Keelynet 3’s selected files, Part 3:

# FRANK – ZPE in Water and Graham Potentializer?, donadams ( ), Sat, 22 Aug 1998 16:41:41

good point re flanagan… was wondering about that too…such a high price… one simple experiment I did was with an old ultrasonic humidifier… I added microhydrin and the idea was that if lowered dynes as per Flanagans info then less mist or none at all should be made. I figured it was a laymans / poormans way of testing whether there was anything to his claims…. sure enough…. it would not making any mist at all and it (the water) did feel very silky to the touch. Frank, what exactly is a ‘zeta meteror’? Could I buy one some place? Would it be very expensive? As an additional note, it strikes me thata properly made Graham Potentializer might actually induce higer ZPE directly inside the body from its motion …? It might also explain much of the strong rejuventating experiences which result from usage?

I wonder if going to sleep at night inside of one might unravel much of the damage caused to the body during the day? Just wondering…. Again Frank many thanks for the valuable info!

frank hartman wrote: His product should work. I have used it in the past. Rather than use his knowledge to help change the single largest problem of degenerative disease and the source of most environmental ill, he has chosen to enrich himself (the markup is extraordinary) while using a spiritual guise to cloak his spiritual manipulation, BARF! Yep there I am judging again.

I don’t know a simple way to calibrate it other than with streaming potential or a zeta meteror some such device in a chemistry lab however yu can get a simple device from a lab supply company that measures surface tensionI have one but can’t remember the name. As long as no surfacant is added, lower surface tension = high zp. normal tap water about 75 dynes/cm brought to a boil about 68. Fresh carrot juice about 30.

A ring tensionometer is the best way of measuring surface tension but they are expensive. You also can tell by the feel, it will feel soft and silky. The best test of water is the ability to sustain life in plants, I have some vinca (perriwinkle) that was cut 127 days ago and still continues to get new blossoms, old one fall off and grow just as if it was planted.

Water is high zp (still using original water except for makeup for evap) in a container that produces counterclockwise radially polarized light. The inverse shape and rotation causes great root growth.

– donadams wrote: Frank, thanks for the marvelous info! May I ask, how could calibration be done to at least get a rough ZPE reading… I do not have access to a chem lab…any way to do it simply at home? Also may I ask what about Flanagans product you dont like? I have bought a fair bit of it and have been recommending friends and family to also… I have noticed some effects and from some simple and crude experiments I have done it seems like the substance does what it says its supposed to…. but I am open to opinions and comments that are not in favour of it also…
Can you explain, so I know? Also what about Flanagans behaiour do you not like? Again thx for the info!!!

The simplest way is to make an electrophoresis cell. Take a U tube preferably of glass two platinum electrodes, 100v or higher dc power supply . 5 ma. When liquid is in the tube and the current is applied., the change in water level between the two sides of the U will indicate the ZP. the problem is there must be some initial calibration and it is a rough measure. Once you initially calibrate the level or have a physical chemistry lab do it, you can tell whether it is better or colloidal silver Take distilled water with a pinch of salt, use a high voltage power source and two silver wires, Pulse the high voltage current to drive off the silver ions.

The charge on colloids is electrostatic surface charge. The smaller the colloid and the more closely spherical they are, the greater the surface area and the higher the total charge. Doing this in a vortex works even better but that gets beyond the scope of this answer.

The salt does two things:
1. it makes the distilled water conductive.
2. When silver is ionized as colloids, there is a cluster or negative ions on each colloid , surrounded by a ring of positive ions (double layer, Stern layer, )from the + charge of the Na (+1) in the salt. There will then a layer of diffuse – ions from the CL in the salt outside the ring of + ions. This will tend to increase ZP and the stability of the system.

There are a number of factors which degrade Zeta potential, Certain EMR frequencies, any element or compound with a +3 valence most notably aluminum or boron. A divalent cation (+2) has 3000 times greater effect on Zp destruction than a monovalent (+1) and a trivalent (+3) has 6000 times the effect.

You can demonstrate this to yourself at home by making a flour water mixture and adding a little liquid deodorant. The aluminum in the deodorant will cause the flower to clump and settle to the bottom..ZP destroyed. Same thing happens in blood , lymph and urine.Breast cancer, most degenerative disease, osteophorosis, clogged arteries, all algae growth: zap problems.

Salt- excess salt increases the number of positive ions in the second layer until the negative layer suddenly collapses.Colloidal chemists call it salting out the colloid. doctors call it heart attack. There is no limit on the amount of slat or aluminum added to food, liquid or biologicals in spite of the fact that there are over 2500 references to aluminum toxicity in the NLM. In the early days after passage of the pure Food and Drug act, political pressure created a category of substances called (GRAS). Generally Regarded as Safe. MSG, Aluminum , salt are among those exempted from testing. The first FDA Commissioner resigned over alum being included and wrote in History of Crimes against the Food Laws(Riley,Dr. TJ) to protest publicly. There is a lot more than this and someday when i am more computer literate, i will put up a site with the information or put the info on a site. If you are interested, will e mail you more information. For those who are interested depending on level of knowledge.

Pat Flannigan’s Elixir of the Ageless- Vortex Press-22 S. San Francisco, St. suite 219, Flagstaff, AZ. 86001. I’m not a big fan of Flannnigan’s product or behavior.

2. Control of colloidal Stability by Zeta Potential by Thomas Riddick-seminal classic- out of print but available on interlibrary loan. Great understanding of the effects of tri-valent cat ions on blood and urine. Well backed up. Best description of electroendosmosis and inverse electroendosmis , I have ever found.
3.The whole subject goes way beyond this with implications in alternate energy, etc. but then i get carried away.The Kelvin Water drop generator and Baumgartners spraying high pressure water into a metal can and measuring the incandesces to determine the aliveness of the water. Yep Zeta Potential. Frank.

– – Frank, what would be a good way to test for ZPE potential in water? Could I just use a multi-meter, take some sample water… pour it into two glasses, dip an electrode in each… maybe put some salt in (a pinch) and see what I get for mv? Or what would be a good way? Any ideas?

# How do we interfere with Aether?, Jerry W. Decker, Thu, 19 Mar 1998 11:44:04

Hi Folks! I think we need to get focussed and take a brass tacks approach to determine just what it takes to interfere with aether. The crudest method that I’ve read about involves the use of high voltage spikes.

In Einstein’s 1929 Unified Field paper he says magnetism, gravity, electricity and inertia are all interchangeable. So, unidirectional inertial drive mechanisms which use their own mass to ‘push against’ to produce a propulsive force (though only in small steps), can be arranged so that the force either pushes the mass sideways or downwards, providing a lift AGAINST gravity. This can be confusing since we are talking here about ZPF (zero point force) to produce mechanical motion as opposed to ZPE (zero point energy) to produce electrical energies.

So, based on the distinction of whether we want mechanical force or electrical energy, we should be clear between the two. In the case of energy (ZPE), Chernetski and the Correas use arc discharges in a vacuum tube either with a vacuum or with inert gas(es). They claim such discharges produce a reaction pulse that exceeds the energy necessary to produce it and which can be tapped as electro-magnetic energy.

Hyde uses a similar method of interrupting a high density electroSTATIC field and absorbing the high voltage spikes into a transformer for high voltage/low current input to become high current/low voltage output. Yet other machines claim to tune into something, like Moray, initially using long wire antennas, Hendershott with his basket weave coils (long wire antenna in a small space to tap an electrostatic field), Hubbard with one primary surrounded by 8 secondaries, the Testatika using high voltage static charges pulsed by arc discharges into collectors, even Scott McKie who used secondary resonant circuits to evoke power (though currently not proven).

The long wire antennas could well tap electrostatic energy, guided into the collection wells (vacuum tubes or capacitors) of the machine. The Hubbard & McKie machines appear to have used the principle Keely talks about where one excited tuning fork, placed in a room of hundreds of thousands of resonant forks, would cause all the other forks to resonate to a similar intensity, thus AUGMENTING the force. Magnets attached to the vibrating tines of tuning forks would be driven in and out as the tines moved. Coils of wire wrapped around the tines or in their presence would inductively produce a current that could be extracted. One excited fork would thus drive many other forks w/magnets so that energy would be multiplied. And this method will not produce the anomalous effects reported with some ZPE tapping devices (as with Sweet).Any other ideas on how we can quite screwing around and do some basic tests that will show how power (mechnanical or electrical) can be extracted as overunity, whether aether/zpe, resonant or gravity driven?
–Jerry W. Decker/

# Mind and ZPE, Jerry W. Decker, Fri, 20 Mar 1998 23:09:45

Hi Folks! This is an interesting comment posted to the freenrg list; The there’s his ‘On the Possibility of directly accessing every human brain by electromagnetic induction of fundamental algorithms’, Perceptual and Motor Skills 1995 Jun;80(3 Pt 1):791-9

This is the point where FE and mind control technology start to merge. Modes of transmission. Going a bit further than Persinger apparently has, scalar waves, inherent to ZPE, are information carriers which can be embedded with bioactive EM components at their point of generation. Few researchers seem to recognize the link between this and tapping virtual potentials. It is the structuring of ZPE, through conventional vector interaction, that provides the (controllable) observed effect with respect to an organism or a device. It has been called “form resonance”, like cycling a pressure gradient between two dimensionally remote points by using a configuration of standing wave that is common to both.
Peter Nielsen–
Jerry W. Decker /

# More on Stochastic Resonance & Chaos, Jerry W. Decker, Mon, 14 Dec 1998 21:06:58

Hi Folks! With regard to the ‘chaos computer’ post a couple of days ago, here is the full article; and a correlation about using noise to produce ‘stochastic resonance’ which increases the amplitude of a signal using the chaos of noise.

