. The whole device was mounted as a circle too.

Yes, as did the Hubbard, Hendershot and now the Stevens coil. You caught that too, eh? ATTACHED TO MAGNETS….not inductively coupled but physically connected. Can you see any way that iron pyrite sitting in the middle of a coil and exposed to bright sunlight could possibly induce a current in a coil that would stimulate this secondary to produce power?

You know, the closest I can come to it is the Adams device as posted at; ….a silver grey metal which he claims gives off electrical energy.

In fact, to prove his point, he already CLAIMS to run clocks, a radio, and a small TV set at his home — just by plugging into his piece of strange metal. Mr Adams, a retired ultra-sonic engineer and radiologist who once worked on Concorde, patented his discovery under a trade name. But the Ministry of Defence warned him in writing that his find was covered by the Official Secrets Acts. He was not to reveal the components of the substance or it’s location.

“This substance is a combination of natural elements in a hitherto undiscovered form and which could have taken tens of thousands of years to discover scientifically.” A piece no bigger than a shirt button could replace batteries in cars and commercial vehicles. A slab half the size of a shoe box could provide all the power and light for a normal three up and two down family house — for next to nothing.

Additional comments from Dave Saltrese who knew Adams; ….it is a class of petrovoltaic of which there seems to be quite a few. I have found Bornite (copper iron sulfide) will give the same results. Place the rock in a dish with a few drops of water, wait for the rock to absorb some of the moisture and it will then act like a battery.

Now I had seen another article years ago which I think claimed that the Adams circuit required a Moray type vacuum tube system to amplify and suck in the power from the rock. I find it interesting that Adams says it is an ‘unusual form’ that he has managed to synthesize, so it sounds precisely like the Swedish stone of Moray’s valve (probably germanium). The valve appears to somehow collect incoming cosmic rays OR convert ambient aether/zpe influxes to produce power that can be accumulated and pumped with the right kind of vacuum tube arrangement. Here is where a kind of negative resistance would be of use and for several years I have been thinking this negative resistance could be produced by the right wave interference patterns.

When you inject two frequencies against each other, if they are resonant they are perfectly in phase. You can adjust the phase angle so that one wave appears to move backward or forward with regard to a fixed wave. So thinking in terms of pressure, we have the ambient pressure that is the reference or ‘ground’ (the fixed wave).

Anything GREATER than ground is positive energy (forward moving wave with respect to the fixed wave) that can be passed through a load and converted to do useful work, whether as heat, mechanical motion, current, etc…

Anything LESS than ground is negative energy (reverse moving wave with respect to the fixed wave) and should suck ambient ground energy (from the fixed wave) into it, to pull it up to the ground state….so this would be equivalent to a negative resistance which sucks in energy. Therefore, by so tuning a circuit against a known ground reference frequency, you should be able to create just such a ‘well’ of negative resistance to pull in additional ‘free’ energy. Now, I can’t see this energy being just ONE freqency, but rather thousands or more, though it is possible there are certain frequencies of higher amplitude, much like the Schuman resonance peaks. Everything vibrates and so is sensitive to every other vibration with the greatest sensitivity (and energy transfer) being at the resonant frequency or harmonic thereof.

So, if we are trying to simultaneously tune into thousands of frequencies to produce a ‘negative resistance well’ for each of them, passed through a dual opposed diode configuration to extract both halves of the wave energy (positive and negative), then we would need to have a fast acting device, like a germanium transistor that was biased to create a negative well for every frequency.

That I cannot imagine for one device, though I can see numerous such transistors in an array biased for each frequency to create this negative well. Now what if this device was dynamically adaptive to instantly adjust the phase for every incoming wave, no matter what frequency, so that it created this negative resistance well and sucked in all of the energy from most if not all of the incoming waves?

At the moment, I can’t see how this is possible but perhaps the Adams stone OR the iron pyrite in the article could function like a giant cat whisker radio, having many ‘sweet spots’ where a high current could be extracted at one resonant frequency. This cat whisker business has fascinated me since I was a kid with my first one….you must move the pointer over the surface until you get the strongest signal…amazing…

Anyway, I didn’t mean for this to be so extensive, but the idea just seems intriguing and I wanted to also correlate the Moray and Adams claims with it. But the most probable thing is that the iron pyrite could be CONNECTED, like a cat whisker to the coil…. Here is a good description of a catwhisker crystal radio set that requires no battery;

Crystal set radios pick up AM radio without batteries or electricity. In the simplest terms, the broadcast station puts out enough power in the form of a radio signal to be picked up by a crystal set.The crystal radio antenna captures this electromagnetic energy, and the signal then passes through the crystal detector. Through a process called “rectification,” the detector samples half of the radio wave and transforms the wave into a signal that can produce audio in the earphones.

This mysterious process first intrigued great inventors such as Braun, Marconi, and Pickard, and it continues to fascinate electronics buffs, amateur radio operators, and engineers today. The hobby of building and listening to crystal radio had its first and biggest craze in the 1920’s. Once radio stations began broadcasting all over the country, people began buying and building crystal radio kits. At that time a true mineral crystal was used as the detector.The most popular crystal was galena, and a fine piece of wire called a “cat’s whisker” was used to touch the crystal and find the “hot spot” on the rock where a station would come in.

These days, many hobbyists use the modern day diode instead of a crystal, but there are still experimenters who strive for the thrill of getting Radio Japan on a rock. Crystal Radios require a special high impedance earplug; these are available from the Society and other sources. Regular stereo earphones will not work. Why? The first crystal radio headphones were different from the modern steroeo headphones of today, they usually had input impedances of 2000 ohms or higher. (The input impedance for modern stereo earphones is a small fraction of this value).

If you are an electrical techy type you can get a transformer and rig up newer phones to work, but the cost is much more than the inexpensive $2.50 crystal earplug. (Of course, experimentation with input impedances could be the basis for a more advanced science fair project).

What if there were MULTIPLE fingers squeezing the catwhisker to extract multiple ‘sweet spots’ simultaneously??? In the book ‘The Sea of Energy’ written by Moray, he mentions using an earphone to tune into a ‘whoosh-whoosh’ sound that he picked up by tuning his ‘Moray valve’ (specially doped germanium crystal which he found in Sweden).

Perhaps Moray or Adams’s circuits also were high impedance? The loads in Morays tests were usually many 100 watt bulbs which glowed unusually bright, were cooled to the touch, except for one small dark spot on the inside of the bulb. These bulbs were believed to be powered with high frequency energy, though as far as I know, no one ever measured the frequency of the current from his circuit as it fed a load. When Moray ran out of this material, he apparently wasn’t able to find more of it, so his experiments faded away as he could no longer prove it with a working device…well, that’s one version…some say the ‘valve’ was really lead doped with radium but that is too easy.

Lots of possibilities here, and I should not fail to mention the writings of Gerry Vassilatos in his excellent book, ‘Lost Science’ from which talks about luminous or electric stones that did not require moisture. One other correlation is in the Tesla car as in the following; Tesla had already considered the condition of charged particles, each representing a tightly constricted whorl of aether. The force necessarily exerted at close distances by such aetheric constrictions was incalculably large. Aetheric ponderance maintained particulate stability.

Crystalline lattices were therefore places within which one could expect to find unexpected voltages. Indeed, the high voltages inherent in certain metallic lattices, intra-atomic field energies, are enormous. The close Coulomb gradient between atomic centers are electrostatic potentials reaching humanly unattainable levels. By comparison, the voltages which Tesla once succeeded in releasing were quite insignificant. In these balanced lattices, Tesla sought the voltages needed to initiate directed aetheric streams in matter.Once such a flow began, one could simply tap the stream for power. In certain materials, these ether streams might automatically produce the contaminating electrons, a source of energy for existing appliances.

One could theoretically then “tailor” the materials needed to produce unexpected aetheric power with or without the attendant detrimental particles. Tesla did mention the latent aetheric power of charged forces, the explosive potentials of bound Ether, and the aetheric power inherent in matter. ….Thereafter, Tesla shifted his attentions from the appreciation of the gigantic to an appreciation of the miniature. He sought a means for proliferating an immense number of small and compact aether power receivers. With one such device, Tesla succeeded in obtaining power to drive an electric car.

