Joe Cell

A JOECELL is a simple apparatus that will transform the Aether in a form of energy that will run an Internal Combustion Engine, or furnish electricity, reproduce matter, magnetize watter for health cures, produce ozone for water cleaning, and many other miracles still to discover! .

Mastered since many years by JOE, the modern discoverer, this ‘technology’ is still a bit triky for anyone to get it.

The best way to obtain the right knowledge would be to visit JOE in Australia, like thousands of persons did already, or to read carefuly the large documentation about the subject (see links below), and to experiment.

Quite cheap and simple in material and utilization, a JOECELL seems to need only the right tubes (NON-MAGNETIC Stainless Steel), and the right water (natural water, pure as possible) to ‘run’.

JOE says also that people coming close to a JOECELL must be ‘positively charged’, and that a ‘negatively charged’ person will stop the JOECELL from running; he gives the solution how to ‘positively charge’ anybody, just with the help of a car battery (see in the “JOE TALKS”).

Able to run a non electronicaly controled gasoline engine, to produce DC current to light lamps or heaters, to create liquid matter, a JOECELL could be a major source of energy, but still not perfect because of the strong magnetic field that it produces (disturbing electronics), and because of the very high danger of the bubbles created on the water surface that are incredibly powerfull and destructive (see ‘Joe Talks’), as JOE himself experienced painfully. And also because it can be disturbed or stoped by outside strong magnetic fields or frequencies.

But for sure it could be an amaizing source of power at a very cheap cost in the majority of situations; so we are impatient to see it completly understood and easily reproductable all over the world.

Off course I personaly tried to make a JOECELL, but being almost in the middle of nowhere, with nothing, I didn’t get succes as for now; actualy I don’t even have a car at the moment 🙂
Concentrated to make and publish on internet this compilation of data first, I hope to have more time in a few months to put this in practice; study properly first, and then try.

Non magnetic Stainless Steel pipes are no so difficult to find (if we can use 304 quality) or to make (if we are equiped to un-magnetize a pipe, or to create a pipe from non-magnetic plates) ; being positively charged is the individual question; and finding the right water the challenge.

M.D.G. 2007

## Lots of details about JOE CELLS in CAPTAIN KELLY pdf files

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## Space charge engines and the future of energy. Hamish Robertson, Technology Researcher, © All rights reserved, April 19 2006:
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Space charge : n. The excess of electrons or ions in a given volume. (Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language)

Welcome to the Joe Cell website. Here you will find information related to Space Charge Engine Technology – a science that has to potential to revolutionize the world in which we live by eliminating the need to consume fossil fuels. This clean, green technology offers the potential to power your car, your home or just about anything else that requires energy. What’s more, it has could save millions of lives every year by providing a way to produce abundant amounts of clean drinking water. And the really crazy part is, it’s free. Please take a moment to read about the history of the Joe Cell and also refer to the reference and links sections for a more complete understanding of the concepts presented.

# What is a Joe Cell?

A Joe Cell is a device constructed from a series of concentric stainless steel cylinders sealed at the bottom and top. Usually a 12v battery is connected to the unit with two wires. The positive terminal is connected to the largest outside cylinder and the negative terminal is connected to the smallest inside cylinder. The device is filled with pure water. A continuous current in the range of just one amp is left flowing through the device for an initial charging period after which time the positive battery lead is removed. The device is usually connected to the vehicle’s carburetor by way of an aluminum tube with only a rubber hose connecting the two. It’s claimed that the device can power a normal internal combustion engine using nothing more than water as the energy source.

If these claims are correct, the Joe Cell appears to defy all scientific laws – producing vast amounts of energy from nothing. It has been reported that when used to power a normal internal combustion engine, the device generates as much as 50% more power than what would be possible using gasoline as fuel. These converted engines utlilise completely different timing to a gasoline powered engines. It is also said that the engines run cooler than when powered by gasoline. Some of the more spiritual types have claimed that the Joe Cell harnesses some type of magical life force energy. Others believe that it pulls energy straight from the very fabric on the universe – the aether. The truth? Well the truth is much more exciting.

# How does it work?:

There are many theories about how the Joe Cell may possibly work. But there can only be one correct one. The following theories are my own and I provided them here in the hope that they will inspire others to engage in further research of this promising technology. What makes my theories uniquely different from virtually all others is that they conform to our current understanding of nature. I believe the Joe Cell is not magic, just pure genius.

I believe the Joe Cell is essentially a supercapacitor. It’s similar in many ways to an old-fashioned Leyden jar. It has the ability to absorb and hold a charge. Unlike a normal capacitor however, it does not release that charge. It simply accumulates charge. In essence, it is an electron accumulator. The water inside the cell behaves exactly like moisture stored in a cloud right before a thunderstorm. Rather than creating a conductive path, a static charge is induced, establishing opposing electric fields at the cathode and anode. Positive ions form at the negative electrode and negative ions form at the positive electrode. The strength and intensity of the electric field is directly related to the amount of charge build-up in the cell. Electrons are known to travel. When a relatively small charge imbalance is initially induced, a positive feedback loop begins and progressively more and more electrons are pulled through the water and off surrounding molecules toward the electric field of the anode. The opposing charges continue to build and build. If a small 9v battery is left with its negative terminal connected to the Cell’s cathode, the charge imbalance will be maintained until such time as it is shorted. For testing purposes, the charge imbalance can be measured through the PH of the water in the outer region of the cell – a successfully charged cell having a PH greater than 7.

