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## Steorn’s ORBO claim

Steorn created a sensation when they announced the development of Orbo technology. Orbo produces free, clean and constant energy and negates the need for oil, coal, gas and nuclear power. Steorn claim that they can produce free energy using certain configurations of permanent magnets.

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# Friday, October 26, 2007, Exclusive: Sean McCarthy (Steorn) Interview

Sean McCarthy (CEO of Steorn)

FE Truth: Sean McCarthy CEO of Steorn is with us today. Welcome Sean! Well, it’s not exactly Letterman, but perhaps we can ask a few searching questions of you nonetheless.

Sean: Hi Craig.

FE Truth: It’s now well over a year since the Economist ad which is when most people started following the Steorn story. Back in August 2006 the conspiracy theories were rife. Steorn are obviously still here, and no one has done a runner to the Bahamas with any money. You weren’t an advert for the new Halo game, you weren’t a viral marketing campaign and your offices aren’t a front for the CIA.

That just leaves two possibilities. Measurement error, or you truly have the ability to create / extract free energy, what do you say to people that say measurement error is an explanation for all this?

Sean: I don’t think measurement error is a viable explanation at all. There’s a substantial difference between devices that work that aren’t subject to measurement error and devices that are simply lab based measurements. The new theory seems to be that we’re either right or we’re delusional. Clearly, most people think that we’re delusional.

FE Truth: Can you tell us anything about the 22 jury, has their reaction been what you expected? Will the way the jury goes about validation and the testing they carry out be made public after the process is complete.

Sean: We won’t be discussing the Jury process in public at all until it’s completed.

FE Truth: You’re very enthusiastic when it comes to talking tech. Where did you’re love of engineering and technology come from and what’s your proudest engineering moment?

Sean: I grew up in the age where computers were becoming commonplace. At the age of ten I had a computer in my house and I found this and all technology fascinating. The Engineering school I went to was very hands on, very lab based as well as theoretical so I developed a real love of both technology and engineering. I guess the proudest moment for me and for the company from a technology standpoint was the development of the DiscMatch system which some of the world’s largest companies had tried to develop with tens of millions of dollars over a seven year time frame and failed. We did this project for 160k in 18 months, that was cool.

FE Truth: As ever, you’ve been extremely busy. What sort of stuff have you been working on in the last few months? Anything that you can tell us about?

Sean: We continue to work on Orbo. Obviously we are looking at different implementations of it, more reliable implementations of it both mechanical and non mechanical. We’re also looking at the material science behind these time variant magnetic transactions as in what’s the real driver for them. What makes one material have a different response from another material? We’ve looked at a lot of third party research, fund some research and obviously do our own research into this area, we have managed to rule out most of the drivers to time based domain response (eddy currents, heat and so on) but as to why ferrite has a different response to Iron – well more work to be done.

FE Truth: Previously you mentioned that a second demo will occur and that it would not be announced, it would just “happen” when you’ve got it up and running. Are you at liberty to announce which country or city the demo will be located ?

Sean: It will most likely be in Dublin, Ireland.

FE Truth: Assuming the jury of 22 scientists returns a positive result on Orbo’s ability to create / extract free energy, do you think the scientific community will accept the jury verdict and embrace the new discovery or do you expect there will still be yet another fight for acceptance? What do you anticipate will be the reaction?

Sean: I don’t think there will be a defining moment to be honest. I don’t feel that any form of validation, be it public demo or validation by a third parties, will be seen as a full stop to the process. I think it will certainly raise awareness and more people will research it but there’s not going to be a defining moment in terms of accepting something so fundamental. All we can hope is that the scientific community will engage further and further into this once they have a credible frame of reference.

FE Truth: Since discovering the anomaly that led to the development of Orbo technology, have you observed any other interesting phenomena, bi-products, or effects during testing.

Sean: We continue to discover interesting things. Apart from the pure mathematics behind magnetic interactions which, if anybody researches into them, are in themselves a contested area, (in that there’s no real one mathematical model that will describe any magnetic transaction in 100% reliable fashion), we are also looking at the Newtonian dynamics behind these things. There’s a lot of interesting stuff. Our concern as a company is not to get sidetracked too much but as engineers we do find interesting stuff and do tend to get sucked into a couple of weeks testing which are necessary and in the nature of the company and how we ended up here but are probably not that pertinent to developing Orbo.

FE Truth: Have you any plans to release an educational pack to schools / colleges, perhaps including a kit-based DIY Orbo for students to mess around and learn from?

Sean: Part of what we are looking at with the e-learning stuff which is in development, involves stress testing some of the modules with different communities, from secondary school students to university students and also looking at how we can attract these people post validation to come in and gain an interest in it. Whether DIY Orbo kits are truly a realistic objective is unclear because the types of manufacturing tolerances required are very high but I would imagine we will be releasing a lot of the e-learning modules behind this into wider audiences.

FE Truth: What exactly is SteornLab – Can you give us any information on this?

Sean: An awful lot of what we have developed over the years has been based on tests. We have bought in a lot of the best of breed test equipment to measure rotary systems and magnetic fields but it’s still a relatively specialized field. We have developed and have patented several testing technologies, specifically non-contact torque sensors and dynamic field measurement equipment to measure magnetic fields in very fast environments. SteornLab relates to the productization of these testing technologies we’ve developed over the years.

FE Truth: Surely politicians would be interested in the technology for lots of reasons. Has Steorn ever been contacted by anyone in political positions?

Sean: We’ve been contacted by everybody from humanitarian groups to top range politicians, however we have taken the same position with all of them. We are not engaging with the political community or the industrial community until after validation.

FE Truth: Can you give us any news on Steorn’s African water pump project?

Sean: It’s an ongoing project. We have contracted a local engineering company to conduct water surveys and to design a one-fits-all water pump, (i.e. a water pumping system that can be used in multiple sites in Kenya) that work is ongoing, they haven’t finalized their work. Effectively what we will be providing them is the power to drive this system.

FE Truth: “In your opinion does Orbo create or extract energy?”

Sean: It’s a question of views. I would say that, in the same way as there is a mass/energy equivalent there is also a form of time/energy equivalent and whether you consider that energy creation or conversion is a matter of semantics. The explanation behind Orbo is that ÄT can equal E as simple as that.

FE Truth: Has Steorn ever been offered money in order to sell the patents, black shelve them or to suppress the technology in any way? Can any amount of money prevent the technology getting to market now?

Sean: No. We have been offered lots of money but none of that to hide the technology or suppress it. To be honest, none of those conversations get beyond the cursory level simply because we’re not in the business of raising money. No amount of money can prevent the technology getting to market. It does not take a huge amount of money to drive us, or any small business to the wall, but if Steorn was taken out this would not prevent the tech getting out.

FE Truth: What sort of a fight do you expect that the energy / oil / mining companies will put up to stop Orbo from impacting their business?

Sean: Unfair would be the straight answer. I’m from that industry and they’re not fair fights… but I’m looking forward to them.

FE Truth: Presumably after successful validation there will be an avalanche of interest and the company will have to grow significantly to cope with worldwide demand for support? How does the company plan to cope with the workload? Are we likely to see, offices of Steorn springing up in the US, Europe and Far East? or will the support and licensing be done via eCommerce only?

Sean: It will be by eCommerce only. The reality of what we’ve bitten off here is that we couldn’t afford to grow the company to a scale pre-launch that could deal with the expected demand and we can’t do it after the fact. So we’ve designed our business model around who we are, which is roughly twenty people in a building in Dublin. Who knows what size Steorn will grow to ultimately as requirements change, but in terms of immediately post launch we don’t see any specific requirement for adding headcount.