Taken into a small garage, Dr. Tesla walked directly to a Pierce Arrow, opened the hood and began making a few adjustments. In place of the engine, there was an AC motor.This measured a little more than 3 feet long, and a little more than 2 feet in diameter. From it trailed two very thick cables which connected with the dashboard. In addition, there was an ordinary 12 volt storage battery. The motor was rated at 80 horsepower. Maximum rotor speed was stated to be 30 turns per second. A 6 foot antenna rod was fitted into the rear section of the car. Dr. Tesla stepped into the passenger side and began making adjustments on a “power receiver” which had been built directly into the dashboard. The receiver, no larger than a short-wave radio of the day, used 12 special tubes which Dr. Tesla brought with him in a boxlike case. The device had been prefitted into the dashboard, no larger than a short-wave receiver. Mr. Savo told Mr. Ahler that Dr. Tesla built the receiver in his hotel room, a device 2 feet in length, nearly 1 foot wide, a 1/2 foot high.

These curiously constructed tubes having been properly installed in their sockets, Dr. Tesla pushed in 2 contact rods and informed Peter that power was now available to drive. Of the motive source he referred to “a mysterious radiation which comes out of the aether”. The small device very obviously and effectively appropriated this energy. Tesla also spoke very glowingly of this providence, saying of the energy itself that “it is available in limitless quantities”. Dr. Tesla stated that although “he did not know where it came from, mankind should be very grateful for its presence”.
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Time Questions, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Mon, 3 Apr 2000 13:49:17

Hi Folks! Trying to get a handle on this and its difficult to tell if the spin of magnetic fields of the earth are the cause, though aether/zpe should be entrained to follow that spin, rather magnetism would be affected by the solar wind which would then drag aether to spin with it… ….the anti-gravity (effect) only appeared when the gyroscope was spinning anticlockwise…

much like springs intersecting each other, in one direction, they are 180 degrees out of phase and encounter resistance to each other in the other direction, they are in phase and go with the flow. That means the CCW spin that the Japanese found is telling us (well, in my view it is) that it is NOT being resisted by the apparently spiralling aether influx because the springs are ‘in phase’…

This CCW spin could be emulated with a rapidly spinning plasma in a torus. Started to say helical path which would be like a spring but – at some point for a continuous mass it has recover to start the spiral back over again. This smacks of inertial drives where a sudden fast motion is instantly stopped, which would drag the local aether with it and where the aether would continue to flow although the mass had stopped.

Of course, you would think the more resistance to aether flow, the more inertia and ‘gravity’. So to reduce weight in mass you’d not only want to come into phase with the spiral but accelerate it so that it literally ‘screwed’ itself (and hopefully the mass attached to it) up the incoming spirals.

There was one report from a ‘landing’ on a mountain road near in Oklahoma reported in FATE magazine where a traveller was ‘surprised’ to see this thing sitting on the road. He was approached by regular guys asking if they could borrow some of the water from his radiator…he said yes, but he wanted to see inside the ship. They showed him a large tube that went around the circumference of the circular craft and explained it was filled with mercury, I believe…at one point the tube rapidly tapered down (short distance) to a very narrow section and then expanded back up (over a long distance).

The pilot explained that the mercury was circulated very rapidly and it created a ‘force’ where it was pinched that provide lift and thrust.

I’d have to look up the article to see if it the mercury was ionized into a plasma but I don’t think it was. The idea being to rapidly move a dense mass and then, like the Dean drive, stop or slow it almost to a stop very rapidly, then rapidly accelerate it again.

This ties in with Harold Aspdens’ observations of; SPIN and SPIRAL;

One other point, Eric Laithwaite did a demonstration in front of Harold Aspden where he took a heavy metal disk suspended on a bearing and attached to a shaft… hold the shaft in both hands out in front of you and somewhat close to the body…then while the heavy disk is spinning, you try to life the shaft upwards……it WON’T GO UP, it goes sideways and up, no matter how much force you use….successive still photos of this show that the arc prescribed is 32.8 degrees, (this might not be the EXACT NUMBER, but I am quoting from memory) which is exactly the angle found in DNA…..Aspden thinks this angle has free energy and other applications.


Dr. Harold Aspden did an experiment which indicates that aether actually couples to mass, like velcro hooks that seep into and hold static masses…(my interpretation)….when the mass spins, these velcro hooks are partially broken to allow the mass to accelerate to speed….that is the resistance/inertia that must be overcome to get the mass spun up TO that speed.

Essentially, he measured how much energy it took to get a mass rotating to a certain speed….then he would bring this to a stop….he did this over and over, to make sure the electrical energy requirement was very nearly the same in each test. Then he brought the heavy rotating mass to a ‘near stop’, then accelerated it again…when accelerated in this fashion, it only took about 30% of the energy necessary to go from a FULL STOP to full velocity,than it had before….he repeated this several times and it always came out the same….it ties in very well with Puthoffs paper on ‘ZPE as the Cause of Inertia’.

# Re: Torque from photons?· Jerry W. Decker, Sat, 04 Dec 1999 22:18:21

Hi Folks! I received the following kind repost from Neil Bates with more information about the experiment that seems to indicate an angular momentum to light that might be transferred to drive mass;

Subject: Re: anything more on Beth? Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 13:40:02 PST ; From: “neil bates”

Jerry: Thank you very much for reposting my little piece about photon spin and anomalous energy. Oddly enough, I forget exactly which newsgroup I posted it on – please let me know! the Keely Net looks interesting, and I read over some posts, including some of yours, in the brief time that I had available. Wasn’t there an inventor named Keely who claimed to have invented an electromagnetic (ZPE?) OU device? I doubt that the net is named after him – to warrant a “dot com,” but life is full of strange coincidences.

The specific reference to the Beth experiment is: “Mechanical Detection and Measurement of the Angular Momentum of Light” by Richard A. Beth, Physical Review, vol. 50, p. 115-…, (1936). Beth showed only that the angular momentum of photons is real. I am the one who originated the idea that since photon spin is independent of energy, absorbing very low-energy photons could give OU energy to a spinning disk. I am not at all sure it would work, but someone should study the situation.

I posted another physics paradox about photon spin to sci.physics.research (11/30 or 12/01 posting). I seems to have stumped everyone, since no one has answered the challenge to resolve it.
Regards, Neil Bates
–Jerry Wayne

# Re: Zero Point. Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Sat, 18 Mar 2000 15:52:43

Hi Norm! That’s what is confusing, maybe it’s a loose fit value since; 1000.00 kelvin = 1340.33 deg Fahrenheit ; 1000.00 kelvin = 726.85 deg Celsius

A decent chart for the electromagnetic spectrum;

A singularity as Hudson describes is a standing wave or a soliton. The casimir test was 5 atoms apart which is about 14 angstroms which means one atom is about 2.8 angstroms wide.

– One atom is 10 to the minus 10 meters in diameter.
– One nanometer is 10 to the minus 9th meters.
– One angstrom is 0.0000000001 meters wide
– One tera hertz (THZ) is 1,000,000,000,000 hertz
– One angstrom is one THZ.
– Red light is 7800-6220 angstroms.
– Green light is 5770-4920 angstroms.
– Violet light is 4550-3900 angstroms.
– Visible Ultraviolet is 200-780 nanometers.

Hudsons resonance wave is spaced the distance of 6.3 atoms separating them which is 17.64 angstroms wide. The rainbow of colors we know as visible light is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths between 400 and 700 billionths of a meter (400 to 700 nanometers).

– Ultraviolet radiation has a range of wavelengths from 400 billionths of a meter to about 10 billionths of a meter.
– X-rays are high energy waves which have great penetrating power…the wavelength range is from about ten billionths of a meter to about 10 trillionths of a meter.

