Keelynet 7’s selected files, Part 7:

## The Neutral Center and the Aether Spectrum – 08/21/90 – for KeelyNet by Jerry W. Decker – updated 03/01/00 ;

This file describes my long standing view of how aether creates and sustains all matter and energy manifestations. Some quotes are taken from the book ‘Aerial Navigation’ by Clara Bloomfield Moore.

# Aether
Aether is the finest but also the most energy dense substance which Man has yet conceived. It permeates all of space and through its many divisions, creates and SUSTAINS all matter and energy.

Aether can be so divided as to generate ever lower frequencies with resultant aggregations of energy, force and matter. Just as a prism separates white light (many combined frequencies) into what we perceive as single frequencies, so too can we use the phenomena of interference (collisions with other frequencies), to cause aether and other frequencies to be produced and manipulated to generate energy, matter and various ‘effects’.

# Harmony & Interference
A knowledge of the laws of Harmony can be intelligently used to generate interferences (collisions) in the Aether in a positive or negative manner.

Positive (constructive) interferences add to and multiply while Negative (destructive) interferences subtract from and divide frequencies. This means that we have a spectrum of creation generated from the divisions of the Aether which can be shown by the following :

Aether slowed down and extended yields
Magnetism slowed down and extended yields
Electricity slowed down and extended yields
Light slowed down and extended yields
Heat slowed down and extended yields
Sound slowed down and extended yields
Physical Vibration slowed down and extended yields

Cascading forcefalls of Aether divide to generate infinite lower frequency interference patterns which form the Universe and all Creation.

# Trinity and Signatures
A fundamental frequency is generated and sustained by two other frequencies which each in turn are generated and sustained by two other frequencies, ad infinitum..

This pattern continues throughout the physical and energy body of an individualized structure and is the basis of the SACRED TETRACTYS (10 points) of the Greeks.

We can now see how tuning to the Fundamental will give a certain degree of “sympathy” to a mass aggregation. This appears to be the basis for the trinity as manifest in all creation in the physical forms of PUSH, PULL AND BALANCE. As we tune to successively finer frequencies IN ADDITION to those preceding, we find progressively more precise sympathetic linking to allow remote stimulation and control of the target aggregation.

# Mass Aggregations
Keely in his researches came to the conclusion that all masses consisted of multiple aggregations of various size which follow these patterns :

– Mass Aggregations – which consists of Molecules
– Molecules – which consists of Inter-Molecules
– Inter-Molecules – which consists of Atoms
– Atoms – which consists of Inter-Atoms
– Inter-Atoms – which consists of Aether
– Aether – which consists of Inter-Aether
– Inter-Aether – which consists of Compound Inter-Aether

Each mass aggregation collectively possesses a Neutral Centre which is the synthesis of all associated Neutral Centres on successive levels of individualization. For example, the Inter-Atomic possesses a Neutral Centre, (as do all individualized units as shown above).

When many Inter-Atomic units combine, the total combined Neutral Centres of each unit will ‘collectively form’ an additional and ‘new’ single Neutral Centre which then becomes the Atomic in the next highest order of evolution. When many Inter-Atomic units combine (each of which has its own Neutral Centre), a single Neutral Centre comes into being as a COLLECTIVE SYNTHESIS of all the separate units to form a new EVOLVED structure now known as the Atomic.

This ADDITIVE principle works throughout Creation to allow the synthesis (and its opposite – analysis/breakdown/division) of all preceding Neutral Centres on quantum levels of individualization in the form of Atoms joining to create Molecules which in turn join to form Mass Aggregations such as Rocks, Trees, Planets, etc..

# The Neutral Centre
Mr. Keely illustrates his idea of “a neutral centre” in this way:”We will imagine that, after an accumulation of a planet of any diameter – say, 20,000 miles more or less, for the size has nothing to do with the problem – there should be a displacement of all the material, with the exception of a crust 5000 miles thick, leaving an intervening void BETWEEN this crust and a centre of the size of an ordinary billiard ball, it would then require a force AS GREAT TO MOVE THIS SMALL CENTRAL MASS AS IT WOULD TO MOVE THE SHELL OF 5000 miles thickness.

Moreover, this small central mass would carry the load of this crust for ever, keeping it EQUI-DISTANT; and there could be no opposing power, HOWEVER GREAT, that could bring them together. The imagination staggers in contemplating the immense load WHICH BEARS UPON THIS POINT OF CENTRE, WHERE WEIGHT CEASES. This is what we understand by a neutral centre.”

The Standing Wave of Matter

It is the flow of this aether/zpe as one or more frequencies into matter, where it is REFLECTED FROM THE CENTER to phase conjugate with incoming aether/zpe as shown in this standing wave animation.

The Neutral Centre can best be visualized as a drain through which Aether continually flows. The volume of the Aetheric flows throughout a structure are determined by the size of the Neutral Centre opening, exactly like increasing or decreasing the size of the drain in a tank of water. Control of the flow of Aether through this drain therefore determines the density and weight of a mass aggregation. The character, signature or virtual state pattern of the mass aggregation determines the nature of the interferences which present themselves to the flow of Aether into the Neutral Centre.

This mass nature not only determines what the elemental structure of a mass aggregation will be but also the properties exhibited. By altering the frequencies and phase relationships of a mass, we can change the weight, density and nature of the mass by reducing or increasing the Neutral Centre opening to the flow of Aether. Aether flow into a mass aggregate neutral center can effectively ‘capture’ other mass aggregations, causing them to be caught in the greater flow, to create what is called ‘gravity’.

Keely continues by explaining HOW he managed to take advantage of the Neutral Centre principle to develop an Engine which was intended to run on Aetheric force;

“In the conception of any machine here-to-fore constructed, the medium for INDUCING a Neutral Centre HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND.
If it had, the difficulties of perpetual motion seekers would have ended, and this problem would have become an established and operating fact. It would only require an INTRODUCTORY IMPULSE of a few pounds, on such a device, TO CAUSE IT TO RUN FOR CENTURIES.
In the conception of my VIBRATORY ENGINE, I did NOT SEEK TO ATTAIN PERPETUAL MOTION; but A CIRCUIT IS FORMED THAT ACTUALLY HAS A NEUTRAL CENTRE, which is in a condition to be vivified by my VIBRATORY ETHER, and while under operation, by said substance, is really A MACHINE THAT IS VIRTUALLY INDEPENDENT OF THE MASS (OR GLOBE), and it is the wonderful velocity of the vibratory circuit which makes it so.
Still, with all its perfection, it requires to be fed with the VIBRATORY ETHER to make it AN INDEPENDENT MOTOR…..”

Keely continues; “The man who can, even in a simple way, appreciate this vast problem has been endowed by the Creator with one of the greatest gifts which He can bestow upon a mortal. It is well known that ALL STRUCTURES REQUIRE A FOUNDATION IN STRENGTH according to the weight of the mass they have to carry, but the foundations of the Universe REST ON A VACUOUS POINT FAR MORE MINUTE THAN A MOLECULE;
in fact, to express this truth properly, ON AN INTER-ETHERIC POINT, which requires an infinite mind to understand. To look down into the depths of an etheric centre is precisely the same as it would be to search into the broad space of heaven’s ether to find the end; WITH THIS DIFFERENCE, that ONE IS THE POSITIVE FIELD, while the other IS THE NEGATIVE FIELD…..”

Keely continues; “In seeking to solve the great problems which have baffled me, from time to time, in my progressive researches, I have often been struck by the fact that I have, to all seeming, ACCIDENTALLY TRIPPED over their solution. The mind of man is not infinite, and it requires an infinite brain TO EVOLVE INFINITE POSITIONS. My highest power of concentration failed to attain the results which, at last, seeming accident revealed.”

In comparing the TENUITY OF THE ATMOSPHERE with that of the ETHERIC FLOWS, obtained by Mr. Keely from his inventions for DISSOCIATING THE MOLECULES OF AIR BY VIBRATION, he says, “It is as platina (platinum) to hydrogen gas.” in other words “Air is to Aether what Platinum is to Hydrogen gas.”

Molecular separation of air brings us to the first subdivision only; inter-molecular, to the second; atomic, to the third; inter-atomic, to the fourth; etheric, to the fifth; and inter-etheric, to the sixth subdivision, or positive association with LUMINIFEROUS ETHER.

In my introductory argument I have contended that THIS IS THE VIBRATORY ENVELOPE OF ALL ATOMS. In my definition of atom I do not confine myself to the sixth subdivision, where this luminiferous ether is developed IN ITS CRUDE FORM, as far as my researches prove. I think this idea will be pronounced by physicists of the present day, a wild freak of the imagination.

Possibly, in time, a light may fall upon this theory that will bring its simplicity forward to scientific research. At present I can only compare it to some planet in dark space, where the light of the sun of science has not yet reached it… I assume that sound, like odour, is a real substance of unknown and wonderful tenuity, emanating from a body where it has been induced by percussion, and throwing out absolute corpuscles of matter – inter-atomic particles – with a VELOCITY OF 1120 FEET PER SECOND, IN VACUO 20,000 (feet per second).

