Keelynet 6’s selected files, Part 6:

## Impressions of the 1996 ISNE Conference ;

Willis Winters and I drove up to Denver on Wednesday. Norman, Jack and Leonard could not make it so I was afraid I’d have to do it alone, god I hate driving!! But when I found Willis was going, we just decided to split it, worked out very well as Willis is a good guy with lots of interesting information. My god, he’s 71 years old and looks like he’s about 60, gets around very well also. We split a room with John Hefling of Kansas City, you know John, we all worked on Don Smith’s machine at the 94′ Tesla conference. All together, the hotel room was $60 each for 3 days….can’t beat it!! I drove to Plainview where Willis lives and we just went on from there to Denver.

We arrived in Colorado Springs about 9AM and stopped by the Tesla Museum. There were a couple of folks in there but since they don’t formally open until 10AM and JW wasn’t there, we went to have breakfast. Would you believe the cafe did not have a Denver omelette on the menu and the owner and cook did not know how to make one? That was a hoot, so I ‘instructed’ them……

About 10:20, we went back to the Museum and JW was there. He showed us the extensions of the building and the place looks a heckuva lot more organized than on our last visit in 1994. We sat at a conference table and talked about the O/U competition. JW says they will support it but had decided to ‘adopt’ the idea and do one of their own!! He says a guy from Alaska called about his 30 year old son who had developed a circuit that would produce over-unity and the power company was baffled by it. He said it was suitcase sized and the fellow wanted to bring it to the 1996 ITS. We talked a bit more, though JW was quite busy with incoming phone calls and he had to leave to do the radio show. So we walked around the museum, then went to the bookstore. I ended up buying $150 worth and Willis bought about $70 worth of books. A good haul, thanks to credit cards…..

We left Colorado Springs about 11:30 and had to go to the Denver airport to pick up John at 1:30. That flippin airport is about 15 miles out in the counntry, a lot like DFW as to layout and those teepees look like they were designed by a drunken Indian archetect, however, inside, it was quite nice and well laid out. John had been friendly to this Aussie girl who was coming back from South Padre with her 4 pet crabs, so she asked if we could drop her off at the Tech Center where the Hilton hotel was. No problem, so we hauled her luggage and crabs (lots of jokes about that) to the car and took her to the hotel. We then took John out to eat as he was starving. We checked into the room and got 3 keys, then went down to the lobby to register for the conference. I registered for 4 workshops at $20 each – Al Zielinski on his gravity shield/aether tap experiments, Dennis Cravens on the Patterson Fuel Cell, Paul Pantone on his pollution free engine modification and Greg Olowski on the Rory Johnson Ro-Mag engine.

The conference ended up being really good though I had hoped Bill Hyde would be there, he did not show. I think it is the camaraderie of the folks attending that makes it a lot of fun, no one stuck up on themselves or their ‘advanced knowledge.’

Thursday night, I went to the Paul Pantone workshop. He has a way of modifying an engine to run on just about anything and producing ZERO POLLUTION. He said it would run on as much as 92% seawater and the muffler would get white hot! He’s been on this for about 15 years now and can’t get anyone interested in it because they either want it ALL or nothing, and don’t seem to want to use if for a specific application as Paul would like to see. He said it could run on crude oil, mixtures of water, liquified old tires, radioactive waste material, battery acid, just about anything. I will have all the information I got from him typed up and posted in the near future, both on the KeelyNet BBS and on the web site. The key to Pantone’s process is a vacuum which helps to burn the fuel. He says he creates a kind of negative pressure. I had to go to the room about 9:10PM because I kept falling off to sleep after the very long drive from Dallas.

Harold Aspden spoke on Friday morning and said some really intriguing things relating to aether, but I’ll have to get the video to extract some of the juicy parts. His main references were to inertia and how spinning masses tend to accrue drag as the spin continues. A puzzling phenomenon with many possible explanations such as heat, wear on the bearings, expansion, back emf or even something as bizarre as aether recoupling in the form of ‘inertia.’

Moray King gave an energetic presentation where he talked about the Super Tube. In a later meeting in the hallway, we went up to his room where he gave me a copy of his Super Tube paper, we talked a bit and I left. He said thanks for a packet of papers I copied for him as sent to me by Steve Hall (of Electric Spacecraft Journal). He used two of the patents in the Super Tube paper. The coolest thing in his lecture was something he called a PCM (pulse current module) that converts high voltage spikes into useable energy. You will see it in the Super Tube book and I plan to draw it up and post it as a .GIF. It has uses in many aspects of F/E, O/U research.

After that, the rest of the presentations just did not fire me up as I was looking forward to Pierre Sinclairs talk on the David Hamel magnetic disk.

Friday night was the Al Zielinski workshop. He is the guy from Germany and the same one Flanagan had met. I went to his lecture and had already bought a ticket to his ‘workshop’ for $20 just cause I hoped he might drop some useful nuggets…..not so. Although we met briefly in the lobby on Thursday where I told him Flanagan had mentioned him, he would not provide any information and seemed to be unusually secretive. I could not tell if it was because he did not really have anything to impart or was just under some kind of proprietary restriction. In that case, why even talk?

At the workshop, he did talk about aether interference and used the idea of an inflow of gravity. To illustrate the force of gravity raining down and around us by virtue of being aether pressures, he used the idea of successively larger domino blocks all leading up to the Statue of Freedom (woops, his words) of LIBERTY!! If you tip over this very small domino, it will topple a slightly larger (and heavier) one, eventually, it will topple the domino that is equal in size to the Statue of Liberty. Very similar to the swing idea of resonance, but this one is from the accumulated force of gravity. In his workshop, he said they (his 20 year old spook group in Germany) had developed a ‘gravity shield’. He drew a diagram of a bomb with a solid iron head. Attached to this head was what he said was a solid state (electronic) gravity shield that reduced the aether pressure in one direction. As a result of this reduction, a ‘vacuum’ is created and the bomb moves in the direction of the shield by virtue of the aether repulsion to fill the void from the artificial vacuum.

As to how to tap electricity from this force, he would not say or even hint, taking the same attitude as he had when I met him in the lobby on our arrival on Thursday. One guy stood up and said he felt defrauded because Zielinski had provided no model, slides, or anything beyond generally understood theories and concepts. Another guy offered to pay the complainer $20 to shut up and leave, but he did have a point. I had to agree with the defrauded guy and asked Zielinksi what he WOULD tell us, especially since this was an ‘energy’ conference, ergo, as in ‘the production of’. He said he could not say ANYTHING because of his partners. However, earlier, he had said that Wardenclyffe (Tesla’s sight in New York) would put out a very high potential electrostatic bubble which would cause earthquakes due to a reduction in the gravity in the ground. Never heard that one before.

I think he is really confused because the Colorado Springs tests never had earthquakes and Wardenclyffe was NEVER finished enough to light up because Morgan pulled the funding. I think he got the mechanical resonator part of it confused with the attempts to establish the global power wave.

I then asked if he was implying that the gravity shield must then use alternating high voltage to produce the necessary aether interference to shield the gravity. He declined to comment and diverted to another subject, saying aether could be modulated by mind force. When another guy in the audience questioned him about this, he referred to the Vedic Sciences. Zielinski says he goes to India once each year to study and learn from their knowledge and that it really humbles you. When asked for details on his idea of how aether could be influenced by mental control, he said the Vedas speak of 10 holes in the body – two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, one mouth, one urine opening, one solid waste opening and the third eye/pineal gland.

Zielinski says the Vedas instruct you to close all of the 9 holes so that all your attention will be directed towards this tenth hole (the third eye/pineal gland). Once you are ‘there’ as to consciousness being focussed on the third eye, you begin to sense the presence of aether flows. Once you become aware of them, you can learn to direct them by will. That was intriguing in light of Keely’s reference to a ‘cerebellic field projection’ which he calls the ‘sympathetic attendant.’ In Keely’s case, he was hinting at how machines could be influenced to run by mental processes as crazy as it sounds. But when you consider that we are essentially matter being driven by mental energies, whose to say the ‘ectoplasm’ as produced by spiritualists could not be projected into non-living matter?