# The role of static electricity.:

Static electricity is an electrical charge caused by an imbalance of electrons on the surface of a material. The term static is a misnomer. It does not imply still, but in fact refers to forces exerted by an unchanging electric field upon charged objects. The presence of surface charge imbalance means that the objects will exhibit attractive or repulsive forces. Conductive objects only rarely generate charge imbalance except, for example, when a metal surface is impacted by a non-conductive solid or liquid.

The charge that is transferred during contact electrification is stored on the surface of each object. And the larger the surface area, the more charge can be stored. The Joe Cell is a type of electrostatic generator.

Electrostatic generators develop electrostatic charges of opposite sign rendered to divided conductors. These devices can produce high-voltage electrical output at relatively low electric currents. Electrostatic generators have been around a long time. The knowledge of static electricity dates back to the earliest civilizations, but for millennia it remained merely an interesting and mystifying phenomenon. A primitive form of electrostatic machine was constructed as far back as 1663 by Otto von Guericke, In the latter part of the 18th Century, Benjamin Franklin, Ewald Jürgen Georg von Kleist, and Pieter van Musschenbroek (the last two the inventors of the Leyden jar) made several important discoveries concerning electrostatic machines. Benjamin Franklin used the Earth’s magnetic field and atmospheric electricity in his devices. In 1929, the Van de Graaff generator was developed at MIT. The machine used a silk ribbon as the charge transport belt. By 1931 a version capable of producing 1,000,000 volts was described in a patent disclosure. In 1934, Nikola Tesla wrote a Scientific American article, “Possibilities of Electro-Static Generators” concerning the Van de Graaff generator. Tesla stated, “I believe that when new types of Van de Graaff generators are developed and sufficiently improved a great future will be assured to them”.

Between 1858 and 1867, Lord Kelvin also developed a water-drop electrostatic generator, which he called the “water-dropping condenser”. It was sometimes referred to as “Kelvin’s Thunderstorm”. The device uses falling water drops to generate voltage differences by utilizing the electrostatic induction occurring between interconnected, oppositely charged systems. Water runs down from the top, with slightly positively-charged water attracted to the negative ring and slightly negative water attracted to the positive ring. The charged water flows through the ring and into a container. The water traveling through the negative ring becomes H30+ and the water travelling through the positive ring becomesOH-. The charges then build in the ring connected to the container opposite it – attracting even more charge. This results in a positive feedback loop. When the charge eventually reaches a certain threshold, a spark will cross the gab between the rings. Lord Kelvin water droppers have been known to build a 20,000 volt charge with as few as 100 drops of water through each side in less than six seconds.

That’s without any external power source – simply utilising the energy of the falling water drops. As you can see, electrostatic generators can be made to be very powerful. Now imagine an electrostatic generator that’s unable to discharge and you’ve got yourself a Joe Cell. The Joe Cell is in the perfect electrostatic generator, converting the engine into a type of giant Tesla coil – with the space charge limited to the region within the cylinders.

# How is it possible?

It is has been reported that certain specific types of bubble production are associated with effective Cells. This in itself may give a valuable clue as to the cause of the energy. It is highly likely that the Joe Cell utilises a principle known as Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics

However before we discuss Cavity QED, we first need to examine history. In 1840, Lord Armstrong observed that when steam escaped from boilers an electrical charge was produced. This phenomenon was termed steam electricity. Faraday conducted extensive research into the phenomenon at the time. That was that for about 120 years, then in 1969, interest in steam electricity was renewed because of explosions caused by the ignition of vapors during the washing of oiler tankers with steam jets. Steam electricity is supposedly explained by the bubbles nucleated in the boiling of water droplets, behaving like resonant quantum electrodynamic (QED) cavities. During bubble growth as the bubble cavity resonance coincides with vacuum ultraviolet frequencies, the water molecules on the bubble walls dissociate by cavity QED into hydronium H3O+ and hydroxyl OH- ions. Available hydronium ions are repulsed from the positive charged bubble surface and tend to the center of the bubble forming a positive charged vapor; whereas, the available hydroxyl ions are attracted to the bubble surface. Bursting of the bubbles at the surface of the droplet produces positive charge steam and negative charged droplets. Scientists at the time figured out that the explosions only occurred when pure water was used in the steam jets. By adding a little olive oil to the water, they altered the PH and the steam could no longer hold a charge, so the explosions stopped occurring. In theory, if it’s good enough for blowing up ships, it should be good enough for running an engine. Steam electrification caused by the separation of hydronium and hydroxyl ions in bubbles is commonly observed in atmospheric electricity, thundercloud electrification, waterfall electricity and the Leidenfrost phenomenon.

When two opposing charges build in a Joe Cell, H30+ is produced at the cathode and OH- is produced at the anode. Coincidence? Probably not. Because electrons remain trapped within the static field of the anode, any vapour that is drawn into the engine will have an excess of H+ atoms, creating a powerful space charge within the cylinder. Add a stream of electrons from the spark plug and you get a powerful electrically induced discharge. The same type of effect that was blowing up ships in 1969. While it may be hard for some to comprehend, what Joe and Peter had actually discovered was a way to power a car on lightning. Exactly the same powerful energy force you see exhibited by nature during a thunderstorm. The Joe Cell does not defy any laws of physics. It simply harnesses them with great efficiency.

