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# Aether/zpe induced energy production, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Mon, 20 Sep 1999 11:02:31 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Folks! An interesting paper claiming a UFT (unified field theory) based on inductive production of energy from zpe in motion…essentially interferring with aether to produce useful effects.

It ties in so well with the Puthoff/Haisch/Rueda paper on Inertia as caused by ZPE. If you are driving at 60 mph and slam on your brakes, what is it that pushes you up against your steering wheel? Yep, pat explanations of inertia, conservation of momentum, potential energy converted to kinetic, yada, yada, yada….but what IS the force?

Entrained aether/zpe…anytime motion occurs in a medium it causes vortices.

If that motion is linear, in one direction, then the entrained medium will whirl and be caught up in the motion due to the passage.

When you stop, the entrained moving medium continues moving forward to buffet and pound against the mass until the transferred energy dissipates and the medium is once again balanced, in a state of equilibrium.

Once other point, in a light bulb, the tungsten element is excited causing a breathing in of energy that swells and expands the electron orbits….when the energy source is removed, the additional electron orbits collapse, emitting a photon…just like breathing….so when it breathes in, it sucks up power, when it breathes out and the electron energy level collapses, we get EMISSION in the form of photons.

What do you think the effect would be if we use this entrainment and emission principle with aether/zpe in a controlled fashion?

Would not the aether/zpe be pumped into a mass and have to bleed off into the surroundings as long as more was coming in than the mass could handle?

Would the mass not be now EMITTING its own excessive charge of aether/zpe, thus radiating and deflecting the normal inflows?

Check out this neat paper on inductive energy production as a result of mass in motion through aether/zpe;

Once fully rendered, one will realize that gravitation is a connective process between matter and the ZPE (Zero Point Energy or aether) field.

It not only produces the obvious result we call gravity, but also is the productive agent of elemental charge, inertia (which is why inertial mass is identical to gravitational mass), and the deBroglie wave phenomena.

A long time ago, Lord Kelvin (W. Thompson), Lorentz, Maxwell, and Hemholtz recognized that the behavior of matter had characteristics similar to vortex ring structures in a fluid (the atomic vortex hypothesis).

This concept was abandoned in the early 1900’s. This abandonment was more philosophical than substantive with the real problem being the math describing the model was, “at the time”, intractable. Much more success was being obtained by QM methods. This same model rears up again in modern physics in the form of the mathematical topology of string/super string theory as well as in superconductivity and superfluidity.

Penrose’s twistor is a vortex ring, as is a magnetic field. It is interesting to note that vortex rings can sustain transverse vibrations (analogous to guitar string vibration), indeed Kelvin proved mathematically that linear disturbances in a saturated 3D vortex fluid (he termed a vortex sponge) would produce propagation of pure transverse waves identical to the equations and properties that describe the propagation of light through space.

The basic gravitational relationship as identified presumes that the ZPE (aether) interacts weakly with the vortex rings that constitute matter.

(It relies on) the assumption of a non-rotational motionless body(ies) of uniform matter density and does not account for the finite transmission speed of the ZPE (aether) media. The more general equation would include these (rotation, non-uniform matter densities within the body, motions of the bodies, propagation speed of the ZPE (aether), and would make a provision for independent currents within the ZPE (aether) Field). Such inclusions will, of necessity, lead to the derivation of the General Relativistic Metric.

THE “LeSage” EFFECT (Gravitational Induction Heating): Note: the power dissipation (deposited [d]) of the ZPE (aether) field momentum into vortices would by definition result in an energy buildup.

THIS IS THE FIRST UNIFIED FIELD EQUATION (that I know of)! Equating the gravitational field potential to the thermal energy and black body EM emission of the gravitating material body.

# Free Energy will STOP global warming, Jerry W. Decker, Sun, 06 Jun 1999 00:47:33 -0500

Hi Folks! Got this amusing letter and attached is my response;
Hey Jerry -I see that Don has come out of the closet and admitted his membership in the Jeremy Rifkin Cult Of Doom 🙂 I wonder if he is aware of his ideological paternity?

Don Lancaster’s, number eighty six, RESOURCE BIN, Supraluminal dowsing for Brown’s Gas in Roswell. March 1999/ Nuts & Volts Magazine

One of the big dangers of wishing for something is that you may get it. I strongly feel that finding a source of unlimited free energy would be one of the most heinous possible crimes against humanity. One which would make Hitler look like Mother Teresa.

For the out-of-control binge which would certainly result would quickly turn the planet into a cinder. Global warming would then get measured in degrees per hour, rather than degrees per century.

Hi *****! Don’s comment about an earth heat death from a profusion of free energy devices is a strange idea as he doesn’t realize that most free energy devices to date have relied on magnetics, high voltage and acoustics, all of which produce an implosive effect in the free energy configurations, which is what nature uses to aggregate mass and accumulate energy….as opposed to our use of the explosive properties of electricity. Implosion means COOLING.

Like so many say, when you are dealing with free energy and gravity control, you have to throw all current understandings out the window as everything changes

The late Rory Johnson noted that magnetism attracted to itself and used that to build a 525 HP motor…there is a webpage with his papers which is simply excellent….I met Gerald Orlowski and his very sweet wife June at a conference in Colorado. They are very nice people and I think totally honest and without any hidden agendas…Gerald worked with Rory Johnson and wanted to ensure that the work not be lost…he has that motor and was sponsored by Zenergy to get it working…he failed and their was a most acrimonious separation …

… One day, everyone will realize;
1) there is ‘perpetual motion’ planets and electrons ceaselessly orbit how can we tap the force that makes this so?

2) there is ‘something from nothing’, the ‘nothing’ is the background energy of space, aka aether/zpe we seek to simply CONVERT or TRANSLATE that all pervasive energy into useful forms, mechanical, magnetic, electric, heat, light.

3) there is no such thing as a ‘closed system’ gravity pervades EVERYTHING therefore energy can be added to or extracted from this so-called closed system, thereby altering the experiment

If we change our thinking to fit the reality, not some theory or mathematical projection, we will all the sooner discover how to extract all the energy we could ever need.

The implosive effect associated with vortexes and free energy devices will produce a local cooling rather than a heating, so Don just hasn’t done his homework from the fringe reports.

Specifically Sparky Sweet and his reports of bright blue electrical arcs from his VTA (vacuum triode amplifier) that leave frost on the wires, that if accidentally applied to the body will numb the tissue for hours.

Others report cold or cooling effects in the presence of free energy discharges and gravity control experiments….look at the 1920’s Kowsky Frost picture and article where they have a levitating cube of quartz. They reported the room got very cold and they are shown wearing trenchcoats to compensate. The magazine was removed from circulation almost immediately at the time and the revised issue made apology for this European report as being a hoax …. for those who managed to get a copy of the magazine before it was recalled. Now why recall a hoax article, just explain it in the next issue…much simpler….

Anyway, Don is just doing his job…it will be totally excellent when we finally do come up with a simple table top off the shelf version that anyone can build, test and prove for themselves…it will probably give Don a heart attack to see it working and have to admit it in print. I certainly don’t wish that on him or anyone but they just keep digging a deeper hole.

Of course, he would probably say we too are digging a deeper hole, but I remind him often that we are just looking for the same thing he is, a working device without all the bogus claims…our main difference is he is adamant that free energy is impossible and KeelyNet and many or our associates realize that it is only a matter of time, that it is INEVITABLE that we will learn to tap natural forces in new and novel ways to produce limitless (based on the circuit capabilities) power.
— Jerry Wayne Decker/

# inertial dampening?, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Fri, 22 Oct 1999 09:39:07 -0700 (PDT)

The existence of zero point electromagnetic radiation was discovered in 1958 by the Dutch physicist M. J. Sparnaay. Mr. Sparnaay continued the experiments carried out by Hendrik B. G. Casimir in 1948 which showed the existence of a force between two uncharged parallel plates which arose from electromagnetic radiation surrounding the plates in a vacuum.

Mr. Sparnaay discovered that the forces acting on the plates arose from not only thermal radiation but also from another type of radiation now known as classical electromagnetic zero point radiation. Mr. Sparnaay determined that not only did the zero point electromagnetic radiation exist in a vacuum but also that it persisted even at a temperature of absolute zero.

Because it exists in a vacuum, zero point radiation is homogeneous and isotropic as well as ubiquitous. In addition, since zero point radiation is also invariant with respect to Lorentz transformation, the zero point radiation spectrum has the characteristic that the intensity of the radiation at any frequency is proportional to the cube of that frequency.

Consequently, the intensity of the radiation increases without limit as the frequency increases resulting in an infinite energy density for the radiation spectrum.

