### JOE TALKS part 4/4, By Alex Schiffer, Update9.4, from

“Joe Speak” ; Tape 4 of 4.

With the tape, what we just finished that side of so we are going on to this one. And the question is what I asked, Am I giving you too much or am I giving you the wrong stuff to this man here? All right? Bob or what ever his name is, I’ve been told John. But it’s Bob.

Am I giving you what you don’t want. ? He’s come here for the last hour, you know day or the last hours or whatever else, he wants you And whether he’s going to get it or not or use. I don’t know whether I want to give you what you’se want. Yet. I’ll try and give you’se an explanation or what. I had to come to this. Nobody told me and nobody showed me.

No? So this is what I’ve found all the way along the line to try and understand what I’ve flaming done. To understand what I’ve flaming done I got to start understanding what other people are doing as well. What we got. What we can do. What we can’t do. What we are running on and what we are not running on, there is not some way to learn that. Anyway the continuation of this Commodore and everything else is WASTE SPARK MANAGEMENT as we said. And we got side tracked but we didn’t get side tracked. Anyway I’ll explain it to you as we come along.

They’ve got the normal forward spark and everything else. So now what they do is we understand as the forward spark and everything else we’ve got the spark coming down to the coil going through the primary and secondary and everything else going back to the battery or back to earth. It comes in positive and goes back negative. All right? What they found, and you can do the same thing is, our forward spark doesn’t come that way. Our forward spark comes through the body across the points and whatever else and that way. The current goes through the coil positive, comes out negative out the other side and goes back to the engine. And these people use that now, they utilise that. And what they did, was they took that, what you call waste spark now.

It looked like it was a spark which is being wasted or a frequency that is being wasted or a electrical charge, off the positive which is being wasted. It was coming in and going out and going back to the battery. Yeah, or using the other one coming in to make the front cylinder fire. All right?

So they wanted a smoother motor and they wanted to reduce a fly shit and only a fly shit on the pollutant, to keep with the rules, to make a better faster motor, a nice smooth motor and everything else and we got a somewhat reduce the economy and reduce the pollutants, so they started using the waste spark management. Now, what they found was the motors fired some where between this 6 to 8 degree advanced timing and then at exactly the same time because you’ve got the back flow, exact, a million percent exact because the front one won’t fire unless the back one’s there.

The front one won’t flow if the back one isn’t flowing too. It shuts it down. So, they started to utilise it. So they found we’d get a spark exact same time as the forward spark in number one we have the complete opposite cylinder which is at the top of the stroke. At the top of the stroke there, that is our exhausting, it is exhausting.

Now, the spark they found, they can make a spark jump at the exact same time as number one is firing. Number one still has its firing spark, which ignites the fuel, separates your fuels and everything else and ends up as pollutants. Fires your motor. But on the exhaust stroke they found out too that this thing here can suck too. But it never used to.

They used it in that put it on the same cylinder on the opposite stroke and it is on the exhausting stroke. Now, what it did it fired exactly between the 6 – 8 degrees, as did the compression cylinder one. What does that mean?


What does that do? All right? Well we got our exhaust valve open and the pistons coming up just for a second when I tell you and I reckon they are doing……….. The spark fires in that cylinder at the exact same time it starts to close down some of your exhaust emissions what blew apart in this compression stroke.

The compression cylinder, number one, it separated them and now you got pollutants, it starts to close them down. So it reduces your exhaust emissions, but the other thing it does for that 6 to 8 degrees, is instead of the expansion explosion as on number one compression, the damn thing implodes.

It gives a fractional 8 degree suck, on the piston, as it closes the flaming exhaust emissions down it sucks the piston a fraction. That’s where we get a little bit more speed. And now we can reduce our input on the compression cylinder.

We can reduce the fuel there because we don’t need as much to get the same performance out of the motor because the implosion on the exhaust cylinder is actually giving a suck. So we are assisting our revolutions of the motor and we are also making the motor smoother because she is free-er running, not so much fight.

And we are also reducing some of the exhaust emissions because it has closed them down, as to what it did on the compression stroke. Waste spark management

And then from there they’ll take that thing and drive it back into your battery. And now they manage it, they make it do something. For them. And that’s what they’ve done. It’s smoother. We now have to put less petrol in at the start because we can get more miles per gallon out of the buggers.

The motor’s free-er, smoother, faster, less pollutants out of the arse. That’s what they did. Now Ford took up that idea too, you see, then they run it back to the battery. But that implodes and held on to that spark. On the exhaust stroke, we hesitated, well it’s not half a stroke. It is virtually one and a half strokes, that spark.

It is easily done, we can still fire our flaming spark on the top of the cylinder, top stroke on compression, but we hang on to that flaming one out on the exhaust And we fire it on the bottom of the damn stroke, on the exhausting stroke.

Think of it, if it closes down the piston with the … ?….. and everything else and so on like that, the opposite thing the front one is exploding and the rear one is closing down and it’s also instead of heating up, it is cooling it as well. It cools your exhaust emissions. Fire at the bottom of that exhaust stroke. Bang! Pulls it in.

Now if the piston is on its way up to the exhaust you know that every single thing in that cylinder after the motor has fired, monoxide, dioxide and everything else they’re explosional things. Those gases are explosions. You take them away and you put those things together and they go bang. They explode. what are you trying to do on the inside of the cylinder? You are trying to create an explosion.

But you know what, you can’t make those monoxides and dioxides explode, because of its flaming field. But you’ve got those gasses and they won’t light for you But what happens to the LPG in the cigarette lighter? These won’t light sometimes. What happened to the LPG in the fuel tank, the gas tank. Gas is still there, can’t light it.

Had to put another field in it to bring it back to what it was to make it burn. So why can’t we turn the exhaust emissions around, if monoxide and dioxides and all those are explosional gases, why can’t we turn them around out the exhaust pipe, stick them back in to the motor and make it go bang


They won’t. If you use an opposite flaming frequency to what they won’t spark now that they did in the cylinders in the, in the firing compression you know. They will outside and when you take them away yourself they will go Bang, but they won’t go bang until you introduce them back into the cylinder. They will outside and when you take them away yourself they will go bang.

It is THE FREQUENCY. Think about it too

You know you put petrol and air and timing and everything else all into the front cylinder, number one compression and you get your condenser out of whack. You won’t fire that motor either on petrol under normal conditions under the front. You have a resistor in line to the coil, no wait a minute, it’s not the coil what gives you the spark. It’s not, that’s not the spark that comes down with the resistor in line what gives you the flipping spark, that makes your motor run, That’s not the spark that makes your motor run. But if you put a resistor in line before the coil, it makes a difference to that spark. The spring in there, and all it is a spring. You’ve taken a straight wire and you’ve turned it around on a spring, coil, that’s what a resistor is thin dry air. The resistor is in your coil and it is in liquid, damn coil wire turned around and round and round and round in a flaming coil but it is in a liquid.

Now we’ve got coils which are in dry cells and everything else but they are packed in different things, but they made them do different things too. You use a resistor and all it does is in mid air, it’s coiling it and it changes the potential. But that frequency in that spark coming down that stinking one from the key isn’t the one that makes your motor run. But it definitely changes your motor’s running ability. Why?

Because if that one don’t come down exactly 100% the same as the negative what does run your car, it interrupts it. Because both of them have to be identical, that’s why waste spark management when you got the firing in the first compression firing the first compression cylinder, you have another one they use as managing it into the exhaust one. And they are both there identical, so what they do with the resistor and everything, you get the resistor stretch a little or shrink a little and then what happens to the running ability of the motor. Well, resistor plays up and everything else and you got backfiring and farting and kicking and everything else if your motor does go.

And if you stop and you try and start the mongrel up you can’t, because the frequency is out. The resistor changed the flaming frequency.It didn’t change spark it’s not playing with spark. All right? You got to see if you can make the petrol go, and you got to hit the right frequency to make the flaming(carbon?) monoxide and dioxide fire. All right?

But if you fire, think about it, you fire that spark, hang on to it. Put it into something. There’s many machines … ?….I don’t know any of that technology electronics stuff. Implodes a little bit at the top and close down your exhaust. Pulls the piston up as it implodes and it is going to close down your exhaust emissions. How much are you going to need to close down the front cylinder? Actually nearly none.

And how much, what’s it going to do to the ones it did expand out? It’s going to pull them up. We’se had a little discussion with you’se not listening here for a minutes because this man here said that my brother on his race car had the problem of his points and all that burning out in his flaming distributor first before he got the electronic one and everything else because they were talking about Resistances, resistors and all these flaming things and coils. You got bigger coils, you got different resistors, you got all these things you got to play with.


Well, I’ll tell you something else that happened to my brother on his race car. The motor that he doesn’t have in now He’s got a hole in the side of the block now, but that wasn’t him OK. It wasn’t him it was somebody else revving the shit bags out of it. Blew a hole straight through the block while he was valve bouncing. Put a hole through the side of the block.

What he did was he sent it over to have it rebuilt at an engineer’s place here in Lismore. Noel Wagget. OK. So, and when they put it together, you know what they did? They put the cam in 180 degrees out. On a V8, you’se mechanics know that in a V8 that a 180 degree cam will still start. But you know what you can’t do with the thing? You can’t rev the mongrel out. They break down and give you the elusive and do everything else. Something is wrong, something is drastically wrong. So when they, these fellows put the motor together, my brother didn’t put it together and I don’t put my brothers motor together, I just give him money to play. You know when I got it I put money into him building his motor or running his race car. I don’t even watch it run’ Don’t play with it.

