Keelynet 5’s selected files, Part 5:

## Something from Nothing Revisited – 04/04/01, written for KeelyNet by Jerry W. Decker – free to copy/reprint ;

Most mainstreamers have the erroneous conception that alternative science fans, experimenters and researchers are looking to ‘create’ something from nothing in order to provide power necessary to run their perpetual motion machines or free energy devices.

The majority of people I know and communicate with are seeking one thing, a working free energy or gravity control device. Something we all can see, test, build (or buy) and use to make all of our lives easier.

It gets ever more tedious having to explain and correct people who write or call in, calling me and others who think along similar lines flakes, fools, idiots or other choice insults.

They haven’t bothered to study the very subjects they are ranting against, they haven’t bothered to ask questions, follow any discussions or read any documents relating to the subject. Yet they have no problem writing rude or insulting letters, full of ad hominem attacks, believing themselves to be the possessor of all that is right and true.

Where does the error lie?
I’ve often thought of writing up a webpage explaining it in terms and analogies the ‘critics’ can understand, so that is what this page is attempting to do.

This paper is intended to address four key points which I consider as the basis for all energy production;
1) the concept of aether/zpe – 2) creation of energy from nothing – 3) thermodynamics – 4) conversion

# the ‘Lost Aether’ now called ZPE (zero point energy)

Purists prefer the term Aether but I think the term should be used interchangeably with the newer ZPE, also called the spacetime metric or vacuum energy. It is spelled with an A to avoid confusion with the chemical ether.

Much like the popular ‘Browns’ gas’ which was essentially stolen from Dr. Rhodes who patented it in 1966 and has continued with additional research , I think the cleanest, most rational thing to do at this late stage is to call it ‘Hydroxy gas’ as used during WWII and earlier.

Because of such confusions, I choose to use the term Aether in combination to form ‘Aether/ZPE’ and so include the old and the new.

In a nutshell, aether/zpe is the energetic ‘quantum foam’ of space. It permeates and sustains the universe. It pops in and out of existence in a ceaseless ‘jitter’ and in its wake produces the effect of gravity, other energies and the localizations (condensations of energy) that produce matter. Just as E=MC^ where matter can be exploded to produce immense forces, so too can energy be coalesced and condensed to produce matter.

It has been detected by Casimir as an immense pressure by the forces exerted on two dielectric plates and erroneously described as an ‘attraction’ as extracted from this rectifying chaos file ;

– The Casimir force is a short range attraction between any two objects caused by…electromagnetic fluctuations in the vacuum. … any two plates, whether conductor or dielectrics, would experience a fourth power force law … also proportional to the dielectric constant of the plates. …

– The equations are only valid down to a separation distance proportional to the minimum wavelength at which the plates are still a good conductor or the dielectric constant is not unity. For distances closer than that … attractive force will … increase … at a rate proportional to the third power of the separation distance. …

– The closest separation distance …[that has been attained is 14 Angstroms]… (about five atoms) with two crossed cylinders of mica….

– …the measured force between the two mica cylinders was over ten tons per square meter!

I won’t belabor the explanation of aether/zpe with all the information available on the net but I do want to make one other point.

Nature seeks equilibrium. When equilibrium is disturbed, it produces polarization, a separation into two distinct forces, a positive – pressure wave and a negative – vacuum wave, both of which seek to rejoin in order to achieve an equilibrium that matches the ambient environment.

Whenever you have polarities, you have a gradient for each polarity. This gradient can be thought of as having the greatest inensity on the outside of the wave where it is furthest from the ambient zero reference when both are at equilbrium.

Gravity decreases as you ascend from the earth. In this case, it means it is strongest nearest the earth. Therefore, you have a gradient which can be tapped to use the gravity increase over distance (height) to produce work.

Aether/ZPE being omnipresent also has densities that are gradients. The Casimir plates do not push together when even an inch apart, but place them within 14 angstroms and the pushing of the ambient ZPE forces them together with a pressure of 10 tons per square meter as earlier quoted.

Do not tons convert to pressure? Can we not take advantage of this pressure as Maclay is attempting under the auspices of his $300,000 NASA grant?

There is a new science coming which will revolutionize the world in ways we cannot now imagine.

# the Creation of Energy error : This first issue deals with the commonly held consensus that we seek;

Something from Nothing and are attempting to create energy.

The standard erroneous statement made by orthodox science goes as far back as Newton where Sir Isaac Newton once observed:

“The seekers after perpetual motion are trying to get something from nothing.”

To my view and in my communications with many others, nothing could be further from the truth. No one that I have ever communicated with has ever suggested that energy was being created.

Instead, many of us believe it is possible to extract energy from the repulsion/attraction of magnetism, from gravity and from the omnipresent aether/zpe.

But let us not limit our seeking to just 3 sources, but expand it to include ANY ENERGY OR FORCE GRADIENT, knowing that the polarities, when placed in the proper arrangement, MUST COMBINE to create the natural condition of equilibrium.

As the polarities move to recombine, we intend to guide them through the wheelwork of our machinery to do practical work. It also might be possible to tap into the force which causes the equilibrium disruption in the first place since there is an expansion and a collapse cycle to any equilibrium disturbance.

# ‘Irreversible Entropy’ and ‘Closed Systems’ :

The two major errors made by modern science is sticking to the BELIEF in the 1st and 2nd ‘laws’ of thermodynamics;

– The 1st law states;
The total energy, including heat, in a (closed) system is conserved.
By “closed”, we mean a system that is completely cut-off, or insulated from its surroundings, so that no material or energy enters or leaves.

– The 2nd law states;
…for a spontaneous process, there is a net increase in entropy.

The second law is possibly the most misunderstood scientific principle. The two most obvious misuses are;
1. Perpetual motion machines
2. The statement “Evolution is impossible since entropy can’t decrease”.

With regard to point #1;
there IS no closed system possible with materials and forces currently available (at least publicly) that can prevent the passage of aether/zpe and GRAVITY into the so-called ‘closed’ system,

ergo, additional forces from outside the box and which pass into and through the box are necessarily injecting extra energy INSIDE the box which can be intercepted and converted to add energy to the closed system.

Can anyone deny that gravity permeates the box? If it did not, the box would float off into space with nothing to hold it down. Would it not follow that an aether/zpe would also permeate the closed system?

We must learn to CONVERT or TRANSLATE that additional energy (aether/zpe, gravity, whatever) into a form that we can use, i.e, mechanical, electric, etc..

This is what many so-called perpetual motion and free energy machines do and which many of us at KeelyNet are trying to replicate for practical use worldwide.

With regard to point #2 under the 2nd law, the claim states there is ALWAYS a net INCREASE in entropy which drags the system down into chaos and causes it to eventually stop, meaning entropy is irreversible, there CAN BE NO restorative, rejuvenating force.

Under currently undefined conditions, it should be possible to adjust the performance characteristics of a system so the operation involves the least possible resistance as well as taking advantage of the introduction (and conversion to other forms) of outside energy (per ‘law’ #1) in the form of gravity, aether/zpe, etc..

To my view, it appears everything keys into a wave or motion where one half of that wave or motion is positive, under ‘pressure’ and adds power, the other side is negative, has ‘vacuum’ and extracts power.

If the energy is already separated from the natural state of equilibrium, then most of our work is DONE. Why? Because it is the natural RECOMBINING of these polarities back to a state of equilibrium that will provide the ‘work’ we can use to carry out practical applications.

In the case of gravity, it already has a gradient so is immensely available for tapping under the right configuration. In the case of aether/zpe, which pops into and out of existence, we need to learn to detect its appearance and capture it. This might be possible to capture as the original unknown force that separates the vacuum in the first place as well as the collapse of the wave back to its state of equilibrium.

When you think about an expansion wave versus a collapsing wave, there might be properties quite opposite each other and which deal with the claims of a ‘cold current’ where sparking wires produce frost and circuits tapping this form of energy produce cold in the local area. However, that is beyond the scope of this paper.

With aether/zpe, it is a matter of rectification of the energy as it appears and begins to collapse. This can be tapped to produce mechanical or electrical forces, where the separated, polarized energies can be guided into a single form of either pure positive or pure negative. This is dealt with in my paper on rectifying chaos .

# Conversion vs Creation :

Now for the crux of all this verbiage, the contention that free energy enthusiasts claim to create something from nothing.

That is an error. We are trying to CONVERT gravity and other ambient forces into mechanical and/or electrical energy that can do work.

Its not such a brain stretcher. In fact, WE DEPEND ON CONVERSION from one form of energy to another in our everyday lives, for some examples, we;
1) convert the motion of a magnetic field past a copper coil into electrical current
2) convert wind energy to electrical energy or mechanical force
3) convert water energy to electrical energy or mechanical force
4) convert geothermal energy to electrical energy or mechanical force
5) convert gasoline and other combustibles to explosive force or to heat or to light
6) nature converts sunlight and heat into life itself with the right mix of nutrients

None of these produce ‘something from nothing’, it is the CONVERSION of something to something ELSE. From one form of energy to another form of energy.

Is it so hard to comprehend the CONVERSION of gravity, aether/zpe or other gradients into other useful forces???

One bugaboo we face is proving the existence of aether/zpe in a practical, reproducible and simple experiment that anyone can do and which will undeniably show the presence of aether/zpe.

That does not apply to gravity which one day we will learn to tap when we discover how to overbalance a wheel as Johannes Bessler did or when we learn to reduce the intensity of gravity under one half of a wheel so it will be continually over-balanced and ‘fall into itself’.

There is no question gravity is a force and we do in fact tap it through the flow of water over a dam to produce mechanical power converted to electrical current in hydroelectric installations.

The overbalancing principle used by Bessler and probably others is the key to the whole thing.

