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– Dusty Rhodes wrote: I think you are asking the proper question now. I believe that we willfind that as electro-static potential builds in a vacuum it will reach apoint at which no more energy can be stored. If energy continues to build,a storehouse for the excess will emerge. We call this storehouse matterand includes all it’s associated effects. Tom Bearden made reference to this in his Book called Fer-de-Lance when he mentioned the work of Soviet physicists of creating matter from nothing. I also believe that we will find that if we statically charge already physically existing matter further, we will be electrically increasing it’s gravitational field by increasing it’s apparent mass without actually physically increasing said mass. Is this perhaps the connection to which you are referring?
Consider the effect: as the apparent mass increases, the inherent gravitational field will also increase. As this field increases, it interacts with all gravitational fields around it (finds it’s balance point). Think these reactions may be observed as strange by most of us.
Check out brown_antigravity.pdf and see what you think is going on here.

I’m not so sure about increasing mass just from high density electrostatic energy applied to a mass. Same for gravity though there are numerous reports that indicate gravity is altered to some degree when using high voltage or electrical disruptions of a peculiar nature. Both of these are quite testable.
There are more than a couple of reports that high voltage electrostatic discharges in a vacuum will produce excess energy an Zielinski indicated that such discharges could generate a ‘gravity well’ in front of an object to cause it to move or more precisely BE PUSHED, in that direction.
A recent claimant who could well be bogus, indicated that a purely electrostatic field between two metal plates could somehow intereact with a coil to produce power yet without appreciably draining the static ES field.
If the field was static, then how can there be any inductive coupling to a coil since it requires an alternating or pulsed discharge through the coil windings to induce a flow of current…as we normally consider it.
The closest thing I’ve come to regarding this aledged phenomenon is that only so much energy can be crammed into a given area of space and then it has to go through some kind of ‘phase change’, like vapor to water to ice…
The other thing is the properties of energy in a vacuum and how they might well attach to other energies such as zpe/aether so that you got more out than in.
Hurwitsch says it is something that is so BASIC that we are missing it…I am so tired of hearing that, that we are missing WHAT???
Well, a lot of people I know think that when the breakthrough comes, we will all kick ourselves at how simple it was and how we missed it, forest for the trees and all that jazz….
You might want to check out the following URL @ Gravity’s Gate;

Jerry Wayne Decker wrote: Hi Folks!I am perturbed of late about an apparent energy relationship that it seems we are missing. Are there one or more unknown relationships between magnetism (produced by current flow) and potential (voltage generally likened to pressure)? From the file;

“sends out electronic rays to ALTER the NATURAL COMPOSITION of MAGNETIC FIELDS and CENTRES OF GRAVITY of weapons, instrument dials and mechanical devices. Hurwich insists his device is not really an invention. He says he simply ‘took one of the oldest BASIC principles of electricity and put it to a different use.’ It only works on objects that WILL CARRY A CURRENT, he says. It can be aimed and ITS RANGE DEPENDS ON ITS POWER SOURCE! “

Other claims indicate there is some form of energy which can be converted or translated from an ‘inert’ form to a manifestation of power. That small gauge wire can carry 200 Watts or more of power when IN THIS PECULIAR FORM without vaporizing like a fuse. And that only when this energy is converted or translated to include the missing component(s) whether magnetic or whatever, will the true power be shown.

John Bedinis’ scalar amplifiers which as in Peter Kellys’ Betar units claim to be able to transfer power in this manner, without any apparent resistance and yet having the full ability to produce the power on demand.

The mythical Floyd Sweet VTA also used fine gauge wires yet manifested upwards of 1200 Watts of what he called ‘cold current’.

I always thought this was in reference to a cold magnetic, implosive energy as opposed to the normal hot electric, explosive energy that we use. My understanding in the past was that this energy form was scalar in nature. A pure Electric field without any magnetic component, created using Dr. Hoopers ‘Moebius’ configuration to produce his ‘motional’ i.e. pure electric field, or even something as simple as a Smith coil (45 degree coil windings) or a bifilar. Shinichi Seike in Japan also used torroidal and moebius coils to produce odd effects. The electric field is aledged to pass through all matter with almost no reduction in amplitude because it does not comprise capacitive (as in electrostatic) or inductive energies.

So, we apparently have;
1) the ability to transfer a ‘pattern of power’ which will not be subject to resistance, inductance or capacitance, yet, under the right conditions, be capable of manifesting large quantities of power at a point of use (the load), possibly magnetic/attractive/implosive in nature
2) the ability to interact/interfere with magnetism in some way to alter its influence on mass.
With regard to both of these, magnetism seems to be the one major link.

Is there a way that a pure electric field can be projected, perhaps like the point emission claimed from a scalar caduceus coil? This would take the form of a beam (electronic ray) that Hurwitch talks about and be something he would have been quite able to do with his equipment. Perhaps to wind a coil in such a way, maybe a solenoidal coil or grouping of them that projected a pure electric field to interefere with magnetic flux.

Maybe even one coil that was swept or vibrated so that the beam scanned over a given area to alter the magnetic flux. In a similar magnetic flux interference vein, can power be ‘suppressed’ using something like this pure electric field so that it was zipped up or compressed or enfolded using this electric field or some variant of it (as in scalar???)
Does anyone have any insights or links to such a phenomenon?

# Re: Fw: ZeroPoint/Overunity Devices; Griggs role model, Jerry W. Decker, Sun, 19 Jul 1998 16:28:05 -0500

Hi Gary! Thanks for that synopsis on Griggs, I met him at a conference and he certainly seems confident. He went into a discussion about COP (coefficient of performance) as opposed to efficiency and I need to get that all on paper as it was most interesting. Perhaps its posted somewhere on the net??

Usually I just stick with watts and horsepower, though watts are easier for me since my background is electronics. I’ve always had high hopes for hydrosonics, not for producing a lot of power but primarily for heating…with Peltier junctions it might be possible to make electricity direct from heat…lots of schemes for that.

Dan Davidson tells me that any commercially viable overunity device will have to be at least 300% efficient to match current power costs. In fact I think it was a little higher, something like 320% or so. A ratio of 1:3 so that it would run itself and have twice that amount of power to use for other purposes. I’m not certain how that value was arrived at, perhaps he will put it all on paper so it can be posted as a target for COMMERCIAL requirements….however, at this point, we just need that self-sustaining device PLUS 1 Watt output to spark the minds of everyone who KNOWS this can be done.

It is interesting that what appear to be ‘authentic’ free energy devices have to initially blow a hole in the aether (literally) with the maximum amount of wattage they will be using. As I understand it, it works like a fluorscent tube, where it takes some power to produce the initial breakdown in the gases to arc them to plasma, then it just takes a trickle current to keep the plasma alive.Once ionized, the resistance is less and the unit requires less power.

So it is with the zpe/aether taps, blow the hole, then tickle it to keep it alive, milking/translating the influx of surrounding aether to convert it to electricity for practical use. If you blow too big a hole, the viscosity of the ambient aether will prevent it from refilling the hole fast enough to sustain the load, so the mouth of this articifically created and sustained aether tornado will enlarge, encompassing an ever wider area.

What I want is a device that will produce an aether tornado with a very narrow mouth to feed the pinpoint of the drain and sustain low power loads, up to about 200Watts.As the mouth of this aether tornado opens up, the density of the ambient aether drops and the local space energy level is stressed to produce unwanted anomalies ranging from time distortions to dimensional shifts to biological and mass disturbances. I base this on Bearden, Sweet and a few others of less prominence. THIS IS MY OPINION AT THIS POINT BASED ON NUMEROUS CORRELATIONS AND DISCUSSIONS OVER THE YEARS.

At any rate, good for Griggs, the more statistics he accumlates to back up the operation of his machines in real world environments, the less chance the machine is a lab queen that only operates under ideal conditions.

I never heard what happened the Potapovs YUSMAR over in Russia??Scott Little and Hal Puthoff had tested it down in Austin and reported no overunity effects, but Scott did write that the pump he used did not provide the minimum velocity that Potapovs pump used. Never heard what happened after that.

Whoever started that thread on ‘negative viscosity’ was RIGHT ON with what is really going on. The current flap about ‘negative resistance’ is the electrical analog to the mechanical of viscosity so both are worth keeping an eye on.
— Jerry Wayne Decker/

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Hi all, Has anyone here heard about “Autodynamics”.

I haven’t had time to read all of this page, but one part of it sounds familiar.. “We shall suppose that all of the so-called “vacuum of space” is filled with quanta of energy moving in all directions, at light speed or more. These quanta of energy will be called pico-gravitons.” pico-gravitons, tachyons, ZPE, aether, pick a name.. any name.. heh.. looks like an interesting site. ttyl -Steve
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This may be a bit off of the idea of proving the ZPE or overunity, but I think the following experiment (if it has not already been done) would provide a nice amount of data to start some theoretical exploration. The experiments of Mr. T Brown should be recreated…specifically, his claim that by placing a large circular dielectric inside a dense electric field one reduces the grav. force. Has anyone PERSONALLY done this? It seems to me that some empirical data from the gravity force reduction might help us to come up with a new theory to explain all of these unknown forces (ZPE, gravity, aether). I would love to try but since I am a student living at home I lack the funding/space to play with 100kV+ potentials, which are the least specified for producing the effect. I really do agree with Jerry’s last post – we DO need to produce a directed effort here to come up with something concrete!
Good Luck! -Rob H.

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Hi Ian et al! Interesting, thanks! You know, I have a Russian paper that says basically the same thing, that all masses vibrate and put out ripples in the aether/zpe which interact with other ripples from other masses to produce the effect we call gravity.

The denser the vibrational environment, the greater the gravity. It says that is why as you move upward towards space, gravity decreases because the waves from your mass have less other mass waves to conflict with the higher up you go. so there…

—Ian_Boersma wrote: Hey all, Along the same lines of the discussion below: I have been involved off and on in martial arts for a number of years and have seen this phenomenon at work. Basically, a highly-developed practitioner would, through mental force, make himself too heavy to move. I have witnessed this first-hand and, indeed the person was as solidly rooted to the ground as a mack truck- 4 strong men couldn’t move him.

I personally believe that this phenonmenon is linked to subtle changes in the overal vibratory state of the organism. Just my two cents… Ian Boerssma

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998, Jerry W. Decker wrote:

Hi Jean-Pierre et al! I hate it. Typed up a HUGE email response and before I could post it, the thing reset the browser and I lost it. Thought I’d just let it go but read your email again at home and figured I’d better post it.

You wrote;..Now, my wife tells that right after a seizure his son would become incredibly heavy and almost impossible to lift. Just threw me for a loop because when I was a young teen, I used to read voraciously (and still do every chance I get). The small town I grew up in had a very small public library and I went through every book that was remotely eclectic. Found a book whose title I don’t recall but it was about anomalies.