Cavity QED is a scientific phenomenon that deals with the behavior of excited atoms within a metallic / dielectric space. Cavity QED was traditionally viewed as a problem in many industries. Besides being responsible for blowing up ships, it has also been linked with exploding gas pipelines and the rapid destruction of ship propellers. Recently however, it has been put to good use in a number of applications, the most significant being commercial water purification devices – cavitation based purification systems are effective in removing a large range of organic and inorganic impurities from water. It is no coincidence the Joe Cell can also be used as a water purification device.

Cavity QED can produce a loud sonic boom, caused by bubbles collapsing faster than the speed of sound. Generally speaking cavitation is implosion on a microscopic level. There are in fact a number of different forms of cavitation. Some forms of cavitation can actually produce light – a phenomenon known as sonoluminesence.

Cavitation events can create very hot plasmas. The term plasma refers to a system of charged particles large enough to behave as one. A plasma can be formed by high temperature, or by application of an electric field, such as that provided by the coil and spark plugs of the engine . Even a partially ionized gas in which as little as 1% of the particles are ionized can form the characteristics of a plasma.

During the cavitation event inside the cylinder, the plasma collapses on itself. This implosion stoke generating heat in the process. This ball of hot electrical energy superheats the air in the cylinder. The superheated air expands rapidly driving the piston down. The net result of the process is a large amount of energy produced, much more than would be possible through burning conventional fossil fuels. Cavitation helps to explain the advanced timing observed in Joe Cell powered engines.

One of the popular misconceptions about Joe Cells has always been related to the concept of implosion. A lot of people seem to believe that gases do not implode, therefore what is occurring within the Joe Cell has to be from some kind of mysterious as yet unidentified form of energy. The reality is that plasmas, unlike pure gases, can and do implode. They can implode because strictly speaking they are not a gas. Plasma’s are often referred to as the fourth state of matter because they don’t always behave like gases, even though there are similarities. Plasma’s implode all the time in nature and physicists regularly create them in labs. If you do a goggle search for “plasma implosion” you’ll find hundreds of thousands of reference to this phenomenon. A large body of this research relates to the phenomenon Nuclear Fusion experiements.

# A few observations about this technology.

A. Just like a battery, each Joe Cell will have a limit to the number of electrons it can hold. As the cell approaches this maximum, two things are likely to occur. Either the performance of the vehicle will gradually diminish or the charge will become so strong that a spark will cross the gap and short the cell. What this means is that cells have to be regularly discharged. Ultimately, the most effective way to reliably run a vehicle on Joe Cell technology may be to have two or more cells fitted for the purposes of redundancy. Who knows, in the future we may have measurement devices and switching equipment that could automate the discharge process and switch between each cell. It goes without saying that if you installed two cells, you should always ensure that at least one was charged. It would make sense to mount then on opposite sides of the engine bay, to reduce them interfering with each other’s magnetic field.

B. For the cell to work correctly the water has to be completely polar. Absolutely pure H2O. The presence of any minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium or silica will reduce the waters ability to create a charge imbalance. There has been plenty of talk about types of water that can be used in the Joe Cell. I am firmly of the opinion that the water needs to be free of pollutants and trace elements. That includes electrolytes The best way to produce this water is by setting up a conditioning cell to prepare your water by removing impurities. A conditioning cell is the same as a Joe Cell except it separate from the vehicle.

C. Because the Joe Cell is creating a cloud like condition on the ground, it makes sense that it could influence weather conditions. It also suggests that changing weather conditions may affect the performance of a Joe Cell powered vehicle. If there is a naturally high number of negatively charged particles already in the atmosphere, the cell may not work properly, resulting in a fall in compression and a loss of engine power.

D. In early experiments, Joe’s Mark 2 Cell operated with stainless steel plates as anode and cathode. The cell didn’t work very well. What this means is that the concentric cylinder design is probably more effective because the neutral rings create a physical separation of the two charges within the cell. Ifthis is the case, the cell design may be able to be improved through innovations that help to maintain a physical separation of charge.

E. The choice of spacers between the cell tubes is of vital importance to cell performance. There are many substances that will insulate an electric charge, however there are very few that will not carry a static charge. Nylon is an example. It will insulate but it’s also great for carrying static. The very best spacer material will be completely inert, non-conductive and anti-static.

F. The Joe Cell can store charge even when disconnected from its charging circuit, however, it is more likely to hold a charge when a small battery is permanently connected at the negative cathode only. This will keep the water polarized, and prevent the cell shorting itself.

G. Electrons can travel easily. As a charge builds within the cell, a spark will try to cross the gap from the engine and short the cell. This is the reason a rubber tube must be used to separate the carby from the cell. This should be a minimum of 13 cm in length but can be longer.

H. Joe Cells require Austentic stainless steel in their design. Austentic stainless steels are non-magnetic. Even slight magnetism affects the charge holding capacity of the cell. When nickel is added to stainless steel in sufficient amounts the crystal structure changes to “austentite”. The basic composition of Austentic stainless steels is 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This enhances their corrosion resistance and modifies the structure from ferritic to Austentic. Austentic grades are the most commonly used stainless steels accounting for more than 70% of production (type 304 is the most commonly specified grade by far). They are not hardenable by heat treatment. Super Austentic grades have enhanced pitting and crevice corrosion resistance compared with the ordinary Austentic or duplex types. This is due to the further additions of chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen to these grades. Stainless steels with an L on the end of their grade, have a low carbon content. These are the preferred grades. i.e. 316L. 904L grade stainless is a super Austentic grade with less than 50% iron content. It also usually contains about 23% Chromium, 23 % Nickel and, 4-5% Molybdenum. It is designed for use in highly corrosive environments and it is the least magnetic of all stainless steels. 904L is likely to be the most effective stainless choice for use in Joe Cell manufacture. It is however the most expensive. Mass production will eventually bring the costs down significantly. Seamless tubing is also the preferred option as wields can induce magnetism. There is also another high quality stainless steel known as 6% Molybdenum. It is very similar to 904L but as the name suggests, it has a higher Molybdenum content which makes it less corrosive.