Anyway, so he sent over, got the motor rebuilt and they put the cam in wrong. Anyway his motor started up .Can’t rev the mongrel. Starts every time, can’t rev it. Do you know what? On the opposite side of the flaming harmonic balancer you have timing marks. And you know with the cam out that far she flaming comes back around and still fires on the same damn point on the other side, so you think your distributor, you know, you line up the distributor by the timing light and everything else, the damn spark and all that is firing the same, Is firing the same. But, and you know you are getting spark in that cylinder.

Funny thing is you are getting spark in that cylinder. But guess where the real spark is going? What the cam is doing to do is make the flaming opposite cylinder fire, the dead opposite cylinder, it’s trying to make it fire. You understand?

Now, my brother he is a very wild sort of a boy, he doesn’t listen to anybody, real wild temper, yells and screams all the damn time, you might think I am here, you know I’m not. Agro type person, you can’t tell him nothing. And if anything has to be done it has to be done 100% by the book. And if it don’t go by the book he don’t want to know about it. And he’s going to make a motor run by the book and by what it says and it has got to run by that. Whether it is an engineer, a mechanic flaming you name it, anybody. He gets so agro with these people that he wants it to run that way He will not look at anything alternative. Not look at any other ways at doing anything.

Now anyway, so, what had taken place with him and everything else the engineer, head of it and everything else, who had been there and built this motor and everything else, Ms workers built the motor and they got it wrong, but. This fellow went to America to buy American Chevy parts. He was away for about 8 weeks. So me brother is ringing up every bugger under the sun and trying to get this motor running and they’re telling him that his engineer is in America. So he rang him in America. Fellow says I’m buggered if I know. They must have got it right. You got the timing right? You got this right? Yeah. Everything’s right Spark?


Yep. Well, took it’s not our problem, you have to find some other thing. It must be electrical or something else. It wasn’t electrical. But, I said to my brother, I went over and I heard all this and this went on for weeks and weeks and weeks. I went over there and I just said to him. I said, “Paul, did you know that I can make that motor run without pulling a fuse glass”. Straight away, I told him, I can fix that motor and make it run smooth as glass and everything else without touching anything, in one minute

And like I just told you he is so adamant about flaming saying everything has to be running properly. He says, You ain’t flaming touching nothing. Not playing with any of your flaming gismos and everything else on it, doing anything else alternative. I said I’m not going to do that.

I said I can just do it within one minute. And he says flaming It’s got to be running the way it’s been built and the way its been made. You are not touching it. It’s got to rim that way. I says OK. Well look. The fellows not here, how about we pull it down and find out what is wrong.

I said I’ll pull the front off it and I’ll find out what’s wrong. And he said, The cams …. I said look nobody is going to look at it, It is not going to take me very long. Can I just pull the front off and have a look? And I will just prove to you, you just stand there and I will just prove to you. It’s not going to be any time out of your pocket. No worries. I’ll pull the front off and we’ll have a look.

So he says all right, but I’m going to have this running the way it is supposed to. I said that’s fine, but just let me pull it off. So, we er, in the modified it is pretty easy to get around it. We pulled the radiator out, pulled the flaming harmonica off, pulled the flaming front timing cover off we found, yep, we found cam’s out, one turn right around the town. So Paul said we are going to turn it back around, I’m going to get up the guys. I said, Yep well we can do that. Just for a minute. Just for one minute. Can you now let me, you know what is wrong with this motor. Can you now just let me without doing anything? Can you let me show you how to make this motor run. Smooth as glass. Let me show you.

(Paul) I don’t want to know. I said I don’t care, just give me one minute. I got in a big fight with my brother. He’s stubborn. I told you that. Rachael will tell you that. Everyone will. So he said yeah all right. But I don’t want to know about it. I said That’s fine. You know what you do? And I did it.

What do you do? Conversation here, turn the wires around on the cap. On the coil one what says positive I put on negative, The one what says negative I put on positive and started the motor up and she goes full revs. Rev rev rev rev rev smooth as glass, everything else. And then he says that’s not the way it is going you’ve proved your point and everything else. Nyeah, nyeah, nyeah, we’re going to make it the right damn way.

So it had to go back to positive to positive, negative to negative and we pulled the cam out, brum, brum, brum, free as a bird, smooth as glass and he got fair up the flaming engineers and mechanics and everything else, but by turning the wires around on the coil. What was he doing? Well you figure that out, what we are taking primary and secondary, and we put them in a different than normal way. A normal car, it does work that way.


You can have your wires around the other way, but they tell you it gives you a different kind of frequency and some times some cars it starts them but makes them break down terribly up high and others it makes them break down low due to different frequencies

So different things for different things. But on his, smooth as glass with the cam 180 out. 360 is back where we were, 180 is the opposite. And you know what? The damn thing was firing and running there, but you couldn’t rev it up. She was missing and breakdown and farting You can go and talk to him. You can go over there and talk to him. You saw him in the shed the other night when we were there. Go over and ask me brother. He don’t agree on any of this stuff. He don’t agree with another single person in the world that guy, but he will tell you what did take place.

You put that together with a whole lot of other things what take place. Put a lot of these things together and find out what the go is. Now, other things to end this little section I have an uncle. I didn’t know I had this uncle, and this uncle done something.

This uncle is named, ok, well most people don’t know my name or anything else and this is not my last name and everything else either but this is my mothers maiden name. This guy’s name was Bill Hale and he come from the other side of Kyogle and apparently he’s dead. I don’t know if he is or he isn’t. But the guy up there now who has vintage cars, all right? He’s got the vintage cars and everything else and his name is Kelly Web. He travels all over Australia to all the swap meets and everything else.

He owns all the old vintage car shed up here and he puts them together and he farts around. And he sells bits and pieces and he’s got a workshop on the other side of Kyogle out at Koogle, all right, On the Lyons road heading towards Brisbane on the back road. He told me after I went and showed him the little Escort driving on this water and nothing else on it and he knows about it and plays and builds motors and mechanic and engineer and flaming you name it. And he’s a real old guy, he knows everything about everything, magnetos and farting around and everything else.

One thing the guy didn’t know, until I had explained to him was, I said Kell do you know what happens to an old vintage car that’s running on a magneto and they run out of petrol? Yeah they stop. I said, do they? I said Think about it. He said, Ah, they do some jerking I said, Yeah, right. And we talked what I told you about by advancing the spark. And he said, Bugger me dead I’ve done that myself a long time ago, he said and I never thought about it.

Anyway if a whipper snipper like you tells me he said it’s good to know things what we sometimes forget. Anyway, he said, You know what? Your uncle, I’ve been in this vehicle and everything else a longtime ago. He said, Your flipping uncle, Bill Hale. I said don’t ask. He took exhaust emissions straight out of the stinking exhaust pipe, he run them over the top of a stainless plate, we had holes in the damn thing, over it and then straight back into the stinking Carburetor and you know what?

That bugger used to take me for drives, he said we were running in the carburettor and out the flaming exhaust and straight back over the stainless plate and back into the stinking carburettor and he’d take me for drives everywhere in this thing doing that.

And he says, I thought I know that he run it across the stainless plate when you mentioned about stainless plates in your cell.

What’s he done? There’s no water, there’s no nothing.


He took the exhaust emissions and run it across there and he says You know what I reckon it done now, he says, because I explained about my stuff He said……….. those monoxide and dioxide and everything else got the opposite damn charge and you put it back down the carburettor and he darn well did it.

He said. We’ve got thousands of people up our way what can tell you about that and been in the vehicle and everything else. He said and I been in that vehicle and he showed me and everything else. He said you took those monoxides and dioxides and everything else back in the carburettor and we were driving down the road and we went for mile and miles all the time. He said this has only just come back to me.

Well I said well you can’t take the exhaust emissions and everything else and stick them back into the carburettor and make a car run, because and it should explode, but it don’t, because that’s what we are after. Because it’s lost it’s kind of frequency. What he was doing with that stainless plate and everything else.

Now I don’t know what he done, whether he put a charge to it, or frequency to it or what he damn well did and neither does Kell. But all Kell does know is that this fellow runs the exhaust gases out there and returned them back into the carburettor and it is running that vehicle. He was getting more speed out of the thing. He did not have to add anything else. Because on a closed circuit, which it was, you lost nothing.

Apparently in the explosional rate and everything else and then the closing down rate and everything else what he done and the frequency he must have put on the plate coming back onto those, he didn’t lose anything. He was able to make a continuous circuit and Kell reckons that the motor runs faster and better and smoother than what it used to do on a few litres of fuel. He’d swear black and blue. You can go up there and talk to Kell. Bill Hale.

And that’s not my last name, that’s my uncle. I never met him, I didn’t know about it. I don’t know how these sort of things go. It’s like gene lines you know and things like that. We find out that our uncles or our brothers or brother in laws or something else, not brother-in-laws but grandparents and everything else we didn’t know used to ride motor bikes and we seem to have an attraction for motorbikes. We have grandparents and everything else who used to have a twitch in the left eye and bugger me dead we’ve got the same damn twitch. And, you know things like that are passed down the line. But my uncle, I don’t think my uncle would have been muchly related to me except … a single person who does any of this stuff like me or anything else, and my family, and my father with 19 children, not a one of them does anything like me or is even interested in anything like this. The thing is too that my father was a religious type of person and so on, he used to go to church. Not any of his 19 children are ever interested in going to church, reading the bible or doing any of those things, being interested in any of that.

No I don’t go to church or anything else, but I write out of the bible. I’ve written 20 books. Don’t go to church. Don’t go to any of those things Wrote three of them without having a bible. OK. All these different things will come to me as well as all this other stuff. And I don’t, I can talk to ministers. I can talk to churches and go everywhere else.