It described a young girl who worked in a carnival sideshow. Her ‘talent’ was she could do some mental trick so that no one could move her. The book says several burly men would try to pick her up or gently push her over and she would not budge. The stage was wood, no magnets,glue or anything prosaic was involved. When asked how she did this, the girl said she had learned to focus her thoughts or consciousness on a point right below her navel and willed that she could not be moved.

Wonder if that stage hypnosis thing where someone is made stiff as a board between two chairs and someone else walks on them, might be related??? There are Chi Quong and yogic masters who also claim this ability. One book said they altered their center of gravity by focussing all their weight on this area below the navel.

Now, it might appear I’m getting way too excited about this but here’s why. I found an article about a fellow in Kansas around 1850 who woke up one day and found himself stuck to the ceiling of his bedroom. Stuck is probably the wrong word, he was floating up against the ceiling.

He managed to crawl to where he could reach his dresser mirror and dragged himself down where he devised a lead weighted belt to hold him to the ground so he would at least not float off.The family was consulted along with doctors and no one could explain this peculiar buoyancy. He had to have income to support himself and family so they decided he should go on the road as a sideshow type attraction. Billing himself as ‘The Floating Wonder’ he toured the midwest for several years charging a quarter to view him and test the condition for yourself.

Doctors, scientists, engineers, lay people, no one could detect any fraud, no magnets, no mirrors, no strings, nothing. On entering the tent, here would be this guy with his legs crossed though sometimes stretched out, bobbing gently in the air about 4 feet off the ground. He was weighted just like a neutral buoyancy jacket used by scuba divers to remain at a set level.

He was asked if anything odd happened to him before this buoyancy phenomenon appeared and he could not recall anytyhing out of the ordinary. He did not dare take off his belt outside or he would float away like a bubble. The condition remained for many years and finally, one day, he claims to have woke up and found the condition healed, he had regained his normal weight. From that point on he retired.

At the time, many thought he had collected enough money to retire and simply grew tired of all the questions and tests so just said he’d regained his weight. He was buried in his hometown in Kansas. There are supposed to be many newspaper reports on the guy in the midwest newspaper archives which I one day hope to check out. Now,laugh as you will, but I add this to my arsenal indicating gravity can be controlled, increased or decreased at will as with yogic abilities or through instrumentation.

For centuries, there have been reports of flying men, angels, batmen, what appear to be humanoid creatures flying through the air, often with wings.

This is not a stretch when you think how a person who only weighed half a pound by virture of the effect of a device or mental state could easily vault over a building or freely swim through the air.
Read the file;

Let’s also not forget the amazing report of Madam David Alexandra Neel in her book Magic and Mystery in Tibet where she reported witnessing a priest of the ‘lung-gom-pa’ in trance and jumping 50 feet at a time.When she tried to call to him to ask questions, she was forbidden saying if she broke his ‘trance’ while he was high in the air during a jump, he would regain all his weight, fall and possibly kill or badly injure himself.

If you can decrease weight by altering the flow of ‘gravity’ into it, you can also increase it. I know, I fly about 3 times a week during my sleep……always with a belt device and it is the most wonderful thing (well, ALMOST) that I’ve experienced, even if it is CURRENTLY just a dream…it makes me keep working on HOW because I feel this knowledgewas once ubiquitous among the priests and magicians of the land and will one day be a common thing for us, whether it be personal flight suits/belts or flying vehicles.
–Jerry Wayne Decker /

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Hi Marcelo et al! You wrote; My guess is that with correct timing, the energy spent to maintain the wheel spinning at 3000 rpm could be smaller than the energy extracted by the load. It might be so, that gravity, inertial mass and a certain critical speed, possibly with some resonant relationship with the mass, might at the least increase the efficiency. Harold Aspden did an experiment where he took a heavy spinning object, and measured the amount of electrical energy it took to get it up to a certain rpm. He did this many times, determining an average amount of power that was necessary to achieve the speed.

On each of these experiments, he would bring the spinning mass to a dead stop and start from there to determine the power curve needed to achieve the desired rpm. He found that when he brought the spinning mass almost to a stop, but not quite, that it took only about 30% of the power originally needed to get it spinning to the desired rpm. One possible implication was that aether coupling to the mass was partially severed and did not have time to fully recouple because the mass never came to a full stop. Kind of like tendrils that ooze into static masses, but are ripped away when the mass is in motion (or vibration…….important point this).

This of course ties in with Hal Puthoffs contention that inertia is simply entrained zpe (aether). When I wrote him about it and the tendril concept he said that was an interesting idea, using tendrils as a visual image of what is happening. And of course, this stems from Reynolds work with the rheological phenomenon known as ‘dilatancy’. Details are posted at; look for the 3 Reynolds files. This dilatant matrix is much like quicksand which led to the ‘hackysack’ toy or wet sand in a balloon.

There is some peculiar bonding of certain materials that causes the material to link together like gearteeth. When you push water into it, the material separates.If you’ve ever walked on a supposedly dry riverbed, you will note sandbars, stand on one and rock side to side from one foot to another, within a matter of minutes, the sand will become quicky as water oozes up to thin the matrix.

Now, Reynolds clearly states the aether is a ‘crystalline dilatant matrix’ which can be impacted by motion, whether it be vibraton or velocity. Isn’t that interesting?So, if the aether density in a given region of space is crystallized as part of the ambient matrix, and we stimulate that local matrix by either motion or vibration, we alter the aether coupling tension and affect not only matter but also energy.

Again, we are back to the Einstein UFT of inertia, electricity, magnetism and gravity being interchangeable with aether being the central binding force and CAUSE of all these cascaded EFFECTS. In the same vein, DePalms reputed experiment of watches and timepieces held near a heavy rotating mass, that changed their time, seems to indicate an ‘mass current’ which affects other mass or possibly even the aether flows into the mass directly.

And that leads to Keely’s contention that ‘time is gravity’ so that aether produces gravity which clocks the creation, sustention and death of matter and which we measure as ‘time’. Such experiments certainly deserve more attention and replication. They would be costly but pure research can’t always be done on the cheap. The variations should include different materials and possibly their stimulation with frequency, different forces (acoustic, magnetic fields, electrostatic or EM fields).
— Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Inertial Drives, Chuck Henderson, Fri, 30 Jan 1998 13:52:16 -0600

Hi Jerry, Very interesting! I think you are unto to something. Using the same metaphor, you have addressed the sand above the waterline (dry sand), and the sand at the waterline (wet sand), but what about the sand below the waterline (submerged and saturated)?
I think you will find it applies and fits too. Later… Chuck…
———- From: Jerry W. Decker : ; To:
Subject: Re: Inertial Drives ; Date: Friday, January 30, 1998 3:31 AM

Hi Folks! Went back to reread the Reynolds files and they were just as amazing asthe first few times I read them, check out this very specific quote from ;

Dilatancy refers to the shear-induced expansion of a mass of solidparticles. Reynolds’ used dilatancy to explain the curious behavior ofbeach sand. Walking on the beach is easy on the wet sand near the water,but difficult in dry sand.

When walking on wet beach sand, each time a heel strikes the surface, the area surrounding the impact appears to turn dry or white. This dry areaappears to propagate from the point of impact like some sort of field.

According to Reynolds (2),it is in many ways analogous to a gravitational field.

When a close-packed mass of sand is subjected to a deforming force, the particles attempt to slide past one another. This results in anexpansion or dilation of the deformed volume.

The action of expansion or dilation can be understood by making twofists, holding them in front of you and placing the knuckles of one fistinto the spaces between the knuckles of the other fist. Your knucklesshould now be “geared” to each other with the open spaces (interstices)at a minimum.

Now, if one set of knuckles is moved up or down relative to the other, a point of maximum open “packing” is reached then the top of one knuckle isdirectly on top of another. This represents the maximum expansion ordilation of the volume containing the sheared “particles”, i. e.,knuckles.

In sand, for the sheared volume to expand, water must flow in to fill the interstices. The sheared portion of sand underfoot therefore sucks water away from the surrounding mass of wet sand and its surface turns white or dry. This gearing action is responsible for the strength of the sand andalso for the rigidity of bricks of coffee packaged in flexible plasticfoil bags.
So, this gravity seepage theory, means it has to have a ‘seepage’ constant, a specific amount of time, based on the density of themass (and ameliorated/influenced by surrounding masses to some degree)…if we can BEAT THAT SEEPAGE TIME, we can CONTROL GRAVITY and Inertia, just as Puthoff’s paper ‘ZPE as the cause of Inertia’ indicates. A related document by Haisch is;

I sent Hal an email describing this tendril/seepage effect which seems to have been proven by Aspdens experiment…he responded by saying he thought it was a novel and interesting concept, wanting more information, so that is why I posted the Reynolds files to KeelyNet, subsequently sending him the URLs via email so he could read the files. He never commented on them but I never asked what he thought, guess I should.
–Jerry W. Decker /

# Re: Is this bullshit ? Jerry W. Decker, Sat, 23 Jan 1999 14:37:02 -0600

It did it again, so here is another try…what a shame.
boson : any of a group of ELEMENTARY PARTICLES that have integral values of the quantum mechanical property called spin and are gregarious in that an unlimited number of them can exist in the same quantum state. Bosons, which include the PHOTON, gluon, W AND Z PARTICLES and the proposed graviton, carry the fundamental FORCES of nature. Bose-Einstein statistics describe the behavior of systems of bosons. See FERMION, STATISTICAL MECHANICS.
An interesting page comprising a collection of theories which embodies all of our current understanding about the behaviour of fundamental particles;
Higgs Boson as the Point of Creation;
Here is a portion of the above page;
“The kind of theory I was involved in essentially described the weak force in the same sort of language. That’s the theory which has been so successful and has been verified in all sorts of ways. In it a Higgs Boson is just a quantum of energy of density fluctuations of the condensate.”
What I find interesting about this idea, though I don’t know if it is Bosons exactly, when mass is aggregating during creation it would have to be absorptive, either sucking in additional material or more likely producing an intensification of energy which would literally materialize matter from the energetic collisions that slow the energy to produce matter. Now thats for creation.

As mass continues to exist, it is subject to additional influx of aether/zpe in the form of gravity and time which causes additional growth and eventualy MATURATION when it reaches its mass peak, its mass life…from that point, its downhill as the mass begins to age and eventually die.

Working from that point, the mass breaks down into components so that the signature of what once a whole mass is not degraded to the simpler signatures of the components and from there to the evern simpler signatures of the sub-components as they to decay. At some point, the subdivisions of matter reach the bridge between energy and matter where the matter can no longer sustain its presence and must convert to energy.