I. The use of high performance spark plugs, distributor and coil may significantly improve the performance of a Joe Cell powered engine.

J. The charge state within the cells can be affected by electromagnetic interference from other electrical devices and power sources. This interference can be minimized by using insulating material to prevent shorting. Wrapping the Cell in Burlap (Hessian) and placing it in a plastic bucket, held in place with blocks of wood is recommended.

K. Joe Cells are very easy to short, particularly by touching them. This is possibly the major reason experimenters cannot get their cells to work. Every time they touch them, you act as an earth and short the cell. Once a cell is installed in a vehicle and charged it should not be touched. Particularly if any part of your body is also touching any other part of the vehicle or ground. Use rubber gloves to prevent accidental discharge.

L. Any movement or vibration in the cell will increase the chances of shorting. This is likely to be another main reason cells die unexpectedly.

# What about the other theories?

Well I have considered them all and at this point it’s worth mentioning Ockham’s razor. This guiding principle in developing scientific ideas insists that you should prefer the simplest explanation to fit the facts. And all the facts point to the static explanation being the most likely. However there are other theories that are worth entertaining. I’ll deal with the most unlikely first.

# Could it be some kind of life force energy?

Not likely. There are precious little facts to support this idea. Actually there are no facts. But feel free to make some up if you’re that way inclined. One of the reasons Joe Cell technology has progressed so slowly over the past 10 years is because people with no real knowledge of the underlying processes have been inventing unscientific answers in an attempt to describe something they do not understand. This process is no different from early civilizations that invented a new god for every natural process they could not explain. Droughts were seen as the work of the Sun God. Floods the work of the water god. Societies created answers that worked within their framework of understanding, but had no real factual basis. And this is exactly what has been occurring with the Joe Cell. Because it looks like magic, people think it must BE magic. So they elevate it from the natural to the spiritual. It is highly unlikely that the Joe Cells harnesses any kind of life force energy.

# What about energy from the aether?

I have considered the possibility that the discharge in the cylinder could be some kind of displacement current. For further information, see Maxwell’s theories on displacement current and the aether. His theories about the existence of the aether have mathematical validity, even though the existence of the aether has never been proven directly. The similarities between the Joe Cell and Cold Fusion cannot be ignored. If there is energy being produced by the Joe Cell that cannot be explained mathematically, then that energy is also likely to be the same energy observed in lightning plasmas as a result of Cavity QED. There have been a large number of scientists who have proposed that high implosion energy density can tap Zero Point Energy. But arriving at this point still requires an initial space charge, so any aether or ZPE theory really becomes an extension of our primary static theory.

One would have to be ignorant to completely discount this possibility.

# Space charge connections.

Historically there have been a number of individuals who have claimed to run engines using hydrogen gas or some kind of electrolytically produced steam vapour. Often high voltage or pulsed DC is used in the process. Some of these methods appear to produce very little gas but can still apparently run an engine effectively. These individuals include the likes of Stanley Meyer (USA), Herman Anderson (USA), Daniel Dingle (Philippines), Gianni Dotto (USA) and most recently Peter Lowrie (NZ). Another obvious crossover technology is the GEET fuel processor developed by Molley Pantone. In the case of the GEET fuel processor, the inventor has actually identified the generation of a plasma as the basis for the development of the motor’s energy. It is entirely possible that what all these designs have in common is an ionization process leading to a space charge imbalance within the cylinders.

Because a small amount of hydrogen is also produced, it appears as if the vehicle is running efficiently on hydrogen when most of the power is actually caused by static electricity.

# The final word.

The Joe Cell is a device that appears to manipulates the natural balance between protons and electrons. By creating a charge imbalance within the cylinder, it can generate a powerful plasma that in turn creates heat and compression/implosion. Space charge engine technology has the potential to change our understanding of energy. Like any early stage technology, it is likely to has it problems.

Joe Cells are reportedly difficult to build correctly and are as unreliable as hell – prone to dying for no apparent reason. But as we focus more and more on the science, these problems are likely to be overcome. Space charge engine technology be turn out to be one of the most important discoveries of the past 100 years. Important because there are so few options available to us that can prevent total environmental catastrophe. With access to abundant, cheap and clean power, the world will be transformed. Oceans could be converted to freshwater, deserts transformed into forests. We would enter a period of global prosperity like nothing that ever experienced before. Space charge engine technology may just be our future.

