### JOE TALKS part 1/4,

By Alex Schiffer, Update9, from

Tape-1. ‘ JOE SPEAK ‘ ; Just Talking Tape l.wps

Yeah. in 1991, I had bought a Rover 3500 SDl from KJ Wrecking over at South Lismore. I just wanted to do one up. I have different kinds of vehicles, I don’t like being like everybody else. I picked up a little Morris – can you see it out the front there, you see it? Little 51 Morris panel van. I got the Scorpion there, we got the Escort. Oh photos, I’d have about three or four photo albums in there chockers in there with different vehicles. Anyway we got this damaged one written off right back to the windscreen. I just felt like doing up the SD1. So I bought, brought it home, started fixing it up and everything else, got it all registered and finished and everything else. So the government in 1991 said that petrol would not ever reach fifty-two cents a litre. One week after, it was already at fifty-four point nine. So, now me being a mechanic, and so on like that, plus I’ve worked on vintage cars, I’ve built racing motorbikes, you know, racing motors, worked on tractors, diesels, you know light aeroplanes, everything else. I decided to go out, without even knowing about it, went out to build myself a steam motor. Steam comes out of it.

Now I know how to build them, on these things. And I went out, without thinking, and I took some stainless steel, and I put some plain water into it, with these neutral plates, that I call them now – they’re not connected to anything … And I used a twelve volt battery, and I used every single thing, what shouldn’t have conducted, and shouldn’t have made steam and everything else. And it didn’t. Out of it, when I put the battery to it, it produced this white stuff. It looked like steam but it’s freezing cold. That’s sort of what you would call fog, of some sort. Now in the bubbles which you’ll see on tape and which you’ve seen in some of these things, this same stuff comes out – it’s not hot. It’s a white mist, fog. But it’s freezing cold.

Now, what I did, was I decided, oh well, what the heck, I’ve got this happening, I don’t know what for and everything else. And all the water in the container turned milk white. All the water just went milk. That’s with the power on. Okay when you take the battery off it’s only a twelve volt battery – that then goes back to clear water, and no bubbling. And no nothing. But when that happens, and it’s connected to the car, the car goes faster.

Mr Ron Davis, Professor Ron Davis, who wrote up, as I said, who wrote up all Yull Brown science, and he’s now dead. He’s dead. The first original, cell and everything else is behind the lounge there I’ll show you shortly. But Ron Davis played with it, because he, playing with Yull Brown tried to produce hydrogen/oxygen. That’s all Yull did, but, that’s not all what Yull did. Yull produced an energy field because he knew that hydrogen and oxygen won’t run anything. You understand? That’s not what runs things. And you’ve gotta come to that conclusion yourself by checking about, people who make hydrogen and oxygen. Now we’ll just, just for a second while we’re going, give you an insight into that. The Germans run their commuter buses and everything else in Germany now, on what they call hydrogen. Now what they do is there got the hydroelectricity plant, with the water coming past, turn the generators. Now in the daytime they use a fair bit of electricity. You would say you use more at night with the lights but you don’t. Okay, with all the businesses going. Now, at night time what they do is when the generators can’t slow down, they’ve got excess power they can’t bleed off. So the Germans produce, they tell you, hydrogen and oxygen, from the water, with fliplin wastage electricity. Now they don’t class it as costing because they’ve originally, they’ve originally, paid for anything the generators, they’ve paid all their cost out and they think this is free energy. Well it is, it’s pulled out of the atmosphere if you want to look at it.


The electricity’s coming out of – you put a generator into a vacuum, or into a pressure cell or into anywhere, you still get electricity, all right? So they believe it’s cost free. We class every drop of electricity as owing us something. Even though we pay for everything but they don’t. So, what they do is, at night time and everything else, the excess they produce, so they tell you is, hydrogen and oxygen, and they produce it. Now they can’t contain it. So what they do is they got honeycomb meshing. Right? Honeycomb meshing, in aluminium. And they tell you that they pump the hydrogen, into the honeycomb, and what it does is actually saturate the aluminium and goes into it. But there’s no gas. Right? In the aluminium there is no gas. Now, what they do with excess then is in the daytime now it’s nowhere near as powerful as petrol, when they use it, nowhere near as powerful.

But in the daytime they take the cylinders with the honeycomb mesh, supposedly pumped with hydrogen, and everything else, and then they hook it up to their commuters. It’s not on any vehicles what anybody can use, it’s only for government use, all right? Now, what they do is on the manifold under the.. you got a carburettor, or it’s diesel with a, you know a cylinder, you know with a butterfly, they have a variable resistor. And that variable resistor then sends a current, charge, which they won’t tell you about , through to the cylinder. And that cylinder, as they open up the butterfly, sends this variable resistance. That variable resistance they tell you then then will release hydrogen out of the aluminium honeycombing on demand. And that hydrogen, doesn’t come out as a gas pressure, like when you separate hydrogen and oxygen, you supposedly have gas pressure. But out of the cylinders doesn’t come a gas pressure. They tell you that hydrogen comes back out. Now what actually goes in the motor through the butterfly by the pistons and all that going up and down is air, but then they tell you that there’s hydrogen being stored in these aluminium containers, so that hydrogen comes back out, mixes with the air and then your motor flamin’ runs but it’s nowhere near as powerful as petrol. But there’s no gas comes back out. It’s not a gas pressure that releases itself from that aluminium. So, you figure out what it is. All right. Now, that is, they’re doing the same things now with charcoal, they’ve got charcoal and they’re trying to pump these gases and things like that into cylinders. And they’re putting in somewhere up to now – it I s been on tv – ‘somewhere up to twenty times the volume, with this black charcoal powder, they can pump into a cylinder over twenty times the volume of what the actual thing. So the cylinder is full of this powder. And then they can pump this gas in. And they can put twenty times the volume into there. But it doesn’t … And it still takes it.

And you don’t lose your powder. I don’t know what that’s called, I got it on tape here somewhere, and of course that’s a new technology today for storing gases and energies and fuels and things. But anyway. The … Yull Brown, and yourself, doing standard electrolysis. All right, with standard electrolysis, you got an anode and a cathode, I don’t know which is which, But, positive and negative. And you’re using water … Now in that water you can either put salt, as a conductor, or you can put sulphuric acid, or you can put caustic soda. Now what they normally use is battery acid, you know sulphuric acid or something like that because it apparently is a better conductor. But it pulls a phenomenal amount of flamin’ current. okay? And without anything in the water, it’s not conductive. And non-conductive also doesn’t produce any hydrogen and oxygen.


Now to get the hydrogen and oxygen off, you cannot have one single hole in a container to get it out because it’ll only be one gas comes out. And they tell you there’s hydrogen or oxygen. And there’s the production of both, which is H210. Okay? one oxygen, two hydrogens, H20. All right? Now they tell you that it is in it’s original form the same form that it is in water but it’s gas formation. But the hydrogen and the oxygen, if you check back with Yule Brown and you try these experiments yourself, you can’t get the hydrogen and oxygen to mix. They won’t come off together. So to get the damn things out of a cylinder you gotta have two holes. And what comes out one hole happens to be hydrogen, and what comes out the other hole happens to be oxygen. All right?

Now, I want to tell you about, I mentioned the guys I names, me and these two guys here, they’re both called Jack Lue. L-U-E. They’re German. Done thousands of experiments with them and everything else. And as I said before, Jack worked for Hitler in the war on the flight-imploding aeroplane. Right, now: what happened was that when I found this stuff I was doing what we’d been into, they knew about hydrogen and oxygen. And so does everybody else. And we tried to experiment with heaps and heaps and heaps of different types of minerals, and heaps of different other things. Now, by doing that, which is on tape, you’ve seen there on tape Paul Christiansen’s tape, 1995 tape, that I went through a whole lot of different stuff but you use, you use a phenomenal amount of electricity, you lose a hell of a lot of heat and you don’t get any damn gas. Right? And the gas and everything else what you do produce is not lightable. Right? See hydrogen, as we explained a minute ago, hydrogen if you want to check it and everything else in a container … If you produce hydrogen and oxygen from water, you put a match towards it, and it may go bang once, but if that match doesn’t pull out, sometimes they blow out, sometimes they don’t blow out, if you hold that flame towards that gas producer, all day long you’ll never get another bang. You either have to either shut the cell down, turn it back on again, then there’ll be a pop. Or you take the match away, bring it back again, there’ll be a pop.

Other than that, leaving that flame and that match there, it will never pop again. I don’t care how long you leave it there it will never pop again. Right, now Les Bankey’s got a tape out which shows that exactly too, but he don’t even know it’s doing that. Right? He doesn’t even know that it’s doing that. They don’t think about that one. With.. I’ll tell you what happened with jack Lue and myself. So it’s old Jack, young Jack and myself. We put a cell together, with two holes in it, to produce hydrogen and oxygen. And we used caustic soda. Now this is not what I do. But we did this, this is probably about four years after I had the cars running. And I didn’t use electrolyte in any of my cells. On the ’93 tape which is out there, Cliff Pound Astro and all those others done in my back yard, there’s a blue bucket, and it shows Peter Stevens putting two spoonfulls of caustic soda into a bucket. But the reactions, I said when we were doing this taping, was not like mine. They brought their own stainless, they brought their own bucket, they brought their own flamin’ water and they brought their own caustic soda. But none of the actions what took place in that, on the tape, were the same as mine and I let you know that. I didn’t use electrolyte. But the reason I went ahead did that is, if you want the answer for that is, ’cause, I don’t mind if people say it’s hydrogen. I’ll go along with it. All right, that’s because you couldn’t convince them otherwise.

And these people come saying I was producing hydrogen and oxygen, even though I can take the battery off and it still makes the car run. Even though there’s no gas production. It still makes the car run, better. Then how can it be hydrogen and oxygen production. And if you don’t put any electrolyte in the water, and you’re using plain straight water, how can you have what those people, others, are


doing? Except that you might, if I can figure out this configuration of plates, which actually gives conductivity, in a different way, And if you want to look at it, the ultra-pure water that I have, the more pure the water, because if you got any water in the cell’s when it’s mine when it’s lined up, you may have seen on tape … But anything in the water, all that shit comes out. And if that shit comes out of the water, and you end up with ultra-pure water, how can it get more violent?

It should die out. But it doesn’t. It gets more violent in gas production, but I don’t use a gas production. I don’t use electricity when I’m running a car. I don’t use, with the welders I’ll show you in a moment, you can explain to these guys if you’re talking to them, you’ll see, no lighting of the torch. No gas production. No current going in. On plain straight water, from a fire extinguisher. You don’t light it. Now, I hold this up, with government agents on the tape, I hold this up, in front of the camera, with four people there.