“By increasing the amplitude of the random fluctuations, “you get qualitative changes in the wave behavior,” Showalter says. “As the [optical] noise increases, the wave propagates farther and farther [along] the medium until there is sustained wave propagation.” Eventually, however, the noise overwhelms the system and the waves break up. The waves represent a kind of order that emerges out of the background of flickering light and reaches a maximum at a particular level of noise, Moss remarks.”

This chaotic cohering is I think going to be a major principle in tapping aether/zpe and other energies.
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Mr. Thumpy, Garry Whitman ( ), Wed, 19 Aug 1998 22:34:52

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anybody has experimented with Dr. Bob Beck’s pulser and Mr. Thumpy. I have built both but have not attained the power that Dr. Beck recommends. In his article, I think he stated that you should get something like twelve to fourteen inches of height out of a small washer. The most powerful pulser that I have built got only about five inches out of the washer and the Mr. Thumpy only rattles the washer a slight bit. For the pulser, I used a very large AC professional photo flash with huge capacitors (old though). For the Mr. Thumpy, I used a mini strobe from Parts Express. On the box, it said that it produces 20 watts at 15 flashes per second. Is this too weak to gain any benefit? The reason I bought this model is because Parts express has a sale this month. One for $20 and the second for $10. I had figured that this model would be at least as strong as the Radioshack Party strobe but maybe I was wrong. Thanks for any suggestions.
Mike Takaki

# NORM – Re: SPOOKY MATH PROVES GOD? Don J. S, Adams – Mon, 07 Sep 1998 12:43:51

Norman, What can I say…but WOW! What amazing information! Thanks for sending that… this goes in my MUST HAVE /MUST SAVE folder! I don’t feel like such a freakin dough brain now…. at least other people more qualified than myself have found this equation and surrounding phenomenon of profound interest. So maybe I’m not stupid or crackers? ;

ITs gonna take some time for me to digest much of the importance behind much of this I suspect…but at least I have a whole lot more to go on than I did before… I wonder… could this equation be some sort of ‘seal’ or ‘mark’ on time space indicating some sort of vibratory origin point? OR does that just sound like so much hooey?

Norm I extracted a paragraph from the article you sent and wanted to ask you some questions about it… Roger has studied Magic Squares, and is familiar with Keely’s 3:9:81 series. Roger has also discovered that old Scottish Clan Tartans are woven in the Magic Square ratios. He has a Windows program that will generate Tartan/Magic Square patterns. My thought: A Tartan woven of conductive wire might exhibit some interesting effects.

is this software program available? Also you mention weaving conductive wires into Tartan… you mean into the woolen fabrics? What sort of interesting effects are you thinking of..? HEY WAIT A MINUTE! GREAT ZOIKS!!!! WIRE, WOOL, WEAVING…? You’re thinking of some sort of peculiar ORGONE ACCUMULATOR??!!! Aren’t you? Wow… with a magic square type configuration to it!!?? WHAT WOULD THAT DO!!!! TELL ME NORM!!! PLEASEEEE!!!! I gotta know, hey I’m Scottish and I’m really up on my Celtic history, legend etc… I have to know whats goin on here? What the heck were my ancestors up to anyway? I always thought there was something eldritch about tartan and celtic art patterns (very fractal in nature)…like they were trying to tell me something …. uh oh…the hair on the back of my neck just started to stand up…ok NORM what can o’ worms have we opened here? Grin…

– Norman Wootan wrote: Message 8538 DATE/TIME: 09/21/94 09:22 ; From : JOEL MCCLAIN — RECEIVED —
To : JERRY DECKER (SYSOP); Subject: Letter from Sweden; Folder : E, “Special Associates Area Omega”

Received a most interesting letter from Roger Natanaelsson in Sweden. He ends with, “Since I can’t get the answers from Science I have to find the answers myself.” Amen, Roger. Several points made in the letter:The ALZ&RES file correlates zinc, calcium and aluminum, which Roger says have the same lattice structure as copper, silver and gold, and which I think should transmute in the same manner, since they are the same relative “notes” on the Russell chart of increasing/decreasing disintegration. Roger has studied Magic Squares, and is familiar with Keely’s 3:9:81 series. Roger has also discovered that old Scottish Clan Tartans are woven in the Magic Square ratios. He has a Windows program that will generate Tartan/Magic Square patterns. My thought: A Tartan woven of conductive wire might exhibit some interesting effects. Roger also points out that the three ‘currents’ of 3D Square in Magic Squares are required in order to complete a ‘stream’ of force, ie, using the 120Hz example, you have Atom freq. of 14400Hz and Etheric freq. of 20736000Hz, but the AMPLITUDE PROPORTION should be equal thirds of the stream. He believes that this is why the old vinyl LP records were played at 33 1/3 RPM.

As a side note, Roger says that my Clan motto is “Vincere Vec Mori”, which means “To Conquer the Carrier of Death”. Apparently there were some healers behind those Tartans. Roger says “Here is some feedback hopefully building new paths.” I couldn’t agree more!

— Message 8539 DATE/TIME: 09/21/94 09:40 ; From : JOEL MCCLAIN — RECEIVED — To : JERRY DECKER (SYSOP)
Subject: “Roger’s Ratio” ; Folder : E, “Special Associates Area Omega”

Just a note on the previous message. If you use Roger’s example of applying Magic Square ratios to the Magic Square proportion, in other words 3D Square, you get a repeating base ten number system which substitutes a decimal for the eighth, or repeating “note” on the Russell scale.

33 1/3 times 33 1/3 =3D 1111.11111 times itself gives 1234567.901234… I don’t know if I can fully grasp the significance of this, but it seems to give a mathematical basis for relating Keely’s work with that of Russell.

Base eight as the natural number system? That seems to be the implication, based upon nature itself…of course, computers are based on this, but maybe much, much more.
Hi! Don: Hope mthis helps. Norm

— Norman Wootan wrote: Hi! Don: Joel McClain brought up this formula back in 1994 on the old Keelynet BBS message base. I’ll look it up for you and post his entire message so others can get his original comments as to it’s implications. Norm

—- Don J. S, Adams – wrote: Ok, I’m not a brilliant mathematician but if the following does not prove that there is a conscious intelligence behind time and space and everything and that this isnt some grand cosmic joke played out in a way that says ‘yoo hoo, boneheads… I’m heeerrrreee’

Then I don’t know what would. I am a simple man, and I make many errors. Both in judgement, rationale, logic and what I should or should not have for supper tonight. But I cam across this equation sometime ago…hidden away in a brief conversation archived on Keelynet.

I think the fellow who had initially discovered or come across it was an an engineer and if I recall correctly this equation really spooked him. Another fellow who tried to follow up and explain this, I felt did a wonderful job at explaing bits and pieces and contributed small referential ‘trivia’ regarding transcendental numbers and such…. but to be honest, to me this all fell flat and paled in comparison to the growing numb feeling starting in the pit of my stomach and a muffled shout of ‘WHAT THE HE**?” bouncing around my head. Frankly it occupied my thoughts, this equation.. for some time and I tried to wrap my head aropund it and figure out why on earth it made me feel so (irrationally I might add) odd.

Like being on a roller coaster and knowing that any second the ride was about to begin and there was no way I could physically be able to take it all in so I might as well just hold on for my life…. Call me crazy but this equation appears to represent an intelligent finger print of an unknown element which appears must co-exist in a dual state in and out of space-time. Please keep in mind that I fully expect to have someone come back and tell me I’m off my rocker, that I’m ignorant, haven’t done my homework, haven’t read enough about this topic and frankly should pack up my bags right now…go home and leave such thinking to those who are much more qualified to pontificate and deliberate on such issues. And I’ll do this quite gladly…just someone please give me a reasonable explanation that makes sense fully… and makes this odd feeling go away. If some one comes back and quibbles a stock or adhoc ‘text book’ answere, likely I’ll hush up for now but quietly inside=

I’ll still be thinking, ‘Great Zoiks’! This is IT! 111,111,111 * 111,111,111 =3D 12345678987654321 notice the symmetry of the result. This equation could very likely be called the ‘mother of all fractals’ the implications are enormous and it seems almost no one knows about this? I’ve seen one engineer just about sh** his pants when he saw this …because technically it ‘shouldn’t exist’? It could very likely be proof of an artificial construct / boundary or strange attractor’s existence that was placed into the very fabric of time / space AND into man’s conscious ability to perceive it. The other extremely odd thing is that this equation appears to exhibit multi-dimensional and ‘out of time’ references and connections. No other numeric string that I know of does this. One could perceive the quotient as a perfectly ascending and descending sine wave. Close the wave and you would have a perfect sphere or circle. No beginning or ending and yet an Alpha and Omega are present at the same time. Eternity and the now, co-existing. The freaky thing is that this equation appears to be hidden in multiple artifacts some of which are thousands of years old. How could the ancients have effectively computed such numbers and understood the profound implications stored within?