It is important to bear in mind that with an influx of energy from space such as gravity, there must be a gradient as it increases with proximity to the earth. Where there is a gradient there is a difference of potential. When there is a difference of potential, you have the natural flow of the two potentials trying to rejoin to re-establish equilibrium. In this case it is the attraction of gravity towards the earth. It is the force exerted by nature in ‘her’ attempt at regaining equilibrium that we must learn to tap.

Since there is a natural overbalance due to the gradient,
…if we can lower the resistance of the recovery side of the circuit or design
…to a level less than the additional energy imparted from the pressurized side of the gradient,
…then we achieve first unity, then overunity.

We have the Casimir effect to show the pressure of aether/zpe to the tune of 10 tons per square meter, a tremendous amount of energy that forces the dielectric plates together. This should be capable of ‘conversion’ to produce work as practical applications.

Lambertsons WIN cell, at least the samples I saw, use a rubbery insulator looking something like silicone caulk so that the plates slap together from the pressurized high side of the wave, then when the vacuum release side of the wave comes into play, the rubber pushes the plates apart to ‘recock’ or ‘reload’ it for the next pressure wave that again collapses it.

The machines that will present a problem requiring very long term monitoring and measurement are those like Bedinis and the Gray motor which use very little electrical energy to get a large mechanical force, thus extending the life of the battery far longer than is normal.

John Bedini says he has machines in his basement that have been running for years on a single battery…he says Bearden visited once and accidentally bumped into a battery which had been running a machine for years, the battery fell apart and was dried out inside, but the machine kept running….ask him, he’ll tell you that himself.

The bottomline is the device must produce sufficient energy to recharge the driving circuit, otherwise over a very long period of time it will run down as it proves out to be an extended pendulum effect where a clockspring, once wound will eventually run down unless it can somehow rewind itself, something that every branch of physics says cannot happen due to the 1st and 2nd laws.

In Bedinis’ case, as I understand it, the battery is recharged in a negentropic, negative resistance effect peculiar to his machines.

Research done by Prigogine and others in the fields of chaos theory, criticality, dissipative structures and self-organizing fields are shedding light on how such processes work which will I think become key design components when the first reproducible self-running free energy circuit is publicly released and duplicated worldwide.

One final comment, some think simple experiments are wasted time, effort, money and resources. They take the approach that ‘its all been done before’ and so is well understood, therefore don’t bother doing experiments, don’t tinker, don’t try anything that hasn’t been proven.

Another frequent comment is what good are ‘anomalies’, tiny effects that have no possible use. What good is running a magnet past a wire because it only produces a tiny current? Has that not been scaled up with bigger magnets and more coils to produce massive electrical power?

What good is burning a few drops of gasoline or oil only useful for lighting? Has that kind of thinking not been disproven by exploding the expanded gas or oil in a closed cylinder to transport our nation?

There are of course, many more obvious ‘anomalies’ which have changed the world by perceptive people willing to experiment, share and expand on what has been found.

Many of our most useful processes resulted from these simple, useless anomalies. For that reason, KeelyNet has always urged people to experiment wherever possible, even repeating supposedly ‘known’ experiments with the possibility you might experience something no one else noticed, or you might build your own version of a ‘known’ experiment that could well produce an interesting anomaly which could be scaled up for the next big discovery. If nothing else, you are building up your equipment, skills and understanding that will help you with future projects and experiments.

So before you write an email criticizing ‘free energy’ seekers, you might also write the providers and users of windpower, solar power, hydroelectric, geothermal and anyone who drives a car, mows a lawn or runs a magnet past a coil to produce electrical current, since they are producing energy from nothing and need to be corrected with your ‘laws’.

# Your (Mostly) Dead Predecessors :

– “Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.” (Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895)
– “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” (Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943)
– “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home.” (Ken Olsen, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977)
– “The telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.” (Western Union internal memo, 1876)
– “Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value.” (Marshal Ferdinand Foch, French commander of Allied forces during the closing months of World War I, 1918)
– “The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?” (David Sarnoff’s associates, in response to his urgings for investment in radio in the 1920’s)
– “Professor Goddard does not know the relation between action and reaction and the need to have something better than a vacuum against which to react. He seems to lack the basic knowledge ladled out daily in high schools.” (New York Times editorial about Robert Goddard’s revolutionary rocket work, 1921)
– “Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?” (Harry M. Warner, Warner Brothers, 1927)
– “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” (Charles H. Duell, commissioner, US Office of Patents, 1899)
– “The [flying] machine will eventually be fast; they will be used in sport, but they are not to be thought of as commercial carriers.” –Octave Chanute, aviation pioneer, 1904.
– “The ordinary ‘horseless carriage’ is at present a luxury for the wealthy; and although its price will probably fall in the future, it will never come into as common use as the bicycle.” –The Literary Digest, 1889.
– “[It] is, of course, altogether valueless…. Ours has been the first, and will doubtless be the last, party of whites to visit this profitless locality.” –Lt. Joseph D. Ives, Corps of Topographical Engineers, 1861, on the Grand Canyon.
– “Landing and moving around on the moon offer so many serious problems for human beings that it may take science another 200 years to lick them.” –Science Digest, August, 1948.
– “X rays are a hoax.” “Aircraft flight is impossible.” “Radio has no future.” –Physicist and mathematician Lord Kelvin (1824-1907)
– “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” –Thomas Watson, Chairman, IBM, 1943.
– “The bomb will never go off, and I speak as an expert in explosives.” –Adm. William Leahy, U.S. Atomic Energy Project, 1945.
– “Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.” –Popular Mechanics, 1949.
– “We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.” –Decca Recording Co., in rejecting the Beatles, 1962.

## Thrust and Electrical Power by Rectifying Aether/ZPE with Chaos Converters – 03/01/00 ;

This paper and the associated images are intended to illustrate how aether/zpe can be envisioned as energy popping into and out of existence to produce mechanical thrust OR electrical energy as described by Puthoff/Haisch/Rueda as a ‘Quantum Vacuum/Foam’ (excerpted quote below) and by Henry Moray, Sr. as a ‘Sea of Energy’.

The theory rests on many assumptions, and the one that worries us is the most fundamental: that the quantum vacuum produces a real electromagnetic field. Physicists normally treat the virtual photons as just that: virtual, hence unable to produce any far-reaching real effects. But numerous experiments indicate the field may indeed influence matter.
The quantum vacuum creates an attraction between neutral parallel plates, as predicted by Dutch physicist Hendrick Casimir in 1948 and confirmed experimentally several years later. The interaction of the vacuum electromagnetic field with electrons causes a shift of hydrogen spectral lines, as discovered by American physicists Willis Lamb Jr. and Robert Retherford in 1947 and explained later that year by Hans Bethe. And the spontaneous emission of photons can be altered by changing the electromagnetic environment of atoms; this suggests that “spontaneous” emission is actually stimulated by the fluctuations of the vacuum.

Distances for Casimir plates .

“…The Casimir force is a short range attraction between any two objects caused by … electromagnetic fluctuations in the vacuum. … any two plates, whether conductor or dielectrics, would experience a fourth power force law … also proportional to the dielectric constant of the plates. … The equations are only valid down to a separation distance proportional to the minimum wavelength at which the plates are still a good conductor or the dielectric constant is not unity. For distances closer than that … attractive force will … increase … at a rate proportional to the third power of the separation distance. …

“… The closest separation distance …[that has been attained is 14 Angstroms]… (about five atoms) with two crossed cylinders of mica. … the measured force between the two mica cylinders was over ten tons per square meter! … [To construct a vacuum fluctuation battery, make] … a wide flat spiral of foil built along the lines of a Slinky toy. … each turn of the spiral acts against the neighboring turns. The spiral configuration allows substantial compaction of the foil from large spacings to small spacings while maintaining uniform spacing. … [electric charge could] create an electrostatic repulsion between the plates … The Casimir force [could] draw the … leaves together, doing work against the repulsive electric field …”.

# Using Aether/ZPE as a propulsive force

Several experimental formats for tapping the ZPE for practical use are under investigation in our laboratory. An early one of interest is based on the idea of a Casimir pinch effect in non-neutral plasmas, basically a plasma equivalent of Forward’s electromechanical charged-plate collapse (see Puthoff, 1990). The underlying physics is described in a paper submitted for publication by myself and M. Piestrup, and it is illustrative that the first of several patents issued to a consultant to our laboratory, K.R. Shoulders, contains the descriptive phrase “… energy is provided… and the ultimate source of this energy appears to be the zero-point radiation of the vacuum continuum.”
“…. Many researchers see the vacuum as a central ingredient of 21st- Century physics. Some even believe the vacuum may be harnessed to provide a limitless supply of energy. This report summarizes an attempt to find an experiment that would test the Haisch, Rueda and Puthoff (HRP) conjecture that the mass and inertia of a body are induced effects brought about by changes in the quantum-fluctuation energy of the vacuum…. It was possible to find an experiment that might be able to prove or disprove that the inertial mass of a body can be altered by making changes in the vacuum surrounding the body.”

# In 1958 Dutch physicist M.J. Spaarnay carried out a series of experiments based on Casimir’s proposal and found that the force did not approach zero when the thermal radiation was reduced to low intensity. Instead there was a residual attractive force that would persist even at absolute zero.

The residual force is directly proportional to the area of the plates and inversely proportional to the fourth power of their separation; the constant of proportionality is 1.3 X 10-18th erg-centimeter.

Although such a force is small, it is measurable if the plates are sufficiently close together. For plates with an area of one square centimeter separated by .5 micrometer the Casimir force is equivalent to the weight of .2 milligram.

# For the purposes of this paper, the radiations from aether/zpe quanta are thought to emanate from all surface areas as they pop in and out of existence.