The substance which is thus disseminated is a part and parcel of the mass agitated, and IF KEPT UNDER THIS AGITATION CONTINUOUSLY WOULD, in the course of a certain cycle of time, become thoroughly absorbed by the atmosphere; or, more truly, would pass through the atmosphere to an ELEVATED POINT OF TENUITY CORRESPONDING TO THE CONDITION OF SUBDIVISION (i.e., molecular, atomic, etc…) that governs its liberation from its parent body. The sounds that vibratory forks, SET SO AS TO PRODUCE ETHERIC CHORDS, while disseminating their compound tones permeate most thoroughly ALL SUBSTANCES that come under the range of their atomic bombardment.

Vanguard Note… The above reference opens a most interesting “new” discovery in regard to Keely’s work which we have never realized. It indicates that any mass can be caused to vibrate at chords which directly correlate and sympathize with the Ether, atomic, molecular, etc… level. This means there are SPECIFIC CHORDS WHICH ARE ATTUNED TO DIFFERENT LEVELS OF SUBDIVISIONS OF INDIVIDUALIZATION and which can be achieved throughout the spectrum (sonic included). This is quite fascinating and points to an understanding of a quite different order.

Keely continues… The clapping of a bell in vacuo liberates these atoms with the same velocity and volume as one in the open air; and were the agitation of the bell kept up continously for a few million centuries, it would thoroughly return to its primitive element. If the chamber were hermetically sealed, and strong enough, the vacuous volume surrounding the bell would be brought to a pressure of many thousands of pounds to the square inch, by the tenuous substance evolved.

In my estimation, SOUND TRULY DEFINED IS THE DISTURBANCE OF ATOMIC EQUILIBRIUM, RUPTURING ACTUAL ATOMIC CORPUSCLES; AND THE SUBSTANCE THUS LIBERATED MUST CERTAINLY BE A CERTAIN ORDER OF ETHERIC FLOW. Under these conditions is it unreasonable to suppose that, if this flow were kept up, and the body thus robbed of its element, it would in time disappear entirely?


## 9.440 pages found in website ! Number one reference for Free Energy since the begining = CONGRATULATIONS Mr. DECKER !

## Re: Stuff..comments.. Jerry Wayne Decker,, Thu, 12 Aug 1999 ;

Hi Ken et al! Hey now, don’t kill the messenger…I didn’t explain any of it as well as he did….that’s why I’m trying to get him to email some papers.

I’ll wait for his papers and quote them direct, he was just expressing his theories, as far as I could tell, not facts. He is currently working on what he says will be a self running magnetic device based on his own observations.

He said with regard to that device, he was trying to determine the spacing and angles of the magnets but he wouldn’t go into detail.

He also went into this interesting description about why the earth is electronegative…let me see, I’ve slept since then..…he said if you put magnets on a wheel so that only one pole is facing outward, spin that wheel so the flux lines cut a coil of wire, it will light a bulb with NEGATIVELY charged current, it doesn’t matter if it is South or North as long as it spins in the same direction. There was more and this isn’t new but he was trying to explain WHY the earth is negative, at the time, he made a good point but I’m not recalling all his points exactly.

He said the earth functions like that to produce negative charges. I’m wanting to say a spinning magnetic interior that induces negative charges in the mass of the earth but I’d much prefer his own words.

He also said you can measure a potential in millivolts between the hands of a person and that depending on whether they were left or right handed, the polarity would differ.

He said he put his nephew in the corner of a room holding the probes of a multimeter that shows a negative millivolt reading.

He and one of his nephews friends went into another part of the house and told the nephew to watch the meter. He and the kid begin laughing at his nephew and thinking about him. During that short period, he said his nephew reported that the meter level went from a negative millivolt reading to a positive millivolt reading.

I told him about Cleve Backsters ‘primary perception’ as tested with plants, where metal plates are clamped to a leaf and the electrical output is amplified with a high gain circuit. Cleve found that if you are near the plant and think about burning or otherwise mutilating it with a cigarette or knife…the electrical signals across the leaf will go nuts in response. He and others have tested this at a distance of up to 20 miles on a plant that he watered and took care of.

For more complex systems such as humans it was found that oral leukocytes which can live up to 8 hours outside the body, continued to communicate with the body with no physical contact, tested up to 5 miles away. Cleve thinks it could be used for remote monitoring of physiological conditions and when we talked, he said about $50,000 would let him do the full tests that he has in mind for the effect, which would lead to new technology.

I’m hoping this Ulrich guy will send the papers and perhaps join the list to answer questions as they are his theories and contentions. I was looking for correlations with what he was saying and found a few.

I don’t think he ever heard of zpe/aether/push gravity or some other things that we eventually talked about (it was a long call).

If he decides to join the list and/or post some papers, then you can read it in his own words rather than my error prone phone report….I’m not to the point of taping phone calls, even for this, but I do try to take notes if its something important…

There is so much that is either erroenous or outright unknown factually and repeatably that I’m still open to theories, though I’d prefer a working device…because its hard to dispute hardware…

## Re: What is a vacuum? Slavek Krepelka (, Sat, 30 Oct 1999 ;

Russell Garber wrote: Hi all,This may sound like a dumb question, and I may be just thinking illogically due to too much thinking, but what is a vacuum? To be clear, I am not speaking of the ether/Aether/ZPE or anything along those lines, but strictly a vacuum as the absence of matter. To start, I will explain what got me thinking about this. I was thinking about density, and balloons (helium, hot air, or whatever) and how a balloon can lift weight. Again to be clear, I understand how that works (the total density of the balloon and the payload it is carrying, is less than the weight of the air it displaces) This got me thinking of a theoretical vacuum balloon. What I mean by this, is a hollow object made of a lightweight, rigid material (strong enough to not collapse under the inside vacuum pressure), but large enough to displace more air than it’s weight (picture a helium balloon, filled with nothing (a vacuum), instead of helium, weighing the same (the balloon material itself), but strong enough to maintain the size and shape it would be when filled with enough helium to float… again remember this is just imaginary). Would this vacuum balloon float?

Hi Russel. No go. The external pressure would be approximatelly 15 psi at the earth surface. To make a vacuum vessel requires a lot of material for the shell to give it a sufficient strength to contain vacuum, and therefore weight. This keeps it at a mind experiment level.

> I think that it would float for the same reason the helium balloon floats, but this got me thinking about other strange things. One question it brought to mind is, what happens to a vacuum when it is filled with air?

Does the vacuum just disappear? or does it rise up into space where it is at an equal density with it’s surroundings? Thinking about that question led to another question, if atoms are always moving about, what are they moving in? What is in between the molecules of water, air, etc… If it is a vacuum, then why do they not sink down (being more dense than a vacuum) and take up all the space, until they can no longer move about?

Picture oil floating on water, and then imagine air as a liquid, floating at a higher level because it is less dense, and helium at a higher level, etc., etc.

This is actually a question of a genius. Russell, that question of yours might mean that a gas or liquid or solid at zero Kelvin should have the absolute density of a black hole.

Anyone able to have an educated comment on that?

> Anyway, I think you get the idea…. I apologize if I am talking non-sense, but as I have stated in the past, sometimes when you spend too much time thinking about one thing, non-sense begins to make more and more sense. (not to mention that the idea of nothing (a vacuum) being able to take up space (well not exactly, but you know what I mean), is a weird concept in itself) 🙂 In any case, I am looking forward to your responses. -Russ

## Experimental Circuits – 02/12/98

The following are a list of diagrams from the KeelyNet BBS. Because of the formatting of the .gifs, I chose to NOT post them as HTML files. They are instead zipped to let you download for study as you will.

No claims are being made for any of these circuits or files, each simply represents an experimental circuit or design which the poster believed to be providing anomalous results, most of which have been built.

Some have conflicting reports as to verification, so rather than KeelyNet presuming to make any judgement, the information is simply being provided ‘as is’. You are invited to make up your own mind, preferably by building and testing it for yourself.

Good luck and please report back: if your experiments lead to improvements. Thanks.

All files are zipped and will include the diagrams and associated text documents if applicable. Some browsers might have problems so I have it configured for ftp: or www downloads, both work on my Netscape 3.0, if you have problems, please let me know your browser type, thanks!

– Caduceus www – diagram & text – claiming odd effects of carbon rod with caduceus wire winding
– Snellmot www – diagram only – EV Gray motor and circuit design
– Coils www – diagram only – various bifilar/mobius/caduceus coil windings
– FF1 www – diagram & text – showing Bert Pools’ firefly circuit indicating possible extraction of free energy
– FlexFlo www – 3 diagrams & 2 text files – experiments possibly indicating overunity
– Hummell www – diagram & text -original material about what we now know to be David Hamel
– Magalt www – diagram & text – silent magnetic power generator story
– Mckie www – 2 diagrams & text – Scott McKie PodMod overunity generator
– Neiper www – diagram – claims to lose weight when powered up
– Neondet www – diagram & text – neon detector for ‘scalars’
– MRA www – diagram & 4 text files – magnetic resonance amplifier
– Potapov www – 2 photos with text -Russian overunity water heater
– Proof www – diagram – circuit claiming proof of ZPE
– RadNRG www – diagram & text – Tesla Radiant Energy Receiver
– TOD www – diagram & 2 text files – Lee Trippett overunity circuit proven to be in error by Lee’s continued investigation into the anomalous readings
– Watgas www – diagram & 2 text files – converting water to hydrogen and oxygen for use as fuel

## Interesting Emails for January 1998 – 01/26/98 – Last Updated 01/26/98 –

# On Liquid Electricity
This all reminds me of a fellow an employee I used to have, Don Breeding, who said he met a fellow who had perfected a device that stored liquid electricity. I believe he said it was a supercooled and conductive container with “leaves” of silver suspended from the inside center. He used nitrogen or some such to cool it, and began pumping electricity into it. It took a very long time to charge it up, maybe months, I don’t recall exactly. Presently, if you shook the container, you could hear a sloshing inside. The electricity had become liquid. What he used it for, I don’t recall.