As for Zielinski’s workshop, I think there were 3 interesting comments that were of any real interest to me;
1) aether interference to produce the propulsion and shielding of gravity
2) alternating high voltage as being at least a part of the technique
3) the closing of the 9 holes to awaken the 10th for mental linkage

Saturday, the hottest ticket BY FAR, in fact the best thing at the conference was Pierre Sinclair and his presentation of the David Hamel flying machine. Pierre did a superb job, very enthusiastic, animated and organized. People kept coming into the darkened room as word spread of his presentation and what it was all about. The room was only about two thirds full but had filled up with people standing against the wall once they realized what Pierre was talking about.

Friday, Pierre asked me to introduce him since we knew each other from the 2nd Keely Conference back in 1989. He gave me a prepared intro which I read and added to at the presentation. After the presentation, I had to compliment him on what a wonderful job he’d done.

So for my money, Pierre was the King of the Conference, because of the outstanding material and presentation. If you are interested in state of the art flying disks, you really need to get a copy of the superb book “the Granite Man and the Butterfly” by Jeanne Manning and Pierre Sinclair. It is available for $12 from PACE and their address is 100 Bronson Avenue, Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6G8, Canada, Voice phone is (613) 236-6265 and FAX is (613) 235-5876. Tell Dr. Michrowski you got the info from KeelyNet. They also publish an informative newsletter for $40 US.

In speaking with Pierre on Friday, I told him what I had been told at the 94′ conference. He said it was inaccurate. The fact of the matter was that Hamel had built a self-suspended magnet disk which DID NOT ROTATE. Instead, it was in a sealed 45 gallon drum. He did seal the cap and went off to bed. Later, he saw this evil red light, like a fire, coming from the room. Running in to check it out, he saw beams of red light coming out of this 45 gallon drum. Before he got into the room, the thing exploded. The magnets on the levitating disc kept trying to find the best position of repulsion/attraction. This caused lot of micro-vibration which produced some kind of major energy. The whole thing indicates their is serious phenomena about magnets which is unsuspected at present. The slides leading up to the actual unexpected flight, with photos showing the thing taking off in the blackness of night are EXACTLY like just about every ‘light-in-the-sky’ UFO photo I’ve ever seen.

Pierre said Hamel had the saucer disc on a platform about 10 feet tall. Late one night, he had climbed a 10 foot ladder and was peering into the machine while it was beginning to rotate. It started glowing green and he realized something was happening, which caused him to jump to the ground. Within minutes, the disc started glowing and shot up into the air. Hamel ran into the house and got his Brownie camera, with which he took about 5 photos before the machine flew out of sight. But those photos are exactly like your typical UFO with the entrained plasma.

The next lecture on Saturday afternoon that particularly got my interest was George Wiseman. Based on some of our KeelyNet guys reports on Wisemans books, I bought about 8 of them at ITS in Colorado. Wiseman was investigating tapping into atmospheric energies using a bridge rectifier composed of .2 volt diodes feeding into a capacitor. He reported an accumulation of 1 volt per hour, though by hooking a battery powered frequency generator to the positive side of the capacitor, he could increase that by about 100%. He also found that by touching the positive terminal of the battery, another increase in power accumulation was noted. I have the very simple circuit that I will write a paper on. There were numerous experimenters in the past who claimed to be able to pull large volumes of power from the air and I applaud Wiseman for sparking interest in this again (no pun intended).

Although I had a ticket for Dennis Cravens workshop, I did not make it in favor of personal networking. I was told he tried to demonstrate a Patterson Cell but something went wrong and it did not work as it should. The whole cold fusion thing just does not get me too excited because of so many anomalies and the fact that it requires replacement elements and water. I’d rather devote my time and energies to the solid state wonder circuit that will directly tap the ZPE.

Earlier, I had asked Gene Mallove if he knew of any continous tests of a cold fusion cell, Patterson or whoever, for 3 or 6 months. He said none that he knew of because the elements tend to transmute and contaminate the process. Either way, whether you get transmutation or energy, I think the cold fusion experiments are still worth pursuing by others as an advanced and high power fuel cell. But for me, its the dream of a solid state device.

On Sunday, I stepped in shortly for the Griggs Hydrosonic presentation and he had some wonderful tables and charts with slides of the machine and workshop. Rather than use the term of over-unity, they had long ago chosen to use the COP (coefficient of performance) which is a technical way of saying the thing puts out more than it takes to run. As with the claims many of us had heard, Griggs says it out and out, the Griggs Hydrosonic device is definitely over-unity in the form of excess heat. The key of course, is cavitation and sonoluminescence which Griggs says shows up as a blue mist on the steam output nozzle. Imagine, steam from simply counter-rotating water to produce shear.

While Griggs was on stage, he said next year they would bring a working device to the conference so all could see and if the parameters of the O/U Competition were changed, they would probably win. (that is assuming nothing else beats their COP….)

Dale Pond reported on his project of trying to duplicate Keely’s Dynasphere or Musical Globe. I am confused about this merging of these terms as they were different devices to my understanding. Dale is trying something that is quite novel and which he believes to be on the right track. He is using a Brown’s gas mixture which he hopes will become entrained with the rotating globe. I don’t think it is anywhere near correct, but more power to him and at least he is doing something tangible. As I was talking with a lady at the door, I jokingly said it won’t work and she said several folks had said the same thing and left. I saw a picture of the machine and it looks very clean and professionally built. Perhaps this approach might yield further understandings as Dale says he has learned more about the details of Keely’s claims in the past 6 months than in the past 6 years.

Gene Mallove gave a highly entertaining and informative keynote address at the Sunday banquet. Essentially a history of cold fusion with its army of detractors and how they still deny there is anything going on. It was here that Gene referred to Hal Fox as his mentor and that we should all treasure Hal as a ‘National Monument’, which gave everyone including Hal a chuckle but which Gene corrected to ‘National Treasure.’

Jeanne Manning did an informative presentation on how the coming energy revolution would affect all of us. Though I did not hear the entire lecture, I was intrigued by some of the answers the audience provided when Jeanne asked them how they felt the energy revolution would change our world. Henry Curtis said he envisioned the ripping up of pavements and highways as we developed flying machines and over-unity sources. The world would then be able to spread out into areas currently unused as well as colonization offworld. This would help the planet recover by an offloading or redistribution of population.

The second really fabulous speaker at this conference with hot new information was inventor Gerald Orlowski. I was pretty much blown away by his comments on magnet energy and how it could be produced in a bubble form, ripped apart and reassembled. In particular, Orlowski referred to the discoveries of his late mentor, Rory Johnson and the RoMag motor. We are expecting more details which will be posted publicly in the very near future. The applications of this new magnetic understanding covers all areas of science and engineering. Orlowski told a short story about a document which had supposedly come from the White House and been given to him in the 1970’s. If you are old enough to recall, that was the decade when OPEC upped oil prices by reducing production levels. Orlowski says the paper reported major increases in home experimentation in the United States in the areas of alternative energy. These included water, wind, solar, thermal and alternative such as over-unity.

The US arranged a meeting with the OPEC members where they explained this sudden surge in experimentation that could possibly lead to a major breakthrough that would be RAPIDLY adopted in the states and eventually worldwide. Additionally, because there was so much experimentation, the US could not monitor EVERYONE working in these fields and so the discovery could come anytime and they would not know until it had spread like wildfire and was unstoppable. If such an alternative energy production method were discovered and adopted by most people, OPEC would have NOTHING TO SELL as no one would want to buy oil for fuel. Once they understood this, the oil production was increased the prices dropped.

Isn’t this an intriguing story? And does it not apply to what is happening right now? The Over-Unity Competition is now online if you want to help MAKE THIS HAPPEN in your lifetime, maybe EVEN by next year!