I put it on my face, and in front of the camera, there is no flame. There is no heat. You’ll see this soon.

And this’ll explain, what are we running with? What is being produced? I take that torch. put it on my hand. It doesn’t burn. Because there’s no flame. I take it down to a steel bench in my shed. And I put the torch down, the tip down, to the steel bench, and take it away and the steel bench catches alight and keeps burning like timber. You have to blow it out. You’re squinting your eyes, so would you people on the tape be squinting your eyes now. This is what you’re gunna witness in a minute. Now, I take it back and put it back on my face and my hands and I even put it on the government agents hand and face.

We take tungsten, which I won’t show you on tape and everything else, but tungsten uses over 6000 degrees heat, to melt it. Put me hand down on some tungsten, put the torch down towards it which had no flame no nothing, and cut the tungsten leading up to me hand across me fingers spread apart … doesn’t cut me fingers, doesn’t burn me fingers, cuts the tungsten in between, and it’s damn cold. And you got a hand print where you done it, across your fingers, cuts the tungsten, cold, and doesn’t hurt you, doesn’t even burn you.

Now on top of that on the tape you will see in a minute, I take a party balloon which is rubber. And I hold the party balloon up with nothing in it. No air in it, no gas in it, no nothing in it. And I just hold it up in front of the torch. Which has no flame. Which you don’t light, which has no gas production , which doesn’t even have a hole in the end of the tip . The only thing in the end of the flamin torch happens to be a little tiny piece of aluminium.

Now what the torch is, you know a primus torch? You get your little primus bottle, and you get a torch with it. And they’ve only got a single nozzle on them. Okay? So you turn that on with all its adapters and everything else, and it mixes … gas, you know? And it mixes up with outside air and it heats up either a soldering iron what turns on a little Bunsen burner thing what turns on your little pot, and so on like that. Or you can have a little torch. You know, a little melt torch. Which is called a primus torch, it’s got a single nozzle on it. Okay. This energy, and I’m not talking gas now, this energy will not happen, none of this will take place, if you leave the brass, copper, or flamin’ any other material tip, ’cause your normal primus torch has a brass tip, with a little pin hole in it, and you can get different sized pin holes.

If that brass valve in the end, is in there, you don’t get any energy and nothing happens. So what we had to do was unscrew that off,


because it unscrews off, and then in the inside of that, where there’s no thread, we got a little piece of aluminium. And just jammed it in there. You understand? Jammed it in with no hole in it. And, then it works. Whatever’s there comes through the aluminium. Now this could be like something what they’re using on the Germans, on the buses, because they drive hydrogen into the aluminium, but then something else comes back out. All right? And you don’t get a gas pressure out. Now in this you don’t get a gas pressure out. Except what I can show you is when I finalise all this experiment, with charge water and charge water only, which has been charged, no mineral shit or anything else in it … Doesn’t have those plates in it, doesn’t have to be turned on. You take that piece of aluminium kit, in the primus torch, after there is no gas production, like I said, there’s no battery connection, there is no charge water in the vessel, but there’s no gas being produced.

There’s no hole in the end. You don’t have a flame. I’ll finish the story. I hold the balloon up in front of the camera. Put it on my face, the torch, nothing. Put it on my hand, nothing. Bring it to the torch in front of the camera, and the balloon just burst into flames, and that burns me, you get burns into a yellow flame, disintegrates in front of your eyes. With no flame. No flame from the torch but the balloon catches alight in front of your very eyes. And burns. This energy, is having a reaction with the atomic structure. SO you would call it pre-ignition. Well that’s on a car, but you know, pre-detonation. Well, pre-atomisation, it atomises. there’s a reaction with the atoms, and they burst into flames, in front of you.

You just watch it on tape and you figure out why. I don’t want any input. Anyway, I don’t even want to know. But anyway, so that takes place, hold the torch on your hands and face and there is nothing. Now when you take that torch and you put it down after you’ve done this stuff, light the steel, cut the tungsten, do everything else …

My son also, on a tape, it is probably the 1993 tape, showed a brick, with aluminium, steel, all of these materials you can’t join together, without any fluxes or anything else, my son done that. He joined every single thing to every single thing else. Everything to everything. And this was done down at Ron Davis’ down at Taree, at that Mt. George, at Taree, at that stage, without a gas. Joined everything to everything without anything.

It sucked a hole through the brick. It didn’t punch a hole through the brick, and it was done cold, pierced it through. All right? Pulled it back through it. Now, this one here doesn’t have a hole in it … that one, what my son done, had a hole in the end of the torch. Okay? But no power on to anything else. And there was no flame. If you hold that torch what was done then down on a bench, a bit of timber here or anything else, you hold it down and just take it off a direct point, and turn it, angle it down sideways a bit, what come out of the torch when me son done these weldings with the brick and everything else, was water-condensing vapor. Just wiggle stuff on the bench, on the timber or bench area. But it doesn’t light anything, all right? It doesn’t light anything. This one what we’ve done here now with the aluminium in the tip, there is nothing. You can put it on the bench you can do anything you like, there is nothing coming out. The only thing you can see at the end of this very small thing for the government agents on the tape, is that when I put this torch down into charged water, you will see a few bubbles emit out of the end, of the aluminium. Only a couple of bubbles, and then it stops.


Yes.It will not come out otherwise. You can put it into plain water, you will not get any bubbling. That’s non-charged water. It only


happens in plain water. Also the other thing what takes place is too is if you get an implosion in a cell, all right?, an implosion in one of your water cells, and you have a hose or anything else connected and you light it, then you get an implosion back into your container. All right? You can hold it on your tongue, the hose, torch or anything else, put it on your tongue, there is no suction. It’s had an implosion, not an explosion, an implosion. You put it on your tongue there is no sucking, no blowing. No pressure and no suction. You put it into charged water and listen to the hose. And watch the water level, and listen in the container. And you can measure the container afterwards, if you put that hose that had an implosion into charged water, it will go kchherrrr! It’ll suck water out of your vat, which is charged water, into the container what imploded. But you can put it into plain water, you can put it into air, you put it in anywhere else and you will not get a suction or a pressure, only when you put it into charged water it will suck it up the hose, and you take it out of there it will stop sucking. You put it back in, you can put it on your tongue then, nothing. Put it in the water, kkcherrr! you can hear it, and you can metre it. It sucks charged water in. I don’t know why either, but that’s all it sucks in. Only when you have an implosion.

So, that’s with that. Youse fellows reading this can’t witness this at the moment, and I don’t possess this tape, if anybody asks. I’m just gunna show your mate here, that’s all. And he can tell you, It you believe him

You’ve seen on the 1995 tape there with Paul Christiansen, a glass container, showing you, with the neutral plates in there, showing you that if the water level is below the plates there is no milky stuff over the sides. If you take the water level with the top of the plates, there is still no milky stuff down the side of the plates. You’ve seen that? Not good. But I’ll show you a better one here with the government agents in the same container with air, four times the distilled, ultra-pure, non-conductive, non-magnetic, de-ionised water. Which will not conduct doing the same thing only clearer. Straight away, it pulls out no shit out of the water then. With a big keg, or in the glass container, or in anything else, so, with the 1995 tape it shows Paul Christiansen bringing rain water from Brisbane, in the heaps of other tapes I’ve got all different water from anywhere you wanna bring it, and it will ultra-pure it, clean all the shit out of it, and work, straight away. It is nothing to do with my water, it has something to do with the alignment of the’plates, the insulators and having it set up right.

Think about it. You put a video together with one component missing: is the video gunna work? No, it just seems that this simple little device seems to be a complicated little device to most people.


Well, pull it apart if it doesn’t. And that stainless that is in there, I found, I don’t know why it is this but I found, that it has to be 316 non-magnetic, food grade stainless. Now the thing what happens in this, is that you have non-magnetic stainless before you put any charge or water in it. When you put the water in, and you put a charge through it, the damn stainless, when the cell’s lined up properly, becomes violently magnetic. Now that is, towards north and south poles. You can put magnets on it and they will not repel from it or anything else.

You take the water out of the cell, and there is no magnetism again back in the stainless. If you put that water, which you put a charge through it, through the neutral plates, into any other container which has never been charged before, don’t put any current into it, that container will work exactly the same as your other one. The


water contains the magnetism, and your stainless in there will become violently magnetic. As soon as you dry it out, and I mean it has to be the last vapour of water, off the container, there is no magnetism, like before. Where if you’d just got a normal stainless steel container you put water, beer, anything else into it, milk anything, you don’t have any magnetism on it. This here produces a magnetic field. Now if you start with a material which is magnetic, It won’t work.

It won’t work. It doesn’t do it. It is only the non-magnetic food grade 316 … I don’t know the numbers of all the rest of the other stainlesses but that’s the only one I found I can use, out of everything else.


It has to be non-magnetic.

The one with a seam in it has a field down there and if you look when you put those into water you’ll see the seam down the side will be a little bit darkish in colour. And on the exactly the same opposite side of the container, if you’re using neutral plates, you’ll find a black mark. A wide black mark from where the heat is where they 3’01 that seam, heat expands out so far past that seam. You will find it through every single plate, and on the opposite side exactly, showing you that that field has gone straight through on the other side and left a black mark down the thing. It’s not working then.

It’s not working on the other side, it’s cut that field so you don get a continuous loop, you know, field.


Well, it’s not that they don’t work, because there’s thousands out there who’ve got them working. And they’re doing those things. They may not have just known how to run the car. Running the car is a difficult thing. But we’ve got people who’ve the white stuff going up and down the cells. We’ve got people who’ve got the spiralling, we’ve got people who are bringing out minerals out of the water. We’ve got people who are bringing minerals to the surface. We’ve got people who are bringing minerals to the bottom of the keg. We’ve got people who are just locking it into the kegs, and putting it on the plates.

And that’s called electroplating. Now there’s different things in that because you see electroplating, is the same as doing this electrolysis, you have a positive and a negative. Now, the electrons in the minerals and shit and everything else, if you’re talking about chrome plating, the chromium goes from one charge in its atomic structure, through the liquids and transfers perfectly evenly on the bumper bar in the liquid.

To get it back off, what do they do? Well what they do is, they reverse it. They take it off and they change it round. But, to get it back on together, they use a piece of lead, as a collector. And they drop it onto the end of the electrode, into the water, and they put a bumper bar in with the chromium and everything else, and the chromium breaks down off the bar, and comes back over and deposits itself clean as a whistle onto the lead. So they can re-use that chromium again perfect. Do you understand? So that is just reversing the charge.