The fellow was rich from an unrelated field, those sprinklers you see on large wheels rolling across farmland. I don’t know if his name was Diggs or not.

# More on Tibetan Stone Levitation
How many here have heard the one about the Tibetan monks who levitated stones using sound (apparently inducing resonance)? A funny coincidence… I haven’t thought of this story for years, but I had it in my mind just a few minutes before I downloaded this mail. I see this as a sign to write down some lines.

I don’t know how this levitation in Tibet is possible, but the story is true, as far as I know. There are very serious people involved. A friend of one of my friends is the man who witnessed the levitation in Tibet in the thirties…

I heard a rumour of the Tibetan levitation more than 35 years ago, and for years I tried to find out the truth. The only clue I had was the name of a man, “Ernst”. After three years somebody suddenly said to me: “The man over there is Ernst, he is the man you are looking for! He knows Dr Jarl who documented the levitation in Tibet by a movie-camera!”

Dr Jarl studied medicine in Oxford. One of his schoolfellows was a Tibetan and they became great friends. Several years after the examination, when day had lost the contact, Dr Jar1 travelled from Sweden to Egypt for a special commission. At an intermediate landing on Alexandria air port, two Tibetan monks suddenly came up to him and urged him to change his plans and go with them to Tibet. An aircraft waited for them.

How did they know that he was going to Egypt? Nobody did know about his job. He decided to go to Tibet and at a monastery waited his medical friend from Oxford, now a high lama and chief of the monastery. They needed Dr Jarl’s assistance in a medical problem. Soon they solved the problem, and Dr Jarl stayed as a guest for a period and witnessed a lot of miraculous things. The same day he arrived, the Tibetans showed a colour(!)-film on a white wall – whithout any visible apparatus. Dr Jarl saw his whole journey, his landing in Alexandria and how the Tibetans approached him…

Later Dr Jarl watched how the Tibetans built a monastery halfways up to a vertical montain ridge and levitated big stones from the valley. He made detailed notes and documented the whole process by a movie-camera. The film was later confiscated by the Englishmen and classified for 50 years. This time is over. Maybe somebody can find the film in the British archives now.

There is some misinformation about the story somewhere in the web. The man who whitnessed the Tibetan levitation of stones is this Swedish MD Jarl, not the aircraft engineer Henry Kjellson, who has written about ancient technology.

Dr Jarl, Henry Kjellson and Ernst (Linder) where friends. Only Ernst is still alive. Kjellson died a few days before he and Ernst was going to Egypt and the Cheops pyramid for a research project with advanced measurement instruments to find out possible secret chambers…

Also see Davidson Levitation Paper

# Online Periodic Table with NMR Frequencies
Check out this URL, it has a periodic table of all the elements, with their resonance frequencies. Periodic Table

# Hydraulic Vehicle Drive System
Came across this site Hydraulic Power , a few weeks ago and have not been able to acquire additional information. Therefore assuming that you have not come across this site before, perhaps you or your readers may have additional info on this one.

Apparently this “engine” is patented and sounds very intriguing. The abstract follows:

The ecological hydraulic engine is from the field of engines which do not consume any kind of fuel which pollute environment, and what it needs is only one driving so that it may be used as long as it is possible according to the time of lasting of the materials installed. The ecological hydraulic engine is executed in such a way that it works on the principle of power relation (the pulse defeating of pressure in the tank across the high- pressure pumps and it is powered by a 1 kW electric motor (but it may also be powered by even less power), supplied from the battery arrangement for the first driving, which accumulates energy in the tank by system of high-pressure pumps, and as a medium it uses hydro-oil (or some other kind of pressure medium), under the pressure of 300 bars (recommendable), and in this way collected energy is transmitted, with the help of hydroengines, on the car wheels or on some other kind of propulsion machine, while its small part is used for filling of batteries with the help of alternator.

This kind of engine may work without any kind of fuel or battery, because it can produce energy for itself and it can serve as a non-limited source of energy. The power gained on the shaft of hydroengine may be used as it is needed.

The use of this invention can be in a large number of fields and areas, without a power restriction.

# GE 1:4 Overunity Generator
I haven’t written for quite a while but I am still active in the free energy arena. I just wanted to see if you had any information on some type of device that is going to be developed by General Electric that powers commercial generators for power stations. This device is said to have a 4 to 1 overunity output. Apparently it is being being funded by some big time financial firms and going to be developed by G.E.

I got this data from Walter Rosenthal who got it from Bob Choo sp?

Apparently Bob knows a person at G.E. who is going to be calling him to invite him to a demonstration.

Do you have any data on this. Apparently they are going to be announcing it publicly very soon and will be in production by the end of the year. (How many times have we heard that one?)

So, please drop me a line to let me know if you have heard anything about it.

# Tesla and the Smithsonian
So, a while back I sent some email to the Smithsonian concerning their lack of good information about Tesla. (There is a grade school teacher in the midwest with a web site that encourages this.) Finally, I got a reply from Barney Finn, curator of the “Electrical Collections.” Most of it was the text of a letter sent to Wayne Green. If you’re interested, the file is at .

Also see Tesla Tee Shirts , sales to finance bronze Tesla busts donated to Universities to increase Tesla awareness.

# Thermoelectric Converters
The company Hi-Z Technology maintains a website at Hi-Z Website . The information is very interesting, but I can’t seem to find anyone who has tried out their power modules. Also, they recommend a rather high clamping pressure (200 psi) for top efficiency – could this be exhibiting a piezo-electric effect and not heat related? If these modules do work, I agree with you that there are many applications where they could be used, particularly in colder climates where solar power is not competitive.

Also see QuantaDyne 20Watt Cascadable Modules – 09/20/96.

# Information Unlimited Toys and Project
I’ve been going to a great page called “Information Unlimited” they sell all kinds of kits and plans to a lot of different kellynet related topics, plus they sell electronics parts.. You may already have the URL but just in case you dont its Information Unlimited .

# BAAT 92 mpg bolt-on modification
Here is a risky but potentially explosive Penny stock. The company is BAT international (BAAT) They have technology for diesel engines that will produse 80 MPG in a diesel car with just “bolt on” modifications.

They test run their first car last week and it got 92 mpg but the test was stopped short due to an oil leek in the engine. The stock went from 9 cents to 49 cents, but then back down to 25 cents when the test wasn’t successful 100%, but they did get 92 mpg.

You can look them up under Yahoo quotes then go to the news section, for the whole story and picture of the GEO car they used. I bought a small amount Friday when the price fell, and I’m probably going to buy more before the price goes back up. BAAT also has technology for electric cars.

# Cold Fusion and ZPE Transcripts
Cold Fusion And Zero Point Energy Transcripts June 23, 1996, transcripts from 21st Century Radio’s Hieronimus & Co., COLD FUSION AND ZERO POINT ENERGY, Radio Host: Dr. Bob Hieronimus, with Featured Guests: Dr. Eugene Mallove, Professor John O’M. Bockris, and Dr. Hal Puthoff. Transcribed by Jed Rothwell.

# AC as Cause of Inertia?
Let us look at the mechanism by which an object resists motion. Imagine a ball of matter at rest on a smooth surface. The ball or cube is pushed and moves foward. Let us assume that no rotational motion occurs and the ball moves like a hockey puck.

Within the ball are protons, electrons, neutrons, and absorbed photons (or gravitons if you prefer). The ball forms a synchronized AC electromagnetic field. It is synchronized to the Earth.

When you move the ball by putting a force to it, the resulting motion (acceleration) caused the AC electromagnetic field to induce current flow within the ball. This current flow produces a field which acts like a counter EMF (electromotorforce) which produces an opposite force to the applied force.

As the object moves foward the velocity produces a counter EMF (voltage) which reduces the original applied voltage. As the applied force is reduced to zero, the object has an opposite voltage field built up. The net result is a balanced condition in which the energy of motion is stored in the moving field.Friction will cause the stored energy in the AC field (current) to disipate. Finally the object will come to a rest and only normal gravitational currents will flow.

A modern electrical generator takes a DC field and moves wires within the field in a circular motion which produces a counter EMF and a current flow as well. In matter itself, it is the AC photon/graviton field which is the means by which the motor/generator effect takes place. Whereas DC electrical generation requires copper or aluminum wires or other conductors, gravitational and inertial generation only requires the AC field of all matter. Thus AC current flows in all material structures.

# Grindell Matthews’ Death Ray

I have read your thoughts about weapons harnessing of electromagnetic energy. In respect of defence mechanisms I refer you to an obscure but important volume about Grindell Mathews, a biography published in the early forties by Hutchinson of London. This was shown to me recently by a neighbour, Mr John James, to whom I am copying this message.

This book (which you may trace through Hutchinson or the British copyright Libraries through library loan) shows that Mathews did indeed fabricate an electromagnetic device (he called it a Q ray, I think) that was capable of upsetting and stopping the electrical mechanisms of motors of aircraft and vehicles at intermediate to long range. This was the ultimate development of the famous “death ray”. It appears to me from the little that this book describes, technically, that the device needed very high input voltage, and was effectively a lightning generating machine of the type now developed highly around the world, but somehow focused into a controllable beam.