This all pervading quantum foam would appear as ‘noise’ as described in a recent fascinating article in New Scientist – Random Reality .

Space and the material world could be created out of nothing but noise. That’s the startling conclusion of a new theory that attempts to explain the stuff of reality, as Marcus Chown reports

IF YOU COULD LIFT A CORNER of the veil that shrouds reality, what would you see beneath? Nothing but randomness, say two Australian physicists. According to Reginald Cahill and Christopher Klinger of Flinders University in Adelaide, space and time and all the objects around us are no more than the froth on a deep sea of randomness.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that randomness is a part of the Universe. After all, physicists tell us that empty space is a swirling chaos of virtual particles. And randomness comes into play in quantum theory–when a particle such as an electron is observed, its properties are randomly selected from a set of alternatives predicted by the equations.

But Cahill and Klinger believe that this hints at a much deeper randomness. “Far from being merely associated with quantum measurements, this randomness is at the very heart of reality,” says Cahill. If they are right, they have created the most fundamental of all physical theories, and its implications are staggering. “Randomness generates everything,” says Cahill. “It even creates the sensation of the ‘present’, which is so conspicuously absent from today’s physics.”

A better definition of what is Zero Point Energy comes from the University of Virginia and says;

All objects in our universe have wave-like characteristics that manifest themselves in certain circumstances. These wave-like characteristics become more significant as objects becomes smaller. Their wave-like characteristics allow small particles to have ill-defined locations.

To understand what I mean by “ill-defined locations”, consider a wave on the surface of a lake. There is no one point at which this wave is located–it is located over a region of the water’s surface. Waves don’t have well defined locations.

Similarly, if you observe an electron, which is really a wave, there is no one point at which that electron is located–it is located over a region of space. Because of the detailed relationships between wavelength, frequency, and energy, the smaller the region of space in which the electron-wave can be found, the higher its energy must be.

Thus an electron that is localized at all–that is known to be within a certain region of space–must have a certain minimum energy, even if it is stationary. This minimum energy is called zero point energy and it is a consequence of trying to localize the particle within a certain region of space. Since the zero point energy is a base level and can’t be reduced, you can’t use zero point energy to do anything useful. It’s just there.

It’s just ‘there’….and it CAN be used BECAUSE it is a wave, waves can be intercepted and RECTIFIED, Nature does it and one day, in the very near future, we too will learn to utilize this enormous energy source.

Peter Lindemann ( wrote on the differences between aether and electricity for Borderlands .

As of June 16th and 17th at the KeelyNet Convergence 2001 conference in Dallas, many of us, including Peter Lindemann, feel major strides have been made in our collective understandings about how to tap into the aether/zpe energies which could well lead to a self-sustaining overunity device which might be capable of powering a small load in the near future.

You should seriously consider investing in two items, one is the book and/or video produced by Lindemann , the other is the book by Gerry Vassilatos, Secrets of Cold War Technology , click on ‘new books from AUP’. At this conference, several key principles were presented and discussed;

1 – unidirectional discharges without any reflected energy as EV Gray achieved with his power conversion tube based on Teslas move from AC to high intensity, short duration pulse DC to produce phenomena – Gray referred to it as ‘splitting the positive’ which we understand to mean never letting the unidirectional arc discharge be allowed to strike zero which would cause a back reflection, instead the power conversion tube uses a carbon block on the receiving lower potential side of the arc which slows the discharge down to +12vdc, thus ‘squeezing’ or ‘splattering’ the entrained aether/zpe into the copper mesh as shown in John Bedini’s Power Conversion Tube

2 – Bill Mullers use of ‘river sand’ magnetite mixed with a fixing agent to produce a variable reluctance core which responds instantly to changes in magnetic flux polarity

3 – a unique zero resistance core design where an increase in the current required by the load results in no resistance to the magnet motion past the coil core, the design for a normal solenoidal coil has the wire wound from top to bottom and as the magnet passes the coil, the resistance to its passage increases as the load current requirements increase (remember the old army hand cranked telephone field generator – the more load you hook to it, the harder it is to turn the handle), this new design has a core where the winding begins roughly 1/3 to 1/2 down the length of the core and the windings increase in turns as it approaches the bottom of the core, taking the form of a cone with the apex pointing up, this is quite similar to the HomoPolar motor which does not experience any resistance no matter how much current is extracted by the load devices.

4 – aether/zpe entrainment as described earlier in this paper

5 – using bifilar windings and pulses to increase efficiency and even to produce overunity as Doug Konzen appears to be getting and who some of us feel is a key player in the search for a working, FREELY SHARED overunity device. We have high hopes for Doug and he is an inspiration to others, check out his website.

You can follow up on much of this and keep track as new details come in by going to the KeelyNet Interact Discussion List which is publicly archived and available for viewing as well as the What’s New page.

I also want to add the important observation made by Gerald Orlowski based on the work of Rory Johnson that magnetism attracts to itself as opposed to electricity which repels itself.

“…Faraday had a great teaching on this subject, he stated, “When a current suddenly ceases, it can INDUCE a current IN THE SAME WIRE which is stronger than the original current. Thus, by conservation of force, there must be some force present, AN OPERATIVE, other than electric force. This force is probably the MAGNETIC FORCE.” Science had this enlightening teaching over 150 years ago! Unbelievable!…”

So what is different between these two energy FORMS? As we know, electrical flow argues, that is, it sparks, short circuits, and must be CAREFULLY insulated, Magnetic structures, rather, want to SHARE their flow, and are compatible to the Universal Force. This new energy FORM responds when it is needed as well as HOW it is needed, manifesting as a MEASURABLE current.

Thus, in defining these different energies, it is important to understand that although electrical and magnetic (energy) work with similar ATTITUDES, the MANNER in which they work, sets up a differing energy effect. THINK MAGNETIC THINK MAGNETIC.

# What if?

@ there was a material and/or a shape that would intercept the energies produced by this randomly appearing ‘noise’ of the quantum foam?
@ this material and/or shape, depending on its ability to interact with this quantum noise, could be used to produce either a mechanical force or an electric current?
@ this material and/or shape had the ability to absorb and redirect the random and chaotic appearances of this quantum foam so that it would effectively have one side that was polarized as a receptor, the other side as an emitter, where the emitter would radiate a repelling force or conduct an electric current?
@ this material exists everywhere but is so diffuse and randomly directed as to cancel out its weak abilities?

By using the above described material/shape so that when polarized, it would function as a check valve to produce either a mechanical pressure or as a diode for electrical current, we could collimate and channel ambient energy flows from these random quantum foam appearances into a preferred direction.

# The collimation of the random aether/zpe radiations will produce either mechanical thrust or electricity, depending on the properties of the material/shape used and based on a long proposed ‘Aether/ZPE Spectrum’ .

The idea being that aether/zpe consists of a band of frequencies far higher than anything we can measure, since it suffuses, permeates, creates and sustains all matter and energy.

When these high frequency aether/zpe waves are slowed down and extended they produce magnetism. When magnetism is slowed and extended, it produces electricity, then light, heat, sound, physical vibration and matter. The reverse effect is E=MC^ where matter is dissociated on a nuclear level to yield tremendous energies as it returns up the spectrum to aether/zpe.

Each of these gradations has its own spectrum just as each color can be subdivided for many shades.

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# Quantum Foam illustrations of Aether/ZPE

The background noise of Aether/ZPE popping in and out of existence, suffuses all matter and space, in sufficient density near mass to produce the ubiquitous effect we call ‘gravity’.

The Aether/ZPE noise magnified to show clusters of primary points that can be further enlarged to show their structure.

The noise clusters magnified to show as ‘primary points’ and whose energy radiates in all directions from each central point as it explodes into being.

In a way, Aether/ZPE is akin to the random movements of Brownian motion and to the NEGentropic heat collection of Maxwells Demon .

The Standing Wave of Matter
It is the flow of this aether/zpe as one or more frequencies into matter, where it is REFLECTED FROM THE CENTER to phase conjugate with incoming aether/zpe as shown in this standing wave animation.

For our purposes, we are seeking to allow the passage of the random chaos of the aether/zpe radiations through our check valves or diodes.

Since this ‘theoretical’ material or shape would function like a check valve to produce mechanical thrust or a diode to rectify the aether/zpe down to an electric current;

then one such unit would produce a tiny amount of thrust or current;
whereas many such check valves – all oriented in one direction, subject to a wider exposure of aether/zpe and over a small surface area,
would produce a combined emitter pushing effect that could be made to emanate in any preferred direction, to provide lift or thrust or, as noted earlier with the right material/shape to produce an electric current.

It would function like a ‘natural’ pump which, when placed in a balanced medium and turned on, will draw in the polarized, rectified, randomized ambient medium in one end and push it out the other side of the pump as a collimated force.

Think of a car moving at 60 mph. When it stops, you are pushed against the steering wheel, with the accepted ‘understanding’ being that this is caused by ‘inertia’.

Some today view this as the entrained viscosity of the background aether/zpe when it is disturbed as matter moves through the medium. The more rapidly the mass accelerates, the greater will be the disturbance.

If you sit on a motorcycle, gun the engine to high rpms and pop the clutch, you will be left on the ground as the accelerating motorcycle breaks away from you. Pushed back by the ‘dilatant matrix’ of the aether . The rapid acceleration and associated stresses on all the connected pieces of that motorcycle do not transfer to you when simply sitting unattached to the seat.

# As of 03/20/00, a recent update came to my attention of a superb chart of Zero Point Energy Effects on Mass (as mirrored below), constructed by Robert E. Brady with his website that describes three types of gravity theories.

