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## Solar/Cosmic Radiant Energy and the Electrinium Battery

The solid state, high voltage battery that is electric, like the magnet is magnetic.

By Arthur P. Summera ; 850 North 28th Street ; Springfield, Oregon 97477 ;Copyright © 1980 ; First Printing July 1980, Second printing Aug. 1980


This book is unique from the standpoint that it places in the hands of the people one of the world’s greatest treasures. Man’s greatest treasure is knowledge, and the right to make use of that knowledge without restriction. If a man has knowledge and the energy to put it into use, he can attain by his own efforts a life of joy, happiness and freedom. This is Nature’s way. Man was put here for a life of joy and happiness. Each person was born with a mission to fulfill and the natural talents were given him at birth to fulfill that mission. He was given free air to breathe, free water to drink and Nature furnishes free a bountiful food supply through planting the seed and harvesting the grain.

In the twentieth century we were given missions to fulfill that demanded more energy than we could attain with the knowledge we then possessed without fouling and sickening our planet Earth. Today is the dawn of the twenty first century and a new age for the Earth. During this past century we have been given new knowledge which will be put into use In the twenty-first century and the Earth will be cleansed and become like new again, the air will become clean and the waters clear and sparkle in the sunlight. War and disease will gradually disappear and the Earth will be a place of joy, happiness and freedom.

There lived among us during the first part of the present century a great Master who gave us the basic knowledge of how this cleansing may be carried out. His name was Nikola Tesla. Mr. Tesla’s talents in the electrical field were so far above those of any other that he must have been a great soul from some other planet far advanced over ours and sent here on a special mission of mercy to help a planet that was in dire trouble. Most every electrical device we use today would not be possible without his inventions. However, he gave us a great host of new basic knowledge that we haven‘t made use of, mainly because of our greed and ignorance. Throughout his lifetime Mr. Tesla obtained a host of patents and gave many demonstrations that won worldwide attention, and would again today, because we still cannot duplicate them.

In this book we will deal only with one invention: the Electronic Shield. This invention reveals new Cosmic laws of the Universe. These new laws, when fully understood and fully applied, will change human life in all ways. This new knowledge is basic and from it will come hundreds of inventions and techniques of the future. It contains the basic knowledge on how to make a new electrical production device that will be electric like a magnet is magnetic and this is what this book is all about.

The search for this new source of energy started in the very early twenties with two questions.

How can a battery ever become discharged or charged when everything that goes out must return and everything you put into it must go out? Next, if a piece of iron can be used as an electro-magnet and if this same Iron is made into a hard steel it becomes a permanent magnet and a source of magnetic energy. If a source of magnetic energy can be produced in as simple a manner as that, how can the elements used in making the battery be rearranged to produce a permanent electrical source? This book is the result of over fifty years of research, experimentation, study, and with the great help and new knowledge of Nikola Tesla.

Nature not only gives you free water, air, and sunshine; with this new knowledge she will give you free energy in an unlimited supply. Make use of it as Nature intended, fulfill your mission in life in joy, happiness and individual freedom. It is yours for the taking.

# Table of Content
Chapter 1 COSMIC ENERGY AND NIKOLA TESLA . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
Chapter 2 THE POWER OF THE ATOM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
Chapter 3 NATURE’S USE OF ENERGY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
Chapter 4 SOLAR RADIATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
Chapter 5 NATURE’S STOREHOUSE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
Chapter 6 THE MAGNETIC FORCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Chapter 7 WAVELENGTH AND HARMONY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
Chapter 9 THE ELECTRIC UNIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
Chapter 10 THE FIRST ELECTRINIUM UNIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
Chapter 11 ELECTRICAL POTENTIAL OF A UNIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21
Chapter 12 OTHER FACETS OF A GEM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23
Chapter 13 CONCLUSION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25


We must develop a new source of energ y, the use of fossil fuel must stop. We have robbed Nature’s storehouse almost to the point of disaster. During this past century we have used vast quantities of the very essence of life of our planet. This book is on energy and how each community and each individualcan become self sufficient in energy without destroying anything, without pollution and without depleting our Earth’s supply of energy. Man must come to the realization that he is only a small part of a whole, that everything on Earth are parts of one life; that our Earth is a live being and through her all other life is produced. Everything, including man himself comes from the bountiful provisions of this beautiful planet called Earth.

Nothing can move or even exist without energy. The amount of energy used by Mother Earth and Nature to produce life is inconceivable to man. She uses more energy each minute than man uses in a thousand years and has done so from the beginning without pollution or depletion. During the past century man has robbed the Earth’s storehouse of vast quantities of energy producing material and used it in a way that has fouled and sickened the entire globe. If we are to survive man must learn to use the Earth’s energy producing material in away that is similar to nature’s way of using it–without pollution, destruction or depletion. Nature gives us free sunlight, free water, free air and will also give us free energy if we will work with her under the laws of the Universe. In the following pages we will examine how Earth receives her energy, where it comes from, how she stores it and how she can use it over and over again without depletion or pollution. We will see that the Earth is a living entity and is controlled by the natural laws of the Universe through the four forces of Cosmic energy which are electric, magnetic, gravity and gyroscopic; all of which are products of the Central Sun of our galaxy. We will see that all life is governed by these four forces under the universal law of balance that nothing ever just happens butt is the product of cause and effect.

During this past one hundred years man has made more progress in the industrial field than in all past history. This great surge was made possible by the, birth of hundreds of scientists and inve n t o r s whose work has revolutionized human life in ever filed, sometimes to the betterment and at other times detrimental. Never in all human history has there been born so many inventors in so short a time. Many have been forgotten because their inventions were so far ahead of our times that “The Powers that Be” would not allow them to come about. Many of these inventions were basic new knowledge and the revelation of new universal laws from which would come other inventions within the related field. Hidden among these refused inventions is the greatest invention ever offered to man. It reveals new laws of the Universe and basic principles which allow man to completely change in every field of life. This invention is the Electronic Shield by Nikola Tesla. Through new laws of the Universe and new knowledge of Nature discovered and demonstrated by Mr. Tesla has come and will come inventions of greater importance than The Shield. He has laid the basis for the Electrinium Battery, the Gravitational Shield, the Multiple Wave-Length Generator, the life Force Scanner and hundreds of others not yet thought of Mr. Tesla was a naturalized American citizen of Yugoslavian birth. He lived most of his life in the United States and had hundreds ofinventions to his credit-mostly in the electrical field. Most every electrical device we use today wa s made possible by the inventions of Nikola Tesla. How eve r, most of his greatest inventions haven’t ever been put to use because they upset the plans and the intent of those who are in power.

The Electronic Shield was one which was refused by our government. Today in this energy starved world. I shall recount Mr. Tesla ’s demonstration of the Shield and show how there isn’t any energy shortage, there never has been and never can be. That the energy shortage is a product of ignorance and greed and the lust of a few to control and enslave the peoples of the Earth. I will show that the Earth was at one time a cloud of atomic dust and how this cloud of dust through the forces of Cosmic radiation can be held and shaped into a body we know as Earth, how Nature can spin this body to produce day and night and pushes it around a circuit that produces the years–how Nature can produce all the beautiful life we enjoy, with wind storms, lightning, rain, the heat of the day, the cold of the night, how she can use more energy every minute than man uses in a thousand years without destruction, pollution or depletion.