Now, if you have a cell which is running positive-negative, the same as electroplating, the same as an anode and a cathode, or a positive


and a negative, what can happen is if you got shit in the water and your cells start to line up, because normally, shit in the water doesn’t make the water dirty, because you put caustic soda, battery acid, flamin’ salts and everything else, it doesn’t do anything.

It pulls current, and produces hydrogen and oxygen. All right? If you put salt in the water, depends on what kind of salt, the water can turn just brown, shit, mud. And usually it comes out of the water, and it ends up as sludge. Tried that haven’t you? Good. Now, if you’ve got your plates wrong, what can happen is the same as with the bumper bar, or the lead shot. If your cell is lined up half positive and half negative, what will happen is either one side or the other, will transfer that shit to it, so that your plates will be dirty or crappy or golden-coloured-on one side and clean on the other. The clean plate is the negative plate.The dirty plate is the positive plate.

I’m just gunna stop you here for a second.

What I’ve brought out here to show this man is a machine, and in one direction it can give you, we’ll let’s just call it at the present moment a rectifier. Okay? For the moment … That’s not what it is, but let’s just call it a rectifier. In it’s original form, it’s a rectifier. But with what I’ve done to it, it’s not. So don’t worry.

Now, we’ve got two leads here in my hand. We’ve got wires running out of this rectifier, which would be a positive and a negative lead to two alligator clips. Now these alligator clips aren’t stainless or anything else, they’re just chrome-plated. Highly polished, you understand? Now one of them is very shiny, and the other one is almost rusty. Now, would you like to tell me, which one is the positive, and which one is the negative?

Do you understand that?

Yes, the negative one is highly polished, and the other one is the positive. Now the positive, is south. South pole and Positive produces heat, and pollution. South pole and positive, in an electrolytic cell, produces oxygen. The negative produces hydrogen, and the positive produces oxygen. Oxygen, on anything, oxidises. And oxidisation is what you see in front of you is rust.


Yeah, but it ate that all off. It took the chromium off. These only did that by putting both the leads into water themselves, so that was a positive and a negative. It ate it. All right? The negative is clean and the positive is rusty.

Now if you have a cell, when your water has got crap in the water, and some of your plates are dirty on one side and clean on the other. Then it tells you that the clean side is negative, and working as a negative, and the dirty side is positive, it’s oxidising. Because it produces oxygen and oxidises. Yes? Good.

Now, this is complicated then, if you have a cell which is running as a positive and a negative, and both sides of the plate are dirty. Both sides of that plate are running positive.



Well, forward and back flow. Or, both sides are just working as a positive. So you have to have a negative somewhere else. But we’ll talk about that later. We’re just describing what happens in a cell. Now, if you have a cell, which is absolutely highly polished in every plate, and shit comes out on the surface of the water …


Now what happens is, if we keep it to that, every bit of those plates are acting like negative, and the surface is acting positive because the oxidisation and shit is coming out together. Yes, is that really what’s taking place?


Okay, you think so.
In my cells with the neutral plates, I don’t have a positive or a negative side on any of those plates. Once I send the field through it once. The positive goes towards the negative, or the negative can’t go towards the positive. Anyhow electron flow, which I don’t believe in electron flows … I don’t believe electron flows, or electricity moves from here to there. Electrons spin, yes. Electron flow, no. Electricity in your light globe, it didn’t begin in Melbourne, and ended up in your light globe here. Because you have potentially the electricity at the end of each wire at any given time. It doesn’t flow through. What does take place, and I believe, is, and that’s only my views, is that you have the electron flows where you got one in the centre and two on the outside, and what takes place is that the centre one spins, and your two outside ones spin, so that instead of passing past, it just sits there, and you go left, and I go right. And if you put the two together, you got a figure eight. See this figure eight?

The figure eight is two circles. Put two circles together, and what you have is one turning clockwise, and the other one turning anti-clockwise, and if you follow your pen – put a pen onto them, and draw – it’s endless, it’ll just go clockwise, anti-clockwise, clockwise-anticlockwise, in a figure eight.

If you do that in water with plates, what happens is you will end up with either shit fair in the middle of the, figure eight, and the outside clean, or shit on the outside of the figure eight, at each end and clean in the middle.

Victor Schauberger come up with this stuff, and I’m not doing Victor Schauberger stuff, I didn’t know about him until a year and a half, a year or two … He done it standing upright, and his spirals watered down, but he locks the crap in the middle.

He reckons it spirals in one way, and the water’s down to a v-spout, like a funnel, and then he has the funnel turned up the other way, and it comes out. And it goes in anti-clockwise or clockwise, and it goes out the opposite. And the shit stays fair in the middle of the finest point. And he done it one way, all right?

Now, you can put a cell together, and you have shit in the water, and you can put that shit on the plates. It can be either on one side of the plate, or on the other side of the plate, or it can be on both sides of your damn plates. Now if it’s not on your plates, it can be, if the current is travelling in the water, and your plates actually are working for rejection of any oxygen or any positive or anything else because there’s no positive or negative there now, you will have shit on top of the water, or come out of the water. Other than that you can have metal plates and everything else that will pull the


plates apart and send everything to the top of the water. It’ll eat them. It’ll eat your insulators, it’ll eat your plates, and that will come to the surface. And you turn your power off and the shit is still on the surface floating. That means that if it’s crappy stuff it’s an oxygen surface. Oxygen surface happens to be a positive surface. Positive surface tension, okay? And if the rest of the water’s clean, then it’s negative. I’m not saying that it’s that way, but this is for youse to understand at the present moment, to break it down for what we can try and understand.

So you can understand how I do things. All right? Now you’ve seen all this taking place in some cells, and you’ve seen it taking place in my cells. Now, you, have this stuff on the surface of the water. If you discharge the surface

If you discharge the surface … This is how I tell whether person is either positive or negative in themselves as well. Which is on the tapes what Ian Hakon done when I was in Melbourne, which I proved to him, and I proved to other people as well, and I just told them about it. And then I proved it to them with their cells, and their water and their stuff and everything else, and we pull this shit on the surface and we put it onto a glass container. We pulled it off the surface and put it into a bottle. Which was non-charged. The stuff spiralled and went to the bottom.

It was on the surface in the keg. Charged water keg. You take it off there on put it into a non-charged vessel, it will sink. To the bottom. So that means now that your positive is on the bottom, because the oxidisation stuff went to the bottom. Yes? Good.

Now if you take some of this crap off, and you put it into a glass container …

You had negative in the centre and positive on the outside, it comes to the surface, that’s in the beer keg with the neutral plating, it comes to the surface. I don’t care whether you reverse the charge or not, it still comes to the surface.

But, if you take it and put it into another container, If it’s Negative centre in the keg, or the neutral plating, and positive, outside, the shit will go to the bottom of that glass container. If you then just turn the leads around on your keg or charged container, with the neutral plates, and take some shit off, you don’t even have to turn the current on, but if you turn the battery on or the charger and anything else on, for a split second, and turn it back off again you still got the same shit on the surface … You don’t have to remove all that shit, jut dabble in the same shit you dabbled into there a minute ago, tip it then into that glass container which I done for Bruce and all them over there, in Adelaide, tip it into the same glass container and what will happen is, the same stuff will come to the surface, it will spiral to the surface.

Now you’ve got, in the same container, shit on the bottom and shit on the top. And clean water in the middle. Now, what’s keeping them pair apart? That means you’ve got a positive surface bottom and you’ve got a positive surface top and you got clean water in the middle. Now what I do to test a person to see if they’re positive or negative.

In magnetism, isn’t it two evens, repel? And two opposites attract? So you get two magnets, and the twomagnets are a north and a south. And north is negative on a battery, or negative electricity. And south is positive. And they tell you that electron flow flows from negative to positive So it flows from north to south, yes?


Yeah well that’s what they do. I want youse, everybody here to apply this science. It is called man science. The scientist’s own science. I don’t apply this, but I love applying it to people who are scientific. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, and that is what the scientists apply to us, and they tell us by all the rules that it is what takes place. Well I love applying it to them. So let’s go into that.

What’s the opposite and equal of left?
what’s the opposite and equal of right?
What’s the opposite and equal of both of them?

Good. Now if you come up with one, what’s the equal and opposite of that? And then when you come up with that, what’s the opposite and equal of that? And when you come up with everything with an opposite and equal, I want to know what the opposite and equal of all that is.

That’s called equilibrium, because you will never come up with it. Equilibrium. That makes no rights, no lefts, no ups, no downs, no norths, no souths, no easts, no wests …. And that makes that there is no positive and no negative, because positive and negative are opposites. You put a positive and a negative. The opposite and equal of positive is negative, the opposite and equal of negative is positive, what’s the opposite and equal of positive and negative? Well you were saying positive and negative, yeah well it is. But, what is the opposite and equal of that again, where it becomes equilibrium?

That means positive and negative are not opposite and equals, they are even. And have you then got …. What’s the opposite of an uneven? AN even? Do you understand?

See scientists apply their opposite equal effect: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. They stop when they want to. You can’t stop. You can’t just stop. So, with my neutral plates, they do something different.

Okay, do you understand that for a negative to flow to a positive, there has to be a reverse flow from, which you’re not using, from the positive to the negative, all at one flow.

We have two things in this. With electrical wires … I’m gunna draw some stuff on some paper for your mate here so he can explain this to you when he takes the paper and he takes this tape back to you, you’ll understand what we’re talking about, right?

Now, we have two wires. The wire we’re talking about here is negative on the top, and positive on the bottom. Now, if we put a light in between, if were to turn that light on, we need a positive and a negative. We need two opposite equals, don’t we? yes and no. Yes for a minute, no because for every action there’s an opposite and equal. Good. Two ways is, one light bulb hooked up to a positive and a negative wire turns the light bulb on.

Now the electron flow they tell you, goes from negative, through the light bulb and to the positive. Now if it’s going out the positive, it’s heading away from the light bulb. For the negative flow you have to have the positive flow in, so what happens is the positive has a


flow from positive to negative, but you’re not using that. You’re not using it.

So on each wire you’ve got two flows. One is called the reverse flow.
Now, the reverse flow on a negative, from a positive through the light bulb and back to negative, is two things. One is, it is reverse negative. But the second thing it is, it is forward positive. It is both things, because if you take an AC, and run it through, which is the same thing, an AC and DC, are the same as a positive and a negative.