It was not of course a LASER or MASER.

Mathews had no formal education at a University but was the inventor of radio (wireless) and the sound track on talkies. These devices were certainly genuine and were demonstrated, for example, to Prince Edward and George, Duke of York; later King Edward VIII and King George VI. Mathews frequently demonstrated his devices to the British Military (Army, Navy, Airforce), but was cold shouldered due to bureaucratic inertia, arrogance, and incompetence. For example he apparently had an electromagnetic device that could detect U Boats at a range of over ten miles. He demonstrated this near Swansea where the wrecks of ships sunk by U boats were then prevalent. This is all according to this albeit untechnical biography. If this were true then I wonder why the short range sonar used by the corvettes and destroyers of the British Navy in the desperate struggle against the U boats were not replaced or augmented by this long range antisubmarine device. Such speculation is however idle. No doubt it has been investigated thoroughly by now. Or, maybe not.

He moved to a laboratory above this village in about 1935, and died in about 1941. I was informed by handwritten letter by Prof. Emeritus R. V. Jones, FRS, Director of Intelligence, Joint Chiefs of Staff of the second Churchill Government, Professor and Head of Physics at Aberdeen University, and a Director of GEC, that Mathews was “a crank”, but this is certainly NOT true. I am not sure why Jones took this line, but Mathews was certainly very unpopular with the British Military establishment towards the end of his life. Perhaps there are still official secrets that the MI5 and MI6 wish not to divulge about Mathews, even now. I doubt it though. The thirty year rule and official secrets act does not apply any longer of course, since these events took place more than thirty years ago.

(The Laboratory, still there today as a private residence, was called “Tor Cloud” which is a corruption of the Welsh “Tor Glawdd”, the outer defences of the Lord of Gower (Arglwydd Gwyr) against the Anglo Saxons and Irish. These defences were successful.)

Therefore I feel that your work along these lines is important, especially if the former (?) KGB made working devices as you claim. Apparently, it is well known to the population in the US that the major threat now is drug infiltration, together with long range ballistic missiles being constructed in countries such as North Korea, Libya, China, Iran, Iraq.

These missiles have a range within which lies Denver, Colorado, for example, so they are a very REAL threat. It is known publicly that Poland, for example, was still selling T51 tanks to Iran circa 1996 – very disappointing in an otherwise quite progressive nation. It is known publicly that the anti missile missile defences in the war with Iraq were NOT, repeat NOT successful in intercepting crude scuds used by Saddam and aimed at Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

This is all public information by now. Electromagnetic beams on satellites can intercept the missiles at the top of their trajectory, their slow point, as is again well known to the informed general public. This is where devices such as the ones you may have in mind come into action. I assume that the various US weapons laboratories should know about your ideas in this context and that you have approached them. I am a permanent resident of the US, but still feel that this type of thing is not really my business. Obviously it should be kept as completely secret as possible I am too young to remember the second war in Europe, but I do know that the US Second Infantry Division and 101st Airbourne Division trained on the same piece of mountain as Mathews’ lab is located. My grandfather entertained four soldiers in this house. None returned alive from the Arnhem Glider landings. So I realize the IMMENSE debt of gratitude that the whole of Europe must feel, even fifty years later, for that generation of US soldiers. This includes the majority of German people who were forced to support Hitler. I have come around to the view that long sighted defence is always necessary. Presumably the Lord of Gower did the same more than 1,500 years ago. For obvious reasons sensitive information about these devices of yours cannot be divulged at all.

In contrast, medical applications can I think be talked about openly, unless this is prohibited by medical protocol.

These are of course, only my PERSONAL points of view. I am certainly not connected with MI5 or MI6 over here – as a democratic republican they have probably an eye on me. A joke, hopefully.

# Scalar Information Site Scalar Site contains figs, diagrams, pics, theory, etc. on scalar devices (including the caduceus).

# Air Muscles for Robotics Shadow Air Muscles

# The Truth of the Anti Gravity Room AG Room .

The first working anti gravity room or (AGR) was developed by accident by Alabama based Tesla activist Todd Troutman during the 1960’s. To make a long story short basically this convicted Moonshiner made the biggest advance in science history in his trailer park by inverting the power of a magnet powered by Tesla coils. The first documented, or semi documented instance of true anti gravity took place in his trailer. It lasted for about all of twelve seconds but he had changed the course of scientific history. When Todd’s dog Arden floated to the roof of that trailer it was the biggest event since Newton was hit on the head with an apple.

Unfortunately like many other technical pioneers he did not live to see the advances for a profit. He died three weeks after he presented his finding to a panel of NASA scientist at the Huntsville Space Center. The next week he was killed while off roading on an ATV. His blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit at the time. Many conspiracy theories started after his death. One of the most popular is that George Wallace killed Todd Troutman.

The trailer that was the first anti-gravity room is now part of the Todd Troutman museum in Atmore, Alabama. If anyone can find the URL for the website it would be greatly appreciated.

Advances in anti gravity came rapidly after Todd’s death. The first man to be in an AGR was William Arnold. He was in anti gravity for two minutes and nine seconds on Jan 5, 1962.

The United States had a big lead in anti gravity until 1965 when three Russian scientists built their own AGR trailer after visiting Atmore. By 1975 AGR’s existed in Russia, Britain and France.

Anti Gravity Engineer is now a major at both Stanford and MIT. In the next year both schools should have a working AGR so students do experiments in zero gravity without having to go into space. The starting salary for an AGR engineer is somewhere around $56,000 but its much more than 1/G=(EM)*i.

The biggest tragedy in AGR history came in 1992 when the Indian space program lost four astronauts when an over zealous AGR operator got a bit carried away. The room malfunctioned killing the four brave astronauts in the process. The world media hushed this up.

What does the future hold for Anti Gravity? Perhaps in the future they will be cheap enough to have at all pumpkin patches and carnivals as a substitute for a moon bounce. As of right now it is far too expensive and unwieldy for common use.

# Telomerase – Fountain of Youth?
WASHINGTON (UPI) – Scientists say they may have found the fountain of youth, at least for cells in a test-tube. The researchers say they extended the life span of normal, mortal cells ”indefinitely” by adding a gene for an enzyme that kept the cells dividing and in a perpetually youthful state. The finding may lead to therapies to stave off age-related diseases,treatments for conditions ranging from heart disease and blindness to wrinkles, and perhaps extend human life span. Researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Geron Corp., will report their findings in Friday’s issue of the journal Science.

The researchers say they inserted a gene for the enzyme, called telomerase, that kept the cells dividing and in a perpetually youthful state. Dr. Jerry Shay, coauthor of the paper, says, ”We found that cellular aging can be put on hold by the introduction of a recently cloned gene.” The scientists announced the cloning of the telomerase gene in August. Shay says telomerase freezes a molecular mechanism that controls cellular aging – the progressive shortening of telomeres. Each cells is born with a pre-set number of telomeres. Telomeres are DNA tags at the end of chromosomes. Some telomeres are lost every time a cell divides.

When telomeres become very short, the cells starts to break down and that’s when a person gets physical problems like wrinkles, heart disease and failing vision and memory. Shay says, ”Having long telomeres is like having a full tank of gas. Having short telomeres is like running on empty.” Adding the enzyme gene to normal cells elongated the cells’ telomeres, and many of the cells continued to divide for more than 20 generations beyond the point when they usually give out. Other than reproductive cells, most normal tissues have little or no telomerase.

# Several files relating to aging and rejuvenation…
My favorite is an alchemical fluid made from ‘oil of antimony’….normally a very poisonous element, it is claimed that the oil, when alchemically extracted can be taken internally….it is supposed to cause an expulsion of all dead or dying tissue. All hair, eyebrows, teeth and nails fall out….a brackish smelly material oozes from your skin. After about 3 days of this, it all stops and you are about 20 years old again, bald, without teeth, hair or fingernails. But it all grows back in about 3 months. Most plausible to me because healthy cells have an electrical potential of about 80mV…the body is supposed to be naturally able to scan for any tissue below this level, locate and destroy it…..this keeps damaged cells (cancer is about 15mV) from replicating. So this fluid restores the ability of the body to detect and kill tissue with less than its optimum energy level,and it simply excretes that ‘dead and dying tissue.’…isn’t that cool?

Other alchemical fluids claim to rejuvenate without such drastic effects. One about the Count Saint Germaine brought a 65 year old woman to an 18 year girl over a period of about 15 hours….she was not aware it was happening as she was busy cleaning, but noticed she tired less and less as she became younger.

One other theory is mine and deals with an accumluation of deuterium oxide (d2o) in the deep fat of the body…it suppresses the natural biological transmutation process (mico radioactive levels) which slowly diminishes the electrical energy in the body leading to disease and death. Chelation therapy of transmutation of d2o to h2o is the fix.

Then there is David Hudsons claim that the aura is in fact a dynamic Meissner effect due to superconductivity in some tissues of the body. New growing tissues exhibit superconducting properties. As you age, you have less new tissues, causing a lowering of superconductivity and a weakening of the Meissner effect (aura dims). This aura attentuates over time as a result, leading to disease and death.