We are already looking at some acquisitions but these are in the very early stages and would be pretty small companies themselves.

FE Truth: Since all this kicked off in August 2006 what has been you’re biggest disappointment?

Sean: July 2007

FE Truth: Have you had any licensing enquiries from interested companies since you went public in August 2006?

Sean: Every day of every week.

FE Truth: What’s Steorn’s position on the licensing of the tech for possible military and weapons applications?

Sean: It’s specifically precluded.

FE Truth: How many patents do Steorn hold in relation to Orbo technology?

Sean: In the region of 15 – 20 applications

FE Truth: You are a technology development company, so what’s the next technology project for Steorn after Orbo?

Sean: Steorn will have to see this through but a lot of the developers in here came from an anti fraud background and we have some really cool ideas in that area. Who knows? There’s always another dream to chase.

FE Truth: You mentioned before that people’s reaction to this is almost a religious reaction. Why do you think there’s such hostility to what is essentially a planet and life saving technology?

Sean: It’s difficult to understand. I think an awful lot of it is the nature of the internet. Since being introduced to the forum life I’ve seen people have religious arguments over the colour of a footballers shirt. The internet seems to give people the right to debate things religiously. When you talk about taking on a scientific establishment which is very much how we cast ourselves, we came out fighting so you could say we provoked a response but that having been said we are questioning a fundamental assumption of the world of physics and I think that the world of physics is religious in its attitude to these things and probably rightly so.

FE Truth: Are there any future R&D plans for Steorn to go after solid state Orbo systems or advance Orbo technology even further?

Sean: We have some engineering issues that we are currently resolving in terms of mechanical systems; we are constantly looking at ways to capture and express the energy in a real world environment that are simpler and simpler and there is nothing simpler than a solid state device. So it’s in the plan, but its not something that we actively engaged in at this time.

FE Truth: CoE largely depends on Noether’s Theorem holding up to scrutiny.

Noether’s Theorem relies on time invariance in an energy transaction to hold true whereas Orbo technology involves time-variant principles. If Noether’s Theorem can be shown to not apply in this case, what does this mean for the world of physics? What sort of knock-on effects do you think we can expect?

Sean: Ultimately CoE is a catch-all. E=mc2 was, for a time seen as a violation of CoE – it was very quickly dealt with by saying that mass is a form of energy. I do believe that the further we dig into this and the smarter the people we get involved, that variations in time frames could be viewed as a form of energy and you could tidy the equations up that way.

FE Truth: If the effect is time-variant, then presumably time would be shown to be a function of energy? This would have massive implications. What are your thoughts on this?

Sean: It’s not a question that time is a form of energy. In any thermodynamics equation you will see ÄT as a factor and what we’re playing around with is ÄT. I think it may not be that much of a job to tidy this little mess up from a physics point of view.

FE Truth: I know I’m asking you to try and be psychic here, but if your timeline of validation goes to schedule and electronics /engineering companies start licensing orbo technology for development in their own products, how soon should the public expect to see orbo powered consumer products on sale? Is 2009 an unrealistic target?

Sean: It depends on what kind of products you are talking about. I always equate this to the hard disk drive. Right now you can have a hard disk with huge capacity for fifty bucks but that’s not how they started out, they started out costing a hundred million dollars for a couple of hundred kb of disk space, this has taken 50 years. Orbo will be no different. I doubt it will be the same fifty year cycle with Orbo because development timeframes are always compressing. Also community development as we plan to have with the SKDB compresses timeframes but we cannot put a specific date on it. We can only hope that it happens in a short timeframe. There’s a lot of engineering involved in taking Orbo from where it is to your phone.

FE Truth: Have Steorn ever been offered a deal by a large corporate to buy the technology? I’m thinking along the lines of GE or Toyota, General Motors. Those types of companies.

Sean: We’ve had lots of interest from very large multinational companies but we haven’t presented an opportunity to discuss it. Our position has been clear from the outset; we’ll validate this and then the big companies will get the same shot as the small guys down the road.

FE Truth: Do you think any other company has ever came close to discovering what Steorn did?

Sean: I think lots of people have. I can look at many of the other free energy claimants and understand exactly how they could work. I could also see why many would be difficult to replicate without understanding what was happening.

FE Truth: Ever got into a fist fight over Orbo?

Sean: I’ve never been in a fist fight.

FE Truth: You’re a Birmingham City fan, so once you’ve become even richer than Bill Gates, presumably you’ll be buying Birmingham City Football Club and turning them into the new Chelsea?

Sean: Some things are impossible!!!!!!

FE Truth: Sean McCarthy, thank-you very much for taking time to speak to us today. We wish you well for the future!

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# Tuesday, September 18, 2007, Steorn: Free Energy Truth Editorial Comment

Simply mention the slightest possibility of free energy or perpetual motion and guaranteed, you’ll have a room full of fully grown adults smirking like hyperactive toddlers at a McDonalds Birthday Party. However, it’s that kind of over-the-top hysterical laughter that has more emotion grounded in fear rather than in amusement.

What are people so afraid of? Why does the notion of free energy have this bizarre effect on some individuals and some of the media – are we THAT conditioned to believe the media? Surely clean drinking water, sanitation, and an end to global warming, food shortages and reliance on fossil fuel are good things – or have I missed something?

Globally we have almost certainly reached peak oil and are on a slippery downward slope. The only way forward now for every single one of us is rising petrol prices, freak weather, followed by an outbreak of oil wars to control the supply from middle eastern tin-pot dictatorships ensuring a constant stream of supertankers feeding our addiction.

Demand is going through the roof and production is in steady decline. You do the math.

Meanwhile over in China and India, they can’t build coal and gas burning power stations fast enough. We look on in horror as the Arctic Ice melts like an ice-cube in a frying pan.

More recently, reported in The Telegraph and The Daily Mail we have new stories surfacing of more law defying energy creation. A team of scientists reviewed the EcoWatts technology and agreed they could not account for the energy being created by this system. Scientists. Actual scientists, with proper white lab coats, large craniums and PHDs coming out of their ears, yet this evidence has been largely ignored.

In true debunking style online publication Engadget have a picture with a cartoon speech bubble superimposed which rather unconvincingly dictates to their readers the way to think. Thou shalt ridicule free energy! One of the 12 JP Morgan commandments no doubt.

Rather than conducting an objective review of the technology, they chose the all too familiar and sadly predictable stance of giggling in the corner like a spoilt brat. Even “The Daily Mail” gets the full treatment unleashed on it with the statement that they are “dumb” for publishing the story. By implication the Telegraph must be dumb also as they have also featured the story . Sure are a lot of dumb people out there, must be all the carbon monoxide from the burnt oil?

What the debunking community would do well to remember is that It would not be the first time that science was proved wrong and it certainly won’t be the last. Egg on face can be hard to shift, even with the best of soap scrubs. I hear the Flat Earth Society are still cleaning themselves up even now.

Reality is that we’ve had free energy since the time of Tesla, but greedy white men seen to it that his equipment was confiscated and that he was ridiculed into submission. You see, the problem with free energy is that you can’t stick a meter on it and start sending invoices to people – it just doesn’t work. Who do they TAX – God?, The Supreme Being?, Zero Point Inc?

Used to be that no-one questioned the laws of thermodynamics, but now it seems we’ve got new technologies springing up all the time. The laws of thermodynamics are under siege – how long now until they need to be dismantled brick by thermodynamic brick like the some virtual Berlin wall.

If the laws of thermodynamics are comparable to football teams, where once stood the mighty Brazil – now stands The People’s Republic of Moldova. It’s only half time and they’re losing 12-0.