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## 1992, JOE cell, Australia, a bit of electrolysis to charge it, and then ZPE come in, and run your engine … for me the most incredible system I read about, because it runs an IC engine, supposed to need explosion inside…

# from : ,JoeCell,DownUnderExperimenters Guide to the Joe Cell (very long and serious Guide Book)

…by Alex Schiffer:Intention : My intention is to remove some of the mystery, secrets, guesswork and plain misinformation that surrounds the construction of the ” cell “. The aim is to help the constructor make a cell in a laid out, step by step, method that I employ to make my own cells. My knowledge comes from making the cells. As I have built many working cells, this experience has given me the knowledge, not by guesswork or reading someone’s book or listening to second or third hand ” expert ” opinions. I now pass this information on to you. and it will always stay as my opinion and information until you build your own cell…

Joe: In approximately 1992 a new form of a generator was constructed in Australia. In preparation for this book, I spoke to both the designer and his fiancee, regarding my wish to give him the due credits, etc., for his 7 years of work and cooperation with all involved parties. Unfortunately due to the lunatic fringe and money grabbers that dealt with him, this poor, victimised individual has decided to relinquish any further involvement with the cell that bears his name. So in respect to his wishes, he will simply be referred to as Joe. I would simply like to say, dear Joe, that if it was not for rare individuals like you, we the vast brainwashed majority, would never find the true beauties of Mother Nature’s gifts.

… As a species, we are unique. Even a little simple bird keeps its nest clean, yet we the most intelligent of creation, destroy our only home! Yet, individuals like Joe show us that there is a better way, a simple pure way, Nature’s way. Without the benefit(?) of years of dogmatic mind shrinking education, Joe found, by intuition, how to ask Nature a question in such a way that it answered. The answer was a method of powering machinery without the use of our primary resources or the creation of pollution. This method is well known to the select few and the technology has been around for centuries. Joe has made a crude easy to build version of this generator. The generator is called a Joe cell.

… * The water in the cell is not consumed.* The cell runs cold to the touch. … * If the cell is left in the car for a long period, the engine becomes “charged”. From this point, the cell is not required for the motor to run… * All spark plug leads can be removed and the engine will still run as long as the ignition coil and distributor remain functional…. * The output of the cell, does not have to be connected to the internals of the engine, a close external coupling will do…. * The cell requires the ” charging ” of the water to work…. * The ” charged ” water can be poured from one container to another without losing the ” charge “…. * The cell requires a specific style of construction, little understood by most constructors…. * Human presence can affect the operation of the cell in a positive or negative way.

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## 1999, from : , The Joe Cell Breakthrough.

To date, Alex Schiffer has converted four car engines to run on orgone energy using the Joe Cell Method. This is a clean and freely available source of energy that will revolutionize society.
Although nobody as yet fully understands how this process works, following are three explanation of how the Joe Cell might work.

# – from : Analysis of the “Joe Cell” from a Biodynamics Perspective by Guy McCarthy

Note: The “Joe Cell” (described in NEXUS magazine, Aug-Sep’98, pp. 43-46) is an electrical device attached to the carburetor of an ordinary automobile engine which allegedly enables it to run for extended periods with the fuel line disconnected.

Water as a Storage Medium; The Joe Cell uses water as a storage medium, which, when charged above a certain threshold, collects additional energy as needed by the engine. The initial charge is not depleted as the engine runs, but will dissipate under certain conditions. This matches a key attribute of the biodynamic ether, which attracts more ether to itself once the local concentration reaches a certain threshold. Without adequate boundaries (or storage conditions) the etheric charge build-up will dissipate.

“Implosion” as a Motive Reaction; The motive reaction in the engine seems to be *implosion*, since the ignition timing must be advanced so far into the compression stroke. (Note that 80 degrees is nearly 2/3 of a typical compression cycle, which totals about 135 degrees in a 4 stroke engine.) Implosion may be considered equivalent to “a sudden condensation of the ether” which is also thought to be the motive reaction that creates lightning and thunder in the atmosphere. According to Biodynamic researchers, condensation is a state change from a more rarefied ether into a less ratified one, releasing energy in the process.

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## My 2 cents worth of … Message List

Message #6382 of 7769 ; Re: [JoesCell2] My 2 cents worth of …

Ian, This looks very similar to a theory I have been working on trying to explain the concept for several weeks based on a combination of what I had read and was seeing with my own experiments. I have order some items to help do further research in this area.

Since that time, I have received several off list phone calls and spent hours discussing this and other concepts with group members. Based on their experience, be very cautious of trying to apply high voltage as there is a lot of gas that builds up and you may be setting yourself up for a hell of an explosion. What I realized in reading the many blobs, posts etc were there several unanswered questions. What the off line communications unvailed was that we are thinking way too hard.

1- any things Joe didn’t say are because they are insignificant not that they are a secret
2 – More are going than admit to it because of the diverse feedback from these groups
3- Most success stories come from the short timers on the list. They come in and get it done. They do not overthink it and get sucked into the conflicting theories.
4- Once the cell is at stage 3, cleaning the cell more than not kills it forever (I am seeing that now)
5- Many here have not built cells or if they have have not installed them

The suggestions I was left with was – Stick to the plans. Build it, Install it and prove it later. The most significant thing that varies is that the additional voltage mentioned in one Joe session seems to be a key and the feedback I received was 48 volts works the best.

As soon as I get an outer casing and top, I will begin auto installation (still waiting for the toys to arrive to try and prove theories). I will say I am most impressed with the change in magnetism around the cell as they progress.

# ianferreira wrote:

Hi all. Never could I imagine a subject so diverse and so abstract to current science, yet as old as time. This orgone, ormus, joescell, hydroxy got my fancy. I am certainly going to build a joescell, however on this moment I am still digesting all this information. Also after done a study on ormus, the workings of the joescell seems to differ from the understanding of the group as to the principles involved. I cannot on this stage state anything however.

My first step will be to build myself a hydroxy gas plant and torch. If everything is true about hydroxy, then this is the tool I always wanted. Especialy for someone always fooling around in his workshop, and cant afford a oxy-aceteleen tourch or tig welder.