If we create a well or hole in the zpe, then mass will ‘fall’ or rather BE PUSHED into that hole. As written up elsewhere on KeelyNet, a German researcher named Zielinski claims his private group has this figured out though he won’t give any details. We were able to get him to admit it used high voltage.

He said the mass to be moved would have something like a 100 pound weight placed in the front of it, the gravity well is created just ahead of this weight and the 100 pound weight along with the weight of the mass is pushed in that direction. By adjusting the location of the well, you can make it move in any desired direction.

Thinking along those lines, the chaos converter could simply be an aether/zpe ABSORBER, where the polarized side FACING UP would cause the mass attached to them to FALL or BE PUSHED upward! Kind of like a pump, creating a suction and if its strong enough, it would start ‘sucking air’ because it would suck faster than the ambient/zpe could flow in to fill it up. So it absorbs more on one side than on another.

Also elsewhere on KeelyNet are the comments by the high priest in charge of the Ark of the Covenant, claiming that the giant stone obelisks in Ethiopia were lifted into place using the ‘celestial fire’ that came from the Ark.

As well as the Dendera photos from 1,000 BC in the crypt at the Temple of Hathor, showing men holding what appear to be 5 foot long, 1 foot wide, tapered glass tubes with a snake in each, connected by a braided cable to a djet capacitor stack.

No one KNOWS what this was for but most of what I’ve seen points to the probability of creating a plasma vortex or a successive stream of high intensity, short duration discharges through the tube, that would entrain aether/zpe into a collimated beam directed at mass to cause it to absorb, radiate and repel surrounding aether/zpe, thus losing weight.

# As of 03/31/00, additional information that correlates perfectly with this file can be found in the U.S. Patent 5,590,031 by Mead on Dec. 31, 1996.

Excerpts from the patent;
The invention relates generally to conversion of electromagnetic radiation energy to electrical energy, and, more particularly, to conversion of high frequency bandwidths of the spectrum of a type of radiation known as zero point electromagnetic radiation to electrical energy.

The existence of zero point electromagnetic radiation was discovered in 1958 by the Dutch physicist M. J. Sparnaay. Mr. Sparnaay continued the experiments carried out by Hendrik B. G. Casimir in 1948 which showed the existence of a force between two uncharged parallel plates which arose from electromagnetic radiation surrounding the plates in a vacuum.

Mr. Sparnaay discovered that the forces acting on the plates arose from not only thermal radiation but also from another type of radiation now known as classical electromagnetic zero point radiation. Mr. Sparnaay determined that not only did the zero point electromagnetic radiation exist in a vacuum but also that it persisted even at a temperature of absolute zero.

Because it exists in a vacuum, zero point radiation is homogeneous and isotropic as well as ubiquitous. In addition, since zero point radiation is also invariant with respect to Lorentz transformation, the zero point radiation spectrum has the characteristic that the intensity of the radiation at any frequency is proportional to the cube of that frequency. Consequently, the intensity of the radiation increases without limit as the frequency increases resulting in an infinite energy density for the radiation spectrum.

With the introduction of the zero point radiation into the classical electron theory, a vacuum at a temperature of absolute zero is no longer considered empty of all electromagnetic fields. Instead, the vacuum is now considered as filled with randomly fluctuating fields having the zero point radiation spectrum.

The special characteristics of the zero point radiation which are that it has a virtually infinite energy density and that it is ubiquitous (even present in outer space) make it very desirable as an energy source.

However, because high energy densities exist at very high radiation frequencies and because conventional methods are only able to convert or extract energy effectively or efficiently only at lower frequencies at which zero point radiation has relatively low energy densities, effectively tapping this energy source has been believed to be unavailable using conventional techniques for converting electromagnetic energy to electrical or other forms of easily useable energy.

Consequently, zero point electromagnetic radiation energy which may potentially be used to power interplanetary craft as well as provide for society’s other needs has remained unharnessed.

What is therefore needed is a system which is capable of converting high frequency electromagnetic radiation energy into another form of energy which can be more readily used to provide power for transportation, heating, cooling as well as various other needs of society. What is also needed is such a system which may be used to provide energy from any location on earth or in space.

Essentially, the system of the present invention utilizes a pair of structures for receiving incident electromagnetic radiation which may be propagating through a vacuum or any other medium in which the receiving structures may be suitably located. The system of the present invention is specifically designed to convert the energy of zero point electromagnetic radiation; however, it may also be used to convert the energy of other types of electromagnetic radiation. The receiving structures are preferably composed of dielectric material in order to diffract and scatter the incident electromagnetic radiation.

In addition, the receiving structures are of a volumetric size selected to enable the structures to resonate at a high frequency of the incident electromagnetic radiation based on the parameters of frequency of the incident radiation and propagation characteristics of the medium and of the receiving structures.

Since zero point radiation has the characteristic that its energy density increases as its frequency increases, greater amounts of electromagnetic energy are available at higher frequencies. Consequently, the size of the structures are preferably miniaturized in order to produce greater amounts of energy from a system located within a space or area of a given size.

In this regard, the smaller the size of the receiving structures, the greater the amount of energy that can be produced by the system of the present invention.

At resonance, electromagnetically induced material deformations of the receiving structures produce secondary fields of electromagnetic energy therefrom which may have evanescent energy densities several times that of the incident radiation.

The structures are of different sizes so that the secondary fields arising therefrom are of different frequencies. The difference in volumetric size is very small so that interference between the two emitted radiation fields, and the receiving structures at the two different frequencies produces a beat frequency radiation which has a much lower frequency than the incident radiation.

The beat frequency radiation preferably is at a frequency which is sufficiently low that it may be relatively easily converted to useable electrical energy. In contrast, the incident zero point radiation has its desirable high energy densities at frequencies which are so high that conventional systems for converting the radiation to electrical energy either cannot effectively or efficiently so convert the radiation energy or simply cannot be used to convert the radiation energy for other reasons.

The system of the present invention also includes an antenna which receives the beat frequency radiation. The antenna may be a conventional metallic antenna such as a loop or dipole type of antenna or a rf cavity structure which partially encloses the receiving structures.

The antenna feeds the radiation energy to an electrical conductor (in the case of a conventional dipole or comparable type of antenna) or to a waveguide (in the case of a rf cavity structure). The conductor or waveguide feeds the electrical current (in the case of the electrical conductor) or the electromagnetic radiation (in the case of the waveguide) to a converter which converts the received energy to useful electrical energy.

The converter preferably includes a tuning circuit or comparable device so that it can effectively receive the beat frequency radiation. The converter may include a transformer to convert the energy to electrical current having a desired voltage. In addition, the converter may also include a rectifier to convert the energy to electrical current having a desired waveform.

ZPE appears across a broad spectrum of frequencies and one of the interesting comments in the patent is on page 13;

“Since, as set forth hereinabove, the energy density of the zero point radiation increases as the frequency of the radiation increases, it is desirable that the spheres resonate in as high a bandwidth of frequencies as possible. Because the spheres 212 and 214 must be small in direct proportion to the wavelength of the high frequencies of the incident electromagnetic radiation 216 at which resonance is desirably obtained, the spheres 212 and 214 are preferably MICROSCOPIC in size.

Current lithographic techniques are capable of manufacturing such microscopically small spheres mounted on a suitable substrate thereby providing a suitably miniaturized system 210.

A miniaturized system enhances the energy output capability of the system by enabling it to resonate at higher frequencies at which there are correspondingly higher energy densities. Consequently, utilization of array 238 in the system 210 enhances the maximum amount of electrical energy provided by the system 210.”

Lithographic techniques may be more amenable to manufacturing microscopically small receiving structures 212 and 214 which may be disc shaped, semispherical or have another shape other than as shown in FIGS. 4 and 5. Consequently, the receiving means 212 and 214 may accordingly have such alternative shapes rather than the spherical shape shown in FIGS. 4 and 5. In addition, a large number of small spheres may be manufactured by bulk chemical reactions. Packing a volume with such spheres in close proximity could enhance the output of energy.

Embodiment 210 also includes a plurality of antennas 222 positioned preferably between the spheres 212 and 214 which receive the beat frequency radiation 224 produced by the interference between the secondary radiation 218 and 220. The antennas 222 are shown as loop antennas 222 but may be any other suitable type of antennas as well.

Embodiment 210 has a plurality of electrical conductors 226 which preferably include traces mounted on the substrate 236 which occupies a finite volume. The electrical conductors 226 feed the electrical output from the antennas 222 to a suitable converter 228 which preferably includes tuning capacitor 230, transformer 232 and rectifier 234, as with embodiments 10 and 110.

In a more outrageous vein, in legends and myths, we read about flying animals such as Bellerophons’ flying horse Pegasus and references to other winged creatures such as gryphons, giant Roc birds, and other fantastic things whose weight to wingspread area don’t make sense.

We also are told through legend and myth about the witches flying broom and the flying carpet of ancient Persia.

What if the ancients discovered this natural shape and/or material which by itself had an almost imperceptible effect, yet in accumulation, could redirect the chaos of the ambient aether/zpe into a specific direction to produce a useful effect such as a cancellation of ‘gravity’ and even a thrust in a preferred direction?

The carpet could also be kept earthbound by laying it on the floor or ground with the polarized side facing outward in all directions, thus losing any lifting abilities due to smaller surface area and dispersion of the effect.

Since this ambient aether/zpe originated chaotic energy, which appears and disappears to saturate all local mass, would be intercepting, collimating and redirecting these ambient chaotic natural energies, no power would have been required in the form of electricity, magnetism or human physical effort.

Thus they had no recourse for understanding the true cause, having to resort to magic and the claim that jinn, demons or some other ‘supernatural’ force was the lifting and propelling agent.

If such a material having this aether/zpe chaos converter effect were to be woven into a carpet with the right polarization, so that the effect emanated from one side of the carpet, then it could well be that flying carpets were possible by those who studied and understood such matters.