Now, what is interesting about this boson theory, to my view at least is that in my early days of UFOs when I hoped for some kind of resolution to the matter in the form of sufficient understanding by extracting what little details you could from the many reports, I remember reading about the ones that had the 3 hemispheres on the bottom.

The claim was that these hemispheres had to be changed every so often like tires that wore off the rubber…the harder and faster they fly, the more mass is expelled from these hemispheres…I wrote this up somewhere a long time ago and did at least one presentation on it to the Mufon group in Dallas.

It would follow that IF the entire mass of a UFO were actually producing the thrust, then maybe in early models these hemispheres did the trick.

They did glow during flight which indicates some kind of electron/photon and possibly boson interaction/release. So, based on all the above, I think this guy might have a theory worth pursuing. Thanks Marcelo for sharing the excerpt.
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Nanotech and overunity? Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Fri, 19 Mar 1999 12:12:19 -0800 (PST)

Hi Matthew et al! What a fascinating post!! Thanks! All this ‘quantum foam’ of the ZPE is a much finer version of the Brownian motion…so if we could learn to tap this chaotic motion, it surely could be done on multiple orders of existence (atoms, molecules, larger mass aggregations). Now we need to find the URL for that SCIAM article……

– Matthew Goff wrote: Hey all, I was reading a fairly recent Scientific American, (Feb or Mar ’99) and came across a fairly interesting blurb on nanotech.

Basically, the gist of the thing was that there are researchers that are working on what are being called “Brownian motion motors”. The main concept is that a wheel and ratchet assembly are constructed on the molecular level, such that random impact will turn the wheel (gear) and the ratchet will only let it turn one way.

Unfortunately, the researchers have not had any staggering success, but this line of inquiry seems to point to the possibility of machines(albeit small ones) that would require no traditional power source inorder to operate in non-frozen enviornments.

Although I realize that using ambient, chaotic heat and motion is not really true overunity, given that the establishment at large seems to think that this “degenerated” energy is useless, I think that this is fairly cool.
-Matt Goff

# Re: Pat 5,590,031.. ZPE to Electrical Energy, Paul Brown, Thu, 12 Feb 1998 14:28:06 -0700

– Original Message ; From: Ken Carrigan : ; To:
Date: Thursday, February 12, 1998 1:29 PM ; Subject: Re: Pat 5,590,031.. ZPE to Electrical Energy

Paul, I trashed the patient after I reviewed it, but did not read the credentials of the inventor. I would be shocked if a Phd wrote wrote this patient cause of the lack of detail and the ‘way out’ nature of it. I’m shocked that the scientific community would permit such research as it involves the aether, which is a BIG no-no in the education establishment. The scientists and physicts of today do NOT acknowledge that there is an aether. I would recommend that people look at this patient and assess it themselves, but sure sounds ‘too far out’.

v/r Ken Carrigan ; Hi Ken! A great deal of the work performed at Phillips Laboratory, Edwards AFB (formerly known as Astronautics Laboratory-Air Force Space Technology Center) is “far out.” Over the years I have been provided with Final Reports regarding many projects such as,
Plus many more that I would have to pull out of the file-these just happen to be on my desk. References incluse Brown, King, etc. (those involved with electric spacecraft propulsion know these references).

Just because they don’t call it “free-energy” or “Aether,” don’t kid yourself; the government is involved with research into all aspects of “alternate energy research.” The individual scientists involved do have reputations (your most valuable asset) and use terms such as “Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics” and “Zero Point Field Potentials” or fluctuations. With proper terminology, they get funding and do the research. These guys just don’t attend Tesla conferences.
Paul Brown

Again, I can not speak for Dr Mead, but in my case; I did not write my patents. They were prepared and submitted by my attorney and modified by the examiner before allowance. In many cases, the printed patent does not display the disclosure of the inventor!

# Re: PHOTON BELT – Re: Silver Water and TESLA and RIFE !? Bill Kingsbury ( ), Thu, 27 Aug 1998 01:52:38 -0400

Jim wrote:The Photon Belt is a load of pseudo-mystical garbage with not a shred of physical evidence.

Hi all, The following info seems to refer to what the ‘Photon Belt’ is alleged to be — although photons may be the least of it: from: (Seven web pages total)

By DR. ALEXEY N. DMITRIEV*, Published in Russian, IICA Transactions, Volume 4, 1997
*Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, and Chief Scientific Member, United Institute of Geology, Geophysics, and Mineralogy, Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences. Expert on Global Ecology, and Fast -Processing Earth Events.

Russian to English Translation and Editing: by A. N. Dmitriev, Andrew Tetenov, and Earl L. Crockett
Summary Paragraph:

Current PlanetoPhysical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity’s in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This “donation” of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun. Effects here on Earth are to be found in the acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone content distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of significant catastrophic climatic events. There is growing probability that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period similar to the one that took place 10,000 years ago. The adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth. It is only through a deep understanding of the fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment surrounding us that politicians, and citizens a like, will be able to achieve balance with the renewing flow of PlanetoPhysical states and processes. start here:

# Re: Power Problems in New Zealand, Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) ), Tue, 24 Feb 1998 13:20:55 -0800

– You wrote;
1) Massive power generators running a large area
2) Not so massive power generators creating energy for a street
3) 1-2 home generators
The reason I say this is that I would not like a device that sucks in and uses aether to provide power being used in the number one typesituation….

I think aether does move into mass in such a way that it balances out fora given region….this is because mass is relatively constant so aetherflows moving into it would also be relatively constant..

Now, if we start sucking aether into a mass for conversion to electrical energy, we are creating a ‘well’ or low pressure zone that will suck in aether from further away, and increase the local flow. Much like pushing your hand down in water to create a temporary hole….surrounding water rushes in to fill it up. One other caveat, when the hole is no longer present in the water, the aether that has been entrained in the flow to fill the hole will continue for a very brief time due to inertia of the water and produce a spike…..that means an aether tap device should NEVER be turned off, but rather powered down slowly to prevent weirdness that results from this snapping on and snapping…..that also means you must bring it alive slowly, not just WHAM and there is a hole…

My preference is therefore for independent small units that drive one appliance when it is needed…a kind of pilot zpe flow to keep it alive, ready to be put into use….this way, you have many small whirlpools or wells or low pressure zones rather than one massive one….it all is dependent on the viscosity and elasticity of the aether and how fast it can recover in a localized region…this is very important for safety and health concerns!!!

–Jerry W. Decker/

# Re: Probability Biasing, Mathias ( ), Sat, 28 Mar 1998 00:52:41

– Jerry W. Decker wrote: Wouldn’t it be a shame if we could NEVER achieve overunity or zpe taps unless we psychically interact with the machine? So, creating a voice tape of your intent, then playing it over and over, possibly 180 degree phase shifted, would that alter reality? Easy enough to try…keep in mind, KeelyNet gets 25% of winnings…..;>

Jerry: I muled over this one. IMHO there may be a flaw to this design. One may succeed in materializing a given intended reality, but on a greater picture that precedure maybe detrimental to one’s spiritual evolution. Allow me to explain… e.i.Tomatis found out that, as we age (and/or evolve in a specific culture), some frequencies simply desappear altogether from our voice or earing. In anilyzing one’s voice imprint and making a tape including all missing frequencies, then listening to the missing frequencies over and over again, the person would in effect gradually recover the hability to percieve/pronounce such lost sounds.

This amounts to rewiring the brain functions apparently lost with sounds. Resulted in encreased health, facility to learn foreign languages. If I remember you came up with a similar story some times ago on this list.

So, on these premises, if one tape her/himself and locks her/his brain in a voice loop made up of sounds carrying “defects” that one has accumulated along the years…well do you see what I mean? I may be wrong; and one never knows what will happen when one plays with phase conjugation. Anyways…

# Re: pyramid device / signatures, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Tue, 15 Sep 1998 10:05:36

Hi Michelle! I found your email most interesting and have extracted parts of it that ring true for me.

—Michelle Webster wrote: oh well, as a wholistic practioner using the vibrational therapies, this interdisciplinary cross-over from the below, to your current knowledge of the physics aspects of free energy may be interesting to some on this list.

Re: to separate the spiritual from the physical is indeed prepostorous, and can not be done, as the body is a spiritual carnation of the divine…… Once you think about it, it becomes obvious that mind over matter is a fact, else how could you be reading this or typing it.The mind extends itself into mass to allow movement. The more dynamic that mass, the greater the range and ability of movement and control under the influence of the mind. Keely refers to it as ‘cerebellic fields’ that exudes and uses a ‘sympathetic attendant’ that is kind of like an aka thread…hmmm…that word aka won’t mean much here, let’s say a dynamic mentally controlled plasma type filament which suffuses and permeates matter and subjugates it to the flow of the mental force.

Of course, the mass so suffused can respond only within its limits of form, function and structure. I think this is what ‘energy savants’ like Daniel and others have an ability to do. That is, they sense some kind of subtle energy, perhaps aether/zpe??? and direct it by shaped structures so that the energy is guided and focused to produce real world results.There was a fellow named Noyes who claimed he could create a circuit that he could tune to your particular house. Once tuned this circuit would keep the temperature in your house consistently uniform year around.

I know a fellow who saw one of these tuned wire combinations and he swears one winter he visited Noyes and walked up a staircase having a metal bannister, the bannister was warm to the touch and the entire building was comfortable, though it was snowing and cold outside.The idea of this is just mind-boggling that you can somehow cyclically ‘ping’ matter to cause it to physically radiate heat or to perhaps simply to alter the perceptions of the people in the house so that they believe they are comfortable.

Dan said he was quite comfortable when he was in Noyes building (the staircase building). Maybe it excites the latent force of TUMO that yogis claim can be evoked at will to produce body heat. Though I think it isn’t a perceptual thing, but that all the crystalline matter (most of the universe is crystalline) is caused to radiate low level generically applied heat.

Noyes has since gone off the deep end claiming he could see aliens or someone looking at him from inside mirrors.

For example, by signature(what the shape, texture, color, etc) of an organ( or berry, plant, leaf, etc..) is we can determines it’s usuage… the indians found the hawthorne berry, shaped like a heart, and determined to use it to strengthen the heart. Based on its’ signature.

Energetically now, and through the pharmocognosy now we know this to be true. The list is endless, walnut=brain food, etc… Shades of DelaWarr, Hans Jenny and Peter Guy Manners!! The geometry of the organ serving to record the energy flows in matter for a particular function. Not many are aware that Keely claimed to have copied certain body organs in his machines, the ear and the brain. Apparently the shape/geometry serves to amplify or redirect energy in some way to carry out a function.

