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## JOECELL by Byron New Energy:

## A few experiments to try – 16 nov 2005, From BNE

Human nervous system
The human nervous system uses cyclic electrical two way signals to check all systems in the body are ok. Good health is when all frequencies are cycling in complete balance. Bad health is some form of blockage.

There are 16 frequencies used to gain information relating to the 3 dimensions and associated sensations. If there is an interruption in the frequencies returning to to brain, ie. a blockage, the brain reports pain.

Blockages occur through many reasons, both physical and mostly subtle through our unconscious, which attempts to move us towards Enlightenment through the experiencing of pain. For example unresolved issues in our subconscious can cause physical pain.

The right hand palm is south +ve, the back of the righthand is south –ve, and the left palm is north –ve and the back of the left hand north +ve.

When we shake hands right hand to right hand, there is zero energy transfer, ie. this is the ‘safe’ ‘not giving anything’ handshake.

If you walk down the road holding hands, that is the full give/take hand connection. One hand is the giving and one is the receiving (assume right – giving, left – receiving)

Healing can be given by:
· Facing south placing the right hand across onto the negative terminal of a 13v battery. Hold for 30 secs. Place left hand under (don’t touch other arm) and hold positive terminal for 30 seconds. Release positive terminal (don’t touch other arm). Hold negative for 30 seconds. Release negative terminal. · Place hand in charged water. Wave over your head five times.

The Earth cycles through four different frequency states per revolution or per 24 hours, the lowest occurring between 2 and 3 in the morning when most old people choose to leave their bodies.

Suffering is the subconscious trying to elicit a change from our conscious selves via causing pain. Consider various past experiences that you may have not yet resolved and encourage yourself to consider them.

Once we understand what is the root cause, pain will usually disappear.

Where do you feel pain if you eat very very cold ice cream? We feel intense pain across our temples. Ie. the apparent point of pain is not always the correct source of the problem.

Interesting ideas to experiment with and consider

We have been ‘brain washed’ by existing concepts, eg water does not burn, or petrol burns… we suppose because of common experience.

For example fascinating things like:
· The condenser across the points gives the correct ‘frequency’ for the engine to go. If you take the condenser off, the car won’t go.
· The spark is not required inside the cylinder. If you spark outside the cylinder, you get the same effect.
· Drag racers have dc magneto’s that deliver dc straight to the block of the motor.
· As water gets more and more pure the current through the water gets less and less and the water becomes a superconductor.
· You can pass a dc current through a looped copper wire and not get a dead short, since the loops convert the dc to ac current. This effect varies in a cyclic fashion, dependent on the number of loops, ie. there is a time when if you add more loops you will get a dead short.
· Burn is caused by electrical frequency in oxygen.

Building a Cosmic water cell and charging water

Water can be charged positively or negatively (assume a 13v dc source eg. car battery) . Positively charged water is not good to drink (acidic).Negatively charged (alkali) is extremely nice to drink and very fragrant.
Be careful how to act during experimentation and who touches what.

Construction details
Make sure your cell is clean and made of non-magnetic 316 food grade or better non-welded cold extruded stainless steel. Make sure when you’re cutting it to size you cut it cold and don’t contaminate it. You can try other grades and methods and see what happens. Tell us.

Picking your insulating/spacer material
You’ll just have to try various spacers between the cells. Remember you’re in essence dealing with high potential static electrical properties, so what you think may be an insulator may not be an insulator. If it’s a tube, you can test it by connecting it onto a car engine, say vacuum line, water line, fuel line, something that has a fluid moving through it, and take a spark plug lead off of the running engine (try not to shock yourself!) and place it near the tube. If it sparks onto your tube, your tube is not an appropriate spacer/insulator for your cell. Note that if you place the spark lead generally near any supposed insulated tube (eg. water hose) with water running through it, you get a spark! Interesting hey?

Charging the water in the cell
. Connect the cathode (inner most electrode) at the bottom outside surface.
. Connect the anode (outer most electrode) at top inside surface.
. Have two neutral un connected electrodes between the cathode and anode.
. Electrodes should all be same length, concentric and top edges should all be horizontally aligned.
· Place as pure as you can get it, water in the cell and switch the power on. Water surface should be higher than cell electrodes and completely cover electrodes. If cell does not almost immediately start showing action (copious bubbling) the cell is not working. If cell ‘throws off’ water, let it… don’t try and ‘top it up’.
· Leave power on for a few minutes and switch off.
· Leave for a day and repeat over a period of some days.
· ‘Gunk’ comes to top, scoop gunk off with a beaker (don’t touch water) and place in another container. The water will spin and the ‘gunk’ will drop to the bottom. Decant off the clear water. This is your charged water to be used in a cell.
. ‘Positively’ and ‘negatively’ charged water depends on whether the ‘gunk’ is at the top or the bottom.