SO, the Casimir spacing is the width of 5 atoms, about 14 angstroms and in the UV region AS IS Hudson’s resonance wave which is 6.3 atoms apart, about 17.64 angstroms wide.….the Planck frequency which is around 10 to the 43rd Hertz

To summarize, the experimental evidence for the existence of ZPE is:
1) the Casimir Effect,
2) the Lamb shift,
3) Van der Waal’s forces,
4) diamagnetism,
5) spontaneous emission,
6) microdegree liquid Helium,
7) quantum noise and most recently,
8) cosmological antigravity.
Awaiting experimental verification is that inertia and gravity are also proof of ZPE…

— Norman Wootan wrote: Now if you pick up the electro-magnetic spectrum and you look at it you’ll find absorption spectroscopy and emission spectroscopy all on the same chart. But they’re not exactly the same, they’re slightly offset because it’s a logarithmic chart and where this turns around and goes back is where the electro-magnetic zero point is and it just happens to be dead center where these two won’t reconcile. You get a singularity. It’s where it literally turns around nd starts to come back and at the point where it perfectly turns there’s actually a singularity. Because in reality it literally turns and runs off in another dimension and then comes out of that dimension and continues on. The two miss each other by Planck’s frequency, they don’t touch. ( end quote.)

I have a large Electromagnetic Spectrum Chart that I got from Edmund’s Scientific. On it the two halves of the spectrum come together but do not touch exactly at the 1000 degree Kelvin line which is by the way the frequency of water (H2O) and oxygen 10 to the 14th in frequency. I checked all this out back 5 years ago after we had attended David Hudson’s work shop. It is not a coincidence that this patent utilizes a heated path way at slightly above 1000 degrees F. Norm

# Sea of Energy – was Re: MagnoGrav Motor· Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Mon, 27 Dec 1999 09:43:58

Hi SWB et al! A very interesting series of thoughts and possibilities.

— SWB wrote: First, thinking back on that ‘thing’ about the speed of light possibly being six to ten times faster than we ever imagined. While some folks on this list did an admirable job of pointing out the possible flaws in the testing methods sited; the ‘very possibility’, that there is still merit to the premise is EXTREMELY intriguing!

“IF” it is true; then that makes for some very important inescapable conclusions, about both the nature of light, and the ‘aether’ itself !!!Inescapable? Ever hear of the ‘Kobayashi Maru’ test…bend the ‘rules’…… Could it be, that the ‘aether’ is an impediment to the the propagation of light ?!?! Think about it! If the ‘aether’ is more ‘viscous’ (for the sake of a better analogy) in the vicinity of a ‘mass’; then that speaks volumes about why light is slowed (and defracted), when passing through the gravity induced ‘inversion layer’ surrounding matter. So, if the ‘aether’ actually slows the velocity of light around masses, then is the ‘aether’ stretched

SO ‘thin’ in deep space, that where there is no significant mass, the light traversing the ‘thin aether’ has been racing towards us, at a speeds we cannot even comprehend? An intriguing idea, that aether density slows the propagation of light and other waves. Where aether compression produces mass and energy.

I have always viewed it more as a wave phenomena that is subdivided to ever lower frequencies because of the way the spectrum works and that we SUSPECT that matter is frozen or greatly slowed energy which can be rapidly released using E=MC^. Have to think on this some more and see what other permutations would result or if they my long standing view is erroneous, if that be the case, I’ll certainly change. The theory that is probably closer to the reality is one which points to practical results from experiment.

There is also the fact, that the elastic nature of ‘perceived time’ arises from the speed of a given object. So, what does that say about what we have really been observing, when we look at the heavens? It tells me, that light from those stars, would have only traveled a FRACTION of the time previously thought! Therefore, the universe could conceivably be BILLIONS of years younger, than what the egghead astrophysicist say it is! I’m sure that ‘that’ doesn’t make some of you very happy out there, for a multitude of reasons. Would certainly change a lot of astronomical observations and vacuum sucks light through it faster than it can move through the refractory index of compressed/condensed aether around masses….hmmm…now, this is discussion material bigtime!

Back to the nature of the ‘aether’. SO, what IS it about the ‘aether’, which slows light down? Is there an ‘electromagnetic’ property to gravity? I think the answer to that one lies in the apparent viscosity of aether to other energies, kind of a parametric coupling where high density spikes can entrain an aether flow.

The confusion, IMO, seems to be between referring to Aether as a super high master frequency that is successively divided down to create other energies and eventually mass as opposed to; the mechanical view of Aether where it is treated as a compressible gas, enough compression and it forms matter, but it has a refractory index in any of its forms.

That seems obvious; but, why can we NOT observe, detect, nor measure the ‘mechanics’ involved in ‘HOW’ gravity actually impedes light? If you could point a ‘magnetometer’ at “gravity”, you would get NO reading. You must be referring to the proposed bending of light by high gravity? Would that not be analogous to bending electrons to paint the screen in your computer monitor by using EITHER magnetic OR electrostatic deflection?

If you move a wire through “gravity” no electrical flow is induced. So, what mechanism in the ‘aether’ induces a physical effect on ‘light’, as it passes through a gravitational field / ‘thick aether’? I think that is apples and oranges but the closest comparison I can envision is that the metal crystals in iron, copper, etc. function as prisms that SLOW MAGNETISM to the lower frequencies of electricity when the metal cuts the magnetic field. We just have to find what material or energy pattern creates the greatest disturbance in gravity. I think T.T. Brown found lead oxide, bismuth and antimony to have the greatest antipathy to gravity flows. I think it must be, that the nature of the ‘aether’ is analogous to Aluminum. (Bear with me now.)

Aluminum, is not capable of being ‘permanently magnetized’; but, you can induce a current in it, and it will generate a magnetic field of it’s own. That magnetic field in turn can ‘effect’ a current in other surrounding objects. Have you ever seen the science demonstration, where a cylindrical magnet is placed longitudinally on a slanted (nearly vertical), piece of sheet aluminum? It progresses very slowly, instead of rolling right down, as one might expect. As it moves, the magnet induces a current in the surrounding aluminum, turning it into an electro-magnet; but, the field strength is not as strong as the force of gravity, so the magnet continues to move down the sheet metal very slowly. This happens because the magnet is fighting with the ‘like’ poles of the electromagnetic properties, induced by it’s own movement in the vicinity of the ‘mass’/’thick aether’/’gravity’ of the aluminum; thereby, impeding it’s own progress by virtue of it’s very own mass, velocity, and gravitational constraints.

It doesn’t really turn into an electromagnet but I won’t belabor the point. A hysteresis effect of mass moving through aether to produce inertia.

It is this very property of aluminum, in which I find a similarities to what is causing the impediment, that the ‘aether’ poses, to the propagation of light. But, ‘HOW’ does it do it? If we knew that, then we would know ‘WHAT’ we were dealing with, and we just don’t! But, I do believe it to be ‘knowable’! If it isn’t, then we are playing with fire in more ways than one! Yep, inertia, possibly the refractory index of aether produces inertia? That is, the denser the aether, the slower the mass and light (which some claim are highly charged PARTICLES).

Is gravity equally elastic, for the same reasons, that the ‘speed of light’ and ‘time’ are? You know it would ‘follow’ that all energy, when concentrated must have density levels with specific reactions when moving into and through matter as well as having different characteristics and attributes at each density.

Is gravity also a slave to the viscosity of the ‘aether’? OR – Is the viscosity of the ‘aether’ a result of it’s proximity to the gravitational force of a mass?

Does gravity arise from the the ‘aether’; or does the ‘aether’ arise from gravity? Or, can the case be made, that they are really one-in-the-same? Back to the wavicle question, should aether be considered as a wave (frequency – phase conjugatable), as a particle (mechanically compressible).

Is it possible for us to manipulate either the ‘aether’, or gravity? If so, then ‘HOW’ do we goabout manipulating it; and, how much energy does ‘THAT’ take; and, how much ‘EXCESS’ energy can be extracted from the process? I would think the simple fact of inertia shows that we CAN manipulate aether. As to the excess, as I understand the claim, it is an over-thrust due to entrainment when the ‘flow’ is suddenly stopped as described at;

where he says; ….it turned out that the need to conserve momentum prevented MUTUAL annihilation of energies from occurring during collisions. Indeed the two conservation laws of energy AND momentum, which had to be applied SIMULTANEOUSLY, led to a totally different result. ….Instead of annihilating, primaries INCREASED in number! In fact, 18% MORE of BOTH kinds appeared, on average, from EACH collision of opposites. Clearly an indication of BUCKING FIELDS. And IMO, I think it can be ANY energy that collides with itself, acoustic, magnetic, electric, etc..

And, ‘IF’ you do succeed in manipulating it, what happens to the ‘perceived time’ of objects or light, which pass through that ‘manipulated aether’?