With the introduction of the zero point radiation into the classical electron theory, a vacuum at a temperature of absolute zero is no longer considered empty of all electromagnetic fields. Instead, the vacuum is now considered as filled with randomly fluctuating fields having the zero point radiation spectrum.

The special characteristics of the zero point radiation which are that it has a virtually infinite energy density and that it is ubiquitous (even present in outer space) make it very desirable as an energy source. However, because high energy densities exist at very high radiation frequencies and because conventional methods are only able to convert or extract energy effectively or efficiently only at lower frequencies at which zero point radiation has relatively low energy densities, effectively tapping this energy source has been believed to be unavailable using conventional techniques for converting electromagnetic energy to electrical or other forms of easily useable energy. Consequently, zero point electromagnetic radiation energy which may potentially be used to power interplanetary craft as well as provide for society’s other needs has remained unharnessed.

It is known that matter such as neutral atoms exhibits wave characteristics known as matter or deBroglie waves. It is also known that resonant standing light waves form an effective diffraction grating for neutral atoms. Such resonant standing waves have been proposed to split an atomic beam into two mutually coherent beams which can be used for interferometry.

The applicants herein have demonstrated the splitting of an atomic beam into two mutually coherent beams by the use of resonant standing waves. The angular deflections of neutral atom beams generated by light gratings are small requiring relatively long interferometer paths to physically separate the beams.

Sources of interaction detectable by the interferometers disclosed herein are interactions with electric and magnetic fields, the Casimir shift due to interaction with nearby conducting surfaces, collisions with other atoms, or gravitational interactions.

In addition, the interferometer can be used to measure the Sagnac effect which is a phase shift caused by rotations of the interferometer. The sensitivity of these neutral atom interferometers is sufficient to perform precise atomic polarizability measurements for both DC and laser light fields, to observe the Casimir shift near conducting surfaces, and to measure the real part of the forward scattering amplitude from gas targets. Because the interferometers are sensitive to the Sagnac effect, they may be used as a “gyro” for measuring rotation for navigational purposes.

# Maclay ZPE tapping project, Jerry W. Decker, Thu, 06 Apr 2000 20:42:57 -0500

Hi Folks! The recent Infinite Energy magazine (Volume 5, issue 30); had an intriguing comment on page 36 about a NASA grant to fund a ‘vacuum fluctuation’ ZPE Casimir tapping experiment from the Quantum Fields website;

Summary of the proposal;

The Use of Surfaces in Systems to Exploit Quantum Vacuum Energy: A Theoretical Study Using QED (Quantum Electrodynamics) Coupled with an Experimental Study Using MEMs (Microelectromechanical) Devices Principle
Investigator: Jordan Maclay, Quantum Fields LLC, Richland Center, WI . (Text excerpted and adapted from proposal summary.)

Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) is probably the best verified theory in physics. It makes some startling predictions about the importance of quantum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field in empty space.

It predicts a near infinite vacuum energy density. Quantum fluctuations have been linked to particle mass, to spontaneous emission, to the speed of light, and to the topology of the universe.

Since the presence of surfaces will change the energy density of the vacuum, surfaces can be used to alter parameters affected by vacuum fluctuations. The ability to alter these parameters could be of significant benefit to the BPP objectives.

We will perform a theoretical investigation of the use of surfaces and cavity structures in order to alter vacuum energy. A microelectromechanical (MEMS) interferometric structure is planned to measure the index of refraction in a cavity, which will serve as a test of QED predictions.

The variations in vacuum energy produced by surfaces can also result in vacuum forces, such as the recently verified Casimir force between two parallel conducting plates.

Very few other geometrical structures have been investigated, and our understanding of the role of surfaces in altering vacuum energy and generating vacuum forces is rudimentary.

For rectangular cavities, forces are predicted on the walls that may be inward, outward, or zero, depending on the ratios of the sides.

Such forces may be of use in operating MEMS devices, including resonant cavities. We propose to model and build a MEMS cavity structure, to verify the QED prediction of repulsive forces, and to study the properties of these cavities and the energy balance in a static and in a vibrating mode.

When we have gained a greater understanding of cavities and vibrating structures, a second-generation MEMS structure will be designed, modeled, fabricated, and tested.

We will investigate the possibility of fluctuation-driven engines that operate between two regions of different energy density, in a similar manner to which heat engines operate between two heat reservoirs at different temperature.

Two types of engine will be considered: one in which one set of surfaces moves relative to another, akin to an electric motor, and a second type in which a working fluid, perhaps consisting of atoms or electrons, passes between the two regions of different vacuum energy. We will develop several candidate structures for fluctuation engines and fabricate the most promising.

In all theoretical and experimental work, care will be taken to understand energy balance requirements and conservation laws, and to determine what is possible and what is not. QED computations will be used as the guide.

This effort will answer many of the basic questions about the role of vacuum fluctuations, and lay a solid foundation of knowledge about vacuum energy, vacuum stresses and how to control them using surfaces and what their limitations are.

Researchers will be able to build upon this knowledge to build more complex ideas and structures involving vacuum fluctuations.

excerpt from New Scientist – January 22, 2000

Energy unlimited
Empty space is seething with huge quantities of energy–if only we could tap it. Henry Bortman reports on a micromachine designed to do just that

….plan is to build a tiny machine that will measure this vacuum energy and the forces it can produce. If things go well, Maclay could land a fish of gargantuan proportions. He hopes to find a way of exploiting these forces to do something useful such as drive a miniature piston, heat water, or even power a spacecraft.

Most people assume that the vacuum is empty. But according to quantum electrodynamics, the theory that describes the behaviour of the Universe at the very small scale, nothing could be further from the truth. The vacuum is actually seething with electromagnetic energy called zero-point energy and it’s this that Maclay hopes to tap. The “zero” in zero-point refers to the fact that if you were to cool the Universe to absolute zero, its lowest possible energy state, some energy would remain. Actually, rather a lot of energy.

Physicists disagree over just how much, but Maclay has calculated that a region of the vacuum the size of a proton could contain as much energy as all the matter in the entire Universe.

Maclay, a former professor of electrical engineering at the University of Illinois in Chicago….and others have calculated that the Casimir effect can produce repulsive forces as well as attractive ones. His analysis has focused not on metal plates but on tiny metal boxes, roughly 1 micrometre or less on each side, which he refers to as cavities(see diagram).

It turns out that the Casimir force, and its direction, depend on the shape of the cavity. “If you have a cavity the shape of a pizza box, the pressure on the two large sides of the box pushes them together, but the force on the narrow sides pushes them apart,” he says.

The cavity Maclay finds most intriguing is long and thin, like the box a tube of toothpaste comes in, and about the size of an Escherichia coli bacterium. What’s significant about this cavity is that one of its long sides is at perfect equilibrium: the inward and outward vacuum pressures are exactly equal. But it’s a tenuous equilibrium. And that’s what makes it interesting.

Maclay plans to build a box in which the side at equilibrium–call it the lid–is free to move. If the lid moves inward slightly from the equilibrium point, the vacuum pressure inside the cavity goes down, and the lid is drawn farther in. If it moves outward the reverse happens and the lid is pushed away. The distances involved are tiny–less than 100 nanometres. The lid will be attached to a microscopic spring.

So when the lid moves, the spring will be stretched or compressed and will tend to return to its original position. Maclay is hoping that by carefully balancing the vacuum pressure of the cavity and the elasticity of the spring, and by giving the lid just the right initial impulse, he can create a tiny oscillator driven by Casimir forces.

Maclay plans to attack the problem in stages. Repulsive Casimir forces have never been measured so his first task will be to find out if he can even do this. Next he’ll measure the inward and outward forces at the surfaces of cavities with different shapes, to see if they match predictions. And if all that goes well, he’ll be ready to build a resonating cavity.

The job of building the experimental setup falls to Rod Clark, a former nuclear engineer and president of MEMS Optical, a technology company based in Huntsville, Alabama, that manufactures microelectromechanical devices (MEMs). To build Maclay’s cavities out of silicon, Clark hopes to use a combination of traditional lithographic etching and deposition techniques–the same techniques used to make integrated circuits.

Clark is confident that he can produce the necessary structures. But he’s also well aware of the challenges, the first of which is size. Maclay’s specifications are at the limits of today’s fabrication technology, says Clark. “We want to make it small in order to make the forces large. But we can’t make it so small that we can’t fabricate it.”

Maclay and Clark’s current plan is to make an array of hundreds of topless cavities on a substrate, and then create a single lid that fits over the entire array. The lid will be suspended on springs above the array, which will be moved toward the lid in tiny steps. Initially the lid should remain still, but when the cavities get close enough, the difference in vacuum pressure should cause it to move and possibly even to oscillate. By peering across the surface of the lid through a microscope, it will be possible to measure its displacement with great precision.