# As of 04/06/00, a fascinating piece of information came in that ties in perfectly with this document which I’ve been working on since around October 99′ now. As you can see it relies on a moving Casimir junction to produce mechanical thrust. It involves a new $300,000 research project sponsored by NASA and refers to a vacuum fluctuation tap which occurs on microscopic levels as proposed in this document.

## The Future of Our World ; Energy Conversion, Social Responsibility & Funding ; a new ‘rave’ by Jerry Decker – 06/12/99 ;

# Introduction
We all read about all the alternative science claims and speculations, only to always wind up with the simple fact that there is not yet a working free energy device, nor is there a demonstrable gravity control device (despite the current magnetic phenomena flap in the ‘proofs’ of Tamperes’ stimulated superconductors and the diamagnetic ‘flying frogs’, neither of which is remotely related to gravity).

Week after week, new discussions and an occasional new claim comes out, still none are proven, nor are they EVER available for purchase or with sufficient information to at the very least duplicate as a Proof of Principle in the form of a kit or circuit. Why is that?

Websites abound claiming to sell you plans of a working free energy device and people fall all over themselves to buy that same regurgitated, recopied information which encourages more people to jump on the bandwagon in hopes of sales.

# G e t R e a l
If those plans really worked, wouldn’t we be flooded with reports about them from all over the world? Wouldn’t we be able to buy hundreds of products or versions of these devices?

Usually the new claims are from the same people in disguise seeking ever more investors and offers of franchises WHEN their devices come on the market. Sometimes new people come forward but they are almost instantly suspect because of the shenanigans of the scamsters who have given the entire field a bad name. Where does it stop?

# Energy Conversion
Thinking people cannot fail to realize that we will inevitably learn to tap into the same forces which move the planets and which move electrons in their orbits.

Nor can anyone deny the fallacy of a truly closed system since gravity and aether/zpe permeates any experiment. WHEN we learn to deflect, block or cancel these omnipresent forces, then we would be closer to the claim of a TRULY ‘closed system’.

As Hal Fox points out, lets not forget when those of us who study and keep abreast of alternative science talk about ‘free’ energy we are referring to CONVERSION of ambient energy from the zero point background of space, NOT as so many critics maintain, that we are trying to get ‘something from nothing.’

There has been much discussion over the terms, free energy as opposed to overunity. Nothing is truly ‘free’ since you must initially purchase the hardware that allows the extraction of the energy in the first place, however, that consideration aside, free energy and overunity both refer to getting more energy out than is put into and used by the device.

Since gravity and zpe permeate and suffuse everything, our intent is to capture additional energy in our circuit or device at useful power levels and in forms that will drive our machines or circuits.

It is the CONVERSION of EXTANT zpe energy to useful forms that some of us seek, without the need to consume anything that requires mass for fuel. Not the cold fusion battery which eventually requires replacement of its components due to transmutation/corrosion, not the decay of radioactive materials, not hydrogen from water or in fuel cells.

With regard to ‘renewable power sources’, there are already voluminous sites, groups and supporters of wind, water, heat or solar energy. We seek the final solution, that of tapping the all pervasive zero point energy, that which the ancients referred to as ETHER (we use the term AETHER to avoid confusion with the chemical ether).

KeelyNet, many of our associates and a very few other groups also seek this ultimate power source, one that consumes no mass and can be extracted from anywhere at any time, in whatever power quantity the user desires and that their CONVERTER or TRANSFORMER can sustain.

A self running magnetic motor, an engine that develops its force from the ‘flow’ of gravity or a generator that extracts back emf, atmospheric or earth currents, these also are worthy of investigation because they CONSUME NO MASS and do not pollute with emissions.

The ideal conversion will result from zpe induced mechanical overcompensation as with inertial and precession/gyroscopic devices, or with what some suspect will be a direct extraction of electrical current from the same zpe background.

As Hal Puthoff, Bernard Haisch and Alphonse Rueda point out in their ground breaking paper on ZPE as the Cause of Inertia, something continues to push against a moving object when it suddenly stops.

You might ask why can’t we more easily detect and extract this boundless energy if it is so enormously powerful and all pervasive?

Just as fish in water don’t realize they are in a pressurized environment so too do we not realize the presence of zpe, nor can our instruments detect an energy environment which suffuses all matter and space.

Some of us are of the opinion that the zpe, being an omnipresent high energy field can be tapped by creating a difference of potential, by creating a ‘hole’ in space into which the zpe will rush to fill up and restore equilibrium.

This rushing in to restore equilibrium could be tapped, using something like a paddlewheel that was influenced by the flow of the aether/zpe. Blow the hole in the aether/zpe, keep it open to keep the flow going and hope it doesn’t take more energy to create and sustain this artificial hole than the aether/zpe conversion will provide.

The entrainment of the aether/zpe from motion through it creates a back impulse when the motion stops. It is of course caused by the entrained aether/zpe continuing to flow until it dissipates and according to Pearson, this back thrust can be as much as 18% more than the applied energy to produce the ‘annihilation’.

Mass appears to be exactly that, a bubble or hole in space which is constantly being infused with zpe to generate gravity along with the erroneous idea of ‘weight’ as well as to eventually slow and precipitate as mass.

Therefore, it is a matter of converting this continual influx or creating our own artificial hole that will produce a controlled flow that we can tap.

Once we learn the basics of tapping the flow of zpe, our freely shared discoveries will inevitably and rapidly progress from an art to a science.

The entire world will have the keys to producing all the energy we could use from any point in space, we will also be able to control the ‘weight’ of mass. The conversion process, like any circuit or mechanical device, is dependent on the component charactistics and maximum power capabilities.

# Social Responsibility :
One of the concerns which was recently expressed by Don Lancaster in number 86 of his Resource Bin articles in the March 1999 Nuts & Volts, entitled ‘Supraluminal Dowsing for Brown’s Gas in Roswell’ said,

“One of the big dangers of wishing for something is that you may get it. I strongly feel that finding a source of unlimited free energy would be one of the most heinous possible crimes against humanity. One which would make Hitler look like Mother Teresa.
For the out-of-control binge which would certainly result would quickly turn the planet into a cinder. Global warming would then get measured in degrees per hour, rather than degrees per century.”

Despite Don’s good intentions, he is without doubt an alarmist grabbing at any excuse to hinder any research, indeed, deriding our very thinking about how we can practically produce essentially free energy.

Don fails to recognize that some reports of free energy devices claim a ‘negative current’ which is implosive and produces cooling rather than the heating associated with explosive electrical energy.

You might like to check out his website or drop a line to Don Lancaster.

Most important of all, is the simple consideration that such devices will take many forms, ideally where each appliance, vehicle or house will have its own internal power supply.

The circuit will only allow as much current flow through it as its components can handle, otherwise, like all current loads, if you want more power, you have to pay more for power circuitry, otherwise you burn it up or blow the fuses or breakers when you overload it.

At this point in time, we simply don’t have a working device that would produce this implosive cold current, mechanical force or normal electricity or magnetism, so we don’t know what form it will take.

However, consider one central facility which produces vast quantities of power and transmits it into a grid which feeds each house, as opposed to many tiny power drains as would be the case in a per application system, where the power is generated on the spot.

The best description I have heard was ‘perpetual batteries’ which consisted of potted circuits that produce enough power to drive a single appliance. Once kick started, the circuit would extract and convert zpe energy to electrical energy to operate the device. Each appliance would have its own internal power source and could be operated anywhere because the zpe is everywhere.

If it uses the implosive, cooling effect of cold current, then the earth would cool rather than heat as we now experience with the current global warming.

If it uses the explosive, heating effect of hot current, we could just as easily fold enough energy back around to cool the circuit using thermoacoustics, peltier junctions or other such cooling devices, energized by extracting additional power from the source.

The question remains, why after some 300 years (since Bessler) has no one been able to bring to market or into public use, a working overunity device?

Is this failure to produce a working free energy device due to suppressive influences such as business or government? Is it due to the secrecy or greed of the inventor? Are all those reports simply lies or errors, promulgated and promoted solely to garner funding, fame or a place in history?

When it comes to global societies, consider what can be done with a portable source of power that extracted energy from the local zpe environment;
– Homes could be heated, cooled, ventilated and lighted as desired.
– Water for drinking, bathing and even irrigation could be extracted from the air using cooling and precipitation.
– Waste material could be vaporized or converted onsite.
– Transportation would no longer rely on combustion of fossil fuels, but would use electric motors and other forms of mechanical power.
– Even to the point of compressing air using an electric motor, then running the vehicle from the air, this would allow any current piston driven vehicle to be easily and cheaply converted to run without having to purchase and install electric motors.

Now these marvelous improvements would result just from the discovery of how to produce electricity or mechanical force from the zpe.

Consider the additional ramifications of what would happen when we learn to control gravity, whether by reducing it, cancelling it or increasing it.

Entirely new vistas for life and growth open up. Development and access of previously difficult to reach areas of the earth. Three dimensional transport systems from commercial to civilian flying machines. Where we would finally be able to easily and cheaply move out into space and safely return for the purpose of building space stations and colonizing other planets and eventually star systems.

The possibilities of the discovery and worldwide implementation of free energy OR gravity control beggar the imagination and would result from just one discovery which would lead to the second.

Governments and societies would change radically as these new technologies destroyed borders and negated the perceived need of one nation to interfere in the destinies of other nations under the guise of ‘national security’ in the incessant quest for crude oil resources.

Take the recent fiasco in a foreign country with filthy water which caused all kinds of diseases and misery. Drilling was done to establish wells but were years later found to contain arsenic and other elements that caused poisoning.