Also I speculate that a hydroxy flame will exchange ormus from/to metalic to non-metalic forms (e.g. you should get the gold back out of gold ormus powder). Currently I looked at the designs of driving the puls train for the electrolizers, NHO, and joescells using 555 timers, and frankly I must say that this is inferior and ancient, and probaly only good for the previous generation’s hobby’sts. There is various new generation chips that incorporate a switched cappacitor with an emebeded processor that can do much more, in particular I’m working on a Cypress Micro – PSoC device to drive the electorlizer, capable of measuring various temp, presure, volts, amps, etc., including a keypad and LCD display, etc… I hope to come up with a design that is yet simple, but more efficient, and the group users can reasonably implement. I will provide the software (my devotion in life) to run the chip. I am also want to get proper IR cameras and spectrometers, if this joescell does something, we want to know about it.

Also, it seem everyone is stuck at 12V as a power source, I assume it is due availability of car batteries and batery chargers, keep in mind that the max volts over any electrolytic cell is about 1,42 volt, anything more is waisted. It is a known fact that exiting electolyte with a high frequency will break down the molecules at a higher rate, where the potential difference will direct the splitted atoms to a affinite material (opposite cathode or anode).

Theoreticaly, the higher the voltage, the easer it will be for the newly formed bubbles to break from the sources (anode/cathode plates) due the opposite attraction. I noted that the guys running on browns gas or NHO uses airflow through the electrolyte on low presure systems to accomplish this, sone uses vibrators to shake the bubbles loose, other uses AC.

For charging water, I personaly dont think there should ever be direct electrical contact with the water and the probe material, this will produce electrolyses that breaks down some of the elements in the material (316L SS or not). Also it seems everyone is stuck on SS 316, there is certainly better materials for this, even 420 SS has less chrome, or idealy SS 904. Or properly annealed carbon steel and demagnetized should work as well. I personaly want to experiment with carbon fibre sleeves, the sample I got have a resistance of 15ohm over a lenght of 1meter, naturaly have to step up the volts to overcome this resitance (15kV++). This remains to be investigated, I am planing to use 1kV over a bath with the water, and have the anodes/cathodes on the outside. You dont want electron flow here, you only want polarity attraction and an electrostatic field to the water.

To get back to the joescell, it has been mentioned at various references that a joescell has the properties of a capacitor and a inductor combined. Now anybody who has study electronics, especialy communication electronics will know that there is a common vector between the 90deg retarded capacitance factor and the 90deg advanced inductive factor, called impediance (dynamic resistance). These properties exist everywere, in everything, down to atomic levels in minute quantities. This is also the master concept for designing antennas, based on the standing wave ratio (SWR), where theoreticaly resonance of a conductor line/antena/wave guide occures where the SWR == 1 for a given frequency. This swr also varies with the dielectric constant of the insulator material used, in the joescell – water. The more senior members will probably remember the cb radio days and the importance of swr to talk around the globe. These same principles will apply to a joescell.

Rusted as I am with electronics, I took up my old textbooks and looked at capacitor and inductor designs, searching for a capacitor formula to calculate for a circular anode and cathode capacitors. I also need to do the same for it being an inductor. I will post the formula’s at a later stage. Once we have the impediance of a joecell, and the dielectric of the water (this will probaly differ from dead water), we can calculate the swr of the joescell. Having the swr, we can calculate the power factor for a given frequency. I think the neutral inner tubes should be handled in this equasion the same as yagi-uda (tv antenas) uses reflector elements for directional gain or attenuation.

Theoreticaly you should then calculate and build a joescell for the target frequency, e.g. 5OHz for mains… m.n.n.n.. just a thought…

Unknowns: what will happen when the joescell is filled with a super conductor, like ormus, or the non-magnetic excrete from ormus generation from water?

Also, looking at the designs of the joescell, especialy the cell lid, the photos showing a flat top, with a brass elbow coupler, with a thinner inner nominal dia. than the nominal diameter of the aluminium pipe outlet. Again there is no magic here, wave guides and microwave propagation is a general concept as old as the development of television. The current joescell design realy lack some functionality here, aluminium makes a good wave guide, especialy with the inner walls polished. But one of the criteria for waveguides is a constant inner diameter throughout. Any narowing of the waveguide will produce its own internal resonance (the MASER effect – microwave amplification by stimulated emmision of radiation) and you will effectively have a magnetron or klistron. This could be a very handy phenomenon as well…

More, the flat top just does not look right to me for a waveguide entry, it should be conical, at an angle related to the frequency of the swr. The proof of this comes from the ormus/holistic relation, where the ancient egiptians and pharos were pictured with a plate of shimbread (ormus derivitives) with a high connical hood. It also seem that these conical hoods were protecting or maturing the shimbread while stored. Also some photos showing the orgone vortext escaping the top of a pyramid, there ‘is something to this angle, as there is to the angle of a pyramid.

One more thing: America versus the world, inches, miles, galons, pounds, etc… (eint it a bit pathetic for the clam-to-fame first world nation still stuck on non-linear measurement denotations). Now, since we are dealing with Zero Point Energy ZPE, having a static point of 0 Kelvin (-273.15 deg. celcius) and where 1 kelvin increment == 1 celcius increment. It is worth to start refering to metric / SI units, and get yourself accustomed to this terminology a.s.a.p.

This is my 2 cents worth of …, make from it what you want… Regards ; IanF

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## More Messages collected on forums relating Joecell and Ormus

# Mental notes and assumptions, Message #2153 of 7769

Well this is a stretch of the amagination but something keep bugging me.