With the signing of the Treaty of Versailles after World War One, with its pages filled with hatred and retribution, Mr. Tesla knew that a second World War was inevitable and started work on a shield that would protect our nation from forces from without. To demonstrate it and to test it he built a tower in New York State, a special generator tuned to a certain frequency and other equipment. The Shield-to-be was in fact an electronic wall that would stretch from Southern Florida to Northern Canada through which nothing could pass. Everything coming in contact with it would disintegrate into single atoms of atomic dust. The wall was to he activated by special generators set two hundred to six hundred miles apart along its entire length. The generators were of a ultra-high cycle AC current capacity which produced an electrical current in the same cycle range as the Central Sun of our galaxy which lies in the midst of the MilkyWay. In 1935 Mr. Tesla was called to Washington for a conference with the Pentagon, the White House and other interested parties. The conference stretched through 1935 and 1936 and involved the demonstration of the prototype and the disintegration of matter.

In Mr. Tesla’s demonstration and explanation of these generators he showed the following new principles and laws of the Universe: That the Central Sun which lies in the midst of the Milky Way radiates a great force of ultra high kilocycle AC current to the entire Galaxy. This current activates our Solar Sun and it acts as a converter and radiates a strong force of DC current to our Solar System. These rays of DC current come in many wave lengths because each element will radiate e n e rgy in its own wavelength as shown by the spectroscope. Our Earth receives AC current from the Central Sun and DC current from our Solar Sun at right angles to each other. These two forces meeting at right angles to each other create the magnetic field and the force of grav i t y. “Fo r every force in one direction there must be an equal force to the opposite. “ In his demonstration of disintegration he showed that when the force from one of his specially built generators was beamed parallel with the DC current of the Solar Sun, within the area between the beams the force of gravity was nullified, and compounds would disintegrate into dust. This has been further proven by our astronauts who report that outside our atmosphere there is not only weightlessness but that the Sun has no heat nor light and that heat and light occur only after the radiance of the Sun contacts Earthly matter.

The greatest obstacle in getting the wall built wasn’t the wall but the insistence of Mr. Tesla that The Shield must not only keep war out, but neither could we make war on other nations through it, nor reap a harvest of gold from the coming blood bath by furnishing munitions to the warring nations. Many of our Congress, Senate and leading scientists were in favor of building Tesla’s wall, but the smell of blood and gold won and Mr. Tesla was sent home to die a broken-hearted man just a few years later during the blood-bath of World War II. With the death of Mr. Tesla the Electronic Shield is gone, but the new laws he taught and demonstrated of the Universe opens up a whole new life for mankind. Let us examine his explanation in more detail.


To go deeper into this phenomena the atom consists of a nucleus with electrons protons and neutrons. A certain nucleus can attract just so many electrons and protons which establish its nature— hydrogen only one oxygen eight gold seventy-nine et cetera. In a collapsed world the electrons and protons would lie directly upon the nucleus. Our Solar Sun floods the Earth with DC current which passes through it bathing each atom with electrical energy and each electron and proton captures and holds their needs for life. The electrons and proton are partially carried away by this electrical force but only to a point where the retaining force of the nucleus is greater than the electrical force. At this point the electrons and protons set up a perimeter and spin around the nucleus very much like our planets circle the Sun. In fact, each atom is so similar to our Solar System they could be judged solar systems in themselves. The life of the atom and the power of the atom is Solar Energy from our Sun and powered indirectly by the Central Sun. A nucleus with only one electron produces an atom of wide circumference, is a large atom and its electron travels its perimeter at a very high speed. This perimeter speed is the controlling factor of its life vibration and wavelength.

The power of the atom is set by its weight and volume. If we study the element table we find that those carrying few electrons and protons are light weight and large atoms. The more electrons and protons each carries the greater the weight and the smaller the atom. The electrical charge of the atom is equal to its weight multiplied by its volume. By being electrically charged in this manner every atom is of equal power to every other atom when they are in a state of equal heat and equal pressure. The rule of electrical balance is so important that I am going to repeat It. “The electrical charge of the atom is equal to its weight multiplied by its volume.” Study this law because what you read further on will not be understandable otherwise.

M r. Te s l a ’s demonstration opens the door to an entirely new concept in electrical energy production. Today it is believed that electricity is a substance that can be used up that man makes electricity. T h e fact is that none of this is true. Electricity is not a substance it cannot be depleted and man cannot m a ke electricity. Electricity is one of the natural forces of the Universe and the Earth is flooded with this force twenty four hours a day. The greatest portion of the Earth and its atmosphere is electrical force held by the atoms under the law of electrical balance—”an electrical force equal to their weight multiplied by their vo l u m e .” It is true that man has used electricity this past century which he has caused to move through applied effort but has done so by such destructive ways as to disrupt Nature’s balance and to threaten the very life of our planet. Our Creator created our planet under natural law s in a manner so that Nature could use vast quantities of energy without pollution or depletion. It is i m p e r a t ive that man learns to use energy in a like manner.


In a study of the way Nature uses its electrical forces we should he mindful of all the things man has learned about the characteristics of electricity. We know that light has no heat, that heat has no light, that there are hundreds and possibly thousands of different electrical rays, each with its ow n function. We know that an electrical force in one direction will have an equal force of magnetic energ y to the opposite. We know that each atom has an electrical force equal to every other atom and is in electrical balance with every other atom when under equal heat and pressure. We know that each atom is alive with electrical force and radiates that force in all directions.

We know that an atom under direct radiation of the Sun or other body will take on an additional force and then radiate the additional force. We know that the radiation of a force through a pathwa y of resistance causes heat. We know that heat causes expansion of atoms which under the law of electrical balance throws the heated atoms out of electrical balance with cool atoms. This will cause electrical force to flow from the cool atoms to the hot atoms. The force given up by the cool atoms must he replaced by their neighbors. This becomes a chain reaction and a circuit of flow i n g electricity is established. To understand this more fully make a small electro-thermo couple as described in your encyclopedia and play with it for a few minutes using an ammeter to measure the flow. The secret of Nature’s great power is the electrical reaction of atoms under heat or pressure and the resulting flow of electrical energy through pathways of electrical resistance. The electronic system of the human body is extremely sensitive to this law. The slightest compression of a coil by the touch of a finger or the expansion of a cell by heat sends an electrical current to our brain to alert us.

Nature’s use of these forces is mainly very gentle and the construction of this beautiful world, with its great variety of living things a delight to behold. It is small wonder that a great many people want to set aside great unspoiled wilderness areas for future generations because this past century has seen man at war with God and Nature and our world is so badly torn that she may not survive.

This has happened many times in far past ages and ancient records tell of great cataclysm, of walls of water sweeping from pole to pole. Of the Earth shaking the ice fields free from the poles and washing it down over the lands to sweep all life clean of the Earth. There are records of great general earthquakes, the slaking of entire continents and the raising of new ones. Just outside Mexico City are three burled cities built on top of each other. Each was destroyed by a water cataclysm and the following city built atop the old. This shows that the land at that time was near sea level. Today it is seven thousand feet above sea level.

These catastrophes have been accredited to an act of God, but they were acts of nature working under the natural laws of the Universe. A cataclysm is caused when the magnetic attraction between the Earth, the Solar Sun and the Central Sun become out of balance. Our Solar Sun being the closest, pulls the Earth towards it. At the point of twenty-three and a half degrees from the due north the balance again changes, the Sun loses its power to hold the Earth off center and the Earth lurches back into position. It is this quick lurch that spills the oceans over the land and swoops it clean of all life for a new start. The last time it happened it broke all the ice deposits loose around the North Pole and washed them down over North America. The great Ice Age that was supposed to have, occurred twelve to sixteen thousand years ago wasn’t an ice age at all. It occurred almost instantaneously by a cataclysmic action of the Earth. At the same time a great wall of water rushed from the South Pole over the other side of the Earth, washing all life ahead of it into the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Ocean is a graveyard of past life and it happened so quickly that many of bodies were quickly frozen and when dug up today are in perfect preservation.