Currently, the hot thing is telomeres…these are a kind of chain on the end of DNA…every time the DNA makes a copy, it unzips, produces the copy, then zips back up…at each zip, the telomere chain loses a link or two…when it loses too much, the cell dies….so by restoring the telomere chain, it is believe aging would be slowed, stopped or reversed.

There is more…check out; KeelyNet Biology files .

# Time Travel Challenge Idea
Hey, Jerry! I love your time travellers test! I have an idea for a test. Let someone travel into the future (a week or so) and copy down the results for a horse-racing card at a major track in the United States. E-mail (or postal mail) the results of the race card a few days in advance of the actual races!!

# Electrical Gravity Modification
The Charles F. Brush Collection at Case Western Reserve University they have a complete index of their archives, as well as photos of Brush and his laboratories…

# TVC Errors
Too bad about those TVC files. There was one thing that stuck in my mind. While reading one of the first files of TVC a while ago, they mentioned the vehicle “Hummer.” I am not sure how old the Hummer is but it did not seem to match up with the date that they were talking about when they were time traveling.

Also during the Tech file, they did not provide many details about their TT vehicle. The last thing is that when they time traveled for the first time, their vehicle caused a strong magnetic field. They claim to of saw some natives. When they were supposed to be going back to the future, wouldn’t that magnetic field pull the spears out of their hands as well as cause a disturbance? If that were to of really happened, then they would be mentioned as either gods or demons in the native’s history.

# Interfacing a Keypad to a PC
>:>: I’d like to make a small (say 8 keys) keypad to control some audio recording software via the serial (RS232) port.I can get, quite cheaply, a membrane keypad that I can colour and legendhow I like – it has the switches arranged in a 2×4 matrix.
Is 6 wire cable too expensive? I’m thinking of simply wiring it to the parallel port.
If you’ve already got something connected to your parallel port (and who doesn’t have at least *2* things?) then you CAN scan a few lines

Ideas arise of a dual mode serial/paralell device, with just a cable adaptor. How about a resistor ladder connected to an axis of the gameport?I’ve done this on a 12 key phone keyboard before.

# FUSOR Videotape for Sale
A two hour (fusion) fusor videotape has be produced by Richard Hull. There are three segments in this first of a series on the fusor. 1. The history of the fusor. 2. Theory/Hardware. 3. Fifty minutes of fusors in action. The price, including priority shipping, is $25 payable to Richard Hull.

I was present during some of the videotaping by Richard this past September, but the video is entirely credited to him. He has done a masterful job and it is not an understatement to say there is not another video like it on this planet.
Richard’s address is: 7103 Hermitage Rd. – Richmond, Va, 23228

# Ultrasonic Oxygen Generator
This is the first time I have dropped you a note. That doesn’t imply that I havent’t found your site fascinating and refreshing. I was watching a cable program named “Skarks of Steel” on the Discovery Channel some time ago. The captain of the boat was explaining the sonar and other defensive and offensive systems when he turned and placed his arm on a box explaining that this box supplied the ship with oxygen and that the water was torn apart by ultrasonics. My son and I both looked at each other having read about Stanley Meyers and his projects. I thought you would find this interesting.

# Gasoline Fuel Cell to generate electricity: FUEL CELL BREAKTHROUGH ANNOUNCED
WASHINGTON (AP) — Researchers have developed a chemical process using gasoline that could lead to fuel-efficient and virtually pollution-free electric cars that don’t need bulky batteries and can refuel at conventional gas stations. The technology was announced today by the Energy Department and Arthur D. Little Co., a Boston-based energy consulting firm whose team of researchers achieved the breakthrough over five years of fuel-cell research in conjunction with a government weapons lab. “The economic and market impact around this new capability is without precedent,” said Charles LaMantia, chairman of Arthur D. Little. He said the next step is to attract investors “to bring this new technology to market.”

The method used by the researchers is significant because it uses a fuel cell that gets hydrogen from gasoline, said Jeffrey Bentley, leader of the research team. This would allow such vehicles to refuel at existing service stations. Energy Secretary Federico Pena called the development “an example of cutting- edge technology that will be commonplace in the future” to deal with such environmental problems as global warming. He predicted a vehicle using the process could be on the road within just over a decade. The development, first reported today by The New York Times, is one of many initiatives under way to develop fuel cells that would replace the combustion engine in automobiles and to power other motors.

The fuel cell technology uses an electro-chemical process that converts hydrogen and oxygen into energy. It has never been difficult to get the oxygen, which comes from the air. But the search for hydrogen molecules has been more difficult. Other fuel cell research has focused on using natural gas, ethanol, or methanol as a source of hydrogen. Bentley said the major breakthrough in his team’s research was developing a way to separate hydrogen from carbon in gasoline, a fuel in which the two molecules are tightly bound. The use of gasoline would allow an electric car to use a fuel cell that could use the existing network of gasoline stations and not be encumbered by heavy batteries that limit automobile range, he said.

Bentley said Arthur D. Little will work with Plug Power, a developer of fuel cells, and several automakers — including Chrysler and General Motors Corp. — to pursue commercial development of the technology. He estimated that a prototype vehicle could be available within five years and commercial production as early as 2005. “This has the simplicity of the burner in your furnace at home. There are not a lot of moving parts, there aren’t any complex controls,” said Bentley in an interview.

After hydrogen is separated from the gasoline, the fuel is left with carbon dioxide, which is released into the air. But because of the increased efficiency, researchers have told the Energy Department a car using the technology could get twice the fuel efficiency of an internal combustion engine with as little as 30 percent of the carbon releases — and only 5 percent of the overall pollution from combustion engines. A number of companies, including the Big Three automakers and major oil companies such as Exxon Corp., have been involved in fuel cell research, believing the technology is key to developing the next generation of highly efficient motors without heavy reliance on fossil fuels.

Various types of fuel cells have been developed, including ones that derive hydrogen from such fuels as methanol, ethanol or natural gas. Only last week, Toyota Co., announced it soon will sell a hybrid electric car that would use a small gasoline engine to recharge the battery. Toyota claims that technology also doubles gasoline mileage.

# Moonlight as Rectified Sunlight?
Do you have any scientific info relating to the earth’s moon and related effects during full moon cycles? I think there is a “light” and gravity corellation. It is a known fact (ask any Police officer), that during full moon cycles, mentally unstable people act weird and ocean/water is adversely affected by these phases. Hmmmm! The moon is producing stronger gravitational pull during these periods!

I think that the light (A.C.)from the sun is being “rectified” like a diode by the moon and reflecting gravitational “neutralization” or “pull” type D.C. (half wave) energy to the dark side of earth via the Aether.

# Spinning Pyramids
Over the years reading and thinking about Pyramids gave me a thought that we make power by cutting lines of force. I believe when the Pyramids were built on energy grids that the idea was to spin the energy field. Using resonance to pick up this energy, being that the angles were related to pi the angles also had progressive wave lengths from the base the longest to the apex the shortest.

The granite quartz caused a free flow of electrical energy to flow Just by is shear downward pressure. The silicon in the Stones in the dessert heat would allow an even better flow. Legend holds that when the Pyramids were first entered that their was found swords floating in mid air. What might all this energy been use for depending when the pyramids were built in theory I would say that they were first put here to make and environment for this plant to creat a liveable place by making ozone making this planet fit as a place to live for man and animal or planet engineering. second Experiments on living systems without going into space and artificial gravity inside the kings camber. For a pile of rock quite a generator maybe able to to split atoms thousands of years ago while held in minus gravities. I also saw something inresting in a book that had photo of what was called the god of orientation, gave me an idea that the people on board the philadelphia should have had this device a special helmet to help reorient to this magnet environment.

Sucking all the energy from an area so quickly surely cause body poles to swich causing insane responses in them. Pyramids Also used as a Communication device to other pyramids all over the world. The Pyramids I think were called a tomb because people are afraid to go to places of death so people stayed away. Ark of Covant connected to Pyramid like Tesla power Transmitter. Basic power receiver of Pyramid energy.

# Weird Energy Effects
Referring to subtle energy manipulation for macro effects;

A bottle of fluid and a brush was also available which we tried for Brontosaurous sized effects. And get this….you could treat the vacuum cleaner or whatever, in another room and still keep on getting, over and over, big jumps in improvements!!!!

Is it as simple as foil? That might take the wind out of the “Stumbaugh Plug” (check out Weird Tech ) at $100 a piece!

I’m not prone to stupidity and the explanation we settled on was that our perceptions WERE being altered by the foils – they acted as local earth points for local stray static fields. We were ‘hearing’ those fields being changed and it was the changes which sounded better/clearer. Note that plastics WILL react to static fields.

Yes they will, and there are people doing some interesting things with that. See Dielectrokinetic Laboratories at DK Labs — now we know what the Star Trek people are doing when they scan a ship for “life signs”!

Peter Belt was the fellow flogging the stuff, he wanted a million pounds for the secret. Interestingly he also tried the idea on people in offices with flourecent lights and computor monitors, they reported feeling better and less tired.

Borderland Sciences Research Foundation sells expensive (though not nearly as expensive as Stumbaugh!) secret disks which are supposed to be stuck to your computer monitor, or your microwave, or your fuse box, and reduce fatigue.

Occult Chemistry – ESP of Quarks
Is anyone, other than myself, still VERY interested in “Occult Chemistry” by Besant & Leadbeater and “Extra-Sensory Perception of Quarks” by Dr. Phillips? I have many ideas about these two books and would like to enter into a discussion into the possibilities they present for better understanding of the physical world (and perhaps the general physical laws of matter and consciousness in the universe as a whole). I find these works very intriguing and having a masters in electronics and being a “hobbyist” in physics and chemistry, I am especially interested in some of the descriptions of electrical phenomena in them.