We all need to get over our fit of the giggles when it comes to free energy. If we don’t then the laughs, the McDonalds ice-cream and the smirking will surely stop when the oil wars, fuel shortages and rising floodwaters begin.

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# Wednesday, September 5, 2007, Respected Engineer Validates Steorn Tech

“Then I saw things that I didn’t believe”. Thieu Knapen

A recently leaked 2 minute film has turned up on Google. It further validates the free energy claims of Steorn. In the video we see accomplished engineer and inventor Thieu Knapen, CEO of Dutch company Kinetron discussing Steorn’s Orbo technology, which he has personally tested in his own workshop facility.

His conclusions are clear: “We see a gain in energy”.

“I did the first measurement and did it on the Friday evening. Tried to measure things and I had a few magnets lying over here, as I’ve worked for 25 years with magnets, and I was surprised.”

“Then I stopped on the Sunday evening and I was more surprised. Then I saw things that I didn’t believe.”

“And that was my first trigger to say “Hey, maybe we forget something in the past and Steorn have found the trick to do it”.

“What we see is free energy mainly – to make energy out of nothing – so I thought this is not possible for the normal human being, but the idea of Steorn was they came with a very special idea to bring in magnets in a certain way and it was very new for me as well.”

“And even from the data we have and the measurments we did we see that we gain energy, and now mainly the principle is to get it into a working model.”

Speaking about the prototype device pictured on his workbench he is clearly heard to say

“It’s already a miracle” He goes on – “This is just the beginning…..I’m sure of it”.

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# Friday, August 31, 2007, World Exclusive Interview: Steorn Effect Replicated / Blake Interview

As promised……
Today we talk to Blake. A Vietnam veteran and ex US air force pilot with a fascinating technical background. A skilled engineer with decades of experience in the air force and aviation industry.

An independent builder, in his own workshop, using his own tools and materials, has become the first known non-Steorn employee or contractor to successfully re-create the time-variant free energy principles of Steorn’s Orbo technology.

Please note: Due to Legal Non Disclosure Agreements certain aspects of the technical information have been replaced by asterisks where necessary.

FE Truth: “Firstly Blake, tell us about your background.”

Blake: “Born on a plane between London and Baltimore (my dad installed the first Coca-Cola bottling plant in London). Birthplace listed as Baltimore. Moved to Western Maryland at age 2, then to Florida at age 7-8. Started working at the airport in Jacksonville at age 12.

“Schooled and graduated for airframe and engine license at age 14 (special waiver from FAA) High school in Jacksonville, summers spent as U.S. Merchant Marine, and many odd jobs during school. ”

“At age 17 enlisted in the U.S. Airforce. Schooled in aircraft. Assigned to 3206th Drone Squadron, Eglin Air Force Base. Flew many different aircraft as Drones from Q2s to QF104s and QB-47 and one F8U Crusader. ”

“Attended college during service time. Earned degrees in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Became “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”. After time in the military went to work as aircraft mechanic on Land-Air Field team, then Lockheed Air Service field team, then to Lear Seigler Aircraft and Missiles Field Operations Division. Progressed to troubleshooter for all field teams. Became in-country manager of all crews in Vietnam. ”

“Then home to many different jobs until 1971 when I moved to Georgia and worked for Robins Air Force Base as an aircraft sheet metal mechanic. Then transferred to Electronics Division to work as electronic trouble shooter. Forced to retire in 1978 and then opened my own woodworking shop in Perry GA. ”

“Closed the shop 86 and worked as supervisor for many companies until Northrop Grumman hired me to do aircraft sheet metal in 1997 – been there every since. Graduated to tool design engineer and methods engineer in Dallas, Texas then transferred back to my first love (my tool box) in Stuart Florida, where I currently reside. ”

“Will move again in December back to my beloved Georgia and my children and friends.”

FE Truth: “How did you become interested in the whole Steorn / Steorn Private Developers Club thing?”

Blake: “Last year in August around the 17th or 18th I saw a wee bit on energy on Fox news and I clicked on it and that brought me to Steorn. According to the register shown on the screen I was #60 to register.”

FE Truth: “As I understand it, with the combination of technical knowledge gained in the SPDC and your own engineering ability you set to work on building a testrig to try and replicate the free energy “Steorn Effect”. Without going into any technical secrets tell us about how you built your own Orbo test rig?”

Blake: “Having wood and metal working skills and trying to decipher the dialogue on the main forum, I set about to try my hand at duplicating the Steorn discovery. I built many rigs, testing theories, and did not even come close until Sean (Steorn CEO) posted a diagram and then I started to work in earnest.”

“My wife was away visiting her mother and I came home from work and started to assemble a rig like Sean’s diagram. Started with a ***** base then added a hang arm for ******* support, then used a ******* magnet to wind an ******* magnet for the *****. Then follow my sense of feel I tried placing magnets near, ************ and at many ******* angles until I felt something unusual and noticed that the spin down was not slowing down much from my original spindown.”

“Then I hot melt glued the ****** in place while holding it with my hand. Then I went on to work on my model airplanes which were due out that weekend. ”

FE Truth: “Talk us through the sequence of events that night.”

Blake: “After I hot melted the ******* in place I used the dremel tool to spin it up to abound *** thousand rpms and I usually got around ** and a half minutes sometime almost *** on the spin down. ”

“I waited almost 5 minutes and it still kept going and I thought maybe I got an off center balance that is keeping it going like a flywheel so I quit watching it and went back to work on a model plane – all the while keeping an eye on the rig. ”

“It was late and I knew I had to work the next day so taking a final look at the running rig. I went to bed…it was still running when I woke up and when I left for work. When I got home the first thing I did was to go look at the rig. ”

“My heart really fell when I saw it stopped”.

FE Truth: “How long did it self-sustain for in the end?”

Blake: “I can only vouch for about 8 hours, I do not know how long it ran after I left for work”.

FE Truth: So basically it ran on it’s own with no external input for at least 8 hours and possibly way more than that?

FE Truth: “When you finally realized it was self sustaining and kept spinning on its own what was going through your mind?”

Blake: “I kept wondering when it was going to stop and then when it did not…I thought…damn I got to go pee!”

FE Truth: (Laughs)

FE Truth: “In your opinion, is this something that most people could build?”

Blake: “I think that the rig I built can be built by most anybody given the right materials and tools”.

FE Truth: “Now that you’ve witnessed a self-sustaining device how do you feel now about Steorn as to whether they are telling the truth?”

Blake: “Well, I know the rig can run on it’s own. So I believe what they say is possible and that they are probably telling us the truth but holding back important details till all the patents are in and the jury reports.”

FE Truth: “What do you say to people who may accuse you of making this up?”

Blake: “You are entitled to your own opinion, I have nothing to gain by making up stories. However I intend to keep trying to replicate the run to quell the naysayers. Until then it is just my word against the odds.”

FE Truth: “So that would make you one of only a handful of people in the world who has seen the fact with their own eyes that free energy can be tapped using certain configurations of magnets.”

FE Truth: “I assume you’re trying to get it going again or to build an improved prototype rig?”

Blake: “Yes, I have been trying ever since it stopped and will keep trying till it runs again. I have no real idea what made it run but only feel that the way to make it go is simple, I just happened to have the right conditions at the time.”

“It will run again. The next time it runs I will have the means to record it at hand.”

‘Never, never, never give up. Some folks say I am stubborn, other say I am dedicated, still others say I am crazy, me – I just want to make it run and scale it down so I don’t have to use batteries in my model airplanes.”

FE Truth: “Do you have any personal theories on where this energy may be coming from?”