You take an AC, run it through a coil, and it comes out flipping DC on the side that you’re using it. But you can also run it through a coil, and get AC running out.

You run it through that coil there, into that coil, and out that coil, it’ll be AC.


Course it is. But you run it into this coil, and then into another coil, backwards …. you understand? You use the forward flow and the reverse flow out, and you end up with DC. It’s called a rectifying it.

And now if you do it the other way round, you can make DC AC. All right? So, now, if we take … To give you the idea on this … We take DC on a car, we take it down to a Tesla coil, and the DC don’t kick. That’s my idea, I don’t care where DC is direct current, my DC is also direct current, but my DC’s don’t kick. AC, is alternating current. My alternating current in my words is, able to kick. And able to kill. DC don’t kick, AC able to kick, and able to kill.

The only way – you’re gunna disagree with me – the only way is that DC kills, is if you pulse it. And if you pulse DC which is a flat line, you send it up and down. That is AC: you stop it and start it. It’s AC.

If you stop and start AC, it becomes DC, and that’s what a set of points does. If you drive DC into a coil, that’s a tesla coil on a car, you’ve got a primary and a secondary coil. The current flows from where? You’re gunna be confused here. Does the current flow from the positive terminal, through to the ignition, and down to the coil, and then down to your points on that side? Or does it come back through the whole body and the whole block? It runs from negative to positive. So your spark and everything else, jumps from the negative block, through the points, to the condenser. Now the negative going into the coil, goes down the primary, and comes back the secondary, or vice versa.

Do you know what they do with the positive side of the coil, which goes to the key and down to the positive terminal? Do you know what they do with that wire what comes back out of the coil without it disconnecting? They take the positive to the positive side of the coil ???

I’m not trying to confuse you here, but to give something to look at. The Fords and the Conunodores. Commodores started first, with a V6, and they called it waste spark management. Heard of it? Waste spark management. Right, now in the compression first cylinder … In the first cylinder under compression, the compression stroke … At somewhere between three to eight degrees before dead centre, we get a spark.


That is supposedly a forward spark. To make our spark jump in the cylinder and ignite our fuel and oil. Waste spark management, what they do is, that explodes in the compression number one cylinder, if it’s compression number one, we have an opposite cylinder. Complete opposite. Now in the first cylinder number one compression, we get the spark which is a forward spark, and it breaks out, bang, there’s an explosion and splits all your gases up. You know? Monoxide, dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, you know nitrous … Everything else splits them, into pollution then. The big part about this is that every single thing what is in the chamber, after you’ve had an explosion in the number one cylinder, every single thing in there is supposed to be monoxide.

Monoxide, is supposedly from an explosion. You need all these gases to make a bomb. To make an explosion. But in this case, they won’t explode. Take those gases and make a bomb out of them and they can go back. Bang! What’s the difference? You should be able to use them to make them go bang again but you can’t, because you’ve got the wrong charge on them.


Ah, smart, but no. Not the current.


Ah no, frequency. What’s polarity?


Is it? Polarity is polarisation. Our earth per day, has four polarity changes. But you know what? The magnetism of our earth doesn’t change. Polarity changes without changing the pulse. We’ve still got a north and south pole, we’ve still got what they tell you we had on this side of the equator and what they tell you we got on the other side of the equator, but the earth’s polarity changes four times a day.

I’m gunna show you polarity in a minute, by describing something else, all right? Now, yes you can look at ‘it as the flow. So that means that negative now doesn’t flow forward, positive flows forward, you got it? by swapping the charge. Or do you just take negative over to another place, and run the negative back a different way?


In normal light bulbs they tell you you need a positive and a negative to run the light bulb. So you hook a positive to one side and a negative to the other, and the light bulb comes on. Can you do it any other way?


Well, did you know that Christmas lights only have one wire? Did you know that the houses that they wire now, the lights only in the roof, only have one wire? They run the one wire from the negative side of your flaming switch, through your light, and back to the positive side. And it don’t go bang, but if you put a positive and a negative together you get a short out. But when you run it through a coil which is in a light bulb, where you run it through a coil in a rectifier you run it through a coil which is in anything else, it


changes it. It can change it. Also, there is an opposite and equal to that: it doesn’t have to change it. It can resist it, and it can increase it. It’s called variable resistance. You got a resistor on your car, right. What you put in, might be twelve volts but what you get out might be a bit higher because you resist it and it builds up. I’m not trying to confuse you with all these things but anyway.

The Christmas tree lights and everything else doesn’t have two wires to it. It has one. Now how do you get the two different currents? You got to have a positive and a negative to turn the light bulb on. But what happens is you got the forward negative coming through and you got the reverse negative, or the forward positive, returning up the flicking same line. Or it won’t turn on.

Now we go to something not to confuse you, but to explain that. Four way lights in a house. Downstairs, you turn the light switch on, and the light comes on. You run upstairs, and you turn the light switch off. Or do you turn the light switch on? The light goes off. You utilise, forward and back flows. They don’t run all these extra wires, to turn your lights on and off.

Do you know if you cut the positive wire, or the negative wire, you turn the light on and off. So upstairs you’ve got a forward flow and a back flow. Now on each wire you’ve got two flows, a forward and a back.

So on one side of your switching you’ve got two flows. But on the switch you’ve got two wires, so that means you’ve got four flows. So,you cut one. You got that?

You cut one, turns the light off.


We run upstairs, and we turn the switch back over. We don’t join that cut, we don’t join that join back up again, we make the other one work. Two breakers, between the two wires. You join one wire, and you got the lights on. You run back upstairs and you flick the switch the opposite way, and you connect back up together, and you disconnect the one you just turned on. You run downstairs and you shut the one off you just turned on and you turn the other one on.

One up one down, one down one up. And then when you get upstairs and you run back downstairs you can do it in reverse. It works backwards again. What used to turn it on now turns it off. What used to turn it off now turns it on. That’s using the backwards and forward flows.

Without any extra wires.
You know you can do it. You don’t use it in your AC stuff in your main power points, and everything else,but you know you can do the same thing…

From, a single wire. Because you don’t just have, think about this, you don’t just have a forward flow negative and a back flow positive, because for every action there has to be an opposite equal. So on one wire, you now, when you figure it out, you got four closed to one wire. You got one negative forward, which now has to be a negative back. You have a positive back, which now has to have a positive forward.


Those buggers there, don’t stop there. Did you know there’s not four there on that wire there? ‘Cause they’ve gotta have opposite equals. There is eight flows on one wire.


AC and DC, whichever. But as soon as you connect another wire to it, did you know there is sixteen? The other wire’s got flaming eight on it too. Equal and opposite to the ones which you got on the negative, the positive, now you got sixteen flipping flows.

You gotta work out the atomic structure, look at the top of my glass container, on the video’s. you have a circle in the middle, you have a , circle around that, which is a neutral plate. You have a circle , ‘around that which is a neutral plate. In the glass container I put a third one. And then a positive around the outside. Now, negative in the centre, positive around the outside.

Work it out in the atom structure now, the atom structure. The atom has nuclei spinning each ways, around and around. If you draw the atom structure on a piece of paper you’ll have a circle, a circle, a circle a circle. If you look down at the atom structure with the spinning of these electrons, these neutrons and everything else around each other and everything else, you have what you look down into in my glass container or my beer keg, or in any of my stuff. You have neutral plates and you have these circles spinning. They’re all stepped out from small to large, yes. Now, if you look at the atom, you’ll see that the very smallest one in the middle starts off at two volts.

The next one out is four, and that is the earth. The earth has four. And the number four on it. And I don’t care about volts, it has the number four on it. now, soon as you get off the earth, soon as you get to the next one out, that ends up above the earth which is now doubled, it is eight.

And the volts on the air space above the earth, is eight. Now, and did you know that oxygen isn’t one oxygen, two hydrogen? Flaming oxygen has a weight value and a number of eight. And the earth itself, isn’t oxygen. But as soon as you hit oxygen space above the earth and in the space in earth and everything else, it is called space. Not dirt space, air space. Air, oxygen, has a number of eight.

And, in the atomic structure, as soon as you get off there, you end up above the earth and everything else and it’s got a number eight on it. As soon as you go to the next number in the spinning electrons and everything else, you end up as sixteen which doubles. And then, that there is up in space further, and you can step it out. It works that way exactly. And then when you come to outside space where there’s no air, she jumps from sixteen to thirty-two. ??? of the earth and earth is negative. And did you know that outside the earth and is your thirty-two?

And this is how I line up my cells and everything else We’re outside the earth, if we’ve got a negative earth, it’s not just a negative earth because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So the earth is also negative and positive. But if we look at it in one direction we have the earth as negative, or earthing out. So we take a positive to the earth and we earth it out. That’s what you do in a house and that’s what you do anywhere else.


Now, you’ve gotta have a positive. So around our planet, we’ve got earth space inside – that’s negative – and we’ve got outside of the air space and everything else we’ve got positive. Now, everything in between are neutrals.

That’s how my cell’s lined up, and they all got a voltage to them.

Now what I do contrary to most people is I don’t leave them equals. Because in the glass container if I find a contrary water which will not bring the shit out, which is on the tape. I can increase the performance of the fast dropping the shit out of the water, making it from invisible to visible. Bring it out of the water, and also the bubbles, the milky stuff to surface from halfway, and doesn’t return. Goes to halfway and returns, and from halfway down it goes back up again, is a figure eight standing upright. It’s a figure eight standing upright.

It comes from the surface of the water halfway down and looks like it’s returning. That’s your top half of a figure eight. But it changes. And from the other side of it goes from halfway and down and back up. What it is is a figure eight with the pencil’s coming down, it’s just going like that. Round and around and around and around, just like that. Now draw a figure eight and start in one direction. Now start off here and you might go left, across to right. Did you know there has to be an opposite and equal to that?

You have to go from right, go left, back in a right, where you start, and there’s no end to it. The figure eight has no start and no finish. Like a circle. It’s either from the right to the left, or left to the right. And there’s two different voltages. There’s two different charges. The top is different from the bottom, the bottom is different from the top. And the middle is both top and bottom. Same as a magnet. A magnet has a figure eight flowing through it because on one end it is north, and on the other end it is south, and in the middle it’s nothing.

But the two come in together, and they don’t short out, and they become one, and there is a nothingness there. There’s only a nothingness there because you can’t read positive and negative, because you’ve only got meters to read opposite equals, you haven’t got meter to read equals

Um, we do not see what current, or anything moving in our plates. ‘Cause you can’t see electricity. And the electricity is flowing, what we call, through the metal plates.