In the marvelous sci-fi story ‘The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything’ by John D. McDonald, 1962. The story revolves around a watch built by his late uncle which has the ability to slow down everything but the holder of the watch. He has some fascinating ideas about how, when the wearer is in this speeded up time that the world is bathed in a lurid red light and when he tries to move slowed matter, it resists as if in glue. The idea of producing a local time field where only the wearer is accelerated or slowed down offers all kinds of ideas. That’s part of the paper I wrote on time dilation at;

What really is the ‘Holy Grail’ of overunity? And, when we find it, how do we actually go about ‘making hay’ with it? Given, the ‘FACT’ (if indeed, ‘IT’ is a “FACT’), that the “aether’ is an impediment to the propagation of ‘ENERGY’ in it’s most vigorous forms; I must restate my belief, that extracting energy, directly from (what most of you are calling) the ‘aether’ is just NOT possible !!!

The ZPE tapping that Puthoff and others promote indicates there is a quantum foam of highly complex em frequencies that appears and disappears all around us. This foam is what pushes the Casimir plates together as a mechanical indication that something is really happening.

The idea of GATING or rectifying any wave means we can channel the energy by POLARIZING it into two different forms, positive or negative. Normally a wave will cancel itself when the positive, expanding, pushing half of a wave runs into the negative, collapsing, pulling half of a wave. A laser reinforces a relatively weak light by harmonically adding by reflection to increase the intensity. This additional energy is added faster than the light normally dissipates so that it creates an intense COLLIMATED beam.

We should be able to rectify this Brownian motion of the ZPE quantum jiggle, the zitterbewegung, so that we have a receiver that collects much of the energy in each half of every wave that appears.

In the Genre’ of Tesla – Gleaning free energy from the static electrical energy in our ‘physical atmosphere’ is one thing. To purport that: we live in a “sea of energy” waiting to be tapped, which emanates from the realm of an unknown, and physically undeterminably dimension” – is a leap of faith I am not willing to take.

The patent Tesla has for a photoelectric type effect using a highly polished plate claims to extract energy from the highly charged particles and highly accelerated particles that comprise light. I realize you are referring to Aether/ZPE, but if we are indeed saturated with multiple frequencies from all over the universe, it would seem that polarizing these frequencies from the AC wave to their dual DC polarities would extract all the energy we could ever need, particularly if it was collecting energy from ANY incoming wave. A rose by any other name..

That is NOT to say: that I DON’T believe ‘overunity’ is possible. Manipulating the ‘aether’ for it’s effects; and then using those effects to boost highly efficient semi conventional systems, to produce overunity is another matter entirely! That may INDEED be possible! I guess you are referring to some inertial hybrid contraption…….that’ll do but I am totally infatuated with the idea of a purely electronic circuit though I suspect the FIRST REAL working one will be such a hybrid of mechanics and electronics.

The experiments with the gyroscopic effects, on the perceived weight of a spinning mass, (mentioned a while back), might hold a key here. That approach seems promising to me. But still, manipulating the ‘aether’ itself, effectively and productively, will require dissecting it into quantifiable, and manipulatable forces (not to mention explainable ones !!!)

Again, we are back to is it mechanical, is it a wave or it is some unique blend of them? I just think, that the vast majority of you out there are looking down a’dry well’; IF, some sort of ‘flow’, directly from the ‘aether’ itself is where you expect to find overunity !!! Inescapable contusion..… Happy New Year!

# Slone Aether theory· Jerry W. Decker, Sun, 13 Feb 2000 02:18:49

Hi Folks! I was perusing the newsgroup and found this URL about theoretical tiny particles, smaller than atoms which the author calls ‘slones’ that permeate and suffuse everything;

I think that there is an ether that strive to fill all the universe with a constant density. The ether consist of very small particles, smaller than atoms, and I have called these particles for slones. These particles, the slones, find their ways through matter in such a way that they not affect matter with constant speed, but when a body change its speed (i.e. accelerates) a force is needed to change the path of the slones so a new condition of resonance between the slones and the body will appear.

This explains inertia. In heavy bodies the slones will take part in atomic reactions and the mass of the slones will be transformed to energy (probably according to Einstein’s famous formula E = mc2). This explains why the sun shines, why the huge planet Jupiter produces energy and why the Earth have a hot core. The recent space research imply that all big bodies have a hot core.

The slones are the fuel of the universe. When the slones are transformed to energy inside heavy bodies, there will be a vacuum in the ether, and new slones accelerate against the centre of the body. This etherwind affect the matter, and gravity has got its explanation. Light and other electromagnetic waves travel through the ether in the same way that sound travel through air, and the light has a constant speed relatively the ether.

Lately I’ve been questioning some of my own views of the universe and particularly aether and ‘gravity’. Pull gravity where bodies attract, I still consider erroneous when compared with PUSH gravity where matter is held together by an ‘aether pressure’ emanating from space.

However, it doesn’t go far enough. Every mass must have one or more ‘neutral centers’ (Keely’s term) which act as the zone of less ‘aether’ density which causes the difference in potential to create the force that holds matter together and gives it ‘weight’ via ‘gravity’. Taking ZPE (sero point energy) in mind, where energy appears for brief periods in all portions of space to momentarily produce a pressure type displacement would account for this ‘pushing together’ of mass. Maurice Cooke in his book, ‘The Nature of Reality’, which he says is channeled, refers to inert gases as ‘primary points’…as energy that is somehow radiated from some other hyperspace type dimension into this dimension as a radiant force.

Indeed, the compressed inert gas generators is his method of proving the concept by placing an accumulation of these primary point emitters into one small region of space, thus intensifying their effect. There is another interesting old book, called an ‘occult fantasy’ that was written back in the late 1800s’ and called ‘Etidorpha’ (Aprhodite in reverse). The book claims to have taken a visitor deep into the earth where they traversed an underground lake of exquisite stillness. Now I’m not spooking out on you here, it is the concept that is described in the book which offers a unique insight into this collimation of seemingly random, chaotic forces into a directed beam that could be practically used….as is done with lasers and masers.

The two people stepped into a boat floating on the surface of this still lake, no wind, no waves, just a sheer sheet of silvery glass. The passenger and the boatman were deep in discussion and after a short period, the passenger inquired as to why they weren’t moving. The boatman replied they were in fact moving at great velocity across the water. The passenger found this hard to believe, no wind tousled his hair or teared up his eye, there were no waves, ripples or bowshock wave in front of or behind the boat.

The boatman assured the passenger they were moving at high speed and asked him to throw something over the side. The passenger removed threads from the inside of his jacket and was astonished to see the threads INSTANTLY disappear as it was thrown past the boat hull. The boatman explained that the universe was permeated with just such a random, chaotic ‘noise’ of force, but that once understood, this force could be directed to provide thrust in any direction desired and that he could sense these flows and control them mentally to provide not only the thrust of this boat being PUSHED over the water but serving as a shield against wind and inertial motion.

I always found that explanation very intriguing, and now with ZPE and this quantum foam that equates to spontaneously created noise and disintegration, it could well fit these claims, proven by the currently very weak ‘Casimir force’ where two plates are squeezed together by the ambient ZPE when a certain spacing is attempted to be maintained. Much like a check valve that only lets water flow in one direction, or in a diode which only lets current of a given polarity flow through it, so too, could an aggregation of tiny check valves or diodes, allow the passage of flowing matter or electrons into one PREFERRED direction so that thrust could be produced.

Direction is irrelevant, which means it could provide lift or thrust in any desired direction. I don’t have much confidence in the ability of a human to mentally direct such forces at this point in our evolution,however, I do think that by using diodes or check valves we could provide for the controlled collimation and passage of chaotic randomness to produce a practical thrust.

# Space Quantum Theory (dual force gravity vs aether/zpe), Jerry W. Decker, Sun, 22 Aug 1999 18:36:37

Hi Folks! Here is an interesting dual configuration of the universe that purports to explain both gravity and aether/zpe; Gravity — The Space Quantum Theory

As per the SQT, the space quantum has both a positive and negative force operating from a zero-point-frequency energy field. The negative force, called gravity, is a pressure force due to the expansion of the universe that holds all mass together. While the secondary space quantum action, the compressed units returning to their neutral state after being provoked by the expansion factor, is the positive force.