Still, Maclay is already dreaming of various types of “Casimir machines” that might be possible if his experiments prove successful. Microscopic vacuum-drive levers, pulleys and pistons come to mind, for example. Or perhaps a machine that contains cavities that generate different vacuum pressures and exploits that difference in much the same way that a heat engine exploits differences in temperature.

“What we’re looking at now are very simple things that ultimately will serve as components of more complicated systems,” he says. “We’ve gotta kind of mess around to see what they can do.”

– Further reading: Jordan Maclay’s website is at
– For more information on the Casimir effect see;
– The Breakthrough Propulsion Programme is at;
–KeelyNet – From an Art to a Science- Jerry W. Decker

# Oscillons as the cause of ZPE/ZPF/Aether?, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Mon, 4 Oct 1999 11:06:17 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Folks! An interesting article on how excited media releases excess energy as ‘oscillons’ ties in with how ZPE/ZPF manifest in space.

ZPE (zero point energy which is that any and all oscillators never truly rest but continue to “jiggle” randomly about its resting point with a small amount of energy always present, due to the ‘zero-point energy’)

ZPF (zero point field which is the mechanical pressure caused by displacement of local space to push matter as is utilized in the Casimir force)

Aether (the source of all energy and matter, its inflow into mass is the cause of the jitter)

Oscillon picture; ;

Nature often sorts energy into certain preferred forms, such as the unique spectrum of colors emitted by heated atoms or the characteristic note sounded by an organ pipe. This energy sorting can even turn up in a granular material.

A few years ago, scientists discovered that collections of tiny metal balls, when shaken slightly up and down, vested some of their energy in the form of tiny waterspout heaps that they named “oscillons.”

Now physicists at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem have observed a similar effect in a colloid, a fluid material (e.g., milk) in which tiny particles (in this case, small bits of clay) are suspended in a solvent.

I’m thinking the appearance of this anomalous energy that pops into and pops our of existence, thereby displacing local space to jitter whatever happens to be nearby, is the same thing. It has also been referred to as ‘vacuum energy’ and ‘quantum foam’ (which I think is evokes the best visual image of what is happening).

It also reminds me of the Pearson claim that when you collide two like polarity energies (plus against plus and minus against minus) exactly at the same time, you can get up to 18% more energy out than it took to do the initial collision.

Now energy CAN be created or destroyed – provided negative and positive energies change TOGETHER in EXACTLY balanced amounts!

# Patent for faster-than-light speed transmitter, Paul Baucom, Tue, 14 Mar 2000 20:36:03 -0600

Here’s one that might spark some discussion: Hyper-light speed antenna USP 06025810 :>&pn=US06025810__

# Re: Aether as pure Electric Field, Jerry W. Decker, Thu, 14 Oct 1999 14:48:05 -0500

Hi W.G. et al! My approach to this idea of tapping aether is from basic understandings relating to the excellent paper by Puthoff/Haisch/Rueda which equates inertia as being simply entrained aether/zpe…..something pushes you against the steering wheel of that car when you slam on the brakes at 60 mph.

It fits perfectly with how mass moving through other media will draw some of that media into the path behind it…we see it in high speed photos of bullets traversing smoke filled chambers and in many simpler demonstrations.

Even rotating medium in the form of the torus shows how it can be sampled, caused to flow in a given path and sent on its way. These torus projectors are fun to play with and you can easily throw an invisible torus 20 feet or more, even to knock things over.

With the inertial drive pioneered by Dean, the idea of momentarily braking a heavy spinning mass to produce lift or thrust fits this entrained aether/zpe principle, where the mass literally pushes against itself.

I recall the remarkable video of the Thornsen device mounted in a simple enclosed plywood box and placed in a canoe. No paddles, no propeller, nothing in the water except a rudder to guide it and two people, one on each end, the box in the middle, sitting there making a clackety-clack sound and the canoe MOVES across the water, picking up speed over time, eventually reaching 80 feet per minute.

The theory is since entrained aether IN THE MASS being thrown off to push against ambient aether, it does not require an outside object or material to push against, that with sufficient SPEED and mass density, the thing will literally jerk itself in small steps upwards and into the air.

This simple demonstration IMO is using the accumulated aether/zpe inside the mass and throwing it off in pulses to push against the ambient aether/zpe much like a jet thrust causing the object to move in the opposite direction.

In the aero documents left by Dellschau, he refers to one of the Sonora Aero Club engines as a ‘sucker-kicker’ which is like a pulse jet engine, and this back in 1860! Of course that wasn’t aether/zpe related, just a means of creating a pressure, releasing it, letting another pressure wave build up and releasing it…ad infinitum to produce a series of thrusts.

So many claims of free energy and levitation have revolved around high voltage discharges. That I think is my correlation to the 3,000 year old Dendera tubes where a high intensity plasma discharge doesn’t have to exit the tube, simply originate on one end, and traverse the length of the tube from one electrode to the end.

I also think there is at least one optimum frequency based on the restorative abilities of the ambient aether.

You see, IMO aether has viscosity, therefore once you create a region of less aether by condensing from one area to project to a target, then the ambient aether MUST refill that area of lesser density.

The speed at which it fills up the partially evacuated area is what will play a part in operation of the Dendera tube. In other words, you have to let it fill up so you can collect and dump it again, you certainly don’t want to try pulling aether/zpe from the area while it is filling…

It functions like a capacitor. Let it charge up, discharge it, let it charge up, discharge it. Now, again IMO, this accumulation, compression and projection of aether/zpe in the vicinity of the tube towards the target will act to CHARGE the target with more aether/zpe than it can normally handle.

Since all mass is constantly absorbing aether/zpe at a rate determined by its volume and density, then all mass must have either a return flow that occurs at a regular rate OR is being precipated as more mass, depending on the ‘life cycle’ of the mass.

That means if we start filling the mass up with MORE aether/zpe than it can normally absorb by virtue of the projected beam from a Dendera like tube, then the mass will react in one of two ways.

One way is for the mass to radiate the excess aether/zpe much like a light bulb radiates excess electrons as photons. Except the physical effect will be a lessening of weight in the mass depending on how much aether/zpe is being pumped into the mass. Beyond a certain amount, the mass will levitate.

The other way is interesting because mass is normally held against the planet surface by the aether/zpe influx into the mass which holds it together as well as the planetary influx which gives it ‘weight’.

This second way would make the effect of ‘weight’ follow in a given direction, so that if the tube is projecting the aether/zpe onto one side of the mass, it would cause its natural weight to be redirected AWAY from the beam.

Note, the pictures show TWO tubes aimed at each other which could mean one tube on either side of a heavy stone, both projecting with synchronized pulses so that the weight of the mass is cancelled by equal pulses of aether/zpe, thus making the mass lose weight and be easy to move.

Of course, all of this is based on PUSH gravity as caused by the high pressure aether/zpe background energy, which flows into the ‘holes’ in space in which matter precipitates.

However, using the basic premise above, it follows that ANY ENERGY that can couple to the aether, including the simplest of matter absorption, could be used to take advantage of this entraining effect. That means sound, magnetism, electric current or simply rotating masses.

In the unified field theory paper released by Einstein in 1929, that was later recalled, he states that electricity, gravity, magnetism and INERTIA are all interchangeable. I think inertia results from the modern term of matter currents which is likely entrained aether in the presence of mass in motion and most pronounced when the mass is stopped while at high speed.

Using this basic entrainment principle, Keely’s acoustics and Searl/Hamel’s high voltage could all be using aether entrainment rather than some mysterious unknown action.

– “W. G. Barker” wrote: Hi, There are many concepts about aether or a primary force. They may be called by other names/terms – aether, ZPE, electricity, energy, etc, etc. What do these concepts have in common that might lead to a sound hypothetical concept of a primary force. Often concepts are separated by verbal semantics and the common denominators are overlooked. Can we surface the many concepts for discussion? I believe we need to focus on simple, realistic concepts in the quest of discovering the primary force — and before fitting it to the mathematical constructs of physics.
W. Gardner Barker

–Jerry Wayne

# Re: Battery recharge from Ether??, Jerry W. Decker, Tue, 04 Apr 2000 12:51:09 -0500

Hi Ken et al! It’s not that I’m slamming formal education, engineers or scientists, geez what do I DO for a living…electronics….

What perturbs me is the attitude that there CAN BE NOTHING BEYOND what is currently known….it is peculiar and brings up the spectre of some kind of concerted effort or peer pressure driven NEED to lambaste and deny new ideas or attempts to experiment…

To my view, it is simply WRONG to discourage people from thinking about these ‘new’ ideas and ESPECIALLY TO DISCOURAGE experimentation, claiming the results are well known or that the experiment is too simplistic to produce any useful observations….