Joe Tyls and Saul Pressman were down from Canada with their friends Norman and Steve. We spent some time together swapping stories and other information. They too picked up on the importance of Orlowski’s information and we rushed to get copies of his drawings after the presnetation. It was a shame that Orlowski was only given 55 minutes as he had to skip many of his slides. I had bought a ticket for his workshop that night, but he was not informed he was to give a workshop and their plane left early that evening. ISNE refunded those of us who had paid for this workshop but I would have paid $50 to hear his full presentation as it was so fascinating and NEW.

Dean Stonier of Global Sciences was also there on a couple of days as well as was Steve Elsewicke, late of ITS. Steve had a table where he was selling books and subscriptions to his new magazine, Exotic Research.

Tom Bearden gave a well-attended talk on “Regauging and Multivalue Potentials” using the Takahashi and Kawai motors as examples. I had promised to take him to dinner but we never got together beyond brief hellos in the hallways. Tom was in much demand by various people wanting to speak with him. Some of the hallway and restaurant networking small talk led to a couple of contacts who I have known for many years now asking if I’d heard of a device that was supposed to put out 1500 HP and run on its own. They called it a CEACU. The story was that a guy somewhere in Ohio or Iowa had built a machine that shot jets of fluid through a nozzle at high pressures. When the rotation and pressure reached a certain level, the thing began to run on its own and produce power. This sounded suspiciously familiar and I asked if the guy was the late Richard Clem of Flower Mound, Texas. They said no and let me see the plans.

Sure enough, about the 5th page, there was the drawing I had made about 5 years ago from discussions with Albert Holman of our local Roundtable group. These were plans from the Creative Science group, but they did not include any of the newspaper articles or descriptions of who really invented the device as is documented on KeelyNet. The plans sell for about $60. Essentially it is a fat disk with nozzles on the edge pointing outward. A hollow shaft feeds water into the center of the disk where it is centrifugally driven outwards. Initially by a 3200 psi air tank to get the disk up to 1000 rpm, where they claim it will become self-running at that speed, very similar to the original inventors claims.

The original CLEM engine used cooking oil as it ran at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The file is available on the KeelyNet BBS as CLEM.ZIP and will soon be added to the website.

The entire process is startlingly reminescent of Schaubergers vortex research but without all the complicated spirals. Schauberger had a free energy ‘egg-shaped’ device which he called a ZokWendle. There are also other correlations which lend validity to this device.

Coincidentally enough, a later contact said he had found an unpublished manuscript by Renato Vesco (author of Intercept but don’t shoot, about UFOs and Nazi technology). This manuscript was found in a junk shop, is written in Italian and purchased for $1.00. The manuscript purports to show how the Germans built miniature Zokwendle ‘eggs’ to provide power for the flying devices called ‘FOO fighters’. This has always been a puzzle to us, how the FOO fighters, small as they were, generated enough power to provide their lift and the ionization of their circulating plasma. What details we have are provided in various files on KeelyNet.

Imagine a small egg-shaped device, circulating a fluid at extremely high velocities. Some of that fast moving fluid is used to drive a generator to produce electrical energy which sustains a reasonable load such as your microwave, oven, washer/dryer, air conditioner, heater, TV, computer, toaster or automobile.

Sunday afternoon, since there was nothing else going on, we gathered John up, dropped him off at the Denver Airport and headed back home. Beyond missing time, UFO sightings, time dilations and dimensional shifts, nothing untoward happened on the trip. Have a nice day!

## Do you have info about this? 12/21/97 ;

If you have any information about the following subjects, could you please either provide pointers about it or send via email or snailmail (on the KeelyNet front page). This will be posted as files that many people can study. Thanks.

# Magnetic Speed Learning – 01/09/97
DAEDALUS – In pre-technological societies, children finished their education, found work and married at a much earlier age than they do today.

Daedalus believes that we could see a return to these times by speeding up the rate at which children learn.

He plans to do this using magnetic gadgets that stir up the fluid axoplasm in the nerves. By wearing a 400-Hz magnetic hat, children wouldn’t think any faster, but their brains would be updated twice as quickly.
David Jones ; Speed learning ; Nature 391, 130 (1998)

# Shock Waves to tenderize Meat – 12/21/97
A recent report in News of the Weird says an Associated Press dispatch in May of 1997 reported that Department of Agriculture scientists Meat Science Research lab in Beltsville, Maryland, developed a new way to tenderize meat. It sends supersonic shock waves through the meat which literally rip muscle tissue apart on a microscopic scale. This technique in no way alters the taste of meat so treated. Estimations are the process could be commercially introduced within a year of its discovery.

# Hewlett Packard O/U Circuit – 12/21/97
This will sound like just so much useless spook talk, but I am hoping someone else has information about it.

Recently, while speaking with a free energy researcher, he told me he had been contacted by a Hewlett Packard field engineer about an anomaly he and his team had been asked to help resolve.

It seems there is a circuit developed at HP and installed in some of their early machines which tended to spontaneously produce overunity. This would swamp the other electronics or burn them out when this circuit went nuts and started injecting unexpected power into the system.

I asked if the circuit type was known, power supply, control board, input/output, what class of circuit and he did not know. I also asked if he knew what class of machine since HP makes many different types, printers, copiers, computers, etc.. and he did not know that either.

This circuit would go into some kind of resonant state which would for the duration of the oscillations, produce excess power. Bill Ramsay has noted in his gravity wave experiments that there are periods when the earth is subjected to waves that will entrain the gravity wave detectors to clearly show something has captured the circuit. Bill’s report is on the site below.

– Mechanical Gravity Wave Detection – 11/03/97
– Gravity Wave Detection – Bill Ramsay – 06/10/97

The point here, with people like Moray, Hendershott, Hubbard and others, there are references to ‘stroking’ a magnet across the circuit to establish a ‘flow’ (resonant coupling to allow power transfer), squeezing a capacitor to do the same, or in Moray’s case, listening to the pink noise of the universe while tuning his detector, until he heard a distinct ‘whooshing’ signal that was the ‘pulse’ of the universe.

So it would appear that we could very well have circuits that were at a frequency that was close enough to be caught up, KINDLED to be ENTRAINED, by an overpowering wave from this mystery pulse.

If it takes this kind of tuning to make ZPE powered devices, so be it. In fact, the circuitry could be so designed as to hunt for a given set of characteristics or a ‘wave signature’, lock into it and track it using phase locked loops.

One of the other complaints regarding ZPE tapping is that the energy is not continuously stable, but comes in erratic waves which can produce intensifications or brownouts of energy. This is engineerable using a pilot circuit to monitor for ZPE fluctuations.

Such a pilot circuit would serve as a kind of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that would maintain a constant source of power. It might even be necessary to use a battery backup system to smooth out such ZPE ripples when they occur, just as we currently do for grid power.

# Westinghouse O/U Circuit – 12/24/97
From: Tom ; Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 13:23:32 EST
To: Jerry Decker : ; Subject: Re: Purported Overunity Results by Hewlett Packard

Jerry,Probably a circuit that was somewhat akin to a thing that Westinghouse placed in the Minuteman missile some years ago. In those days electronics were still more bulky, and space and weight were at a premium on board ICBMs etc. So the engineers set about to design a highly efficient frequency converter for the Minuteman. It had to be at least 90% efficient, preferrably 95%.

The engineers used germanium transistors and state-of-the-art feedforward and feedback loops, to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of there that was possible. Something like 64 transistors were involved in the forward and reverse multiplelooping.

(snip…) Our own team was blowing transistors off the board in one-foot flash diameter sudden violent explosions in 1990. We know what has to be done to control the excess buildup, but certainly did not have the type of team and laboratory facilities necessary to tame it. Perhaps Hewlett Packard has done so, and had the necessary team. If so, they almost certainly do not understand the mechanism, but have discovered how to do it.

In the Westinghouse Minuteman case, all the output side electronics started failing out there in the field. After much investigation, it was found that the average unit was putting out about 115%. The receiving electronics could not accept that much.

Corporate officials came down hard on the engineers, so they just put in limiting diodes, etc. and spoiled the ping pong. That brought the thing down to about 95% efficient, and the electronics on the output side quit blowing out. Everybody was happy, and everybody continued to use those “crippled overunity units” in the Minuteman missile.

