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Review of existing knowledge to obtain energy from WATER as FUEL,
to run cars, lorries, boats, generators and other, and also to heat, burn and cook.

Including description of systems:

– Water to save fuel on your vehicle
– Water to fully run an Internal Combustion Engine
– Water to turn a bladeless turbine
– Water for welding
– Water for wastes volatilization
– Water for nuclear radiation elimination

– Ultrasonic, catalytic, pyrolytic and biological dissociation of water
– Plasma sparking for water and vapor dissociation and explosion
– Electronic circuits for ‘Resonant Water Splitting’
– High Voltage water gasification
– Water cell for free ‘Zero Point Energy’ harvesting

FOR PUBLIC RELEASE, WATER as FUEL, by D.G., Asia, 2006-2007.

Introduction :

As you’ll see inside this website, there is many way to obtain work from water.

My first hope is that the spreading of this knowledge will help to develop the use of water as fuel ;
1/….to save your money,
2/….to reduce the pollutions,
3/….to stop the ‘wars for petrol’,
4/….to give cooking, heating and electric energy to everybody.

Run a car, lorry or boat on water, and you get TRANSPORTATION FREE of COST
Run an electric generator on water, and you get ELECTRICITY FREE of COST
Operate a plasma reactor on water, and you get HEATING GAS FREE of COST

Exploding water in an engine, or burning ‘water gas’ for cooking gives back water, so it’s very clean,like a turning circle, we use the water as fuel to get energy, but we don’t consume the stock, after use it become again H2O, water, no waste, no pollution, no cost, a MIRACLE.
By including a water condenser in our systems, we will take our fuel from the air, no water piping supply needed, everywhere in the atmosphere ‘water fuel’ can be harvested, and send back to the atmosphere after use. FREE and NATURAL.
We are essentially made of water, we need water and air to survive, and air carry water (evaporation/ condensation); may be water has also been send here to supply our daily energetic needs, mechanic, electric and thermal; water is the fuel available everywhere with the air, both vital for mankind.

Available technologies :

Today we already know how to run Internal Combustion Engines on WATER, using electrolysis, or water explosion, or implosion of pure gas from water, and even harvesting ZPE energy from a Water cell.

The next step is to give the public more access to this technologies, like it’s already the case for the fuel saver systems based on electrolysis, and the Brown’s gas machines for welding.

We can expect soon to see larger offer for electric generators running on water only, and then more people will be able to get a economic source of electricity to accommodate their needs.

Then we have to finalize the technologies concerning the splitting of water to give large amount of gas that will be used directly for cooking, heating, in an autonomous configuration.

The idea for vehicles, is to give to public an “all in a box” system that will furnish the total energy needed to runthe IC Engine from water only (may be few % of oil against rusting), simple, cheap, reliable and easy to install on the vehicle, without modification.

Remarks :
This compilation shows you the main elements and internet addresses of the actors in the field of ‘USING WATER AS FUEL’, and around 500 links and 600 pictures to facilitate your research…
Like it’s from the web, a public place, it’s ALL PUBLIC INFORMATION. But please respect the owners’ rights.
Notice that all pictures and texts are originals from the websites, except in the translations from French documents, where I may have change involuntarily the original meanings.

Off course this is a resume restricted to a few pages maximum to introduce each company/ product/ patent, and for full documents, tens of thousands of pages and pictures, please refer to the indicated websites and online groups/forum.
The total data that I stock about ENERGY is almost 2 Gigabit big, in 5,500 folders, 65,000 files; includiing 500Mb about Zero Point Energy, that I hope also to resume and put on the net in 2007.

I did this website and project anonymously, not looking for thanks, nor glory, and willing no problems …
Studying this kind of subjects that internet gives the media to learn about, since 2002 only, I wanted to materialize a review of my sources, for those that have not so much time as me to surf the uncensored web.

Conclusion :

My conclusion is very short, because after reading all this website you’re supposed to be convinced that WATER can become THE BEST FUEL for all our needs in energy. And so we just have to work for it.

” Since corrupt people unite amongst themselves to constitute a force, then honest people must do the same ”
Leo N. Tolstoy.

My last paragraph to convince you that the ENERGY CRISIS is a false problem :

http://epw.senate.gov/107th/loder.htm, US Senate, Washington DC. In 2000. 65 pages.

“Outside-the-Box” Technologies, Their Critical Role Concerning Environmental Trends, and the Unnecessary Energy Crisis. A Compilation of Briefing Papers For: The U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

The briefing was requested by Senator Smith (R-NH and Chair of the EPW) and Mr. David Conover because of the need to look at energy and technology issues over times scales of 5-20 years.

Presenters: Dr. Theodore Loder, Dr. Steven Greer, Mr. Thomas Valone, Dr. Paul LaViolette, Dr. Scott Chubb, Dr. Eugene Mallove, Dr. Thomas Bearden.

Abstracts : … In summary, the risks associated with our present course are ever-increased environmental degradation coupled with a significant long lasting economic downturn, recession or depression.