Switching cell on and off changes polarities through all sixteen states and then repeats. You can generally test which state the water is in by lighting one of the bubbles on the surface. As the water cycles through the different charged states it get to a point where a single small bubble becomes extremely explosive. At this point the water is at maximum charge. Be very careful

How do you measure the charge in water?

A Redox meter measures charge in water. A Redox meter is an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which measures ‘electron concentration and activity level’.

ORP is therefore a measure of energy potential. The more negative the ORP, the more electrons present (in relation to the number of protons), and the more energy available. Biological redox reactions are a result of hydrogen being the essential electron donor, and oxygen being the essential electron acceptor.

Is water compressible?

An amazing experiment (which you may be hesitant to try on your own expensive car) and which we tried on the BNE Subaru, is :

Run the engine at fast idle (approx 2000/3000 revs) and POUR PURE WATER FROM A GARDEN HOSE INTO THE AIR INTAKE as the motor was running.

We did this with a garden hose and….THE MOTOR KEEPS RUNNING quite happily!!WOW!

There is no hydraulic lock, ie. the con rods did not snap, the motor did not seize, it appeared as though the water was compressible (because of the electrical frequency applied to it by the electrical sparking system!!!)

If you try this with a diesel apparently, you will destroy the engine… there will be hydraulic lock, the water is incompressible and the con rods will snap or bend.

How to run a car from the energy in the Cosmic water cell

To run a car on water… Wash your hands in a small quantity of the charged water. Disconnect the fuel lines (safely)

Get rid of all traces of fuel out of the engine and carburettor etc. (generally by trying to start her over and over again until the engine is totally unresponsive ie. no fires whatsoever.)

Get rid of every trace of fuel. Pour a small amount of charged water into the fuel intake line of the carburettor (to discharge any fuel frequencies). Close this hose off with a clean bolt or similar device.

Mount the cell away from the high tension and electrics generally and also the exhaust if you can. It prefers to run in a cool spot.

Connect the cathode (central electrode) of the cell to the car body/earth/engine block.

Connected the output aluminium pipe of the Cosmic water cell to the bolt in the middle of the air filter mount through a small rubber or clear PVC tubing so the cell will not ‘short’ onto the block. You can connect just about anywhere (engine mount, etc. as long as it’s pretty central to the motor)

(following only required if the cell water is not fully charged)… Connect the cell to the car’s battery. Always connect negative first. Let her charge for a bit and then try turning her over.

Kick her over. Wait… kick her over… Wait… slowly she’ll accept the frequency coming from the cell.

If you don’t get any result try reversing the polarity on the cell… always connect negative first (before positive).

Once she get’s going, you can move the timing forward if you wish (advance) until she runs best.

Just do it. As a Cosmic water mechanic, you can just act normally and stay cool while you’re doing all of this… best way to go. Good luck.

Can water burn?
Another interesting experiment…Place a small amount of the charged water in a balloon and blow it up with the breath of the experimenter whose been doing all the work on the car. Hold the balloon between wires connected to a car battery, the cathode at the bottom of the balloon, and the anode at the top of the balloon. Let the contents of the balloon ‘charge up’ for a minute or so. Place the balloon on the ground… it may quiver… stand back… light the balloon from a distance, with all safety precautions.

What may happen… a small pop! And the liquid in the balloon burns brightly with the same blue flame you can see coming out of the air intake on the car when it backfires on water.It may burn brightly for some minutes and the ground under the flames will become warm.

BURNING WATER my dear readers. No, it is not the balloon, the balloon fragments will generally not burn.

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## Joe Cell the future free energy cell? by Solihin Millin

After three successful trials of the water driven car this week… Hey… I’m still reeling under the enormity of it all .

Today, 17 August 2005, started as per normal with a cheery hello to Chris where we have the BNE (Byron New Energy) Lab here in Byron. I was doing my chores when I had a feeling to ring Joe, which I did. We had a great talk and at the end of it my BNE buddy Ian wandered into the kitchen. We made a cup of tea and I recounted some of the things that had been happening (Ian gets the emails, so he already knew) and then we wandered into the lab so Ian could see the cell.