Geez, all electronics comes from a magnet stroked past a wire…how simple is that? Without these basic discoveries, there would BE NO engineers or scientits and there are many, MANY other equally simplistic demonstrations that were simply SCALED UP to produce practical devices that do work.

Bill Beaty is on the right track by stating the differenc between PURE SCIENCE which is that of basic discovery and duplication, FOLLOWED BY the engineers who figure out ways to scale up a known, reproducible effect. Invention to my view uses KNOWN laws applied in novel ways to produce novel or other useful effects.

DISCOVERY of unknowns is a completely different thing, not simply paddling through known water or known paths. It is incredibly thrilling and satisfying to build something with your own hands, but to discover something new and unknown, whether a realization based on a correlation or by doing an actual experiment that reveals something new that so many others have MISSED….would, I think be beyond description.

I’ve not yet experienced the experimental discovery of a new principle but have gone through many epiphanies, realizations and understandings when I re-evaluate what I THOUGHT was the way it was, with new information to arrive at completely new and different conclusions.

I have seen it over and over when speaking with academics and engineers, PARTICULARLY NOTABLE IN CLUSTERS…when a group of them get together, if you don’t have a PhD or an engineering degree, you CAN’T KNOW ANYTHING….yet, the minute the ‘cluster’ breaks up, they come sneaking up when no one is watching and start pumping you for information….of course, they can’t USE any of it unless they can blend it in as their own discovery, which is almost never the case because it would then make them one of us ‘weird science’ people…thus jeopardizing their tenure or high paid consulting/research position……

But there are a very, VERY FEW of these academics and engineers…who do realize that knowledge and insight comes from many sources…people like John Bockris, Tom Bearden, Hal Puthoff, Dan Davidson, Moray King, Hal Fox, Don Kelly and quite a few others who are out on a limb in their own profession AND IN THEIR STANDING WITH THEIR PEERS because they acknowledge that there is simply much that is not known… and they do encourage these new views that deviate RADICALLY from the stale, FIXED ‘laws’ they are taught and work with everyday, where they have to quench or suppress anomalies by shielding, grounding or altering their circuits to stop the effect which is interferring with the intended design….

# One famous free energy researcher told me a great story about this which is at;

Hewlett Packard O/U Circuit – 12/21/97
This will sound like just so much useless spook talk, but I am hoping someone else has information about it. Recently, while speaking with a free energy researcher, he told me he had been contacted by a Hewlett Packard field engineer about an anomaly he and his team had been asked to help resolve.

It seems there is a circuit developed at HP and installed in some of their early machines which tended to spontaneously produce overunity. This would swamp the other electronics or burn them out when this circuit went nuts and started injecting unexpected power into the system.

I asked if the circuit type was known, power supply, control board, input/output, what class of circuit and he did not know. I also asked if he knew what class of machine since HP makes many different types, printers, copiers, computers, etc.. and he did not know that either.

This circuit would go into some kind of resonant state which would for the duration of the oscillations, produce excess power. Bill Ramsay has noted in his gravity wave experiments that there are periods when the earth is subjected to waves that will entrain the gravity wave detectors to clearly show something has captured the circuit. Bill’s report is on the site below.
Mechanical Gravity Wave Detection – 11/20/97 ; Hodowanec Gravity Wave Detector – 11/03/97 ; Gravity Wave Detection – Bill Ramsay – 06/10/97

The point here, with people like Moray, Hendershott, Hubbard and others, there are references to ‘stroking’ a magnet across the circuit to establish a ‘flow’ (resonant coupling to allow power transfer), squeezing a capacitor to do the same, or in Moray’s case, listening to the pink noise of the universe while tuning his detector, until he heard a distinct ‘whooshing’ signal that was the ‘pulse’ of the universe.

So it would appear that we could very well have circuits that were at a frequency that was close enough to be caught up, KINDLED to be ENTRAINED, by an overpowering wave from this mystery pulse.

If it takes this kind of tuning to make ZPE powered devices, so be it. In fact, the circuitry could be so designed as to hunt for a given set of characteristics or a ‘wave signature’, lock into it and track it using phase locked loops.

One of the other complaints regarding ZPE tapping is that the energy is not continuously stable, but comes in erratic waves which can produce intensifications or brownouts of energy. This is engineerable using a pilot circuit to monitor for ZPE fluctuations.

Such a pilot circuit would serve as a kind of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that would maintain a constant source of power. It might even be necessary to use a battery backup system to smooth out such ZPE ripples when they occur, just as we currently do for grid power.

# and the following email from Tom Bearden on a similar subject; Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 13:23:32 EST; To: Jerry Decker

Subject: Re: Purported Overunity Results by Hewlett Packard
Jerry,Probably a circuit that was somewhat akin to a thing that Westinghouse placed in the Minuteman missile some years ago. In those days electronics were still more bulky, and space and weight were at a premium on board ICBMs etc. So the engineers set about to design a highly efficient frequency converter for the Minuteman. It had to be at least 90% efficient, preferrably 95%.

The engineers used germanium transistors and state-of-the-art feedforward and feedback loops, to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of there that was possible. Something like 64 transistors were involved in the forward and reverse multiplelooping.
(snip…) Our own team was blowing transistors off the board in one-foot flash diameter sudden violent explosions in 1990. We know what has to be done to control the excess buildup, but certainly did not have the type of team and laboratory facilities necessary to tame it. Perhaps Hewlett Packard has done so, and had the necessary team. If so, they almost certainly do not understand the mechanism, but have discovered how to do it.

In the Westinghouse Minuteman case, all the output side electronics started failing out there in the field. After much investigation, it was found that the average unit was putting out about 115%. The receiving electronics could not accept that much.

Corporate officials came down hard on the engineers, so they just put in limiting diodes, etc. and spoiled the ping pong. That brought the thing down to about 95% efficient, and the electronics on the output side quit blowing out. Everybody was happy, and everybody continued to use those “crippled overunity units” in the Minuteman missile.

Westinghouse quietly filed five or six patents around that, and that was the end of that. Everybody “knows” that you cannot produce an EM system that puts out more than you input! They have all been educated in the crippled Maxwellian equations that only deal with EM systems that have already been violently wrenched into local equilibrium with their vacuum exchange.

Both the Russians (Moscow University) and the U.S. (Gabriel Kron for a contractor in a Navy contract at Stanford University) made free energy devices in the 1930s. The Russian work is fully documented in the hard Russian physics literature and the French physics literature.

The KGB/Communists suppressed the Russian work at the beginning of WW II. I do not know what happened in France to cause its abandonment. In the U.S., Kron’s work was never openly released on what he called his “negative resistor” which, when connected to the Network Analyzer at Stanford, allowed the NA to be disconnected from the generator because the negative resistor would power it.

Heck, Jerry, I was 68 this month. It’s about time that I pass along some of this mess I uncovered after so many years of painful work. At least we can steer the young fellows in the right direction, instead of just waving our arms and shouting “It’s resonance! It’s resonance! ” – Cheers – Tom

— KeelyNet – From an Art to a Science- Jerry W. Decker

# Re: Chaos Converters, Jerry W. Decker, Wed, 12 Apr 2000 13:18:58

Hi Folks! With this recent spate of information about negative resistance, time reversed waves and microstructures, it appears we are talking about cavities which would intercept zpe and be phase conjugated to quench the incoming zpe or be translated into lower frequencies to produce electrical current.

In a laser, you inject light into the cavity, it bounces back and forth between two reflective mirrors (one which is a half mirror) until it reaches a density that overcomes the half-mirror and emits out of a weak area (by design) as collimated light.

Thinking of it in terms of air, filling a basketball. You have a rubber flap that is sealed by pressure. When you pierce that flap by the needle and inject air, the pressure inside initially is lower so the incoming higher pressure will continue to flow until the inside pressure matches the incoming pressure, at which point equilibrium will be achieved and no air will flow. You remove the needle, the rubber flap is pushed shut from inside to retain the pressure. Now you have a filled (charged) basketball.

In an orgone box, the principle is multiple alternating layers of organic and inorganic material. Orgone is supposed to be attracted to organic material and repelled from metal such as foil.

The claim is that such a box will attract orgone to the organic material until it reaches a specific density, where it will break through the metal foil to build up on the next inside layer of organic material and repeat the process until the inside of the orgone box reaches a very dense level.