Mother Nature is a wonderful mother, but when her laws are consistently broken ski can become a terrible destroyer. These great catastrophes were not direct acts from the Solar Sun, the Sun only activates the natural forces stored within the Earth and it only takes a small amount of force from the Sun to set these forces into action.

The energies stored within the Earth and its atmosphere are electric, magnetic, gravitation and gyroscopic, all originating in the Central Sun. Through this one source a cloud of atomic dust has been shaped and formed and given all life as we know it. Nature uses these forces with a touch more delicate than the slightest whisper and at other times with destructive acts so great that they are inconceivable to man. The secret of her control is perfect balance between one force and another.

Each and every atom is charged with all four forces under the law of natural balance The slightest change in size of the atom through heat expansion or pressure contraction changes the balance of power and set these forces into action. Many great civilizations of the past have been completely destroyed by upsetting Nature’s balance of power. Nature has only two things to work with—the power of force and the atom, Today man is destroying the atom to obtain power. How far can he go before the time comes that Nature will destroy man?


The recognition and study of the radiation from the Central Sun and its effects on the Earth has just begun. We know very little about it in comparison with our knowledge of our Solar Sun. We have learned more about our Sun this past fifty years than all past history put together. Most books now in use in our schools are so far out of date they are practically useless and in many ways very harmful to the student. They teach many ideas that are not true and are pure fabrications. One example is that the Sun is a flaming ball of fire heated by atomic fission. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Sun radiates DC electrical current to our entire solar system but this energy has neither heat nor light. Heat and light are both products of electrical energy flowing through a field of resistance, The surface heat of the Sun is governed entirely by the resistance of her atmosphere to the radiant e n e rgy she is emitting. The Sun is made of the same elements as the rest of the Solar System. The Central Sun radiates AC current and our Sun acts as a converter and radiates DC current to our Solar System. Each element of the Sun will radiate energy in its own particular wavelength. An atmosphere made up of a particular set of elements will have various resistances to various wavelengths. Our atmosphere is predominately Oxygen and Nitrogen and has enough resistance to heat producing wavelengths to give us the climate we enjoy. If our atmosphere contained either gaseous elements like those we use in neon and fluorescent lighting we would have light but little heat. The surface of the Sun could be very warm or quite cool, according to the make up of its atmosphere.

The Sun is many times larger than the Earth and its atmosphere is huge compared to ours. The Earth’s atmosphere is only ten miles thick and the Sun’s thousands of miles thick. The extremelybright light we see around the Sun is created in the Sun’s atmosphere by the Sun’s radiation of one ray and that same radiation lights our little planet with the life-giving glow we enjoy. The so-called flames of fire or corona surrounding the Sun is atmospheric turbulation carried further into space by radiating, electrical currents. If we could see the radiating currents of electrical energy the corona would be easily understood but our eyes can see only the effect of radiation on substances. The Sun’s corona is of many colors, from white, yellow, red to black. The further those flame-like tongues extend from the disc, the darker they are. You can see the same formations in our own sky during, sunrise and sunset but they are not distorted into tongues extending outward because our radiation is not sufficient to produce that effect .

Solar radiation on the Earth is in many bands and each band divided into thousands of divisions, each with a pulsation or wavelength designed to trigger a particular part of the world’s work into action. We have many things similar to solar radiation. It is like a telephone line with twenty telephones hooked to it and it takes a current of a particular wavelength to make contact with a particular telephone. It is like a radio station that can contact only the radios tuned to it. The human body is equipped with faculties to identify wavelength vibrations and does so in many ways. The eyes as to color, shape and form, the ears as various tones, the nose as various odors, and the skin with a sense of feel that identifies many wavelengths as warm, cool, foreboding and a host of other vibrations which we, at our present development only partially identify. Like the dowser, with his dowsing rod who can locate water and other elements from the radiant energy set up within them by his own body radiation.

Cosmic radiation from the Central Sun has been studied this past three centuries with little concrete results. The researchers fragmented the whole and studied the little pieces, they can’t see the forest form all the trees. T h ey believe it to be a substance not yet discovered and defined. The Greeks called it orgone energy, the Europeans thought it some kind of a etheric fluid and the Hindu philosopherscalled it prana. Today we know it to be AC electrical current pulsating in an extremely high kilocycle range. The Central Sun is the heart, and its radiance is the blood vessels of our Galaxy.

Through this radiance comes all life and energy for the entire Galaxy. We know that the atom is a body of substance and its life energy is tuned to certain solar wavelengths which control its life forces. The life force of a seed is activated at a certain time of year.

The deer are caused to breed in November so that their young can be born in the spring. The birds are caused to migrate at a certain time. The atmosphere acts as a filter, separating the rays and at various seasons filter out or intensify particular rays for particular purposes or actions. Unnatural accumulations of smog, dust and other contaminating materials in the atmosphere can change Nature’s plan of life. These contaminants filter out many of the life giving rays and intensify others.

A blanket of smog will kill some, make many ill, and decrease the life vitality of every living entity. It will cause things to happen that are not supposed to happen and delay others that are essential to our well-being.


Nature has stored great quantities of solar radiation within the crust of the Earth. Each atom carries its share but certain atoms will give up or exchange energies faster than others. Carbon and other related elements will hold great quantities of heat energy. Iron and other related elements will hold great charges of magnetic energ y. These special elements charged with special energies furnish the energy for daily use in Nature and under certain conditions furnish great quantities almost instantaneously. All life on the Earth that utilizes Carbon Dioxide as a life force receives their energies directly from solar radiation. All life that utilizes Oxygen as a life force receives their energies from Nature’s storehouse within the crust of the Earth. Every energy man uses comes from that storehouse. Nature adds to that store, man takes away.

As we sit in front of a campfire and enjoy the heat and light we should realize that we are enjoying the release of stored electrical energy from the Sun. What we see and feel is escaping electrical forces that have been held by the Carbon atoms and are now being freed for their eventual return to the Sun. The trees breathe in Carbon-Dioxide and through photosynthesis free the Oxygen atoms to the air. This frees all their electrical heat rays and these heat rays are radiated through the air which has strong resistance to electrical flow, The electrical force flowing through a field of resistance causes heat.

The flames of the fire are very similar to the corona of the Sun. They are atoms of Carbon and other elements given off by the burning log that have not united with Oxygen and are carried outward by the force of released electrical energy. These atoms which we see as flame and smoke are unburnt atoms. The burning Carbon atoms become Carbon-Dioxide and are again ready to be utilized as a life force by vegetation.

If the campfire is large enough and is built so as to give ample Oxygen the exchange from Carbon to Carbon-Dioxide will accelerate and the heat from the escaping electrical forces will intensify, carrying great quantities of heated air with it. Those sitting around the fire will feel a cool breeze on their back from the air moving in from the sides to feed the fire and the column of rising hot air T h e molecules of the hot air are greatly expanded and much lighter than the surrounding air. This throw s air pressure and electrical pressure out of balance and there will be a flow of electrical energy towards the fire to offset the electrical vacuum that is growing above the fire. This campfire is a miniature illustration of how the Sun creates the heat of the day, the wind storms and other natural occurrences. The actual burning process did not produce the heat. The heat was produced by the freed and escaping electrical forces passing through a field of resistance which was the air that surrounded the log. Light a candle and watch it burn. The light, heat and flame are out a considerable distance from the wick. The radiance of any object is a considerable distance out from the object.