Yeah, yeah, and it’s also passing through the water. Well we can’t see it in the water either. Stick your finger in there with AC, you will definitely know it’s there. Right? It will kick you. DC don’t do a damn thing, ’cause DC don’t kick.
DC is direct current. Are you getting confused there?


No, you can build the amps up as much as you like, and as long as that DC is still direct flowing, you can’t get kicked. The only way to get kicked is interrupt it, or turn it off, and it’ll give a spike, it’ll jump up and down. That is AC?


Yes? Thank you. SO if you interrupt it, turn it off and on, AC – it’s not direct anymore. Yes? Now, the only thing we can see in the glass container is this milky stuff, flowing from the surface, the water is above and level. We only see it … From the surface it looks like it is going to half way and returning. And there is something from half way going down which is different and going back up.

I’ll make that clear as a bell to you on that other tape, where it’s not so clear on that other tape, but it is happening on that other tape, where you’ve been told about it and you can nearly… What the guy did on that tape, Paul Christiansen, he did it pretty bad.

It’s messed up every where. He thought he had the camera on when it was off, and that he had the camera off when it was on. So that’s why that is a stuff up. Maybe God planned it . So that’s okay, I thank God.

Now, in the glass container, you can see, that it looks like if you draw it out, something from the surface to halfway, and back again. So draw a little circle in that, and then from half way down again, you’ve got a figure eight.

If you put your pen on that, and you continue without stopping, you will come around, down and up, and back up the other way. And that is happening all the way around the glass container. Now that’s not logical anyway. Because if it happens on the right side, and you say that the bubbles started at the surface and they went east, down ‘ then to the west to make the figure eight, and then around the bottom, and then east again, and then back up the side to make a figure eight, you’ll have to have an opposite equal.

So on the other side of the glass container it has to go west, east through the centre, west under the bottom, east through the centre, and back west again on the top to make a figure eight. That Is clear isn’t it? See: east, through the middle is west, down the side down to the bottom, underneath east, back up the side through the middle, and back around. Now the opposite and equal has to be on the other side. Has to have an opposite and equal, doesn’t it?

Yes, because there is an east side of the glass, there is a west side of the glass, there’s a north side to the glass bottle, there’s a south side to the glass bottle. And if something turns, and the all sides to it, it has to go a different way on the other side. The funny thing about it is, it don’t.

The other thing what takes place when your cell is lined up too, is each one of those neutral plates, does not ??? … ??? … Negative, but you can draw off it. Because the positive and negative are … ??? … Positive on one side of the ‘plate, and negative on the other.

I’ll tell you what electrolysis does. If you put a plate in between the positive and the negative, you will get negative on one side, compared to the positive side. I’ll draw that out for you and explain it. We have negative in the centre, and it flows out towards the positive on the outside.

We put a neutral plate in between, or a plate in between. The plate: negative heads out towards the positive, so for it to be attracted and go through that plate, that side of the plate has to be positive. Then that side of the plate’s positive, then opposite equal happens to be the negative on the other side. So that then, that goes out to


the positive, because the positive has positive, so looking back at that plate back there, that’s negative on that side.

Yes. If you’re looking at that, what that means in hydrogen production, the negative produces hydrogen. And the positive produces oxygen. So that it means that the negative centre plate produces a hydrogen, and the side of that plate facing the positive would be the only other one producing.

Because in electrolysis, you only see the hydrogen being split. Because the oxygen only sticks on the side walls. ??? … sticks on the side wall. The bubbles are bigger, and clearer, where the hydrogen is milkier and smaller. ?? … there’s an opposite and equal.??? … always has to be that way. Now, if you look in my containers, we do not have one side that’s not working. All sides of all plates work. Except the positive on the other side because the other side is in air space. But in the glass container where I’ve got a third neutral in the middle, I put the negative in there, and the positive in the centre, and the position the outside, and. it shows you it works on both sides, of a plates.

All plates don’t get any dirt, the shitty stuff in the water, comes out of the water and goes to the surface. So that means that if it’s a positive side of a plate, which attracts minerals, one side of those plates should be dirty. And one should be clean to give you a positive and a negative. But it doesn’t take place that way because all my plates are highly polished. Both sides.


Cones, plates, tubes, discs, anything that you want, have all been highly polished. And if other people do it they either get all their plate filthy dirty, or half their plates filthy dirty and half of them are clean.


Well their cell’s not working as a complete neutral … You know, complete equilibrium. Which isn’t positive or negative.


Ah, well, you gotta get the right insulator so that the right insulator doesn’t short from negative to positive.


Well there is none. Because there is no insulator that you know of, for AC or DC which is an insulator for equilibrium. Because – you understand this? – For every action there’s an opposite and equal, so if you’ve got a… See, the funny part is, when you’re using AC, they use a grey insulator around the outside. They use a grey cord stuff. You know what the grey is in the cord for colouring? Iron. Iron. It’s iron, the colour. Do you know what a garden hose has got in it, you know, you can use it in an insulator for AC or DC too if you slip it over a wire? That green, and the colour in the thing is, iron-based. Now iron is attractive to AC and DC, so iron shorts them out.

But you see the only difference is in that, when they made it and everything else, they made the electrons of the iron flow in an opposite direction, a different direction from the direction of the


flipping electron so-called flow of the AC and DC. Now that is also the forward and the back flow, they turn it a different way.

Or, do they make it flow the same way? So it doesn’t short out. See it’s either opposite, or the same one. You see? Now, and then that doesn’t short out. But if you have all the voltages, now that is, all the frequencies and all the voltages from AC and DC for your forward flows, back flows, and everyone in between you have something which is not a ??? anything.

You have something which is not opposite. So, or is it all opposite? You see, a normal insulator, is full of iron. You can check it. …AC or DC. And that is single flows, positive and negative. Okay? And they have insulated these things which go for that.

Now, when you have something which is equilibrium, there is no positive or negative charge. And the way they lined up the insulator was aiming the electrons or the iron, in a certain way so it wouldn’t react to a positive or a negative.

??? … you gotta find another one. Well, most people don’t look at this on a compass, but did you know they’ve got a north, a south, an east and a west on a compass? And the magnetic field, they have a south piece of magnet, sticking where it points to north, because opposite equals attract. Okay, so the north end is pointing south, and the south end is pointing north. So when you’re looking at north, you’re really looking at south.

They do write on there an east and a west, but usually that needle doesn’t point at east or west, does it? I’m gunna stop.

You know the other thing they don’t even apply into a compass? Up and down. Up and down.


I’ll show you a compass pointing north, and I’ll show you a compass pointing south. I’ll show you a compass pointing east, I’ll show you a compass pointing west. I’ll show you a compass pointing up and flipping down. And I’ll show you it happening off flipping water. And that water will not hold any mineral, any sewerage, any dirt, anything else in it.

And there is no filtration. ??? … nothing, it has no charge connected it. First of all, you tell me what charges.


A current, okay, where’s the current come from? All right, well we got battery current, which is DC, and we got transformers, or we got AC current, and everything else. But where’s our normal current come from? Magnets.

Okay, good. What we’re doing in our cells, with our stainless which is non-magnetic. Making it magnetic. What are they doing to our non-magnetic water? Making it magnetic. Or is water magnetic, and we turn it non-magnetic?

Well these are things to look at, I’m not trying to confuse you but, these are questions what people never ever ask, and never ever look at, and this is what takes place well, the funny thing about water is, if you’ve got water moving, and you hold a compass, and you start walking with a compass, do you know the compass changes as soon as it goes near the water?


And it turns to the direction of the way the flaming water’s flowing. You cross a stream or a pipeline, running under a building with a compass and everything else and the compass don’t point north and you flick him more and the compass points towards where the water is.


Well it is dowsing. That means that the water has to be creating a charge. Which is then creating electromagnetic field, or it is just creating a magnetic field. Because the magnet is not creating the electromagnetic field it’s… ??? … the water is going to either one of them. Either one.

Now, this man here only wants to see my water working. Okay? Well, if I made a car work, does anybody understand it when it goes wrong? How can they reproduce it if they don’t know how to make it?


So if I give it to you, and somebody else stuffs it up, or something else stuffs it up, or you play with it, or you do something else, which has happened with Ron Davis and thousands of others apparently…. Um, what are you going to do?


But you don’t know how to start, or else, or else you wouldn’t be here. You can’t produce, continuously, that effect. What went wrong? Say the positive went negative. What are you going to do about it? Because Joe ain’t gunna be here all the time to do it.

Now I’ll start again. Down south, I went out to Barry Hilton and Ian Hakon. And Russel Avery was there. And don’t go back to them on this. Now, when I went down there to them, they had a cell which wasn’t working, and which wasn’t doing anything. So I hooked up … I didn’t change the cell, but I found the frequency that was needed without altering the cell. Howls that?


Ah, now, I can’t tell you. Because I really don’t know, I just know. It’s a knowing, it’s not a doing, it’s not a telling, it’s not an explaining thing, it is, that I know it. Do you know what I mean? It’s not hiding from you. Because if it were here now with the cell in front of me, I still can’t show it. I can just walk up and tell you what it is, and then I can make it be that. It’ll be what I tell you. Before I even know what it is. That’s the difference, that’s how I work. I work with a Knowingness. All right? Now, I went down there, so they had the beer keg. Now, we put water into it, and I turned it on and I brought this shit out of the water. So it didn’t go to positive plate, it didn’t go to negative plate, and it didn’t stay in the water, it come out of the water and went to the surface.

You got that? Now, that was with negative to the centre, with positive to the outside. I took it with a glass container, which is non-charged. I scooped it off the surface, and I tipped it into another bottle, which is on tape, you can see. I’ll show you here, and then you can get the tape off them, you can see it.

Good, you got it. Now, the minerals when negative was in the centre and positive was in the outside, they went to the bottom of the non-charged container. I then went to the beer keg again and then I


just swapped the leads over. You don’t have to turn the current off .. You just swap the leads.

But you can turn the current on if you like. You got the same minerals still on the surface, you don’t soak them off. And they don’t sink to the bottom by turning the leads. They still stay there, and more come up and join them, with the opposite charge, and what you call opposite polarity, which isn’t opposite polarity.

Anyway, so I then took the same glass container I scooped the last lot out with, took them off the surface, tipped them into the same glass container with the minerals on the bottom – the same minerals again…. And they poured it in, and they just rose straight to the surface. The one stayed on the bottom, and the one stayed on the top.