My father went to different churches and as soon as he read the bible and told them what the bible said they kicked him out, because sometimes we find out they don’t actually teach what the bible says the same between all the different churches. But, anyway out of all those children and everything else I seem to for no reason, no nothing, I just did it one day. Took up the idea of writing about things in the bible and I wrote about things you would not believe.


You know out of the bible that you couldn’t, believe. You Know. It’s all in the bible. But things which, you know sort of people don’t see in the bible ….I’m not going on with this bible thing or anything else. But just given you……of things what we do. I asked this man here how many of each kind of animal did Noah take into the ark? And his 2 fingers came up. most everybody else in the world will do the same thing in the world will do the same thing. They’ll say 2 of each. Well I think youse all better go back and read the bible. From the whole set of numbers which is in the pneumatics and everything else, it is in our minerals. And everything else….I dint know what you call that it is in every dam field. God put it there and every damn thing and He also made the numbers for us And when God had His scribes In the early days they done it by numbers , a letter a word, a sentence and a chapter and everything else, and if it didn’t work out a million % as God given numbers to do it, it was cast out Thrown away.

And I showed this. man here a few little things on that and everything else but youse can go out and check. For yourself If any of youse there are interested, look under Genesis chapter 7, and you read just that littleverse under chapter 7, you’ll find out that Noah took 14 of each kind of flippin animal and 14 of every bird. What it does say in there of two of each is that he said ” of every beast that is unclean you will take by Two’s one male and one female . But what it does say in 7 is, He said to Noah of the, you know, the male and the female 7 pairs that is 14. that must have been a pretty big Ark and everything else. It just Goes to show the churches and everything else have taught us for many years 2 of each kind and we’ve got songs about it and everything else. But why don’t they read the bible, because you go and read it and check if I am right or wrong. And everything else but he says 14 of each kind. Not so much that but he says 7, the male and the female all right? And if it’s even, you can’t have even in 7 because 7 is an odd number. Add female and it brings you to 14 of each kind.

Where just having some lunch we finished that. And this fellow here says, what about cold running on , he didn’t say that we got preignition. We got another motor that is called cold dieseling. They call it when a motors cold you know that one mechanics explain it to your mates if they don’t. We’ve got a fellow here who talks about a Ford Prefect. Ford Prefect. Fellow has a generator on it. He turned it off, you’se know the story apparently.

He turned it off, wouldn’t shut down. Pulled the spark plugs won’t shut down. What else happened? Disconnected the petrol. Wouldn’t shut down. Had to stall it.

Add that one into all the info you’ve heard about first and everything else and you come up with….. Yes we know the cars run on petrol and everything else and the way they are set up. But is that the only way they run? Gives you something else to think about doesn’t it?And then I didn’t say I was giving you all the answers all right. I’m not going to tell you,


I am not going to tell you. You have to figure it out.

And the cold dieseling, what they call cold dieseling, we do the same thing without a hot motor. We try to eliminate that cold dieseling and everything else we can……………… and it makes it worse. The Japanese found this exact thing out as I described before. With a piston. And it went better.

When they tried to put an electric solenoid in to shut the fuel off and air off and everything else they wanted to shut the air and the fuel. And they tried everything and they kept going. They come up with another idea on how. A magnetic field in the solenoid. And that field goes into the block and the motor shuts down. I mean what is the answer on the cold dieseling? Figure it out yourself.

Next question again. Why can’t we, this person here says. And I’m not saying I got anything different. I’m just saying that you and my answer to this man was that if he did not try……. He could try every damn thing under the sun and he couldn’t get it started.

Tow it to 1000 miles per hour and you won’t get it started. All right. Well, I just go and put the condenser in and bingo I started the car. Because I put the right thing in.

Now, I’m not talking about putting electrolyte in the water and everything else. Actually what I’m doing is taking it out I’m taking the minerals and the shit.

My insulating plates could be at fault. Right? My insulating plates could be wrong, my metal could be wrong, my keg could be wrong, mywater could be wrong.

We’ve had some people here who’ve had to go through 20 different kinds of water before they found one which started to work perfectly. For them.

They’ve got a different variety of things happening through those 20 different waters and they are thinking that cell was wrong, and the plates was wrong and the insulators was wrong and they drove me crazy on the telephone, ringing up all the time when they tried different things.

Why why why why why. I said keep trying the water. So they went out and they finally found one after 20 different waters. Now this is long ago, and he has now got. I didn’t say he’s got a car running. But that’s not what he was after.

He was after the water to make Ms cell produce electricity, because he’s got that, but he wanted the cell for healing. Healing. And different things I’m not going to go into, because I don’t do the healing and neither does the water. And we don’t talk about that because nobody’s interested. So, He took all that time.

Now and we are asking why aren’t we getting the bubble and pouring on the surface of the water and pouring off. Well he did it for 20 different waters and then he finally touched that water and he’s not going to touch that cell and he’s not going to let anybody else touch it either.

But you could have somebody who is negative in the room or put their hand over it. You could have flaming something else effecting it. Every single thing can effect it. Everything.

But when it is lined up, when it’s in there you can’t affect it So it’s just playing. Playing with this too. And I’m a mechanic and it didn’t occur to me.

I’ve got a friend out here probably about 30 miles away from here who’s got a Holden motor. And he sent the Holden motor in, it was going, 186 Holden motor, don’t care, he’s done about 3 or 4.


He sent the motor to have it rebored and rebuilt And he sent it over to Gill’s engineering in Casino over here. Gill’s engineering are a very old family and so on, very old gear in their workshops. Now they had a lathe, which is one the lathes with the machining heads and everything else like that with the Spindle thing on the side.

One of those big old antiquey type of things and this dam thing here turned backwards, compared to most Others. Now you say you can change the gearing and make them turn backwards anyway, but what happens is for honing, machining and so on like that to cut the metal out of the boiler they usually cut a certain way.

The thing is they got the old tools and everything else and their machine cuts backwards. All right just bear with me for a minute. Now, their machine cuts backward and everything else and their motor is going and everything else this guy Picked up his motor afterwards. He put the pistons in. He put the bearings in. He put the head on. He put everything else in.

He put it in the car and went to start it on twelve volts, and he had, I’m not kidding and he had every single. Thing perfect. Now, Flattened three 12v batterys and he never got a kick out of that stinking motor. And he was miles away and I don’t want to go driving away in the middle of the bush. And he said you’re the smart fellow you tell me what is wrong.

I says, well look, cause he’s on a long distance what it is from here he only rand up and said what am I going to check . So I told him go check the points. Goes out and says I’ll ring you back. So he runs out and checks the points. No they are fine Gapping is fine. Checks the timing. Fine. Checks the cam. Fine. Checks the carby. Fine.

Fuel, condenser, coil, everything and he kept changing things to make sure. He pulls them of his other going car and puts them on to make sure. Nothing. Know what was wrong? He then after all these things decided bugger you ringing me up all the time I’ll come down. So I went down there and everything else and looked at his motor and he had everything right.

So I said I know how to start this, the battery and everything else I said now I’m going to make it 24v. We hooked it up to 24v and whirled his motor over and we leave the 24v on. I’ll run it for a little bit then the coil will start heating up and you get backfiring and farting and because It can’t runon 24v while its set up for 12 you can’t run it on 24v for too long.

Anyway so I just hooked up 24 volts. The negative terminal was connected to the battery in the car and I…. To the battery in the car to the, This doesn’t matter much, I’m just saying Put it on the other battery. Then I jumper leaded in between, which gives us 24v

He hit the key and she fired instant. Not a hesitation. And it fired and was running. So he turns it off and says I’ll go back to 12v now it’s started. He went back to 12v and he couldn’t start it. So he went back to 24v. Bang straight away she fired and she run and she run and she run. Now remember. We er


While the motor is going, the motor is going, it’s got an alternator on it and everything else, its got a Set of points in there, you know, very hard to do it on any of these later cars. He’s got the points and everything else in the Holden, so while the motor is going and everything else we take off the positive terminal from the second battery the motor keeps going because the alternator is feeding through then.

And I take it back and go to put it on the positive terminal. There is a monstrous spark “##O/o#$#”. And then, I lifted, you know, it scares me a bit so I lift the terminal up a little bit and I try to put it back on again and figure out why there is this monstrous spark. Next time I go to put it back on there is hardly any spark, just a little tiny spark.

Put it on, we shut the car down, we hit the key, on 12V and it fired instantly and it’s been running Like that ever since.

It comes down to this, when they originally lathed the block they changed the frequency in it And when I come back from 24v she fired And when I came back to 12v, the big spark was the flaming thing was lining itself up, polarising itself the right way.

Polarising the right way. And I put it on as a big spark. I took it off because I was scared. Put it back on again and it was only a little spark because it was normal charging then and we can Start it that way. That’s what I found there.

Now I didn’t understand that at that stage. I just knew this is how you start the car and everything else. Sometimes you can just hook on and climb down the road and they’ll just kick in. Sometime. Ok. But they won’t start. Some motors for some reason will not start off the 12v battery straight off after you rebuild the motors.

Now how I found that out really was not that car. What I had was another friend of my daughter. He had a motor built in a Commodore, and they fitted, they took out his 3.3 motor up in Northern Territory and he had a brand spanking new motor rebuilt there and they put it into his car andeverything else and they couldn’t start it. And he was leaving the same day they were finishing the job and he was coming down here and he was heading to Melbourne.

Anyway, so they towed the car and got it started. Now he leaves there and he’s driving all day and he turns her off at night, she’s going good and everything else. He comes out the next morning, he can’t start it. He can not start it. He clutch starts the damn thing. When he clutch started it, the thing’s got this terrible miss in it.

