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## Chernetsky’s Plasma Generator, Edited by Bruce A. Perreault

The model of a plasma generator that can convert vacuum-plasma energy into electricity was developed under Professor Alexander Chernetsky at the Moscow Georgi Plekhanov Institute of the National Economy. Such generators could provide future environmentally benign electrical power.

Professor Chernetsky, the author of a research paper on plasma-diagnostics equipment had been in this field for 40 years and created over 20 inventions. In the early 70s he and fellow-researcher Yuri Galkin worked on a basically new type of high-frequency plasma generator that could give out power almost five times greater than the energy it consumed.

This is how he explained his Plasma discovery:

The self-generating discharge emerges when the discharge current reaches a definite critical density. Magnetic fields are created that ensure magnetization of the plasma electrons and then cycloid movements are displayed.

The interaction of cycloid currents with the magnetic field forces the electrons to deviate to the cylinder- shaped discharge axis and the electrical field emerges.

This proves that the physical vacuum is switched on. In this field the vacuum is polarized and consequently virtual ion pairs begin to move in a definite direction, instead of chaotically. The virtual positrons accelerate plasma electrons, giving them part of their energy.

The current in the circuit builds up in a capacitor and the additional energy is discharged through a resistor by the discharge circuit. Clearly, only part of the tremendous vacuum energy is extracted.

We have developed several circuit versions that can find applications. In one experiment with an input power of 700 watts, three kilowatts was extracted by the generator to resistive loads, this being nearly five times more power.

This is by far not the limit and with more powerful plants and the corresponding calculations’ megawatts of free electricity can be produced from a minimal power source.

# Chernetsky…The Discoverer of Vacuum Plasma Energy
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Chernetsky envisioned a world of unlimited energy – energized by the unleashed power provided by his vacuum tubes.

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Dr. Frolov’s replication:

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