They’re the same minerals, but they’re in two different places. Now, I told them down there, that to find out a positive and a negative person, which I can do. Before I did this. If we put our finger into the minerals what are on the surface of the container, they’re all stuck on the surface, this is not with charge on, but it does it with charge on too.

Turn everything off, you’ve got the minerals sitting on the surface, so don’t think. If you are a positive person, now that’s not positive charge, because positive charge is south pole, oxygen, and so on, and oxidisation. Now, just a positive person with an energy field in their body. If they put their finger, which happens to me, into those minerals, the minerals will disperse away from their finger, clear the top of the cell, and then all those minerals will just block and fall, through the water to the bottom.

And when they’re on the bottom, they join with the ones on the bottom, they’re identical to the ones on the bottom, and you can’t get them back up again without turning the power back on… You know, putting it back into a cell and turning the power on, and all of them come back up, not separate, all of them come back to the surface.

Because they’re back to the same again. Now, I put my finger in the water and they disperse and I showed them that because I said I’m positive. I told Barry Hilton that he was negative, and on the videotape, Ian was taping … Barry put his finger into the water and I said, if you’re negative, they’ll attract to your finger and if you’re real negative, they’ll climb your stinking hand. And if you look at the tape real carefully what happened was those minerals went to Barry Hilton’s finger, and they climbed up his damn hand and if you look at his wrist, with his finger in the water you’ll see the water dropped straight off his damn wrist.

It drops off his wrist, he is that negative. And I proved that to them. And that then doesn’t drop the minerals from the surface. They stay there. But a positive person can discharge the surface by putting their finger into it, and she just goes away, and it falls to the bottom and you got crystal clean water on the top.

Now the other way is, all the shit in the keg, comes up to the surface so all the water underneath is crystal clean. No dirt on the bottom and none in the middle. It’s all on the surface and none on the plates. It’s all on the top.

Now, if I want to clean the water, it doesn’t go back on the plates. I put me finger back on the top, it disperses and discharges, which is changing the polarity. Not the voltage. The same potential equilibrium, is in those minerals. The same. I don’t change that. I change something else. I change the frequency what holds them on the top, and they fall straight through the water, straight past the


plate, they don’t land in anything and they fall down to where the other one is on the bottom.

And I have clean water on the top. You got that? Now, the only other time that that ever takes place of its own accord, without my finger, or another positive person’s finger, which I can make positive … A negative person I can make positive within seconds.


Well let me tell you this one, you got too many questions at once. We all want answers to everything, but you gotta get it in perspective. Now, if you wait till between two and three o’clock in the morning, those ones what are on the surface, just go BINK!, and fall, the same as my finger does, and they’ll fall straight through and onto the bottom. Because my finger has the same charge as two to three o’clock ???? polarity.

And the other three through the rest of the day don’t disperse the surface. Got that? Good. Probably not, but that’ll do. So, that shows I can tell a person’s positive or negative by that. Okay, now there’s another way. I’ve just built a machine here, right. It Is just sitting on the table here. You just look at the leads coming off it. And you pick that one that’s highly polished, and we said that’s negative, and the other one we said was, dirty and that’s positive Okay? This machine I built, isn’t connected that way. I didn’t connect it that way. What I’ve done in here, to start with… What this should be, is a AC to DC rectifier. But what I have done with it, but which you can’t do, and the electricians and the top collars, even Telecom, who have been here, who know about AC to DC with their rectifiers and everything else, said I can’t do what I’ve just done.

I have taken the negative, from coming in on the AC lead… I’ve taken it straight around and connected it directly to the stinking positive wire. And that should be a hundred per cent dead short. And what I’ve done is, these rectifiers and everything else, and all of your AC connections and everything else, what you have, they run off the positive, they run the positive through all your coils and everything else and run it out.

To give you, you know AC to DC. But they can’t break it back the same. You still got a overwave you fill it. You never get back to direct DC. I got back to a hundred per cent DC, plus, I can prove to you that I still leave AC there.

I can show you that I still have AC at the end of these leads, then I still have DC at the end of these leads. I’ve got AC and DC, as singles, and I’ve also got equilibrium. But there’s neither AC or DC at the end of these leads, all at the same time and I can prove it to you with your body.

Now what I have done is I have taken the negative, and directed it straight back around, the negative on this one is blue, and I’ve taken it into that fuse, and I’ve hooked negative to negative. Don’t try and work it out. And then I’ve taken negative all the way through every single thing else, and I’ve bought it back through, and I’ve taken it out as a negative.

You won’t figure it out because neither can the Telecom guys.


Neither am I.



No, most of all this comes as a unit. Except the way you hook it up. So does an electrolysis cell, so does a hydrogen/oxygen cell. But I built it all different. Not that I knew about hydrogen and oxygen. But I don’t do it standard-wise. And the current through my cells don’t come standard, It doesn’t go standard, It doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

See, in a standard anode/cathode, or positive/negative cell, right? Electrolysis … Anywhere on the negative lead you can take off negative. On the plate. Even underwater. Anywhere on the positive you can take off positive. With mine, as soon as you hook up neutral plates and drive the negative to the positive, the positive to the negative and crisscross them and make them equilibrium, did you know that anywhere in that water, that negative plate, there’s no negative there anymore.

You can’t draw negative back off, and if you can you haven’t got your cell properly lined up. And if you can draw positive off anywhere around the outside of your container, your keg or anything else, you ain’t got your cell lined up. Because you can’t get positive off there.


And that’s why we get from no magnetism, to magnetism. And that’s why we can put a north and a south, and all the magnets, stick on. Even when they should repel each other they damn well stick on to the stainless which is non-magnetic. Until you get rid of rubbish in the water. And then none of them stick.


Well, it’s just a rectifier. What it does is it breaks it down to seventy-five volts, fifty hertz. And, DC. Right? AC and DC comes out of there. Right, these ones on this side here. Seventy-five VAC, fifty hertz. Hertz is ouch, ouch is AC. Right? DC, don’t kick, don’t hurt, so it’s not hertz. DC don’t have any hertz. And I know it’s a man’s name, Hertz who invented it, right? And Volts, and Amps, are all people’s names. God was even that smart that he used the right kind of names for the right kind of people to do the right kind of things.

Funny isn’t it? Now, this thing here. If I turn this plug into the power point and everything else, this thing will do one of two things. To start with. One is, if you’re negative, it’s gunna bite the shit out of you. If you’re positive, you won’t feel a damn thing. And I’m positive, I’m gunna hang onto it first to prove to you it won’t bite me.


That’s right.


Then the next thing is , if it doesn’t bite you, which I believe it won’t bite you, I’m gunna show you that on your body and everything else that the same wires that won’t bite without doing a damn thing, I’ll show it that it will bite you.

But I’ll show it biting you but it won’t hurt you or kill you. And it should.



No, well you see I’m a funny one. I go out there with spark plug leads on the car. Right, you know what happens to me? Nothing. All my veins turn into flesh and volts. They light up all the way through my body, and I don’t get kicked.


You don’t? That’s interesting, they don’t kick me. I have fun with them, but if I hang onto one and then touch you, you’ll be kicked.


But I won’t. Anyway, so … Would you like to see this happening so that I can prove to you that the ACs and the DCs are non kicks, and they don’t kicks, and the lining…. So you can turn the tape off if you like because nothing’s going to happen for a moment.

This machine here is going. That was a pretty good kick right?
What’s the difference? Well, okay, I’m hanging onto this lead, which is the shiny one. And I got that in my right hand. And I’m hanging on to this one, the rusty one, in my left hand. And I don’t feel anything.


Who cares? I’m gunna swap hands. I tell you something too that we all have in the right palm of our hands, we have south pole. Positive. We have north pole negative on our right backside of our hand. We have north pole negative on the inside of our left hand, and we have south pole positive on the backside of our left hand. Do you understand?

So in between on our right hands, our right hand has south pole positive Left hand has north pole negative. I’ve just swapped these leads and neither of them bit me. First of all, this is the only way you can do it to start with. You can do it many ways but this is the only safe way. In your right hand you will take this shiny one, which is negative. So we’re taking the negative into our positive. ???? … and positive will be on the inside of our right hand. Take that. Okay please, in your fingers. Right? Okay good.

Now, I’m gunna hang onto you. I’m hanging onto you. I’m hanging onto the positive one in my left hand and I’m, gunna take his left hand with my right hand. Do you feel any bite now?


Do you feel anything? Uncross your legs. Your cutting the field.

You do feel something because you know what’s happening? It is flowing. Everything what’s coming out of that machine is going in that right hand of yours, through your whole body, into my flamin’ right hand, without your left and into my right, and then out here.


I can feel it because I know it. I can tell what’s happening to you. Cause now, I know every single thing about you.



Doesn’t matter. Now, I’m letting his hand go, and he’s now gunna take this one, the positive one, in his left hand. Internally. And you’re gunna tell us what’s gunna happen.


I’m not telling you. You’re gunna tell us what’s gunna happen to you. Just do it. Didn’t bite you, did it?


You know why? Because you’re a positive person. If you hang onto that for a minute, something will happen because you’re not a hundred per cent positive. You feel anything yet?


And I’m not touching these or anything else at the present moment, but what I want you to do is I want you to take the positive on which is in your left hand, and I want you to touch the lobe on your left ear at the bottom. Just take it up and touch it.


Just do as you’re told. ??? … just put it on.


Because if we strike at it, we make an AC. You didn’t? No, good. Now, touch the top of your ear. Anything? Touch your chin. Nothing? Touch the end of your nose. Take these glasses off for a minute. All right? Now, I want you to touch just underneath your eye on your … Anything?




Good, take it off. You got terrible eyesight.


Right, you want me to fix your eyesight up?


Well, I can do it, but I won’t do instantly. Now what I want you to do is do the same thing on the opposite side of your body with the negative. Anything?


Now the top of your ear. ?????


Good, you said you moved it off and on. You can’t do that. See, you took it off again. Put it back on again. You change it. Now, I want you to take that one, the negative, which is in your right hand, and I want you to touch there right under your cheek on that one, just on and off. You should get a white light flash in your eyes. Did you get a white light flashing in your eyes?



Move on to this other side’s eye. Put it on your cheek. Doing that and everything else is operating your optic nerve on your brain. Touch yourself anywhere else on your body and it’s not gunna bite you. What we’re getting is the bite. A tingle and a bite is AC. Yes? You’re hanging onto those leads now and it’s not biting you is it?