Anyway, it goes on that the sounds we hear are more than just noise, but “spiritual nourishment” again. See how the ear, like the kidney incarnates, by its signature….. ref: Tomatis methods of learning via sound therapy. Thus, the warm repetitive cooing of the mother is the auditory vibrational nourishment of the child that causes the brain to develop, not just making the child smarter, but neccessary for the “normal” development of the child. Tomatis was able to show this scientifically that no sound or vibration could replace the mother’s voice in the normal development of the child.

– There does seem to be something about matter being stimulated to evoke a response and essentially broaden its ‘sensibility’. Hate to say it but Keely talks about this ‘evocative’ ability of frequencies in a round-a-bout way in the following file;

– The principle applies to all matter, whether animate or inanimate and is further elucidated in the file; from which I extracted this comment; ” The bar of iron or the mass of steel, have, in each, all the qualifications necessary, under certain vibratory impulses, to evolve all the conditions that govern that animal organism – the brain : and it is as possible TO DIFFERENTIATE THE MOLECULAR CONDITIONS of a mass of metal of any shape so as to produce what you may express as a CRAZY PIECE OF IRON OR A CRAZY PIECE OF STEEL ; or, vice versa, AN INTELLIGENT CONDITION IN THE SAME.” Can you say ‘CHRISTINE’?…….or perhaps EDSEL?
Anyway, ‘nough for me for now…thanks Michelle!

# Re: radioactivity, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Wed, 5 Aug 1998 16:41:49

Hi Folks! Received this anonymous post from an excellent researcher and one very knowledgeable in nuclear processes. There is much information that I suspect I have never seen, so I stand corrected on some aspects of my prior post about Hubbard, check this out;

Both Henry Moray and Alfred Hubbard themselves claimed to use radioactive materials in their devices, specifically radium chloride. A quick review of Morays patent will see the use of the term radioactive materials 11 times, and his book Sea of Energy specifically states that he used radium chloride as well as the fact that he considered emanation (radon) a special catalyst for energy conversion.

Hubbard’s statements were made to the newspaper, as well as his patent and the fact that Hubbard worked for the Radium Chemical Company. The only reference I have ever seen connecting Hendershot to radioactive material was in a newspaper article where Hubbard claimed Hendershot was stealing his technology.

C. Britten was also using radioactive material, based upon his claims. I do not know of any others off hand. These are not points of debate, rather, I am just presenting the facts. If you like I can go so far as to reference the page numbers and paragraphs of such statements. Only through understanding of the truth shall we make progress. A great deal of mis-information and conjecture exists around many of the popular free-energy devices.

It is our duty to present the facts separate from our conjecture. I have been doing this a very long time. I am fully aware of the dangers involved in regard to radioactive materials and do not suggest any person undertake the use of such materials.

I too, want to see a free energy device, some form of ZPE conversion, but we can not let our desires blind us to the facts. Regarding Bruce Perreault: People need to think for themselves.

# Re: Solar Ion-Acoustic pulses cause planetary orbits?, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Tue, 27 Apr 1999 19:12:00

Hi Folks! I can’t help thinking about the Stoneking Resonance URL!!! It certainly indicates a fascinating possibility! Consider; we have long sought to tap into either the force which makes the planets move or which makes electrons orbit a nucleus.

James Stoneking is saying it is high density ion acoustic pressure waves from the sun which create the troughs and the MOVING STANDING WAVE in which the planet is contained.(kind of like NASAs high pressure balanced acoustic energy to levitate matter by creation of a standing wave, A BUBBLE OF LESS PRESSURE than the surrounding energy and which the mass NECESSARILY FALLS INTO and remains captive).

The background ambient energy of our space here on the planet is thus composed of this ion-acoustic plasma, penetrating and suffusing everything but not recognized by us because it is everywhere with little if any difference in potential except from the negativity of the earth itself as ‘ground’.

The way we measure energy is by detecting a difference of potential, so we can’t measure this ambient field without either finding or creating a difference of potential and I don’t think earth ground is the same reference.

Nature always seeks equilibrium, like a rubber band lying on a table. Stretch the rubber band and you have polarized it where it now pulls itself to itself seeking to regain equilibrium. The amount of force trying to pull it back together is analogous to the amount of ‘pressure’ or ‘voltage’ in a mechanical or electronic circuit.

Plus of course we have to consider the amount of force needed to keep it stretched apart in the first place. The reason we cannot SEE or measure these high density ion acoustic waves is because we, like fish underwater, cannot sense the pressure (energy density in this case) to which we have long grown acclimated. That means the aether/zpe for us is this plasma that we live in.

Note: Henry Moray Sr. said that his Moray power generator used an ion-acoustic phenomenon to extract energy from the space background. Again, we get back to how to create a ‘hole’ in space energy (aether/zpe), how to tickle it to keep the hole open and how to tap the influx of energy trying to regain equilibrium with the ambient background energy of the local space.

I am thinking a standing wave would be the reduced pressure or energy bubble which would be resonantly created and stimulated to maintain the ‘hole’.Near the periphery of this bubble we would place coils tuned to the ‘waves’ of ion-acoustic plasma that would allow extraction of the additional influx of energy to this specific location in space.

Moray used a long wire antenna, doped with radium according to Dan Davidsons discussion with Moray Sr. in the 60’s, which helped to entrain the flow.

– Matter as bubbles in the aether;

The occultists labour the point that instead of matter being solid within an empty insubstantial aether, the aether itself is VERY DENSE (one thousand million times denser than platinum, according to Oliver Lodge’s estimate), and matter is REALLY JUST BUBBLES-the ABSENCE OF AETHER. Superforce – induce a quantum-vacuum transition (Mulaprakriti to Koilon), releasing energy which tore the aether apart into numerous ‘subatomic particles’ – BUBBLES – which we see as substantial even though they are, in fact, THE ABSENCE OF SUBSTANCE. Thus was matter SUCKED INTO EXISTENCE in the cosmic expansion. Paul Davies writes that “what appears as empty space is actually a seething ferment….of quantum activity, teeming with [ghost] VIRTUAL PARTICLES and full of complex interactions. ….A real particle…must be always viewed against this backdrop of frenetic activity.

The meson is actually a bubble in the aether (quantum vacuum) and its internal (‘matter’) field lines are trapped within the bubble. Indeed, if the bubble is somehow stretched, the (‘matter’) field lines actually DRAW CLOSER TOGETHER! This is exactly the OPPOSITE to ‘electric’ field lines in the aether! In fact, if the meson bubble stretches TOO FAR, it can DIVIDE into TWO BUBBLES!

– Soliton energy bubbles;

The electromagnetic wave front must be composed of individual units, as these units can bounce independently to the feed horn of a satellite dish or scatter independently from a surface rough in relation to the size of the quanta.

— “Jerry W. Decker” wrote: Hi Folks! I had forgotten to mention in the index99 page this really interesting website until its author sent me an email asking if I’d left it out for a reason. Some of my emails were scrambled so I missed it…but I went back and re-read the site, quite amazing….it is the same thing Tom Pawlicki (author of ‘How to build a Flying Saucer’) wrote about.

Tom compares the orbits of the planets as similar to a giant Chladni vibrating plate with the planets following the grooves of a giant phonograph record….like ball bearings in a circular track but all held in place by some unknown force.

James Stoneking identifies this force as ion acoustic waves of tremendous magnitude and having various frequencies which account for the spacing of the planet…INCREDIBLE! (Thanks James for bringing it back up!)

the Sun pulses with time periods varying from 5 to 160 mins. Its surface heaving in and out, in a rhythmic fashion. As it pulses, it’s conveying out from the Corona into the heliosphere, longitudinal pulse waves of various time periods from at least 5 to 160 mins.

These Sun produced soliton waves (also known as ion acoustic waves) travel out from the Sun in the plasma medium of the solar wind. We examine the connection between the wavelengths of these pulse waves with their various time periods to their involvement in the spacing between the planets.

In this paper, it’s theorized that the planets are riding at these phase boundaries (or wave nodes), separating the resonant cavities created by the density and temperature variances of the solar wind.

# Re: Sound Vibrations, Marinus Berghuis ( ), Tue, 06 Apr 1999 17:57:02

– At 09:31 4/04/99 -0700, you wrote: LARRY SULLIVAN wrote:
Hi Ren: I thought this old Keely file may be of interest(although you may have it already).

Good afternoon and a happy easter break Larry, Thank you for the posting and yes I had read some of it but some stuff was new and not new.

As you probably realise, I have for years thought about a lot of things and tend to try and remain simple in all ideas. The reason being that although creation bends to laws of geometry, the creator is not a mathematician. That is the field of our endevours and invented to keep secret knowledge to a small elite. Geometry is the result of spirally orientated forces and interpreted by man so he can explain creation and use it’s mechanical translation for his machinery. Many moons ago I looked at hydrogen and as it’s form is a perfect tetrahydron it obviously consists of 4 particles with their own force field locked into this form with a perfect vacuum as it’s centre.(ZPE) As all matter is the result of interlocking out of balance lines of magnetic force, matter looks solid but in fact is nothing.

When Keely talked about a substance finer than any other matter, he was talking about the particles which make hydrogen. Those same particles make all other matter manifest and when you go through the periodic table and atomic weights as established by scientists, you find that elements are made by a specific shape and weight which is always a multiple of the quarter of the weight of hydrogen. Those elements that are unstable lack this exact multiple factor or harmonic equivalent. I came to this conclusion after observing the transmutation of pumice into ironsand and back again in lake Taupo under certain strict conditions.

If you look at the various mines with the richest deposits, these are all found at certain bands of lattitude which in fact fits in with the periodic table numbering system. Todays mining efforts are no longer a hit an miss affair as the mining companies know where to begin looking before they start drilling. A direct result of the space age and not to forget the atomb bomb discovery which can only work if made for a specific place and time on this earth.(this discovery made the harmonic composition rules manifest)

Metal deposits are made insitu all the time and with the shifting of the continents, the picture is a little obtuse but when you dig deeper, you find that the harmonics of a number in lattitude locates the best mines. It is no accident that minerals occur at specific places. It is the result of the immutable laws of geometry in relation to the magnetic field of the earth which intersects with the suns magnetic field and all other magnetic field of the planetary system. There are times when tremendous generation of metal occurs and for instance around barrier island in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand, Mercury oozes out of the ground at certain times when planetary alignments are right. New Zealand is rich in ironsand ( titanium ) but only at certain places where the waves and wind action are at the right angle.

This makes me think of sound as a major contributor to the formation of matter. The transmutation of sand into something else happens usually when water is driven along by wind to form waves which crash onto a shore with a hell of a bang and accompanied by a lifting against gravity. So an angular wave obviously generating a static charge where sand gets picked up and put into a wave vortex against gravity and hey presto depending on the lattitude, you form iron, gold silver and what have you.