I’ve engineered it so it’s real easy to disconnect from the car and reconnect of course. It’s actually a pretty cruddy cell, PVC plastic 5 minute epoxy’d onto the cut off neck of a large glass jar! But hey! Peter had given me confidence when he said ‘Just try it Sol!’. No dew water here, that had dripped off the pristine tips of ancient hoary oaks of the deep fairy forests. Just plain down to earth Ozzie PVC tank water collected out of Chris’ kitchen tap that had been collected off of Chris’ workshop roof including bird droppings, frog whatever etc. etc!

The previous night, I had been giving some thought to the misfires and instability of the cell on the previous day and as I’d experimented with sodium hydroxide as an electrolyte (pretty powerful stuff and really chews into stuff especially aluminium, hey by the way that’s another way of making hydrogen. Drop a piece of aluminium into a solution of sodium hydroxide) I considered it carefully and decided to put just a teeny weeny little bit of sodium hydroxide into the cell to see what would happen. You see sodium hydroxide increases the electrolytic processes in water enormously, and as I haven’t got a clue how this cell is working and being an experimental Cosmic water mechanic I thought I’d just try it. Caustic soda is very easy to come by and dirt cheap. I had purchased some at the local hardware store. Zoooo. I took a leeetle bit (physically it is in small white granules far less than a millimeter in diameter) a soup song as they say in France, maybe about 200 minute granules and wacked in in the cell well, actually slowly spooned it into the cell while connected to my 12 computer power supply on the lab bench. Wow! Talk about action. The current running through the cell went up from 130 milliamps to about 2 amps (still only 2 x 12 = 24 watts which is chicken feed for a car battery and a computer power supply if it comes to that). Then I had to think carefully, since this stuff is as they say in the classics ‘not good for engines’, however, since my beautiful little Daihatsu Charade al la 1983 vintage had cost me $100 to buy ($840 all up when registered and insured for a year) I thought, what the heck! All in the name of science.

I considered carefully what would happen to her precious little valves and seats and pistons etc. and decided it was worth a try a) because the water (electrolyte) doesn’t actually seem to get sucked from the cell into the engine there’s something else happening an energy, or charge or whatever so I thought it could be OK for the next day’s tests, and b) well, what the heck!. All three previous successful tests had been on pure Mullum tank water! (not sure is ‘pure’ is the correct word here!) I let the cell bubble on the computer power supply for a few minutes (apparently to charge it) and then went to bed. By the way, while I was waiting discovered more about Walter Russell on the web due to my excellent friend Peter look him (Walter Russell that is) up on Google fantastic stuff

Anyways as they say in the US of A, we decided to give the cell a test. Ian had never seen it before. He carried it reverently out of the workshop (actually, come to think of it, Ian’s not really the ‘reverend’ sort of type, more sort of surfy dude I’d say) and I showed him how to connect it into the car. We didn’t put power on the cell (ie. left it disconnected from the car battery) and drove out of the lab property on normal fuel. After closing the gate, I showed Ian how to switch off the normal fuel which we did and off we went to Mullum (with me holding my breath, since she’d not worked that well in the later part of yesterday).

Well she started off down the main road to Mullum, missed a few times, backfired a few times but would you believe!!! kept going. Ian sat there in stunned silence ‘Hey man! It’s working’ I said happily You’re running on water! There was this absolute look of total disbelief on Ian’s face I was real happy because Ian is the first person I’ve had in the car with the cell working We beetled into Mullum(bimby) the motor was going much better now apparently the cell ‘acclimatizes’ itself to the engine and the car and another thing apparently it goes better with the timing advanced (Peter said even 20 degrees!). I haven’t fiddled with the timing yet, not knowing much about cars and engines myself. So the timing was ‘as is’ with normal fuel.

We purred through the main streets of Mullum to the Post Office where Ian had some businesses and parked normally with the engine idling perfectly. Ian just could get over it he just sat there in a daze. By the way, the temperature of the motor was as per normal.

‘Shall I switch it off and try and start it?’ I asked. Ian nodded vaguely. I switched it off and then started her again Rrrrrummm. She started first time as per usual. Wow! Remember there was no electrical power going to the cell during all of this. I’ve got a switch and plug so I can isolate the cell. We wandered into the Post Office and Ian did his business. When we got back to the car I said to Ian ‘Do you mind if we go over to see the guy’s at Farmcare there a bloke who works in stainless steel there I want to connect with’. ‘No worries’ was Ian’s reply so off went (running on water, by the way!)

We went in the back entrance and stopped in the workshop area. Anthony was there working on some vehicle or other and I called to him ‘Hey! Anthony, she’s still running on water’. The boys came over and looked at the engine idling and we all had a great chin wag while she kept idling beautifully. I revved her up for them, they all examined the fuel tap (in the off position) and we all marveled. Hmmmmm. How can this be.. or as they say in the classics, ‘How is it so?’