With a free energy device and an airwell, clean, healthy water could easily be precipitated from the air. Airwells work either way, but the idea of as much water as needed by tapping local zpe energy would resolve water supply problems anywhere.

The permutations for humanity and the earth are vast with just the discovery and free sharing of free energy alone and would be logarithmically multiplied with the discovery of practical gravity control.

# Funding the Future of the World :
No more confusion, no more misdirection, no more willingness to believe without proof. Collectively, we have wasted enough time, allowed far too much misery and control groups to infiltrate the world. We need to focus our attention on funding to accelerate our activities to the point of practical success.

I have had the honor and privilege to communicate with many intelligent and talented people. Many feel as I do, they know they could produce miracles if they simply had a way to sustain themselves, a facility they could work in which would lead to some guarantee of credit and recompense for their discovery whether alone or working with a group.

KeelyNet is committed to the free sharing of information and basic details on free energy and gravity control discoveries made under our aegis. Many are those whose sole purpose is to sell non-existent technology for profit, without any concern for reality or truth. It is time the people with the knowledge, the talent and the will for positive change be given an opportunity to fulfill their destiny.

For that reason, we have a Shareware Document for those who want to really make a difference and rely on their destiny to reap any rewards.

I have long realized that we will NEVER have working free energy or gravity control technologies unless it is freely shared and without hindrance of patents or proprietary controls.

Free Energy MUST be globally and freely shared at the very least in a proof of principle circuit or construction details.

This attitude frightens many, particularly investors and companies whose livelihood depends on current energy generation and flight technology.

Fortunately, they consider KeelyNet and many others who investigate these areas to be ‘fringe’ and ‘half-baked’, relying on the perception that people and groups who do have money would never invest in anything that would one day destroy their investments in oil, energy and transportation. The same goes for trust funds, charities and philanthropists.

The control groups are counting on there not being any remaining philanthropists, patrons, patronesses or groups who can see what positive changes could be wrought in their lifetime by supporting such discoveries.

I think if there is anything to it, it is because of this ‘fringe’ perception that we don’t experience the oft quoted claims of ‘suppression’ and such, which gives us a decided edge.

Why would anyone donate money or resources to any person or group who is not non-profit, whose fruits of research would cause such worldwide havoc as the basic technology is rapidly instituted and which would result in no income for the investors because those technologies would be freely, and globally shared?

Does that make sense? Someone has to make the devices. Someone has to install them and maintain them periodically. Someone has to repair them when they inevitably break since nothing lasts forever. There will be millions of new opportunities for investment and profit from the fruits of this research. The capitalist system will allow only the best, the most efficient and the most economical versions to win out, ultimately benefitting everyone.

It is up to those few who can see the commercial opportunities and why it is important to assist in the discoveries and be poised, ready to be first to market and to stay ahead of the competition in optimizing the technologies.

Look at all the products today which started out as very expensive and even unstable, as time passed and more companies became involved in research and optimization, prices came down, they have more power and functions than ever and everyone benefits. So too, will free energy devices and gravity control affect all of humanity and one day become ubiquitous.

# Your Opportunity to Make a Difference :
If you drilled down this far, perhaps you see how important it is to do whatever you can to help make the basic discoveries that will be freely shared.

Perhaps you don’t have any interest in helping make our goals a reality, then you will want to stop reading right here.

Assuming you DO want to finally see and USE working free energy or gravity control technologies, but might not be in a position to help financially, I’m asking that you share this with those you know who are in a position or of a mind to help.

The basic idea involves a small building, outfitted as a workshop, located near Dallas and where the basic research and experiments will be done. The workshop would include basic machining, woodworking, plastic working and electronics tools, along with a library of resource information and a means of documenting the results of successful projects or experiments. Not quite like some experimenters because we will be working on experiments that have PRACTICAL applications.

# Funding Scenario:
I’ll be quite up front and candid about this, some of my contacts and I think we have understandings of how to produce both free energy and gravity control. The genie is just waiting for the right people to let it loose, freely and without restrictions, to once again bestow marvels and wonders upon humanity.

The information that has been gathered to date, is fully released on KeelyNet but only a tiny few have put the pieces together, these correlations have served as an acid test to ferret out these rare and maverick thinkers. There is no guarantee we are right and the only way to prove it is to test the hypothesis, that requires funding and the ability to work full time on the projects, yet still maintain a decent standard of living.

The funding idea is for a person or group of investors to put up money in an INTEREST GENERATING FUND that would best provide for research and support, with the expectation that the investors will receive ALL of their principle investment back after a set period if the research has not produced results. Ideally, that period would be a minimum of 3 years and extended to 5 years if results were promising.

I know, this sounds like yet another variation on the scams that have been going on with SEVERAL individuals in the free energy area AND in EVERY case that I am aware of, the ‘investors’ never get their money back or the promised returns.

My scheme is that the ‘investor group’ always owns the entire principle invested and only the interest comes to us. The initial period of investment is for a minimal period of 3 years, unless there is DUAL success that takes the form of basic free energy and gravity control, at which point, the arrangement is extended to further additional research efforts .

What makes my offer different? KeelyNet, which I created, own and operate has been around since 1988 and has always been public, freely sharing whatever information we could find that related to our primary goals of achieving practical free energy, gravity control and electronic/alternative health technologies.

KeelyNet doesn’t sell anything nor is it under the thumb of any outsiders who could limit what is said or done. And KeelyNet has always promoted the realization that free energy and gravity control MUST BE FREELY SHARED, without restriction or obligation.

Once basic working free energy (200% efficiency) AND electronic gravity reduction (75% controlled weight loss) technologies were BOTH achieved and the basic technology freely released via the InterNet, as a form of reward for success, control of the income from the investment fund would be transferred to Jerry Decker for the next 20 years, after which time it would revert back to the original investor(s). During that time, I will continue working with others on research that could lead to practical new and novel technologies.

The key here is sustained income and research money in a quantity that could afford consultation, assistance, materials and facilities.

Bearing in mind that with proper investment, a sum of money can generate from 7 to 10% per year, with 1 million bucks properly and safely invested, that would be roughly $70,000 to $100,000 per year. The interest from that one million dollars would provide the basics for full time suuport, supplies, small shop and research equipment for one researcher.

An additional benefit would be MORE HELPERS on these projects which would serve to greatly accelerate the research and discovery of new phenomena that has practical applications. Because of the novelty and difficulty of the projects and the failure over 300 years by anyone to produce a commercial free energy or gravity control model, there is no question in my view that the combined insights and skills of several people would help to SOONER achieve success.

That means 3 million or so to bring in $210,000 to $300,000 per year for associates and multiple projects. I know, it sounds crazy but I’ve thought about this for a very long time and note we are all getting older, nothing is being done with the ideas laced throughout KeelyNet or on other sites and its time for all of us who really want to make a difference to take a stand and make a commitment.

My thinking is the ‘angel’ or ‘investor’ loses nothing except the interest that would normally be gained from their money. After 3 years, if we have achieved no success in either project, free energy or gravity control, then the investment program is dissolved and the money goes back to the investor, minus the interest paid over the years of the agreed investment duration.

So much of the worlds problems revolve around lack of energy, it is the single most important research project that could ever be, far surpassing the Manhattan Project or landing on the moon.

The successful discovery of a working free energy circuit that is freely shared worldwide will rank alongside the discoveries of fire, the wheel and the computer.

If you are reading this with the idea that this is an offer for an investment that will yield a RETURN or OWNERSHIP of the discoveries of Free Energy OR Gravity Control, you are completely missing the point.

Free energy and Gravity control MUST BE FREELY SHARED, so might as well move to another site as this isn’t the place for you.

There is no doubt there will be spillover discoveries from these two primary goals and a share of those spillover discoveries might be a further inducement to participate. That will have to be discussed on a case by case basis but the free release of free energy and gravity control are the purpose for this proposition.

Many people have far more money than they will ever be able to spend, so why not put it towards something that will do some good. You will get your money back if I and my associates fail to achieve free energy and gravity control, so what do you have to lose?

What do YOU get out of this? Nothing, except knowing you had been a catalyst for massive changes and quite likely your name will be plastered all over the history books as the person or persons who ushered the world into a new era of science and medicine. If you know KeelyNet, you know we always make SURE people get full credit for their efforts and sharing.

I never have been able to understand how anyone could possibly need to have millions or billions of dollars. What good do they do for anyone but themselves?

A great comment I heard was that humans collect things they don’t need all their lives, when they die, their relatives sell or give away their collection of material goods, then go out and collect more material items for their relatives to dispose of when they die.

My view is that we are here to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, to enjoy it with friends and family, trying to make our lives count for something positive that will last and continue to BENEFIT MANY after we are gone, nothing else TRULY MATTERS.

Free energy, gravity control and ways to heal or rejuvenate the body, any one of those, discovered and put into practical use, would be worth the typical efforts of a hundred lifetimes.

If you know of any person or group who might be interested in such an offer, please share this page with them. Like most people, I’m just a working guy trying to make a living, yet quite aware of a higher purpose for both myself and many of my contacts and associates.

Perhaps you are the one who will be the catalyst or be a part of the catalyst that will help all of us working together to change the world in new and novel positive ways. Thanks for any assistance, advice or comments: you can provide.

Due to changes at KeelyNet during 2001, updated contact information is posted on our Contact Page

## Gestalts and the Production of Anomalous Phenomena – 01/08/98 , by Jerry W. Decker for KeelyNet ;

This file is free to reprint or repost as you will.I fully expect to catch heat about this being posted under the Energy category of KeelyNet, when it should more appropriately be posted under Biology or Paranormal. However, since it deals primarly with controlling aether, albeit through conscious direction, I chose to place it under Energy.