So he goes into a mechanical shop and he’s away, away from where he got the motor built. He goes into this mechanical shop and everything else. Now before I tell you the only existing things from the original motor, I want to keep going, he went into a flaming mechanics shop and everything else and the mechanic says It sounds like spark plugs breaking down.

So he replaced brand spanking new spark plugs and this guy paid for them and it didn’t make any difference. So the guy said, Well, Maybe you got a cracked cap, so he put a new cap on and paid for that and it didn’t do it.

And then he said Well maybe its an electrical somewhere so he put a new coil on and that didn’t do it. And he went in and he said well let’s just throw in points and condenser anyway. So he put that on. Then he put brand new leads on. He said, “We’ve already got these damn things brand new anyway. So the fellow said well look it’s not electrical and so on. He said It has to be fuel. So he said I can’t afford any more now, I’ve got to keep going, so off he goes again. Now he gets down the road and everything else and that car’s missing and farting and coughing andeverything else.


Anyway she pulls up, he turns the key off ’cause she’s stuffed, it’s running rough as guts and you come up to a stop-light or sign or something like that and the motor is running that rough she cuts out. So then he turns the key clean off and then turns the key back on again and he starts the motor, and it starts straight away and the flipping thing runs smooth as glass. Smooth as glass, all day and he thought Bugger me dead it’s fixed itself, it’s cleaned itself, it’s fixed itself

So then he gets er down and everything else, stays in, pulls in, stays in a motel. Comes out the next morning. Rev Rev Rev. It won’t start. OK? And then he clutch starts the damn thing, she fires up. She’s got the miss in it. It’s back again. He says, “Oh shit!” I got to find this, you know, I can’t travel like this.

So anyway he goes in, he goes to an electrician this time, and he says Look. I’ve had all these things done and everything else, can you put your meters on to it. So when they did, they goes into the electrician, he turns the motor off and he comes back out and he hits the key and everything else and the electrician puts the meters on and everything else. The motor is running as smooth as glass, right, smooth as glass and he puts the meters on and he says mate there is nothing wrong electrically. He says, yes but the motor’s running perfectly……. He says, Oh well. I’ll keep going. So he drives and later on and everything else he shuts it down.

Anyway, waits and he says I’m heading off real early next morning. I’m going. Getting out of here. Sick of it. Anyway, he just got sick of this car. So he comes down again, he goes out the next morning, won’t start. Pain in the arse it won’t start. All right? So he decides, Bugger it, I can’t drive like this. It’s jerking and farting and coughing and carrying on. It won’t accelerate. It won’t do anything.

So he says I’ll pull into another mechanics shop in the next town So he gets into there and everything else. Turns her off, goes over and says, “Mate look. I’ve had everything electrical done, I’ve had all and everything checked out and it’s not electrical.

The fellow then goes and puts another carburettor on it. Brand new carburettor, puts it on the flaming alternator. He puts a new …. Filter on it And he went through the pump and everything else. He puts a brand new fuel pump on it. And he blew back through the tank and he drained the fuel tank. Pulled the fuel tank out of the car and flaming pulled, in case there was some blockage, you know a bit of plastic or a bit of rag or something blocking up the line. All those things, hops into the car, hits the key. Smooth as glass.

So off he drives. We’ve fixed it. Paid the bill. It’s adding up to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds now. Now he’s got further down towards us, down this end of the stick, he’s up in Brisbane and he rings me daughter and he says he’s going to be down there in a few hours. He didn’t make it ‘Cause he stayed there in Brisbane over night

He goes to start it the next morning and it won’t start again. And he did everything to his car. Anyway, so he got down to Tweed Heads, about an hour and a half away from here and he pulled into a mechanics shop there and everything else and the mechanic said Ok well let’s just pull out the distributor, it had to be shorting out in the distributor. So they pulled the distributor out and put another one in. And they hit the key and the car went smooth.

So he says I’ve fixed it. You pay me $80 for the distributor, second hand, right. So he heads off and gets down here to Lismore, and he says Mate, pulls up, stayed at our place and he told me the story and everything else and this is going to sound like a long story but it is going to make sense in a minute. All right?


And he gets there and he says’ can you look at me car. It’s been giving me all this trouble. Everytime I stop it goes and all these things happening. Anyway I said fine its getting a bit dark now. I’ll leave it til tomorrow. Next morning I gets up and goes out. He says I’ll try to Start it. Goes out and it wont start.

So, I hand another one there so I said what have they done. And he went through it all. I said OK. Now we got a running car here, a Commodore with the right motor, the right carburettor, The right distributor the right everything else. I said what else was left on this from the original motor?

He said well we’ve got two things. One is the distributor and we got the carburettor. I said OK well you’ve had a brand new distributor put in He says Yep. I said all right we’ll put a carburettor on and he has had that done too. Well lets do it individually.

Give us your old distributor. Puts it in and everything else. Hit the key bugger me dead the thing fired up smooth. I said there’s nothing wrong with this. I said all right lets change the carburettor. So we changed the carburettor, this new one.

Anyway so, the car started and went well. He said test it out this is not all it does. So we waited overnight and next morning it won’t go again.

I said all right lets put the carby back and lets just change the distributor. So, changes the distributor. Changed the distributor and hit the key, she runs as smooth as glass, Leaves it overnight.He said, just test it. Happened every morning.

Anyway same problem. I said well lets just see. I finally got the car started right and it fired up on 24 thinking it was the same as instead of tow starting. It which you couldn’t tow… Anyway so I did that and she starts and she’s running smooth. I said I Might have fixed it. Bugger me dead she won’t start again.

Anyway start again and I thought what am I going to do here? About all these different things I did and All went over every single thing he’d done and I come down to something. I said the old block and head was thrown away and this is a brand spanking new motor, you see. He had a wire from the positive terminal of the battery …… And then I went across and I just went #%#@#@# on the carby, And do you know what? He has….. I couldn’t figure out exactly why this fellow.

She’d run like a mongrel dog and then after it stops and you re hit the key everything runs smooth. She’s running like a mongrel dog and the cars going along itself and straight back on again , which Means that the motor is still going the alternator send a back field and everything else you know when You turn it down your alternator light comes on. And I turned it back on and the motor is smooth, smooth as glass.

By turning the key off and turning it back on again the motor is smooth and that’s what he has been doing every time that he pulls in and its running rough as guts.

He pulls in to a mechanical shop, or an engineer, or an electrician or anything else. And he turns the car off and they go and change everything and then they come back out and hit it a second time, because when he’s turned it off, the motor’s been still going in the day time and she does it. She’s going and then you turn the key of and the generator light comes on and what are we running on

The reverse charge.


I said, I had a car that when we sent in and we pulled the motor down and everything else and we found out, bugger me…… in the other way. Anyway, and that changed the frequency they just had there. Funny thing is, if they would have put a new distributor or another distributor and another carburettor, you know instantly when they put the motor in instead of the original one, the car probably would never have had any problems.

But this damn well did, with that one distributor and one carburettor and everybody kept changing them one at a time. And I ended up changing one at a time and then when it didn’t work, put it back. I never changed the two at a time.

And nobody from the NT to here ever changed the distributor and the carburettor at the same damn time. They put a different distributor in and everything else and they run it and then the car didn’t start the next morning. That stinking thing picked up the field and become a problem child.

And then when he comes in and has the carburettor replaced then see now they got a new distributor and a used carby but it stopped overnight and it sent the stinking field into that distributor and it kept switching and change the distributor it was in the carburettor.

And they are aluminium. Both of those are aluminium and the rest of the motor is cast iron. Put that in your records with all the rest of the stuff and it took the first car to start it on flaming 24 while it is going cross the leads back, big spark and then put it on and everything is fine. Change the polarity.

The funny thing was that the battery, the 24v didn’t do it on the Commodore. But shorting out the positive to the flaming negative did. That changed it. As soon as we did that, apparently if you do that you figure this out. when you touch the wire on, atomically or magnetically wise and everything else and if you think of the atoms in it you disturb their fields. If they are lined up in a certain direction it disturbs them, and they’ll end up in a different direction. And what’s happened is, this flaming thing, they didn’t line up.

Now apparently I find out and I didn’t know before anywhere or anything else when they were down there with Ian Hakon and Barry Hilton and everything else we had a cone set up. Is that Ok to say? We had a cone set up down there with the orange 4 pegs on the side and everything else, three things. What we had was …They never told me. I asked them whose cells is this? And they would not tell me.

They said The fellow doesn’t want you to know he just wants you to check out. He’s done a lot of playing with this and it’s not doing what he wants. So that was on the tape when I was down there. and everything else. And Barry Hilton, upset.

You seen the tape? Mate. I don’t know why I didn’t throttle him. He drove me so crazy and Barry Hilton, he’s the one who drove me so flipping crazy. He’s the one who wrote all the books about me. The Joe phenomena book.

The Joe cell, Joe X Everything else, he’s the. This is Hilton Dynamics. He’s in partnership with Ian Hakon and so on like that and he’s the one who drove me so pathetically crazy. and when he pulled the cell to pieces he did not take notice where the cones were.

And I said, Were the cones stacked up this way, because you see, when we put this in, you understand this now. When we are putting an electrical field in we got a positive and a negative we are connecting up but we got neutral plates and ascending field frequencies.

Do you understand? And when you hook that up once and send a field through, do you know if you change them to any other plates you are mixing up your fields.


you can do the same as these stinking cars with problems and I told them that it is what has happened to me in the past too, And not just, me but other people they’ve mixed up their plates and their cells don’t stinking work. They’re playing up and doing all these radical things all over the place.