The bloke who owns the stainless business wasn’t there so his mechanic had a look as well. We then took the car over to Malcolm’s Tool Shop for Malcolm to see the car, but he wasn’t there so we left a message and started off home (about 4 kms to McAuleys drive where the BNE labs are.)

The car went beautifully. When we got into the 100 kph zone outside Mullum, as we got up to 80 kph I said to Ian, ‘I’ve not taken her over 80 kph yet, so I tried accelerating but felt a slight drag on the motor, so felt it may be the timing and decelerated back to 80 kph. I’ve never actually got the car up the hill on McAuleys Lane on water before, but today she purred up the hill.

‘Geeez! I’d love to show Chris this’ I said to Ian, still sitting there in a daze. We got to the gate and she still kept running. Hey! This is something new! The gate was open so we drove straight in. Chris was there doing business with a courier and got a bit upset with us as he thought I was going to run over his 5 dogs (which I wasn’t). We parked the car and opened the bonnet with the motor still running. Now, you’ve got to know Chris. Chris is as dour as it comes let me tell you. They don’t make em more dour than Chris. From Nottingham you know says he’s a plumber lived in the district for yonks. Now Chris does not believe a word I’ve been saying, (and I don’t blame him) but he does allow me to continue experimenting which I really appreciate (thanks Chris), ‘Hey Chris, it’s running on water right now, come over and have a look!’. Chris wandered over more interested in his parcel than anything else.

‘Look Chris, see it works!’ Chris peered into the engine compartment, looked at the cell, and followed my finger to the switched off normal fuel switch’ ‘That switch is leaking’ he said with a cunning smile on his face. ‘OK we’ll pull the pipe off’, I said. Which with a bit of a struggle we did. She kept purring on as if nothing had happened. I don’t know what was going through Chris’ mind. ‘I wonder if you can disconnect the pipe from the cell to the motor’, Ian said. ‘Let’s try it!’, I responded and Chris pulled the pipe apart. Now wait for it. You’re ready? OK.


She ran for quite a time and then stopped I decided to switch power onto the cell (in case it had discharged) and she started again. I think by now I was getting just a bit too excited. She ran for a while then stopped again. I could feel my energy getting confused and exhausted by now, but I wanted to keep going. ‘Let’s drive to Mullum with the fuel totally disconnected’.

We reconnected the plastic pipe between the cell and the engine, and Ian jumped in the car and we reversed up and out of the gate with the normal fuel totally physically disconnected. We heard Chris’ car start up so we waited for him to come out of the gate and Ian closed the gate for Chris and off we went. As we started out for Mullum Ian said ‘We’re being followed by a disbeliever’. As the words came out of his mouth, the engine failed.

‘Hey man!’ I said, ‘Say that it’s OK, say that you believe the car will work’ I said urgently. Ian looked at me with a pained expression on his face as though he been found with his hand in the cookie (actually that should be kooky) jar. ‘It’ll go’ Ian said rather lamely but I’m afraid dear friends, that was the end of that. We pulled over and checked the spark (OK), re-connected the normal fuel, had trouble restarting her because the the mechanical fuel pump was dry and any fuel there may have been there was vapourised (or that’s what I think), so I put a wet cloth on the mechanical fuel pump and cooled her down until she started. By this time we were quite exhausted so we decided to just go home on normal fuel and call it a day for the moment. Wow! Love and peace, Sol, BNE Coordinator

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## Theoretical explanation of the Joe Cell , by Jan Wicherink

Orgone accumulation
The Joe Cell, although simple in design, is an incredible device that is able to tap free energy from the universe that can be used to run a car. Many experimenters and researchers around the world have replicated the Joe Cell and maid claims about these cosmic water cells and their anomalies that can not be explained within our current scientific framework and understanding of physics. This article will present a theoretical explanation on how the Joe Cell might work. In order to understand the Joe Cell, we adopt a radical new view on electricity and charge that is not accepted by mainstream physics.

But first let’s explain what a Joe Cell really is. The Joe Cell in its basic design is a set of three cylinders that is submerged in a canister of water. The outer cylinder is a positive terminal and the inner cylinder is a negative terminal with one or more neutral cylinders in the centre. When a 12V DC power supply or car battery is connected an electrolyses process is initiated. When the power is disconnected after 5 minutes of charging, an anomalous ‘cosmic charging’ of the cell continues for days. This process allegedly takes free energy from the universe and ‘stores’ that into the cell. When the Joe Cell is ‘cosmically’ charged, it can be connected to a car engine using no more that a aluminium tube that is being attached to the carburettor, injecting this ‘cosmic’ energy into the cylinder as ‘fuel’ for the engine. With timing of the sparking advanced, the engine will run on this ‘free energy’.