The following is quoted from a superb Nexus magazine article about the experiments of John Hutchinson. It correlates the production of strange physical phenomena from combined electrical equipment; to the same type of phenomena reported in poltergeist cases.

“Basically, what Hutchison did was cram into a single room a variety of devices which emit electromagnetic fields (such as Tesla coils, van de Graaff generators, RF transmitters, signal generators, etc.).

He found that after they had been running for a while, effects began to occur that were identical to what have come to be regarded as poltergeist phenomena.

– Objects of any material levitated into the air and hovered there,
– or moved about and then fell;
– fires started in unlikely places around the building;
– a mirror smashed at a distance of 80 feet away;
– metal distorted and broke;
– water spontaneously swirled in containers;
– lights appeared in the air and then vanished;
– metal became white-hot but did not burn any surrounding materials;
– and so on.”

On one video recording a 19-pound bronze cylinder is seen to rise majestically into the air, at a distance of 80 feet from the centre of the device, but, incredibly, Hutchison tells us:

“The source power was 110 volts AC. One side of the AC line had a power factor capacitor (60 cycles, 250 volts) and a 100-amp current limiter.”

On another occasion, when Hutchison’s layout of apparatus and equipment was reproduced by an electrical engineering company interested in this device, he explained:

“All components are powered from a single 15-amp, 110-volt, 60-Hz supply.”

You can read the entire article online at; Hutchinson & Poltergeist Phenomena – 10/15/97

Isn’t that an incredible correlation? When all these electrical devices are powered up, after a small amount of time has elapsed, poltergeist-like phenomena occurs.

Such phenomena continues until either the power feeding all the devices is turned off or some of the electrical devices in the room have been damaged to a point of non-operation.

One possibility that intrigues me is that the complex dynamic electrical interactions from the equipment establishes a low-level INTELLIGENCE. Much like Tom Beardens’ gestalt (group mind) concept of ZARG, an entity created from an assembly of Neurophone driven, telepathically linked individuals.

To me, it sounds like this low-level intelligence, analogous to that of a baby, would necessarily attempt to map its environment utilizing whatever sensory and motional mechanisms it had.

Since the electronic devices manipulate electricity and magnetism, then those forces would be the most likely extensions used to map its environment. Just like a baby, uncoordinated groping using these energy fields would result in physical phenomena such as levitation, throwing objects across a room, unintentionally damaging or destroying IT’S OWN ‘BODY’.

If enough self-inflicted damage occurs, the new low-level dynamic intelligence dies or is sufficiently crippled to lose these newfound abilities.

The Nexus article evoked memories of how some free energy researchers have an apparent ability to influence the flow of energy using either mechanical or electronic constructs. A similar ability has been demonstrated by some healers and through ‘prayer groups.’

# Party Levitation:
A party trick referred to as ‘party levitation’, which I have done on numerous occasions when growing up, involves the use of 4 people to lift a 5th person. That 5th person is the heaviest one around. The idea involves a certain series of actions that allows the lifting of the heavy person with minimal effort.

The form we used was quite simple. A group of 4 people are selected, their size and strength is unimportant. A 5th person is selected who should be as stout, large or heavy as possible. The 5th person sits in a chair provided for the experiment.

All 4 volunteers take stations around the seated 5th person. One person is to be located at each shoulder and one person is to be located at each knee of the seated person.

One of the 4 volunteers (no particular one) places his right hand above the seated person’s head. Moving in a clockwise pattern, the next person places their right hand above the previous person’s hand. This continues until all four hands are stacked BUT NOT TOUCHING, above the head of the seated person.

Once the right hands are stacked, the left hand of each person is successively stacked in similar fashion, again NOT TOUCHING.

This means when we are finished, we have 4 right hands stacked above 4 left hands over the head of the seated person.

Once this is done, all 4 volunteers take 3 deep breaths, then one person shouts, ‘LIFT’. At this point, all of the hands are removed from the stack, and each person places the palm of the right hand flat against the palm of the left hand, with each forefinger extended and flat against the other.

Each person then inserts their paired forefingers under the armpit or the crooked knee of the seated person and lifts as directed.

I have never seen it fail, that the seated person, no matter how heavy can be easily lifted high into the air by the combined efforts of the slightest and smallest of volunteer lifters.

There was an early 20th century scientist who carefully weighed volunteers carrying out this party levitation. I remembered reading about his test method. Coincidentally, while writing this, I received a packet of ‘Fringe Science’ reprint material courteously sent from the Lost Tech group down in Australia which had that very article in it!

The article says; Weight Vanishes – Can Breathing Exercises Overcome Gravity?

Sixty pounds of human weight suddenly and mysteriously vanished the other day. Where did it go?

Nearly everyone is familiar with the lifting game in which four persons, after breathing deeply in unison, lift a fifth person easily with their fingertips.

The lifters always agree that the subject seems to have lost weight. Does the subject actually lose weight, or is it an illusion? To seek the answer, five persons recently tried the experiment on the platform of a sensitive scale.

At the outset, the combined weight of the experimenters was 712 pounds, but when the lift was made, according to Hereward Carrington, Ph.D., research officer of the American Psychical Institute, “these surprising results were noted: On the first and second trials, there was a loss of weight amounting to 52 pounds. On the third, fourth and fifth lifts, 60 pounds were lost.”

The amazing thing about the party levitation is that the people doing the lifting find the person being lifted to be as light as a sack of feathers.

Some have claimed this due to distributed weight, others to possibly hyper- ventilation from the 3 breaths prior to the lift.

Given that the seated person weighs just 200 pounds, I ask you to try to lift 50 pounds of dead weight with just your two extended forefingers next to each other. This experiment remains unexplained as to the true reason why the lifted person seems to be so light in weight.

# The Sufi Shrine of Qamar Ali:
Another similar report is about a Sufi shrine in Shivapur, near Poona, India. It is named after Sufi holy man Qamar Ali. In the courtyard, visitors to the temple are asked to assist in a demonstration of Qamar Ali’s divine presence. The experiment involves two large boulders in the courtyard, one slightly larger than the other.

When eleven people stood around the largest boulder and lightly touched it with a single forefinger (as I understand it, either hand could be used), they were instructed by a disciple of the temple, to chant in unison, the phrase, ‘Qamar Ali Dervish’ in a kind of sing-song style.

After a couple of minutes of this chanting, the stone would rise up off the ground. If the chanting stopped or just one person removed their finger from the stone, it would instantly fall to the ground.

The smaller boulder could also be lifted in similar fashion, yet it only required the participation of nine people. On our recent trip to Egypt, I SO wanted to go to India to witness this phenomenon and do it for myself, making a videotape and taking measurements where possible, however, the cost was beyond my budget.

Again, we have the combined willpower of a group of people, expecting a specific goal to occur.

# Tibetan Levitation:
It is quite possible that the incidence of Tibetan levitation as reported to have been filmed could have been a group consciousness effect rather than being due to sound as we have always believed.

An excerpt from Dan Davidson’s paper, FREE ENERGY, GRAVITY, AND THE AETHER describes this event;

Research into ancient religions reveals many startling levitation effects. One of the most detailed and interesting of these have been recorded by a competent witness5.
A Swede, Dr. Jarl, who studied at Oxford became friends with a fellow student from Tibet. Several years later, in 1939, he was asked by his friend to go to Tibet to treat a high Lama. His Tibetan friend had risen to high rank at his Lamasery and Dr. Jarl was privileged to learn many things which most foreigners would never hear about.
On one occasion, his friend took him to a meadow which was surrounded by high cliffs to the northwest. About 250 meters up the face of the cliff there was a hole which looked like the entrance to a cave. A rock wall was being built in front of the cave by Tibetan monks. Access to the cave could only be achieved from the top of the mountain.
250 meters from the face of the cliff, facing the cave, was a polished rock slab with a bowl shaped depression in it. A block of stone, 1.5 meters long by 1 meter wide and 1 meter high was lowered into the depression by a team of Yaks and monks. Monks with19 musical instruments, consisting of 13 drums and 5 trumpets, were arranged in an arc of 90 degrees (see Figure 3) in front of the stone block.

The instruments had the following measurements:
– (1). 8 drums were 1 meter diameter X 1.5 meters deep X 3mm sheet iron and weighed 150 kg.
– (2). 4 drums were 0.7 meter diameter X 1 meters deep
– (3). 1 drum was 0.2 meter diameter X 0.3 meters deep
– (4). All trumpets were 3.12 meters X 0.3 meters

All the drums were open on one end, mounted on poles, and aimed at the block of stone. The drums were beat by monks using a big leather club. Behind each instrument was a row of monks. The monks started chanting and playing the musical instruments which lasted four minutes.

When the sound reached a certain level the large block of stone placed in front of them, occupying the focal point of the monks formation, majestically floated into the air and arched up to the construction site on the mountain above them where receiving monks guided the large block into place. The flight path of the huge stone took about 3 minutes.

This was not an isolated incident. The monks continued to perform this feat at the rate of 5 or 6 stones per hour. On occasion a stone was broken by the process which indicates that the sonic resonance forces are capable of destructive effects.

Movies taken by Dr. Jarl of the levitation were confiscated by the society he worked for and classified. Analysis of the geometric measurements, taken by Dr. Jarl, of the levitation situation reveals that the distances are related to the speed of light and other earth resonance phenomena.

Again, in line with the gestalt idea behind this paper, it is possible that the sound and geometry so often quoted as the key to how the Tibetan stone was levitated, might well be a subterfuge. That the true cause was combined will on the part of the participants, again with a specific goal in mind.

My technical background makes me recoil in horror at the thought that our best hope of gravity control is only through the inconsistent results of psychic phenomena. Yet the only way to learn to control this in a reproducible fashion, is through measurement, possibly biofeedback, using the mind as a guide to producing the hardware that would let us do it without need of mental interference.