One simple example is the ‘Star’ of David. Bisect the star laterally. Note the top section composed of ‘3’ segments or ‘111’. Note how each sub-segment (triangle) has 3 singularities or a collection of 3, 3’s or 111,111,111. The bottom section has the same numeric values. Thus 111,111,111 and 111,111,111 placed one above the other; 111,111,111 111,111,111

Now multiply to get eternity and the now. The moment and forever. I could go on and on about this very strange equation… there appears to be connections between this and magnetism and other various aspects of physical reality. In magnetism we have the ‘3’, North and South Polar and the ZPE type equivalent or void, bloch wall dividing the polarities.

Also in various cultures and religions there is a representation of’trinity’ type segments in the perception of the deity. Hindu’s have 3 major gods who represent a singularity of ultimate core consciousness. Each ‘segment’ representing different ‘polarities’.

Where Noth polar represents contracting energy, South Polar expanding energy and the Bloch Wall – origin point ? Brahma creates (South Polar?), Vishnu preserves (North Polar), and Shiva destroys or makes Void (Bloch wall?).

In Christianity you have three in one again, 111. God the Father (North Polar?) maintains reality, God the Son (South Polar?) expands between God and man, and the Holy Spirit which binds everything(bloch wall)?

Finally, the last trippy thing about this equation. Try dividing it by itself and see what you get. I find the result as odd as the multiplication equation. Perhaps one of the oddest statements I’ve ever heard in my life, one that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and made me look up at the sky and wonder what the heck is really out there=85what is really going on out there and just how insignificant was I, any way=85 one of the oddest statements I ever heard was where Moses asks God who he is and he plainy states;
I AM THAT I AM ( a perfect loop? )
111,111,111 / 111,111,111 =3D 1
111,111,111 * 111,111,111 =3D 12345678987654321

I think my pathetic specimen of a brain just melted and is now running liquaceously out my ears and onto the floor. Anyone have a towel?

Feedback muchly appreciated. Don J.S. Adams, man did that ever take me a long time to type… whew! but at least its out of my system now…

# Perpetual Motion runs the universe, Jerry W. Decker, Sat, 10 Oct 1998 22:51:20

Hi Folks! Here is an example of the ceaseless arguing about the impossibility and non-existence of perpetual motion and/or free energy. I’ll only point out the obvious;
1) What moves the planets?
2) What moves electrons?
Can we not learn to tap into these forces to do work? I think so. Here is the post;

Author: Empath ; Email: ; Date: 1998/09/30 ; Forums: ; (Joseph G. Mitzen) wrote:

– In article , Empath says… After reading BT’s account, I find it in violation of the laws of thermodynamics.

There are no laws of physics, Empath. Only mathematical descriptions of current observations. You are also assuming that this device does not draw on energy from an exotic source – zero point vacuum energy fluctuations, etc. I didn’t assume nor denounce the contraption. All I have to go on was the description from BT. It sounds like countless other devices built by those that mistake magnetism and gravity as energy sources rather than forces. I was using the term “law”, because the physics properties involved is called the law of thermodynamics. Of course there are no laws. The principle is based on deduction.

There are four basic laws of thermodynamics, zero to three. The second law is the one involved. If you take a pot of water and place it in the refrigerator, you make use of the first law, and the water gets cold. If you take it out of the refrigerator and let it stand until it warms, it will reach room temperature, but no warmer. If you add heat from an energy source it will get warmer, but it’s heat energy will not be greater than the energy used to heat it. The second law of thermodynamics deals with entropy, and would indicate an expected inefficiency.

So far it’s simple. You can make it more complex as a device, but the second law of thermodynamics is still the principle and mathematics used by engineers in determining input requirements and output expectations. Gravity or magnetism can be used as an energy reservoir, but they are not energy. If you expend energy to lift a weight to a height, the energy is stored as potential energy through the force of gravity. If the weight is released it will produce energy when it falls, but no more than was expended in lifting it. In fact, due to energy loss in the system, the energy is less.

The sculpture in question (I think this is referring to Finsrud..JWD), if it works, undoubtedly uses an additional source of energy, since gravity and magnetism is not energy. The term zero point energy means nothing to me. I can’t form opinions on it. If engineers were to evaluate the sculpture to determine the source of the energy required to keep it from losing momentum they would have to tear the thing up to find why. The artists isn’t going to let that happen, so what we have is a puzzle.Is the artists deceptive? Does he have a battery hidden in it? Has he inadvertently tapped into an alternate source of energy that is being overlooked? I have no way of knowing.

– Thus far, there has never been a satisfactory demonstration capable of convincing the scientific community of any exception to the law.

Of course not. Any claim to do so is dismissed out of hand without examination. When Edison announced the lightbulb and lit the street his lab was on with it, he was denounced by scientists as a fraud and a conman. No one accepted the invitation to come SEE the lightbulb. One scientist who lived BLOCKS from the lab would not bother to come, but wrote a damning article denouncing Edison and his imaginary bulb anyway. That’s a nice story, but it’s going to take more than a strawman to convince engineers they should discard there differential equations in favor of an “I don’t know” attitude.

– A perpetual motion machine as defined by the US Patent office would not be concerned with such “drag”, and it wouldn’t be a violation of “all” physics laws. Only one physics law would be sufficient. The law of thermodynamics that dictates that in a closed system

But where’s the closed system? Earth.(as long as there is gravity and zpe/aether, THERE CAN BE NO CLOSED SYSTEM…>>> JWD) And the PROOF of this assertion? Where’s the assertion? And all the evidence that has accumulated in the last 20-30 years regarding self-organizing systems? The self-organizing systems I’m aware of occur as a result of applied energy, but I have no idea how you’re applying it to this topic. There are lots of perpetual motion machines, Joe, if you’re simply speaking of a machine that produces motion or work once activated, without the manual application of energy, such as windmills, waterwheels, solar devices. But, while over-unity devices effectively demonstrated to me, would certainly get my attention, a simple claim from someone claiming they have produced one isn’t sufficient to draw a real interest. (Amen, and something many of us are trying to do, make a proof of principle table top model that ANYONE can build and prove to their own satisfaction….>>> JWD)

Whether the sculpture BT described does all it claims, I’m not taking a stand one way or the other. I can find arguments against it, but the arguments for it would be harder for me to support.

– the output of energy cannot be greater or equal to the input energy.

You can’t use this belief to disprove the workability of the sculpture, but you can use the workability of the sculpture to disprove this belief. It’s not stated as a belief. It’s stated as a means of paraphrasing a physics principle. I’ve done nothing to disprove the sculpture, and the workability of the sculpture has done nothing to disprove the principle. I have only reports of it’s workability.

– You can successfully argue against perpetual motion,

I’d like to see you try. 🙂 You can be my new Rollin.. You just saw my try. Now, I’m climbing up on the fence with Ken and Lady Ni.
–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# PROPOSED TEST FOR PYRAMID DEVICE, Don J. S. Adams, Fri, 25 Sep 1998 19:48:58

A proposed test for the Pyramid Device: Consider the following outline. A psuedo-random generator is designed using Visual Basic. A total of tenshort sentences are typed into a text entry box. Each sentence describesa simple instruction. The software application then extracts each statement and stores them individually into a unique element of a ten dimensional array.

A pyramid device is constructed according to Jerry Deckers physical design specifications. Ten mung bean pods are aquired. Ten simple containers filled with rich potting soil are acquired. The bean pods are planted at the same basic time, one pod per container. Allocate a well lit room. Place all ten containers on a table or in a tray in the room. Give them equal amounts of water on a regular basis. The randomized statements entered into the pyramid device are as follows.
1.) The bean pod in container ONE grows two times faster than all other bean pods on the table, in the room, in the house / apartment located at address such and such.
2.) The bean pod in container TWO grows two times faster than all other bean pods on the table, in the room, in the house / apartment located at address such and such.
3.) The bean pod in container THREE grows two times faster than all other bean pods on the table, in the room, in the house / apartment located at address such and such.
and so on… up to ten.