Nothing is ever quite as large as we see it because we can see only its radiance. If an object ceased to radiate we then could not see it. An atom under direct radiation will expand absorbing energy and then radiate any excess energ y, creating heat. When the direct radiation is taken away, then the atom will deflate giving off excess energy and as it does, this expended excess energy creates cold. This can be seen in filling a propane tank under pressure. The tank warms considerably as it is filled to a hundred and twentyfive pounds of pressure, but when full and the liquid spills out of a small valve, it immediately frosts up the va l ve. As the tank is filled and the contents come under pressure there is a considerable flow throughout the tank because each atom under pressure needs greater electrical charge to maintain its electrical balance. The valve is frosted by cold created by escaping atoms giving up an electrical charge they no longer require.

This electrical action can be further illustrated by the diesel engine. As the piston draws in a full charge of air and compresses it to a fraction of its normal volume the air molecules are so desperately in need of additional electrical charge to maintain an electrical balance and draw it from the cylinder walls, the entire air space is blanketed with flowing electrical current and the air becomes quite hot from the resistance of the air to the flowing electrical current. At top dead center a charge of diesel fuel is injected into the cy l i n d e r. This stream of diesel fuel has much less resistance to electrical flow than the compressed air, so the electrical flow travels the diesel stream and in doing so becomes like a small bolt of lightning and ignites the charge. A diesel engine cannot operate under carbu r i z a t i o n , it must have fuel injection. Most of the high compression gasoline engines of today with some modification and fuel injection would be diesel engines.


For every force in one direction there must be an equal force to the opposite. However, in the electromagnetic field the two forces are at a ninety degree angle to each other rather than a hundred and eighty degree angle. This electro-magnetic force is stored in the Earth in great quantities and both operate under the same laws of the Universe. Up to the time of the demonstration of the Electronic Shield by Nikola Tesla and his revelation of the true nature of electro-magnetic energy they were regarded as two separate forces consisting of unrecognized and undefined substances.

As the DC electrical radiation of the Solar Sun penetrates downward into the Earth in an east to west direction a magnetic force is set up within the Earth in a south to north direction that becomes the magnetic field of the Earth’s crust and atmosphere. This magnetic field controls the E a r t h ’s precise movement within our solar system. This is the force that gives the Earth its polarity within the universe, guides it on its precise pathway around the Sun and turns it one thousand miles an hour to produce the day and the night.

The AC radiation of the Central Sun penetrates the Earth in a north to south direction and also produces a magnetic field within the Earth and this force is stored within the Earth’s core and becomes the force of Gravity. An AC current alternating at an extremely high cycle will create a magnetic field that is different from a magnetic field created by direct current. In a bar magnet the energy flows from one end to the other and then out over the air space to its starting point. In a magnetic field created by an ultra-high cycle AC current the force of the field is within the center of the field. Any point on the outer perimeter could be designated as a south pole and the center of the field the north pole. This phenomena was described by Mr. Tesla as a hysterical magnetic field. This field is the force of gravity which shaped and formed a cloud of atomic dust into what is know as the. Earth.

In our galaxy we have nine planets circling the Sun on an eclipse pathway. The pathway for each planet is set and governed by the law of “attraction-repulsion,” and the pathway is the center of balance between the two. Each planet has its own magnetic field and the force of that field is governed by the law of electrical balance. It is equal to its weight multiplied by its volume. Being magnetically charged in this manner each planet has a magnetic field with “attraction-repulsion” properties which forces it into a pathway that is different from any other planet. The nucleus of an atom contains the pattern for its size, shape and nature. All bodies of the Universe have a nucleus and from that nucleus each body is formed and no two are exactly alike. The nucleus of our solar system is within the Sun and the nucleus of our galaxy is within the Central Sun which lies in the center of the Milky Way. In every one of these bodies, be it the atom, the Earth, the solar system or the entire Milky Way, the same laws of Universal balance prevail and through those laws of Universal balance the harmony of the Universe is established.


As shown by Mr. Tesla every element will respond to and radiate energy in its own wavelength. The electro-magnetic radiation of the Sun with its great variety of wavelengths penetrates the Earth and each atom stores its share in its own particular wavelength. The wavelength of each atom is equal to the time it takes one electron to travel its circumference. The atoms of each element have different wavelengths because the atoms of each element have a different size. These various wavelengths control and produce life as we know it, in a manner very much like producing music.

Each atom is tuned to a certain pitch and will respond when a certain vibration is played. Most all matter is composed of atoms which have been combined with other atoms into compounds. A compound is composed of two or more atoms which have combined to produce a molecule. The wavelength of each molecule will be a combination wavelength composed of the wavelengths of each atom within the molecule. From the musical standpoint it would not be a single tone but would be heard as a chord, which is a combination of two or more notes.

Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms are harmonious atoms and combine to produce water molecules which is one of the most stable compounds. The life of a molecule depends upon the harmony of its atoms and a molecule whose atoms are in complete harmony is a very stable molecule. Any atom added to it that is not in harmony will disorganize the molecule and return it to single atoms, Some compounds are only partially stable and have a short life. They are formed from two or more atoms whose wavelength vibrations are slightly out of tune but will harmonize and combine into a molecule when a catalyst is added. The catalyst is comparable to the musical third note which is added to bring, discording notes into harmony.

The electro-magnetic charge of the Earth is in harmonious balance when all atoms are of an even heat and even pressure with each other. However, since the beginning of time there has never been one minute that heat and pressure has been even throughout the world. With the Sun radiating direct energy on only a small portion of a changing earthly pattern; the rest of the face of the Earth being in twilight or darkness; with one area of atoms and molecules expanding under solar radiation; and all others contracting under cold and darkness; causing an electrical unbalance throughout the world and a constant flow of electrical force of various degrees to fulfill various needs. This changing electrical balance through expansion and contraction is the very secret of life and through the law of electro-magnetic balance, exists throughout the Universe.

An atom or molecule will respond and radiate electromagnetic energy only when excited or radiated by another of harmonious wavelength. Solar radiance carries all the wavelengths and through a systematic screening by atmospheric conditions and the seasons of the year each particular wave l e n g t h will be delivered to the right atom at the right time to produce a harmonious life and/or action. All elements on Earth respond to solar radiation but most of the elements will not respond to the electrical current generated by man because of its single wavelength vibration.

This may seem quite complicated but it really isn’t. If we look upon the Earth as one grand symphony orchestra, consisting of atoms and molecules, of which each is perfectly tuned to a particular vibration. The director of this orchestra would be the nucleus of the Central Sun who selects the score of music to be played. The Central Sun would control the time or beat through the magnetic fields of all heavenly bodies, the movement and change of position and the timing of each event in the music score. Our solar sun furnishes the energy for each atom and molecule to respond in perfect harmony. The music pours forth from the heavenly bodies in harmonious heavenly music.

Then man was placed upon the Earth with a conscience of his own that put him in direct contact with the Director, but he was also given a mind of his own and the right of choice. As long as he accepted the Central Sun as leader and director the music was in perfect harmony. At times he has selected leaders of his owe who chose a different score and this created great disharmony throughout the Universe. When the clamor of disharmony becomes unbearable to the Universe the Earth is cleansed and a new start is made. Throughout the Earth are many monuments constructed by prehistoric people who were destroyed entirely because of their disharmony, and just beyond Mars lies the remains of Maldeck, an ancient planet that was so consistently evil that the planet was destroyed forever.