# Prayer, Witchcraft and Spiritualism:
Various religions, from the pomp and circumstance of Roman Catholic rituals to the rituals of witchcraft which require the active emotional involvement of a group of people focusing their minds on a single goal. It is the function of the priest or priestess to recognize when the emotions have peaked and to direct the release of the combined emotion energies toward the accomplishment of a specific goal.

As mentioned earlier, many prayer groups and churches use this combined form of concentration in attempts to help or heal others with varying levels of success. Some people naturally have more of this ability than others.

The dark side of this energy is the release and redirection of the life force from a blood sacrifice to influence or produce a specific real world event. The Ark of the Covenant and the Old Testament required such life force sacrifices. Possibly the Ark had equipment to collect and convert these life force energies for the production of the various phenomena that it is reported to have produced.

I have seen reports of electronic devices that had an energy sapping effect. One such is Floyd Sweet’s VTA. I attribute that to the increased influx of aether/ZPE into the circuit, where the experimenter is too close to the center of accumulation, the vortex. This would extract life energy from the experimenter by aether/ZPE entrainment.

Seances and spiritualist sessions report physical phenomena such as table tipping, in some cases where the table actually rises high into the air, with only the fingertips of the participants touching the table. One test involved switches under each leg of the table. Only if all the legs are NOT touching the switches at the same time, will a red light come on, indicating the lift is in effect.

Some reports say as few as two people can be involved, providing one of these people has the ‘gift’. However, the majority of seance sessions reported have more than two people involved.

# Directed Gestalts, the Neurophone and a gifted Savant:
I joined a newsgroup called alt.synchronicity for a short time, in hopes of finding others who would be willing to carry out group experiments with the Flanagan Neurophone. The Neurophone modulates audio signals directly onto a subjects nervous system to allow hearing without need of ears. Telepathic phenomena has been associated with the simultaneous use of Neurophones by a group, even over distance.

My gestalt idea was to attempt to engineer reality. This was to be accomplished by locating a group of people who would purchase a Neurophone and agree to hook into their Neurophone at a certain day and time, for the express purpose of telepathically combining our minds to form a ‘directed gestalt’. This direction would take the form of a pre-agreed upon goal. Such projects as manipulating the stock market, healing sick or dying people, altering the weather in a given location or any number of other results that could be checked and verified.

Only two people on this list even had a clue as to what was being proposed or what could be the end result of such an experiment. I monitored the newsgroup for a short period afterwards, but was so disappointed in the ‘deja vu’ and coincidence reports that I no longer read it.

As you can tell, I wanted to attempt to force a specific result to occur, using the power of a directed gestalt. The first group mind efforts would be from a group of individuals, which would help to develop an understanding of how to achieve such an internal gestalt state in an individual.

I am of the opinion that people like Keely, Hendershot, Hubbard and others who were the only ones who could produce phenomena in their machines, probably had this ability to create an aether/ZPE path in their equipment. They were either naturally gifted or somehow learned to direct their mental focus in such a way that an internal harmony of the aggregate lesser intelligences was given a specific goal to achieve when the group mind was in effect. A kind of living, intelligent Bose Einstein Condensate that could be sustained (polarized) long enough to produce the phenomena.

There is currently a Canadian savant who has the ability to produce such phenomena. This is a short description of what is known;

He does not wish publicity because of past experiences with representatives who want him silent. He was forcibly put into a mental hospital for about 3 yrs on a public denunciation by governmental agents(?) and subjected for 3 yrs to electroshock in order to cure/lobotomize him.
He can generate electricity without any apparent power source or battery- nobody has been able to find the trick, so far as the doubters would put it.
From a sort of an apparatus, where you have 3 Tesla(?) coils interconnected to an exotic(?) circuitry he can from a SINGLE wire output Free energy (electricity) – it can be either direct or alternative current – this without an inverter.
He has been able to put his house on this free electrical device (bigger than the one he is demonstrating) and also been able to operate a carousel at a fair for 1 week without any problems.
He can also transmit electricity at a distance – like putting a motor in a transparent plastic bag of tap water, start it at a distance of 20 feet, and the motor will run under water – he claims that it will go on for 1 week then stop on account of a special ingredient that he puts inside it.
He states that he is in contact with higher entities (but does not state that he is a contactee).
No formal charges were ever brought against him. While he was younger, his Catholic (Roman) parents had him exorcised due to the bizarre inventions he was putting out.
He is now poor, not much of a talker and before he was put into the hospital he had had several threats against him by unknowns(?).
Since his release he has started anew his semi-public demos (his rationale being as more and more people become aware of his discovery then it will create a momemtum and unstoppable movement).
He has been approached by “Japanese” investors that offered him tons of $$$ to buy him up and shut him up too(?). He has refused as his discovery is for all of humanity. He has been physically threatened and now getting death threats – saying stop or else…This is why he prefers to run in a semi-public environment.

I am also told this fellow uses coils of wire, wrapped in a certain way, intermixed with other simple components in combination to produce electrical type energies. There is also a claim that SOME others have been able to duplicate some of his devices and are now powering their homes, but they refuse to share details for fear of similar persecution as the inventor experienced. (If anyone out there knows how to build one of these, please read the Alternative Technology Shareware Proposal and consider letting everyone know how to do it!)

When watching the videos of various psychokinetic experiments where people like Nelya Kulagina can move inorganic, non-ferrous objects in a vacuum, under a glass or behind a wall, you can clearly see the effort on their faces as they strain to evoke this coherent-mental-lasing condition. It is ALWAYS a temporary condition that only appears for a brief period. A physical observation that I found intriguing and possibly useful about Kulagina when objects were being moved, was that the magnetic field emanating from her medulla was many times that of the Earths’ magnetic field. This was a transient phenomenon.

The point of this observation is that it can be empirically tested by anyone using the party levitation experiment and probably by other experiments that might well serve to establish an ‘aether/ZPE path’ for successful operation of an overunity or antigravity device.

# The Manitou, Engineering Aether and the Peace Pipe:
The gestalt idea is strangely like the idea that the earth is a sentient creature, called Gaia. Some American Indians have a belief in the Manitou, a nature spirit which imbues all things, living or nonliving, with its own spirit and associated intelligence. The size/density and age of each mass determines its power and social placement in the Manitou heirarchy. By affecting the proper attitude and ritual, these Manitou’s can be communicated with and requested to combine their energies to produce desired phenomena.

In the same vein, the legendary Power Stones are claimed to be extremely old and possessing not only great intelligence but also great power. I view this claim as indicating that such an ancient intelligence would continue to expand its reach and understanding so that it would eventually learn to sense aether influx and variations.

The process would apply to any intelligence, human or otherwise. It would require that the intelligence;
– learned to sense the aether flows
– note aether variations
– determine the causes for the aether variations
– determine what had to be done to produce specific aether variations that result in specific effects.

Once the intelligence (gestalt or discrete) learned to detect and control the aether flows, it could use such knowledge to engineer phenomena on demand. I think many of the legends and myths about gods, demons, masters, magicians and such were in fact people who had learned to sense and intelligently control aether variations to effect their will upon our reality.

The late Jerry Gallimore claimed that the American Indian peace pipe must be carved from a certain type of stone, removed from one large stone located in the Southeast. I spoke with Jerry about this but can’t remember what state he said the stone was located in, something like Arkansas, Missouri or in that area. Jerry said Indian elders of each tribe knew the location of the stone and the legends associated with the TRUE peace pipe.

This stone, had pieces of it removed to be carved for the authentic ritual peace pipe and distributed to the various tribes. There was a reason only this particular stone could be used as the source for the carved peace pipes according to Gallimore. He said when the peace pipe was passed around to be smoked when making a contract or agreement, that if someone in the group who had dishonest or nefarious purposes put the pipe to their lips and tried to smoke it, they would be struck dead.

Gallimore said this was due to the parent stone, being of extreme age, size, wisdom and consequent power and could act through its parts, which were distributed to the tribes in the form of the truth-telling peace pipe.

As long as the pipe was in the presence of harmony (like thoughts), all was peaceful. When the pipe sensed the disharmony of deceit, it caused a force to be generated, possibly piezoelectric, to be passed into the holder of the pipe as the target of the disharmonious thought.

Interesting tie-in here to the possibility of a ‘truth machine’. Such a device would measure enharmonious disturbances ‘in the force’ (the local area whose perimeter could be defined) and produce an alarm to warn of the situation.

# Final Thoughts:
It is quite possible that some kind of group mind (gestalt) is established by the compound, combined interaction of many discrete minds, all expecting a certain type of result.

I am of the considered opinion that this gestalt principle is a universal law, that lesser intelligences naturally combine to form ever more complex intelligences. Imagine each atom having a very, very low level of rudimentary intelligence. When these separate atoms combine to form a molecule, a more complex intelligence is created. When these molecules combine to form a mass aggregate, whether a chair or a living creature, again a more complex intelligence is created.

Using biofeedback techniques or other means of focusing concentration, I also think that an individual can increase their own abilities by harmonizing all the lesser intelligences within themselves to join together to bias or force a specific goal to occur.

In the case of a group of people, representing many combined lesser intelligences and using the ritual or patterns affiliated with their particular belief system, joined together in a common purpose, would produce a superior intelligence from the dynamic interactions of their individual minds. A gestalt that could be directed to carry out a specific task agreed on beforehand by the individual members making up the gestalt.

The ‘directed gestalt’ idea is, I think, a wonderful opportunity for experiment and for establishing operating protocols necessary for its successful application. In time, events will allow us or others to work on this project. I can be contacted at should you have constructive comments to make about this file or wish to finance such a project.

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