Orgone is supposed to repel from itself, much like electrons. So the dense orgone will be self-disturbed and over time will produce a pale blue glow as well as heat from these interactions. It appears to function like a capacitor where the plates are analogous to the metal and the dielectric to the organic material as where the energy is stored. With two tuning forks, if you strike one, the other will receive and begin to resonate with the excited one, coming to near the same energy level. So, with the idea of a cavity that is small enough to intercept one or more ambient zpe frequencies, it would function like a tuning fork or an antenna, absorbing energy and establish equilibrium to the power level around it.

With many of these zpe points appearing and disappearing, there would be a complex of frequencies, including many at the same frequencies though probably not in phase unless there is some kind of universal clock. Still have no answer to that one, as cesium clocks and such appear to be at the same phase and frequency everywhere….but nothing I have found states this to be the case, if it is, then they are being clocked by something.

With many such tiny amplitude frequencies coming into the cavity via resonance then it could be tapped to draw off as much energy as is necessary since the cavity would be drained as fast as it fills back up from the ambient zpe. In capacitors, AC passes through them because of the alternating currents, Once a capacitor is fully charged, it appears as an open circuit to DC voltage while passing AC.

If you have a DC circuit and want no AC, you can charge the DC cap up and the capacitor will then let any AC signals to pass (bypassing and coupling). I’m trying to get a handle on the zpe interactions on micro levels and so far the tuning fork seems to be the best explanation.
— KeelyNet – From an Art to a Science – Jerry W. Decker

# Re: hyper-light-speed· Jerry W. Decker, Wed, 15 Mar 2000 23:13:30

Hi Lani et al! Just realized there was more… The temporal shifts are theoretical at this time, but it is an intriguing thought that the energy level (background zpe type energy) COULD be different since, as I understand it, generally speaking, the higher you go in frequencies, the more energy there is because of more wave packets coming in to deliver energy…

In this case of 1000 slices of time, it is phase shifting, moreso thatn frequency shifting that does the trick….same frequency, just out of kilter with what we are in….. As to more data as on a webpage about this antenna…all I could find was what Bert originally sent as the patent…it is relatively new…seeya!

– wrote: Jerry Decker wrote: That you could chop a second into 1000 slices and each of those “temporal slices” contains a complete other universe with different timelines.

1.) Am I correct in using the 1000 slices, that the energy increase would be doubled if you can penetrate one of those slices…using that energy for the increase? If this is true, doubling the amount of UV radiation exposure to plants would have some serious physioloical consequences.
2.) Is there a web page were I can go to to see the data on accelerated plant growth concerning this hyper-light project.
Lani Mucha, Austin, TX

— KeelyNet – From an Art to a Science – Jerry W. Decker

# Re: Mass expansion causes ‘gravity’? Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Sat, 25 Sep 1999 14:57:57

Hi Folks! Received an email asking about this theory, asking what would this entail if it were true. Do we just get bigger as we expand, do we eventually fizzle out or rip apart?

Well, its not my theory, just another guys website, but it is intriguing because my view has been that the universe is under tremendous pressure and matter is simply holes in space, like plunging your hand down into water to create a hole that fills up to re-establish equilibrium.

As long as the hole is there, the water flows…same thing with matter, as long as the hole is there, aether/zpe flows in to try to fill it up…the aether/zpe precipitates due to interferring with itself and produces the very slow motions we call matter…

So, this guys theory is saying the mass swells up, slowly but with great amplitude/pressure which would be the case if aether/zpe is TRULY precipitating to form mass…like a balloon being forced to expand into a higher pressure zone…it makes sense to me…and is a definite contender for the push gravity viewpoint.

# Re: Neutral center as points of consciousness?· Slavek Krepelka ( ), Tue, 19 Oct 1999 00:19:00

Hello at al. I call the thing a bad touch. It concerns even strictly mechanical contraptions, or mechanical and rather heavy parts of them. Some people just cause the things to break.

About the communication. I dont thing that the quantities play a major role. Twin photons from an electron radiation seem to be able to communicate instantly. If they are understood as perfect ressonators, there is no wonder, except for the carrier of the communication. As far as I am concerned, el. force carrier will do.

As for divining. I have noticed, that any divining I have ever done, wheather intentional or othervise, had clockvise dirrection lokking from the top. Some antigravity experiments claim the same orientation as the one, which does the trick. On the other hand, any skating ring, race track if oval or round, has the counter clock vise dirrection. Coincidence? Regards Slavek.

Jerry W. Decker wrote: Hi Ted et al! An interesting observation, where you write; Even a simple ‘question’ “are you functioning normally?” requires understanding of concepts as we know them (such as what is ‘functioning’ and what is ‘normal’). Before any lower gestalt could respond ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it must understand the question. (Understand being the operative word). It would be like us mortals here on earth trying to ‘understand’ heaven (or whatever other worldly places that may or may not exist)

I have to agree with that to some degree, how to phrase the question. I hate to mention it but I have to bring up the Star Wars idea of the midichlorians as being microscopic parasites that live in the cells of living tissues and provide links to ‘the force’ and therefore the more of them you have, the greater your connection.

In a way, that is so, though I think every piece of matter has the link since it is MANIFESTED and kept together by that very influx, but that is somewhat faulty logic because it would mean the bigger/denser something is, the heavier it is, the more ‘weight’ it has, the more aether/zpe influx is moving into it and so the smarter and more connected with a higher gestalt it would be….

Surely, more Aether/zpe influx does not equate to a greater connection with ‘the force’ and thus to a higher grouping of gestalts?

Some of the experiments with robotics and other living creatures which seem to prefer BEING NEAR other living creatures indicate some kind of ‘strange attractor’ which biases probability to draw even inaminate matter towards life, whether it is seeking company or some kind of unknown bonding force. Its not warmth or light as some of the tests were done in total darkness and the temperature controlled.

Now I have worked in two different photo processing labs for a total of 22 years. I ran a tech support department with at least 10 techs and we all noticed how with some operators a machine will simply go nuts…when we answer the ‘fire’ call, the machine often starts working simply from our presence….we walk away, it acts up again…we make a tweak or adjustment, it still works fine, we walk away, it acts up again….we move the operator to another machine and put someone else on the weird machine, SURE ENOUGH the problems MIGRATE WITH THE ORIGINAL OPERATOR TO THE OTHER MACHINE!!!!!!!

I have seen this literally thousands of times as have many of the techs I worked and spoke with over those many years….it got to the point that the supervisors realized there was somethig to it which we could PROVE by swapping operators and watching the problems move to another machine….a machine virus? Not likely since it follows ONLY the one operator.

That wasn’t ALL the time with any specific operator just kind of a bad day thing which I’ve never been able to pin down as to cause.

Omni reported an experiment on this psychokinetic phenomena and referred to the people who have harmonious interactions with machines as ‘function linked people (FLPs)’, as opposed to those who seem to cause machines to act up or fall apart in their presence, which they refer to as ‘malfunctioned linked people (MLPs)’.

It is one of the most incredible things to witness but once you do and have tested it, there is no denying something is going on.

I should note that APERIODICALLY, a FLP will experience MLP symptoms but it quickly corrects. I’ve never been able to pin it down as caused by job stress, illness, finances, home or love life or other factors, though it would be a great study and with the internet, easy to setup the forms to let techs participate who recognize this and would be willing to report in when it works and doesn’t so we could find out if there is a common cause.

I once described all this to a fellow tech from one of our vendors, he was very bright and recognized and had seen all that I told him….he agreed that if we could create some kind of retro-reflector with a filter that accepted and REFLECTED only negative or enharmonious vibrations, then it would cancel the effects of MLPs……thus keeping machines running despite outside negative influences that would latch onto and amplify weak areas of the machine.

To spin this back to some degree of cogency….I think the yes/no response TRANSCENDS all gestalts, whether higher or lower by the simple fact that they all spawn from the smallest possible consciousness, aggregating to ever more complex intelligences which would carry the combined basic responses anywhere on the scale of evolution.

It is my opinion that the kinesiologic response is due to a reduction in overall electrical currents in the body…to be specific, voltage on the surface of blood and other cells.

The larger the surface area, the more voltage can accumulate so the more current can flow through the muscles to give greater strength. When cells are exposed to noxious vibrations which again in my opinion, produces disharmony in the form of vibrational interference, then we have one or more waves colliding with one or more other waves to reduce the energy level.

This interference causes the blood cells to ‘crenate’ which means the cell shrivels up from a grape to a raisin-like state. The reduced volume means a reduced voltage level and a reduced current in the muscles of the body, thus the kinesiologic response where the muscles in the body weaken in the presence in the presence of noxious substances. This is my theory only and is my personal view of what causes the muscle weakness.

If this theory is true, it MIGHT be possible to monitor the degree of the crenating response when couched in a question where only a yes or no answer is possible. By proper questioning, you could get answers for any question though it might be tedious.