Blake: “For what it’s worth, I believe that we will find that magnetism has a frequency and that the frequency is present everywhere in the universe. I believe the force which we are converting to energy comes from that.”

FE Truth: “In a sentence, do you think that the possibility now exists to end our reliance on oil, coal, gas and nuclear power given Steorn’s Orbo technology?”

Blake: “I believe it has always existed and that we are just now re-discovering it. ”

“I think the ancients had more real intellect of physics and nature than we do today. And if I did not believe that Steorn had found a path to this science then I would not belong to the SPDC. At least having hope in them is better then no hope. For without dreams we stagnate and die.”

FE Truth: “Congratulations on your amazing achievement Blake, and many thanks for sharing your remarkable story.”

“You can handle the truth”. Written By The Administrator at 2:02 PM

# Impending World Oil Shortage: Good Timing Steorn

If ever the time was right for Steorn’s Orbo technology to come along, then it’s now. World oil production is on the downward slope, yet demands especially from developing countries like China and India are increasing rapidly.

“This much is certain: no initiative put in place starting today can have a substantial effect on the peak production year. No Caspian Sea exploration, no drilling in the South China Sea, no SUV replacements, no renewable energy projects can be brought on at a sufficient rate to avoid a bidding war for the remaining oil. At least, let’s just hope that the war is waged with cash instead of with nuclear warheads.”

by Kenneth S. Deffeyes (Princeton University Press)

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# Wednesday, August 22, 2007, Steorn Related Feynmann Quote

“It is not possible to understand the magnetic effects of materials in any honest way from the point of view of classical physics.” —Richard Feynman1965 Nobel Prize winning physicist

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## Friday August 25, 2006, The Guardian, These men think they’re about to change the world,,1858172,00.html

Heard the one about the two Irishmen who say they can produce limitless amounts of clean, free energy? Plenty of scientists have – but few are taking them seriously. Steve Boggan investigates

Do you remember that awful feeling as a child on Christmas Day when Santa left you the toy you wanted . . . without any batteries? This feeling comes to me as I meet Sean McCarthy and Richard Walshe, two men making the claim that they are about to change the world – for ever.

These dynamic and personable businessmen from Dublin insist that they have found a way of producing free, clean and limitless energy out of thin air. And they are so confident that they have thrown down the gauntlet to the scientific community in a bid to prove that they have rewritten the laws of physics. Last week, frustrated that they couldn’t persuade scientists to take their work seriously, McCarthy, Walshe and the other 28 shareholders of Steorn, a privately owned technology research company, took out a full-page advertisement in the Economist. In it, they called upon scientists to form a 12-member jury to decide whether their free-energy system is real, hoaxed, imagined or incorrectly well-intentioned.

So, as they prepare to demonstrate this wonder of science to me at their modest offices near the Liffey, I feel all the excitement of Christmas Day. There is a test rig with wheels and cogs and four magnets meticulously aligned so as to create the maximum tension between their fields and one other magnet fixed to a point opposite. A motor rotates the wheel bearing the magnets and a computer takes 28,000 measurements a second. The magnets, naturally, act upon one another. And when it is all over, the computer tells us that almost three times the amount of energy has come out of the system as went in. In fact, this piece of equipment is 285% efficient.

That’s a lot of “free energy” and, supposedly, a slap in the face for one of physics’ most basic laws, the principle of conservation of energy: in an isolated system (the planet, say), energy can be neither created nor destroyed; it can only be converted from one form into another.

“We couldn’t believe it at first, either,” says McCarthy, chief executive of the company. He is a 40-year-old engineer born in Birmingham but brought up in Dublin. After a couple of decades in the oil industry, McCarthy, Walshe and two others set up Steorn as a technology and intellectual-property development company. “We did difficult things. If someone had an idea that they wanted to make work, we’d work on it with them, help them recruit staff and get them through to their first product.”

Then, by chance, came their “discovery”. They were called upon by the police to help gain forensic evidence against “skimmers” who cloned the cards of people using ATMs. Subsequently, when banks approached asking how they could prevent such fraud, Steorn advised that the best way was to catch the small number of people committing most of the crime. They came up with a system of 16 tiny CCTV cameras that could guarantee recording the identities of the perpetrators.

“We wanted the cameras to be independently powered, so we tried out small solar and ambient wind generators,” says McCarthy. “We wanted to improve the performance of the wind generators – they were only about 60-70% efficient – so we experimented with certain generator configurations and then one day one of our guys [co-founder Mike Daly] came in and said: ‘We have a problem. We appear to be getting out more than we’re putting in.'”

That was three years ago. Since then, McCarthy says, the company has spent £2.7m developing the technology. Steorn has also gone into partnership with a European micro-generator company to develop prototypes.

In Steorn’s theory, fixed magnets could act upon a moving magnet in such a way as to make it a virtual perpetual motion generator. In an electrical appliance – a computer, kettle, mobile phone or toy – that would provide all the power for its lifetime. Of course, free-energy cars, power plants and water-pumping systems could follow. A better world indeed.

But then that Christmas Day feeling kicks in; doubts about the power source. According to McCarthy and Walshe, the marketing manager, there have been no fewer than eight independent validations of their work conducted by electrical engineers and academics “with multiple PhDs” from world-class universities. But none of them will talk to me, even off the record. I am promised a diagram explaining how the system works, but then Steorn holds it back, saying its lawyers are concerned about intellectual property rights. And that European partner, the one with the moving, almost perpetual, prototypes? It won’t talk to me either and Steorn has undertaken not to name it.

“It’s the Pons-Fleischmann factor,” says McCarthy, and he and Walshe look at each other darkly. Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann were the last experts to excite the scientific community with free-energy claims when, in 1989, they reported producing a nuclear-fusion reaction at room temperature – what happens in the sun at millions of degrees centigrade. The subsequent controversy resulted in the scientists being pilloried, even though the scientific community remains divided to this day over claims of “low-energy nuclear reactions”.

“No one in the scientific community wants to become embroiled in the kind of controversy that Pons and Fleishmann faced,” says McCarthy. “With our challenge, we’re hoping to provide a respectable public platform for serious evaluation of the technology. Then, perhaps, scientists will feel confident enough to challenge the conventional view.”

Certainly, the Steorn team seems genuine and well-intentioned. Walshe says that if the technology is accepted it will be licensed to manufacturers, but given away to electrical and water projects in developing countries. And, until their claims have been assessed by the jury, McCarthy says they won’t be accepting any investor offers. So if this is a hoax, it would appear not to be a money-making scheme; Walshe says the Economist ad alone cost £75,000.

“Before we went public, we realised that if we’re wrong it could have a very adverse effect on our business, so we’re not doing this lightly,” says McCarthy. “We expected stick, and we’re getting it already. We’ve had a lot of abusive emails and telephone calls -people telling us to watch our backs, that sort of thing. Someone even published my home address on a website.”

The conspiracy theorists are, indeed, having a field day in a forum section set up by the company on its website,

“We’ve been accused of being a publicity stunt for the next Microsoft Xbox gaming system because some of the artwork on our website was similar to theirs,” says Walshe. “Some people have said our offices don’t exist and one accused us of simply being a call centre in Australia because one of our telephonists has an Australian accent. My favourite is the one that says we are a CIA or oil-industry front intended to discredit research into free and clean energy. In other words, our claims are deliberately false and when they are found out to be, it will be a blow for all free and clean research.”