The nature of this ‘cosmic charging’ of the Joe Cell can be explained by Daniel Winter’s implosion physics. We’ll explain, what this ‘free energy’, actually is and how it can be harnessed. Harold Puthoff has termed it the zero point energy from the vacuum from his discoveries of quantum science. This zero point energy has been discovered many times before and has been given many names such as Orgone energy (Wilhelm Reich) and Tachyon energy. This energy has been known to mankind since time memorial, the ancients called it ‘Chi’ (Chinese), ‘Ki’ (Japanese) or Prana (Indian). Modern day science is just catching up with ancient wisdom and rediscovering it as zero point energy. Let’s call it the energy of life, as Wilhelm Reich discovered, it’s the energy that animates and gives life to every living specie on earth, whether it be plant, animal or human. It’s the same energy that gives ‘life’ to the Joe Cell as it harnesses this life force or Orgone energy from the universe.

To understand the free zero point energy of the universe, is to understand the ancient cosmologies and the nature of our universe. The ancients believed that he universe consists of a vibrating sea of energy, the ether that is all around us. The material world does not exist of separate particles that we call matter, but instead is created from standing waves in the ether. This ancient view of our universe is best explained in a novel physics called ‘implosion physics’ by Daniel Winter, who is an expert in sacred geometry, an ancient science and philosophy that can be traced back to the Egyptians. Daniel Winter’s implosion physics describes matter as a self sustaining arrangement of imploding vortexes in the ether. The atom is simply the geometrical arrangement of these vortexes. Each vortex corresponds with what mainstream physics regards to be an electron particle. When the imploding vortexes are arranged according to the Platonic Solids, the electron shells and their magnetic quantum numbers, the number of electrons in a shell (2, 6, 10, 14) emerge naturally from the symmetries of these geometrical forms. Nest these Platonic Solids one into the other to form fractals, and we have a model of the atom existing of different electron shells = fractal or nested set of Platonic Solids.

The Platonic Solids were mentioned by Plato 300 BC and he equated these solids to the five elements fire (tetrahedron), air (octahedron), earth (cube), water (icosahedron) and the ether (dodecahedron). Remember that Plato equated the icosahedron to water and we’ll show you how right he was!

Now just for a moment image the universe to be electrical in nature and imagine all matter to actually exist of these imploding vortexes, then the universe is basically a matrix of electromagnetic waves imploding into what we call matter. The matrix itself consists of interwoven Platonic Solids geometries. When waves are nested within waves from long to short wave lengths, everything gets interconnected, galaxies, planets, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles.

The matrix exists of spiralling electromagnetic energy waves that interfere non-destructively into a zero or still point within the atom. The imploding effect is what we observe as gravity as these waves not only pack together in the implosion to form matter, but also speed up to reach superluminal speeds. To visualise an imploding vortex just imagine the little whirlpool that is created when you pull the plug in your bathtub, feel the suction of the whirlpool as it attracts everything into its funnel. This is what the imploding ether vortex of electromagnetic energy does, it sucks in matter creating gravity. It’s also the key to zero point energy, since in the zero still point the energy density has become infinitely high!

According to Dan Winter this is the relation between electromagnetism and gravity that Einstein was looking for. Russian scientists call these imploding electromagnetic energy fields, torsion fields. The spiralling wave that spirals into the zero still point is the torsion wave. Tapping the zero point energy from the universe is tapping the energy from the matrix of energy that makes up our physical reality! It’s tapping the energy from gravity itself!

The spiralling imploding waves in the vortex create Platonic Solids as standing wave patterns. This is the reason why geometric forms, especially the Platonic Solids are able to resonate with the energies of the universe. This is the secret of the Great Pyramid in Giza that is actually half an octahedron and is able to resonate with the torsion fields of the Earth. The Earth’s electromagnetic energy matrix, called the Earth grid consists completely of these nested Platonic Solids. The Patonic Solid energy grids of the atom simply lock into the larger Platonic Solids of the energy grid of the Earth, which in terms locks in the energy matrix of the dodecahedral zodiac and the dodecahedral energy grid of the universe at large (from the latest Hubble space telescope observations). This makes up the matrix of our physical reality.

The ancients understood this very well. It’s the secret of geomancy, Feng Shui, the art of channelling and balancing the Chi energy of the universe. By creating geometrical patterns on the land, resonance is created with the geometrical patterns of the energy matrix of our universe!