Label each container with a number so that each is indicated by a number from the 1 to 10 series. Have the VB app randomly select a number from one to ten, use this number to choose an array element containing its unique text as described above. Do NOT view this selection. Print the selection out onto paper. Fold the paper and do NOT look at it. You should have no knowledge as to which bean pod / container was selected. Put this paper, as the ‘script’, into the pyramid device as indicated by Jerry in regards to placement / location. Allow enough time pass so that all beans have sprouted and begun to grow. Allow enough time for the sprouts to grow substantially. Measure the height of the sprouts as they grow. Are they of similiar height? Are any sprouts significantly taller than the rest? After allowing enough time for significant growth to occur, remove the ‘script’ and see which bean pod /container was selected for accelerated growth. Does the ‘script’ correspond with any bean pod that has grown much faster? If so, how well does the growth compare to the instruction set? Did it grow twice as fast? If yes, try the experiment again, re-randomizing the ‘script’ selection. Do this at least 5 times. Are the results consistent?

If no noticeable phenomenon occurs evaluate the outcome according to your own criteria. If noticeable phenomenon does occur evaluate the outcome according to your own criteria. My opinion is that if no consistent phenomenon occurs then this indicates either that the device doesn’t work or is not measurable in a qualifiable manner. I would speculate that it may not be useful in investigating m-fields and that if the device does appear to function sometimes under the conscious influence of a sentient being, that some sort of ‘religious’ practice is being utilized. A ‘religous’ practice which I personally would avoid in this scenario.

My opinion is that if consistent phenomenon occurs then this indicates that the device works within a natural, physical framework and is measurable in a qualifiable manner. I would speculate that it may be useful in investigating m-fields and that the device does not seem to function under the conscious influence of a sentient being, or that some sort of ‘religious’ practice is being utilized. Does any of this make any sense?
Regards,Don J. S. Adams

— I dread success. To have succeeded is to have finishedone’s business on earth, likethe male spider, who is killedby the female the moment he hassucceeded in his courtship. I like a state of continualbecoming, with a goal in frontand not behind.
— George Bernard Shaw
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# Re: [Fwd: Re: Thoughts from my little warped mind], Billy M. Williams, Fri, 20 Mar 1998 23:32:57

Ya know…if you climbed into a 20+ foot diameter sphere that has a highly polished mirror like finish on the inside, you could look in any direction and see yourself, and say that you were at every point in space AT THE SAME TIME!Gees, does that conjure up any ideas??? hmmmm

Hmm what is cool looking to me is how you can look into a mirror on a wall and if theres another mirror behind you….you see infinity! Billy M. Williams

This is the testimony of all that I have seen, and all I have learned…For this is the Book of the Dead, the Book of the Black Earth, that I have writ down at the peril of my life.
–Abdul Alhazred

# Re: [Upside down magnetic fields & plants], LARRY SULLIVAN ( ), Fri, 23 Apr 1999 18:16:59

North pole is the north pole, and the south pole is the south pole, lets get over it. A compass is a indicator no different than any other electrmagnetic sensor (most are just compasses); Its just as simple as that the south pole of the compass nettle points north. Larry

Jerry W. Decker wrote: Hi Folks! I’m not sure who wrote this;

– Jerry, the fact that the North Pole of magnets and compasses on the earth’s surface point north, indicates that the north pole is actually giving out “South Pole” magnetic forces.

That is precisely the confusion. The north pole of magnets and compasses CAN’T point north because like poles repel, so only a south pole would point north… The north pole ‘giving out south pole forces’???? So are you saying its easier to just change the age old identification of the north pole rather than concede that our pointing devices could be wrong?

Which by the way, THEY ARE NOT…just that the labels on them are wrong…it is still a thin magnetized strip having a north and south pole…and the south pole seeks the earth north pole.

I’d LIKE to agree with John Berry that its really not important what we call them, but it IS important because if we aren’t using a consistent method of labeling and terms, then everyone would have their own ‘definition’……that would be interesting….kind of like the mess of confusion in alt sci with cold current, zpe, aether, ether (the chemical or the subspace plenum?) for starters.

The fact that one polarity produces specific bio effects which are opposite to what the other polarity yields, shows there is a definite difference and we have to distinguish clearly between the two poles.

As to the war thing….consider….small bands or tribes of warriors all out to kill on an individual basis for equatorial and southern regions AS OPPOSED to one crazy leader with hand picked crazies who order soldiers to fight in the northern regions.

It is a one man on one man tribe killing basis with the southern region AS OPPOSED to the passive group, non warlike mentality, ordered to kill by warlike LEADERS and who are afraid to dispute the leaders knowing they face court martial or death depending on the political system, in the northern regions.

The preceeding paragraph is difficult to write, but I hope it gets my point across. The killing is less overall, I think in the southern regions because it has to be done one to one, whereas in the north, technology lets one man kill dozens or hundreds with a single projectile or bomb. Therefore, there is no argument from me that the northern hemisphere has produced far more deaths from war than the south.

HOWEVER, I still think in the northern hemisphere it is the minority of soldiers who are out there just for the raw bloodlust that leads to killing, rape and pillage by virtue of magnetic polarity influences. The chickens grown under PURE south pole effects, according to Rawls clearly showed that biology recognizes the difference in magnetic polar effects, despite all our discussions….the cell will tell....

One thing Davis/Rawls are quite clear on…the energies do intermix the closer the poles are to each other….so although you could have MORE of one polarity over another, you don’t get the PURE very clear effects they got because they used LONG bar and cylinder magnets, with the understanding that the greater the distance BETWEEN the poles, the more pure the energy would be and the more pronounced would be the effects of the specific polar energy being tested.

IMO, in a spherical shape, even a ‘slightly oblate spheroid’ as the earth is, the intermix of polarities won’t reliably show the radical differences which Davis/Rawls achieved using their widely separated poles BECAUSE of this interblending and thus weakening of the specific polar effects. Just so. Of all the craziness that is happening now, I don’t see any connection with magnetic polarities…some say it is time running down to the timewave zero concept (Terence Mckenna)

“So, for example, when we look at events of the one hundred years leading up to the Mayan calendrical termination, we see that the graph is topologically similar to the graph that we have said applied to the past several thousand years. My interpretation of this is that it means that shorter duration subsets of the fractal curve of time are microversions of the larger pattern in which they are embedded. Such an idea lays the basis for understanding such phenomena as fads, fashion, and the occasional wave of historical obsession that characterize society. Imagine zeroing in on the point in which the wave passes out of the past and into the future. The stupendous idea of an end of time is an attempt to negate the eternal stasis, to break the circle. All peoples who have awakened to the suffering and hope of the condition humaine have arrived at this idea, each in its own way. The other peoples who have created a world for themselves have also appointed an end to it: Indians, Persians, Greeks, Arabs, and Jews. This final time revolutionizes the course of the world.”

“Typically, the time wave (which in reality is a bi-directional, tri-layer fractal compression wave) portrays a situation where “structure” is created, producing an underlying sub-structure, as it were, that becomes less organized until the point where it surfaces and undermines the overlying structure, producing novelty and connectedness on an instantaneous basis which is temporally recognized as an “event horizon” involving a “plunge into novelty.” Viewing the timewave, it immediately becomes apparent that there are 6 very large plunges into novelty between Jan 1, 1996 and Dec 22, 2012 that far outshadow all the rest. The first occurs near the end of February 1996 and ends around the first week of May 1996, wherein a structure-building (that is self-undermining) process begins again.”

To download the timewave software for free;

McKenna says time is a single wave which repeats itself as we go forward, getting smaller with each repitition but with the same ups and downs WITHIN that wave being repeated in each wave repitition until it all comes to a stop in 2012 when the Mayan calendar stops… Personally, I think all the weirdness of late is not only the centennial weirdness that is well documented with the arrival each century transition but further compounded by this being a MILLENIAL transition…..and has NOTHING to do with the magnetic polarities of the earth.

– Oroblanco wrote; …Anyway, so much for my opinion – and if anyone disagrees with me I will punch them in the nose! (ha ha – just kidding!)

That was a great closing comment perfectly in line with the topic....
— Jerry Wayne Decker /

# Re: 40% Overunity?? Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Mon, 11 Jan 1999 14:55:48

Hi Ken et al! I was puzzled by your use of the term DIAC or DIRAC. I found the following interesting page that gives all kinds of tech information of various semiconductors with response graphs;

and this is the diac description; as you can see, it responds at 20-40 volts in the microamp region…so I take it the DIAC was a typo and you were consistently referring to DIRAC.

No, after rereading it does appear you are talking about short spikes produced by a DIAC… There is a book that is sold by PACE up in Canada, headed by Andrew Michrowski…Andrew was singing the praises of this book last time I saw him at a conference and said I just had to get this book, so I bought it. He said the secret to the majority of Tesla phenomena was in this book and dealt with these impulses…I’ve excerpted key comments from it to the discussion list earlier. The book has to do with Tesla in court and arguing for his proof of first invention of a host of devices…wherein he argues that all the cool stuff came from his use of these sudden disruptive charges, apparently very high amplitude, very short duration spikes.