River mud has a soul of it’s own and again forms at specific places and adhers into peculiar patterns and almost seems alive. I have for instance panned for gold and found nuggets you would swear were bits of granite like gravel including the holes where bits of the granite has broken away.

All this seems a bit far removed from our usual banter but fits in the whole picture. If we are looking for free energy or not so much free as the utilisation of available energy locked in matter, the manipulation of same can result in transmutation, liberating energies holding it together and this need not be radioactive although unstable elements may be easier as proven in nuclear industry but also dangerous because they are dealing with matter out of phase with the harmonic table and therefor really not belonging to this world.

They all have limited lives and revert to a stable element. The behaviour of catalysts changing molecular composition is a direct result of angular velocities caused by fluid flow or air flow or gas flow over surfaces and my guess is that if you make those flows against gravity away from the surface of the earth, they will be more efficient.Also if you experiment with various angles of attack you again will find better efficiencies and do not forget a sound frequency as well.

So this is a reason why I think the Joe cell has the ability to break up the hydrogen atom into it’s component parts and as those parts are aching to get back somewhere, they either align themselves with nitrogen to form nitrous oxide without oxygin having to be involved or do something to oxygen from the air and transform it into something else altogether which we have not figured out yet. I am no chemistry expert but as aluminium is thought to enhance the process, aluminium must act as a catalyst and those of you who are chemists may be able to think out the factors involved.

I think I have been yacking long enough and end with stating to Jerry, Thank you for letting me know who or what you are and what you think. We are not all that far apart in our attitude but to say that at my age you don’t give a damn what people think and carry on with the good work. If there are people on the list that take offence, we are better off without them and no doubt we’ll end up with a bunch of people truly united in their efforts to improve our and everyone elses lot on this vale of tears. The bombs today may yet be transformed into working for us instead of destroy us.
Regards to all , Ren.

# Re: Space Quantum Medium, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Tue, 12 Jan 1999 14:19:20

– Hi Niels et al! You wrote; …The device is patented (patent # CH 687 428 A5) and consists of a number of concentric coils influenced by a certain combination of dc currents and dc pulses.According to the theories, the SQM fills everything even the so-called empty space and byattenuating and condensing this space quantum medium (ether) at an appropriate frequency, energy can be extracted at certain zones. Oliver Craneclaims this is possible by virtue of a combination of permanent magnets andvariable magnets. This way, it is possible to extract many Amperes of energy basedupon a low voltage input.

I’ve been monitoring the RQM site for several years now and a friend claims to have witnessed or been involved a test of their overunity motor. He thinks they really have something but the last time I checked (before today), they had no product to sell and were still seeking financing.

Based on your information, I checked out the site and they do appear to now have products, with an estimated delivery date of 3 months after payment, though I did not see any overunity type motors or claims for that matter. At any rate, this sounds like the Hubbard coil which in one configuration diagram I’ve seen claims to use 8 smaller coils surrounding a single central coil. The idea being that the central coil would be triggered and each of the 8 would serve to tap more energy in the inductive transfer than was initially used on the central primary There surely was a frequency that worked best, though

I’ve never heard of one that worked by anyone I know of. A Russian scientist claims by using the ‘matrioshka’ design (the wooden doll within doll within doll, etc..) but using a coil within a coil within a coil, etc…that he could sweep a magnetic field either inward or outward to produce phenomena…most specifically slowing down time…I believe the report said 1 second was lost in the mass under test at the center of this pattern.

Keely’s claim that ‘time is gravity’ would mean there should have been a slight weight loss inside the unit during this swept magnetic field as well as the temporal shift. I think this technique offers much promise. The trick would be properly entraining aether…heck, mass does it….as in the Puthoff/Rueda/Haisch paper on ‘Entrained ZPE as the Cause of Inertia’….so you should be able to produce an effect; gravity, energy, time, by using matter or energy, moving in the proper patterns to couple and temporarily bind aether to move in a preferred direction. An inward sweeping motion would increase weight and accelerate time. An outward sweeping motion would decrease weight and slow time. As has been stated in many other places….

Another option is the use of capacitive, dielectric, or pure electric type fields, possibly using the high voltage impulse type spikes that Ken Carrigan is talking about….. Thanks for sharing that Niels!

# Re: Spinning Capacitive Fields & the Poynting Vector, Jerry W. Decker, Sun, 06 Dec 1998 17:50:27

– Hi Marcelo et al! You wrote: My guess is we need to study the fields present in the space between those two metal plates to get some new idea on how extract energyfrom them. When the plates are charged, the air ( the dielectric ) is”compressed” by the electric field. At some voltage level, that “compressed air” will break and we’ll get a spark. So, what if we could “drain” the field between the plates in some way that this “pressure” won’t be raised to the spark level ?

I think the dielectric will be a key here because the slower it charges, the longer we’ll have the ‘charging field’ that will entrain the aether to move in one direction. That is the trick – to not let the charge it bleed off or the direction of flow REVERSES which will interfere with the entrained aether motion and cause any power tapping possibilities to be canceled.

So, if we use a charging field that slowly builds up the charge in the dielectric between the plates, then we have an entraining effect on the aether in that local area. IMO, if we discharge these two capacitor plates by shorting them OUTSIDE the area, yes we will have a sharp reversal of flow in the capacitive field area, but to my way of thinking, its analogous to a tornado pushing a paper straw through a telephone pole…with sufficient velocity/amplitude, matter/energy doesn’t respond the same as at lower velocities and amplitudes.

Again, the energy flows in to charge the dielectric, aether begins to flow like syrup, loosening up and moving in the direction of flow of the charge. By shorting it out to discharge the capacitor, we have a very short, high intensity REVERSE flow but it happens so fast that the aether flow in the preferred direction is not appreciably affected.

Is that too confusing? I don’t know how to make it any clearer but its the way I envision the motion…the file on Reynolds idea of Aether being a dilatant matrix explains this changing of aether ‘viscosity’ in the presence of sufficiently sustained disturbing forces. It is one of the most intriguing explanations I’ve ever heard and ties in very, VERY well with the Haisch/Rueda/Puthoff paper on aether/zpe as the cause of inertia.

–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: stones and sounds, LARRY SULLIVAN ( ), Tue, 20 Apr 1999 19:31:34

This is exactly what I feel the effect is. My last posting may not of been all that clear (not a good idea to get into quantum physics at 3:00 A.M).

The earth being a sperical cyclone, that is a high pressure area in the outside parimeter with a low pressure in the inside. The features are the same as with a tornado or cyclone its a interesting parculiar feature, the inside rotation is pushing mass on to the parimeter of the cyclone and if you are outside of the parimeter it is pulling into the parimeter(the equallibrum point)

Velosity dictates the force,the higher the speed the higher the force,the middle being the highest and hence graduated less until it is least at the parimeter. I see the earths vortex much as two inverted votexes converging into a centre apex. Each spining at different directions hence the different polarity at the earths poles. I believe I am correct in saying that if one is to fill up a sink and then open the drain the direction of the vortex is opposite if you are in the north or the south hemisphere. Also one is going to have one cyclone force being larger than the other otherwise you couldn’t have a cyclone in the first place. So there goes the whole concept of the spider effect.

Interesting observation rocks move to the surface of the earth, they start deep down but will always move ever so slowly to the surface. The aether energy is also pushing down on the crust so you have the meeting of two forces at the earths crust. Gravity being the result of a equalibruim of these two forces.

The same principal also applies to the molecular level. The centre protons and neutrons spining at a higher velosity creates a low pressure area that attracts but also repelling at the same time. The electrons circumventing the centre at the equalibreum point. The atoms having the same inverted vortex spider effect as the earths. Only in this case the direction is dictated via the larger earths vortex(gravity). It is a chain reaction. The atoms point all the same direction. Atoms make up matter and hence matter has a force field around it pointing the same direction as the atoms ofcoarse, which is what we are calling the spider effect on mass.

Hence all we need to do is effect the molecular direction of the inverted vortex and we change the orientation of gravity. So bend the vortex via a energy field such as HV,magnetisim or Sound and then direct the speed of the spin via sustained frequency and I believe we have the answer not only to gravity but to directing energy and perhaps also to polydimentional shifts.(which is another topic).

We do not need to effect the whole mass but only to initiate a controled chain reaction on the molecular level. So in reality not much energy really is needed to effect a much larger mass. Two things that always seem to be always predominant is first to use a force to disrupt the orientation as in tipping a spinning top and then using a sustained frequency to control the speed of the spin and direction of the top. Example put a spinning top in a perfect sphere and if you could control the speed and the direction of the spin it should move around the sphere,contrary to gravity.

– Jerry W. Decker wrote: Hi Ted et al! Just can’t get over your grasp of the subject and I am DULY IMPRESSED…this is what I and many others have been working towards…to evoke such thoughtful responses…excellent.

One other item I’d like you to consider is the claim of ‘inertial drive’using the cycloid pattern…..

Now, it basically is a conversion of angular velocity to a linear velocity….although it only works in very tiny steps, the amount of the weight and the rpms of the rotation will determine the number of repititions per second….jerky in the mechanical form but it does work.Dan Davidson and I have long discussed the alteration of the electorn orbit to that of a cycloid…in each atom, then in all atoms in a molecule, then in all molecules in an entire mass aggregate…Keely’s idea of ‘graduation’ or harmonizing all mass components to one central pattern…the cycloid….thus, the mass would move silently and mysteriously in any direction the cycloid was pointed. pure magic to the uninitiated…

I note Ivanov’s animation clearly shows a projection of mass waves which are distorted when the spider tail is up and spread out on the bottom of the mass. When the tail is at the bottom of the mass, the deflection diverts the incoming aether/zpe influx…. I can’t help but get the feeling the cycloid is somehow involved in this despite the obvious links to a vortex type action which collects and focuses the aether/zpe influx or defocuses for weight loss/levitation.

But I don’t want to divert attention from this document in the least, it is simply amazing and the best thing I’ve seen in many, many years, tying together so many diverse observations….The test will be in figuring out HOW to make a mass lose its weight, WITHOUT having to resort to superconductivity or paramagnetic repulsion.

— Jerry Wayne Decker /

# Re: Tapping the Casimir force, Jerry W. Decker, Sun, 11 Oct 1998 15:31:13

Hi Hal et al! I am curious about something with regard to Casimir plates and have toyed with the following idea;
1) Assuming aether/zpe is a highly pressurized omnipresent force that flows into matter or ‘wells’ of lesser potential…..
2) Between two plates, the distance will determine the amount of pressure that pushes the two plates together…
3) So the size of the plates and composition would also determine how much force would be used in pushing them together….

