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### Teslatech Conference:

## Tesla Tech Conference, by http://panacea-bocaf.org/TeslaTech.htm

The following disclosures made at the Annual Energy Tesla Tech conferences http://www.teslatech.info/ are to this day still unrecognized by consensus reality and have not been presented and covered by main stream media or Academia.

To provide emphatic proof of this point I will start by presenting an extensive list of the Tesla Tech Conference records which include filmed documentary proof of the following suppressed alternative-energy research and development principles.

This list is to serve two roles, one is to show the overwhelming list of diversity which is still to this day rejected, suppressed and unknown to the general public, the other is to show the potential and capacity which the Centre has, to acquire immediate success and upgrade public education via it’s Faculty Division.

The summery list of the topics disclosed annually at the Tesla Tech conferences would take up to a page of each to describe the specific technical detail of each individual principle and process.; How ever I will describe the 2004 Tesla Tech conferences content in more detail in the next section entitled ZPE (zero point energy).

This list is needed emphasis the point of the number of foreign known energy principles which will appear unknown, and further which university and mainstream media have yet to cover. All that is profiled in the Tesla Tech conferences will be publicly educated and studied in the R and D centre’s faculty facilities.

Disclosed and demonstrated at: The 2006 Extra Ordinary Technology Conference.
See photo: The 2006 Extra Ordinary Technology Conference (Jul 27-30/Salt Lake City)

# 2006 Conference Speakers and subject matter included:

Dr. David Korn – Identifying and Treating End Time Diseases.
Jeff Behary – Nikola Tesla’s “Tesla Coils”
Oliver Nichelson – Tesla’s Dynamo Electric Machine
Jeffery Hayes – Tesla’s Extraordinary Bladeless Disc Turbines.
Ralph Suddath – Aqua Jewel: The Crown Jewel of Water Conditioning.
Larry Oja – Browns Gas… Fire from Water.
Thorsten Ludwig – Excess Heat with Hydrogen Tube.
Moray King – Cascade Electric Discharge for ZPE Activation
Ron Nott – The Power In Space.
Mike Windell – Enhanced Energy Conversion Device (Day/Night “Solar Cell”!).
Bill Alek – XPOD: A Spark Gap Method of Harnessing Radiant Energy.
Forrest Pittman – Power Factor Correction Makes Every Watt Count.
Vernon Roth – Joe cell Suppressed Technology from the ‘Land Down Under’!.
Dan Davidson – Antigravity Effects in Nature.
Harvey Fiala – Inertial Propulsion Paradigms
Peter Linderman – Radiant Energy & Its Role In Our Free Energy Future.

# 2005 Conference:

Mr Jeff Bihar – “Redefining Tesla Technologies”
Mr Patrick Flanagan – “The Golden Ratio and Human Consciousness”
Mr Steven Haltiwanger – “Bio Effects of Resonant Energy Transfer”
Mr Gene Koonce – “The ‘VIBE’ Machine”
Mr Tim Ventura – “Lifters and Other Propulsion Devices”
Mr Larry Deavenport – “T Townsend Brown Validation Efforts”
Mr Thomas Valone – “Anti-Gravity and Advanced Energy Concepts”
Mr Harvey Fiala – “Energy Measurement Tutorial”
Mr Don Smith – “Resonance Energy Power System”
Mr Thorsten Ludwig – “Zero-Point Energy: Current European Research”
Mr Robert Patterson – “The QEG System”
Mr Vernon Roth – “Ancient Technology Meets Quantum Physics”
Mr Kiril Chukanov – “Quantum Energy Extraction”
Mr Sterling Allan – “Bedini Motor Replication Project”
Mr Hal Fox – “Latest Developments in Charge Cluster Technology”
Mr Patrick Bailey – “Socioeconomic Impact of Free Energy Devices”
Mr Moray King – “T.H. Moray’s Energy Machine”
Mr Paul Pantone – “GEET Technology Update”
Mr William Alek – “Free-Energy and Anti-Gravity”

# 2004 Conference:

Mr Larry Oja – “Common Duct Electrolytic Oxy-Hydrogen”
Mr Glen Gordon, MD – “The Limits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Healing”
Mr Bruce M. Forrester, Jr – “Building Multiple Wave Oscillators”
Mr Tony Cocilovo – “The Photon Stimulator”
Mr Konstantin Meyl – “Neutrino Power and the Existence of Scalar Waves”
Mr Thomas Valone – “Zero-point Energy From the Quantum Vacuum”
Dr. Kiril Chukanov – “Quantum Technologies”
Mr Bruce Perreault – “Nu Energy Power Technologies”
Mr Alan Francouer – “Permanent Magnet Motors & Vapour Systems”
Mr Sonne Ward – “Implosion Technology… Past, Present & Future”
Mr Moray King – “Pulsed Plasma Anomalies”
Mr Robert Patterson – “Vortex Mech, FE, and Ram Implosion Wing”
Mr John Balfour – “A Community Without Electric Bills”
Mr Dale Pond – “Keely’s Legacy: Sympathetic Vibratory Physics”
Mr Dan Davidson – “Shape Power As Universal Resonance”
Mr Hal Fox – “Magnets and Space Energy”
Mr Paul Pantone – “GEET…Where We Are Today!”
Mr Vladimar Ginzburg – “…Torus/Helix as Prime Centres of Energy”
Mr Thorsten Ludwig – “German Space Power / European Technology”
Mr Jan Marwan – “Effect of Surface Species …on `H’ Sorption”