So, when I was down there and everything else I asked Barry has he kept the plates in order, the cones in order, as they come out of the thing. Doesn’t matter he said, Well nyeah nyeah nyeah. It flaming does matter. It know where they are, you just now messed up, so I can’t tell you what it is and I can’t get it back and it is now random.

So what I got to do is then I had to go to each one of those cones and everything else and I had to touch them with the battery and make them a spark.

Because they are lined up either magnetically or frequency wise and the damn stainless with the water in it becomes highly volatiley magnetic, but when the water is not in there it is not. If you put normal water in, non-charged into stainless, there is no magnetism. This way there is

So we are setting up magnetic fields and magnetic fields are either N and S or whatever else the way and there is field effects. Like a solenoid you either push a piston out in the middle, you pull a piston in. you get spike effects On the side you are using different things.

We can wire one, one way to the left, we can wire them to the right. We can wire them front to back, back to front and we get different things. Like understanding it.

If you take a piece of metal and you want to make a magnet out Of it, right, just an ordinary screwdriver or something like that. if you hook it up to a battery. you grab a piece of Copper wire and you grab your screw driver and you wrap your Copper around it.

Now I’ m going to describe a couple of ways if you wrap your copper around from one end just say east to west, on the screwdriver whichever way you hold it in the air. Say, well let’s do it another Way holding your screwdriver in Your left hand. So we wind it clockwise from the right hand side of it to the left hand side and then we connect it. The wires to the battery and we put our left hand where we entered our wiring and we put that on negative. And we put where we started we put that one on positive OK we will end up with the negative on our right

Hand towards positive. We will end up with, that’s our north pole, we will end up with south pole on the other hand towards the Negative, because opposites attract. Understand?

You can do it different ways and it will give you this different effect. So don’t just…. This way.

Now the other thing is if you start off again, come back to Your screwdriver. you start winding and same way, hold that screwdriver in the left hand and you start winding it anticlclockwise with a copper wire in your with your right hand and now you put the same wires on again, you put the one in your left hand where it comes out, you finished, you put on the negative and you put the one which you finished up here in your right hand on to this positive, you now will have the opposite flaming magnetism in that screwdriver

You will have south on the end what had north arid you’ll have north on the end what had south. If you turn the screwdriver right around and start winding it the same as we just said it, it will do the Opposite again. It will give you north-south in its winding.

OK Now if we hold that screwdriver down to a flaming piece of metal it is going to Pick it up’, No matter which way you wind it it’s going to pick it up.The piece of metal you are picking up it can be picked up by either North and south end. The thing what gets rejected or attracted is two magnetic fields you get two magnets and you hold the N and the N ends to each other they won’t go together, They repel.


you turn the two around and you aim the two South ends together, they repel, You turn one of them around you get north-south, You turn both of them around and you get south-north and they attract. you understand? Now you see that’s four different ways.

Those two magnets you take them to a piece of metal and you are trying to create an electro-magnetic Field or you are creating a frequency or a field in the screwdriver, bang it on to something to make it ring Like shit. OK Or heat it up and you alignment changes to nowhere again, anywhere, nowhere, and thats not

That’s how you disturb it ,the cell now I find out. Mix them up. I had to then ‘o and hook them up, all the other damn things I was doing. What was I doing with the carburettor? I also had to do. And our condensers, our coils our flaming sumps our different things frequency wise. Does it sometimes make our motors run without generators?. I did, didn’t I? just reverse the polarity not charge.

The generator effect is, and then he turns the key back on and the stinking thing re-aligns. It wasn’t given a permanent realignment only till next morning and touching the wire from the positive. Terminal up changed them and realigned them and polarised the block and everything

But Sulley’diesel, it’s the same thing. There’s energy inside Sulley’s diesel sink…. Take the same wire and do the same damn thing and it….. these type of things making and breaking. But you understand by what we are talking about if you play with cells you can’t put a drop of water in the different kinds of diesel motors, motor, and they are actually buggered up.

But I used a different cell, which gave it………. that motor. I’ll tell you one thing about the Escort motor, though, the Escort Off the manifold the crank ventilator. That is hook up the flaming cell on only the Escort motor and the PCV valve is hooked up, The oil Out Of the sump straight up the PCV into the manifold straight Out Onto the ground on the exhaust.

So, what we do is we take the PCV hose off and if you look at the tape and everything else you see on the front of the manifold you see that little thing and everything else it’s got a bung over it with a bolt in it, that’s the reason Why that is there because when we put a cell on, now when we take the cell off and go back to normal petrol and air, it damn well emptied the sump of oil.

Nobody else asked that, question I’ve never told anybody else. I spoke to him, while he should have had that camera going, that’s what he tells me That he had ’em off write he should have……. But I do remember now telling him, explaining it to him and he getting it there with The damn thing by putting that on, the hose on..

Remember we had a completely sealed motor, that means that the oil intake one is sealed. On the Rover, I don’t know if this is too much on the tape but the left hand tappet cover at the back.. Every other part of that motor is sealed. She has electric fuel Pump, we don’t have a hole in this pump. She doesn’t have a PCV valve. The PCV valves are actually in the in the carburettor. Rover, on the left hand side tappet cover, the back of it has a piece of metal tube coming directly straight out of the tappet cover.

It is probably not quite as fat as a pencil Have you seen it? And the hose from there goes directly around to the right hand carburettorstraight around the back of the motor and onto the right hand carburettor COMP if this is too much on the tape. I found too, I think it is in tape that motor only run, and for some reason the motor and onto it is on tape, either pulled the hose off or did something else, bumped off or something and the motor stopped


So I put me finger over that hole and Ron Davis hit the key and the motor started and I felt a suck there. it sucked the end of my finger in which was creating in the sump a vacuum. It created a vacuum. Now I bent me finger off it a little bit, leaving me finger off the end of the hole a little bit and let air in. You could hear it sucking in. Now that’s should be, should be blow by.

But when I took me finger a little bit off the edge and everything else and let a little bit of air seep in then the motor started to run rough and die down, put me finger back on and it ran all right.

Does any water work a cell? Yes, every and any, but, the but is, what you got to do is have your right frequency and you got to be able to pull all that stuff out.

You got to be able to produce what you seen on tape and so on like that, so it means you got to have the right plating in order, you got to have the right fields.

you got to have the right insulators and then the effects you have seen you have to have, possibly, but we are not using the water to produce the gas.

But that’s as I said that’s the only way that I find how much energy is in the cell by lighting a bubble and see what it does.

Now we may not need that. I don’t know many other ways. But I don’t do that now anyway. I just look at the water and look at the bubble and that’s it. I don’t light them. I don’t play. I don’t bang. I don’t do anything any more. I just know what they are doing now so I don’t have to keep testing to see what that one thing does. I’ve got it down what I can look at it and see. But you’se maybe not yet.

There may be many other ways without that, without producing that. but that’s the only way I’ve found is that if I’ve got the surface tension and so on, all the shit what is in the water will come out.

We’ve tried bore water. We’ve tried flaming spring water. We’ve tried dam water. We’ve tried tap water. Stacks and stacks and stacks of stuff. Now I understand that some waters we find is a bit contrary. You know like we keep pulling shit, and shit and shit and we don’t get the stuff out, you know we never seem to get it out.

And then there are some other waters that don’t do a damn thing; no bubbling, no crap, no nothing. All right?

Now those waters are doing things, you know like some water use an energy field to lock the crap in. Understand?

A man uses aluminium again, ’cause you got to find an opposite frequency to get the damn things out and this is what happened in that bucket in the shed, and so on. The bucket come from the tap, the tap was clean, the water in the tap was clean.

Rocky creek dam, it is putrid and it smells and it’s got fish in it and you know all the rest. You would not drink that water. And it would just taste like an old rotten dammy river water anyway, and nobody wants to drink that So they put all those ingredients in there.

Now what that bucket did was drop them out. See? So I found a frequency to get them out. So what it virtually means is, that without finding, going through, Re the guy up in Cairns and everything else, without going through say 20 different waters till he found a frequency to purify all those waters. OK

You probably got a cell which is giving a frequency out, but the frequency may not be a total frequency for tuning in all kinds of water. It just seems like, it took me a long time too. All right.


I’m not saying as long as you’se, but I’m saying a long time before it happened for me and I found out a cell and I had to improve that cell a few times till I got it reactive or not whether it had salt in it whether it had minerals in it or anything else. But they all come out.

But I still got the over -running underlining thing which is the bubbles, the gas, the implosion and the field that I run the water with. Whether that water was still cacky or not.

We got some people’s cells would just pull water out at the surface. They’ll never drop it. We’ve got some people who drop water. You know we’ve got people who will never take it out of the water.

It just means they haven’t hit the right frequency ………

The difference is with mine and most others is, I do seem to have a much upgraded cell than some other people out there. Now I’m not saying everything. I know there are some people out there who have built virtually the similar cells and are doing a similar thing.

But I don’t know what’s happening then when they put that water to cars, they haven’t maybe got the cars going. But I’m not after cars and I don’t care if they are. But, They have tried on that I suppose some have and some haven’t. But they get different reactions, you know, a whole heap of different things. And, it’s what our mind goes through a little bit and we find this frequency. So you either, if you’ve got a cell that doesn’t work then you keep finding a water or you keep changing your insulators if you think they are shorting out and so on.

Or, you know, we don’t just leave it on and see if it works over a 24hr period. If it doesn’t work in a few seconds or half a minute, turn it off. You found out what happens. It’s stuffsit. It dirties it up. It’s buggered. If it doesn’t work in that time you haven’t got it.