Steorn says it has seven patents pending on its technology, though it is difficult to see what can be patented; magnets already exist and so do the 360 degrees of a circle. Yet it is the positioning of the magnets that seems to be at the heart of this “new” energy. And, as McCarthy points out, the Patent Office rejects inventions that fly in the face of such fundamental principles as, say, the conservation of energy. Nevertheless, as of yesterday, almost 3,000 people claiming to be scientists had expressed an interest in sitting on the Steorn jury. The 12 best will be chosen at the end of the month and then testing will begin.

“We’ve been advised it could take between a week and 10 years,” says McCarthy. “We don’t have any doubts. We’ve conducted meticulous research and we’re getting such phenomenal results – up to 400% efficiency – that small glitches and errors in testing can be ruled out. We really believe we’ve found something that can change the world.”

The rest of us can only wait and see. In the meantime, I ask Martin Fleischmann, the cold-fusion scientist, now 79 and retired, what he thought of the Steorn project.

“I am actually a conventional scientist,” he says, “but I do accept that the existing [quantum electro-dynamic] paradigm is not adequate. If what these men are saying turns out to be true, that would be proof that the paradigm was inadequate and we would have to come up with some new theory. But I don’t think their claims are credible. No, I cannot see how the position of magnetic fields allows one to create energy.”

With great charm, Dr Fleischmann wishes the Steorn team luck. And if their “free” energy can light up a developing-world village or the eyes of a child with a toy, then perhaps we all should.

## January 12, 2007, Steorn announces plans for widespread deployment of its free energy technology post-validation

Following the scientific validation of the technology presently under way by the academic jury, Steorn will be making its intellectual property available concurrently via the Internet to facilitate rapid development.

DUBLIN, IRELAND — Steorn, the Irish technology development company, has announced that its free energy technology will be made widely available to the development community immediately after completion of the independent scientific validation process that is currently underway.

Under the terms of a modified general purpose license and for a nominal fee, Steorn’s intellectual property will be made available concurrently to all interested parties, from individual enthusiasts to larger research organizations. Steorn is taking this bold move to accelerate the deployment and acceptance of its technology for both humanitarian and commercial products.

Steorn’s technology is based on the interaction of magnetic fields and allows the production of clean, free and constant energy. The technology can be applied to virtually all devices requiring energy, from cellular phones to cars.

Steorn placed an advertisement in The Economist in August 2006 to attract the attention of the world’s leading scientists working in the field of experimental physics. It has now completed the selection of its jury of scientists who have embarked on the testing of the technology, after which they will publish their results worldwide.

Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, commented: “We have experienced enormous levels of interest in our free energy technology from the product development community.

“Experience tells us that opening up access to technology to all interested parties via the internet allows for rapid third party development. We believe that our technology can have a profound impact on people’s lives and are confident that the delivery of our intellectual property via this type of online development and engineering support environment will lead to the rapid deployment of all kinds of different products.”

# # # SOURCE: Steorn Press Release – January 11, 2007

## November 20, 2006, Nominated Forum Member Visits Steorn CEO, by Sterling D. Allan, Pure Energy Systems News, Copyright © 2006

Describes a viable company facility with lots of space and lots of money. Inspected two jury member files and later confirmed their existence and credentials. Saw info on manufacturer.

DUBLIN, IRELAND — A person from the Steorn forum, who uses the name “crank”, was nominated recently by the forum to go visit the Steorn facility in person to meet with Steorn CEO, Sean McCarthy.

Steorn made international news in August with their announcement of a free energy device, and a call for a jury of twelve skeptical scientists to validate their claims, to what McCarthy told us is a magnet motor. (Ref .)

According to a forum member who brought this meeting to our attention, the purpose of the visit by a forum member, in which McCarthy participates, was to “see at least one product spec and verify the identity of a firm that will be producing the devices.” There will apparently be future meetings as well. “Crank” has shared personal information with several people on the forum and is traceable online back to 1998 (people were worried she was a plant).

The following is here account, published Nov. 19, 2006 on the Steorn forum.

OK, I’m laying my neck on the block now. You can hit me with all you’ve got. I’m just going to tell you what happened, without giving any opinions.

I met Sean at 12 today, in the Steorn unit. It’s much bigger than I expected, large and rambling, and spread across two floors. For anyone thinking of breaking in – it’s like Fort Knox. Not just on the perimeter, but internally. Lots of rooms, with mixtures of computers and engineering stuff.

Sean basically allowed me to ask anything I wanted. I wasn’t sure how long he was going to give me on the first meeting, so I rushed certain aspects, which I’m now regretting. In the event, we talked etc. for two and a half hours, and he was very open. A few things he said he’d tell me further down the line, when he knew me better. Fair enough.

We sat and talked in the room which held all the information on the scientists who’d applied – or at least the short-listed ones. I examined only two files in detail (because of the time constraint that I imagined). Those files contained the complete details on two of the scientists who have signed the contracts. I’ve researched both online since I came home, and they are as high up the ladder as you can get.

He told me who is manufacturing under license, and showed me the relevant section of the documentary (interview with the head of the company just after he’d run the tests which confirmed ou for himself). I’ve researched online, and found photographs on the (licensed) company website of the person in the documentary, so I can confirm that part. I’ve seen the managing director of the company in the documentary, demonstrating his own test-rig that he’d built himself.

On behalf of Magnatrix I asked who does the cleaning. The cleaning is done by a local woman, who has cleaned units in the Park for years.

I’ve seen a layout of the e-commerce site, and seen a design for one product. It’s quite special. I’ll be saving my pennies for launch day. That’s all I’ll say on the subject.

Ummmmmmmm….we covered so much ground that it’s hard to remember everything. I will be visiting again, and can see more financial stuff and more details of the jurors when I visit. In case you’re wondering if they really have Flux3d, yes I saw it on a pc.

He showed me the prospectus (not the right word, but I can’t remember the technical name for it) that was used when raising finance. He explained that it’s a legal requirement in Ireland to have every statement in a prospectus verified and signed off by a lawyer and the MD of the company. The MD then becomes personally liable if any information is found to be false. That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’ll be visiting again over the next week or so.

I asked if it was seeing some juicy whispers that caused him to post the warning, but he said ‘no’, it had just occurred to him that posters who were not computer-savvy might not realise that whispers aren’t invisible to moderators, so he’d better warn everyone up front.

# # # SOURCE:

## WO 2006/035419 A1, 6 April 2006, LOW ENERGY MAGNETIC ACTUATOR, McCARTHY Shaun David, Steorn Limited,

# Abstract: A low energy magnet actuator allows magnetic fields to be turned on and off using a small amount of energy. The magnetic actuator according to the invention generally includes a base (14) suitable for the support of a plurality of magnets (10,12). An actuatable shield (18) is positionned in relation to the plurality of magnets (10,12) so that if effectively blocks the magnetic field when it is positioned over at least one of the magnets (10,12). The magnetic fields of the plurality of magnets (10,12) interact in a manner that allows low energy actuation of the shield (18).

## A Proposed Proof of an Overunity Asymmetric System to be Tested, From PESWiki,

Possible Scientific Backing for Steorn’s Free Energy Challenge

A look at some theoretical physics explanations that might support the recent revolutionary announcement of a free energy device by the Irish company Steorn, who claim to have an all-magnet motor.

by New Energy Congress member, Leslie R. Pastor ; Aug. 24, 2006

# Introduction : It is interesting that the ultimate discovery of the ‘energy from the vacuum,’ or rather an interesting variation would come essentially out of ‘left field,’ via a ‘technology’ that is preposterously ‘non-energy’ oriented. I find that to be a ‘fabulous’ introduction, regarding the nature of most ‘discoveries’ within the related ‘science’ community.