This positive force I called the impetus force, it moves all units of mass and energy through the space quantum field, which I call the spacetronic field for short.

# What is a vacuum?· Russell Garber, Sat, 30 Oct 1999 20:44:08

Hi all, This may sound like a dumb question, and I may be just thinking illogically due to too much thinking, but what is a vacuum? To be clear, I am not speaking of the ether/Aether/ZPE or anything along those lines, but strictly a vacuum as the absence of matter. To start, I will explain what got me thinking about this. I was thinking about density, and balloons (helium, hot air, or whatever) and how a balloon can lift weight. Again to be clear, I understand how that works (the total density of the balloon and the payload it is carrying, is less than the weight of the air it displaces) This got me thinking of a theoretical vacuum balloon. What I mean by this, is a hollow object made of a lightweight, rigid material (strong enough to not collapse under the inside vacuum pressure), but large enough to displace more air than it’s weight (picture a helium balloon, filled with nothing (a vacuum), instead of helium, weighing the same (the balloon material itself), but strong enough to maintain the size and shape it would be when filled with enough helium to float… again remember this is just imaginary). Would this vacuum balloon float? I think that it would float for the same reason the helium balloon floats, but this got me thinking about other strange things. One question it brought to mind is, what happens to a vacuum when it is filled with air?

Does the vacuum just disappear? or does it rise up into space where it is at an equal density with it’s surroundings? Thinking about that question led to another question, if atoms are always moving about, what are they moving in? What is in between the molecules of water, air, etc… If it is a vacuum, then why do they not sink down (being more dense than a vacuum) and take up all the space, until they can no longer move about?

Picture oil floating on water, and then imagine air as a liquid, floating at a higher level because it is less dense, and helium at a higher level, etc., etc. Anyway, I think you get the idea…. I apologize if I am talking non-sense, but as I have stated in the past, sometimes when you spend too much time thinking about one thing, non-sense begins to make more and more sense. (not to mention that the idea of nothing (a vacuum) being able to take up space (well not exactly, but you know what I mean), is a weird concept in itself) 🙂 In any case, I am looking forward to your responses.

# Zero Point Motion in a Bose Einstein Condensate· Jerry W. Decker, Fri, 18 Jun 1999 22:22:13

Hi Folks! H.H. posted this to the vort list on ZPE motion in a BCE;

PHYSICS NEWS UPDATE ; The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News ; Number 433 June 15, 1999 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein

ZERO-POINT MOTION IN A BOSE-EINSTEIN CONDENSATE has been quantitatively measured for the first time, allowing researchers, in effect, to study matter at a temperature of absolute zero.

According to quantum mechanics, objects cooled to absolute zero do not freeze to a complete standstill; instead they jiggle around by some minimum amount.

MIT researchers (Wolfgang Ketterle, 617-253-6815) measured such “zero-point motion” in a sodium BEC, a collection of gas atoms that are collectively in the lowest possible energy state (Update 233).

According to Ketterle, “the condensate has no entropy and behaves like matter at absolute zero.” The MIT physicists measured the motion (or lack thereof) by taking advantage of the fact that atoms absorb light at slightly lower (higher) frequencies if they are moving away from (towards) the light.

To determine these Doppler shifts (100 billion times smaller than those of moving galaxies), the researchers used a technique known as Bragg scattering. In this technique, atoms absorb photons at one energy from a laser beam and are stimulated by a second laser to emit a photon at another energy which can be shifted upward or downward depending on the atoms’ motion towards or away from the lasers.

Measuring the range in energies of the emitted photons allowed the researchers to determine the range of momentum values in the condensate.Multiplying this measured momentum spread (delta p) by the size of the condensate (delta x) gave an answer of approximately h-bar (Planck’s constant divided by 2 pi)–the minimum value allowed by Heisenberg’s uncertainty relation and quantum physics.

While earlier BECs surely harvested this zero-point motion, previous measurements of BEC momentum spreads were done with exploding condensates having energies hundreds of times larger than the zero-point energy. (J. Stenger et al., Physical Review Letters, 7 June 1999.)
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# ZPE collection, Jerry W. Decker, Sun, 20 Jun 1999 01:54:16

Hi Folks! If you get a chance, check out this superb page on zero point energy;

Physicists know that we are immersed in an energetic field. The existence of zero point electromagnetic energy was discovered in 1958 by the Dutch physicist M J Sparnaay. Mr Sparnaay continued the experiments carried out by Hendrik B G Casimir in 1948 which showed the existence of a force between two uncharged parallel plates which arose from electromagnetic radiation surrounding the plates in a vacuum.

Mr Sparnaay discovered that the forces acting on the plates arose from not only thermal energy, but also from another type of radiation now known as classical electromagnetic zero point energy. Mr Sparnaay determined that not only did the zero point electromagnetic energy exist in a vacuum, but also that it persisted even at a temperature of absolute zero.

This term Zero Point Energy has been based on the concept that even if matter were cooled down to absolute zero (minus 273OC), in terms of its temperature, this energy still remains.Because it exists in a vacuum, ZPE is homogenous and isotropic as well as ubiquitous. In addition, since ZPE is also invariant with respect to Lorentz transformation, the ZPE spectrum has the characteristic that the intensity of the energy at any frequency is proportional to the cube of that frequency.

Consequently, the intensity of the energy increases resulting in an infinite energy density for the radiation spectrum. It appears that this energy is quite intense. Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman and one of Einstein’s protégés, John Wheeler, calculated that there is more than enough energy in the volume of a coffee cup to evaporate all the worlds’ oceans.

We fail to easily recognize this immense energy source as it is analogous to trying to weigh a beaker of water underneath the ocean.
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# (no subject), Jerry W. Decker, (no date)

Dan Davidson and I didn’t think very highly of your original Spy article, not the style, just the slant and lack of REAL information. It was more tabloid than it had to be (a trait of Spy) and did not give anyone the remotest reasons for any possibility that Schauberger, Keely or other researchers could really have found something anomalous and been able to reproduce it under control.

That’s all we have ever looked for and many in this field have no problem collecting a lot of reports, stories, anecdotes, etc…looking for correlations that will lead to an experiment that might actually work. Also that this information lead to a repeatable experiment that will be freely and globally shared for all countries and peoples to use as a basis to develop their own useful, practical products.

The bottomline is and always will be, at least from my standpoint, to stumble upon, figure out or otherwise discover how to build a working free energy or gravity control device. Your audience probably doesn’t have the attention span for it , but the theory is really quite simple, that the universe is created, sustained and destroyed by an energy rich environment in which we live. Like fish under water we cannot detect or otherwise sense this pressure.It has always been called aether, Einstein called it the space-time metric and modern theorists such as Dr. Harold Puthoff, Dr. Bernard Haisch, Dr. Alfred Rueda, Moray King and many others refer to it as the ubiquitous ZPE or zero point energy, so I write it as aether/zpe since I think we should not abandon a term spanning thousands of years of human observation and thought.

Once you realize that matter is effectively a hole in this aether/zpe and that like pushing your hand quickly down in water, you will create a temporary hole that is filled by the surrounding water until it is again level with the pool, so too we think that matter is a hole in the aether/zpe and is constantly sucking it in or more precisely, having it PUSHED IN by ambient pressure simply trying to restore equilibrium.

That understanding leads us to how to control gravity since it is simply the influx of this aether/zpe into all matter with velocity proportionate to what is required to sustain the mass. That means we are held to the earth like flies being blown against a wire screen. Deflect this aether/zpe influx around us and weight is reduced or cancelled depending on how well you can deflect the flow into the planet. That accounts for gravity control and once the technics are worked out, it will usher in all kinds of changes in governments, societies and cultures.

With regard to ‘free energy’ and on the very simplest level, if we can learn to control this influx of aether/zpe into matter, we could manufacture a 5 or 10 foot solid wheel, 3-10 feet THICK (like the old millstones for grinding wheat to flour), made of rock, steel or any other metal. Install this heavy wheel on stanchions bearing a horizontal shaft, then place one of the gravity deflection plates over ONE HALF of the wheel.That causes an imbalance due to the deflected gravity and forces the wheel to spin just like a paddlewheel under a waterfall. We use the same principle in hydro dams, high pressure water pushing down by the force of gravity to spin the blades and drive our electrical generation turbines.