Quite fascinating about the unusual effects that you listed, I don’t recall having ever seen those listed before so thanks for sharing them with the list for study. I suspect many of us are of the opinion that such discharges might be a major key to disrupting gravity and maybe even tapping energy from the aether/zpe, but no working machines yet…

—Kenneth Carrigan wrote: Jer, et all, see below….

– But what if the fields, (electrical concurrent with magnetic fields) are already in place and he (Tesla) was tapping the potential derived from the oscillations referred to by Mr. Norris?

In Dec… there was this email I found that I just can not get off my mind.. as it goes along with ALL my beliefs and more. Diac pulses I have always advocated which is essentially an infinite pulse with infinite amplitude.. comprised of all frequencies. Now Tesla was on to this… as he used it for manifesting some surprising affects… namely this…..

“Tesla found that impulse duration alone defined the effect of each succinct spectrum. These effects were completely distinctive, endowed with strange additional qualities never purely experienced in Nature. Moreover, Tesla observed distinct color changes in the discharge space when each impulse range had been reached or crossed. Never before seen discharge colorations did not remain a mystery for long. Trains of impulses, each exceeding 0.1 millisecond duration, produced pain and mechanical pressures. In this radiant field, objects visibly vibrated and even moved as the force field drove them along. Thin wires, exposed to sudden bursts of the radiant field, exploded into vapor. Pain and physical movements ceased when impulses of 100 microseconds or less were produced. These latter features suggested weapon systems of frightful potentials.

With impulses of 1.0 microsecond duration, strong physiological heat was sensed. Further decreases in impulse brought spontaneous illuminations capable of filling rooms and vacuum globes with white light. At these impulse frequencies, Tesla was able to stimulate the appearance of effects which are normally admixed among the electromagnetic energies inherent in sunlight. Shorter impulses produced cool room penetrating breezes, with an accompanying uplift in mood and awareness. There were no limits in this progression toward impulses of diminished duration. None of these impulse energies could be duplicated through the use of high frequency harmonic alternations, those which Sir Oliver Lodge popularized, and which later was embodied in Marconi Wave Radio. Few could reproduce these effects because so few understood the absolute necessity of observing those parameters set by Tesla. These facts have been elucidated by Eric Dollard, who also successfully obtained the strange and distinct effects claimed by Tesla…”

These FAST FAST rise times are essential! Now is this OR/aether/vacuum… that is concentrated and used for Tesla’s amazing experiments? Sure!!! It was not anywhere near… pure current.. nor was it Electrons!! The bus bar that Telsa used to light several lights.. also indicates NO electrons could have done that. Floyd Sweet also manifested this amazing “current” (which is NOT current but what??) Newmans motor.. which is close to overunity uses these rapid arc discharges.. and lots of wire.

Seem like Bearden was/is on the same track. Potential without current… long wires.. more resistive says Telsa… and FAST make/break contacts. Tesla even abandoned his AC generation for his NEW methods of power generation and distribution. He definitely was onto something… and Diac is the name of the game. Even the Rife Ray tube.. my opinion was that it ARC’d over inside the tube.. with a “FLASH” that people had noted. That Flash was probably an arc.. to allow for this concentrated aether. Also the PAPIM device also pulses extremely fast.. like Dirac .. and is said to heal ones body or correct problems.

I can go on and on…. with similarities using Dirac.. as even the Philadelphia Experiment can be said to use this principle. The Tesla generators out today do NOT represent what Telsa was doing. It is the fast arc that must be achieved for to capture concentrated OR/aether/vacuum and use it to elicit similarities to electron affect.
v/r Ken Carrigan

# Re: Anyone has Updates on S. Meyer,Newman…? Colin M, Sun, 23 Aug 1998 22:11:01

—–Original Message—– From: Bill McMurtry – ; To: – Cc: ; Date: Monday, August 17, 1998 12:26 PM

Hi Chris, At 11:43 16/08/98 -0400, wrote: …Interesting, but it does not explain why only 2 watts was being measured at the battery end? Are you saying the ammeter was not able to respond fast enough to show the true amperage? if not one could conclude that other 198 watts was coming form ZPE or something?

No ZPE here – conclude nothing! It is a simple trick. The ammeter is measuring current at the water electrodes while voltage is taken at the main input supply.

– I don’t get this either. If additional speed is being generated with a higher load then what is supplying the energy to do this? Is the rise in speed temporary and coming form the stored inertia and comes to a stand still after a while? or is continuos? Sorry for the dum questions I am sure I am missing something. Chris Gupta

What happens is that as the rotor magnets are inductively coupled to the output coils there is a magnetic flux linkage across the airgap between the magnet and coil poles. When the pole gap is ‘loose’ (large gap), the flux coupling becomes sensitive to the response time of the output coil. By arranging the system so that the flux coupling frequency is higher that the coil response time, there can be a decoupling effect between magnets and coils. This simply means that, from the coils point of view, the magnet poles race past too quickly for complete flux coupling to occur. When this happens induction to the coil decreases (decreasing output power) and the magnetic drag experienced by the rotor also decreases. Less drag means less load which in turn allows the rotor to increase RPM. Regards, Bill.

A very good explanation Bill. You get the same sort of effect on a large power generator (50MW). They make some real strange noises when you under excite them to the point of what we term “pole slipping”. This is when the magnetic flux link is ‘broken’ and the rotor speeds up until it synchronises again which will brake it quickly.I woder what would happen if it was left to it’s own devices? The generator protection usually kicks in and stops any violent effects.

As an aside here, We have very large yellow and black notices posted around the output terminals which warn of magnetic fields and thier danger to pacemakers, and also the maximum work period in the vicinity of three hours. Our company refutes the claims of EMR damage to humans but posts the signs! Colin M……

# Re: Apocalypse book by Alex Heard, Jerry W. Decker, Sat, 23 Jan 1999 21:54:17

Hi Alex & Hal et al! Woops, the first mistake in my diatribe and one I know has Hal Puthoff squirming (sorry Hal)….I mistakenly called Dr. Rueda, Alfred, it is Alphonso…SORRY… As an indication of just about 30 minutes of searching on the net, you might want to read their excellent, ground breaking paper (which I could not find on the net);

Inertia as a zero-point-field Lorentz force, B. Haisch, A. Rueda & H.E. ; Puthoff, Physical Review A, Vol. 49, No. 2, pp. 678-694 (1994)

as well as the following papers…do you remember what I said about short attention spans of your readers....

– Does Space put up a Resistance?;

– Scroll down or click on ‘Unbearable Lightness’;

– Excellent paper on Lense-Thirring ‘Inertial Frame Dragging;

– Simplistic statement for children, but WHAT IS INERTIA?;

– An interesting explanation of inertia;


– Superb page on various ZPE articles;

– A page of Zero Point Field (ZPF) articles;

– Another ZPF article;

– Dr. Hal Puthoffs proposal to NASA – Can the Vacuum be Engineered for Spaceflight applications?;

– Interesting other view paper on the ‘Origin of Inertia’;

Device claim as ‘The Wuerth Inertia Energy Converter’;

As you can see, there are plenty of theories and some evidence that space does in fact resist motion and the ZPE and ZPF theories are attempts to explain (to paraphrase Clinton) just what Space IS? A couple of interesting ideas about dilatancy I think apply quite well to this, but I doubt you’ll look at them, however they are at; –

Multiplication of frequency is a common phenomenon in ferrite core transformers. With bifilars you cancell the magfield interference and push the energy as stress into the aether or zpe.

Dan A. Davidson, At 06:02 PM 1/25/98 -3, you wrote: I did the following experiment, with some weird results :
1. Got a ferrite toroid, 35 mm OD, 21 mm ID, 15 mm height.
2. Wound a 13 turn bifilar coil, 24 AWG wire.
3. Wound another 13 turn normal coil, 24 AWG wire.
4. Connected the bifilar coil to an RF generator.
5. Connected the other coil to the osciloscope.

Results : – I found one frequency “F” where the output was “F x 3”. Why ?
– If I connect the generator to the non-bifilar coil, that same frequency was seeing at the output. So, F in = F out.
– That frequency ( 6 MHz ) seems to be the toroid ressonant frequency.

Ideas ? Marcelo
———————— Come ride The River ——-

# Re: Dr Reich Orgone Energy, Jerry W. Decker, Sat, 04 Jul 1998 21:06:16

Hi Jim et al! You said; By the way, is anyone else getting KeelyNet mail replying to messages that they didn’t get the original of? Part of that is probably my fault for adding to the confusion by sending answers to private emails (though mine have original, i.e. no RE: headers). I get some interesting emails from people who don’t necessarily want to be on a list, so if it is something useful, I’ve been sharing them on the KeelyNet-L list for a kind of archive and so that others can read them. I’ve been doing this since the list began and no one has ever said anything before, in fact just the opposite, I get outside emails saying they found the info useful. I guess I should make it a habit to add the original comments (without the name/email address as some people don’t want to be ‘public’).