# Re: Properties of Light – EM waves/particles· Jerry W. Decker, Thu, 07 Oct 1999 23:45:14

Hi Slavek et al! I had dinner with a friend who says he has a physicist friend who works has worked on ‘black’ projects…he was sent a 2 page paper that speculates that neutrinos are the source of push gravity. He has offered to either scan it in and send it or to somehow get me a copy that I will post. It is apparently a private work not published anywhere yet. My friend was quite taken with it as it proposes a mechanism for what causes push gravity, zpe, zpf and the Casimir force…

Slavek Krepelka wrote: When this view is taken, the aether turns to be C.S. particulate. Theparticles mutually redirect their paths when interacting, like in galactic gravitational lens. This leads to the possibility that graviton is a real particle with properties simmilar to photon. I.E. transverse wave-frequency-amplitude behaviour. The Law of Action and Reaction supports this view.
–Jerry Wayne

# Re: quark theory response· Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Tue, 10 Aug 1999 14:01:49

Hi Ren et al! I have to agree. I’ve seen a very blurry image of what is said to be an atom and I think one of a quark, and I hear the discussions about quarks and black holes but I see them as distractions from what is real and engineerable with our current technology. In other words, in my opinion, we’ve got a lot of more important discoveries to make than things we can’t map.

Kind of the same thing with free energy, zpe/aether and gravity but there are numerous reports of people who did stumble on something, so I think by correlation and some experiments we can pin down something, even a simple demonstration to prove it. We haven’t sent a space probe into a black hole, nor as far as I know have we been able to engineer or physically verify the existence of quarks though there appears to be something there, but for my money, its all speculation and pretty much a waste of my time…sorry, I’m not out to flame anyone or their interests, just that mine don’t extend to some things.

With regard to quarks, Keely said everything broke down into subsets of three, even atoms and sub atoms which fits the quark descriptions but heck we can’t even engineer macro anomalies with any degree of repeatability so I just can’t see worrying about black holes and quarks.

I guess there are little pieces, bigger pieces and GIANT PIECES…I can only TRY to handle the bigger pieces with my resources….seeya!

# Re: Question about the aether· cer56 ( ), Tue, 04 Apr 2000 13:26:16

Peter Ammon wrote: Hi Peter! Hello cer56! Aether is thought to be the underlying medium of the Universe, a non-material energetic substructure so to speak that underlies and permeates all existence of the physical Universe. Is this the same as the unique frame of reference that light moves through?

– Yes, Absolutely.

One might suggest that the properties of the Aether limit the speed of light in a vaccum and therefore acts as a physical constraint. The Aether would have to have certain rather unique properties. Modern science tried to discredit Aether Theory after a failed series of experiments called the Michelson-Morley experiments of 1881-1887. Modern theory Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is seen as a rebirth of Aether Theory, based upon Quantum Theory and observations of energy described as quantum wave fluctuations in a vaccum.

I don’t see MM-era aether and ZPE aether as having any similiarity aside from their name. Is this the case?

– MM-era understood Aether as underlying and permeating all space and is the Macroscopic version or view; this may be called superstructure. MM was badly flawed in its and limited in its approach and understanding of Aether theory and hence was used to discredit Aether Theory. ZPE allows one to see into the inherent energetic substructure or the Microscopic view that the Macroscopic version, superstructure, lies on top of. Samething, but the Aether has different properties than M-M originally thought, so it is different on the surface. The understanding of ZPE allows us a slightly different viewpoint of Aether characteristics and properties.

There are several levels or positions of observation and perception of Aether. They must all eventually be totally internally consistent and ultimately unify. Example: The strong force and the weak force in atoms are said to be the same force under different conditions. The idea is that going from the microscopic to the macroscopic viewpoints you would see different types of interactions.

Ask yourself what are some of the properties that you would have to have in order to have an underlying substructure that is energetic and still permeates all space?
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# Re: Question about the aether· Jerry W. Decker, Tue, 04 Apr 2000 10:57:20

Hi Peter et al! Yes, the classical aether….these days being called zpe….light does NOT travel at the same speed despite all that has been promulgated….even the original experiments showed variations of +/- 12mps..all averaged to give a supposedly ‘fixed’ number..there have been others who confirmed the existence of aether, most notably Silvertooth…

You see, that is what KeelyNet uses as a given…that everything comes from and reduces back to aether/zpe…and when we learn to control gravity we will shortly thereafter be able to modify the technique to extract energy from the aether/zpe…and it also applies to health because it can be used to alter time to assist or promote healing and rejuvenation in the body…that’s why our topics have always been free energy, gravity control and electronic health.

The idea is to collect as many pieces of the puzzle, especially the ones that don’t fit, to come up with an experiment that will allow us to tap these natural forces….check out; particularly the MEAD patent based on the Casimir effect, though Win Lambertsen in Florida has been experimenting with what he calls ‘e-dams’ for several years now…a modification of the Casimir effect. I’ve handled one of his WIN cells which utilize this e-dam effect…it looks like two ceramic wafers separated by an RTV like material…since ZPE appears and disappears it has an averaged brownian type motion that causes the wafers to push and pull against each other at high speed and great force to create a piezoelectric voltage that is accumulated when many of these WIN cells are connected in series…he uses the output to drive sodium lamps….he won’t release any details on construction though he says he is working on a patent…that’s been about 6 years now…

I try to stay out of the arguments about light, black holes, life on Mars and such frivolous pursuits….my goal and many here is to learn to tap the natural forces….the so-called ‘impossible’ idea of perpetual motion….many people I know agree that we should be able to learn to tap into the same forces which cause the planets to orbit the sun, electrons to orbit protons/neutrons and causes the ‘quantum jiggle’ that creates and sustains matter, energy and life.

It does not involve combustion and will be the single most important discovery ever because it will provide mechanical thrust, gravity control, energy derived from any point in space, lagging of local time and side benefits that provide for healing and possibly rejuvenating the body.

Peter Ammon wrote: When people in this discussion list talk about the aether, are they using the historical definition; i.e. a unique rest frame through which light moves? Or do they mean something else entirely? If they do mean the historical definition, how do they explain the fact that no aether is observed; i.e. light always moves at the same speed no matter how fast you move? -Peter

#Re: Question about the aether· cer56 ( ) Tue, 04 Apr 2000 06:47:06

Hi Peter! Aether is thought to be the underlying medium of the Universe, a non-material energetic substructure so to speak that underlies and permeates all existence of the physical Universe.

One might suggest that the properties of the Aether limit the speed of light in a vaccum and therefore acts as a physical constraint. The Aether would have to have certain rather unique properties. Modern science tried to discredit Aether Theory after a failed series of experiments called the Michelson-Morley experiments of 1881-1887.

Modern theory Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is seen as a rebirth of Aether Theory, based upon Quantum Theory and observations of energy described as quantum wave fluctuations in a vaccum. I first read about current Aether theory in a book by G. Patrick Flanagan entitled “Pyramid Power”.

A book that traces the early history of Aether Theory is by David Ash & Peter Hewitt entitled: “The Vortex: Key to Future Science”.

# Re: Re UV Quartz Mercury Lamp· Norman Wootan ( ) Fri, 31 Mar 2000 19:48:43

All ozone generator lamps are quartz envelopes so as to allow the UV to pass through unattenuated. Sylvania and other mfgs are still available. Check you local water treatment facilities. Culligan Water Systems still builds the UV germicide units to treat industrial process water. Ozone lamps put out a very rich 180nm wavelength. I am able to find them easily by doing a search under ozone lamps on the net. Norm

“Gonsalves, Sunil” wrote: Hello List! Does anyone know of a supplier of Quartz Ultra Violet Mercury based Lamp / tube ? It must be Quartz UV ( and not glass UV) to allow passage of the UV spectrum. Sunil G.

# Re: Research into free energy claims· Jerry W. Decker, Mon, 07 Jun 1999 00:49:51

Hi Ren et al! Well, I wouldn’t get my hopes up about a lot of responses of use……..though hope springs eternal I fear the net incarnation will never achieve the BBS discussions. I’ve seen some old motors but none older than about 1950-60, never seen anything older except as you said, in museums…the Smithsonian has a collection of old motors and electrical devices, with some very, very large dynamos.

I had taken a lot of pictures when I was at the Smithsonian a couple of years ago and have been intending to make up a page or a few pages to show the tiny area they provide for about four Tesla devices with a huge area devoted to Edison….it is pathetic….but then GE, Westinghouse and Edison Electric are all noted as being major benefactors for this section of the Smithsonian…just didn’t seem right to have so few exhibits on Tesla and although I think he was less than honest, fair is fair, he should have at least as much space and historical credit as Edison.