With this introduction into ancient wisdom and modern day implosion physics, we can now start to explore the properties of water and start to understand how the Joe Cell may harness this free energy from the vacuum of space. The secret of water is that it is able to conduct the Chi, Orgone or zero point energy from the universe using the same ancient geomancy principles, the art of Feng Shui: resonance through geometrical form! The Joe Cell mimics the ability of our own body cells to harness the life force, the Chi, zero point or Orgone energy from the universe using these resonance principles.

It has been known for quit some time that water can form internal structures when the hydrogen atoms of one water molecule start to bond with the oxygen atom of another water molecule. Although the water molecule is electrically neutral, its charge is not dispersed equally along the molecule. Water molecules are actually small dipoles since the bigger oxygen atom in the H2O water molecule attracts the valence electrons harder than the much smaller hydrogen atoms, the result is that the hydrogen becomes somewhat positively charged and the oxygen atom becomes somewhat negatively charged. This dipole effect allows water molecules to form chains of molecules. The positively charged hydrogen atoms bond with the negatively charged oxygen atoms of another H2O molecule. The hydrogen bonding in normal water is very instable and these connections last only picoseconds. So water is constantly dynamically rebuilding these internal structures as a result of the thermic vibrations of the water molecule. Only at temperatures below zero do the hydrogen bonds become stable enough to form ice crystals.

A recent theory by Martin Chaplin Professor of Applied Science Water and Aqueous Systems Research of the London South Bank University now shows that water can form icosahedral water clusters existing of 13 smaller icosahedral structures into one super cluster of 1820 water molecules:

This new model is able to explain many of the anomalous properties of water, such as why it expands between 0 en 4 degrees, its high boiling point and many other strange properties that makes water such a rare fluid. So what this theory shows is that water is able to dynamically create enough of these instable super icosahedral clusters to give water its exclusive properties.

Now here’s the secret of water in relation with Orgone energy, these icosahedral structures resonate with the zero point energy through form! They are the waveguides that allow the zero point energy to implode. In general nested Platonic bodies allow for this implosion to occur, since it’s the blueprint for the self organising nature of the universe. The icosahedral water clusters simply, nest or fit recursively into the imploding waves that sustain matter. The implosion of this electromagnetic energy into matter is what we observe as gravity, according to Daniel Winter. So in other words the icosahedral structure is a wave guide for the imploding Orgone energy, allowing super conductance, which is just another word for this non-destructive Golden Mean based electromagnetic implosion. What happens in the water is that a vortex of imploding electromagnetic energy is being created, drawing this Orgone, or Chi energy from the universe into the water. Just think of it as an ether vortex or whirlpool that is sucking in ether and it is this suction of the ether wind is that we experience as gravity.

It’s my hypothesis that when the Joe Cell is electrically charged using a 12V battery, the cylindrical charge field will create an electromagnetic vortex that will act as a catalyst and stimulate the formation of more of these naturally appearing icosahedral super water clusters. When a critical threshold is reached and enough of the water molecules have bonded into these super clusters, the ‘cosmic charging’ of the Joe Cell becomes self steering. In reality no energy is stored inside the Joe Cell, the Joe Cell merely acts as a super conductor of this free energy, the Orgone, Chi or zero point energy of the universe that will freely flow through the water. It has become a superconductor of this energy. The Joe Cell most likely mimics a biological organic cell that draws the same Orgone energy into it using the same mechanisms. Science has proven that the water inside the cell is organised differently from the water outside the cell. This is the Chi or life force energy of the universe that animates all biological life.

I further postulate that human intention and consciousness has its effect on the clustering of the water molecules. It’s been known by Joe Cell builders that their emotions and intentions have an effect on the Joe Cell, this effect has been become known as the Y factor in the Joe Cell experiments. In the late fifties, Russian scientist, Nikolai Kozyrev has proven that human thoughts and emotions also relate to torsion fields. Torsion fields or vacuum domains as the Russians also call them are the same electromagnetic imploding vortexes in the vacuum of space that we’ve been creating in our Joe Cell. This is why negative feelings and emotions will interfere with the ‘cosmic charging’ of the cell. At Heart Math institute Daniel Winter has proven that e-motion is actually an implosion of electromagnetic energy from the heart and mind when coherence is reached between the EEG and the ECG. Feelings of love will harmonically entrain brain and heart waves by Golden Mean related frequencies in the frequency spectrum of the EEG and ECG. This effect which creates Kozyrev’s conscious torsion field, also explains why Masaru Emoto’s water crystals are influenced by thoughts and emotions when they are projected on to the water samples.