Hopefully, Steorn will prove to be the straw that breaks the back of the rigid control principles that have been put in place, for the past one hundred years, essentially, holding the world hostage to an ‘energy’ model replete with ‘flaws’ and ‘incomplete’ equations (Heaviside/Lorentz curtailment of James Clerk Maxwell’s actual [partial] unified field theory) which essentially prevented Einstein from completing his own ‘unified field theory just prior to his earthly departure.

Only time will tell, exactly how accurately Steorn’s ‘stumble’ has ‘opened’ the door to the next generation of ‘free’ and ‘ubiquitous’ energy. Interestingly, only twenty (20%) percent of the polled populace trust the present ‘scientific’ community, indicating, that those polled, do not believe our current ‘science’ capable to properly ‘evaluate’ the efficacy of Steorn’s discovery

Tom Bearden has addressed this aspect, by suggesting that Steorn get a fair and thorough testing and evaluation by those eventually-selected 12 scientists, with perhaps another entourage of folks overlooking what the 12 are doing, just to keep them honest.

# Tom Bearden explains in further detail :

Quoting from Tom Bearden : “The Irish group Steorn (Sean McCarthy is CEO and head of it) appears to have stumbled into building an asymmetrical permanent magnet rotator – which is one of the huge class (asymmetrical systems) of Maxwellian systems that Lorentz arbitrarily discarded more than a century ago. The scientific community still symmetrizes the Heaviside equations and thus still arbitrarily discards all those asymmetrical Maxwellian systems today, in every university EE department and text.” (Clean Electrical Energy From The Active Vacuum )

“In an interview Sean [McCarthy, CEO of Steorn], described the unit’s operation this way: “What we have developed is a way to construct magnetic fields so that when you travel round the magnetic fields, starting and stopping at the same position, you have gained energy.”

Rigorously that fits a description of a magnetic rotary device where the field interactions are asymmetric, right from the source magnets. And that is a type of Maxwellian system that can and does exist in nature, but that Lorentz arbitrarily discarded in 1892, just to get simpler equations easier to solve algebraically. Steorn is making three (3) claims for its patent-pending technology as follows:

“1. The technology has a coefficient of performance greater than 100%.
2. The operation of the technology (i.e. the creation of energy) is not derived from the : degradation of its component parts.
3. There is no identifiable environmental source of the energy (as might be witnessed by a cooling of ambient air temperature).

The sum of these claims is that our technology creates free energy.”

It would be preferable that the latter statement had been “the sum of these claims is that our technology produces free energy from a previously undetermined environmental source.”

Meanwhile, for awhile now we have also been urging several inventors and groups, highly skilled in nonlinear magnetics, to develop little “rotary toy” kits of nonlinear magnetic assemblies with just such overall asymmetry in the line integration of F dot ds around the closed loop taken by the rotor. The condition for overall rotary asymmetry is that the line integral of F dot ds around the circular path does not equal zero, but is greater than zero. That’s exactly what McCarthy in Ireland (with that Steorn unit) describes. And that “nonzero line integral condition” type of system is exactly what Lorentz discarded way back in 1892, and what our EE departments still arbitrarily discard from electrical engineering.

Another way to put it is that, in a symmetrical permanent magnet system, the forward mmf is equal and opposite to the back mmf. So in the forward mmf region, the system self-accelerates and freely gives you some power, but in the back mmf region it is self-braking and freely takes back power. If the two are equal and opposite, then the device deliberately takes back as much as it gives, and it cannot self-power anything. Specifically, that and the manner usually used for a rotary closed loop, means that the system is arbitrarily symmetrized, and the symmetrical fields are arbitrarily fixed and do not change.” (Free Energy – Regauging (

The self-enforcing symmetry way is precisely the basic way we are taught to build all our EM systems, so that we have to put in energy continually, lose some, and get some out to the load. The only reason we input energy (such as cranking the shaft of a generator) is to forcibly break symmetry by forcibly producing an internal dipolarity in the generator. Then the proven asymmetry of a dipolarity (separated opposite charges) will absorb ordered virtual photons (and their virtual energy) from the vacuum and coherently integrate it into observable real EM photon energy, and thus emit real observable photons continually without any observable energy input. When there is a broken symmetry, then “something virtual has become observable”, according to Nobelist Lee. The two scientists Lee and Yang, of course, predicted broken symmetry in physics back in the early 50s (particularly 1956 and early 57). So startling was this proposed giant revolution in physics — if real — that experimenters promptly proved it (Wu and her colleagues proved it experimentally in Feb. 1957). Again, this was such a giant revolution in physics that with unprecedented speed the Nobel Committee then awarded the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang, in Dec. 1957. And since then, the implications of that vast revolution in all of physics has not even made it across the campus from the physics department to the electrical engineering department. (Nobel Prize Awarded To Lee and Yang [1] ( [2] (

It reminds me of the invention of amorphous semiconductors by Ovshinsky. “Everybody knew” that a semiconductor had to have a crystalline structure, and – so they said – Ovshinsky was either a fool or a charlatan. They called him every name in the book, etc. But he persisted, and finally a Japanese company funded the effort. Then one day our beloved scientific community awoke to find that all the Xerox machines had Ovshinsky amorphous semiconductors in them and those semiconductors were working just fine. Bummer! No one ever apologized to Ovshinsky (who is doing well and still has his website, his company, and good success, etc.). But gradually the youngsters did doctoral theses on amorphous semiconductors and post docs got amorphous semiconductor programs funded to do work in. So that’s how our scientific community “discovered” and gradually adopted amorphous semiconductors. (The Amorphous Semiconductor (; Stanford Ovshinsky)

As Max Planck once said, “An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: it rarely happens that Saul becomes Paul. What does happen is that its opponents gradually die out, and that the growing generation is familiarized with the ideas from the beginning.” (Max Planck, as quoted in G. Holton, Thematic Origins of Scientific Thought, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1973.[(Wikipedia])

Energy from the vacuum is another such area. It firmly exists in modern particle physics, and just as firmly is excluded from the old CEM/EE model and thus from all electrical power engineering. (The Energetic Vacuum by Hal Puthoff; and A Commentary On Vacuum Energy by Mark A. Solis.)

As Davies points out: “What might appear to be empty space is, therefore, a seething ferment of virtual particles. A vacuum is not inert and featureless, but alive with throbbing energy and vitality. A ‘real’ particle such as an electron must always be viewed against this background of frenetic activity. When an electron moves through space, it is actually swimming in a sea of ghost particles of all varieties – virtual leptons, quarks, and messengers, entangled in a complex mêlée. The presence of the electron will distort this irreducible vacuum activity, and the distortion in turn reacts back on the electron. Even at rest, an electron is not at rest: it is being continually assaulted by all manner of other particles from the vacuum.” (Paul Davies, Superforce: The Search for a Grand Unified Theory of Nature, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1984, p. 105).

McCarthy and Steorn apparently do not realize that (1) a magnetic pole is actually a magnetic charge, and separated opposite poles are separated opposite magnetic charges (a magnetic dipole), (2) the proven Lee-Yang broken symmetry of any magnetic dipole continually absorbs ordered virtual energy (ordered individual virtual photons) from the seething interactive vacuum, integrates this ordered virtual energy coherently into quantum energy, and re-emits real observable photons in all directions in a steady stream. That follows from solving the “source charge problem” of how any and every static charge just sits there and continues to pour out real observable EM energy (it’s quite measurable!) but without any observable energy input (i.e., the input energy is there and nonobservable, hence virtual, else every charge creates energy from nothing and experimentally demolishes the entire energy conservation law – and therefore demolishes most of present physics and thermodynamics).