I am especially intrigued by the description of the vacuum tube in the addendum of “Occult Chemistry”. It describes “ultimate physical matter” as being broken up into astral matter and then crossing the vacuum between the cathode and anode. This seems to point to some possibility that the phenomena associated with the electron may in fact be astrally based.

I am also interested in reading/listening-to some of the unpublished works by Hodson and Dr. Lyness. If anyone knows where they might be available, please let me know. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

Currently the standard model involves study of excited atoms and nuclei. These books deal with unexcited (ground state) and excited atoms and nuclei and some of their phenomena. There is much work that can be done in relating these two phenomena with an eye on the great body of work done with the standard model. Hopefully we can work together to better understand some of the phenomena and perhaps resolve the field of occult chemistry with the data of modern science.

If you have even a mild interest in this area of scientific-mysticism of Theosophy, respond to this letter to my email account letting me know which news groups you follow and hopefully we can start a study group in which we can share ideas and questions about the field of occult chemistry. My personal background is that of a Research Electrical Engineer and a Theosophist.

All the fields of occult chemistry, particle physics, and compound chemistry are rather complex. Just one mind can only go so far into the subtleties and questions that arise from taking a theoretical perspective and then considering its implications and possible inconsistencies with the data presented in these books and by science. I am looking for help. Stephen M. Dicke

# Phase Shifter
What I am trying to do is to make a 90 degree phase shifter. for 1 MHz square wave. It doesn’t have to be exact 90 degree.I have tried several candidates, such as RLC passive circuits and something listed in the application notes of LM567 chip, but to no avail.

Basically I am making a 1MHz square wave and its 90 degree shifted one, please help.

One method is to use a one-shot to provide a fixed delay. This works pretty well for a fixed frequency.That was my solution for AM.Another is to use a PLL (phase-locked-loop) running at 2X frequency.This output when combined with the input frequency can yield pulses from any quadrant.0, 90, 180, 270..etc.This was my solution for LF.

# Constant Micro Current Device
>> Can anyone tell me how to obtain/ make a device for medical application,to allow a fixed DC current output of say 1-8 microamps.

I’d think most “medical” applications would require AC rather then DC currents.For this purpose, I like a low-current ac current source feeding a step-up transformer.For example if you have 10 -80uA with 5 volts of compliance range, into a 10:1 stepup, you’ll get an output current of 1 to 8uA with a nice 50 volts of compliance range.

# Using Com Port CTS as an external trigger
> I’ve been working on an external triggering concept for a software application that I’m currently putting together. Somebody suggested using the CTS line on one of my computer’s COM ports. My application monitors the CTS status and triggers an event when the level changes. To change the level I’ve been shorting the CTS line to frame ground and have had some success in doing so, however the concept isn’t very reliable.

> Has anybody tried such a thing with success and if so, how?

You should not short the CTS to ground. Ground is zero volts, and falls in the undefined range (or noise margin). You really should make it negative, at least -5V. You could do that using an optocoupler and short DTR and CTS together, where DTR should be negative.

# Magnetic Mood Brightener, from Science News, Vol. 153, 1/3/98, page 11
Magnetic stimulation of the brain shows promise as a treatment for depression, a pilot study finds. A team headed by Mark S. George, a psychiatrist at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, administered transcranial magnetic stimulation for 10 days over a 2-week period to 12 adults suffering from major depression or manic depression. An electromagnet placed over the scalp delivered pulses to the front of the brain’s left side, possibly halting neural communication in that area temporarily. The volunteers were assigned at random to receive either the active treatment or stimulation that did not reach the brain. Only the transcranial procedure markedly lifted mood, George’s group reports in the December 1997 American Journal Of Psychiatry. If longer trials confirm this effect and illuminate how the technique works, it may provide an alternative to antidepressant drugs, the scientists say.

# Survival Information
A followup to my last email. Saxon apparently is still alive and well. He has a web address . For $100US you can get all 4 volumns of the Survivalist (worth it), his books on starting small businesses (worth it) and the 4 volumns of the Poor Mans James Bond (only Tim McVie types really need this), plus some video tapes. As I remember, each volume of the Survivalist was comprized of 4 issues of the magazine so each volume is about 400 to 500 pages. You could probably recycle the paper in this package and recapture a large part of the $100.00.

# US Coast Guard Predictions for 2010
> few years back, at a conference, I think it was an ISNE, someone mentioned a study, quite detailed, that was published by the US Coast Guard or something similar….not a source you’d normally associate with free energy… This study was a projection of what life would be like in the year 2010 or so.It clearly stated that we would all be using ZPE based devices for standalone power generation.The person talking about it (I think it was Patrick Bailey) from the podium was very, very insistent that this book or document be ordered for study.I believe it was to show that something was up in government circles.

> Quite possibly this document is now on the InterNet (or should be).I had written it in my notes and posted it on the BBS email.Have to look up the notes unless someone out there remembers the name of the document…..will also send an email to Patrick and see if he might recall who put it together and the name.

Anyway, maybe someone will come up with the title, I’ll post it if found.

The document is by John L. Peterson and called “The Road to 2012: Looking Toward the Next Two Decades”, Arlington, VA: Arlington Institute, 1992.

I found this reference in Jeane Manning’s book “The Coming Energy Revolution.” She writes “Futurist John L. Peterson, in a report prepared for the United States Coast Guard, calss space energy a major force for change.”

# Biological Coherence
> Here is an interesting abstract found at: Document
> H. Frohlich, Long Range Coherence and Energy Storage in Biological Systems, Int. J. Quantum Chem., v.II, 641-649 (1968)

> abstract: Biological systems are expected to have a branch of longitudinal electric modes in a frequency region between 10^11 and 10^12 per second…In section 2 it is shown quite generally that if energy is supplied above a certain mean rate to such a branch, then a steady state will be reached in which a single mode of this branch is very strongly excited. The supplied energy is thus not completely thermalized but stored in a highly ordered fashion.
> This order expresses itself in long-range phase correlations; the phenomenon has considerable similarity with the low temperature condensation of a Bose gas…

## Vanguard Sciences / KeelyNet Newsletter, January 1996 (a page of History)

KeelyNet BBS dataline : (214) 324-3501 – Voice : (214) 324-8741 – Internet – Web page

Feel free to use or republish anything in this mailer.
Meeting Location and Date – Location : Wyatts Cafeteria – Marsh and Forest – Date : Wednesday, January 17th – Time : Starts around 7-7:30 PM

Beginning with this issue, I am adding a back page with contact addresses, phone numbers and various other snippets that might be useful to you and your own networks.

Howdy! The holidays are finally over and I hope everyone had a great one. With all that is going on with the release of various circuits and devices, it looks like 1996 will be a banner year for many of us who study such matters. Based on all that has been happening over the last couple of months, I think there might actually be a real, working overunity device DEMONSTRATED at a conference in 1996.

One of the hottest new reports is Bruce Perreault’s Cold Fission tube based on the work of Henry Moray. (available as COLDFISS.ASC on KeelyNet). Although to my knowledge, (and according to the inventor), no one has successfully built one and reported back to Bruce. Extraordinary Science (ITS) will have an article in the next issue on the device and Gene Mallove, publisher, with his crew from the journal INFINITE ENERGY will soon be testing the device and reporting their findings.

A private email suggested a visit to the web page of STRANGE magazine, where an interview with Steven Gibbs is listed. Oddly enough, Gibbs mentions Bruce Perreault as being the source of his time travel circuit which Gibbs claims will allow one to travel through time, both physicaly and mentally. Several of us have examined this circuit, which consists of a piezo transducer that is energized with high intensity electrical spikes to produce high frequency waves.

Gibbs recommends placing this piezo on the crown of the head while standing on an earth grid line crossing. Bruce was very disturbed to hear that Gibbs is promoting this as anything resembling a time travel circuit.

When Bruce tried it back in the very early 1990s, he got mild brain concussions due to the rapid, high intensity pulsations applied to the brain via the skull. Bruce wrote a letter to Gibbs stating his very great concerns from anyone using this circuit with the ERRONEOUS idea that they could ACTUALLY travel in time, yet Gibbs still promotes it as a working system. We will soon be posting Bruces’ letter along with the Gibbs article (or excerpts from it), to warn people about damage they might do to themselves.

Several months back, a KeelyNetter provided the address for a company called Creative Science Research Labs. Don Kelly of SEA (Space Energy Association) newsletter also sent a flyer advertising plans for a 200 HP Fuel-less Generator, a Gravity Motor, and a planset to convert water into hydrogen for fuel. A video is also offered for the 200 HP and Gravity Motor. The 200 HP motor is a simplified Ed Gray design which is clearly shown in the video.

Gray did experiments with high voltage capacitor discharges into fine wire coils to produce a high density magnetic spike. When a magnet (or another electromagnetic coil) is placed on top of another coil and high voltage is dumped into it, the top magnet or coil will be thrown up towards the ceiling. Gray indicates 3000VDC (photoflash) capacitors as used in xenon flashtubes. This was the basis for his multi-cylinder engine.