So that means that in your hands, there’s nothing biting. I’ll take this one, I’ll take the positive one out of here and we’ll just ????. Does that bite? Good, so it does the inside hand. Does that bite? Good. Touch you over here, does that bite? Good. Touch there, does that bite? No, it doesn’t. These things don’t kick. Here? You getting anything? No. WE go ??? You get anything? No. We go there. Do we get anything? A little flash under the eyes. No? That one there, in the middle of your eyes, up above your head. Yeah good. That then goes straight through to the main brain. In the subconscious mind, and then comes back out your eyes.

Right? Give me this one. Anything? Good. Right?


You see, this one didn’t. SO, the negative lead, which is the shiny one bites you on the back side of your right hand. You know why? Because this is negative, and the back side of your right hand is negative.
Only the inside is positive. Negative is biting is it?


Did you see a white light?


Take that one. ??? …
The positive now, we touch you on the nose. Stop squinting. It didn’t do anything. Let me touch the left one on the nose. And it cracks.


? ? ? … on each finger. If you change between your next finger down and everything else, it won’t bite you on the flaming nose. We go down further it will bite you on the toe. We go down further, on the little finger and everything else it will bite you on the chin. If we change onto this hand and work our way across the fingers it will bite you on the arm, it will bite you on the wrist …. Instead of biting you on the bottom of the ear lobe it will bite you on the top.

The difference between the bottom of your ear and the top of your ear is two different voltages. Two different frequencies. That’s why the bottom of one ear bites, and the top doesn’t. Now if your run through a process … If you work your way from bottom to top, and then come across here to bottom and top, this one will not bite you on the bottom, but it will bite you on the top.

And that is the frequency. I can go around your knee cap in four positions in one circle, and bring it back the other way, only one of


them will bite you. I come back the other way, it will remove that bite and put it on a different place. You go back the other way it will put it on a different place. You’ll have to go through four fields, before you’ll come back to where we started from_

Start thinking about a cell now. You get a cell out of alignment, you run through a process, you turn the power on and off and on and off, you’ve changed four different flipping gases, you’ve now changed four different voltages, four different frequencies, four different polarities and you aren’t back where you first started.

There happens to be an alignment that you run through, to come back to start again. So you go sort of like a compass. You go east, south, west, north, east, and if you keep going that way you end up the same way, you see. East is one voltage, and south is positive, and north is negative, west is something else …

North is negative, south is positive. North is hydrogen production, and south is oxygen production. Because south is the positive terminal on your battery, and north is your negative terminal on your battery, and north is negative, and south is positive, and there’s something there, yes?


?? Pretty big crack there, and I can change that crack to an AC understand, can’t I? I can touch you different parts of your body and everything else and make that be AC, and now at the present moment it’s DC. But in a second I can go to your feet and come back again, which I’m not gunna do, ’cause you don’t like getting bitten, and now your hands will get bitten because your feet are DC, and your hands will be AC.

That’s all right, pull the plug. All right.


Well in this machine here what I’ve done is, I can give you either two hundred and forty volts AC, right? Or I can give you two hundred and forty volts DC, and the same whatever he can give you. And one will kick you and one won’t. But the other thing is, I can change the field on you, I can change your body’s polarity by running across different points on your body, and I can remove the AC from hurting you.

Which is, for every action there’s an opposite and equal. You see. I can take away, AC from biting you, and I can make AC not bite and DC not bite. ??? still use water, to heal it. I don’t do it myself much, right? I’m not into the healing process. I’ve had heaps ??? and from a battery, and also from these. From this here, what you have in your hands now, we’ve had person who’s been totally cannot see, out of one eye, is now clear. Seeing in two minutes.


Also, as soon as your charge builds up in that, you’re hanging onto them, you feed in that machine and back out again, and it’ll still do the same thing to you. With no power connected into this machine. If I charge you up, to what this machine is doing …

Say there’s a water cell. If I charge you up to a water cell, you’ll either not affect the water cell, if you normally did, right? Some people walk in and they discharge the water cell and the energy. They also discharge a gas if you produce a gas. You can be lighting the


gas and it’ll go bang, bang, bang, somebody walks in, or the door opens and nothing. Because they’re negative in their body. And all you gotta do is, you take them over to a battery, and you crisscross their hands in front of them onto a battery and hang onto there for a minute, or else you put their hands in the water a certain way and everything else, and then your cell is working again. People affect the cell. We had a young fellow which Anthony knows here. It’s my son’s girlfriend’s brother. Very sick person all the time, he used to be.

We had the little escort, which is running on the videos, sitting where my scorpion is out here on the front lawn where you are now, we had it idling at sixteen thousand revs with no sound, no acceleration yet, and you could accelerate from there, and he walked up … We tried to figure out why this car was running at that. He walked up, couldn’t kill the car. While my son was leaning on it, I was leaning on it, we’re both positive, we couldn’t kill it.

He was sick, he walked up, he leant on the mudguard, and the car just went BUHHHHHHHHHHHH! And died out. I said get your hand off the mud guard, and the car just went straight back up to sixteen thousand revs.




No, well you see we don’t explode these motors.


Sure, but see the cell wasn’t working a hundred per cent. Because when it works a hundred per cent and everything else, when it is working’ …. Right? But you see when I first started off, on petrol you get an explosion in the cylinder. If you take away the petrol, the petrol and air in there is supposed to explode with a spark.

Understand? That’s why your timing is set somewhere near to top dead-centre. What happens at eighty degrees advance????? ? There you go, anyway. Now, when we first started off, on the video on the escort, you might have to change that timing and go three or four times, because the whole energy hasn’t totally engrossed the whole body and the whole car, and the motor and the people in it and everything else.

So there’s a variance of implosion/explosion. You see this in your gases. Where in some of your gases, you’ve got, once I blow a match out, it don’t light at all. You’ve got some that go flaming bang!, and don’t put the match out. You’ve got some what just suck the match out with no noise. You’ve got some what suck the match out, it has a flame, it has a bang. You’ve got some what just go bang and don’t hurt your ear-drums, and you’ve got some what implode with no flaming flame at all, and hurt your ear drums, yes?


Good, all those different frequencies, different kinds of things are doing different kinds of things. What about a hydrogen explosion, that goes bang, and doesn’t hurt your ears? See, the sound in the exhaust, is explosion, and it thumps against our ear drums with pressure. And when we explode hydrogen and oxygen in the bubble, and it doesn’t hurt our ears …. Our ears, ear drums were made for thumping pressure against it.


The reason your ears hurt when you get an implosion is that your ears were never made for a suck, they were made for a blow. And a big phenomenal blow they can handle, not much of a suck. So the implosion sucks your ear drums against it, and it hurts your whole nervous system right through your whole head. That’s why you can’t hear. Yes, ringing in your ears and you can’t damn well hear anything for ages with an implosion, but with an explosion, doesn’t do anything.

But you can have implosion and explosion at the same damn time.


We jumped the needle. The numbers go to seven thousand, the needle stops at eight thousand, even though there’s not an eight on there, and then you work your way right up the other side, and we put marks on it. How come the needle, didn’t stop at the bottom and went right up the other damn side? And you can accelerate, we had it idling here at sixteen thousand revs, you can accelerate from there. We also know the opposite equal of that is, on the video tape, it also shows you the tacho going right down to zero.

And we didn’t get it on tape but Paul Christiansen should of, we had the camera turned off. It showed the escort motor idling on zero, and the crank just turning around, about as slow as your second hand on your clock. It was turning around about that speed and the motor was still going and if you touched the accelerator with your foot, which he didn’t get on the tape because he had the camera turned off, it went well past ten thousand and one, just hit on and off.

And sent the tacho way past the other end and back again to zero. And you saw on the tape that with the petrol and this energy in there, they fight each other. Nobody was near or was in that car, and nobody was in it, and the tacho would sit down one minute and then bounce up and then back up again. And it was all over the place.

Cause those two energies don’t like each other.


Don’t know, it depends on your cell. You see, it depends on how you got your cell, how your car’s wired up, whether you’ve got one in your car or not. Because we just had a fellow up the road up here, he never even spoke to me, some old guy who saw me in ninety-two, told him about putting a cell together. He had a old six cylinder falcon motor sitting out on the ground. He got a glass container, with a couple of plates sitting in it, put a twelve volt battery onto it, with plain straight water in it, he hooked it up to the flaming manifold, and the stinking thing would run all day long. One thing you can’t do, is you can’t accelerate. If you accelerate, it cuts out. But you could just restart again and it’ll just sit there and idle all day long.

We’ve witnessed it. And it’s no petrol input, it’s a motor sitting out with no wiring, no nothing on it. Nothing.


Well, he had the cell right. And he had everything else, the motor’s frequency, the water cell, the water, the plates and everything else lined up for it perfect. You see that cell there, if you take that cell and you put it into a car which is wired up through all these different relays and frequency changes and everything else, all through the rest of the car …. That cell might not work. But that car did because the cell in it.. But it takes a while. Like the escort, when we first put the cell in the escort, even after I had thirteen other vehicles running, we didn’t think that that cell,


which you seen on the tape there, was gunna kick in. And it says on the tape, it took a day and a half to kick in.

Now what my son and his mate Anthony knows here, what happened was they left this house here, and my son was taking his girlfriend back up the hill to her place. And the cell hadn’t kicked in, all it had done is give the car more power. Now what it showed on the tape too, that the petrol gauges used to stuff up. Because we didn’t know what was wrong at first.

The petrol … We went through five petrol gauges, because the stinking petrol gauges were giving out all those places, because we didn’t understand the petrol gauges don’t work off positive sparks. You know they don’t work off sending spark current into the tank or you’d blow up.

Right, they work sort of like an ohms reading, you know, a back field, so there’s no spark on that variable resistor which is your fuel gauge, so there’s no spark. Okay, and the body of the car was picking up charge, and it was sending back up the wires, and it was stuffing up the flaming gauges. Which was changing the frequency in the block. And the car. And then the gauges were working off that frequency of the car, but the car’s frequency ???? in the stinking centres then. You see? Anyway, we didn’t know how much petrol we had left in the tank. And we were still running on petrol because at that stage you weren’t able to turn the petrol clean off.

This is before Paul come, we only put the cell on before Paul Christiansen come and done the taping, then I found out I could run it with petrol, without petrol, with petrol on there would interfere with the flaming cell … Oh, that’s why it was up and down and all over the place. On the tat. And you can hear the motor doing it, you can hear the revs in the motor changing all over the place.

And nobody was touching anything, and you’d take the cell off, and everything was running smooth. You take the fuel off, she runs smooth. Two together, don’t like s and means of putting the two on together where they will like each other.