Any “isolated” charge polarizes its surrounding vacuum, and hence is part of a dipolar ensemble. In modern physics, this ensemble (even of a single electron) involves two infinite energy charges, each having infinite energy, but the difference between the two infinite entities is finite. Quoting Nobelist Weinberg:

“[The total energy of the atom] depends on the bare mass and bare charge of the electron, the mass and charge that appear in the equations of the theory before we start worrying about photon emissions and reabsorptions. But free electrons as well as electrons in atoms are always emitting and reabsorbing photons that affect the electron’s mass and electric charge, and so the bare mass and charge are not the same as the measured electron mass and charge that are listed in tables of elementary particles. In fact, in order to account for the observed values (which of course are finite) of the mass and charge of the electron, the bare mass and charge must themselves be infinite. The total energy of the atom is thus the sum of two terms, both infinite: the bare energy that is infinite because it depends on the infinite bare mass and charge, and the energy shift … that is infinite because it receives contributions from virtual photons of unlimited energy.” [Steven Weinberg, Dreams of a Final Theory, Vintage Books, Random House, 1993, p. 109-110.].

When it appears in the seething vacuum, and while it fleetingly exists, a virtual particle (such as a virtual photon) is totally ordered. Although the entire virtual state vacuum or a large region of it statistically is disordered, each individual temporary virtual particle is totally ordered while it fleetingly exists.

So each observable source charge and dipole continually absorbs ordered virtual photons and their energy, and thus acts as a true Maxwell’s demon (absorbing only ordered virtual particles out of a statistically disordered ensemble medium – the virtual state vacuum with its virtual state energy fluctuations) and also acts as a true Feynman’s ratchet (continually integrating and “ratcheting up” real observable energy from those serially absorbed but ordered virtual photons it absorbs).

Note that standard electrical engineering assumes that all EM fields and potentials are produced by their source charges, but also assumes that these fields and potentials and their energy are freely created from nothing at all. That’s because CEM/EE does not account for the active vacuum, or for any interaction of charge and vacuum. Thus it does not account for the continual absorption of ordered virtual photons by a source charge. But instead of the assumed “creation of EM energy out of nothing at all”, all EM fields and potentials and their observable EM energy are freely produced from the seething vacuum energy interaction by a combination action of a Maxwell’s demon and a Feynman ratchet, continually applied by those source charges.

The source charge may be said to consume positive entropy of the statistical virtual state vacuum, and produce negative entropy in the observable state, in violation of the old second law of equilibrium thermodynamics. Not to worry, the source charge or source dipole is actually a system far from equilibrium, and it is in a steady state that way. So it is a NESS (nonequilibrium steady state) system. In modern far-from-equilibrium thermodynamics, such a system is permitted to do five magic functions that are impossible in equilibrium thermodynamics. The NESS system can permissibly (1) self-order (closely associated with negative entropy), (2) self-oscillate or self-rotate, (3) output more useful energy than the operator pays to input (the excess energy is freely input and received from the active local environment, in this case the active vacuum), (4) power itself and its load simultaneously (all the energy input is freely received from the active local environment, in this case the active vacuum), and (5) produce negative entropy (closely related to self-ordering).

We point out that violation of the old second law of equilibrium thermodynamics is simple and easy, particularly for smallest pieces of any macrosystem.

Quoting Maxwell (who was also a thermodynamicist):”The truth of the second law is … a statistical, not a mathematical, truth, for it depends on the fact that the bodies we deal with consist of millions of molecules… Hence the second law of thermodynamics is continually being violated, and that to a considerable extent, in any sufficiently small group of molecules belonging to a real body.” (J. C. Maxwell, “Tait’s Thermodynamics II,” Nature 17, 278–280 [7 February 1878]).

Just compare Maxwell’s statement to the temporary existence of each ordered virtual particle in the statistically disordered ensemble. The appearance of each ordered virtual particle is actually the bubbling up (production) of a local negative entropy occurrence, so that the observable charge’s absorption of that temporarily ordered particle is an absorption of completely ordered energy.

In non-equilibrium thermodynamics, it is well-known and recognized that the second law can be violated, even by simple strong gradients. E.g., a listing of several areas known to allow violation of the second law, is given by Dilip Kondepudi and Ilya Prigogine, in Modern Thermodynamics: From Heat Engines to Dissipative Structures. (Wiley, New York, 1998, reprinted with corrections 1999, p. 459.)

Apparently Sean McCarthy (Steorn) and his team have possessed (since 2003 or thereabouts) a tried and very well-tested example of one of those asymmetric Maxwellian systems that were all arbitrarily discarded by Lorentz in 1892, when he arbitrarily symmetrized the Heaviside equations. That symmetrized version of Heaviside’s already serious curtailment of Maxwell’s theory, is still taught to all our EEs as “Maxwell’s theory”, which it is most certainly not. And it still uses symmetrized equations, so that it still arbitrarily discards all asymmetrical Maxwellian systems.

So we must get that inane old symmetrized EE model changed and corrected in our universities, get back to a higher group symmetry algebra besides vectors and tensors, and get back to a much fuller EM theory that recovers those long-discarded asymmetric Maxwellian systems. Those asymmetric Maxwellian systems will easily and cheaply power the world, if we can just get the scientific community to get out of its present ostrich position with its head buried firmly in the sand insofar as broken Lorentz symmetry in CEM/EE systems is concerned.

E.g., proof that a real physical system can theoretically produce continuous negative entropy, thus continually violating that old second law, is given by D. J. Evans and Lamberto Rondoni, in “Comments on the Entropy of Nonequilibrium Steady States,” (J. Stat. Phys. 109(3-4), Nov. 2002, p. 895-920). Further, this can and does occur in real systems, as has been experimentally proven. E.g., see G. M. Wang, E. M. Sevick, Emil Mittag, Debra J. Searles, and Denis J. Evans, “Experimental Demonstration of Violations of the Second Law of Thermodynamics for Small Systems and Short Time Scales,” Phys. Rev. Lett., 89(5), 29 July 2002, 050601. The authors experimentally demonstrate the integrated transient fluctuation theorem, which predicts appreciable and measurable violations of the second law of thermodynamics for small systems over short time scales. Entropy consumption is shown to occur over colloidal length and time scales, for up to two seconds and at micron size scales. Again recall Maxwell’s 1878 statement about the old second law. One can indeed separate and collect those separate particles in their “negative entropy” excursions, and get useful work and effects out of it.

In the hard physics literature, rigorous proof that eliminating the arbitrary Lorentz condition provides systems having free additional EM energy currents received from the vacuum is given by M. W. Evans et al. (“Classical Electrodynamics without the Lorentz Condition: Extracting Energy from the Vacuum,” Physica Scripta, Vol. 61, 2000, p. 513-517.)

Evans also makes it very clear, when one “looks” through the eyes of a more advanced EM model than U(1). Quoting Evans, speaking from O(3) electrodynamics:”…the acceptance of a structured vacuum described by an O(3) gauge group leads directly to the existence of novel charges and currents in the vacuum. These are conserved, or Noether, currents and charges and are clearly topological in origin. They spring from the fact that the vacuum is a topological space. Four such entities emerge: [1] A topological vacuum electric charge, also proposed empirically by Lehnert et al. [2] A topological vacuum electric current, also proposed empirically by Lehnert et al. [3] A topological vacuum magnetic charge, proposed also by Barrett and Harmuth.[4] A vacuum topological magnetic current, proposed also by Barrett and Harmuth.

“Each of these four objects can provide energy, which can be loosely termed ‘vacuum energy’: energy coming from the topology of the vacuum.” (Myron W. Evans, “O(3) Electrodynamics,” in Modern Nonlinear Optics, Second Edition, 3 Vols., edited by M.W. Evans, Wiley, New York, 2001, Part 1, p. 84.)