And that’s what I tell people, don’t leave it going for ages and ages because if it doesn’t work in the same time you haven’t got it.

Before you bugger something and so on And try another water. Try another insulator or something. Always leave negative in the inside centre, wherever you find centre. Right? In different places the centre I described to you Bob, so you got to look at it and think about it.

Centre may not be where you think it is.

But it is always centre, always centre. Always centre. …………….. Not critical, because we had the Rover running as I said before of Christians cordial bottle but couldn’t rev up. It was starting and running We’ve had it running on a bottle. We have had it running on straight tubes and so on. We have had it running off a plastic bucket. We’ve had it off the big long you know stainless what Peter Stevens took. With the one behind the lounge that you seen, that’s a heap shorter.

Different configurations and everything else too you know because the configuration of those diamond shapes what are in the first cells is not what I’ve ever used again. See I don’t go back and start using the same things as I ever used before.

If I know it works I move on. I’m a strange one.

What happens is if I ever build a car , say a Datsun and put a V8 into it, ill never do that again not for anybody else not for myself again. All right. In a Datsun, sorry Rachael says Yes I did. In a Datsun I did it twice. A Datsun 200 and 200B I did it twice the reason being because the first one got stolen. Three days after we got it registered it, it got stolen. So I built another one.


other than that I never do things twice. if I do a job and I achieve the best I can in that job that’s it for me. I don’t keep that job going I don’t keep going back to it and doing things. I move on. I want to learn. I want to increase.

So all the cells I got Out there, you’ll find every damn one Of them, none of them are the same. But each one of those ones I’ve found out about them, each one of those ones they’ve given me the surface tension.

They give me the implosion, explosion and all these different gases and pulling all the shit out. And also healing. And also running cars. And I’ve played with that. But imagine you’se have played with this for this long. I had to play a fair bit to get them like that. But, it seems like I am gifted with not many failures on that.

I am not saying I’m a perfect guy or anything else, I’m just saying the maybe the Lord, he put it and gave me just a little bit more without experimenting a lot. I didn’t find all the failures I found something and each cell seems to you know be ……..

We have to finally do it. The other thing I’d like all of you’s to do, is try and rent the video if you haven’t already got it or seen it go and rent the video on ‘Chain Reaction’ . Chain reaction. It’s Keanu Reeves is talking about. Now I’m not saying this is how you do cells or anything else, but it is giving you an idea, what others are, you can visually look at it. produce hydrogen on demand, right, and they did that in a big glass vat.

These people in America were trying to produce hydrogen on demand. And then when they found that they were not able to make it stable to make it stably burn for cleaning up the pollution and you know all the rest of the stuff. It wasn’t stable. So they were trying to find out what makes it stable and Keanu Reeves is making a machine to try and find a frequency, OK A tuning frequency to make it stable. And he hit it, if you watch the video you’ll find out without going into it. He found it by lathing a bit of stainless, and there was a squeal when the lathe comes around, and that squeal turned the light on and made the frequency the right kind of one.

She’s going Reek! Reek! Reek! around as it’s lathing and the light come on every time. But it went around and squealed. Yeah. No, not one in his cell. He was trying to find a frequency and the frequency turned lights on. He had a whole range You watch the video and you’ll see it. OK You’ll see it.

What he did then, he had, he used to have an organ so he turned the electric organ on to try and produce the same eeeeeeeee instead of reek! Reek’ Reek! As the lathe went around he hit the same tune, put it onto a tape, played it and the light stayed on. So that frequency worked and then he went and hooked it on this Hydrogen. And the flipping thing was stable, all right. But, and it gives you an idea of you know what they went through trying to find.

And they went on and pestered and pestered and persisted to try and get this right thing to make it stable. Scientifically with everything, We got no, I know all of us don’t have scientific labs or know what we are doing anywhere or anything for testing or anything else. Me included. I got nothing. it’s just feel, sense, look and do and then what have we got? These guys here had all the machinery, OK. And when they did, this, this is what you got to watch out for.

As soon as they found it and it was all working and everything else you got spies in the camp government come in and blew them away because they didn’t want them.


ut watch the video tape first on “Chain Reaction”. It gives you an idea, you know. ……………… I got one here. It was on TV the other night, but you go down to any video store and they have it. Chain Reaction. It’s a video. It’s a Film. It’s a movie. You know video store. Video Ezy, flaming Blockbusters anything else like that. it was on TV here again the other night, so I just put it on cassette tape here so we can re-watch it again if we need to.

Not that I do that, not that I learnt off that or anything else. It is only just a new recent movie, but it is very good because you can find out what has happened to me with you know break and enter and bugging and following, threats and shit and everything else and you know what it can come down to. And these guys here, it happened to them too. All right? But the actual making of the hydrogen and oxygen, this is what America is doing. I mean it is taking off the real ideas. It’s not make up stuff. It is real ideas on producing hydrogen and oxygen and they are shooting laser beams into the water and splitting it that way. You understand?

And then they are trying to make it stable, to make it burn, you know complete burn. See. You think about it, you’se may have got some bubbles coming off water. But, have you got water which when you put a match to it keeps burning? Take the match away and the whole thing keeps burning, that is what they are after, a continuous burn, you understand? Not just one bang.

It’s no good getting a motor in and going boom! And that’s it You want a motor to keep going. They wanted the flame to keep going and this is what they hit it by finding the right frequency what makes it stable and keeps it running.

Yeah. All of those things, keeps it in tune, keeps it stable, keeps it running and that. See, on the tapes and everything else, I explain there that if I turn the power off and on we change to another gas. If we turn the power off and on I’m in another gas. Now you see if you go to different gases are they all going to run a car

Or are they all going to do what you want it to do? They all got to be, you know, a torch if you want a torch. They all got to do what you want? No they are not. So what you got to do, is you got to find something that keeps yourself in that one frequency so your water don’t go off, you still got the same energy and nothing can effect it.

So we run these pipes down past coils in the car and try to figure out Why don’t the gas come out? We are not after gas. Why don’t the energy come out? Well, flaming, we are just running the damn thing through an electro magnetic field, because when you got a coil you can put a meter in it and find this great big field around it because the pipes straight past it, it interferes with that energy field.

Because there’s a frequency coming out of the coil into the atmosphere like an electromagnetic coil effect and everything, you know, aura thing, and you’ve got another energy field coming past it, they don’t like each other.

You run it past a spark plug lead you’ll find with your meter you’ve got a great big ring around that electro magnetic field and you want to run this thing passed that too? You understand? And it is going to interfere with it. You wouldn’t think that you could kill LPG. They didn’t know about that.

But this field in the cell killed it (the LPG) and we got it back by running on a positive terminal. Now that’s a field, that’s a frequency, that’s something.


So we want if we’ve got LPG we want it stable so we can light it all the time. We don’t want it that we turn our car off, a fork lift or something else and next time we turn it off we ain’t got that gas in. We got something else. We want it stable.

So the difference is in mine and everything else is if I hook it up to electricity in the car, If I was running a gas and everything else you see on the cells. If I had had gas production. And I hop into a car and I have the power off the car running to the cell. We turn the key on now and we start the car if that’s the gas we got, if we are running the gas. And then I turn the key off we get a back field.

Then I turn the key back on again, hang on, me car won’t go. We are in a different gas. And that’s been shown on there with the balloons and the bubbles and the everything, that’s not what we want. We want to stay stable.

So the best way is, don’t turn the power on, don’t hook the power up so it can’t interfere. So I’ve found the cells that I don’t hook the power up because that’s what it does.

Not that I want the gas, but I found on cells outside if I got power to the mongrels I change gases. So I got to find a way to make it with, you know, no differences. It’s got to stay for what I want it to stay. See Now what’s going to make it stay the same? What is it? Well I can’t tell you.

But it’s just, the thing is each one of those cells, mate, they all do different things. We can all make different gases out of them all and everything else, but I can also make them do what I want them to do when I want them to do it. And I don’t know how I do that, it just happens. It’s a knowingness and a watching of the bubbles and saying no that’s not what I want

If I hook it up that way, I’m not going to hook it up that way again because I know what that does. And that’s not what I want. So I’ve achieved something where I line up me waters and I know which ways to do it, you know. Short out the plates, do all these different things, change the wires until I make that water become the water that I want.

And then I keep that field going and everything else so I make it do what I want each time.

See, in the keg, each time that I light it it’s the same stuff. When I light the other keg and everything else, you know Pip. Pop, fart and everything else and don’t light. The beer keg is stable at one thing. That is with the power on, with the power off.

And even though it is coming after we pop the stuff it stays the same stuff. I just built that. It happened and I keep that one. Nobody plays with that one. You see. They can play with all the rest of the things. Don’t care ……………………

See we went through heaps and heaps of kegs until we found one that doesn’t have the magnetism in it or at least as damn possible. You see……………………………. If you’ve got a magnetic keg to start with, I’m not saying now that you got water and a charge in it. Because that’s what happens after. See, a non-magnetic keg prior to water and neutral plates going into it, is non-magnetic. Put the plates, put the water and Bingo, now it is violently magnetic.

So that’s not what we are looking for. All right. Take the water out and it is gone…………………………… So, yeah, The chain reaction thing is really doing Re what you’se are all going to have to play with, because I cant tell youse there isn’t a simple thing. There isn’t a simple cell. Right. There isn’t just one cell.


There isn’t just one water .There isn’t just one frequency. Understand. There isn’t just one gas. There isn’t just one mineral what comes out of the water.Heaps and heaps and heaps, there’s three pages of them.