Anyway, the article did say it was a pulsating current at 280 volts. I might have another article or so that describes this squeezing of the soft spot in a capacitor…at the moment, I don’t recall where that was written, come to think of it, that was HENDERSHOT, not Hubbard.I remember at the time of that article, the closest correlation I had was to Hendershot so that is why that was included…it is a bit confusing but the devices do appear to be similar.

Yes, it was Lester Hendershot who squeezed the capacitor…I can’t recall ever reading anything about how Hubbard started his coil, but I’ll bet it was something similar.We should also bear in mind that Moray reportedly would listen through a headphone that let him hear a shooshing sound that came in waves and this is what he tuned his device to. Nowadays with the profusion of radio and other EM waves, that might be difficult to detect, though a recent discovery might help with this.

In other words, he adjusted the capacitance until he picked up this noise, then let it build as the resonance connected and allowed the extraction of power. One point of interest, Chuck Henderson has written this most excellent paper that I am still working to get online. It reports on a peculiar acoustic signature associated with vortexes and wouldn’t it be interesting if that signature was what Moray was listening FOR?????

That once his circuit was resonating with that acoustic pattern, the focus of the energy vortex would be drawn to feed the circuit?? Kind of like an energy tornado whose tip can be dragged over to dump its energy into a properly tuned and receptive circuit. The same could be said for Hubbard or Hendershot, that this vortex tip could be detected OR CREATED by adjusting the capacitance or coil arrangement…yep, too weird to be possible, but when you see Chucks’ paper you’ll see why I’m saying it.

Experiments have been done on remote secondaries tuned to a central Tesla coil transmitter. John Hutchison got the most interesting results using these.In the Hubbard file it says there was one central coil, surrounded by 8 (primary & secondary) coils. I’ve seen a drawing of this but it only shows one central primary with 8 secondaries all wound in series. The central coil was larger and I think had more windings. The difference from the paper being that these secondaries didn’t each have their own primary and secondary, they were just single coils.

The Cayce no fuel motor post mentions a ratio that has to be achieved and maintained to garner successful tapping of the flow and I’ve seen similar statements about the ratio being critical. There was a short article years ago about a reverse Tesla coil arrangement which attracted high voltage atmospheric energy that discharged into a secondary of lesser turns…thus high voltage/low current was converted to low voltage/high current.

Then of course there is Perrigo and others who claimed to be able to tap into a continuous stream of atmospheric electricity that would run lamps, motors and even their house. The key is to detect the flow and lock in the tune (resonant) which would open the path to the least possible resistance so that the width of the signal or the speed of the flow would be determined by the size of the loads you place on the device.

So we are missing something. I like an analogy that was mentioned a few months back that the aether/zpe plenum is like a tank full of water, you poke a tiny hole in the tank and water would stream out to sustain your load and do work…where water is of course representative of energy. As you add more and more loads, the hole enlarges to allow more energy flow to sustain those loads…reduce the load and the hole shrinks so that only that amount of energy is extracted.

Now one other secretive fellow who claims to have a working device says you must blow a hole the size of what you will need to sustain your load, you can’t just increase the size of the hole by adding more loads.I don’t think that is so, but he says he has a working circuit that I hope one day he will share or at the very least sell as a working circuit or device.

At the time this pinprick hole in the tank comment was made, another comment was that once this hole was made, the aether/zpe boundary would rip open and create a black hole or destroy that section of space….not likely as it is believed to be self-repairing – otherwise matter creation that occurs naturally would have long since shown this effect.

Another reason why this wouldn’t happen is that the energy will be flowing from one high potential to a low potential (our artificial hole in space) where we allow it to flow back in to regain the high potential, except that we force it to flow through our loads and do work. That means our ground would be the high potential??? Let’s see, high potential (aether/zpe) everywhere and matter and energy are areas of less energy density that the high potential flows into trying to fill it up so there is no polarity.

That would mean for a circuit, we’d have to create the hole as being the input side (the low potential), and let the ground side be the return path to rejoin the high potential.Since this aether/zpe is everywhere and pervades everything we have to have some way to block or divert the energy to keep it from rejoining the high potential until we are ready to release it and can allow it to rejoing ONLY through OUR path in the form of a load. That kind of thinking leads us to question what is the nature of the blockage? With orgone energy, the collector and blocker consists of successive layers of organic and inorganic matter.

Orgone energy accumulates in the organic mass and is blocked by the metallic inorganic mass. Orgone doesn’t like to be concentrated and so becomes ‘hysterical’ and highly energetic trying to get away from its neighbor (much like electricity seeking to explode once accumulated in high concentrations)…in an orgone box, the successive layers draw in ever more orgone that concentrates in the center of the box…becoming so orgone dense that a blue light is seen, kind of like a big capacitor that is just looking for a chance to discharge in one gigantic burst or bleed off to match the ambient.

Speaking of which, isn’t it odd how electrolytic capacitors will charge just sitting on a table, connected to NOTHING?Anytime we can create a difference of potential it MUST rejoin the opposite potential until balance is achieved. That means we simply intercept the flow with our loads to produce work. Now, using the orgone box as our template and keeping in mind that aether/zpe is HIGH energy density, that we must create a low density which will ATTRACT the high density energy trying to fill up the hole, that means if we have a means of diverting the incoming flow as it tries to rejoin the high potential, then we make sure it diverts and rejoins ONLY through our load.

So, we have to figure out what is it that will divert this incoming energy to a degree that we can get useful currents that will do work, otherwise we risk quenching the very effect we are trying to achieve. Knock the little hole in the tank and milk out more and more energy in discrete stages, like Moray did with his cold cathode tubes with very high dielectrics. Others have used very high dielectrics and nowadays we have low voltage, super high dielectric caps which could certainly be incorporated into our experiments. 5 volts at 1 or more FARADS isn’t uncommon and they aren’t that expensive.

With capacitors, to increase the voltage we add them in parallel, to increase the current, we place them in series, just the opposite of batteries. An antenna mounted to the side of the house or on a pole with a well insulated wire leading to a bank of high farad series capacitors and possibly with an adjustable coil to allow tuning, we might have a start. Though the trick is bleeding them off with some kind of switching circuit to allow them to dump and offer the least possible resistance to any incoming energy.

One bank feeds another which feeds another that would feed the load.Hopefully, the energy flow would increase when properly tuned to allow the load to be sustained continuously. Enough for tonight, but its a simple enough experiment…think I’ll visit Tanners tomorrow on lunch and buy me some of those high farad caps…I have an antenna and some 50kv shielded wire that I can hook to a plate on the antenna and run it into the caps to see what happens. Come to think of it, about a year ago a guy sent in an email saying he had such a circuit…I reposted it to the discussion list…essentiallyhe said the caps charged up and he had a spark gap that drove I think a lamp or buzzer/bell or something and that it would build up, thendischarge across the spark gap to trigger the load. I think he said every 5 or 10 minutes, he’d get a burst. But it wasn’t tuned, just raw voltage accumulation….hmmm, worth some tinkering…good night..
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Research into free energy claims· Jerry W. Decker, Mon, 07 Jun 1999 23:40:22

Hi Ren! Thanks but its still all BS until we get a working something…Bill calls it my latest ‘rave’ and points out the error I made saying that series caps give higher current when in fact they give higher voltage…I should have looked it up…been awhile since I did anything electronic, need to get back to it…anyway, the proof is at;

You know, I am having problems thinking backwards from normal electronics…specifically with the idea that aether/zpe is high potential energy that saturates everything. So creating the hole causes it to flow in to fill up that hole. As it flows in, we MAKE it flow through our load to do work.

As it fills up, the energy flow reduces because we no longer have the polarized tension. So we have to maintain the hole. What is intriguing is this implosive, cooling effect as the energy flows in. Sweet (if he can be believed) reported it and Tom Bearden witnessed it…he is the mystery voice in the Sweet video. Tom told me he was ill at the time of the taping but could not pass up the opportunity to test the device in the presence of Sweet. My point being the report of frost when the wires were brushed against each other and that Sweet accidentally shocked himself on the finger and it was number for days from this ‘negative current’.

That is a fascinating counterpoint to the idea of global warming and a great argument to finance the discovery of working f/e devices…as their use proliferated, the world would cool back to its natural level…perhaps over the decades even risking ‘global cooling’…. I plan to write up a paper on this as an inducement to governments and industry to look into f/e as a solution to global warming…seeya!
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Research into free energy claims· Jerry W. Decker, Tue, 08 Jun 1999 21:25:34

Hi Folks! I’ve been wondering about this negative current and its properties as in;

– My point being the report of frost when the wires were brushed against each other and that Sweet accidentally shocked himself on the finger and it was number for days from this ‘negative current’.