I went back through my mail and could not find an original to the Re: Dr. Reich Orgone Energy though there is a recent post to freenrg-l about ‘Wilhelm Reich’s free energy motor’. As I read the ‘Re:’ post, it looks like just a quote from Vassilatos book, he does have some interesting comments in the book, on many subjects.

As to the questions raised in the Vassilatos comments, I’ve always found that aspect of orgone quite interesting, that it could be ‘antagonized’ by adding more and more of it to a contained space, the orgone can’t seem to ‘stand being near itself’ or at least not be condensed, so it tries its best to get out. Much like electrons under compression/accumulation, wanting to escape through lightning like discharges when given the opportunity, or they MAKE the opportunity by overcoming the insulation of the condenser.

That is IMO the principle behind the orgone accumulator with the use of organic material to attract the orgone, then once captured, to keep it from getting out by using metal, thus the ‘layers’. (reminds me of the story about the motorized robot wanting to be near baby chicks in a darkened room, as if ‘dead’ matter sought out the presence of live matter)

About this dispersal of radioactivity, it’s almost like the orgone energy took what is a high concentration of energy and spread it out over a large area (inverse square law), thus bolstering the contention that orgone ‘has free passage through all media’, kind of like DMSO and its transport ability to carry medication into the body. BTW, so too does aether/zpe and gravity appear to have this same passage through all matter. There is a comment somewhere that if you could create an aether vacuum, that would create a zone of NO aether, you would have a lifting body as it would want to move off the planet with great force. Much like the ‘cavorite’ gravity shielding paint from ‘1st Men in the Moon’, an interesting idea but how to achieve it?? This ability of orgone to redistribute radioactivity over a wide area to produce the DOR like effects (Destructive ORgone) that were anathema to life processes could certainly be abused and be most difficult to detect, though a general center of the disturbance could probably be estimated unless scattered over a wide area.

So, what are the positive effects of this particular ability? The claim is that people who sit in an orgone accumulator get ‘charged’ and it results in various kinds of healing, though I’ve also seen negative reports where people got worse. I think that is one of the reasons I’ve never considered it for anything beyond the weather engineering and possibly motor aspects.

What would happen if you release high discharges of electrical energy or magnetic flux inside an orgone accumulator? Would that energy also be spread over the local area? Would it be detrimental to life or beneficial or not have any effect at all? Current experiments with ‘cold fusion’ and other anomalous processes do seem to indicate that transmutation can be induced to a degree that radioactive elements can be rendered inert. Dr. Roberto Monti used radioactive thorium mantles from Coleman gas lanterns as his test material and claims to be able to neutralize it in 3 days or less, with no negative effects.

How can any of this be useful at this point? Well, Reich said you could bottle this orgone and in its mechanical escape you could drive a motor, so I guess the trick would be can you accumulate for sustained discharge enough orgone to be able to run a motor to produce useful power. Joe Cater says in his book ‘Awesome Life Force’ from Health Research, that you can surround a gas tank with an orgone accumulator to enrich the fuel and greatly increase its efficiency. Cater also shows a scheme for an orgone box that energizes air by forcing it through a series of perambulations, like an accordion pleat, that enriches the air to a point that it could be electrically exploded in a combustion chamber with the high voltage from the spark plug.

This is reminiscent of Joe Papp and his inert gas engine where he finds that inert gases also ‘can’t stand each other under pressure’ and will explode with great force when hit with a high voltage spark. Papp later collects the gases individually and recombines them to run over and over in a sealed engine, well, that is the claim.So, we have a motor force, a possible healing force, weather engineering (when orgone is folded onto itself to precipitate moisture, or depleted from a region to remove water). Something else of interest, once the orgone is induced to flow, it CONTINUES to flow after the ‘introductory impulse’ until this ‘slap wave’ is dissipated. In this dissipation back to a less pressurized ambient state, it carries with it other energies, in this case, radioactive energy, to be dispersed over a wide area.

A similar effect appears to be associated with aether/zpe flows, that you can kick it, slap it, poke a hole in it and the aether/zpe will flow until that rupture has been healed. You will note one flows IN, the other (orgone) flows OUT.

This is a very important understanding of how we can create such holes and then tap the influx of aether/zpe to fill them. In the case of orgone, it seems to be an OPPOSITE EFFECT to that of aether/zpe, that is orgone wants to EXPAND when condensed, where aether/zpe wants to flow in to fill holes or ruptures. A mirror effect. Well, that’s what it looks like to me. My bottomline is what can be done to first – verify these contentions, second – prove them in repeatable shared experiments and finally, come up with practical applications using the knowledge.

— Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Dr Reich Orgone Energy, michael olson ( ), Sat, 04 Jul 1998 21:46:48

Hi All, My apologies, the re shouldn’t have been in the subject area. Jerry your thoughts are interesting, however What you are saying is in part the common belief, and I don’t feel it to be true, but I do appreciate the discussion. I have posted your paragraphs and my comments;

– About this dispersal of radioactivity, it’s almost like the orgone energy took what is a high concentration of energy and spread it out over a large area (inverse square law), thus bolstering the contention that orgone ‘has free passage through all media’, kind of like DMSO and its transport ability to carry medication into the body. This is what I believe is possibly true, but I dont believe orgone is an energy. (” OR-GONE”)

I believe the “box” leaks energy from the object placed inside it outwards. So, what are the positive effects of this particular ability? The claim is that people who sit in an orgone accumulator get ‘charged’ and it results in various kinds of healing, though I’ve also seen negative reports where people got worse. Becaue possibly of what I said, the Orgone accumulator saps- or decomposes matter- energy.

What would happen if you release high discharges of electrical energy or magnetic flux inside an orgone accumulator? Would that energy also be spread over the local area? Would it be detrimental to life or beneficial or not have any effect at all? It would probably have benefits to those outside the machine, as additional energy would be immitted into the enviroment. How can any of this be useful at this point? Well, Reich said you could bottle this orgone and in its mechanical escape you could drive a motor, so I guess the trick would be can you accumulate for sustained discharge enough orgone to be able to run a motor to produce useful power.

Possibly because with the Orgone (as a device-not an energy species), through its channelling energy to the outside, inside the orgone, or through the construction of a suitable device, a difference in potential could be set up. That could be used to drive a motor. Joe Cater says in his book ‘Awesome Life Force’ from Health Research, that you can surround a gas tank with an orgone accumulator to enrich the fuel and greatly increase its efficiency. of course animal remains decompose and eventually become petroleum. The further the decomposition the more enriched the fuel is. Something else of interest, once the orgone is induced to flow, it CONTINUES to flow after the ‘introductory impulse’ until this ‘slap wave’ is dissipated. In this dissipation back to a less pressurized ambient state, it carries with it other energies, in this case, radioactive energy, to be dispersed over a wide area.

Sorry Jerry but this last part makes no sense. radioactive “energies” from where? In the case of orgone, it seems to be an OPPOSITE EFFECT to that of aether/zpe, that is orgone wants to EXPAND when condensed, where aether/zpe wants to flow in to fill holes or ruptures. A mirror effect.

Personaly I think both he and Tesla could have found the “doorways” though matter.

# Re: Draining aether holes, Jerry W. Decker, Thu, 30 Jul 1998 04:54:02

Hi Folks! Continuing with the concept of inetial or matter waves and possible ways to project them, some of the stories I’ve read or been told over the years indicate high intensity pulsed waves focused onto a point over a mass, might provide the umbrella to deflect aether/zpe flows into the earth..

For example, one of my favorites is Edward Farrow as detailed at; which correlates with a story told to me by Wil Wilson of Issaquah. You will note in the Farrow paper that these ‘condensers’ were discharged to produce high intensity magnetic pulses possibly directed to a common point.

Wil says in the 60’s there was a newspaper article and a picture about a local inventor who had ‘developed anti-gravity’. The picture showed a drum type cylinder with what appeared to be coils or wire, like solenoids without a plunger all mounted on the outside top rim of the drum and at about a 45 degree angle, pointing inwards. I always figured the drum to carry a weight since the thing would literally float in the air and you needed to keep this neutral center point at the top, like a balloon holding a basket. The drum thus serves as ‘ballast’. Kind of like the Leviton top which uses angular velocity to overcome the polar attraction to the magnetic base.

Doesn’t this sound similar to the stimulated superconductor experiments to produce a reduced ‘gravity’ field above the superconductor?? I am of the mind that this is totally a diamagnetic effect since the weight reduction does not appear UNDER the superconductor, however, if there is an energy column shooting upward to DEFLECT incoming aether/zpe, that is aether/zpe incoming to the earth which holds us to the planet like flies on a wire screen, then it could really be a gravity reduction effect, at this point, I’m still thinking it is diamagnetic repulsion to the earths magnetic field, similar to the flying frogs.

This Seattle experiment sounds strikingly familiar to Farrows claims. Wil said he vaguely remembers the details but the inventor ‘kind of disappeared’ after that story was published…of course Issaquah is very close to Seattle, one of the main Boeing camps according to a friend who visits there often.