The final Joe cell phenomenon, Some of the things I have noticed. I think ormus must relate to the final joe cell that is not browns gas. These cells are scalar water chargers and that is what is needed to make ormus function properly, a good scalar charging.

Whats in ormus? -metals
whats in the ocean water?- metals
Whats in joes water? aluminum lots of it

Collidals are either yellow or red in concentrated form. In ancient times the dead sea was very important for its metals, why? The eguiptions had statues made of them holding orgone energy accumulators. Why whats so important about them, what makes them function? It must be scalar charged collidials.

So dead sea salts may be a good place to start, but you dont want the salt. You would need a charge barrel to scalar charge the water, and also filter it in the process.

Not to sound stupid but did you ever hear the story about alien crafts with yellow fluid in drums. I think they call them Vamina craft, something like that. Look it up ancient writing exists on them. Boy dosent that sound like a joe cell fulled with scalar charged collidals. I wonder if the arc of the covenents three gold boxes were filled with collidials from the dead sea?

This is ancient sacred technology of the gods, or its logical browns gas what ever you want all in one.

God bless scalar charged collidals and browns gas. Bernie

—–Original Message—– From:

On Behalf Of Brad ; Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2006 8:27 AM ; Subject: RE: [JoesCell2] Toms cells from Colorado Laser

Glad to hear it Tom. I was gonna cancel since it was taking so long and group purchases never seem to work out. My motor is almost ready. Can’t wait to get my cell. Thanks again.

– At 05:55 AM 5/11/2006, you wrote: Hi Rob, All the tubes we had for sale are all sold out, and since I am leaving the company I work for because of moving to Michigan, I won’t be able to offer anything anymore. I hope that I was at least able to help the people who ordered from our company out in creating a working Joecell. I am closely following these messages, and hope to soon start my own projects when I arrive in Michigan. To the people that ordered the parts from us, they should be ready the first part of next week. The supply company for the tubes took a long time to get them cut, and I appologise for that.
Take care, Tom. Colorado Laser ; (719)531-6677

– From: “Rob King” ; Subject: [JoesCell2] Toms cells from Colorado Laser ; Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 12:27:50 -0000

Has anyone heard anything from Tom lately (jeepwagoneer_1978)? I was wondering if his offer for making up the cells as per the Bill

Williams design for 195 USD plus postage was still on. I think it was 55 USD for all the tubes in 316L.

Maybe I missed a message somewhere along the line. Regards, Rob

# Re: for Bernie concering ormus, Message #1601 of 7769

Hi Berni: It’s never to late, a lot will survive after the fact we just need the stuff to rebuild with. What we are doing here is one of those things. The under ground survivalists are formed and forming. Walt

—– Original Message —– From: Benjamin OFarrell ; To:
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2006 1:56 PM ; Subject: [JoesCell2] Re: for Bernie concering ormus

If a joe cell was filled with monoatomic true room temp. superconductive palladium in with the living water it would in effect be a superconductor capacitor. We could use them to power very high energy lasers to defend against the aliens and to power our antigravity antienertia crafts… but we the public are all to dumb to figure outhow to build a navigational computer for the crafts. or tracking for the lasers… the military has thaT stuff but not us. We need to get this stuff built we all need alot of money! errr i think it’s too late there on to us!

# Message from Bill Williams ; Message #823 of 7769 ; ORMUS PLEASE READ + someone with a science head please read to help understand

I believe ORMUS is the key It makes sense The cell cant be magnetized so cant ORMUS once its reached its max also the fact that the water quality seems to take a big part of it and the many differences in results in Joe cells.

I have been researching and playing ORMUS for a few years now and Am convinced that it can be used to attract Zero point energy


Quantum oscillations resonating in two dimensions implies a 44% weight loss, according to Puthoff’s 4/9ths loss [“Gravity as a zero-point-fluctuation force,” Physical Review A, Vol 39, No. 5, pages 2333-2342].

The material is bending space-time. Monoatomic iridium, for example, has no gravitational attraction

AND the Casimir effect

According to Philip Gibbs [1], “the Casimir effect is a small attractive force which acts between two close parallel uncharged conducting plates.It is due to quantum vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field.”

Dutch physicist Hendrick Casimir came up with the idea in 1948.The vacuum, according to Quantum physics, contains virtual particles in a continuous state of fluctuation.Casimir realized that between two closely spaced, conducting plates, only the virtual photons with wavelengths which fit a whole number of times into the gap (i.e. no half-quantum lengths allowed) should be part of the vacuum energy calculation.By moving the plates closer together, the energy density should decrease.This would imply that there was a small force drawing the plates toward one another.

The attractive Casimir force between two plates of area A separated by a distance r can be calculated to be,
F= (p h c A) / (480 r4)
where h is Planck’s constant and c is the speed of light.

Casimir’s tiny force was measured in 1996 by Steven Lamoreaux.His results were in agreement with the theory to within an experimental uncertainty of 5%. It is assumed that particles other than a photon may also contribute a small effect, but to date only the photon force has been measurable.Supposedly, all fundamental particles which are skin to photons (i.e. Bosons) should produce an attractive Casimir force.

On the other hand, Fermions — a whole different breed of elementary particles, should make a repulsive contribution.And thus, if electromagnetism was supersymmetric, there would be fermionic photons whose contribution would exactly cancel that of the bosonic photons and there would be no Casimir effect.The fact the Casimir effect has been shown to exist suggests that if supersymmetry exists in nature, it must be a broken symmetry. The Casimir force has been suggested by many researchers into New Energy as a possibly fertile area of research.But it gets better.