What if this is a resonant phenomenon and the distance between the plates forms a standing wave with its own neutral center or center of gravity?? That would mean the size of the plates and their resonant properties would determine the distance needed to phase cancel their frequency by 180 degrees as determined by physical spacing.

In a related claim, Keely said the trick with his machines was to create an ‘artificial neutral center’ which he could manipulate as to position and intensity. This artificial neutral center was tuned to resonate with the machine neutral center.

For thrust – When generated a short distance from the machine neutral center and energized with more power than was flowing in the machine center, the skeletal mass of the machine would FOLLOW or move in the direction of the artificial neutral center which would have a greater attraction with the more intense energy flow. So, like a goat pulling a wagon, he would follow a carrot held in front of him and hanging from a stick. So too would the mass follow the artificial neutral center whether it be sideways or upwards against gravity. Additionally, if the artificial neutral center is placed OVER the machine neutral center, and powered up, it will cause the mass to increase in weight and over time, increase in mass and density.

This artificial neutral center, being a standing wave, could be what is happening with the Casimir ‘attraction’ which is really an inflow of aether/zpe into this artifical standing wave well of lesser potential. All of this has long been posted on the KeelyNet website and since about 1988 on the BBS but has yet to be proven or duplicated. If this all works as described, it shows us how to tap gravity for energy and for flight and propulsion.

–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: The Gravitational Spider Effect, Jerry W. Decker, Thu, 22 Apr 1999 03:36:45

Hi Folks! I was checking out some info on the net and found this on a page called ‘Weird but True’ while looking for ‘how to charge superconductors’;

“The Pioneer Anomaly – to make the speed and trajectory of the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft fit the data John (Anderson) had to assume a force that is slowing them down as they leave the solar system; and unlike gravity this mystery force does not diminish with distance; it exerts a constant force but it does not exist in any physics that we know. (john anderson, jpl)”

I went to the JPL sight but couldn’t find anything as the search engine would not respond. Something else interesting on the expansion of the earth;

– The universal repellent force;

– and the new links page attached to the spider section; (check out the Mossbauer effect graphic…totally cool!)

With regard to all the above and taking into consideration the Mossbauer effect, energy transfers from one isolated high potential source, which take place when the ‘dielectric’ breaks down by resonant coupling THROUGH the Parr/Davidson gravitational conduit, the energy passes from the high potential emitter, through the conduit, into the target…

# Scenario I ; The target, normally sucking in aether/zpe at its normal rate is now pumped up with a lot of energy, faster than it can natrually radiate, so it explodes.
# Scenario II ; The target, normally sucking in aether/zpe at its normal rate is now pumped up with more energy than it normally can handle, BUT NOT ENOUGH TO CAUSE IT TO EXPLODE….so the excess energy IS EMITTED so that the target now becomes a RADIATION SOURCE……what was a well, is now a fountain….
# Scenario III ; If the target is a big block of granite, then, according to Ivanov, the gravitational spider that exists in all mass to cause ‘weight’, flips over and now DEFLECTS waves from other masses, causing the mass to lose weight and even to rise into the air.
# Scenario IV ; If the target is a big block of granite AND if it is being held down by the pushing forces from space of the aether/zpe influx then the RADIATING mass will again DEFLECT the incoming aether, also reducing the weight of the mass, even to the point of making it ascend.

Is it inertial cycloid motion to produce a unidirectional vector that pushes against the mass of the test object? Is it vortex motion, in one direction that focuses aether/zpe influx, in the other it dissipates or deflects that influx? Is it an increase in amplitude of the test mass frequency to expand the natural mass resonance amplitude so that it overwhelms and pushes back other mass oscillations that are distorting the test mass oscillations? Is it caused by the flipping of spider so that the vortex or cycloid focus is not deflecting? Like the 3 stooges said in one of their video clips….closer and closer, step by step….I’m gonna getcha!

–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: The Gravitational Spider effect. Jerry W. Decker, Sun, 18 Apr 1999 04:09:58

Hi Folks! Some comments about how the gravitational spider acts as a gravity deflector;

It fits so perfectly with so many other reports, from nuns and saints experiencing religious ecstasy, to the Lung-Gom-Pa of Tibet with reduced weight when in trance, to Farrow, Keely, Tesla, Schappeller, Leedskalnin, even Hamel and Searl. And all done with differing techniques that distort the wave field. Dr. Ivanov’s work is simply the most elegant all inclusive approach I’ve ever had the privilege to read. The entire theory of relativity is based on one key experiment, the Michelson-Morley measurement of the speed of light where they found NO aether interaction…this led to the theory of the Lorentz Contraction/Transformation which hasn’t been tested of course and finally to relativity.

So the whole thing was built on a house of cards since the interferometer used in the M-M experiment became part of the very effect they were trying to measure. Silvertooth and others have since proven their is an ‘aether drag’ on the speed of light and yet, it still hasn’t been incorporated back into physics. I’ll see the gravity belt I fly with in my dreams as a reality yet. NASA spending $600,000 on the Tampere diamagnetic effect, what a waste….

Imagine two or three large piezo emitters projecting a wave front either in front of a mass to create a ‘hole in the background wavefront’ so that the pressure of the aether/zpe will PUSH the mass INTO that reduced pressure region, that solves THRUST….direct another set of emitters ABOVE the mass, deflect the incoming aether/zpe so that a void is created and the mass FALLS UP into the void….just like a kid on a wagon pulled by a horse…hold a carrot in front of the horse and he will follow the carrot…just so with this…hold the void in front of the mass and it WILL FOLLOW BY FALLING IN THAT DIRECTION the void.

Keely stated that he had created an artificial neutral center which he could move at will within the mass to cause the natural neutral center to follow.

…From; “In the conception of any machine here-to-fore constructed, the medium for INDUCING a Neutral Centre HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND. If it had, the difficulties of perpetual motion seekers would have ended, and this problem would have become an established and operating fact.

It would only require an INTRODUCTORY IMPULSE of a few pounds, on such a device, TO CAUSE IT TO RUN FOR CENTURIES.In the conception of my VIBRATORY ENGINE, I did NOT SEEK TO ATTAIN PERPETUAL MOTION; but A CIRCUIT IS FORMED THAT ACTUALLY HAS A NEUTRAL CENTRE, which is in a condition to be vivified by my VIBRATORY ETHER, and while under operation, by said substance, is really A MACHINE THATIS VIRTUALLY INDEPENDENT OF THE MASS (OR GLOBE), and it is the wonderful velocity of the vibratory circuit which makes it so.” Velocity of the vibratory circuit….of course he means the flow of aether through the directed path of his machine, not an electronic circuit as we think. The globe motor therefore was a kind of resistor to the flow of aether, where the yielding of aether to the resistance induced rotation and tremenouse torque and rpms. Since all his researches revolved around sound, it was purely INTERFERENCE, whether constructive or destrutive which allowed him to tap into natural forces such as aether.

That is why I am so taken with Ivanovs work, because it shows how Keely and many others could have all produced similar effects using different techniques but all, in actuality, due to an accidental formation of interference patterns by stimulated geometric arrangements.

Keely continues; “Still, with all its perfection, it requires to be fed with the VIBRATORY ETHER to make it AN INDEPENDENT MOTOR…..” “The man who can, even in a simple way, appreciate this vast problem has been endowed by the Creator with one of the greatest gifts which He can bestow upon a mortal.” “It is well known that ALL STRUCTURES REQUIRE A FOUNDATION IN STRENGTH according to the weight of the mass they have to carry, but the foundations of the Universe REST ON A VACUOUS POINT FAR MORE MINUTE THAN A MOLECULE.” And that is the neutral center….just so.

–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Time as Temperature, Steve ( ), Mon, 03 Aug 1998 21:25:35

Hi Don, I’ve thought about this as well, and it never seemed to make sense to me, that temperatures can be up into the millions of degrees, but can’t go more than 300 degrees below freezing (on the Celsius scale.. 273 degrees if I remember correctly).. As soon as a substance is found that can be cooled below -273 degrees celsius, or a new cooling method is found, the Kelvin scale is going to need to be altered, with a new absolute zero.. I believe this will eventually happen, but I’m not sure how a lot of people will react to finding out that their knowledge of temperature might have been wrong.. and anything written using the Kelvin (or Rankin.. being in Canada, I haven’t learned muchabout that scale tho.) scale will be incorrect.

About the references to time, from what I understand from physics class, is anything that is cooled to absolute zero has such a low energy level that it “falls apart”.. is this correct? If this is true, then matter at this temperature would have no energy.. so no matter.. now I’m all confused.. if all the energy is taken out of matter, bycooling it to the lowest possible temperature, will the matter simply disappear? if so, where does it go to?
1. “dissociates”(?) back into ZPE
2. leaves spacetime

I don’t really understand either of these guessed, in light of the cooling to absolute zero discussion, but I’d be interested in hearing anyone’s thoughts about this.. another thought.. anyone know what temperature antimatter is? (assuming it could be found in nature..) pardon me if it sounds like I’m just making wild guesses.. because I am. 😉

– 500 degrees Kelvin? And you froze it immediately? What would happen to it? At some point I would think that as it cooled, the particles moving slower and slower would eventually stop…but then what? Once they’ve stopped and you KEEP turning the temperature down and down and down…. would they invert? (unless I’m mistaken, 0 degrees kelvin is the temp at which all atomic motion stops.. however, if it was cooled below the temp at which all atoms stopped moving.. who knows.. I’m just rambling..) ttyl – Steve

– | UIN: 5113616

# Re: Vortex Voltage, Ken Carrigan, Sat, 16 Jan 1999 11:26:51

ElectroMagnetoHydroDynamic (EMHD) generator is what this reminds me of. Where water passes from two overhead nozzels down in streams through copper tubes then hits copper wire screens. The screens and tubing are electrically crossed connected and a potential of kV’s will develop from the extraction of electrons from the water. Almost like the VanDeGraff generator where we take ground state electrons (like from water) and traverse them to a accumulator (globe) where charge is built up. Fun experiment to try.. BUT NO current is developed… just like in the VanDeGraff generator or the Wilmhurst generator.. Static! One neat part about this small EMHD generator, is when you do not ‘discharge’ the potentials (which are building..) the charge prevents the water from flowing into the tubes.. and you get sprayed with water!!! Charge does ‘move’ water.. after all..

– v/r Ken Carrigan ; Hi Joel! With regard to the following excerpt describing Flanagans’ test; By means of another electrode touching the water he was able, when the vortex was moving at approximately one thousand revolutions per minute, to record a charge of more than ten thousand volts emitted from its swirling water: quite a boost from the cosmos.”

Joel Ryan wrote; Hey that’s really cool! Could the 10,000 volts be transformed into a more usable voltage with higher current and power an engine to keep the vortex spinning? Or is that the obvious fact and the reason you posted it?