Does this not also resonate with the Kowsky/Frost experiment where they bombarded a crystal with RF energy from two flat metal plates, spaced apart and with the crystal in between. At a certain frequency, the crystal EXPANDED and floated in the air, suspending a 1 kilogram weight. This could well be similar to the magnetic or acoustic suspension where two magnetic fields are balanced to suspend an object between the emitters.

In this case, it appears the RF energies coming in from both sides could be balanced to form a soliton (bubble in space) standing wave inside the crystal. This intense energy would deflect the aether/zpe influx and cause it to lose weight so that it ‘hangs’ in the beam between the two plates. It would be interesting to measure the weight of the plates while emitting the RF to see if they weigh more while the crystal is levitating, but I don’t think they would.

It is yet again analogous to a ping pong ball held suspended in a stream of air and yet again to the claim by Walter Baumgartner and Victor Schauberger that an egg shape with the wide end facing up in a sufficiently strong flow of water or air would float in the stream due to vortex action…Schauberger says this is how fish remain relatively motionless in rapidly moving streams.

Its interesting to see what is going on here…high density magnetic pulses, just like Chernetskii talks about in his paper, not only with the production of overunity but also as a thrust/propulsion device, all using high density magnetic pulses in a vacuum to create a unidirectional matter/inertia wave redirection. So, in the case of the Seattle levitating drum, we have coils pointing inward at 45 degrees so that the combined magnetic forces would produce a very intense field in the center and above the drum. Now Keely talks about the production of some of some of his more amazing phenomena and using just such a concept as written up in the file listed as; where there are two quotes having direct bearing (no pun intended) on this quandary;

“We will imagine that, after an accumulation of a planet of any diameter – say, 20,000 miles more or less, for the size has nothing to do with the problem – there should be a displacement of all the material, with the exception of a crust 5000 miles thick, leaving an intervening void BETWEEN this crust and a centre of the size of an ordinary billiard ball, it would then require a force AS GREAT TO MOVE THIS SMALL CENTRAL MASS AS IT WOULD TO MOVE THE SHELL OF 5000 miles thickness.

Moreover, this small central mass would carry the load of this crust for ever, keeping it EQUI-DISTANT; and there could be no opposing power, HOWEVER GREAT, that could bring them together. The imagination staggers in contemplating the immense load WHICH BEARS UPON THIS POINT OF CENTRE, WHERE WEIGHT CEASES. This is what we understand by a neutral centre.” now, for the really interesting point that has held me captive since I was about 16 years old; “In the conception of any machine here-to-fore constructed, themedium for INDUCING a Neutral Centre HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND. If it had, the difficulties of perpetual motion seekerswould have ended, and this problem would have becomean established and operating fact. It would only require an INTRODUCTORY IMPULSE of a few pounds,on such a device, TO CAUSE IT TO RUN FOR CENTURIES.

In the conception of my VIBRATORY ENGINE, I did NOT SEEK TO ATTAIN PERPETUAL MOTION; but A CIRCUIT IS FORMED THAT ACTUALLY HAS A NEUTRAL CENTRE, which is in a condition to be vivified by my VIBRATORY ETHER, and while under operation, by said substance, is really A MACHINE THAT IS VIRTUALLY INDEPENDENT OF THE MASS (OR GLOBE), and it is the wonderful velocity of the vibratory circuit which makes it so.

Still, with all its perfection, it requires to be fed with the VIBRATORY ETHER to make it AN INDEPENDENT MOTOR…..” and that is the crux of the whole matter, creation of an artificial neutral center that serves to REDIRECT or DEFLECT the incoming aether/zpe forces.

One final point. In my days as a UFO buff, I always went for the tech details and finally just gave up with all the goofballs with alien abductions and residual mess none of which could be proved or had positive uses…however, one of several cases that fascinated me was Dr. Dan Fry and his ‘Incident at White Sands’.We have two tuning forks, strike one and the other resonates until both come to achieve the same energy level..this is nature establishing equilibrium between polar forces (high pressure moving to fill low pressure until they balance).

Now Keely says you can create an artificial neutral center. That means a RESONANT neutral center. If you inject enough energy into an artificial neutral center, the natural neutral center of the mass, being at a lower potential will necessarly be DRAWN to the artificial neutral center, like a goat attached to a wagon and following a carrot suspended from a pole in front of it. As long as the goat can see the carrot, he will pull the wagon.

Dr. Fry says in his particular case, he was shown the inside of an ‘alien’ ship and the method of lift and propulsion was described to him. It consisted of two rings, each made up as large coils of wire. One ring was in the top part of the ship, the other ring in the bottom. Dan says these rings could be tilted so that the magnet fields projecting from them could be made to combine at a point in space. Because the rings could tilt, this point could be moved, like the carrot on the end of the string attached to a pole.

If enough energy was put into these magnetic rings to create one of Keely’s artificial neutral centers, then the natural neutral center would try to combine with the artificial. So, since the natural neutral center is FIXED by virtue of the ships mass hanging on it (as Keely specifies above), then if you place the artifical neutral center to one side of the natural neutral center and provide it with sufficient power, the ship will MOVE IN THE DIRECTION OF THE ARTIFICIAL NEUTRAL CENTER…Note, Keely says the mass FOLLOWS the neutral center since it is the suspension point of matter.

Now, if you place the magnetic artificial neutral center ABOVE the natural neutral center and give it enough energy, THE SHIP MOVES UP, chasing the artificial center, completely oblivious to ‘gravity’. And finally, what happens when you superimpose the artificial neutral center on top of the natural neutral center? The mass BECOMES MORE DENSE and its ‘weight’ will increase….so there….now you have the benefit of all my years of study in one thread…do something positive with it, but be warned, I’ve not given up yet…’s just a matter of bucks…

–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Draining aether holes, Jerry W. Decker, Thu, 30 Jul 1998 02:52:16

Hi Folks! I forgot to mention, you can do a search on matter waves and inertia waves and find many references on the Internet, I haven’t had time to plumb for treasures as most don’t specify the information in the form I suspect is the reality. The point is, a high density plasma or heavy rotating mass can be accelerated then braked momentarily so that the matter entrained aether/zpe will be thrown off in a specific direction, a unidirectional wave, that can affect other mass that it is projected against. It is also probable, based on Deans jeep levitation that if such an inertial redirection were pointed UPWARDS, the inflowing aether/zpe which results in ‘weight’ would be deflected to allow local gravity reduction, either partially so you could lift it with one hand or completely so it floated like a piece of styrofoam on water....

–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Draining aether holes, Jerry W. Decker, Thu, 30 Jul 1998 02:51:13

Hi Folks! Chuck wrote the following about the Dendera vacuum tube images;

– Now to something more productive, while I have to look at the photo again, in one of the tubes it shows 2 snakes inter-twined, right? Well, what if they are not what they look like in 2-D? Think 3-D, and scale the illustration, then think about the color photo from Mary & Dean Hardy showing the energy coming from the top of the pyramid. What do you think?

That is a good point Chuck, looking down into the tube it might well be circularly polarized which could further complicate matters if two such waves are thrown against each other, like two springs, one way, they pass right through each other, the other they collide. I remember reading on several occasions over the years of ‘matter waves’ and ‘inertial waves’, which appear to be some kind of entrained zpe/aether response when matter is moved at high velocity and then stopped…this is a key to the unidrectional drives, especially that of Dean.

The story about the jeep that levitated claimed to have a heavy rotating metal cylinder that was electromagnetically braked for a split second while running at high speed. This happened at a specific degree of rotation so that the ‘matter or inertial’ pulses that shot off the heavy weight always went in a preferred direction….UP… Now, about push gravity, if there is in fact some kind of entrained matter/inertial wave that gets locked into the rotation of heavy mass and that mass is suddenly stopped, the angular momentum of the weight is converted to a pulse of ‘something’ best described as a matter wave, though it is also inertial.

Back to the Dendera tubes and the Chernetskii correlation…if you have a plasma (as in MHD) that is rotating in a ring, you should be able to electronically stop it at different frequencies so that it would put off such a matter wave. The Dendera tube could put off one such matter wave that could be directed into a heavy mass such as a pyramid block. The question is, will this matter wave interact with the entrained and pseudo static inertial field of the mass or with the inflowing zpe/aether?

Just as braking a car will cause you to be thrown forward from entrained aether, now you’d have the stone mass being thrown in the direction of the inertial/matter wave. Two, or even three of these tubes projected into a mass from either side should allow for precise control of the effect. Though, in my personal opinion, once the inertial field of the mass was disturbed at the resonant frequency of the mass, the mass would ring like a tuning fork, during which time it would experience a major weight loss, depending on the intensity and exposure to the inertia/matter waves from the Dendera projector(s).

Note, much of the Jewish technology which allowed for the production of phenomena, attributed to their god, is in fact technology gleaned from the Egyptians while the Jews lived there in bondage. Of course, the Egyptians in turn were INHERITORS of this advanced technology and let it die by not pursuing it or keeping the information open and in use. I suspect this to be true since Dendera was the first temple built by Egyptian pharoah Seti I…no telling what information and possibly technology is hidden underneath the floors of many of the ancient temples, thought to have yielded all their secrets.