For every action there’s an opposite and equal. Understand? Me son was taking his girlfriend up home and everything else, still had some fuel in the tank, she was reading empty, he didn’t know where it was, and he thought she was okay, so he gets just up the road here around the corner in front of the RSL club, the local bowling club … ??? They don’t know I live in this town, so don’t tell anybody, anyway… And right in front of the flaming local bowling club with the cell on, and petrol on, she ran out of petrol.

In top gear at forty kays an hour, she ran out of petrol. The car just hit sixteen thousand revs, instantly, in top gear, and the back wheels just lift the road up, and nearly spun him over the bank. I could take you up there, show you, scared shitless. And he had another mate in the car, they came back down the house, after it scared him. He dumped the clutch and shut it down, and he coasted all the way back down to here cause it’s all down hill. He got out here and he was as white as a ghost, and shaking. You can ask Rachel all about it.

Anyway, and he said, the flaming cell blew me motor up! I said what did it do? He said oh, just up the road it just laid rubber and screamed and nearly put me over the bank. And I said we’ll go out and check this.

So we walked out the front, I lifted the bonnet, I checked the accelerator to see if it was stuck on, lifted it up, the butterflies were shut. I went around to the key, I didn’t get into the car, I


turned the flaming key, she just went WHHAAAHHHH! Straight back up to sixteen thousand revs. The tacho went straight over the needle and bent it, and the car just had a noise at first and then lost it. You couldn’t hardly hear the motor running at all. The exhaust was running with ice on it, the radiator had ice on it. You could put your hand on everything and it was freezing damn cold, and there was no noise in the motor because the damn thing wasn’t exploding.

Now on this other video ???? so it’s just kicked in, in a couple of minutes while these government agents … Do you know what happens with a microphone if you take it around, on a camera or on a wireless or anything else that you have a microphone on. If you take it around and you shove it in the exhaust pipe or in the alignment of the exhaust, with the exhaust exploding …. Do you know you can’t hear anything, because it distorts all of the sound because of the explosions, and the pressure.

But I can show you with these government agents going, seconds after we turned it from petrol over to just the water cell … They go with their camera and their microphone, and they go to the exhaust pipe to smell what’s coming out of the exhaust, and it’s a totally different thing to petrol altogether, and they have the microphone right in the line of their exhaust pipe, and it is clearer than you and me, standing, speaking now…. coming off ???? you’re distorted and you shouldn’t be even able to hear anybody.

You take a mike, and talk over a mike in the exhaust pipe and see if you can hear it come out on a cassette or anything else, it doesn’t. Here, I’ll show you in the motor. You know when you start a motor on petrol and you rev it, it explodes and sort of BRRRMMMMMM! BBRRRRMMMM! Right, now implosion, would be the opposite. I’ll explain it. Have you ever heard a rotary engine motor run? Right, they sort of make a deeper noise. A different one. Well, on this car, the car isn’t exploding, and when you touch the accelerator, the motor goes WWRRRMM! WRRRMMM! It pulls backwards. And it’s only just been turned over, so that the whole car isn’t running properly, because when the whole car runs properly, there is a possibility from a standing start with no acceleration to start with until you get going, there is a possibility, I’ll show you a possibility on a quarter mile … four to five hundred miles an hour, under four seconds.

And that will be on a road car. ?? Well they do, they work probably better on the rover. In these things here with implosion, what we’ve gotta understand is, with no friction, no heat, no explosion in the cylinders, we don’t get valve bounce, and we don’t get any friction or heat or anything else. So there’s no limitation to how fast the pistons can go up and down.

It removes all those things that stop ‘a piston going up and down, stopping and starting going down. Well, valve bounce isn’t valve bounce. I would like you to explain to me valve bounce as you understand it. And then I will explain as I understand valve bounce.


Valve bounce. Good. So that it means that we’re either going too fast and the valve doesn’t have a chance to close up again or the valve springs don’t have a chance to pull them close again because of the slack in them.


Do you understand? Because we’re going to fast for them. Good. We had a standard motor what’ll do five thousand revs, as an example. That is on petrol and air just pulling it down the carburetor. Normally. It will valve bounce at five thousand revs. Now, we do something different to it. Without changing the valves, without changing the timing, without changing anything else, we put a turbo on.

We install a turbo charger which now will blow some more stuff into the cylinder. And do we bounce at five thousand revs now? No, we valve bounce at somewhere around about nine and half to ten. Now we do exactly the same damn thing, and we do not change the valves, we don’t change the valve springs, we don’t change the timing, we put a supercharger on. A block. And the only difference is it’s putting more pressure into the cylinder, than what we’ve vacuumed in.

??? When the piston went down. ??? ten thousand revs, and we are setting the valves, faster and the pistons faster, and we don’t valve bounce, yes. I’ve built super machines myself. That’s what takes place. You go and put a supercharger on, you go and put a blower on, and you can prove the same damn thing. What is doing it? You wanna know what’s doing it? Say I like to give a very large motor to somebody. We have a three hundred cubic inch bore ….???? From the intake valve opening, and the piston at the top to suck our cylinder.

To fill our cylinder up with either air or air fuel or whatever else. From the top of the bore, to the bottom of the bore is three hundred cubic inches. So under normal situations without a turbo and without a blower, we have now just sucked down three hundred cubic inches of atmospheric pressure. The intake valve shuts and we come up to the compression stroke. Now compression starts to compress up, and at the top of the stroke we have a hundred and eighty pounds of compression.

A hundred and eighty pounds is somewhere around a Holden, falcon, or anything else. Now, on the way up, we lose some of the compression past the rings. It’s called blow-by. And then when we get to the top of the stroke, actually, somewhere around eight to twelve degrees before the top of the stroke, we have spark which then explodes. But it doesn’t explode. Or is it a kick backwards?

Now, when we get to the top of the stroke, the explosion happens, which is heat, with the explosion of the air and fuel and everything else, and we blow a little bit more down past the rings. And then when the piston starts going down the power stroke, the fuel and air starts to cool.

Now, we haven’t got three hundred cubic inches in the stinking bore. That’s why the piston will never reach bottom. And what happens is, the faster you go, the piston starts going down the power stroke, runs out of power, runs out of its push what you suck in, and now it starts to vacuum. They don’t know, and vacuum can be a thousand times greater than what compression is.

I’ll prove that to you in a sec. Thousands of times greater, and it works more, under speed vacuum. Vacuum works greater under speed than it does under no speed.

I’ll prove it to you. What’s happening is, three hundred cubic inches on the down stroke intake. Compression up we lose some on the blow-by, we lose some with the heat and expansion and everything else at the top. The piston goes over, starts to go down, gets three parts of the way down, there’s nothing left. Then it turns from a push into a suck. And the suck pops the valve open.

Now, by putting a turbo on we don’t have three hundred cubic inches in the bore anymore, whatever the turbo is. Say it’s three hundred and seven. We now have three hundred and seven. We get to the top of


the stroke, we’ve got a little bit more there, and the piston now goes down and gets a little bit further because it’s got a little bit more into there, and then it creates a vacuum suck, we valve bounce not at five thousand revs, we valve bounce now maybe at seven, seven and a half thousand, maybe eight thousand. We put a blower on what can go up to thirty-five pounds, so we’ve got three hundred and thirty-five pounds in the cylinder. We blew an extra thirty-five in.

We lose a little bit of blow-by, we lose a little bit of expansion at. the top, and then the piston gets further down the bore, and we go to ten, ten and a half thousand without changing the bore, and then she sucks over.

Now, what would happen if you didn’t have compression and lose on the upstroke? Because I fired the stinkin motors up to eighty degrees advance. I don’t care if you believe it or not, but I’ll show the damn video with distributors are proving that the motor runs, with the cell on. Grabbing the distributor when we drove into the shed on petrol and air, and we flaming advanced it nearly to the next damn cylinder. On a four cylinder turning the distributor right around to quarter of the flaming turn, maybe a bit more than a quarter.

You work it out by looking at the distributor, and the motor smoothes out and goes quiet. And it’s done on video in front of you with the people watching. I’m not doing this anymore, but you can see the agents doing it on this tape that is out there. I can’t leave it there because I haven’t got the full energy into the car to leave it at that advance, but it said on Paul Christiansen’s tape, which you do have, which is being sold illegally by Ian Hakon…

He’s saying there that we start off with somewhere around, you know we start advancing maybe up to three or four or five times??? before we get to forty-seven or so. Because forty-seven ain’t the proper running of a motor, because the rover motor in the first car was eighty degrees advance. Eighty degrees. Yeah, now let’s figure something out, on the spark.

What is the difference between an aluminium motor, and a cast iron motor, in the spark. Because, but I’m not gunna explain that right now, but I wanted you to understand something. The differences between aluminium and cast iron. And you know there is different degrees of cast iron. Now we have also cast iron blocks with aluminium heads. We have cast iron motors complete, we have aluminium motors complete.

The timing of the spark: we have a motor … make an identical motor. Let’s just say complete an aluminium motor, complete cast iron motor, and a complete half cast iron block with aluminium heads. Now, tell me what the differences is in the timing. We got the same petrol, we got the same oil, we got the same air, we got the same whatever there is … Because did you know that a cast iron motor in America, Canadian-American, you set them up to flaming twenty degrees advance.

In Australian cast iron you set them down to somewhere around about eight to twelve. There are different combinations in the cast iron. Now where do you set a cast-iron block with an aluminium head? Three to eight. Where do you set a complete aluminium motor? Top dead centre. Youse mechanics should know that. Top dead centre. Now, the funny thing is with a cast iron motor, if your retard the timing which makes the spark come further up with the piston further to the top of the cylinder, the further you get up to the top and everything else your motor will kick back on you.

If you advance it, it will kick back on you. But advancing the timing on a cast-iron motor on eighteen to twenty degrees advance makes the motor run even smoother, for a while. But you can’t start them there.


They go RRR! RRR! RRR!But, then they run better at further advance. That’s why we got a vacuum advance and retard, so when you start them they’re on retard and when you advance them they pick up to that. Now, if you retard the timing on a cast-iron motor and then bring it back near top dead @centre, she will kick back on you.

You definitely cannot get down the power stroke with it. Now what do you do with an aluminium motor? The funny thing about an aluminium motor is you can’t advance it nowhere near the same distance you can a cast-iron motor, because she’ll kick back on you or splutter out. But you damn well can go down the retard, down the power stroke with an aluminium motor. You can retard it….. [END OF TAPE1

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