I neglected to mention the forced ripping of the water molecule which releases high voltage as discovered by Lenard. The following URL doesn’t detail any of his experiments with water but he is the same Lenard. Back in the 1800s, there were high voltage generators that produced the high voltage from water moving at high velocity through a tube that separated it with force. Here is one URL about Lenard;

I did a search on an experiment called the ‘wasserfaden’, literally meaning the ‘water fountain’. It involves pushing water through a needle, like the one used to air up a football or basketball, at a velocity approaching 100psi…the water is shot downward in a high velocity stream into a tin bucket that is coated in wax so that it won’t short out to the floor. As the water exits the head through the needle to stream into the insulated bucket, some of the droplets are forced apart into a very fine mist which is highly charged and which glows and levitates in an orbit around the needle. =20

I saw Walter Baumgartner do this same experiment in Los Angeles and they turned out the lights but the water was so ‘dead’ in LA that it didn’t hold much of a charge, so didn’t glow too much but it did levitate and orbit around the needle, roughly in an 8-10″ circle with the needle in the center.

The ability of water to hold a charge is referred to as the ‘zeta potential’ and the higher this zeta potential, the more life giving the water is to drink and live on. Now I did a search on ‘wasserfaden’ and found a German page on who else but Viktor Schauberger at; where I excerpted the following interesting comment;

“Er beauftragt seinen Sohn Walter mit der Wiederholung der Wasserfaden-Versuche”: Es werden Spannungen bis 20.000 Volt erreicht.

which I pasted to the AltaVista language translator at; to provide the following German to English text;

“He assigns his son walter the repetition of the ” water thread attempts “Voltages up to 20,000 V are achieved.”

Isn’t that interesting? Now voltage ain’t current but does anyone remember the guy calling himself ZPE who claimed to be able to milk power from a vortex?? Then weasled out of the ‘promised release’? Could this be part of that secret? =20

— Jerry Wayne Decker /

# Re: Weight Loss, Jerry W. Decker, Wed, 28 Jan 1998 01:00:29

– Hi Bill! You wrote; Where did the weight of the spinning mass go as it was lifted with ease?

It is puzzling. I think it has something to do with gyroscopic precession…there are claims as with the Dean Drive that indicate a spinning weight can be redirected in a given direction to cause the mass to push away. Dr. Harold Aspden did an experiment which indicates that aether actually couples to mass, like velcro hooks that seep into and hold static masses…(my interpretation)….when the mass spins, these velcro hooks are partially broken to allow the mass to accelerate to speed….that is the resistance/inertia that must be overcome to get the mass spun up TO that speed.

I won’t quote the experiment just yet because I have it in the old VSRT Plenum newsletters that I am planning to put online. Essentially, he measured how much energy it took to get a mass rotating to a certain speed….then he would bring this to a stop….he did this over and over, to make sure the electrical energy requirement was very nearly the same in each test.

Then he brought the heavy rotating mass to a ‘near stop’, then accelerated it again…when accelerated in this fashion, it only took about 30% of the energy necessary to go from a FULL STOP to full velocity, than it had before….he repeated this several times and it always came out the same….it ties in very well with Puthoffs paper on ‘ZPE as the Cause of Inertia’.

IMHO, there is something going on with gravity deflection, perhaps chopping the ‘field lines’ of gravity as it flows into the earth. Kind of like an umbrella. Of course the mass has gravity flowing into it, but that justs hold it together, it is the flow of gravity into the earth that gives it what we erroneously call ‘weight’. That’s why the Aspden comment about being measured on a scale while lifting this gyroscope showed a decrease in overall weight….see, we have all kinds of clues, just need to get off our butts and figure out how to scale this effect up….

–Jerry W. Decker /

# Re: What is the costs of charging for overunity tech?, Norman Wootan ( ), Fri, 14 Aug 1998 17:22:57

Hi! Frank: I have not communicated with you before but I will throw in a comment regarding this thread. If you will go to the archive and dig out my 27 Mar.98 comment to Jerry about the MRA project you will see that My and Joel’s intent was to share the knowledge with everyone in the world who has access to the internet. This we did and was noticed by the U.S. Patent Office who contacted us and almost demanded that we file a patent on the technology so that the U.S. would control the technology if it proved out. We demonstrated the MRA to IBM engineers and Procurement executives who told us that they would not attempt to develop it as a power source for lap top computers until such time as we had a patent on the technology. The only way a theoretical model can be turned into a product is by investment of R&D funds on a large scale. We tried to do the right thing and was stopped by some un-seen intervention by (I suspect, NSA) in the 11:59 hour at the patent office. They requested a complete file on the project which was provided to them months before the Patent Office action. You fill in the blanks. I’ll tell you the cost of going public with any proposal of Free Energy. Everyone will try to completely discredit you efforts at every turn. Thankfully we had a few true believers in our project that discovered for themselves that it did indeed work as we stated. All of you should thank Jerry for his firm stand on the “POP” proposal for this is the only way we can learn the truth behind any project. Now you have my TWO CENTS worth. Norm

– Frank C. Earl wrote: I’m certainly not advocating just giving away free energy technology so as to not make any money. I just want to know what everybody thinks about the issue. You know, what’s the driving force…

To Eric: I’d like to ask you what you think the costs of the attempt of trying to charge for a “free energy”, ZPE, overunity, et. al. device? Think long and hard about it before answering. Realize that there have been other overunity, devices in the past. Not gimmicks. Not tricks. Do we happen to have a single overunity device? No. Is it because they aren’t possible? No. Is it because the inventor took their secrets to how the things worked to their graves, trying to make a buck off of the device? Most definitely. Look at Tesla. Look at Moray. Look at Sweet. Look at the host of others out there that have little snippets here and there on the Keelynet archives.

WE HAVE NOTHING. To chose the path you advocate is to doom the idea and discovery to eventual obscurity. They’ll think that it’s a fraud or a scam- because there’ve been so many other scam artists that have come before you to pollute the situation for you.

– Personally I don’t believe much money can be made from selling F/E devices, and I probably wouldn’t try to make money by selling them.

I don’t know about that. You’re not going to sell the devices until you give the _whole_ secret out so that people can independently verify it for themselves without needing to pay you any money. In theory, you could develop the devices to a provable state and then release the info. You’d have a leg up on the competition that would follow to make the things- you understand the devices completely. Believe me when I say that there’s a LOT of people that wouldn’t bother with building their own- they’d rather have one made for them, preferably from the best. You could position yourself as that. The only drawback to all of this is trying to manage the disclosure- wait too long and you’ll do a Tesla or a Sweet (take it to the grave…), move too early and it may not work out as well as you planned. Me, I plan on disclosing as early as I can and making sure that more than just my immediate family have my information throughout- I’m NOT going to let what I find be lost with my passing.

– I do think the use of F/E devices could greatly lower production costs, and stuff like that, but in general I think the basic technology should be given away.. On a large scale, it would benefit everyone more than selling it. I’ve been researching this stuff for almost 2 years now but have only done a few simple experiments, and my main “driving force” is a better society.. Millions of dollars would be nice, as it could finance other things, but I’d rather live in a better society with an “average” income than have a lot of money and live in a society like we have today.

This is my sole motivation for my researching and collecting of information in the “free energy” arena. I look at the Dallas skyline every day and I feel ill- the smog. I try to picture what it’d be like without all that crap in the air- for us to breathe and see crystal clear air. I like the picture so much, that I do my level best at trying to make it possible. I’ve done small experiments that have produced nothing. But, having seen what the giants before us have accomplished, I know that it is possible- it’s only a matter of time before someone, perhaps even myself, will find one of the secrets that the others before us found- and we’ll benefit from it.

But only so long as the knowlege itself is shared.

– Hmm.. you could patent something and still give it away, correct?


– Some income from royalties would be nice, but I guess it would depend on what the device actually is.. eg. simple new type of coil winding for a generator/motor, or a complex electronic device..

Royalties are nice- but not needed. All you need is backers if you’ve got something that works- you can manufacture it yourself and sell it yourself. Marketing it is what would be your problem.

– Anyway, I don’t have anything to patent, so I hadn’t really thought about it.

Patents are *EXPENSIVE* and are mainly the tool of big corporations to crush their competition in this day and age. You’d be better off releasing the thing to the public domain and be done with it.

– The best situation, in my opinion, would be for everyone to stop using money, and have a “free” society, based on sharing of resources.. yeah I know, not likely to happen any time soon.. but it’s a nice thought. 😉

That will only happen when people quit hoarding- and that won’t happen when we’ve got limited resources (and we’ve that on this planet). The only way we’re going to achieve that sort of utopia is to become a major spacefaring species- not unlike what is portrayed in Star Trek or Babylon 5.

–> Frank C. Earl ; Earl Consulting Services
Pursuant to USC 47, there is a $500 per incident charge for each and every piece of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) sent to this or any of my other addresses. Sending UCE’s to any of my addresses implies general acceptance of these terms.

# Re: Whirlpower URL, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Fri, 28 Aug 1998 10:13:12

Hi Marcelo et al! Here is the relevant technology for the TR-3B claims, intersesting that it is gravity REDUCTION rather than cancellation;

* * SLIDE 69: TR-3B Operational Version ; Finally, I’ve saved the best 4 last. The Operational model of the TR-3B A friend said, he would never forget the sight of the alien looking TR-3B based at Papoose. The pitch black, triangular shaped TR-3B was rarely mentioned–and then, only in hushed whispers–at the Groom Lake facility where he e government will go to any lengths to protect this technology. The plasma, mercury based, is pressurized at 250,000atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin and accelerated to 50,000 rpm to create a super-conductive plasma with the resulting gravity disruption.

The MFD generates a magnetic vortex field, which disrupts or neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass within proximity, by 89 percent. Do not misunderstand. This is not antigravity. Anti-gravity provides a repulsive force that can be used for propulsion.The MFD creates a disruption of the Earth’s gravitational field upon the mass within the circular accelerator.

The mass of the circular accelerator and all mass within the accelerator, such as the crew capsule, avionics, MFD systems, fuels, crew environmental systems, and the nuclear reactor, are reduced by 89%. This causes the effect of making the vehicle extremely light and able to outperform and outmaneuver any craft yet constructed–except, of course, those UFOs we did not build.

The TR-3B is a high altitude, stealth, reconnaissance platform with an indefinite loiter time. Once you get it up there at speed, it doesn’t take much propulsion to maintain altitude. At Groom Lake their have been whispered Rumors of a new element that acts as a catalyst to the plasma. With the vehicle mass reduced by 89%, the craft can travel at Mach 9, vertically or horizontally. My sources say the performance is limited only the stresses that the human pilots can endure. Which is a lot, really, considering along with the 89% reduction in mass, the G forces are also reduced by 89%.