Westinghouse quietly filed five or six patents around that, and that was the end of that. Everybody “knows” that you cannot produce an EM system that puts out more than you input! They have all been educated in the crippled Maxwellian equations that only deal with EM systems that have already been violently wrenched into local equilibrium with their vacuum exchange.

Both the Russians (Moscow University) and the U.S. (Gabriel Kron for a contractor in a Navy contract at Stanford University) made free energy devices in the 1930s. The Russian work is fully documented in the hard Russian physics literature and the French physics literature.

The KGB/Communists suppressed the Russian work at the beginning of WW II. I do not know what happened in France to cause its abandonment. In the U.S., Kron’s work was never openly released on what he called his “negative resistor” which, when connected to the Network Analyzer at Stanford, allowed the NA to be disconnected from the generator because the negative resistor would power it.

Heck, Jerry, I was 68 this month. It’s about time that I pass along some of this mess I uncovered after so many years of painful work. At least we can steer the young fellows in the right direction, instead of just waving our arms and shouting “It’s resonance! It’s resonance! ” – Cheers – Tom

# Hewlett Packard Battery Antenna – 12/24/97:
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 01:25:41 -0800; To:
From: Michael T Huffman ; ; Subject: Re: HP O/U Circuit?

Hi Jerry! On 12/21/97 you wrote:

Has anyone heard anything about a circuit developed at HP that was used in a piece of their equipment…this circuit would spontaneously produce more power than was being fed into it and had to be modified to quench this action.Details as much as I have been told about it are at; on Strange Info

If you know anything about this, I’d be most interested in trying to track it down…thanks!Happy Holidays!

When I first moved to Seattle in the Spring of ’88, I was downtown looking for a job amid the highrises when the entire six block area that I was in went black.

The story on the news was that someone, I’m pretty sure it was HP, had rented underground storage space in one of the tunnels that runs through the city. Seattle actually has an entire abandoned city underground, and I believe this may have been an unused part of this.

Anyhow, HP had stored a whole bunch of palettes of one of their calculators that were powered by a lithium hydride battery, and these calculators had some kind of accidental circuit design flaw that would allow the circuit board to behave as an attenna, which would cause the battery to charge while the calculator was turned off.

As you may know, the older lithium batteries would explode like a handgrenade if they were overcharged, and that is exactly what happened. There were some main power lines, trunk lines, in the tunnel as well, in close enough proximity to the room that the calculators were stored, and the explosion knocked them all out causing the blackout in that area of town.

When I first heard the explanation, I thought “Eureka! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before!” “You should be able to charge just about any battery with the ambient radiowaves!” “Somebody outta patent that circuit!” etc. etc. (I get excited about that sort of thing, you know) And, sure enough, I read a couple of weeks later about some guy that had been working on that very idea, and had just sold the rights of his invention to one of the big battery maker companys for a wad of dough. Of course, I spent the rest of the day kicking myself for not thinking about it earlier!

When I saw your post, it reminded me of this story, and I thought it might be related, but when I finally looked up the details on your webpage, I could see that it is probably not. But, it did give me the opportunity to check out your page (for the first time, I’m embarrassed to admit), and wanted to say that it is a fantastic bunch of weirdness.

I read the Clem files, and about the Centripete that looks remarkably like the Potapov device (except that it can be made with a plastic coke bottle for under ten bucks). Good Stuff. I can see that I need to spend a few hours more on your page. – Knuke

# Antigravity Patent? – 12/16/97:
A call was received from a man claiming an antigravity patent had been issued in 1956. The inventor went on to become head of the FHA (Federal Housing Administration).

The patented device is claimed to be a unidirectional force generator. The invention involved a heavy weight mounted on a rotating shaft.

Magnetic clutches were used to grip the shaft so that the weight was momentarily stopped at a certain point on the circumference.

The caller said the weight was stopped so that the force emitted from the weight, would be projected upwards. This he claimed, pushed against gravity so that there was a weight loss under the device.

An interesting story is associated with the 1956 patent claim, where the device was attached to an old military jeep. The drive motor of the device allowed for an adjustable speed (rpm).

When the inertial drive was turned on, nothing happened. As the speed was increased, the jeep slowly rose from the ground and hovered in the air. The rotational speed in conjunction with the weight being used, determined the amplitude of the lift effect.

The caller was to call back with the inventors name and the patent number. That call never came. There are several other related stories that correlate with this claim.

Hal Puthoff cowrote a paper on ZPE as the cause of inertia.Harold Aspden found that spinning a heavy weight somehow entrains zpe/aether. That you could bring it to a complete stop and each time it would take the same amount of energy to bring it to a certain speed. Then if you slow the spinning weight down ALMOST to a stop, then speed it back up, it took only a small percentage of the energy necessary to come from a complete stop, indicating some kind of ZPE seepage into static masses.

A fellow from Waco reported witnessing a Jeep (strange that it was another Jeep) that was difficult to push when in neutral. The owner of the Jeep flipped a toggle switch under the dash and the Jeep moved with the touch of a finger.

The owner of the Jeep pointed out homemade boxes mounted in each of the wheelwells above the tires, with cables running under the hood. He claimed he had developed a means to deflect gravity from mass. Contact information was lost by the Waco source, but the Jeep had Kansas license tags.

Thornsen and Cook claim that a cycloidal motion will produce an inertial thrust in a preferred direction. A webpage by Dave Cowlishaw has several reports and photos of successful inertial drives.

There is a 1950’s report on a flying machine that was claimed to use a mechanically powered unidirectional drive. It was apparently flown in Maine. I will post this information in future.

*** 12/18/97 – Recent information indicates this could be the Dean Drive patent and details which was quenched within a few years after announcement despite having been published in several national magazines. More coming on this.

# the Tesla Flying Sled – 12/16/97
For years, I’ve heard a story claiming Nikola Tesla had designed and flown a mysterious ‘flying sled or platform’. I have looked and never found anything in the Tesla writings about this.

In a recent conversation, I was told a Dr. Patterson, who is now about 92 years old, claims he worked for Howard Hughes back in the late 30’s, early 40’s.

This Dr. Patterson was working at a facility located about 12 miles outside of Dallas, in what is now developed suburbs. Patterson was working on some electrical problems when a man walked up and introduced himself as Nikola Tesla.

Dr. Patterson was skeptical of this claim but the man looked like Tesla so he figured he would test him with these electrical problems. Within a matter of minutes, the man had the problems repaired.

Patterson discussed many things with the man and offered to walk him to his car, which should have been some distance from the isolated building. Tesla replied that he didn’t arrive in an automobile.

After the two walked a short distance beyond a hill near the building, they came upon a strange contraption that looked like a sled or sleigh. The man calling himself Tesla said goodbye and stepped up on the sled.

He flipped a switch on the dashboard which caused the sled to rise up into the air. Manipulating controls on the dashboard, he turned the machine slightly and it flew off into the distance.

I’ve heard stories about some kind of flying sled or platform said to have been invented and flown by Tesla but was never able to track down any information about it.

# Free Energy Test Circuit – 12/17/97
Another call reports on an inventor supposed to be in California who has a free energy circuit that is mostly coils of wire running off a 9 volt battery.

This circuit is said to be powering an estimated 3000 watts of electrical load and has been in continuous operation for two months, running from the same 9 volt battery.

CNN is supposed to be filming this to ensure the load remains lit and the 9 volt battery is the only power source. I have no idea of how long the device will be tested or when a report will be publicized.

## Oscillons as the cause of ZPE/ZPE/Aether?, Jerry Wayne Decker,, Mon, 4 Oct 1999 ;

Hi Folks! An interesting article on how excited media releases excess energy as ‘oscillons’ ties in with how ZPE/ZPF manifest in space.