That accounts for a simple ‘free energy’ device minus of course the energy needed to power the reduced gravity plate.Other methods make use of the Casimir force indicating we can produce electricity DIRECTLY without the need of spinning anything. Not to mention phased interference, plasmas and inertial reactions. Now, for the most wondrous of all, healing, aging and rejuvenation.Keely said back in the late 1800’s that ‘Time is Gravity’ but even today, that simple phrase doesn’t evoke the full meaning without some thought.

We know gravity has a gradient because as you move away from the planet, you get lighter due to the lesser gravity. So its not just a switch on and switch off effect, it can be controlled like the variac light dimmer for your incandescent lamps in your house. What happens if a human sleeps in a room where the earths aether/zpe influx has been radically reduced or eliminated?If eliminated the person will float up to the ceiling while they sleep.During that time of no gravity, the person has no outside stresses or strains on the body and the ‘phenonmenon’ we call ‘time’ is reduced to a rate proportionate to what it takes to sustain the natural mass of the body, without the ADDED influx absorbed by the earth.

That means the time flow that causes aging slows and the body can heal and rejuvenate while under this reduced gravity/aether/zpe influx. There is even a paper on my front page that indicates there could well be frequency involved with time and gravity which would allow for phase conjugation. That means you could FORCE TIME BACKWARDS to repeat past patterns.

This is more than you expected I’m sure but I just wanted you to know there is much more than any kind of tabloid approach could remotely justify and we kind of take it as an insult by being lumped in as kooks.Its not our fault that you and others fail to look into WHY we think we have a new and novel approach to changing the world and improving everyones lives globally. It is not megalomania or anything bizarre as the end results will be inevitable IF the discoveries are freely released so that anyone can get the information and prove it for themselves as in the following;

So to be lumped in with religious kooks, conspiracy or UFO ‘chase the lights in the sky’ believers shows a definite lack of understanding about what we all are trying to achieve. Not that it will affect us in the long run but it certainly serves no useful purpose between adding more to the tabloid trash mentality now so prominent in this country.

There is no question that a free and global release of any set of plans specifying how to build a tabletop, off the shelf working device that will either produce energy completely on its own once started, or that will reduce the weight in mass to a measurable degree will make changes far beyond anything we can imagine. It has been done in the Tampere experiment using excited superconductors and the Finnish experiments with high density magnetic fields to cause flying frogs. These AREN’T TRUE GRAVITY control experiments since both tap into paramagnetic repulsion, a totally unrelated phenomenon, but it shows that the groundswell of scientific thought IS CHANGING. I did not mention NASAs recent Propulsion Conference seeking novel theories of propulsion to help us accelerate our space programs.

So why hold us up for ridicule because of wanting to be involved as facilitators of co-discoverers of such wondrous effects as free energy or gravitational control?It really won’t matter in the long run which is why I’ve never made it a big deal about writing letters and getting involved in lenghty Newmanesque/Soule diatribes that bear no fruit in the end.We will continue to work quietly and loosely, despite any jeers or attacks from those who either have their own agendas, an inability to comprehend what is soon to come or just more time on their hands than they can fill…

When it inevitably comes to pass that we achieve JUST ONE repeatable, freely shared proof of either gravity control or free energy, we will take great glee in quoting all those who could or would not differentiate between those trying to do some real good and those just out there for attention, mischief, personal gain or insanity. No animosity, just puzzlement that any adult with a semblance of education would choose the tabloid path when the writing could be so much more edifying and exalting, but then that doesn’t sell to the masses and its all about money now isn’t it…

Good luck on your book, it will probably make a mint. One day it would be fun to produce a documentary or video showing some of the true wonders (though at this point nothing repeatably anomalous) since so many seem to fixated on the flash and bang. Ah well, such is life. As usual you can use any of this you want but try to keep it in context…thanks…….Seeya!
–Jerry Wayne Decker/ /”From an Art to a Science”Voice : (214) 324-8741 / FAX :(214) 324-3501 KeelyNet – PO BOX 870716 – Mesquite – Republic of Texas – 75187

# (no subject), Jerry W. Decker, (no date)

Therefore all processes involving the physical vacuum have daily, yearly, and secular temporal variations. Consequently, a sufficient direct corroboration of the theoretical conclusion that the physical vacuum plays a major role in processes of CF would be experimental detection of temporal variations in the process. The authors have data on experiments in CF collected over 18 months. In all the experiments we, like many other researchers, have observed spontaneous jumps in the yield of neutrons over several seconds. These intermittent processes, in our opinion, are entirely governed by. sporadic growth in the intensity of processes involving the physical vacuum.

This theoretical conclusion was corroborated experimentally by the fact that these jumps in neutron emissions (by one to two orders of magnitude) occur predominantly at a particular time of day. According to our observations, statistically reliable data indicate that the greatest probability of appearance of spontaneous jumps in the number of neutrons emitted takes place at the following times in local time: 10:20 to 10:30 a.m., 11:40 to 11:50 a.m., and 12:10 to 12:20.p.m.

At another time of the day the probability of these processes appearing is substantially lower. Since, according to our ideas, the process generally called cold fusion is in fact a process of interaction of nuclei with the physical vacuum and is only accompanied by a minor process of nuclear fusion, then the energy characteristics of the process cannot be entirely determined by nuclear fusion.

In order to check this theoretical conclusion experimentally we tested and confirmed by experiment the following consequences:
a) The process of neutron emission in an experiment takes place even if distilled water is used as the electrolyte and the electrodes are not saturated with deuterium;
b) the energy characteristics of the process depend on the manner and magnitude of orientation of nuclei both in the electrode material and in the electrolyte.”
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# (no subject), Jerry W. Decker, (no date)

“A vacuum TRANSMITS radiation AND force fields, so to refer to it as being empty is INACCURATE. Real emptiness MUST include in its definition reference to its INABILITY to PROPAGATE energy. Such may be better termed “hyperspace”. As to whether hyperspace has the dimensions of space and time OR NOT is a topic for more thought. It is easier to attribute the dimensions to THE SPACE FABRIC IN hyperspace, THE ETHER.

The idea of an energy continuum throughout space occurred to Dirac. On the basis of his theory, matter particles emerge from a ground state and become PHYSICALLY OBSERVABLE. Material ABOVE the ground state has a HIGHER ENERGY than the ground state and so REQUIRES ENERGY to be dislodged. The energy corresponds to the total energy of the particle, its mass energy (mc^) and other potential or kinetic energies. The theory, then, supposes that matter is OF the substance of the ground state, that is, “empty space”.

In comparison, the Lodge theory supposes that the ether has a MAXIMUM of energy, and matter particles are a LOWER ENERGY precipitate FROM the ether. The same idea, but a difference of SIGN. However, this implies that the appearance of matter is A PREFERRED state, and that the creative process is a NATURALLY OCCURRING condition.

Heisenberg, in formulating the “unified field theory”, assumed a space fabric of some nature. To quote from the Lindau Conference, 28th June 1962. “The discovery shows that the different elementary particles are NOT Nature’s building bricks, completely independent of each other, but MANY DIFFERENT FORMS of a FUNDAMENTAL SUBSTANCE manifest AS energy”. From then on, the “fundamental substance” is forgotten.

“The multiplicity of these forms corresponds to the multiplicity of the mathematical symmetries of the basic equation”.

Sir Oliver Lodge imagined the space fabric as having a microcellular structure, each cell being a vortex whose size was of the order of the size of the fundamental particles, or even SMALLER. The medium was FRICTIONLESS and the rotational velocity of the vortices related to the velocity of light. The intrinsic energy of the ether was in the motion in the vortices. This attributed an ultimate energy source TO SPACE ITSELF.

Lodge also imagined that the ether had an ENORMOUS INERTIA and DENSITY. The inertia in mass WAS DUE TO THE ETHER IN IT, and solidarity of matter was VIRTUAL. A similar idea occurred to Karl Schappeller of Castle Aurolzmunster in Inviertel, Austria (died 1947). According to his philosophy, a change in space fabric (static potential) gave rise to so-called primary magnetism which may be interpreted as a type of AUTO-GRAVITATION. This primary magnetism caused a gathering of the surrounding space fabric and FROM IT issued more fundamental energy as an INTENSIFICATION of the primary magnetism.