The earth is a vast storehouse of energy with each atom in electro-magnetic balance with all others when under equal heat and equal pressure. Nature uses this force through the change of electrical balance by heat and pressure. The energy from this same storehouse is available to man free of charge in vast quantities by a simple method of changing the electromagnetic balance. In fact, we have learned to do that in a limited way when we produced the magnet which is a unit of permanent magneticenergy. What we need now is a similar unit to the magnet that will produce a permanent flow of electrical energ y. Iron is the best known magnetic element and it is to the magnetic field comparable to Carbon in the electrical field. T h ey will both trade energy fast and easy. Within a mass of Iron each atom carries a full unit of magnetic energy with both north and south poles present.

Each and every atom is a complete magnet. Under the law of “Like poles repel, unlike poles attract,” each north pole seeks a south pole and each south pole seeks a north pole, and through the law of “Any force will travel the path of least resistance”, small circles of circulating magnetic energy are set up and years man made iron tools for all types of things and never suspected its magnetic qualities until we learned to use electricity. When a coil of wire is wrapped around an Iron bar and a DC current is passed through it, all of the north poles of the magnetic bodies will align themselves to the current flow and the south poles to its source. The entire bar then becomes a single large magnet with magnetic flow from the south pole through the bar to the north pole, then out over the air space to the south, flowing in a continuous circle. When the electric current is cut off the magnetic bodies will return to their normal position of small circle flow. The electromagnet is one of the most important inventions of the century.

Up to this century the only permanent magnet was the lodestone. The lodestone is a stone of the Earth consisting of Iron and other elements which through heat and pressure within the Earth become extremely hard. Being bound tightly in one position for long periods of time within an unchanging magnetic field of the Earth its magnetic bodies became permanently aligned with the magnetic field of the Earth. The only difference between the lodestone and other iron-carrying material is its extreme hardness. In a very hard material magnetic bodies move with difficulty and once aligned in series they will stay aligned indefinitely under normal circumstances.

The lodestone became a model for the permanent magnet of today. In its production Iron is alloyed with other elements to produce an extremely hard steel. A magnetic field is created by the use of two electromagnets set in reverse polarity. The steel is placed on the ends of the electromagnets and it is tapped with a hammer hard enough to vibrate its atoms, three hard ringing taps is enough and the steel has become a permanent magnet. Most of the hard steels produced today can be magnetized easily but only a very hard steel especially produced for magnets will produce a magnet of permanent power and lasting qualities. The very finest of magnets will lose twentyfive percent of their first magnetic power within a short time and then become stabilized for life at about seventy five percent pow e r. Steels of lesser hardness will have to have their magnetic bodies reorganized frequently by being replaced again within the magnetic field. A hard ringing blow can disorganize any magnet but it can be quickly and easily reorganized. A magnet never wears out but it can become disorganized.

A permanent magnet is easy and simple to make but if Nature had not given us a model to from in the lodestone it probably could not have been developed and the description I have just given you on how the magnet is made would be just as incredible to you as the next description I am going to give you on how to make an electrical unit that is electric like a magnet is magnetic. The most incredible thing of all, is that we could know what we know about the magnetic side and go for hundred years and not develop the electric side in a like manner. The only answer is that the mass of mankind has been kept in ignorance by a few of the ruling powers so as to enslave the world to a single great energy complex.

The physical construction of a unit that is electric like a magnet is magnetic is just as simple as making the magnet. The finished unit will be similar to the magnet in all physical ways. It can be made of many different materials in any size, shape and form It will be of solid state, extremely hard, never get discharged, never wear out—just like the magnet. Its manufacture is so simple a n d easy that within most cities, states, and countries of the Earth there will be found citizen technicians who could form a small group for production in the immediate future.


To produce a Unit invo l ves two steps. In the first step we must produce a compound that is electric like Iron is magnetic. Within this compound the electric forces must be like the magnetic forces in Iron, complete forces consisting of electrical forces with both the positive and negative in each and every molecule. Within the mass the electrical forces will follow the law of “like poles repel, unlike poles attract,” and form small circles of electrical energy going around and around in small circles, like the magnetic forces in Iron.

The second step would be to encase this electrical material within a very hard body, similar to the body of a magnet and align the electrical bodies in lines of a series with the positive in one direction and the negative to the opposite in the same manner as in production of the magnet. The first units will no doubt be of high voltage until a rigid system of proportioning is developed in producing the second stage. Then units can be made to be cut into slices or platelets of a definite voltage and assembled into batteries for all different usages of today.

In ancient Greece the name for money was “electrum. “ Electrum was an alloy of gold and silver, and gold and silver is one type of power, the power of money. Today the word power denotes ELECTRIC power and the greatest power known on Earth is “plutoNIUM” when used for the atomic bomb. In the near future we will have a new source of energy and power. It too will he made from an alloy. It will be electric and will have the greatest potential for power the world has ever known since written history. By combining ancient knowledge with the knowledge of today the knowledge of the future is created. This new power source shall be known as “ELECTRINIUM ENERGY.” In the first step in producing this new source of energy two elements must be alloyed into a compound substance and this substance shall be called “ELECTRINIUM COMPOUND.”

In the second step when the Electrinium Compound is encased within a very hard body and the electric bodies aligned in a series to produce an electrical unit similar to the magnetic unit the unit shall be known as the “ELECTRINIUM UNIT. “ The finished Electrinium Units will then be cut and sawed into platelets and the platelets ground to a thickness to produce a standard voltage: then assembled into batteries of various sizes to fit all occasions. All these batteries regardless of size shall be known as “ELECTRINIUM BATTERIES. “

In the following pages I will give complete and detailed instructions on how the Electrinium Compound, the Electrinium Unit and the finished Electrinium Battery can be made. In the preceding chapters I have tried to give a comprehensive view of how all energy comes from the Central Sun and Solar Sun, how the Earth stores this energy and how it is used to produce the entire life of the Earth. If you have studied these chapters to the point of understanding how life and energy is a product of Solar Radiation, the following chapters will be easily understood and the construction of an Electrinium Battery simple and not too hard to make. It is actually more simple than any other electrical energy producing device of today and once it is made it is permanent.

To produce Electrinium Compound two diverse elements must be united and become a compound which will be of one body, carrying both the positive and the nega t ive forces. The atom that carries the positive electrical force will be a small atom, of great density and weight. The atom that carries the negative force would be a larger atom of sparse density and light weight. The only difference between the positive and the nega t ive is in size, weight and their electrical charge, and the electrical charge of these two atoms is equal to each other in force under the law of electrical balance and their position as positive and negative is relative. If the two chosen atoms were Silver and Iron, the Iron atom would be the negative. But if Iron was paired up with a much lighter element, then the Iron would be the positive. We have learned in the preceding chapters that Nature produces the flow of electrical current by the expansion or contraction of the atoms and molecules. A mass of atoms or molecules that are expanded above normal size becomes a mass of lesser force surrounded by a mass of greater force. A mass of molecules when compressed to a smaller size becomes a mass of greater force surrounded by a mass of lesser force. Electrinium Compound will become a mass of greater force surrounded by a lesser force. We can do this by combining a small positive atom with a large negative atom into a single molecule which will occupy less space than the two atoms occupied separately. This puts a greater force within a smaller body than is commonly found in the electrical circuit which is composed of single atoms.