ZPE (zero point energy which is that any and all oscillators never truly rest but continue to “jiggle” randomly about its resting point with a small amount of energy always present, due to the ‘zero-point energy’)

ZPF (zero point field which is the mechanical pressure caused by displacement of local space to push matter as is utilized in the Casimir force)

Aether (the source of all energy and matter, its inflow into mass is the cause of the jitter)

Oscillon picture;

Nature often sorts energy into certain preferred forms, such as the unique spectrum of colors emitted by heated atoms or the characteristic note sounded by an organ pipe. This energy sorting can even turn up in a granular material.

A few years ago, scientists discovered that collections of tiny metal balls, when shaken slightly up and down, vested some of their energy in the form of tiny waterspout heaps that they named “oscillons.”

Now physicists at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem have observed a similar effect in a colloid, a fluid material (e.g., milk) in which tiny particles (in this case, small bits of clay) are suspended in a solvent.

I’m thinking the appearance of this anomalous energy that pops into and pops our of existence, thereby displacing local space to jitter whatever happens to be nearby, is the same thing. It has also been referred to as ‘vacuum energy’ and ‘quantum foam’ (which I think is evokes the best visual image of what is happening).

It also reminds me of the Pearson claim that when you collide two like polarity energies (plus against plus and minus against minus) exactly at the same time, you can get up to 18% more energy out than it took to do the initial collision.

Now energy CAN be created or destroyed – provided negative and positive energies change TOGETHER in EXACTLY balanced amounts!

## Re: How do we locate, test for and use negative resistance?, Jerry W. Decker, Fri, 07 Apr 2000 ;

Hi Folks! Marcelo Puhl scanned in this excellent article on the ‘negistor’ which has been posted at;

it shows how to measure negative resistance in ‘defective’ transistors…. amplifiers oscillate and oscillators amplify……

## Re: Jerry responds on TIME ; Jerry Wayne Decker,, Sat, 1 Apr 2000 ;

Hi Warren et al! Ok, it just struck me as a bit sarcastic with no commentary following…this time you at least addressed the subject with something interesting… so I too apologize publically for being hypersensitive to an innocent comment.

All this time I’ve been using the aluminum foil on my head to stop the voices and just thought it had been working, now Marcelo sends in a neat post about the real solution is MAGNETS applied to the brain…

Today I was taken aback somewhat listening to NPR (radio) (about 7:50AM Sat) when they came on with a special news announcement that NPR was merging with the WWF and went on to describe how much money they’d make by combining forces so they could cut down on pledge drives…then it hit me….April Fools…it was definitely amusing to hear a serious news segment come on like that…

Now, let’s shake hands, put on your preferred foil or magnets and get back down to brass tacks…

> You for one should know my interest has been on the study of TIME. Without others thoughts we would have no insights of reality.

Very true and I was hoping for your insights, thanks!
> Warren writes: People sharing ideas to work the problem at hand be it free energy, anti- gravity or TIME travel. (warpdrive capability)

I was surprised you didn’t have something to say about that hyper speed antenna patent. Norm and I have been discussing it and it was he who noted the correlation to some of Hudsons claims.

This other dimensional claim is intriguing. Norm showed me a drawing of how he envisions the antenna, bucking North poles, acclerated by heat and the fields and he correlates this to Hudson’s comment about 1,300 or so Kelvin where the spectrum changes due to some kind of dimensional shift.

Not clear on this AT ALL but to see someone claiming a device that USES it is nothing short of remarkable….that time would ‘stand still’ at this nexus.

> Keely states Gravity is the flow of TIME. I havealso found this to be true. I don’t feel I have stolen from him because I agree and claim the same however. I do expand upon it where he has not.

I never really viewed using anyones ideas and concepts as stealing…what is that quote about standing on the shoulders of giants?

That’s why this patent business and using public domain material as if one OWNS it bytes bigtime, it is sleazy and to my view, criminal to call the work of others your own. Of course, that is for DEVICES, ideas and theories should be applied like yeast to ferment and bubble and spawn into all kinds of lateral permutations.

With regard to the MEAD patent and the side effects of using ZPE;

> Warren writes: I will only add, there are rumors of just such however it is up to the individuals involved to release such proof on their own. The individuals I’m thinking of will get a copy of this post. The time to take action is now and not when it is lost and locked away forever.

Tell them to get off the rear ends if they really have something that can be duplicated.

I too have talked with several people over they years who quite possibly had discovered something that was real, but they are always so paranoid or secretive or expecting a big investor deal that they release no useful info.

The best was a guy who claimed he and a partner built a circuit that ‘blew a hole’ in the aether/zpe to allow current to flow in their device. He says the hole just gets figuratively larger as you applied more and more loads to it and the maximum they had gone was a 50KW unit the size of a suitcase.

HOWEVER, he says they had to give up on the bigger power units because of anomalies and instability that was too weird to deal with. That made them revert to a more practical, reliable version that would put out 30Watts…all epoxied with a builtin antenna, the idea being power for laptops, cellphones, etc….estimated price $600 for this ‘perpetual battery’ and from that they would build more powerful versions to drive appliances.

It was his idea that I adopted about a ‘perpetual battery’ that would produce 200-1000 watts to run a single appliance anywhere in the world.
Talk about ‘value added’….

There have been others but this guy just seemed to know an awful lot about the subject…said each of the compenents had to be specially selected to add to each other…kind of like that ‘negative resistance’ business that sucks in energy.

He said they had established all the parameters for each component in their solid state circuit and how they all interact…that a handful of 50 off the shelf ‘identical’ components (transistors, etc.) might yield one that had the characteristics to fit their needs.

Alas, he won’t give out any details….he says at first they were afraid of a manhattan project where a hole in the zpe/aether would enlarge and rupture to destroy everything, however, it is ‘self-sealing’…the guy impressed me and I sent him things every now and then but haven’t heard from him directly in about a year.

I understand his business needs but this is IMPORTANT…and he knows my concerns that he and/or his partner could die or lose the technology…he is in his early 60’s and semi-retired.

With regard to time, I think everything hinges on the ZPE/aether and how to tap it…pull too much and you get the bizarre effects Sweet and others reported, thats yet another reason I like this other guys approach of small units spread out over surface area to power whatever is needed.

The concept that reduced gravity equals slower time and less weight and slower perception, and the inverse of that, increased gravity equals faster time and more weight with faster perceptions makes sense. The bizarre side of that is the idea that planets would have slow time or fast time with respect to the earth…..kind of makes me wonder if thats why after some 40 years, we still have no returned to the moon or really gotten into space.

It wouldn’t make any difference if one did live on a planet with less gravity and slower time, the perceptions are the same, however, less gravity of itself should extend life to some degree.

As baffled as ever, but still working on the patchwork quilt.

## Re: Maclay ZPE Energy Tapping Project, Fri, 7 Apr 2000 ;

Its nice to see the “New Scientist” , which is one of the worlds mosthighly-regarded science journals, acknowledge the likelihood of freeenergy. Its amusing how mainstream scientists accept all kinds of bizarretheories at the quantum level, such as the possibility of zero-point energy,but just let anyone claim to have built a device using such energy and allhell breaks loose. I really liked the quote, “A region of space the size of aproton contains as much energy as all the matter in the universe.” So what’sthis about a new energy crisis?

## Re: More on Speed of Light, Russell Garber, Wed, 13 Oct 1999 ;

Hi Ed, Where are you reading this? Is it KeelyNet? I am just curious as I do not see these messages showing up in the KeelyNet discussion list, but it does appear you are posting these question somewhere as you have a “Message to all:” entry in this message. Also, from your questions it seems that you may not be getting the full threads of these messages. Anyway to answer your questions:

My goal with the Speed of Light thread was just to try and understand the whole thing myself. I believe that even with some of the more complex areas of physics, etc., that things should still have to follow “common sense” (to a degree) once you have all the information. At the time, I could not think of any “common sense” way to explain how the speed of light could be constant in all frames of reference and thus my questions. As for the “ether” that you speak of, I assume you mean the “ether” of the old Michelson-Morely experiments and not the “Aether” of ZPE/Aether that is often mentioned in this discussion list. I was not trying to resurrect that concept, although it, or something similar would make sense to a certain extent. As for the Laser fusion and Particle beam fusion devices that I spoke of (for your question about Hot Fusion), this was only a reply to someone else’s questions seeking information about those type of devices. If you are not getting the full thread on these topics, may I suggest you read them at KeelyNet (if you are not doing so already) . As for the Cold Fusion experiments, I agree that the results look promising, but as for the truth about over-unity in these experiments, your guess is as good as mine. I have no formal education in any areas of science, physics, etc. These subjects are just interesting to me, and the information I get about them is from discussion lists like this one, books, programs on the television,other web sites, and common sense, and thus I am no authority on any of these topics. I am simply seeking more information to better understand them myself, and relaying information that I have, to answer other people’s questions if I can, so that we all may better understand such things.