You see, and each one of those minerals give a different frequency as an alignment. So you got lead and lead oxide gives one frequency.

But you mix up 10 different minerals you’ve got a heap of variety of different frequencies. If you got 20 minerals you then definitely haven’t got the same frequency as 10 minerals or 2 minerals. So the cells seem to get all of these things out, stabilise everything, align everything up and everything else and that’s what I just can’t give you because it’s not something that you can do.

Out if you take it from here like what other people have done, we’ve got people here, we get in the room here, they bring their water down. They bring their cells down. fire it up all here, they take it home. this other guy here with the F I 00 that lifts off the ground kept coming here with cells and he takes ’em home, and he found out that when he gets they are still working and he plays with them for a couple minutes and everything stops. him a lot of years to find out. He got a dowser in. he found out that where he used to get back aches and everything, he found out where he used to sit in a chair and watch TV he’s sitting right in a negative grid line. Right on the dead crossing of it. And under the house where he kept taking these cells and everything else when he left here was flaming right in the wrong damn field.

And that, he took them from here and they were working and he went up there and he didn’t realise it, he was attracted to negative energy and he sat in his chair there and said I like this spot. You would think if it was a bad spot, bad grid line you wouldn’t like being there, saying errrrrrrrr I don’t like this. But this guy was attracted to it and he didn’t realise it until after the douser come in, moved his chair from one side of the room to the other, moved his TV, he never got a backache again.

And now when he takes his cells and he puts them outside the flaming shed instead of under the house because the douser found him on this line and everything else, the cells are doing something now and he’s been working for years trying to make these things, you know, and they weren’t damn well doing anything for him and he found out, says Bugger me dead it’s sitting on a field. A frequency and it stuffed me.

So you see, how do I give you something from here what’s is working and you take it over wherever you are and you hop on the same as him and you hop on the flaming frequency field.

Or you’ve got a negative person come in or you rum it past a coil or you got a flaming you know transformer sending its energy field out across it You say no this isn’t working.

But you see you’ve got to build a cell then to override the flaming transformer. And if it works with the transformer there and you take it somewhere else and bugger me you say AAAHHH! It won’t work. Why won’t it work?

They bring it back here and they don’t realise it is the transformer interfering with it. It’s working here. I tell you. It’s not working over there. But see then you have got to build a cell with the right frequency for over there, away from the, see?

And it just seems like I built something which over-rode all those kind of things. That’s all I have done. And its not something I can put together and tell you.

The cell, it transfers, like it’s doing when it drops the shit out of the bucket it is definitely making its own field. It separates its own water.

It makes water ’round it so it can’t effect it. Like dropping out of the bucket it cleans its own water and puts its own field in the water. Because you can take that water there and it’s damn charged water and you put it into another bucket and it damn drops the shit out of there.


So you see this field is ongoing. It’s a chain reaction that’s making its own field. When we hook it into a car and we set it all up, the buggers who hop into the car can’t affect the car now

You see, it’s not the first…….. the young boy when he leans on the mudguard now. You see we got all this field into the body and it’s got so much in there and now these boys don’t affect it. And all these negative energies and everything else don’t effect them. It’s just we built these different kinds of cells.

We’ve got tube cells. We’ve got plate cells. We’ve got disk cells. We’ve got flaming cone cells. We’ve got half disks, half tubes, half cones, all the different configurations and I find different ones which is on the video.

And I had that other cone upside down, you know the big cones upside down in the bottom. That worked beautifully until I found a water with aluminium in it. I was using water without aluminium and that worked perfectly.

And Les Backey down there, who is Ian Hakon’s mate who goes there all the time, you can go down there and see this. We had a beer keg that I had working perfectly. Took it down there and I left it there. Because we had this cone set up and my neutral plating was negative and positive were in different places And it was working perfect and then I ended up putting the water in there because my other water was taken by somebody I won’t mention. Anyway so, I then had to go and get some other water and I didn’t know what was in that water because I’ve got no way of analysing that water.

You see, anyway, so I put this water in and I found out the damn thing had aluminium in it. And what happened within probably half a minute was I had 50 million holes in the beer keg. It ate 50 million pin holes through the beer keg.

I said Hang on a minute. What’s going on here? So then the next set of cones what is in line there doesn’t have that underneath, you see that cone upside down. I don’t do that one any more because I found well ok, I got to build something else. Because if I ever get aluminium in water or it’s there and I don’t know it’s there, I find out that that kind of cell actually activates the aluminium and eats holes straight through the stainless.

And I took that keg down to Les Bakey’s and everything else with all these 50 million pin holes and everything else in it and said, I don’t want the thing. He’s still got it down there somewhere. All right? So I then made the next one.

Now the next one I could put aluminium water in it, and plain water into it, and sewerage water into it and everything else, but I changed that you see. So if I gave you the one with the cone upside down, now you got a wrong cell.

You might have a right cell without aluminium, but you won’t have a right cell for aluminium.

And now if I give you the one I have now and someone like that doing those waters, then you take it over to flaming Adelaide or down to Melbourne and you know to Perth, anywhere to the top of Australia and you are dabbling in a different energy field. See magnetism in the earth’s energy fields, grid crossing, everything else and that flaming cell may not do anything for you there. Understand?

So where ever you are doing it you have to put a cell together yourself, make it work there, hook it up to your car. Then your car will drive through all those grids. All those magnetic fields.

Like I did here. I took it from here and drove it to Melbourne and back. I took it from here and drove to Towoomba, 5 days and nights and back.


And it went through all the polarities in the earth, the four in the earth in the mornings and everything else and nothing killed it. Nobody killed it. You understand?

But I found it happening first. That it was killing it. If I give you something Re that and you take it up there or it won’t work, it’s buggering up, so, It’s like the bucket it will make its own field around the car and around everything else and around the cell.

And we got people up in Ingham and Cairns and Brisbane and everywhere else. Some people come near these cells when they’ve turned them on to try them, I don’t know whether you’se have found this, maybe you have and some people come in and they feel fantastic.

And their mates beside them start to feel nauseous, sick in the belly, nauseous in themselves and they Leave. And we found out that those fellows and everything else are negative. And every time they come near they are feeling great. And then they come up near the cell, Blah!

So they don’t go near the cell anymore, you see, they feel sick. You see that the cell is actually sending a field out for you to feel great and for them to feel nauseous. You see. Marvellous isn’t it!

What do we got to do to the fellow to get him around the cell if the cell is interfering with him, isn’t he interfering with the cell? Well you found that out yourself, that some people are killing the things so I found ways of lining the people up. I described it to you. So you do that to different people if they feel that way.

Don’t do it to positive people what everything is working for because you might counter act it. You see?

You yourself here Bob, I don’t think you would need to hook up to the battery, because you are not a negative person. What we do have is some people who kill the bubbles, kill the water, kill the cells and so on. They are the ones you need to line up on the battery. And the battery seems to be on the same sort of a frequency to bring the person around the cell. You see.

Any kind of AC electricity, you got to go and make, But that’s an electrical field, a frequency, and a hertz, you know, so many hertz. OK And it only works on DC. You know, put all those things together and just keep playing.

I’ll tell you one other fellow which is a guy that’s got, I told you has got those … He tried and tried and tried with Jacky Lou over here and everything and he wanted to make the water. He come here like you. He wanted to find out about the water. He’s got waters. Tried every kind of waters and it wasn’t doing what I was doing. He wanted ……..can’t give it to you because it may not do the same thing…….

There’s no such thing as just the water. So I said go and play and if you haven’t got what I got then find out what you damn well do have and see what it does. So You know what he did?

He went out and he put the waters in and everything else and he put his cell together and he flaming found out, …..he had to test it. He found out that plain straight water produced greater ozone, 50 times more pure ozone, and you buy to put in your swimming pool. Now, what he did, is he had this analysed and found that out. And then he’s got a mate in the swimming pool business.

So they went over and tried putting some of this water into a swimming pool and the flipping Water, won’t go dirty and it won’t go slimy and it won’t go green and it doesn’t get shit in it and any leaves any gunk falls straight to the bottom. Right. Yeah. You know.


It’s out there now, ’cause what the guy did, without telling me and asking me and everything else he took that cell. The pool place here started making them. And then he sent 14 of them over to Perth. To some man over in Perth. I don’t know who it is. And now they are releasing them. And he was looking for what you are looking for to run a car. He still looking for running a car. But, he produced this. Now he’s got a business.

Somebody’s got a business, because it damn well does it and it’s off plain straight water. And it defied the government, that the damn cell, I told him to look at what he’s got. He did he went and had it analysed. And it is without any of its chlorine’s and fluorides and shits and powders and anything else it’s keeping the pools clean.

He’s just got a cell that the water pumps through, and everything is beautiful and it’s putting out ozone 50 times more greater and in strength than you can make in a pool with all these minerals and shit and everything else that buggers your eyes and ears and everything else and stings your skin and everything, he’s doing it on plain straight water. It’s been analysed. Giving you that. He put 14 cells together and sent them over and they got a business going now.

You know what I mean. What was he looking for? You know what he hit? He hit a frequency what gave him ozone and cleans up stinking water. But he’s not happy with that. He wants a car. He didn’t listen to me, he would have went ahead through that. He was ready to pull the cell to pieces and throw the thing away and start again. And my big mouth flaming told him to go and look at it so he went and had it analysed and now he’s got flaming plenty of money and we haven’t seen him now for months and months and months. and instead of running cars. He’s trying it. He’s not got these damn things and they are producing them.

I don’t know who it is in Western, Australia, Perth, but he sent them over there and that’s what they are doing.