We explained how the Joe Cell draws in Orgone energy from the universe, but the most important question is still unanswered; how can this energy fuel a combustion engine?

Before we can answer that question there is one more thing we need to understand about the nature of capacitors. Now this is a radical shift from our current understanding of capacitors and is not yet accepted by mainstream physics.

A capacitor creates a classical static electrical field when charged. According to Tom Bearden this classical static electrical field is not static at all! In reality the charged capacitor creates a dynamic electromagnetic field that radiates from this capacitor and dynamically interacts with the vacuum energies, the zero point field. The ‘static’ electrical field is simply a dynamic equilibrium of photon emissions with the vacuum. What is perceived as a static electric field is therefore a steady state dynamic flow of electromagnetic energy exchanged with the vacuum.

Daniel Winter takes Bearden’s interpretation of charge as a dynamic electromagnetic interaction with the zero point field of the vacuum even further. Winter adds the required geometry for these electromagnetic waves and shows us how the charge compression of this capacitor is created from the implosion of these electromagnetic waves. It’s the charge compression or the electromagnetic implosion that creates the voltage in a static electrical field.

According to Dan Winter the electromagnetic energy of a capacitor arranges itself in Golden Mean ratio frequencies of EM waves along Platonic solid geometries that allow these waves to implode to a zero still point. Winter’s calls this implosion of electromagnetic energy a charge compression. The electron in Winter’s implosion physics is an imploding vortex in the atom. These vortexes are aligned in Platonic Solid symmetries and their funnels all join in the nucleus of the atom. The charge compression is from negative charge to positive charge when imploding in the electromagnetic vortex. In Winter’s implosion physics there are no particles, no electrons and no protons, the electron-proton pair is this imploding electromagnetic vortex. Since the charge compression in the vortex takes place from negative charge to positive charge, from outside the atom towards the nucleus, this is why the positive ‘proton’ particles are found in the nucleus and the negative ‘electrons’ are found in the shells of the atom.

As we have indicated above, Winter explains gravity as the effect caused by this electromagnetic vortex implosion. Not only do these waves implode into smaller wavelengths by Golden Mean ratios, also their wave velocities accelerate as the waves lengths get smaller. The wave velocities surpass the speed of light and this acceleration of charge is Einstein’s definition of gravity.

Biefeld Brown effect
If gravity is indeed electromagnetic in nature and can be explained by these imploding electromagnetic vortexes, we should be able to reverse the natural process of gravity making and create anti-gravity and thrust that can levitate and propel vehicles and aircrafts. According to Paul La Violette this kind of propulsions from electrogravitics has already been applied in the B2 Stealth bomber. This airplane uses a high voltage between its wings leading edge and its jet exhaust. The electrogravitic thrust created from this voltage is called the Biefeld-Brown effect, named after its inventors Thomas Townsend Brown and Paul Alfred Biefeld.

The Biefeld-Brown effect is an anti-gravity effect created by high voltage charged asymmetric capacitors. Jean Louis Naudin of Jlnlabs () and Tim Ventura of American Antigravity ( have built flying models from these asymmetric capacitors that are able to create real thrust and antigravity effects. These models are able to lift off the ground, hence their name ‘lifters’. In addition Jean Louis Naudin has built a modeller flying sourcer using the same principles and technology of asymmetric charge distribution. A flying source creates real trust by applying a high voltage between the top and bottom of the craft. ().

There is still a dispute going on on the internet about these lifters whether or not the thrust produced by the lifters can be explained by conventional physics (electrohydrodynamics). At Blazelab laboratories they are convinced that the thrust created by the lifter can be explained by the ionisation of air molecules. The thrust is created from this ion-wind when the ions rush from the anode to the cathode. And indeed if the propelling force of the lifter is this ionized air, the lifters should not work in vacuum conditions. There’s controversy whether or not the lifters work in the vacuum. At Blaze laboratories tests have proven they don’t, however other experiments conducted at Purdue University showed the same anti gravity effect even in vacuum conditions. Experiments with these lifters enclosed in plastic bags have proven that these models will still fly. Since these lifters can no longer create a net ion-wind, it invalidates the ion-wind theory.

This Biefeld-Brown effect can be explained with Dan Winter’s implosion physics if we understand the fact that a static electric field in reality is an imploding electromagnetic field, or torsion field that is able to create real thrust. At a cosmic scale this effect creates planetary gravity as electromagnetic waves spiral in from outer space into the planets. There’s a growing support for the theory that our universe is electromagnetic in nature and that planets and stars are charged bodies too, exchanging electromagnetic energy and in doing so create gravity.