The crew of the TR-3B should be able to comfortable take up to 40Gs. The TR-3Bs propulsion is provided by 3 multimode thrusters mounted at each bottom corner of the triangular platform. The TR-3 is a sub-Mach 9 vehicle until it reaches altitudes above l20,000 feet–then God knows how fast it can go! The 3 multimode rocket engines mounted under each corner of the craft use hydrogen or methane and oxygen as a propellent. In a liquid oxygen/hydrogen rocket system, 85% of the propellent mass is oxygen. The nuclear thermal rocket engine uses a hydrogen propellent, augmented with oxygen for additional thrust. The reactor heats the liquid hydrogen and injects liquid oxygen in the supersonic nozzle, so that the hydrogen burns concurrently in the liquid oxygen afterburner.

..Thank you all who have taken the time to read this posting of my presentation. Ed Fouche ; Alien Rapture:

# Space jerking and the Dean Drive, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Thu, 15 Apr 1999 18:28:50

Hi Folks! Got a phone call this morning about 2AM from some guy in Chico, Texas. It was a weird thing to do, call someone that late…luckily, I’m a night person and routinely stay up til about 2-3AM…so this guy is all hot and bothered over Thom Pawlickis paper on ‘How to build a Flying Saucer’ which he had downloaded. It had my number on it, even from 8 years ago, so he called it thinking nothing would happen…surprise!He said he could find no errors in the Pawlickis logic about using redirected gyroscopic precession to produce thrust and lift. He was really hung up on efficiencies and use of mechanics to produce the inertial effect, though he had no formal education.

I gave him a few urls and things to look up, we talked for about an hour and he said all his life (he is now 43) he had dreamed about flying and odd devices but when he tried to talk to anyone about it…they treated him like he was crazy. So he was ecstatic to find there were others who knew and studied such matters. He might join the list as I told him he should as well as joining a few others so he could talk to like-minded people with similar interests…guess the virus that infects us hasn’t seeped everywhere YET…..

The point of this, as I was driving to work, there was a major traffic jam that made me late for work…I kept noticing people would move for very short distances, 10 feet or so, then slam on their brakes causing the rear of their car to rise upwards from the inertia.

Now, I normally refer to the analogy that Hal Puthoff used, about driving 60 miles an hour and slamming on the brakes, which will resut in you being thrown against the steering wheel by ‘something’..believed to be entrained aether/ZPE. It struck me that a far superior analogy is to move a couple of feet, then stop instantly. Kind of a mechanical analogy to the high density impulses from capacitive discharges (for electrical) or inductive discharges with very short pulse widths. This sharp starting and stopping of a mechanical motion, repeated and with sufficient mass, should produce a matter wave that would entrain inertia and cause it to be directed towards a target…

I’ve worked on equipment which had an electromagnetic brake consisting of a fixed coil and a braking plate attached to a spinning shaft. When current was applied to the coil, the spinning shaft would stop INSTANTLY caused by the clamping/braking action of the braking plate. It was always surprising to me that something moving that fast could STOP that fast. Sometimes there was considerable torque on this spinning shaft which simply aroused my incredulity that it could stop so fast.

Some of the stories I’ve heard about the Dean drive and other such inertial drives indicate the use of such braking coils with a heavy rotating mass.As I see it, with any inertial drive we have three primary considerations;
1) the weight of the spinning mass
2) the distance the mass moves before stopping
3) the stopping time which determines the spike duration of the matter wave

The mass is coupled to the aether/zpe influx. When it spins, the ‘tendrils’ of aether/zpe which seep into slow or static masses are snapped, letting the mass spin freely with any inertia following its movement…abruptly stop the motion and the inertia continues to ‘flow’ while the aether/zpe tendrils rush in to reconnect to the mass. As I see it you have to get the mass back into motion BEFORE the aether/zpe tendrils can reattach enough to require a lot of power to get it moving again.

“Harold Aspden found that spinning a heavy weight somehow entrains zpe/aether. That you could bring it to a complete stop and each time it would take the same amount of energy to bring it to a certain speed. Then if you slow the spinning weight down ALMOST to a stop, then speed it back up, it took only a small percentage of the energy (roughly 33% total) necessary to come FROM a complete stop, indicating some kind of ZPE seepage into static masses.”

Crude version ; Think of a weight attached to a spring which is connected to a disc that rides on a shaft. At 0 degrees, the weight is fully extended. As the disc rotates, the weight is reeled in closer to the shaft, cocking the weight as close to the shaft as possible. This occurs within the first 90 degrees or so of rotation. When the disc rotation reaches 360, the spring is unleashed, causing this heavy weight to be thrown outwards towards the outside rim of the rotating disc.

Only at that point of the rotation, will the weight be released, causing the mass to jump forward in a tiny step. If you repeat this rotation, cocking and release, faster and faster, where the rotation and release occurs much faster, the mass will be seen to jerk in small but increasing steps in the direction of release of the mass. Now the above is the crude approximation. There should be an optimum setting for the weight, rpm and distance thrown which would give the greatest thrust in hopes of vectoring the contraption so that it ROSE IN THE AIR. This is what Dean claimed to have done in the 1950’s.

So, sudden sharp mechanical starts and stops, optimally ‘tuned’ to push against the aether/zpe/gravity inflows should produce physical effects.

# ZPE Tap Correlations, Jerry W. Decker, Wed, 04 Mar 1998 22:13:33

Hi Folks! Chec out this EXCELLENT response by John Steck to Ross Tessien as posted to Bill Beaty’s vortex-l discussion list;

– Ross wrote; But I don’t think you can tap the turbulence of spacetime like most on this group think you can tap into zpe.

I also do not agree. There is a pattern in many existing devices and experiments that I am just beginning to recognize. They all have their own special twist, but in effect all do the same thing: create localized aether vortexes or sinks. IMO these sinks are responsible for the various perceived anomalies in efficiency and entropy.

– There is a version of a device claiming this posted I think on Bill Beaty’s site as a capacitor-based device that claims to entrain aether into a column of force.

One of several good examples of what I suggest. In short, think of the energy density we exist in as a super fluid (in step with Ross’s resonance model). Inducing vortexes in this energy density create localized gradients or biased flow patterns. The interaction of these localized gradients or biased flow patterns with the rest of the energy density induce localized event horizons (different resonance filtering, etc.). The expression of these event horizons take the form of perceived gravity modification, energy excesses, and etc. These events appear to us as o/u, but in effect are fully conservedtranslations or conversions of the density field and typically last only as long as containment of the gradient or flow is maintained (unless matter resonance is created or fundamentally changed). I see this as the common thread of most every odd device or odd natural phenomenon discussed on this list so far.

Huh? Yep, bold statement but I will be the first to put my foot in my mouth on this. Creating these aether sinks seems to be pretty easy. They happen naturally around us given the right conditions; tornadoes, ball lightning, plasmoids, etc. I believe we induce them in many common devices right now too, but are unaware we are doing so. Only recently have we begun to look for the signatures. Unfortunately many clouding theories are being built based on individual observations, not the root cause. Look for rotational interaction patterns and you will find efficiency and/or entropy anomalies; extreme temperature devices, resonance structures, electric currents, magnetic field dragging, plasmas, etc. Apply the theory and find the technique that maintains the strongest gradient for the longest time. It really shouldn’t matter what medium you chose to work in as the basic element is not material or process specific, but kinetic specific.

Ok, enough day dreaming. Don’t judge it or start throwing math at it just yet. Think about it. Evaluate this theory against the experiments you’ve done so far or devices you’ve personally worked on. Please share any revelations or insights you may have. 8^)

–Jerry W. Decker/

# The Fifth Element, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Sat, 3 Apr 1999 13:07:18

Hi Folks! An interesting URL was posted where it appears science is finally getting back to aether, calling it the ‘Fifth Element’ where it should rightfully be THE FIRST since verything results from its cascade as seen in the aether spectrum.
Aether divided & slowed down equals
Magnetism divided & slowed down equals
Electricity divided & slowed down equals
Light divided & slowed down equals
Heat divided & slowed down equals
Sound divided & slowed down equals
Physical vibration divided & slowed down equals Matter

Just as Matter can be converted to Energy using E=MC^ so too can energy be crystallized into matter.

Some quotes;
“ Einstein’s equations, if you add the energy density term to the pressure term and get a positive result, gravity pulls. If the sum is negative, gravity pushes. It’s as simple as that. But how can the sum of the terms be negative? Well, for all the usual stuff in today’s Universe–matter and light radiation–the sum is always positive, since their energy densities are positive and their pressures negligibly small.” “Negative pressure is not such a bizarre idea as it first seems. It is simply a force pulling inwards like the tension in a piece of stretched elastic. This means that space can be springy providing it is made of a weird material with a huge inward tension. This is a very counterintuitive idea. After all, how can a material that pulls inwards drive galaxies away from each other? The key is to understand that the negative pressure of space has no direct effect on its surroundings. This is because forces are a consequence of pressure differences. But in space every region is surrounded by other regions, all at exactly the same pressure. There are no pressure differences. The negative pressure works in one way only: by generating repulsive gravity through general relativity.” “So to explain the way space seems to be stretching, we need to assume that it has a huge negative pressure. Add in one extra tweak (see “The bizarre world of springy space”, p 31) and cosmologists have their exotic material, which they dub the “Lambda force”.

“One of the advantages of springy space is that it solves a major cosmological puzzle. Cosmologists like to talk about the density of the Universe in terms of the so-called “critical density”. This corresponds to a Universe whose total energy–kinetic plus potential–is zero. The popular theory of inflation, which states that the Universe suddenly ballooned in size during the first split second after its birth, predicts that the Universe should have precisely the critical density.

A universe that starts off with a density even marginally different from the critical density will either rocket up in density or plummet down. This fate is avoided only by a Universe which starts out at precisely critical density. It hovers there forever.” “These fields are like guitar strings. Each can vibrate in an infinite number of modes–fundamental, first overtone, and so on. However, unlike guitar strings, none of these modes can be damped to zero amplitude. It turns out that quantum theory sets a minimum energy for every vibration mode.

This “zero-point energy” is tiny but when you add up an infinite number of tiny bits of energy, corresponding to the infinity of vibration modes of all the fields, the answer you get is infinity. Since the lowest possible energy of the fields corresponds to the vacuum, quantum theory predicts that the vacuum has an infinite energy density.

That means we have Push Gravity, Aether precipitation, ZPE as offering tremenous amounts of energy tappable through resonance and phase conjugation…sound awfully familiar??? So science is slowly catching up with KeelyNet…. Here is the URL which I recommend you SAVE;

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