Note also that our universities do not even teach students the assumptions (axioms) that are incorporated in the old Heaviside-Lorentz model, which is presently being erroneously taught as “Maxwell’s theory”. I could not find a single CEM/EE text that just methodically listed these assumptions incorporated in the model. Eminent scientists (such as Feynman, Wheeler, Margenau, and many others) have pointed out that many of those CEM/EE foundations assumptions have long been falsified by physics, since that sad old model was glued together in the 1880s and 1890s, after Maxwell was already dead (he died in 1879 of stomach cancer).

So I gathered together a listing and discussion of the proposed major falsities in the present electrical engineering model, so that the grad students and young post docs would have it and thus know those falsities. My paper, “Errors and Omissions in the CEM/EE Model,” is freely available ( for downloading on my website. This paper also shows a magnetic Wankel engine (suppressed from the world market) that can be built by any electrical engineering department or physics department, and tested at COP>1.0 to one’s heart’s content. The system is also easily close-looped for self-powering – fuel free, continuous use of the energy from the vacuum, at will.

The National Science Foundation reviewed that paper in 2005, and it passed their review. See the National Science Foundation Letter confirming successful review of the “Errors and Omissions…” paper, available at .

But it appears that no part of our scientific leadership is going to fund the correction of that terribly flawed old CEM/EE model, which has become so dogmatically entrenched that it has become almost a religion. The scientific leadership is also not going to fund research in asymmetric Maxwellian systems that goes back and restores the asymmetry to the theoretical model, and then explores the kinds of asymmetric Maxwellian systems that emerge from their long hibernation.

Every EM system actually engineers its local vacuum, changing the ongoing interaction between vacuum and charge in the system. E.g., a magnetic pole is actually magnetic charge, and so permanent magnets also have engineered the local vacuum to produce their so-called “static” fields from virtual state energy continually received from the seething vacuum. Indeed, any charge (or pole) continually emits real observable photons, but no instrument can measure any observable energy input. That is because the energy exchange from the vacuum to the charge (pole) is in the virtual state, and so the source charge (or pole) continually absorbs ordered virtual photons from the vacuum exchange, coherently integrates it to the next quantal level of excitation, then abruptly decays to emit a real, observable photon. The process is continual and iterative, and so this is the solution to the long-vexing “source charge problem” that has been swept out of the literature. It is also how the source charge produces its fields and potentials, spreading at the speed of light from the moment of appearance of the source charge itself. The process by which the source charge (or pole) creates its “static” fields, is totally dynamic. To understand asymmetrical Maxwellian systems, we must understand how all “static” fields are actually steady state dynamic systems. We must revise our very notion of the “static” field, to be in compliance with Van Flandern’s beautiful waterfall analogy. Quoting Van Flandern on the question of a static field actually being made of finer parts in continuous motion:

“To retain causality, we must distinguish two distinct meanings of the term ‘static’. One meaning is unchanging in the sense of no moving parts. The other meaning is sameness from moment to moment by continual replacement of all moving parts. We can visualize this difference by thinking of a waterfall. A frozen waterfall is static in the first sense, and a flowing waterfall is static in the second sense. Both are essentially the same at every moment, yet the latter has moving parts capable of transferring momentum, and is made of entities that propagate. …So are … fields for a rigid, stationary source frozen, or are they continually regenerated? Causality seems to require the latter.” (Tom Van Flandern, “The speed of gravity – What the experiments say,” Physics Letters A, Vol. 250, Dec. 21, 1998, p. 8-9.)

Even in classical EM theory, in Poynting theory the puzzle of the macroscopically “static” fields somehow being dynamic and involving flows of smaller components has been noted. E.g., quoting Buchwald: “[Poynting’s result] implies that a charged capacitor in a constant magnetic field which is not parallel to the electric field is the seat of energy flows even though all macroscopic phenomena are static.” (Jed Z. Buchwald, From Maxwell to Microphysics, University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 1985, p. 44.)

Presently I’m working on a paper to retranslate many of the concepts and operations presented in the 1880s and 1890s electrical engineering model into the actual vacuum engineering operations they are known to be today. That will still take a bit of time, but we are getting there.

In modern physics, one simply cannot separate the charge from its ongoing active exchange with the vacuum. That is particularly true for asymmetrical Maxwellian systems. E.g., quoting Aitchison: “…the concept of a ‘single particle’ actually breaks down in relativistic quantum field theory with interactions, because the interactions between ‘the particle’ and the vacuum fluctuations (or virtual quanta) cannot be ignored.” (I. J. R. Aitchison, “Nothing’s Plenty: The Vacuum in Modern Quantum Field Theory,” Contemporary Physics, 26(4), 1985, p. 357.)

And as Wheeler pointed out:”…curved empty space is a dynamic entity, as competent to store and carry energy as are ordinary elastic materials and electromagnetic waves.” (John A. Wheeler and Seymour Tilson, “The Dynamics of Space-Time,” International Science and Technology, Dec. 1963, p. 62.)

This continuous interaction between the energetic vacuum and the charges (and poles) in a Maxwellian system is totally missing from the archaic 1880s CEM/EE model. We will be retranslating some substantial parts of the old model’s concepts into the more modern language of vacuum-charge exchange. An initial start has been done with our own MEG’s operation, in the Aharonov-Bohm paper cited below.

As a first preliminary example, a paper giving the detailed operation of our MEG , and showing exactly how it first excites its surrounding vacuum and then stimulates the excited vacuum to generate free E-field energy pulses that come back into the MEG from its surrounding space, is “Engineering the Active Vacuum: On the Asymmetrical Aharonov-Bohm Effect and Magnetic Vector Potential A vs. Magnetic Field B”. This paper also contains a drawing showing exactly how a standard generator-powered circuit is actually powered by energy extracted directly from the vacuum. It is not powered by the mechanical energy of cranking the shaft of the generator. All that cranking the generator shaft does, is produce the rotating magnetic field energy inside the generator, which in turn is dissipated internally to force opposite charges inside the generator in opposite directions, thus forcibly forming the internal dipole. ( The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (Status, Operation, Etc.)

Once that dipole is forcibly made, its broken symmetry then continually absorbs virtual state vacuum energy, coherently integrates it to quantal energy, and thus continually and steadily emits real photons that establish and continually replenish the associated fields and potentials and their energy, spreading at light speed from the moment of formation of the dipole.

However, the inane symmetrical circuit uses half its freely collected external potential energy to forcibly pump the spent current electrons back through the back emf inside the generator, thereby scattering the dipole charges and destroying the generator’s dipolarity – and shutting down the flow of energy from the vacuum. It shuts down the flow of energy (destroys the dipolarity) faster than it powers its loads, so it guarantees COP

# Post Script : We live in an age of gross incompetence and intellectual fraud, we are the beneficiaries of myopic disregard for the truth, regarding all manner of scientific achievement and accomplishments. Unless we unshackle ourselves from our existing ‘control’ paradigm and inept action on the part of our current ‘educated’ idiots who control our resources and life blood [academic advancement in overunity physics] we are headed for inexorable and unrelenting failure plus ruin that will plunge us into the final abyss, from which we may never recover.

W. Edwards Deming ( ) stated it perfectly: “Learning is not compulsory, neither is survival.”

My association with Tom Bearden has been an enormous educational experience. I value his expertise and skill in addressing much of the source materials he has graciously provided me.

I am indebted to his professionalism and gracious hospitality. He is truly an ‘officer and a gentleman’ in the best of traditions
— Leslie R. Pastor

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