>Ed wrote: Dear Russ: I entered this discussion only recently and I’m not sure what you’re really looking for either.

Are you trying to resurrect the concept of the ether or come up with hot fusion or what? Stay in touch and keep communicating.

Message to all: What was the truth about Pons et. al. cold fusion experiment? I saw pictures of it and they had certainly generated over-unity in a beaker with brilliant white light generated which in itself would be useful for street lighting or something.

Certainly better than those sick looking orange sodium vapor lamps. Any comments at all?

## Re: More on Speed of Light, Slavek Krepelka ( ), Thu, 14 Oct 1999 ;

Hello Russ. Indeed, the ZPE is the way to understanding aether. It is mostly Hall Puthoff, who is smacking at it. At least as far as I know. But a long way to go. Regards Slavek.

Russell Garber wrote: Hi Ed et al!After doing a little more research on the topic of the ether, I have to change a couple of things I had previously stated. First off, it appears that the “ether” of the old Michelson-Morely experiments may in fact be one and the same as the “ZPE/Aether” often discussed here (although slightly modified), and secondly, it appears that the ether may be the unknown phenomena that I was previously looking for.

## Re: Neutrinos as cause of gravity/zpe? Jerry Wayne Decker ( )Mon, 13 Mar 2000 ;

Hi Stephen et al! HERESY! I’ll have you know the ‘tooth fairy’ is a personal friend of mine who lives in Oaklawn…a very colorful part of Dallas……

Just kidding and yep I noticed that too, there are lots of holes in the theory because;

1) neutrinos RARELY are DETECTED but couldn’t that mean our detectors are not sensitive enough to pick up this wideband saturation….could there not be some other material or method to detect them?

2) they do tend to ‘accumulate’ around matter even then not with sufficient density that we can detect to explain gravity, though one of the pages does have the calculations indicating there is a correlation between gravity ‘pressure’ and a neutrino background…

The idea below intrigues me because waves would be conjugatable(sp)?

> If neutrinos cause gravity, naturally gravity waves are merely waves of neutrinos.

— Stephen Brummitt ;, wrote:Jerry, While, there is at first some temptation to accept this theory at face value; it takes littlereasoning, to uncover the gaping holes it it’s foundation.

This fella’s theories, are not quite in-line, with all that is known about gravity; as tested by the the scientists, at the Fermi Lab.
Even the tried (and, seemingly) ‘TRUE’ experiment, by Gallileo’s, has been proven to have it’s flaws;according to their findings.
The feather, and the lead weight DO NOT fall at equal rates of descent, in a vacuum. THE FEATHER FALLS FASTER !!!

Yes, Eotvos and others seem to have proven that, which even now isn’t to my knowledge included as standard physics in classrooms.

> Very minutely faster, but faster, ‘none the less’. So, how does that square with the ‘stuff’, from this guy’s ‘theory’, of a neutrino basedgravitational ‘Constant’?
From whence, is all this gravitational ‘pressure’ coming; which is supposed to be the ’cause’ ofthe ‘effect’, that we call ‘gravity’?

Several of the papers refer to solar, stellar and plasma emissions.

> That any direct pressure, asserted upon a given mass, from such collisions, would provide such a negligible amount of pressure, as to bestatistically insignificant !

I almost NEVER post the entire page, only excerpts so looks like you missed the calculations that challenges that.

> What then, is their method / mechanism of exerting, that supposed ‘pressure’?

As proved by the experiment in Hawaii, they appear to have mass BECAUSE they move in waves.

> And, if there are SO MANY of the little buggersflying DIRECTLY at one another, as to be able to provide equal pressure, in ALL DIRECTIONS, then why do we NOT see cataclysmic collisions, providing spectacular explosions in the the night sky, at all points in space, at one time or another? That aloneis enough, to nip this theory ‘in the bud’, for me.

Refer to the other quote from the article about randomness of creation.

> AND, if all these neutrinos are supposed to ‘do-their-thing’, by exerting some sort of hands-off pressure; AND ‘that’, on the greater mass, MORE SOthan the lesser (it, being so much smaller of a target to hit), then, why does the feather fall faster than the lead weight?

What size was the feather and the weight, were they identical in physical size and thickness?? Check this out;

>> Neutrinos transfer momentum evenly throughout the full thickness of matter, so that the gravity on any particular portion of matter is relatively small.

Sounds like a neat test, a simulacrum of a real feather made into a lead feather, then drop them at the same time… Check out this piece of weirdness that I meant to mention…

>> In the late 1950s Goldhaber discovered the left-handed spin of neutrinos. “Neutrinos,” he once wrote, “induce courage in theoreticians and perseverance in experimenters.”

And in a curious twist, the anti-gravity only appeared when the gyroscope was spinning anticlockwise.
Hmmmm, left hand spin of neutrinos…..hmmmm, CCW produces reduced weight in a gyroscope….hmmmmm…

## Re: Patent Dilemma,, Fri, 31 Mar 2000 ;

Hi Folks: Just felt the need to add a few cents worth to the discussion:

First a clarification – there seems to be much confusion, and perhaps misunderstanding about patents.

You CANNOT patent an IDEA! You can ONLY patent an embodiment of that idea or concept (a device).

For example: you cannot patent WELDING, but you can patent a welding machine, device, accessory, etc., as long as it is a significant improvement over theprior art.

SO, if you discovered WELDING, first you cannot patent the idea, you patent amachine that welds. And as you can see there are many, many ways to weld,and you certainly could not have anticipated all of them when you wrote yourclaims. (eg: ultrasonic welding; laser welding; explosive welding; solventwelding; etc.)

Therefore, there are always ways around a patent – some more than others. It depends on the simplicity or complexity of the process.

No one in their right mind, would attempt to hold claim to have invented “induction” (except Faraday). And once the principle of induction isrevealed, any who are even modestly skilled in the art, can make manyvariations of induction devices.

In my opinion, “free energy” and “gravity control” principles are/will be much like induction – in that once the principle is grasped, it will not belong before using it will be routine – and ubiquitous like how pervasively weuse induction.So much of this teeth gnashing about patents is without merit.

In addition, I agree with Darren Hesford, that the best way to succeed, is to be first, and do a short lightning attack on the market – a blitzkrieg ofmarketing – the big companies with the resources to go after you, and copy,etc., are big and lethargic – they cannot respond fast enough if you planyour strategy correctly.

Besides, when you have a free energy device, that is marketable, the big boys/girls will be arguing that it is not possible – so while they bicker -you swiftly and quietly sell as much as you can. (even if you carefully patent such a device, it will be copied, and probably improved upon by others – so think in terms of quick profit, and move on)

There will be a myriad of other new ideas once the door to this New Physics is opened – just keep turning ’em out.

On another note: please remember, we do not yet live in a Utopia, where unselfish giving is at the core of everyone’s being!

We live in a free market, capitalist*, dog eat dog, system. Where the coremotivation of the majority is based on fear of lack, or more warped – greedyand selfish. So anyone posting a public message, with ideas, or details ofinnovations, must be aware that unscrupulous members of society might attempt(will attempt) to exploit them.

*(postulate: given mankind’s inherent fear of lack/selfishness/greed – socialism, communism, cannot work – but while flawed, capitalism harnessesthis inherent greed to give maximum benefit to society as a whole; and the intellectual property rights are a key pillar of the structure to accomplish this) (although the benefit to society if all had unselfish motives is infinitely more than with the present system – it is all we have right now, unless you can invent a device to change the core motivation of everyone)

It is good to dream of utopia, and attempt to practice unselfish behavior – but do not be surprised if there are wolves lurking near the henhouse!