–Jerry Wayne Decker/

# Re: Draining ether holes Jerry W. Decker, Tue, 28 Jul 1998 02:35:57

Hi Folks! We really need to pool our thinking on ways to extract energy and offer new lift/propulsion techniques. None of us are getting any younger and we need to figure out how to tap the aether/zpe of ambient space. (Please read the entire documents as I just cut and pasted to try to clarify how all this ties together.) To that end, something has been bothering me for years with this ‘matter as bubbles’ in space concept as in the file;

“The occultists labour the point that instead of matter being solid within an empty insubstantial aether, the aether itself is VERY DENSE (one thousand million times denser than platinum, according to Oliver Lodge’s estimate), and matter is REALLY JUST BUBBLES-the ABSENCE OF AETHER……The 19th century concepts underlying this occult cosmology are easily visualized in terms of liquid in a cylinder. Fizzing can be induced if the piston is moved; thus did Cosmic Fohat – Superforce – induce a quantum-vacuum transition (Mulaprakriti to Koilon), releasing energy which tore the aether apart into numerous ‘subatomic particles’ – BUBBLES – which we see as substantial even though they are, in fact, THE ABSENCE OF SUBSTANCE.

Thus was matter SUCKED INTO EXISTENCE in the cosmic expansion. Paul Davies writes that “what appears as empty space is actually a seething ferment….of quantum activity, teeming with [ghost] VIRTUAL PARTICLES and full of complex interactions. ….A real particle…must be always viewed against this backdrop of frenetic activity. When [a real particle] moves through space, it is actually swimming in a sea of ghost particles of all varieties…entangled in a complexe melee’…. It is important to realise that, at the quantum level of description, the vacuum is the DOMINANT STRUCTURE. …particles are only MINOR DISTURBANCES bubbling up over this background sea of activity/(shades of implosion/sonoluminscence!) ….Thus the ‘dense’ aether (quantum vacuum) is scientific dogma today, even though it seemed the height of absurdity when Theosophists first proposed it.

But what of subatomic particles? Are they really bubbles? >>>> An idea for how to prove this and use it
>>>> Doesn’t this sound like Searl (inspired by Schappeller and now David Hamel?
Non-spinning ‘matter bubbles’ would TEND TO BE SPHERICAL. They are called SCALAR MESONS and there are 36 different kinds of them also in nature.

# Re: E=SOL, Jerry W. Decker, Fri, 27 Mar 1998 02:37:05

Hi John! Regarding my preference for the term FREE energy as opposed to the more politically term of NEW energy.

Yes, I know Hal Fox, Gene Mallove, Tom Bearden, Moray King, Ken Shoulders and a host of other key players in the ‘new energy’ movement, and technically it is better received. When I decided originally to use the term FREE energy it was because KeelyNet is looking for exactly that, not renewable resources as thought of generally, but entirely different approaches, such as ZPE/aether/gravity taps.

I have had this term discussion with many others and never been convinced that using New Energy would be something that I want KeelyNet to be known for. For those whose minds are so closed or limited to NOT being able to see where ‘free’ energy would come from, I don’t want their attention anyway. I realize the ‘March for Peaeful Energy’ is directly for renewable energy and I see it as a springboard for all kinds of other NEW energy sources, but my interest is specifically FREE energy. Quite different and quite specific from the generic term.

KeelyNet has been around and promoting free energy, gravity control and electronic health since 1988. well before the ‘public version of the InterNet’. Do a search on Keelynet and see what comes up. I never really cared about convincing EVERYONE, they aren’t worth the trouble, I instead wanted only the real people, not those seeking to be politically correct or looking for cheap entertainment….lots of sandboxes in the world to play in so those who can’t or won’t see it should move on to their own level.

If you read electronics magaines, you will find one which often ‘targets’ KeelyNet as a favorite targets……but the writer is a good guy and we communicte often. He’s just like many of us, he wants to see free energy, but will need a working machine that he can test as valid….as he points out, he makes his LIVING from being politically correct in the electronics field….so when he does mention anything avant garde, he MUST refute it using accepted arguments against it.

People have a hard time ‘believing’ in aether. They also limit themselves with the idea that there could EVER be a closed system. As I understand this, a closed system is impossible, since aether and gravity permeate EVERYTHING, adding their energy to the supposedly closed system.Our issue is with how to ‘translate’ this inflow/permeation of outside energy to a form we can use, whether mechanical or electromagnetic. My associates and contacts fully recognize this as the SOURCE for our so-called free energy. We also realize that planets and atoms rotate using FREE energy. It is simply a matter of learning how to copy and USE such forces to produce free energy.

So, bottomline, I fully support renewable energy, but I will see FREE energy in my lifetime that will ECLIPSE all forms of renewable energy as currently understood.

# Re: Energy/Field Questions, Jerry Wayne Decker ( ), Thu, 19 Nov 1998 10:30:17

Hi Dusty et al! With regard to manifestation of matter from SUSTAINED high energy static or dynamic fields. At a conference a few years back, I met two guys who were planning to go to Missouri or somewhere in that region to visit a private lab. As I recall the conversation, they said this inventor had a basement where he was experimenting with inert gases, phase conjugation, radionics and plasma.

The story was he had a glass plate which offered a view into a sealed chamber where some mixture of electrified inert gas was present.The guy SAID that if you looked at plate sitting on a platform inside the chamber, you could concentrate for a period on an image and it would appear on the plate, made up of the inert gas plasma so that others could see it. He was very secretive as to who was doing this but he and his partner were also very excited about getting a chance to witness this for themselves..

Now, it sounds exactly like the Krell Helmet from the movie ‘Forbidden Planet’, where sustained concentration could materialize an image of whatever you projected, depending on your brain power and ability to concentrate.

I hate to drift off here but the following does correlate. In line with this are reports from the early days of power generation using AC generators where high density magnetic fields and coronas around machines would have hands, feet and even faces appear in the corona.

These weren’t the piddly coronas we see with our high voltage equipment but were several inches or even a foot or so, wide enough to image something large. I’ve seen pictures of them and they look like the ‘ectoplasm’ projections from a seance.

The idea being that discarnate entities could project their will with sufficient intensity as to influence the shape of plasma, just like we ‘will’ our hands and body parts to move and sense so too could ‘they’ will the chaotic plasma to respond. I keep thinking that would make a cool file though not f/e, etc. related, but it is bizarre and I think might have applications for research.

The contention that there is ‘no such thing’ as mind over matter completely ignores the fact that we hear, see, touch, move, etc. simply by mind over matter. So its not a stretch to think that this mental influence could be extended beyond the mind to affect matter. Keely called it the ‘sympathetic attendant’ governed by ‘cerebellic fields’. I think it might account for some of the weirder free energy reports like Daniel in Canada.

The same applies to the erroneous contention that there is ‘no such thing’ as free energy, yet planets and electrons orbit despite this ‘belief’. One other tiein with your idea that high density static or dynamic energies could well precipitate into matter is that of Schappeller as in the file;

“This primary magnetism caused a gathering of the surrounding space fabric and FROM IT issued more fundamental energy as an INTENSIFICATION of the primary magnetism.At a certain stage, the system reached an EQUILIBRIUM GATHERING space fabric, and FROM IT PRECIPITATED ENERGY. When the energy DENSITY reached a required level, matter would be PRODUCED. The system would take up a spherical form in the “natural” state and become what Schappeller called “glowing magnetism”.

Glowing magnetism, he claimed, constituted the core of all planets and suns, the gravitational core of which was DUE to the glowing magnetism AT ITS CORE. How this theory fits the universal law of gravitation is at first difficult to see.”

I always thought this ‘gathering of the space fabric’ was so interesting as it is exactly what orgone manipulation does to produce weather changes. Like running the palm of your hand through water against an incoming wave…it repels it back, causing it to roil over on itself…thus in air, moisture precipitates into droplets and produces rain.

I think this same ‘gathering’ can be done to aether/zpe to ‘precipitate’ energy or even force.

Dusty Rhodes wrote; I like to call it a “Metamorphosis of Energy to Matter” for want of a better term.

The other thing is the properties of energy in a vacuum and how they might well attach to other energies such as zpe/aether so that you got more out than in. Hurwitsch says it is something that is so BASIC that we are missing it…I am so tired of hearing that, that we are missing WHAT???

Hurwitsch must be referring to ” the obvious “, which is usually pretty hard to see. Like the best place to hide is in plain sight. Mario Erra and I have been having a conversation about these same things lately. It is he that I have to thank for the Brown pdf file that looks like it didn’t survive as a link. So sorry about that. Perhaps Mario will post it for all to check out cause I think some of ” the obvious” stuff is being demonstrated there. And like I told Mario, suppose that the universe and all matter in it is only a ‘result’ of an intense static field and we found a way to short to ground. Talk about an oops!

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