Infrared rays burn with a ‘hot’ heat.Ultraviolet rays burn with a ‘cold’ heat. The distinction is important I think and was referenced in the book ‘Dweller on Two Planets’ in the comment, ‘night is as pregnant as day’. It has always intrigued me just what was meant by this. The book says you will stay healthy and live for hundreds of years in a youthful body

IF you eat only foods that grow at night. Indicating some kind of solar radiation that aids and abets aging.Irradiation experiments done with human blood using UV rays show that the blood will continue to re-radiate the UV after the source has been removed. So perhaps this ‘remanence’ phenomenon occurs with plants grown during the day, which re-radiate some of the solar frequencies. We know the UV frequency of 260nm resonates most closely with DNA and that it just happens to be the frequency best absorbed by water, so that sunlight without water vapor in the upper atmosphere to absorb this 260nm will cause aging and disease due to temin mixing (where the dna pattern is scrambled) that ends up as mutations and cancer.

Now I don’t mean to get off topic since this thread IS about free energy, my point in mentioning this day/night type of energy is an attempt to understand the properties of this ‘cold’ current. To my view, ‘cold’ current would be implosive (Schauberger), linked to magnetism (Orlowski/Johnson) and produce cold (Sweet, Kowsky-Frost) when ‘dissipating’ in or through a load. It would also produce gravity (Sweet, Kowsky-Frost) and time anomalies (DePalma) to a degree proportional to the intensity of the current flow. It is the flow of aether/zpe into and through mass.

‘Hot’ current would be explosive, linked to electricity and produce heat when dissipating in or through a load.
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Speed of Light?· Jerry W. Decker, Sat, 14 Aug 1999 22:02:52

Hi Chris! You wrote; If the speed of light varies then what does that do to the Eistein’s theory of relativity? E=mc(c). I thought that the speed of light was the constant in this equation. . . .

That’s the point, when orthodox physics discarded the aether and bought into Einstein, it screwed up everything…. Many have long been working to restore it and get back to aether/zpe as it IS….one freely shared plan or kit or device of working hardware that anyone can build and tap the aether/zpe and much of Einstein is out the door….

I guess you could call that one of the goals of KeelyNet since I don’t see how we can get free energy or gravity control using any Einsteinian confusions. That includes the realization that GRAVITY IS A PUSH,because aether/zpe is a PUSH,the Casimir force is a PUSH,matter is aggregated and sustained by being pushed togetherand matter can be caught in the flow of the pushing effectinto larger matter so that the smaller matter experiences’weight’ due to ‘gravity’….in time….we WILL have a working proof that will cascade like dominoes into all kinds of neat things that people will be using in their everyday lives.

For an interesting set of papers showing how the Lorentz contraction and the Michelson/Morely experients screwed everything up, I suggest you read; for a Russian view of it that I find fascinating. Interference is a serious key to unlocking this.
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Speed of Light?· Jerry W. Decker, Wed, 11 Aug 1999 18:52:27

Hi Russell! That’s just it, the speed of light ISN’T CONSTANT. The variations were as much as +/- 12mps so they averaged it. It is relative to the medium it propagates through and the density of aether/zpe…

….the Theory of Relativity tells us that light always travels at the same speed relative to some observer, no matter what the relative motion of the observer. Thus, light emitted from a moving airplane does not travel with the speed of light plus the speed of the airplane, it travels with the “speed of light”, no matter what the speed of the airplane! In a vacuum, light always travels at a speed of 299,792,458 meters per second, no matter how its speed is measured.

Although this seems strange, it has been confirmed in many experiments. These experiments show that it is our “common sense” that is wrong in this case!

– check out the Spider papers at;
– speed of light slowing down over time;
– scientists slow down the speed of light;

If it can be slowed, it can be speeded up, therefore it is variable. and if you can find it, the Silvertooth experiment…
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Speed of Light?· John Berry ( ), Thu, 12 Aug 1999 13:06:39

While I agree that the speed of light varies by at least that much, I must strongly disagree that the speed of light is measured at the same effective speed. Experiments have shown the speed of light to vary depending on the motion of the medium (Aether), I will happily argue against relativity’s explanation as to how this impossibility is possible. (Silvertooth et al show that C is only C in the medium it is transmitted in, And another body dragging aether along with it will see the light to be traveling at C + or – it’s own velocity relative to the aetheric medium)

It is only because particles in an accelerator are so small and hence don’t pull their aether with them that they find relativistic mass increase, If an accelerating mass pulls aether with it, it can travel at any speed relative to other matter as the only speed that counts is relative to it’s own aether, and relative to that it has no speed. (even if it’s speed relative to another piece of mass with it’s own entrained aether is well beyond C)
John Berry

# Re: Speed of Light· Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Thu, 12 Aug 1999 11:45:01

Hi Jim, Warren, et al! Its interesting this comparison of the speed of ‘sound’ as similar to the speed of ‘light’. What is sound? 440cps, 1000cps? There is no generic term. It makes no sense to say ‘speed of sound’ because sound is the propagation of a wave (which is variable) through air. And the air can only move so fast and change so fast so the medium determines the ‘speed’ of the acoustic frequency(ies).

If you inject sound in mass, it moves FASTER because the mass is more compacated and less spread out, therefore the ‘speed of sound’ is dependent on the media through which it moves.

This is the index of refraction;

– for sound, n = 1 in air; n = .06 in glass; n = .23 in water; n= 6.1 in rubber;
– for light (of wavelength 589.3 nm), n = 1 in a vacuum; n = 1.0003 in air; n = 1.333 in water; n = 1.336 in vitreous humour (inside the eye); n = 1.413 in the eye’s lens; n = 1.52 in crown glass; n = 1.61 in flint glass, and n = 2.42 in diamond.

Air and the speed of sound;

The same applies to light. What is ‘light’? It is red, just as surely as it is also blue, green, etc..and the composite of those colors is ‘white’, though it can also produce ‘black’… So aren’t red, green and blue ‘light’ all at different frequencies? And because of being different frequencies, they will move at different velocities.

Index of refraction samples for light;

excellent demo;

So what is ‘light’? Is it like Tesla said highly charged particles that stream off excited matter and it appears when it strikes another mass? Is it the propagation of an EM wave through transparent or translucent media?

Is that EM wave producing light as it passes? Or does it produce light ONLY WHEN IT STRIKES SOMETHING? Light is emitted from collapsing electron shells in excited mass. Is that not true? Does that mean Tesla was correct? If not, what then is light?

The references to a ‘constant’ seem to rely on light moving in a vacuum, without being subject to temperature, humidity, electric or magnetic fields that could distort it. What about gravity? What about ZPE which appears to come in waves if Win Lambertsen and others are correct in their assessments?

To my view ‘fixed’ speeds even in ideal situations are a crude reference based on normal situations to determine a working value, but not absolutely a fact.

# Re: Standing wave ‘bubbles’· Jerry W. Decker, Sun, 23 May 1999 04:09:14

Hi Folks! I neglected to mention the other points; Aether/zpe flows into mass. Slow that flow down and the mass loses weight. Slow it down beyond the surrounding earth drain and the mass is no longer bound to earth. Stop the flow and the mass dissociates.

Thinking along the lines of aether charge. Aether flows into mass so that it acts like a big sponge or a black hole. If we can charge a mass with enough energy, it must bleed that energy off or destroy itself.

When the energy bleeds off, it radiates and repels so loses weight because it interferes with the normal aether flow which produces the ‘weight’ we deal with. The Searl/Hamel reports indicate such high energy concentrations produce lift. Is it high negative voltage which causes repulsion against the earths grounded negativity? Is it some kind of magnetic effect that occurs with spinning high voltage to repel against the earths magnetic field? Is it entrained air to make an ionic vortex engine to lift the craft? Is it spinning so fast that an aether shield is created to repel the influx?

I think when we realize just how simple it is, we will all kick ourselves for not taking the profusion of clues that lead us to success in controlling gravity. The ancients didn’t have all our technology yet left wondrous achievements which we cannot duplicate.
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

## Tachyons = zpe? Steve,, Fri, 06 Mar 1998 13:36:32 -0500

Hi all, Yesterday I remembered reading an article about tachyons, and decided to try and dig it up to read again. After reading through it, I thought back to an idea I had about a year ago.. could the “tachyon field” be the same as ZPE/aether? Any ideas on this?

Here’s a link to the article..ttyl -Steve

# Jerry W. Decker, Fri, 06 Mar 1998 22:34:06 -0800

Hi Steve! Yes, I think Nieper’s Tachyon theory is very close to being the same as aether….many years ago I had posted several of his articles on this subject because they are so well written and argued…

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