# 2001 Conference:

Gerard Judd, PhD – Perfect Teeth… From Birth to Death!
Elinor Gibbs – Neurological Modulating Transmission Systems
Ron McElroy – Getting the Most Out of Your Car
Russ Rasnic – All Sparkplugs Are NOT Created Equal!
Paul Pantone – GEET Technology… Future Begins TODAY!!
Art Martin – The Body/Mind Harmonizer
Alex DePena – Vortronics: Vortex Water Treatment
Hal Fox – New Energy Devices That Will Change the World!
Andreas Kurt Richtor -GEET Technology.. See It.. Believe It!
Doug Konzen – Advanced Electric Pulse Motor Research
Bruce Perreault – Convert Cosmic Rays to Electric Energy!
Jim Cox – The Gravito-Inertial Lift System
Chuck Parker – Electrically Assist Chem Rocket Propulsion
Brian O’Leary – Re-Inheriting Earth: New Millennium Solns!
Brian O’Leary – Re-Inheriting the Earth Workshop!
Sonne Ward – Implosion Theory and Applications Workshop
Clifford Smith – Introducing the Solar Turtle Workshop

# 2000 Conference:

Pat Shannon – Media and the Suppression of Free Energy
Susan Gordon – Treager: HD Magnetic/Mono Biofield Stimulator
Bruce Gerlator – Neuro Focus… For the New Millenium!!!
Elinor Gibbs, MS – NeuroKinesthetics.. Correct Learning …
Paul Pantone – GEET Technology… Impossible! … it Works!
Tyler Pauley – NITRO-9… Super Lubricant… Super Mileage!
Doug Konzen – Konzen Electric Pulse Motor
George Wiseman – Water as A Fuel… The Myth and Reality!
Marc Seifer – Break Free of Constraints of Conventional Thinking
Jone Schramm PhD – Electro-therapeutic Tech and Applications
Lyn Kinny – BioRay! 21st Century Healing…
Bob Colvin – Converting Lawnmowers to GEET
Bruce Perreault – Harnessing Tesla’s Cosmic Rays
Sonne Ward – Replicating Tesla’s Implosion Technology
Dan Davidson – Shape Power Gravitational Resonance Effects

# 1999 Conference :

Ronald Waling, NMD – Heart Guard… First Line of Defense
James Bare, DC – Resonance Frequency Therapy.. Comes of Age!
Dan Kunkel – Bio-Resonance… Sound Therapy!
Elinor Gibbs, MS – Neuro-Kinesthetics… Hope for Paralysis!
Jesse Grenier – Reversing the Aging Process!
Steve Ammerman – TTL: Secret Soviet Performance Enhancer!!!
Joseph Bender – Water… The Exotic Substance!
Walter Rawls, PhD – Prospects for Our Magnetic Future
Brian D. Andersen – Harmonic Elements… and Quantum Disk
Tom Valone – Electrogravitics… 21st Century Propulsion!
Dan LaRochelle – Hamel Techn… Poor Man’s Searl Device!
Rick Todish – Model of Ion Propulsion Antigravity Craft!
Bill Beaty – How Electricity REALLY Works!
Bruce Perreault – `NU’ Generation of Radiant Energy Devices
Jeffery Hayes -Tesla Turbines… The Next Generation!
George Wiseman – Brown’s Gas… Key to a Hydrogen Economy!
Don Isaac, Jr. – Stirling Engine… Revival of “Lost” Tech!
GEET Research – Parade of Inventions!
Bruce Perreault – Radiant Energy Construction Wkshp
Paul Pantone – Incredible World of GEET Technology Wkshp

# 1998 Conference :

Pam Golden – Light Therapy… It Really Works!
William Eidelman, MD – Chelation Therapy, Fountain of Youth
Dan Kunkel – Bio-Resonance Sound Therapy
Terry Hull – EEG Neurofeedback… Adv Therapy for Opt Health
Anne Tracy, PhD – Prozac… Panacea or Pandora’s Box?
Mary Nash Stoddard – Aspartame… A Deadly Sweetener
Dean Viktora – Hormonal Imbalance Survival/Mid-Age Men/Women
Paula Randal-Smith – Holes in Heaven… The HAARP Legacy
Sonne Ward – The Cosmic Cooler, LP-10 and Implosion
Brian David Andersen – Harmonic Elements and Quantum Disk
Ron Kovac – Plasma Research Unveils “Missing Link” Element
Dan Davidson – Shape Power… Key to Unlock “Free Energy
Ralph Suddath – TOP SECRET… German WWII Energy Research
Bruce Perreault – New Generation of Radiant Energy Devices
Calvin Bahlman – “Dunamis Kyklos”… the Power Wheel
Paul Pantone – The Incredible GEET Fuel Processor
Jim Dilettoso – The Mysterious Phoenix Lights
George Wiseman – Fuel Saving Tech & other energy alt!
Dr. Nelson Camus – Cold Fusion… The NELTRON Way!!!
Rick Koskela – Tesla Pumps… for NASCAR Race Cars!
Paul Brown – Photo-Remediation of Nuclear Waste
Bruce Perreault – Radiant Energy Hands-On Construction Wkshp
Ralph Suddath – Plasma Steam Workshop
Paul Pantone – Incredible World of GEET Technology Workshop

This is a large volume of R and D work, and an example of a sufficient number of engineers experienced in working on suppressed/alternative energy systems which are ready to be consolidated into your publicly owned Centre.

There is also a considerable number of education here of note which will read as foreign and suppressed. These principles have been disclosed at Tesla Tech as far back as 1998. Can you reason how present social and political conditions can’t harbour this research? The centre is here to serve the public and reform this.

The next section will describe in technical detail additional suppressed and alternative energy principles which have been disclosed at the annual Weinfelden energy conference. The following principles like the Tesla Tech content will be submited and nurtured in the centre.

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