Look at the guy up in Ingham. Great. You want rain, call him. You understand?

We got another guy up in Cairns and everything else, put a cell together. He’s not got to run a car. Know what he’s doing? He’s healing cancers. He’s healing people who are in wheel chairs who can’t walk. He’s got people up who have flaming got 2 to 3 days by the doctors. And they are running around, smoking, drinking, driving and everything else.

Now I’m in. You understand……. put together to do the same thing. …… don’t know what you are going to do or what you have and everything else, right?

Another thing, the guy Alen, my mate Alen and everything else. Who’s been here. The guy up here I said was on the grid line, takes his cells from here. This is the guy with the F 1 00 and lifts off the ground. OK. He put cells together up at his place, outside of the grid line, everything else and he said come up and check me water. it’s not working for me too well and everything else. So I goes up there and he gives me this glass container, now he sells trees.

He re-pots plants and he carries them down to Sydney, you know palm trees, buckets, everything else


Anyway, so this guy and everything else he calls me up there and so on. He gives me this glass container and he’s got a water tank, you know just a tank under his house. Andhe said this is the water I been using. It’s got no sewerage no alum no anything else in it. He says, Can you test it for me? You seem to have the feel for it and know what to do and how to change it and everything else. So he gives me this little glass and I scoop some of the water out and I pours it into this. He’s only got you know those food preservative jars with the orange flip over lid on it. He’s got a small one of them with his tubes in it as an experimental thing in his house and so on. So straight away I turns a 12v battery and everything else on to it and instantly we have about half an inch of oil on the surface and it stinks. And I says, That smells like a cough mixture, tea tree. That smells like tea-tree.

Anyway, and you know you can’t turn the power off and on and off and on and off and on and all that because you interfere with the field.

So he’s got this big box of tissues like that there under his house, you know he’s down there blowing his nose and wiping his hands and cleaning up and when the minerals come to the surface, he just dunks them in, don’t turn it off. He dunks a tissue in, soaks ’em up and drops them off. He says, There’s tea tree on the surface. How did we get tea tree into plain water? He didn’t say anything at first

So, I went through one large box of tissues with this oil soaking it in and you put it in your mouth and you burn the clappers out of your mouth and smell, wow. And I ended up with a whole box on the ground and he said I’ll go and get you some more Joe. So he goes upstairs and gets another box, brings it down and we went through half of that.

And here we have this pile, and you pick it up by hand and she weighs a flipping heaps with all this raw tea-tree. And we still got the same water in the glass container. We haven’t added any.

I said Jock ‘This is reproducing the stuff’ Where did we get this? He says, Oh! Joe I’m so silly. He says, The glass container that I gave you to dip the water out, he says, I use that. I put water into it for when I’m re-pot planting these little suckers and everything else. I put a drop of tea tree oil into the water and he said I pour it onto each one of the little suckers and it gets rid of bugs and everything else growing on it.

He said, There’s not even a smell or vapour of that oil in that glass container. The little glass cup. I says, well it is flipping reproducing it.

We’ve got now a ton of the damn stuff on the ground here. I said we are shutting the cell down now. So I turned it off and stopped it. He said Well that’s not doing what I want. He said I want to get it going like what you’re doing.

So I said Well all right have you got any other water around here? This is the last bit of it now. We’ll finish this. So he says I’ve got a beautiful bore, well, down the back, I dug myself It’s all rock lined and everything else like that. It’s got beautiful spring water in it. So, he said, We’ll go and get some of that. I said Great.

So he takes this container, walks down into all these trees and goes down to this thing. You know Bit of long grass because he hasn’t mowed it around and he’s down further into a valley and he’s up on the hill a bit and there’s all these houses around, farm houses and things like that. Anyway, I goes down and I dips some of this water out of the well. And he says That should be beautiful water.

And I look at it and I says It’s milky and I smelled it and I said “It smells like sewerage” He said, no it can’t, its beautiful water.


I said well this has damn well got sewerage in it. Anyway he says Oh shit! How did that get in there. I said well what have you done around here? is there a sewerage broker or anything else. He says, Oh! Joe. I’m so stupid too! He said, All these people around here used to have tanks, sewerage tanks in their place and he said I made an agreement with them to pump their sewerage down in and over there about 500 yards. He said

I just pushed up this dam thing and everybody around here is pumping their raw sewerage into that. I said, You bugger, What did you line it with? He said, Nothing. I said it’s soaked straight through the water table and it is in your well now you idiot and he said, anyway He says, Well you can’t use that I said, Now wait a minute How about we take some of it and try it. Anyway, so we takes it up and put it in the same glass container and I said, Go and get another box of tissues. You’re going to need them.

He says why. I says, Because you should see what’s coming out here now. We turned it on, you ever been to the tip or anything else and you know where they got the sewerage plants. We got a sewerage plant right beside the tip. And out of the sewerage plant after they dry out all the sewerage and everything else it looks like asbestos fibery stuff and stinks like buggery, they put it into a truck and go and dump it in the dump yard That’s the wastage which is dried out after the sewerage has been treated. All right’? And it smells real funny stuff. It doesn’t smell like sewerage, it’s got a horrible funny, real gungy smell.

All right. That stuff. As soon as I turned the glass container on and everything else, this damn stuff, this dry powdery stuff was on the surface. And I said, I’ve seen this out of our dump, you know that come from the sewerage plant. So we are taking it off in the tissues. And we went through another box of tissues and it is still producing it and we haven’t used any water. And I said, Come on, this is too much.

I said I don’t want sewerage do I and it starts to build up and build up and everything else and I said That’s it. Turn her off. I said What we are doing Jock is, I said We are just reproducing the stuff. ……………………..

I told you that the other day. I told you. If you come and everything else I can reproduce whatever you want. Anything. But not the cell for running the car. Not the keg for producing those bubbles or running the car, because that cell there I’m not changing them. Not going to touch it.

I’ve got other cells, I’m not going to touch either. They are doing this. In fact what we’ve got and we’ve got the analyser. I haven’t got it here to show you, but I can prove everything to you, Allen over there’s got it.

We took some water out of Boring Creek out here It is creek water. it runs off the hill out of a spring. The water is cool and crystal clear, there’s nothing in it, virtually, you know what I mean. We were using that water and I was using that in my shed and it was absolutely beautiful. No muck, no gunk, no nothing.

It was coming out and giving me all the surface bubbles and everything else, No shit. And then Allen decides he wants to go and flaming have a play.


So he said Can I borrow the cell? And I said well it hasn’t left here before. I suppose. And so on. So he took it and he got some of the same water. Exactly the same place and when he turned the cell on where he took it to, which is only probably about a mile and a half from where I was, straight away we got all this black slimy guncky shit all on the surface. Well I didn’t I wasn’t there. And he rings up and says Mate I got all this shit on the surface. And I said Well it never happened in my shed, I said you can’t.

He said Yeah. We have. Anyway and he said I put me finger in it and he said It is slippery. I smell it and I tasted it. And he said, Mate if I wasn’t so stupid, I would say this was crude oil. I would say it is crude oil. I saidOh bull shit. I said, hang on a minute. I’ll come out. I’ll get me cell. I’ll take it back to me shed and see if it does it out there

After we went out there I brought me cell back, put it into the shed and everything else bugger me dead, the stinking thing done it there. It made it there and we got tons of the damn stuff. So we took it to the university out here. To Graham Lancaster. You can check.

That’s the head of the water board and done all those analysing for us and he is the university one who does all the New South Wales water. And it cost us money. And he said where did you get this?

And Allen said does it matter? He said Well yeah, he says if I wasn’t silly he said you’ve got crude oil. You got every ingredient in here which is crude oil. Alan said, That’s what I thought. I said, Where did you get it?

I said you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. He said, I probably would. I said, No you won’t. We says, This happened off the top of plain straight water from Boring Creek. He said, Bull.

We said, We told you, you wouldn’t believe us. You’re not kidding are you? No we are not kidding. We can make as much as you want.

Come and have a look. And he come over and had a look. And we put the plain straight water in it we put the filter and everything else in. Well you got me now. Anyway, now the other thing is, on top of that. I mentioned this to another fellow who came from overseas. And he said he’s heard this story and everything else and I went out and seen him He says These guys tell me that they are doing the water for the government. And he said they were out there checking the water table. tablet

And he said which is open, beautiful water and everything else, clean as a whistle, and he said they got interrupted they said in the afternoon because this violent chain lightening storm was coming. Anyway, and he said, so they stopped it and came back the next day and said they would finish analysing it the next day. Anyway, so they come back the next day and they had a pool of oil on top of the water, was they hadcrude oil. And the only thing is crude oil. Raw crude oil.

So we gotta start thinking about whether or not our crude oil and everything else is from fossils fuels, you know the old decaying bones and bodies and everything else, because we made it, and I am not bull shitting you and every … We had stacks of people look at it.

We made crude oil, what the government says is crude oil on the top of water and everything else from plain straight water by putting an electric current to it.


And these people have got water turned into flaming crude oil, a whole basin of pure clear water was turned into crude oil, not just on the surface.

The whole flipping lot, overnight by hitting it with chain lightening which had to have electricity and frequency and everything else. Chain lightening is DC

And we are putting DC into here and they have it. And this guy said, Mate I can give you the name of the guys and everything else and where the puddle is I went and seen it.

It’s a water thing that they were using for cows to drink out of and now they can’t drink it because it isstinking of crude oil. It didn’t come up out of the ground. It flipping happened from one afternoon to the next morning they got from water to oil.

Think of that and put that into your works and jerks to think about too and we can produce as much of that stuff as you want.

END TAPE 8/11/99

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