Energy converted to thrust
It’s my assumption that the Biefeld-Brown effect as an implosion of electromagnetic energy is driving the piston in the cylinder of the Joe Cell.

When the Orgone charged Joe Cell is connected to the carburettor of the engine, this breeding cell has already created a strong vortex, torsion field or imploding electromagnetic field, all synonyms for this Orgone energy, around it.

The initial vortex is created by the 12V power supply that will create a vortex imploding upwards since the negative pole is attached to the bottom of the inner cylinder of the cell, while the positive pole is attached at the top of the outer cylinder of the cell. As a result an electromagnetic vortex is created that is imploding from the bottom of the cell to the top, from negative to positive charge. An electromagnetic implosion is always from negative to positive charge. When the cell starts breeding it will start attracting Orgone energy because the icosahedral water molecules in the water arrange themselves along this vortex and will sustain that vortex and charge of the cell even when the 12V power supply is disconnected. This is typical for a stage 3 Joe Cell, the water will remain charged after disconnecting the power supply.

When the cell is connected to the engine at the carburettor, we actually create two capacitors that are connected in parallel. The Joe Cell is the first and largest capacitor and holds a charge that is continuously replenished from the zero point field. The second capacitor is the spark plug of the engine. The mass of the engine is the common ground of both capacitors. The bottom part of the Joe Cell and the centre terminal of the spark plug are the negative terminals, the engine is the positive terminal. There’s no physical connection between the Joe Cell and the engine. The Joe Cell is build into the engine compartment completely insulated from the car itself. The cell and engine need to be flashed initially meaning the negative lead of car battery is initially attached to the negative terminal of the cell and the positive lead is arced a few times at the engine. This way the engine will be positively charged. This process is very important to create a capacitor bridge between the Joe Cell and the engine, the conductor for the Orgone energy!

When the spark plug is ignited, negative charge starts to build op on the inner centre electrode of the spark plug. Upon the build up of this charge, the spark plug and the Joe Cell will create imploding electromagnetic vortexes into the engine. The Joe Cell’s vortex will spiral through the carburettor and into the cylinder. The spark plug’s vortex will spiral from the spark plug’s inner negative electrode into the cylinder of the engine. Remember, the electromagnetic implosion always occurs from the negative to the positive charge!

The result is two spiralling vortexes creating a donut shaped implosion inside the engine! Due to the asymmetry of both vortexes, a net thrust is created on the piston. It’s this Biefeld Brown effect that will push the piston upwards. This is why the timing of the ignition needs to be advanced! Each time the spark ignites, Orgone energy is channelled in tremendous amounts from the Joe Cell in energy bursts that will create this thrust on the piston. The replenishment of this energy is from the zero point field of the universe. The Joe Cell will only function as a super conductor of this free energy and never will run out of it.

The gas pedal and throttle will still operate as a regulator because the flux of Orgone energy originating from the Joe Cell can be controlled by it. When the engine runs on Orgone the throttle does not regulate the air intake, but the Orgone intake. By opening or closing the throttle, we change the flux of the Orgone energy that can pass through the carburettor. The flux of Orgone energy is maximized when the imploding electromagnetic energy takes place in air and will be significantly reduced when the Orgone energy will have to pass through metal.

1. The engine running on a Joe Cell will not stop when the engine is oxygen starved since Orgone will not require oxygen. It will be proof that the engine is not running on the hydrogen generated from the Joe Cell as a ‘conventional’ fuel.
2. Since no combustion and internal explosion is taking place in the cylinder, no substantial heat is being created. However some heat is being created in the compression stroke from the adiabatic process due to the compression of the air. Therefore the exhaust fumes of the car will be lukewarm instead of hot and contain no traces of water vapour as a result of hydrogen burning.
3. When the timing of the ignition is delayed, the engine will not run. Running on Orgone energy will require an advanced timing. Engines running on hydrogen or gas will keep running even when the timing of the ignition is late.
4. The operation of the Joe Cell can be negatively influenced by external electrical and magnetic fields as it will distort the imploding vortex field of the Joe Cell.
5. Human emotions and negative thoughts will have an impact on the Joe cell as the torsion fields emanating from human consciousness will interact with the torsion field of the Joe Cell. Using negative concentrated thought and intentions could disable the Joe Cell.
6. When the spark plug polarity is reversed, the implosion effect will be enhanced and may even become devastating to the engine.

Note: The effects mentioned in 2, 4 and 5 have already been confirmed by experiments.

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