The Creative Sciences group uses 5000-6000 volt pulses to produce the high density magnetic spike. In the video, one of these electromagnet coils is placed on top of another and the bottom one is connected to one of these charged capacitor banks, it instantly jumps high into the air and is caught by an off camera assistant.

The most interesting demonstration to my view, was a single cylinder motorcyle engine with the head removed. One of these electromagnets is attached to the top of the cylinder. When the cylinder moves to the TDC (top dead center), it comes into very close proximity to a fixed electromagnet. At that moment (TDC), the high voltage is applied to cause a downward thrust. It really fires the imagination to see this principle practically applied in this fashion.

# An interesting post about Paul LaViolettes ‘Genic Energy’

From: (Gravitics) – Newsgroups:
Subject: Brown Dwarf Confirms Spontaneous Energy Generation Theory – Date: 21 Dec 1995 11:11:46 – 0500 – Sender:

Observations of the mass and luminosity characteristics of the recently discovered brown dwarf GL 299B confirm Dr. LaViolette’s prediction that planets and stars alike are powered by a new kind of energy source which he has termed “genic energy.”

The Planetary-Stellar Mass-Luminosity Prediction: In the late 1970’s LaViolette developed a nonlinear system that effectively modeled many of the characteristics of subatomic particle and field phenomena and resolved many problems that plague standard physics (LaViolette, 1985, 1994, 1995). One of the inescapable consequences of this nonlinear system (known as Model G of the subquantum kinetics physics approach) is that photon energy is not necessarily conserved.

Rather, photons gradually redshift (decrease their energy) in regions where Model G is subcritical and gradually blue shift (increase their energy) in regions where Model G is supercritical. [Such time-variation is a mode of behavior typical of nonlinear wave generator systems.] In Model G, the ambient value of gravitational potential is what determines whether the system is subcritical or supercritical and to what extent.

Thus in intergalactic space where the gravitational potential is least negative Model G will be subcritical and will cause photons to redshift (see LaViolette, 1986), but in the vicinity of galaxies where the gravitational potential is quite negative it will instead be supercritical. So photons residing within planets and stars will gradually blueshift and produce an energy excess (called genic energy).

Since both the heat capacity and gravitational potential of a body are a function of its mass, there should be a specific relation between a body’s mass and the genic energy luminosity that will radiate from its interior.

As it turns out the exponent for this mass-luminosity relation is about what is found for the red dwarf M-L relation. This led to the prediction that both planets and red dwarf stars should similarly conform to a common M-L relation.

LaViolette plotted the intrinsic luminosities of the major planets against their masses and found that, in fact, they did fall along the low mass extension of the red dwarf M-L trend line (LaViolette, 1992, 1994, 1995).

This “planetary-stellar” M-L relation, sometimes termed the “LaViolette Relation,” also predicted that around 60 percent of the Sun’s energy should be of non-nuclear genic energy origin, thereby resolving the solar neutrino problem.

The Brown Dwarf Mass-Luminosity Prediction: LaViolette noted that a further consequence of the genic-energy photon- blueshifting prediction would be that when brown dwarfs would be discovered they should be found to have mass luminosity coordinates that conform to the planetary-stellar M-L relation. Standard cooling theory, on the other hand, predicts no such conformance, except by chance coincidence. LaViolette clearly stated his prediction on several occasions (LaViolette, 1985, 1992, 1994, 1995).

As it turns out, the mass and luminosity coordinates for GL 229B, the first brown dwarf to be discovered, fall very close to the M-L relation. Its mass has been determined to be between 20 – 50 jupiter masses and its luminosity is observed to be between 2 X 10^-6 and 10^-5 solar luminosities. The upper left hand corner of this M-L error box coincides with this relation. LaViolette has further predicted that as the mass and luminosity values of this brown dwarf become more accurately determined through future observation, this M-L coordinate should be found to lie even closer to the planetary-stellar M-L trend line.

As an example, if the recent Hubble Telescope measurements indicate that this brown dwarf has a luminosity of around 4 X 10^-6 solar luminosities, the subquantum kinetics genic energy M-L relation predicts that this dwarf should have mass of around 0.013 (+ 0.006, -0.004) solar masses, or 14 (+5, -3) jupiter masses. This range of uncertainty reflects the degree of data point scatter that characterizes the red dwarf M-L data. Incidentally, the blueshifting rate required to explain the luminosity of brown and red dwarfs is very small. It is about 8 orders of magnitude smaller than the detection limit possible in most laboratory laser experiments.

– LaViolette, P. A. “An introduction to subquantum kinetics,” Part I — “An overview of the methodology,” Part II — “An open system description of particles and fields,” Part III — “The cosmology of subquantum kinetics,” International Journal of General Systems, Vol. 11(4) (1985): 281 – 293, 295 – 328, 329 – 345.
– LaViolette, P. A. “Is the universe really expanding?” The Astrophysical Journal 301 (1986): 544-553.
– LaViolette, P. A. “The planetary-stellar mass-luminosity relation: Possible evidence of energy nonconservation?” Physics Essays 5(4) (1992): 536-544.
– LaViolette, P. A. Subquantum Kinetics: The Alchemy of Creation. Schenectady, NY: Starburst Publications, April 1994.
– LaViolette, P. A. Beyond the Big Bang: Ancient Myth and the Science of Continuous Creation. Rochester, VT: Park Street Press, September 1995.

***The books “Subquantum Kinetics” and “Beyond the Big Bang” may be mail ordered from Starburst Publications. For further information mail inquiries to

# Aether as a pressurized medium (Push Gravity?) , From: (Ross Tessien) – Newsgroups:

Subject: Postulate of no attractive forces with proof, liquid helium behavior – Date: 20 Dec 1995 03:12:33 GMT

BOrganization: Impulse Engineering, Inc. – In article , – says…

Eric Benson ( wrote: ” Actually a Bose-Einstein Condensate was detected in a gas of excitons (electron-hole pairs) in the semiconducting crystal Cu2O back in 1993 and we have published several more articles since then showing the T^3/2

One thing I haven’t seen mentioned in this thread yet is the fact that, although it may be the case that solid BECs may have only recently been produced, the phenomenon was first observed- I think- in superfluid liquid helium- i.e. helium cooled to 2K or so (can’t remember precisely what the lambda point is at the mo).

It becomes a very bizarre fluid, with the property of being able to climb up the walls of a beaker and out onto the desk.”

To members of the group. This is not accepted theory in the least. However, if this is correct, it is of paromount importance and will advance our understanding of physics. I cite the article above as evidence which justifies the concepts. Please feel free not to read any of what is below. This is being posted for the purpose of obtaining a date and time stamp.
Thank you, Sincerely, Ross Tessien.

I postulate that there exist in nature, no attractive forces. I now present as evidence a very short list of reasons why. A detailed list is forth coming but as this postulate reaches from quarks to quasars, I have compiled over a thousand pages of notes on the issue. I am in the process of consolidating these. There are other equally significant observations not the least of which are the radio astronomy observations of 3C273, a distant quasar.

Below I consider one topic, gravitation. I do this here and now because I have been looking for something that my theory can explain easily and intuitively which current physical systems cannot. The above example of helium climbing out of a container clearly does not fit the one way concept of gravitation.

I have considered the possibility that the Earth is essentially a bunch of spherical resonators in space. This agrees with tensor theory.

Second, I consider that out of frequency energy arriving from space is attenuated and filtered as it flows into the Earth or through matter.

Third, energy flowing up and out of the Earth is cleaner than energy flowing in. In other words, the noise has been filtered due to multiple absorption/emission events just as in QED with EM conduction through glass etc..

Fourth, an object on the surface of the Earth will synchronize with the most regular phase and frequency of arriving energy. Since free space energy is arriving from stars across the heavens, it is red shifted, blue shifted, out of phase, in other words, white noise with fluctuations of approximately the confinement frequency of matter. On average, red shifted.

Fifth, just as the water above a submarine can be considered to attract the matter in the submarine, in this theorem it could be considered to shield the submarine. This is semantics if no observation can be made to demonstrate otherwise. This means that, in this theorem, the sides of the container with the helium in it would form a shield to energy arriving from above.

Sixth, the pressure, based on this theorem, would be higher in the center of the container due to the open view factor to space whereas the pressure in the liquid near the sides of the container would be lower due to shielding. This would cause one to expect to see a miniscus rise if the container was a better shield and the miniscus to fall if the liquid was a better shield (interfered to a greater degree). These are observed in water and in mercury.

Seventh, if one had a liquid with very little thermal agitation, then one would expect this effect to be amplified. With liquid helium, it is observed to push the fluid up and out of the container. A one way gravitational field cannot do this. Helium if I understand correctly is not magnetic enough to explain this and it is not electrically conductive enough to explain this due to EM fields.

Eighth, I am not aware of any effects from nuclear attractive or the weak force that could explain this effect.

Ninth, the concept of a pressurized tensor field in space is fully compatible with all derivations using an attractive tensor field. This is merely a relative shift. All calculations and methodologies remain intact and consistent. The only thing that changes is that the vacuum of space becomes pressurized and that it becomes full of some sort of aether which is composed of quanta.

Tenth, this aether and these quanta become the “bank” from which virtual particles mateial for their construction is borrowed, and into which the quanta are paid back. This means that virtual particles are real particles that were forced to condense out of a temporary surplus of pressure due to the temporary convergence of energy arriving time delayed from inches or feet or millions of light years away, at the moment of particle or photon condensation.