Most of the compounds on Earth are of this nature but the only ones that could be considered Electrinium Compound would be ones that have the physical properties of allowing them to be incorporated within a very hard body of good conductivity and aligned in a series electrically. Fo r instance, wa t e r, H20, is a compound molecule and there is eight times difference in size and weight in the atoms from which it is produced, but there is no way it could be tightly encased within an extremely hard body of good conductivity and still be aligned in a series electrically. There are ove r one hundred elements of the Earth and in time many combinations will be formed and bodies found for them, but at this time only a few can be considered. One of the considerations will be the wavelength or life vibration of the pair. If they are not in harmony the life of the produced molecule will be of short nature, nothing can exist very long in discord. The great violence of some chemical r e a c t i o n s is really the electrical reaction caused by the vibrations in great discord.

All the elements and the process of manufacture to make an Electrinium Unit must be selected at one time because each factor is so closely related to all others and must match perfectly to obtain a working unit. All of the elements must have a harmonious life vibration. The vibrations of the positive and negative elements must, when compounded, yield a Compound that will be in harmony with the life vibrations of the material selected for the body of the Unit. The expansion contraction factors must be near enough to each other that in the finished Electrinium Unit the Electrinium molecules are tightly encased. If, in the cooling process, the Electrinium Molecules contract more than the unit body material leaving the Electrinium molecules loosely held, the compound must be discarded. In a finished successful unit the Compound molecules will be held within the Unit like in a straight-jacket. The Unit will be of an extreme hardness and of good to excellent conductivity. A Unit of poor conductivity will heat and destroy itself.

When combining two diverse elements of positive and negative material the first problem we encounter is the force of grav i t y. Although there is great attraction between the positive and negative and the negative to the positive the force of attraction is slightly less than the force of gravity. In a simple mixture they will separate and the heavy will sink to the bottom with the lighter on top. This same problem occurs in other processes of making various compounds and is overcome in many ways. By using a flux, by adding a catalyst, through homogenization, the electro-plating process and others. In the electro-plating process an outside force is used. This same process can be altered so as to operate without outside force and is known as the electro-chemical process. It is a slower process because its action is governed by the forces within. In many cases it is known as corrosion but the operation of a storage battery is an electro-chemical process.

In the storage battery of today a positive atom must unite with a negative atom to change the electrical balance before a flow of electrical current can take place. When this happens there has been produced a compound molecule that is Electrinium Compound if it is of a physical nature that it could be straight-jacketed within an Electrinium body and aligned in a series. Throughout this past century millions of storage batteries have been made of a great variety of materials and many of these old worn out batteries contain in the bottom of the case a sludge that is pure Electrinium Compound.

The body of the Unit could bc made from a number of materials such as steel, Silicon, Germanium, Carbon and others. Each of these materials would be suitable for an Electrinium Unit designed for a particular purpose. Units made with steel bodies would be of an extreme voltage, so high that they could not be cut and assembled into batteries, but they would be very easy to m a ke. By using the steel as the nega t ive and Gold or Platinum as the positive, to make the compound the compound becomes the body. All that remains to be done is to shape the body, harden it and organize the electrical forces in a series. Both Silicon and Germanian could be used to produce Units for battery construction of all types. In each case, voltages will be much higher than the voltages in use today, but the higher voltages will not be dangerous because the Unit or Battery will be integrated within the machine and will operate on a full inner circuit. A flashlight with a thousand volt Electrinium Unit of energy will be no more dangerous than the three volts in use today.

Due to the great costs of energy today and the devastating results to the Earth from the way it is used, our first consideration should be batteries to lower our transportation and our homes. The same could be used to power our industries in multiples. In a great many cases for home and industrial use the direct current from the Electrinium Batteries would have to be run through a converter and turned into alternating current, but, within a few years most all of the AC equipment will be scrapped and the world converted to the new modern energy system that will prevail throughout the world in the twenty-first century.


Let us make a small model Unit. Let us use time-tested elements and processes already in use today. Let us select Silver and Iron for our Electrinium Compound. Iron and Silver are being used in many of the new and improved batteries of the world. Silver will be the positive element and Iron the negative. If we could find a worn out Silver-Iron battery there would be enough Silver-Iron compound in its bottom to make many Electrinium Units. Or, let us build a small storage battery and compound our own Silver-Iron molecules through the discharge-charge process. The battery need not be large. Four sheets of Silver, size three inches by four for the positive side, five sheets of Iron for the negative using lead terminals for each side. We will assemble them in a standard battery form using separators cut to size from and old battery. A five inch square glass refrigerator jar could be the case. We can compound our electrolyte from distilled water and Sodium Cyanide, compounded to a density to provide a circuit of conductivity of two and a half volts resistance reading on the voltmeter mounted within the circuit. This battery can be fabricated very easily at a very low cost. A few hours of use will produce enough Electrinium Compound to make one or more Units.

For the body of the Unit we will use Silicon and we will adopt the production method of the Silicon Semi-Conductor. This conductor is an extremely hard crystal of Silicon and its lines of electrical conductivity are in one direction only. This insures that once it is made into an Electrinium Unit and organized electrically in lines of a series they will remain organized indefi n i t e l y because they cannot travel in any other direction Silicon is a purified form of Silica, and sand is mostly Silica. The Semi-Conductor is a single Silicon crystal grown by special methods from a molten mass of Silicon. Some of these crystals being grown today are five inches or more in diameter and two or more feet long.

The growing of a Semi-Conductor from Silicon is a simple process but very exacting. Molten Silicon which is allowed to cool and solidify in an ordinary manner will crystallize in small crystals in great disarray they will lay like nails in a keg in all directions and the crystal will not have electrical conductivity. To grow a single large Semi-Conductor crystal the Silicon is brought to a molten condition, then one end of the crucible is allowed to cool enough that the molten Silicon is starting to jell on one end. At this point a sliver cut from a Semi-Conductor which is known as a seed is dropped upon the slightly jellied Silicon and this seed sets the pattern from which the crystal will grow. As the crystal forms, the crucible is slowly moved from the heated area and the crystal slowly grows in length as the crucible is slowly moved. It takes many hours to grow a crystal and the really large crystals take periods of days.

The lines of electrical conductivity in a Semi-Conductor crystal are straight through from one end to the other. Once the crystal starts forming the growth must continue without hesitation or fault from one end to the other. A single faulting will break the lines of conductivity and the crystal is useless. You will have to remelt the material and start over again. For those who become interested in growing crystals and would like to obtain more detailed information, the book Semi-Conductor Technology by Walter R. Runyan is probably the best source obtainable.

The heat source for crystal growing need not be large. One of these smaller but best quality ceramic or assay furnaces could be used after minor conversions. All the necessary supplies and equipment are available at regular stockhouses because we are going to make a variation of what is already in everyday production. We will not have to develop a single new technique nor train anybody in an entirely new profession. A good battery man and a good semi-conductor technician could complete the project in their own backyard workshop.

We are now ready to make our first Electrinium Unit. Our goal is to produce a Unit of any size and of any Electrical capacity that is a success and is electric like a magnet is magnetic. We have, through the use of the battery process, made a sufficient quantity of Silver-Iron Electrinium Compound. The next step is to combine it with the Silicon and from this mixture grow a Silicon Semi-Conductor crystal. This combination creates our next problem. If we melt the Silicon and the Silver-Iron compound together they will separate with the Silicon on top because of the force of gravity. What we need is for the Silver-Iron compound to combine with the Silicon into a homogenized solution in which the Silver-Iron molecules are evenly interspersed within the Silicon. To obtain this condition we must use a catalyst or flux.

In melting ore so as to separate the Gold, Borax crystals are used as a catalyst and in the finished smelt all of the Iron and other minerals other than the Gold are interspersed within the Borax crystals with the Gold lying on the bottom. Gold and Silver are a harmonious pair of elements and their life vibrations in harmony with each other.We could use Borax crystals but in the finished Silicon crystal the electrical lines of conductivity may be broken by the Borax which runs counterwise to the Silicon. To correct this we will add another element which is found and mined in a natural combination with Boron and that combination is Borozon. Borozon is a Boron-Nitride mineral, of cubical crystallization, hard as a diamond and is mined in South America.