I personally do not see a dilemma – as I see it there are literally hundredsor thousands of person-years worth of ideas to explore along these lines -and I am confident that a large percentage of these “new physics” ideas willhave practical application.

So what if a few of the first ones get ripped off? The type that steal usually do not have the real wealth – the ability to innovate – you DO – somove on to the next one.

And indeed remember: “cast not your pearls among the swine” ! (in other words, be careful what you say, and to whom!)

And lastly, it has been said of the esteemed Mr. Edison – that he was nothing more than a huckster, or good marketing man – and he had very few original ideas – he TOOK the work of many other innovators, and made them real, or improved them, and marketed them. Perhaps this characterization is too harsh – but his own words are applicable here – “invention and innovation are 5% inspiration, and 95% perspiration”.

So if I or someone else provide an inspiration or new idea/perspective, and someone else takes this idea and applies the considerable effort and resources to develop it to a marketable item – even if that person’s motivation is selfishness – society still benefits. (assuming he/she succeeds)

And the issue of patenting to suppress – unlikely in my view – again the principles will be fairly straight forward – and there will be many ways to get around such a suppression patent. And the issue of government secrecy coming into play – can’t work If you’ve published the details on the net already!
Sincerely, DMBoss1021

## Re: Primary Energy – 6 new chapters – Mk II “Klingon Disruptor”, more, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Tue, 22 Feb 2000 ;

Hi DMBoss et al! This of course leads to all kinds of interesting correlation, chief among them the observation by Rory Johnson about attraction of magnetics to magnetics and its influence of the local aether/zpe.

If you’ve ever read the superb and most informative book, ‘Tapping the Zero Point Energy’ by our friend Moray King, you will see references to ‘bucking energy fields’.

That magnetic arrangement from the patent appears to be doing exactly that, bucking the fields against each other and causing them to combine into a more intense beam with a specific vector.

It also strikes me that the comments noted by Gerald Orlowski as discovered by the late Rory Johnson also apply, where Gerald says; electrical energy repels other electrical energy / magnetic energy attracts other magnetic energy

Rory Johnson designed and operated a 525 HP fuel cell motor without any of the hardware that is presently used in current state-of-the-art electric motors, such as AC Induction series or compound wound DC motors which use the accepted principle of attract-repel, an energy form that doesn’t utilize the magnetic field to its greatest advantage. He capitalized on the magnetic field to its greatest advantage by utilizing the principle of ATTRACT-ATTRACT.

There is no way to explain ATTRACT-ATTRACT using contemporary electrical theory, how his relatively small motor could produce this tremendous horsepower. Over the past 10 years, I used the Johnson hardware as a textbook to help gain an understanding about this NEW electrical-magnetic energy theory.

Johnson capitalized on the magnetic field to its greatest advantage. He used a top and bottom rotor in his motor. First, the top rotor attracted, released, then the bottom rotor attracted, released. The action of attract, taking place between upper and lower magnets, using the windings to complete the attract field.

….Years later, I still pondered how this OFF-TIME could have accomplished more than just this instantaneous polarity reversal. Faraday had a great teaching on this subject, he stated, “When a current suddenly ceases, it can INDUCE a current IN THE SAME WIRE which is stronger than the original current.

Thus, by conservation of force, there must be some force present, AN OPERATIVE, other than electric force. This force is probably the MAGNETIC FORCE.” Science had this enlightening teaching over 150 years ago! Unbelievable!
(you can see the connection between high flux and aether/zpe COUPLING for INERTIA that continues to induce energy until it rebalances with the ambient)

I had the honor of talking with Gerald and June Orlowski for a couple of hours after hearing Geralds superb presentation at the INE conference in Denver several years ago when all this first came out.

Gerald was the coolest guy at the conference and had something completely new and novel. He told me that when he was working on the motor, he kept seeing BARE WIRES that were touching metal or other bare wires. He thought this would be a dead short so put insulation on them….

Turns out, that insulation CANCELLED the magnetic attraction effect that Johnson NEEDED but Gerald was thinking along the lines of ELECTRICITY, not magnetism…

Gerald said he finally got it through his head that he’d have to rethink his understanding of the differences between electricity and magnetism and thats when he realized what Rory Johnson had been saying all along, that magnetism attracted to magnetism and electricity repelled away from electricity.

Thus magnetism was IMPLOSIVE and electricity was EXPLOSIVE…. Isn’t that a neat perspective??? Anyway, just wanted to further confuse the issue…….I mean add more info that might be useful to the subject of bucking magnetic fields.

— wrote: Hi folks: I have just finished a marathon of writing 6 new chapters for the E-Book on

my web site:

The new chapters are titled:

## Re: Research into free energy claims. Jerry W. Decker, Mon, 07 Jun 1999 ;

Hi Ren et al! Well, I wouldn’t get my hopes up about a lot of responses of use……..though hope springs eternal I fear the net incarnation will never achieve the BBS discussions. I’ve seen some old motors but none older than about 1950-60, never seen anything older except as you said, in museums…the Smithsonian has a collection of old motors and electrical devices, with some very, very large dynamos.

I had taken a lot of pictures when I was at the Smithsonian a couple of years ago and have been intending to make up a page or a few pages to show the tiny area they provide for about four Tesla devices with a huge area devoted to Edison….it is pathetic….but then GE, Westinghouse and Edison Electric are all noted as being major benefactors for this section of the Smithsonian…just didn’t seem right to have so few exhibits on Tesla and although I think he was less than honest, fair is fair, he should have at least as much space and historical credit as Edison.

Anyway, the article did say it was a pulsating current at 280 volts. I might have another article or so that describes this squeezing of the soft spot in a capacitor…at the moment, I don’t recall where that was written, come to think of it, that was HENDERSHOT, not Hubbard.

I remember at the time of that article, the closest correlation I had was to Hendershot so that is why that was included…it is a bit confusing but the devices do appear to be similar.

Yes, it was Lester Hendershot who squeezed the capacitor…I can’t recall ever reading anything about how Hubbard started his coil, but I’ll bet it was something similar.

We should also bear in mind that Moray reportedly would listen through a headphone that let him hear a shooshing sound that came in waves and this is what he tuned his device to. Nowadays with the profusion of radio and other EM waves, that might be difficult to detect, though a recent discovery might help with this.

In other words, he adjusted the capacitance until he picked up this noise, then let it build as the resonance connected and allowed the extraction of power.

One point of interest, Chuck Henderson has written this most excellent paper that I am still working to get online. It reports on a peculiar acoustic signature associated with vortexes and wouldn’t it be interesting if that signature was what Moray was listening FOR?????

That once his circuit was resonating with that acoustic pattern, the focus of the energy vortex would be drawn to feed the circuit?? Kind of like an energy tornado whose tip can be dragged over to dump its energy into a properly tuned and receptive circuit.

The same could be said for Hubbard or Hendershot, that this vortex tip could be detected OR CREATED by adjusting the capacitance or coil arrangement…yep, too weird to be possible, but when you see Chucks’ paper you’ll see why I’m saying it.

Experiments have been done on remote secondaries tuned to a central Tesla coil transmitter. John Hutchison got the most interesting results using these.

In the Hubbard file it says there was one central coil, surrounded by 8 (primary & secondary) coils. I’ve seen a drawing of this but it only shows one central primary with 8 secondaries all wound in series. The central coil was larger and I think had more windings. The difference from the paper being that these secondaries didn’t each have their own primary and secondary, they were just single coils.

The Cayce no fuel motor post mentions a ratio that has to be achieved and maintained to garner successful tapping of the flow and I’ve seen similar statements about the ratio being critical.

There was a short article years ago about a reverse Tesla coil arrangement which attracted high voltage atmospheric energy that discharged into a secondary of lesser turns…thus high voltage/low current was converted to low voltage/high current.