… In 10-20 years from now, we have to be at a point in our global development where we are no longer dependant on fossil fuels for our energy generation and we want to arrive there by a route that does not create global environmental and economic chaos.

The purpose of this briefing was to show that:

1. We have growing environmental problems that will have major economic impacts.

2. There are technologies, presently being repressed, that are real and could replace the present fossil fuel usage with the appropriate investment in research necessary to bring them on line.

3. There are scientists ready to testify at a Senate hearing on the realities of these issues.

4. The need to move ahead is very urgent because the time necessary to implement the use of these technologies may take the better part of this decade and neither the environment nor the economics of fossil fuels can wait any longer.

The goal is not to push any specific type of technology that will “save the world”, but to convince those attending that there is a whole set of new technologies that are waiting in the wings which will change the way we live on this planet for the better.

America has two basic choices: Begin investing in new energy forms, staying a step ahead of OPEC and smoothing the likely transition, or wait till the next crunch hits and accept another oil-induced recession.”

As stated by Lt. Col. Bearden on this subject: In short the solution to the energy crisis is solvable, permanently, in a rather straightforward fashion.We need a fine scientific team and a set of laboratories, working on it in a Manhattan style project, and in three years the systems will be ready to roll of the mass assembly lines.This may need a Presidential Decision Directive and a National Emergency so the project can utilize whatever is available for quick development.

In summary, these technologies fall into the following broad categories:

.Quantum vacuum/ zero point field energy access systems and related advances in electromagnetic theory and applications

.Electrogravitic and magnetogravitic energy and propulsion

. Room temperature nuclear effects ( like Cold Fusion)

. Electrochemical and related advances to internal combustion systems which achieve near zero emissions and very high efficiency

A number of practical applications using such technologies have been developed over the past several decades, but such breakthroughs have been either ignored due to their unconventional nature – or have been classified and suppressed due to national security, military interests and ‘special’ interests.

Let us be clear: the question is not whether such systems exist and can be viable replacements for fossil fuels. The question is whether we have the courage to allow such a transformation in world society to occur.

Such technologies – especially those which bypass the need to use an external fuel source such as oil or coal – would have obvious and beneficial effects for humanity.Since these technologies do not require an expensive source of fuel but instead use existing quantum space energy, a revolution in the world’s economic and social order would result.These implications include:

. The removal of all sources of air pollution related to energy generation, including electric power plants, cars, trucks, aircraft and manufacturing;
. The ability to ‘scrub’ to near zero effluent all manufacturing processes since the energy per se required for same would have no cost related to fuel consumption. This would allow the full application of technologies which remove effluent from smokestacks, solid waste and waterways since current applications are generally restricted by their energy costs and the fact that such energy consumption – being fossil fuel based – soon reaches the point of diminishing returns environmentally.
. The practical achievement of an environmentally near-zero impact yet high tech civilization on earth, thus assuring the long-term sustainability of human civilization.
. Trillions of dollars now spent on electric power generation, gas, oil, coal and nuclear power would be freed to be spent on more productive and environmentally neutral endeavors by both individuals and society as a whole.

Underdeveloped regions of the earth would be lifted out of poverty and into a high technology world in about a generation – but without the associated infrastructure costs and environmental impact related to traditional energy generation and propulsion. Since these new systems generate energy from the ambient quantum energy state, trillion dollar infrastructure investments in centralized power generation and distribution would be eliminated.Remote villages and towns would have the ability to generate energy for manufacturing, electrification, water purification, etc. without purchasing fuels or building massive transmission lines and central power grids.

Near total recycling of resources and materials would be possible since the energy costs for doing so – now the main obstacle – would be brought down to a trivial level.

. The vast disparity between rich and poor nations would quickly disappear – and with it much of the zero-sum-game mentality which is at the root of so much social, political and international unrest.In a world of abundant and inexpensive energy, many of the pressures, which have led to a cycle of poverty, exploitation, resentment and violence would be removed from the social dynamic. While ideological, cultural and religious differences would persist, the raw economic disparity and struggle would be removed from the equation fairly quickly.

Surface roads- and therefore most road building – will be unnecessary as Electrogravitic/ antigravity energy and propulsion systems replace current surface transportation systems.

. The world economy would expand dramatically and those advanced economies such as in the US and Europe would benefit tremendously as global trade, development and high technology energy and propulsion devices are demanded around the world. Such a global energy revolution would create an expanding world economy which would make the current computer and Internet economy look like a rounding error. This really would be the tide which would lift all ships.
. Long term, society would evolve to a psychology of abundance, which would redound to the benefit of humanity as a whole, a peaceful civilization and a society focused increasingly on creative pursuits rather than destructive and violent endeavors.

Lest all of this sound like a pipe-dream, keep in mind that such technological advances are not only possible, but they already exist.What is lacking is the collective will, creativity and courage to see that they are applied wisely. And therein lies the problem.

Hope this helps.

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