When uniting the Silver and Iron into compound molecules, each molecule is no doubt composed of one silver atom and two or more Iron atoms. The electrical attraction between the Silver and Iron atoms is so great that once they are united heat will not separate them except in an extreme case where the Silver becomes vaporized. If it becomes necessary to go to a much higher heat in the latter part of the project than is now planned, Gold could be substituted in the place of the Silver. How eve r, the Silve r-Iron molecules can be combined with the Borozon crystals and the resulting Silver-Iron-Borozon molecules will then, when added to the Silicon, produce a homogenous solution.

One problem in crystal growing is cracking from uneven expansion and contraction. The formed portion of the crystal, if allowed to cool and contract too fast, will crack and break off. Our furnace will have to have a second section built on top that remains at a temperature slightly below the Silicon melting point. The crucible which carries the Silicon material will set on a movable platform that is raised and lowered by a timed screw action. A hole must be cut in top of the furnace just large enough to accommodate the passage of the round tube like crucible and at the start this crucible should be penetrating into the top section with the level of the Silicon material just b e l ow ceiling height. The screw action that raises the platform should be pow e r e d by a small electric motor and geared so as to raise the platform one inch per hour. In the roof of the top section an inspection hole should be left and covered with a brick. This hole should be directly above the top of the c crucible carrying the crystal growing material.

Besides the crystal growing crucible there must be a crucible in which to melt the Silicon and a smaller one in which the Silve r-Iron compound is united with the Borozon. The amount of materials to be used should be calculated so that when they have all been added together they will fill t h e crystal growing crucible to just below the ceiling height and one inch below the top of the crucible.

This amount will be the total of the following: four penny-weight of Silver-Iron Compound, three times that amount of Borozon (by volume), and enough Silicon to give needed total volume. Put the Silicon in a crucible to heat. Put the Silver-Iron Compound and the Borozon in a crucible to heat. After melting, this material will boil for awhile but will gradually clear up and have a mirror like surface.When it is clear add this solution to the Silicon. It too will boil for awhile and then clear to a mirror- like surface. We can now remove the brick covering of the inspection hole in the top section and pour the Silicon mixture into the crystal growing crucible. Allow it to heat for awhile, fifteen minutes or longer, and then start raising the crucible upwards out of the furnace. When the surface of the mixture has cleared the furnace ceiling and has begun cooling to a jelly like consistency drop a semiconductor seed upon the surface and allow the crystal to continue to grow. If the mixture is too hot when the seed is added the seed will melt and the mixture will have to be reseeded when the mixture is slightly cooler. The furnace must be kept just hot enough to keep the mixture melted and the top section just cool enough that the material will crystallize. This crystallization should take place at a rate of one inch per hour.

The crystal will be grown when its crucible is pushed up entirely into the upper heat chamber. Just shut off the heat and allow it to cool gradually over a period of hours.

The crystal should now be tested as to its electrical conductivity and its ends marked positive and negative It should now be ground to the desired shape and form and have suitable electrodes attached to its ends so it can be electrically organized. There should also be an electrical by-pass line installed with a resistance unit the has slightly more resistance than the DC voltage that will be used in the period of electrical organization.

To make the electrical organization easier the crystal must be re-heated to a stage that is no longer extremely hard, probably to twelve or fourteen hundred degrees, so the electrodes and by-pass line must be made accordingly. Now put it back in the furnace and when it is heated sufficiently start passing a direct current through it and turn the heat off and allow it to cool very gradually.

All during this cooling period continue passing the electric current through it until it is quite cool. Before it is cool it will start operating and its voltage capacity will be much higher than the DC current supply and without the by-pass line this might damage your equipment.


The first question you will ask is, “What is the electrical potential of an Electrinium Unit?” That cannot be answered truly until a test is run on the Unit for voltage and amperage. However, we do have some figures from which an estimate can be made and a study of the storage battery will give them. We are using the same materials that were used in the storage battery, the only difference is in the way they are put together and used. During the process of producing the Compound through the discharge-charge process did your battery really get discharged or charged? Every bit of energy that left it had to return to it. Every bit of energy you passed into it passes out of it. How could it become discharged? What really did happen during this process ? By using a glass case you could watch the buildup of Silver-Iron molecules on the surfaces of the plates as it discharged, and as you charged it by forcing a current through it backwards you could see the Silver-Iron molecules as a milky substance being forced from the plates and sinking to the bottom of the case.

When the plates have been cleaned of the Silver-Iron molecules in the charging cycle the battery is fully charged. This first cycle of discharge charge has completely used up the top layer of atoms on the positive and negative plates and has exposed a whole new layer of atoms ready for the next cycle, and so it goes from cycle to cycle until your plates are used up in the production of compound molecules from single atoms.

When your circuit was closed, a Silver atom, using the electrolyte as a pathway of conductivity went over the gap between the plates and united with an atom of Iron and became a Silver-Iron molecule. This molecule is a greater force surrounded by a lesser force. This force moved out, traveling the full circuit and returned to its Silver-Iron body. The newly exposed Silver atom which did lay beneath the first is now exposed for action but it now faces a compound molecule of much greater force than it contains and this greater force blocks passage and further action cannot take place until the compound molecule is removed by a so-called charging action. When the force of every Silver atom is blocked by a compound molecule the battery is fully discharged.

To find a basis from which to figure the electrical potential of an Electrinium Unit let us observe a single Silver atom of our Silver-Iron battery as it makes its circuit. As it crossed the gap to join the Iron atom it used the electrolyte as a pathway which had two and half volt resistance in electrical conductivity. If the energy flowing in the circuit had been used it could have lit a two volt bulb before it re-entered the battery and returned to its metallic body. The energy expended by this Silver-Iron molecule is equal to seven volts, of which five were expended within the battery because the electrolyte must have more resistance than battery output and this force crossed the gap twice.

One way to look at the storage battery is as follows: Let us view each pair of positive-negative atoms as dry cell flashlight batteries and the storage battery is a great pile of one million dry cells, Exposed on the outside of this pile are five hundred batteries, the rest are all covered over and are thereby useless at this time. Each of those exposed drycells will give us one and a half volts of energy and the potential of the entire pile is limited to one and a half volts.

Using the same illustration for the Electrinium Unit the one million drycells will represent one million Electrinium molecules. Instead of having only five hundred in service at one time we rearrange them from a pile into an Electrinium Unit and organize each and every molecule into lines of a series. They are all lined up just like drycells in a flashlight and they could be aligned so as to give any voltage desired. If the million were all aligned in one line they would have a potential of one and a half million volts of energy,

In the Electrinium Unit we are using the same material we used in the Silver-Iron battery which produces only two volts. We have rearranged the material in a way that multiplies the output thousands of times. By uniting all the positive-negative atoms into compound molecules the entire Unit is composed of a compound that is of a greater force surrounded by a lesser force. There is no way this force can be blocked by a greater force because it is greater than any natural force used in electrical circuits and it is being constantly reinforced by Solar radiation and therefore cannot be diminished or discharged.