Eleventh, gravitation is the only force that is one way, and in this system it is just like any other force with a bi directional push;

Twelve, the gluon mechanism is the only force messenger which has a force that “gets weaker” as the particles get closer and pulls harder as it is stretched. If the quarks are considered to be immersed in a pressurized fluid instead, this anomoly goes away. The particles push away from each other harder if the are forced closed and the push away from each other less if they are farther apart, all the while the force pushing them together due to their external view factor of free space remains about the same. At rest, the two intense pushes balance each other and it appears (with the attractive mechanism system) that the force went to zero.

I am sorry for this post, but it is necessary to time stamp this prediction. I am confident that you have already worked out the equations correctly and from the theories I have read, this is so. It appears to me, however, that if one considers that space is pressurized, then a lot of mystery goes away. In this, my concept is more like Galileo’s observation that not only are Copernicus’ equations easier to use, they really are the way things are. I am postulating that you have already resolved the unification of all of the forces including gravitation and the quantization of GR, you just don’t recognize it because most of us believe in attractive forces. Quanta, required for quantum mechnics etc., do not have arms that can pull. And the only impact of something which can compell an object to be attracted is a rarefaction front. This, of course, does not pull, it results that the higher pressure on the other side pushes.

One might think that this is semantics, but it is not. If attraction does not exist, then there is an aether to keep sub atomic matter from exploding. If there is an aether, then gravitation is a differential push. If this is the case, then we live in a fluid we do not understand. If this is the case, the aether can be shielded and it can be sheared. If these are the case, then one would expect to find effects where this occurs such as helium climbing up and out of a container seemingly defying gravities one way force; a shearing inefficiency when trying to increase the resonant frequency of subatomic matter during acceleration as is the case in the Unruh effect; a push forcing two close plates together due to oscillations in the aether which are precluded between the plated because those same oscillations are NOT precluded on the outside, the Casimir effect; and one would expect to find objects which exert a thrust when they shape the electric field in an asymetric way due to the conduction paths of real quanta which are the carriers of all forces, the Biefield Brown effect.

Please post this article so that I can make a time stamp of it and so that it is witnessed by others. I understand that this is of a speculative nature, and not normally in the line of this section. I also understand that if I am correct, it is critical that it be posted. The details of the gravitational field derivitions in the differential thrust format are forth coming. I have been working on them but have as of late started to receive some offers for help on the derivations. For me they are easy to see and difficult to mathematically formulate. For the people helping me, it should be fairly elementary.
Thank you for your indulgence. Sincerely, Ross Tessien . There exists in nature, no attractive forces.

# The Luminiferous Medium , From: – Newsgroups:,sci.physics,

Subject: Luminiferous medium. Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 12:18:08

There have been many postings concerning the existence of a luminiferous medium as the substrate enacting the EM disturbances radiating through physical space. A number of different models of such a medium have been posted. In general, they fall into three categories and a few subcategories:

Group A. The “medium” is made of empty space itself.
– a. Portions of empty space move around, setting up standing and/or travelling waves in the surrounding empty space.
– b. Wave systems moving about in this empty space are *themselves* the luminiferous medium.

Group B. The medium is a material substance, the “aether” (ether).
– a. The ether is made of incompressible particles separated by empty spaces.
– b. The medium is made of compressible particles embedded in empty space.
– c. The ether is a continuous, universally stationary incompressible medium. (This was Lorentz’s sub group.)
– d. The ether is a universally stationary compressible material and “matter” consists of various patterns of its standing waves and/or constructively or destructively interacting radiating waves, travelling about in this ether.
– e. The ether is a pressure-filled, easily movable, highly compressible continuous material; through which the kinetic atoms of “ponderable matter” flow.

Category C. Compressible, pressure-exerting and pressure-resisting
Matter permeates every part of physical space. This same material is the stuff of which atoms and all ponderable forms of matter are made. The luminiferous medium is whatever portion of this matter happens to be at the place where it is performing the actions described by our equations.

The “ether” is just a word to denote the continuity aspect of any chosen field of matter, whether or not the intricately organized portions called “particles” are also present in that field. As such, air was “the ether” in Michelson’s interferometer experiment, and a tv set is its own luminiferous ether insofar as receiving em signals is concerned. So is the outside antenna, and the surrounding air, and the heaviside layer and the dilute hydrogen gas filling ever more remote zones of the Milky Way and elsewhere.

As far as I know, category C is not a group, it consists of just little old me. Even so, while I have pointed out inconsistencies and mysteries consequent to the other groups’ and subgroups’ concepts, no one has yet pointed out an inconsistency in mine; other than that it totally (and consistently) disagrees with modern theoretical physics. {That, of course, is a plus. Their way led to “an ocean of mystery in all directions”. Mine can explain the entire universe, in terms of what’s physically happening rather than only in mathematical equations.}

In closing this posting, I will now list my basic premises.
# 1. Matter fills all space.

# 2. Let matter be compressible.

# 3. Matter resists compression increasingly more strongly per additional unit volume of compression. (It presses back.)
– 3a. Basic Consequence: An expansive pressure (“sorce”) permeates all matter everywhere.
– 3b. Another Basic Consequence: Because of the non 1:1 relation between increments of added pressure and increments of reduced volume, an increase or decrease in “the quantity of matter per unit volume” (density) can restore a pressure disequilibrium in a local material field. This concept is contained in and expressed by the term “ontropy”.

# 4. Sense evidence is valid, though not the entire picture.

# 5. Any consequent theory is permitted even if it disagrees with current theories; but is not permitted unless it fits all experimental data and explains the physical meanings of any equation summarizing such data. (Experiment is the court of semi-final appeal.)
– 5a. Any theory which, when fully understood, still disagrees with human reason is probably false.(Human reason is the final court of appeal.)

Since my general metaphysical theory was reached about 30 years ago, and only the very-fine details clarified since then, perhaps I’ve overlooked other postulates. If I find any, I’ll so report. Meanwhile, be advised that many of my published (1965) constructions and hand-drawings based on the above premises have since been confirmed by highly sophisticated computer printouts of new Astronomical and sub-atomic data. In terms of their conventional theories, such findings puzzled physicists. {Postulate 6: Where ignorance is bliss ($$$$^12), tis folly to be wise.}

# Source for Biofeedback Instruments , From: (allcomp3) – Newsgroups:

Subject: Biofeedback Information – Date: Tue, 26 Dec 1995 19:55:04 GMT – Organization: Panix Public Access UNIX and Internet

Visit for information about the Biofeedback Instrument Company. Founded by Dr. Philip Brotman, it is one of the oldest biofeedback instrument distributors and educators in the U.S. Our equipment is used to treat many physical and mental disabilities, such as substance abuse, incontinence, stress, anxiety, learning disability, and pain.

We have several web pages that feature editorials on biofeedback, neurofeedback, and applied psychophysiology. There are equipment illustrations and descriptions, as well as biofeedback certfication and neurofeedback workshop schedules.

You could also email any questions, along with your phone number and postal address, to; or call Dr. Brotman directly at 800-735- 9171 or 212-222-5665 for further info.

# Viewing Biological structures , From: John de Rivaz- Newsgroups: sci.cryonics,

Subject: ew book on finding patterns in DNA and amino acid sequences – Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 18:55:32 GMT – Organization: Myorganisation

This might be releveant to what some of you are doing … New book on the use of computer graphics, fractals, and musical techniques to find patterns in DNA and amino acid sequences! Pickover, C. (1995) VISUALIZING BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION. World Scientific: Singapore, New Jersey, London, Hong Kong. ISBN 981-02-1427-8. (For information, 1-800-227-7562 in U.S. & Canada; Fax: 44-171-836-2020 in Europe; Fax: 65-382-5919 in other countries)

> From the jacket blurb: Biological data of all kinds are proliferating at an incredible rate. If humans attempt to read such data in the form of numbers and letters, they will take in the information at a snail’s pace. If the information is rendered graphically, however, human analysts can assimilate it and gain insight at a much faster rate.

The emphasis of this book is on the graphic representation of information- containing sequences such as DNA and amino acid sequences in order to help the human analyst find interesting and biologically relevant patterns.

Pickover’s goal is to make this voyage through molecular biology, genetics, and computer graphics as accessible to a broad audience as possible, with the inclusion of glossaries at the end of most chapters, and program outlines where applicable.

The book will be of most interest to biologists and computer scientists, and the various large reference lists should be of interest to beginners and advanced students of biology, graphic art, and computer science. Contributors find pattern and meaning in the cacophony of sequence data using both computer graphics, fractals, and musical techniques.
Sincerely, John de Rivaz

# In the information age, sharing can increase world wealth enormously, because giving information does not decrease your information.

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– Space Energy Association, PO BOX 11422, Clearwater, FL 34616 Monthly newsletter on tapping space energy (ZPE, vacuum, etc.) $25 per year.

One of the more interesting comments is from Hal Fox of NEN;

“….when critics complain ‘that F/E or O/U devices are against the law of the conservation of energy’, it is NOT breaking of THIS law, rather it is the belief of current science that the aether is EMPTY..

When one accepts the concept of an ENERGETIC AETHER, such devices then become ENERGY TRANSFORMERS, a perfectly acceptable concept…. this concept of energy transformers tapping and transforming power from an energetic aether will eventually be independently verified, leading to major growth companies like the historic examples of IBM, XEROX and 3M.”

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