At a certain stage, the system reached an EQUILIBRIUM GATHERING space fabric, and FROM IT PRECIPITATED ENERGY. When the energy DENSITY reached a required level, matter would be PRODUCED. The system would take up a spherical form in the “natural” state and become what Schappeller called “glowing magnetism”.

– Correlations and Getting to the Point Within the past few years, I have come across two separate claims that a vacuum can somehow be ‘pumped’ to produce electricity. One is a strange device currently owned by a friend (and which WAS claimed to put out 50KW but which my friend cannot get to work), the other in the claims of the hard to pin down Zielinsky, who claimed to have developed transistors and integrated circuits which produced power WHEN PLACED IN A VACUUM. He told this to Pat Flanagan who told it to me. I asked Zielinsky privately about this and he got very defensive, refusing to comment.

So, what I am getting at;
1) aether/zpe is an all pervasive high intensity multi spectral energy sea
2) create a hole or bubble in space, aether flows in and at sufficient interference matter forms

Doesn’t this sound like sonoluminescence when you take Schappellers claim of a ‘glowing magnetism/plasma’ where in its natural state it isspherical and which appears when space is made more energy dense. At that point, matter appears, shades of Star Treks ‘replicators’! Not to digress, my point is how to pull energy from this bubble or hole in space since the background of space MUST MOVE IN TO FILL THE HOLE and re-establish equilibrium in a given region.

The idea presented above of a piston pulling through a fluid to produce suction bubbles is analogous to using a localized area of space where the energy is rapidly rotated (maybe even VIBRATED) and possibly would produce a temporary hole in space. Keely referred to this as creating an artificial neutral center, done by using a silver & platinum wire. Tesla also adapted this and claimed that if he could wrap a wire around the equator of the earth, he could move it anywhere in space he wanted. Grandiose yes, but it shows the definite phase relationship aspects of exciting/stimulating matter to resonantly couple to the ambient energy fields that form tracks or pathways in space.

As Tom Pawlicki says, the planets orbit in the grooves of these ripples in space as energy emanates from the sun and interacts with the reflected emissions from the planets to form the grooves.So its a matter of LOCATING THE GROOVES, finding out their frequency and adjusting the phase of a test mass so that it interacts with the standing wave grooves in the energy fabric of space.

The ambient energy of the zpe/aether should be entrained to form such grooves so they are already partially collimated. By tapping into this partial collimation, our circuits should be able to tune into this sea of energy as so eloquently stated by Henry Moray. Now we come to the use of chaos theory and inertial drivers (unidirectional forces). It is interesting to note what Chernetskii says in the following document;

“I knew electron drift begins in plasma and sought to deduce a combination of variables in which fluctuating plasma instability emerged in discharge,” The one-megawatt substation of the Moscow Aviation Institute, where Chernetski and Galkin were staging an experiment with a powerful plasma unit, burned out.

When the discharge currents reached criticality, superstrong current was “born” in the generator and went back into the network, playing havoc with the safety devices calculated for short-circuit. This is how he explains his miraculous experiment: “The self-generating discharge emerges when the discharge currents reach a definite critical density, when the magnetic fields they create ensure magnetisation of plasma electrons and they begin to perform mostly cycloid movements.

– Cycloidal = inertial – refer Cook and Thornsen . The interaction of currents with their magnetic fields forces the electrons to deviate to the cylinder-shaped discharge axis and the electrical field emerges. It has proved to ‘switch on’ the physical vacuum: in this field the vacuum is polarised and consequently the virtual pairs begin to move in a definite direction, (>> Again, inertial drive!!
## An inertially directed stream of electrons is directed to the collector for removal and use ##

The virtual positrons accelerate plasma electrons, giving them part of their energy. The current in the circuit builds up and additional energy is discharged on the resistor switched into the discharge circuit. Clearly, only part of the tremendous vacuum energy is extracted. “We’ve developed several circuit versions which can find application. In the later experiment with an input power of 700 watts, that extracted by the generator loads resistance was three kilowatts, or nearly five times more. This is by far not the limit and with more powerful plants and the corresponding calculations megawatts of free electricity can be produced from a minimal power source.”

## Here the same effect can be used for THRUST, ie. by entraining the aether flows into a specific direction, so that matter falls in a desired direction – Hamels ‘Weight into Speed’ ##

Laboratory experiments have proved the possibility of using the kinetic effect of self-generating discharge for accelerating bodies in space. Galkin has calculated the parameters of a self-generating-discharge plasmatron that could serve as the propulsion engine of the future, replacing the present unwieldy rocket engines.

Powered by a minor ten-volt source, it can deliver power enough for the takeoff of a large spaceship. Tapping the ambient space vacuum, it could fly eternally. Actually, our concept is a return to the idea of the universal ether at an entirely new level. We say that the ordered dipole vacuum, or ether, is an all-penetrating energy medium in which processes occur which are related to virtual dipoles and subject to the uncertainty principle of modern physics.”

Velocity or vibration, both should impact the influx of aether at certain critical densities (per Chernetskii) or speeds (per Searl/Hamel/Schappeller). This collection and redirection of incoming aether flows to produce the unidirectional motion surely point to a different take on ‘inertial mass drivers’.

Interesting to note Chernetskii tubes use a vacuum and a ‘critical magnetic density’ before the cycloid motion appears. Some of the tie-ins with nature, including chaos/fractals but specifically with ‘pleomorphics’ seems to have something to do with this ability to ‘mutate’ into something quite different from what preceded it, often having no obvious correlation.

Borderlands researcher Eric Dollard seems to have found high voltage discharges which have natural, almost biological patterns which would indicate that certain patterns are universal and definitely need to be studied, not only the pattern itself but the energy density and frequency(ies) necessary to produce the anomaly.
—Jerry Wayne Decker /

# Aether Viscosity and Waves, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Fri, 23 Oct 1998 13:13:11

Hi Folks! Something to think about with regard to waves and aether viscosity. I think this is very important about the push/pull effect of each half of a wave (well, this viscuous reactive wave that occurs in the 2nd and 4th quarter of every wave) because it ties in directly to viscosity in mass and in aether.

If you think about it, it is really the viscosity of AETHER in the mass which is RECOVERING FROM THE STIMULUS, whether it be driven positive as a pressure (high density) wave or driven negative (low density wave – preferably below the background level...) as a vacuum or low pressure zone.

Puthoffs paper on ‘Zpe/Aether as Inertia’ points this out with the observation that when driving at 60 mph and you slam on the brakes, ‘something’ pushes you against the steering wheel….inertia? Yes

The release of stored (potential) energy into kinetic energy? Well, yes but what is the source?It is Aethers interaction with mass, like filaments that seep into and lock mass into space….move, vibrate or stimulate the mass and some of the filaments can’t hold their connection, so you lose inertia, you lose gravity and you get other effects.When the mass slows or stops, these aether tendrils move back into mass to restore the mass to its locked position in space and time.

In other words, mass resists motion because it is locked into space by aether. Check out the Reynolds ‘aether as dilatant matrix’ papers at; ; ;

The positive wave, (0-90 degrees) is the initial push, the expansion stimulus. Once it reaches its peak, the power supplied is removed or reduced and the wave (from 90-180 degrees) is the aether and medium recovering from that expansion wave, I think is a common effect that directly correlates with what Puthoff talked about in his ‘Zpe as Inertia’ paper. Once the wave has again reached the ground state of 0 which is really the 180 degree point, it is now PUSHED DOWN (for 180-270 degrees) into a less energy dense bubble in the energy density of space.

The greater this amplitude of this negative half wave, the more pronounced will be the ambient aether and other mediums attempt to restore equilibrium by infusing and trying to fill up the lower potential area. Once the wave reaches its PEAK VACUUM LEVEL (at 270 degrees) it must return back to zero which is really the end point now of 360 degrees.

I should make the distinction of a POWERED wave as we do with electronics and a natural wave which is the gradual reduction of energy as it expands through the medium. In a powered wave, which maintains amplitude much longer than a natural wave because it is continually fed, the waves are FORCED to move up into the max positive, then down through the zero point crossing, then further down into the max negative and back up to zero. Now consider a pond. Drop a rock in the pond and you get a one time stimulus which causes the waves to move outward. The pressure wave that throws the fluid upward, is pulled back down by a combination of the viscosity of the fluid as well as the mediums’ natural return to a restoration of equilibrium (i.e. a condition of no polarity, no difference of potential).