Then of course there is Perrigo and others who claimed to be able to tap into a continuous stream of atmospheric electricity that would run lamps, motors and even their house.

The key is to detect the flow and lock in the tune (resonant) which would open the path to the least possible resistance so that the width of the signal or the speed of the flow would be determined by the size of the loads you place on the device.

So we are missing something. I like an analogy that was mentioned a few months back that the aether/zpe plenum is like a tank full of water, you poke a tiny hole in the tank and water would stream out to sustain your load and do work…where water is of course representative of energy.

As you add more and more loads, the hole enlarges to allow more energy flow to sustain those loads…reduce the load and the hole shrinks so that only that amount of energy is extracted.

Now one other secretive fellow who claims to have a working device says you must blow a hole the size of what you will need to sustain your load, you can’t just increase the size of the hole by adding more loads.

I don’t think that is so, but he says he has a working circuit that I hope one day he will share or at the very least sell as a working circuit or device.

At the time this pinprick hole in the tank comment was made, another comment was that once this hole was made, the aether/zpe boundary would rip open and create a black hole or destroy that section of space….not likely as it is believed to be self-repairing – otherwise matter creation that occurs naturally would have long since shown this effect.

Another reason why this wouldn’t happen is that the energy will be flowing from one high potential to a low potential (our artificial hole in space) where we allow it to flow back in to regain the high potential, except that we force it to flow through our loads and do work. That means our ground would be the high potential???

Let’s see, high potential (aether/zpe) everywhere and matter and energy are areas of less energy density that the high potential flows into trying to fill it up so there is no polarity.

That would mean for a circuit, we’d have to create the hole as being the input side (the low potential), and let the ground side be the return path to rejoin the high potential.

Since this aether/zpe is everywhere and pervades everything we have to have some way to block or divert the energy to keep it from rejoining the high potential until we are ready to release it and can allow it to rejoing ONLY through OUR path in the form of a load.

That kind of thinking leads us to question what is the nature of the blockage? With orgone energy, the collector and blocker consists of successive layers of organic and inorganic matter.

Orgone energy accumulates in the organic mass and is blocked by the metallic inorganic mass. Orgone doesn’t like to be concentrated and so becomes ‘hysterical’ and highly energetic trying to get away from its neighbor (much like electricity seeking to explode once accumulated in high concentrations)…in an orgone box, the successive layers draw in ever more orgone that concentrates in the center of the box…becoming so orgone dense that a blue light is seen, kind of like a big capacitor that is just looking for a chance to discharge in one gigantic burst or bleed off to match the ambient.

Speaking of which, isn’t it odd how electrolytic capacitors will charge just sitting on a table, connected to NOTHING?

Anytime we can create a difference of potential it MUST rejoin the opposite potential until balance is achieved. That means we simply intercept the flow with our loads to produce work.

Now, using the orgone box as our template and keeping in mind that aether/zpe is HIGH energy density, that we must create a low density which will ATTRACT the high density energy trying to fill up the hole, that means if we have a means of diverting the incoming flow as it tries to rejoin the high potential, then we make sure it diverts and rejoins ONLY through our load.

So, we have to figure out what is it that will divert this incoming energy to a degree that we can get useful currents that will do work, otherwise we risk quenching the very effect we are trying to achieve.

Knock the little hole in the tank and milk out more and more energy in discrete stages, like Moray did with his cold cathode tubes with very high dielectrics. Others have used very high dielectrics and nowadays we have low voltage, super high dielectric caps which could certainly be incorporated into our experiments. 5 volts at 1 or more FARADS isn’t uncommon and they aren’t that expensive.

With capacitors, to increase the voltage we add them in parallel, to increase the current, we place them in series, just the opposite of batteries.

An antenna mounted to the side of the house or on a pole with a well insulated wire leading to a bank of high farad series capacitors and possibly with an adjustable coil to allow tuning, we might have a start.

Though the trick is bleeding them off with some kind of switching circuit to allow them to dump and offer the least possible resistance to any incoming energy.

One bank feeds another which feeds another that would feed the load.Hopefully, the energy flow would increase when properly tuned to allow the load to be sustained continuously. Enough for tonight, but its a simple enough experiment…think I’ll visit Tanners tomorrow on lunch and buy me some of those high farad caps…I have an antenna and some 50kv shielded wire that I can hook to a plate on the antenna and run it into the caps to see what happens.

Come to think of it, about a year ago a guy sent in an email saying he had such a circuit…I reposted it to the discussion list…essentially he said the caps charged up and he had a spark gap that drove I think a lamp or buzzer/bell or something and that it would build up, then discharge across the spark gap to trigger the load. I think he said every 5 or 10 minutes, he’d get a burst. But it wasn’t tuned, just raw voltage accumulation….hmmm, worth some tinkering…good night..

## Re: Research into free energy claims. Jerry W. Decker, Mon, 07 Jun 1999 ;

Hi Ren! Thanks but its still all BS until we get a working something…Bill calls it my latest ‘rave’ and points out the error I made saying that series caps give higher current when in fact they give higher voltage…I should have looked it up…been awhile since I did anything electronic, need to get back to it…anyway, the proof is at;

You know, I am having problems thinking backwards from normal electronics…specifically with the idea that aether/zpe is high potential energy that saturates everything. So creating the hole causes it to flow in to fill up that hole. As it flows in, we MAKE it flow through our load to do work.

As it fills up, the energy flow reduces because we no longer have the polarized tension. So we have to maintain the hole.

What is intriguing is this implosive, cooling effect as the energy flows in. Sweet (if he can be believed) reported it and Tom Bearden witnessed it…he is the mystery voice in the Sweet video. Tom told me he was ill at the time of the taping but could not pass up the opportunity to test the device in the presence of Sweet. My point being the report of frost when the wires were brushed against each other and that Sweet accidentally shocked himself on the finger and it was number for days from this ‘negative current’.

That is a fascinating counterpoint to the idea of global warming and a great argument to finance the discovery of working f/e devices…as their use proliferated, the world would cool back to its natural level…perhaps over the decades even risking ‘global cooling’….

I plan to write up a paper on this as an inducement to governments and industry to look into f/e as a solution to global warming…seeya!

## Re: Research into free energy claims. Jerry W. Decker, Tue, 08 Jun 1999 ;

Hi Folks! I’ve been wondering about this negative current and its properties as in;

> My point being the report of frost when the wires were brushed against each other and that Sweet accidentally shocked himself on the finger and it was number for days from this ‘negative current’.

Infrared rays burn with a ‘hot’ heat. Ultraviolet rays burn with a ‘cold’ heat. The distinction is important I think and was referenced in the book ‘Dweller on Two Planets’ in the comment, ‘night is as pregnant as day’.

It has always intrigued me just what was meant by this. The book says you will stay healthy and live for hundreds of years in a youthful body IF you eat only foods that grow at night. Indicating some kind of solar radiation that aids and abets aging.

Irradiation experiments done with human blood using UV rays show that the blood will continue to re-radiate the UV after the source has been removed. So perhaps this ‘remanence’ phenomenon occurs with plants grown during the day, which re-radiate some of the solar frequencies.

We know the UV frequency of 260nm resonates most closely with DNA and that it just happens to be the frequency best absorbed by water, so that sunlight without water vapor in the upper atmosphere to absorb this 260nm will cause aging and disease due to temin mixing (where the dna pattern is scrambled) that ends up as mutations and cancer.

Now I don’t mean to get off topic since this thread IS about free energy, my point in mentioning this day/night type of energy is an attempt to understand the properties of this ‘cold’ current.

To my view, ‘cold’ current would be implosive (Schauberger), linked to magnetism (Orlowski/Johnson) and produce cold (Sweet, Kowsky-Frost) when ‘dissipating’ in or through a load. It would also produce gravity (Sweet, Kowsky-Frost) and time anomalies (DePalma) to a degree proportional to the intensity of the current flow. It is the flow of aether/zpe into and through mass.

‘Hot’ current would be explosive, linked to electricity and produce heat when dissipating in or through a load.

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