An alternative “Casimir Effect” is one that arises from an even more detailed investigation into the nature of the most fundamental of elementary particles, the electron.

Casimir [2] and others have attempted to understand the electron structure, and how the similar — and thus opposing — charge “fragments” of the electrons’ primary charge do not somehow expand the electron’s dimension to infinity!In other words, why doesn’t the electron explode on the basis of its own like-charge forces within itself repelling each other in the tradition of like charges repel (and unlike charges attract)?In answering this question, Casimir argued that the internal stability of the electron may be due to Zero Point Energy forces, and that one might “assume that there exists also an electromagnetic field inside the electron, but that the shell acts as an infinitely conducting separation between the internal and the external field.”[emphasis added] According to Casimir [2]: “For a spherical shell the electromagnetic mass at low velocities is given by 2/3 e2/Rc, where the “additional field energy” for low velocities is 1/2 me v2.”In this regard, me is the electromagnetic mass, with the experimental mass being the sum of electromagnetic and mechanical masses.It seems plausible that the electromagnetic or EM mass, i.e. the “self-energy” corresponding to the EM mass, is just the Spin Energy.

Furthermore, Rindler [3] has noted the implied interactions between electromagnetism and inertia. A result of this is that “a minute magnetic field should arise within any massive rotating shell with stationary charges inside it.”[emphasis added] These statements seem particularly relevant here. Is it possible that Casimir’s electronic, “infinitely conducting” “shell” might be akin to the Meisner Field of Superconductivity?Does the idea of a massive rotating shell include an electron or proton — their charge being a composite of more elementary charge fragments (e.g. quarks) and interacting in such a way to produce a minute magnetic field, and is this magnetic field a Meisner Field?Is, in fact, the very structure of the electron that of a minute superconducting sphere of like charges?This seems extremely likely when we add into the mix, Cooper pairs.

Superconductivity involves among other things the formation of Cooper pairs (electrons with a decided yen for each other).In the process of going superconducting, these Cooper pairs take on the characteristics of light.This lightening up process would thus eliminate the difficulty of the charge fragments of an electron repelling themselves, because the charge itself would be vanquished and replaced with light!Furthermore, the very concept of superconductivity may be nothing more than just connecting the already existing Meisner fields of each election into a larger, grander Meisner field. The possibility of superconductivity acting as an ingredient in the structure of the electron is obviously profound.Furthermore, if the assumed nearly spherical shell of the electron may be thought of as a superconducting Meisner field, the electron may be encapsulating a magnetic charge or monopole, and may furthermore depend upon its intrinsic spin in order to maintain it’s existence.Magnetic charge and intrinsic Spin may thus be intimately linked (i.e. charge in motion creating a magnetic field), and in addition, connect the vacuum and Zero Point with Superconductivity.

Schwinger [4] has noted that, “The release of Casimir energy in filling a dielectric hole is identified as the source of coherent Sonoluminescence.”Basically, everything ties together, if not with Superstrings and/or Hyperdimensional Physics, then by the consistent laws of nature. According to Casimir, Dirac has questioned the nature of the shape of the electron as it accelerates, whether or not the surface of the electron may be deformable, and that furthermore, what forces exist which might tend to keep a electron spherical? [2]Better yet, why would an electron ever be spherical?In the same discussion of Casimir Forces on the electron — i.e. those forces whereby one portion of the electron with a fragment charge is not driven away from another part — Casimir has asked if there is a shape or gradient of the charge on an elementary particle?

You can count on it.The ability of an electron to interact with other parts of the universe (including its fellow electrons and opposite number protons) will undoubtedly depend on its not being perfectly spherical.Furthermore, Hyperdimensional Physics would require a non-spherical shape, as would the superconductivity/Cooper pairing/light process.It’s the same argument as in Transcendental Numbers.The fact that a sphere is an easy mathematical tool is insufficient justification for assuming such a simplistic view. All of this ties in with Nuclear Deformation and its contribution to Superconductivity.One may ask, in the spirit of Dirac, if the shape of an accelerated electron deforms in some way which ultimately, under the right conditions, allows for the conversion of an electron pair into a Cooper pair?Alternatively, in order to shift into Superconductivity, is it a change in acceleration, instead of merely an “accelerated electron” that is essential?

Ultimately, a fundamental question involves the possibility of:Deformation Þ Life (or lifetime), and (d Life/ dt)ÞConsciousness

Kind Regards ; GEORGE

# Message from Bill Williams ; Water quality related to ORMUS??? ; Message #763 of 7769

Any one herd of ORMUS ? It is cooper paired electrons (the outer electrons are paired) so they are di or mon atomic which means they can only bind to one or two other atoms this gives them a white powder look, its rather amazing stuff they are no longer metallic.

The other electrons spin real fast they are also superconductive and are described as “exotic matter” by science, there are people that consume the platinum group metals to give good health I have done so and I defiantly has good effects that can be easily be felt. This stuff also has a habit of disappearing then reappearing.

The reason Im telling you this is I hear water quality is important, generally spring water and well water has a lot of ormus in it while tap has less. Perhaps this is the reason for so many different results from the Joe cell

More on ormus info can be accessed hear

I will happily send someone who is devoting a lot of time to this project like brad john and peter some ormus to test in there cell.
Regards ; George

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Peswiki long list of Joe Cell Replications

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