Aether being associated with mass produces this additional restorative force that is OVER AND ABOVE the normal static particulate coupling of mass to mass (i.e. stickiness/viscosity). This is what we need to learn to tap into and take advantage of. So, if you use a wave that is clipped so as to allow ONLY the 1st quarter to appear in your medium, you will get a purely positive impulse which will not be subject to the restorative force because you removed the power when you achieved the 90 degrees point.When applied electrically, you get only the positive expansion wave, without the recovery wave.

The same applies to the 3rd quarter of the wave, that is the negative going wave, when applied electrically, you create a vacuity that is not empowered to recover and thus cancel the forward motion of the negative going wave.. I know, it is confusing but I think it has possibilities because the waves are open ended, which would cohere the aether into a ‘flow pattern’ moving in one direction that did not roll back on itself to cancel or interfere with the effect.

# Atomic Cymatics, Jerry W. Decker, Tue, 24 Mar 1998 23:57:11

Hi Folks! Here is something interesting, it reminds me so much of the work of Hans Jenny and cymatics…as above, so below….sound controls the universe….check it out;

# Claim of 60W ZPE device & ZPE URLs, Jerry W. Decker, Sat, 06 Feb 1999 15:21:10

Hi Folks! This website claims to have a circuit that produces 60 watts from ZPE produced power. I sent an email to John but havne’t received a response yet. He indicates he will send a circuit diagram for duplication by whoever asks, so I’m asking..…here is the URL;

– An offer from this same Skywell group to the Melchizedek group to share the technology for release;

– Exploiting the ZPE from Scientific American;

– Interesting analysis of thermodynamic ‘heat pump’ which ties in with the claims of Dennis Lee. However, with the use of sunlight as the main heat source, the argument in the URL doesn’t stand. There will be an energy flow between hot and cold that can produce useable power.

– You HAVE GOT TO READ THIS WEBPAGE!!! It is very thorough!;

– Translational force using inertial type drive, (takes awhile to load but it looks very much like Sandy Kidds device in Wales);

– List of patents that claim overnunity production;

– Phase conjugate gravitational engine concept;

– A metaphysical blend with science about aether;

# excerpt from re: energy from free electrons, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Mon, 7 Dec 1998 12:01:04

Hi Folks! I excerpted the following from the freenrg discussion list because it had a good description of how to use phase conjugation to setup conditions to extract power from the aether/zpe;

# Bob Winchester wrote; So Tim, have you made any further progress on your ‘theory’ and hypotheses about collecting the energetic electrons?Bob Winchester –

## Tim Vaughan wrote; The idea is not to collect electrons, but to cause a transient coherence or ordering of the free electrons that are constantly moving in the crystal lattice of the copper in the wires. I am not basing this idea on others theories but on the observations of Joseph Newman, Leon Dragone, Dr. P.T. Pappas, Stephan Hartman and J.L. Naudin. Also it is based on the proven fact that there are electrons constantly moving through a metal as a result of “zero-point energy” of the electrons as well as thermal energy. The “zero-point energy” of the electrons is very large and would vaporize the metal if even a tiny fraction were to violate the pauli exclusion principle that keeps them in a sort of superconductive random perpetual motion.

The random zero-point energy dues not result in a net current because there are just as many moving in one direction as another.

# Fluctuation Coherence, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Wed, 21 Oct 1998 14:55:36

Hi Folks! Something you might find of interesting about order out of chaos…look what is going around another list;

Hi Stefan, Jean-Louis, and Sergio, This indeed very interesting. It will take me some time to understand the math.

Ideas like this have been discussed before on vortex-L and freenrg-L but these people have obviously taken it very seriously. As I understand them, the “varicond” is probably a barium titanate capacitor. Barium titanate is a ferroelectric material and has a very high dielectric constant ( K ). Capacitors made with barium titanate dielectrics increase capacitance as they are charged.

I found the following information helpful:

I am convinced that some way to organize microscopic fluctuations such as heat and ZPE must exist. After all, it is possible to tap larger scale fluctuations like ocean waves, why not microscopic fluctuations which are everywhere present. Look at talc (baby powder) or diatoms in a drop of water and you can see the fluctuations (brownian motion).

I like to call such an organization of fluctuations, “fluctuation coherence”. (I LOVE THAT TERM!!..…JWD)

A device employing fluctuation coherence would be able to tap an infinite source of energy which is everywhere available.It would be a perpetual motion machine of the 2nd kind. An apparent violation of the 2nd law of Thermodynamics, but not really, just unexpected by conventiona physics and engineering. What is needed is a microscopic mechanism that can interact in large numbers in a cooperative manor to order the energy. Ferromagnetic and ferroelectric effects occur because of interacting atomic and molecular actions. It would seem that these materials would be prime choices for consideration.

I have little doubt that such mechanism exist in ferromagnetic and ferroelectric phenomena and by other means such as in transient electron conduction phenomena (plasmas). The problem is, although a fluctuation coherence may exist, it could easily getlost in the other chaos that works to destroy order. A kind of battle of good (order) and evil (entropy). It would be easy to miss the good effects in the noise.

Mechanisms may exist within ferroelectric materials that could be used to cohere fluctuations but they could also be easily overlooked and lost if care is not taken to “bring them out of the noise”. About the variconds or barium titanate capacitors, I think they are readily available, but I am checking on this now. Some of them are used at high voltage.

Maybe the effects described by Nicola Zaev and Sergei Godin work better at high voltage like maybe T.H. Moray did with his radiant energy device.He talked about very high dielectric materials and 1 farad capacitors that he claimed he made in his book “The Sea of Energy”. This is a little off track, but I wonder what would happen if you doped the barium titanate with a small amount of an alpha emitter.

Paul Brown and John Moreland have discussed the benefits of this as applied to transformers, inductors, and in semiconductor materials.Maybe the effect would be enhanced. We need to check out these experimental results by Nicola Zaev and Sergei Godin more carefully.

There are probably many ways to tap ambient energy, but this maybe one of the best.
Best Wishes, Tim Vaughan – ( )

I posted an article on fluctuation coherence and one possible device that may have already employed it on a small scale at:

On Tue, 20 Oct 1998 02:45:45 +0100 ; Stefan Hartmann ;, writes:

Hi All, I just compiled all the infos I received from a Russian friend about the nonlinear capacitor converter ! Very interesting device !

It converts low temperature environmental heat into electricity ! Have a look at:
Regards, Stefan. Hartmann Multimedia Service, Dipl. Ing. Stefan Hartmann, Keplerstr. 11 B, 10589 Berlin, Germany, Tel: ++ 49 30-345 00 497 FAX: ++ 49 30-345 00 498 , email: Web site: ; fuer Ihren Verkauf im WEB !

# Focusing Energy, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Tue, 29 Dec 1998 16:36:07

Hi Folks! Yet more interesting information about focusing chaos to useful energy levels, as in what we would do to entrain chaotic zpe/aether flows to useful energy concentrations;

Using a mathematical model, they demonstrate that ocean currents or large fields of random eddies and vortices can sporadically concentrate a steady ocean swell to create unusually large waves. The current or eddy field acts like an optical lens to focus the wave action, says applied mathematician Bengt Fornberg of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

…..Applied mathematician Marius Gerber of Stellenbosch University in South Africa recently showed that changes in wave direction forced by a narrow, fast current can raise wave heights considerably in certain areas of the current. His calculations also suggest that such waves would have a distinctive shape, displaying a steep forward face preceded by a deep trough.

Mariners who have experienced rogue waves have described such troughs as “holes in the sea.” This focusing mechanism is very likely responsible for the freak, isolated waves encountered in the Agulhas Current, Gerber argues. Such focusing could also occur within or near the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic.

Fornberg and White have now shown, in principle, that similar focusing can take place when an ocean swell of regularly spaced waves traverses an area of random current fluctuations.They can compute the probability of particularly intense wave action and the formation of rogue waves in different regions of the field. These probabilities depend on how far the waves of the ocean swell have traveled through the eddies rather than on the detailed structure of the eddies themselves.

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