In the Electrinium Unit all of the electrical producing material is Silver-Iron molecules and each and every one of them will have seven volts of energy. When the Unit was organized electrically they were organized into lines of a series. These lines will stretch from one end of the crystal to the other and every molecule within each line will furnish seven volts of energy. If the crystal is ground square, one inch by one inch by five inches and we have incorporated within it enough Electrinium Compound to enrich it to a density of one thousand molecules per line in each inch of crystal, each line will have five thousand molecules and the crystal will operate at thirty-five thousand volts. If we have attained perfect homogenization through our Borozon and heating process and the molecules are interspersed in a perfect density pattern, there will be as many lines of a series in the crystal as there are molecules in a line per inch. Therefore, the crystal has one million lines consisting of five billion molecules operating at thirty-five thousand volts.

Our next problem is proportioning. Just how much Electrinium Compound, Borozon and Silicon will be necessary to produce a crystal of the desired size and voltage that can be cut into slices or platelets of a particular voltage that can be assembled into batteries of a desired voltage.

A crystal carrying eleven to twelve thousand volts per inch could be sliced into platelets of onetenth inch thickness and ground to one thousand volts per platelet. These platelets could then be assembled into banks of twenty or more, wired parallel. The standard battery case of today would hold more banks of platelets than needed to power the autos and trucks of today. The same battery, through a converter to AC current would furnish light, heat and power for homes. Larger assemblies would power the railroads, earth moving equipment and mining ventures. These same batteries would furnish energy for mine site smelters which would solve our mineral problem by bringing into production thousands of mines with lower grade ores that are unprofitable today. Many of these batteries when assembled should be wired for two or more circuits, giving two or more vo l t a g e s and have multiple outlets. With the Laser and other newly developed inventions of today it would not be necessary to spend months drilling and blasting a tunnel when with the right energy the tunnel could be burnt through in just a few hours. The Electrinium Battery will energ i z e just such a venture and others of greater and lesser magnitude.


This demonstration by Mr. Tesla is like a huge diamond and it has many more facets than any one man could investigate. Electrinium Energy is only one facet. Next to it is the gravitational shield and energy for interplanetary travel. Lying just beyond is the wavelength-vibration scanner along with the multiple wavelength generator and many other facets not yet identified. Most all of the knowledge which this most wonderful man left with us now lies in limbo, but during the new century we are preparing to enter, it will come into use and completely change life for future generations to come.

For instance, the facet explaining the power of the atom explains thousands of things in which we are now in ignorance. Yesterday we could see an object with our eyes, but today we know that we don’t see the actual object. We are seeing its life vibration, that the object is radiating an electrical vibration and our eyes and brain register this vibration as the object. Today the astronomers of the world are wondering about the great black holes in the heavens; but tomorrow after they have studied this facet they will realize that the black holes are galaxies at rest. That within this life cycle of the Universe they are not being enlivened by solar radiation. That tomorrow when their day arrives they too will shine in the heavens like our Galaxy shines today.

When full realization comes that the atom is alive and is constantly radiating energy in its own wavelength we will then build scanners that will fully identify anything and everything by its wavelength. With these we will make the deaf hear through their eyes and the blind see through their ears. Medical diagnosis will be by wavelength and an organ below normal wavelength will be restored quickly by flooding it with the correct wavelength. The start towards using Cosmic Energy in medical practice has already been made through the use of electrical current to quickly heal bone fractures that will not heal under present medical practice. Acupuncture is a type of electrical healing, the inserted needles acting as an antenna and the brain of the doctor the source of energ y. This is also true in Reflexology where the fingers of the doctor take the place of the needle.

The wavelength scanner could become a dowsing device. As you walk over the Earth and your body radiation contacts the elements of the Earth below the surface, they will respond in their own wavelength and the scanner will receive these wavelengths and identify them by their vibration.

Radar and sonar will register an object on a screen but with a scanner added a complete description of the object could be obtained.

The facet concerning gravitation is probably the easiest to put into use. Since gravitation is created by the two Cosmic Forces crossing each other at a ninety degree angle, if one were shielded gravitation could not exist. The shield could be made in an umbrella shape shingled with semiconductor material that collects radiation and defects it out over the edge of the shield.

Everything below the shield, down to the point of where the defected lines of energy converge would become weightless.

During World War II a great part of the war materials and supplies for the Far East were flown over the Himalaya Mountains and this was known as flying the Hump. Many of the pilots flying over the Hump reported being annoyed by UFOs and particularly of the fact that the UFOs caused their airplanes to have total electrical failure and engine failure for periods of time that was almost disastrous to the plane. When the UFOs left the vicinity the electric gear and engines came alive again. This was unexplainable then but easily explained today. The UFOs were constructed with gravitational shields and when they adopted a position that put the airplane within their field of levitation, the plane experienced complete electronic failure and levitation. The pilot would not know of his weightless condition and would have sensation of falling, but he really wasn’t falling and probably was in little or no danger.

I wonder how long it will be until some young man makes one of these weightless machines and learns to fly it with Cosmic Energy. By using the cosmic shield in a manner somewhat like the sails on the old time schooners, the force of the Cosmic energy would be quite strong on a weightless object. In a hovering position the shield would be held to a ninety degree angle to radial energy, but when tipped to a forty five degree angle to the radiant energy would give strong pushing actions towards the sixty degree angle and an equal force from the magnetic side would give an equal force against the shield. These two forces applied against a weightless object should give it great speed and maneuverability. I wonder if the pyramids and other great monuments of the ancient world weren’t made with the use of the shield mounted upon some kind of an aircraft.

With this shield we too could build monuments.

# Chapter 13: CONCLUSION

The combustion engine was invented over a hundred years ago and it took more than forty years for it to replace horse and steam pow e r. Now it is the supreme power of the world with generated electricity second. Today is the dawn of the Electrinium Age and within the next century Electrinium will replace all other forms of energy. Fossil fuels and generated electricity have served their day but the time is past when the Earth can support the pollution and afford the depletion they have caused.

Electrinium Energy will not only solve the pollution and depletion problems, it gives us an entirely new outlook on life with new goals of attainment for every man living. The cost of energy today is the greater part of the wo r l d ’s total earnings. The labor invo l ved in producing that energ y and its delivery is greater than any other human occupation. The greatest portion of the world’s finance and manpower is involved in producing energy that is immediately burnt and used up.

Electrinium Energy will free the world of this great cost in money and manpower and it can be put into use towards the betterment of man and the beautification of our home, the planet Earth. The conversion from the combustion engine to Electrinium Energy will not be quick and easy but can be accomplished easier than the conversion from steam and horse power and should be done in a much shorter period of time. We already have the industrial capacity and a trained work force to put it into action. Once we get it under-way and the will of the opposition to change is broken, we will have a long period of human activity never before equaled. There will be many more jobs than people to fill them and everybody will work and accomplish things of lasting va l u e .

To ease this period of transition an organization will be formed by the Electrinium Industry to be named “The Electrinium Foundation of America,’’ a non-profit organization in the Electrinium field and other related fields dealing with the new age of the coming twenty-first century. This organization has not yet been formed but in essence is already working. This book and what is already taking place in the Electrinium field could not have taken form without the invaluable help of two other new age institutions—The Universarium Foundation of Portland, Oregon and the World University of Tucson, Arizona. Their help has been invaluable and we will greatly need their help in the future and should plan their growth along with ours.

This transition will effect everybody, large and small. Those who join now and go along with it will profit greatly in many ways. Those who fight against it will in the end lose all. There are already a number of people working in their own laboratories and before long Units will start appearing. You also have that privilege, and the knowledge given in this book gives you an even start with them, Electrinium Energy will not be owned by one man, or one corporation, or one country. It shall be free to everybody and operate under the free enterprise system. The only restrictions will be those set up by the Electrinium Foundation of which you can be a member and your vote will be equal to any other vote.

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