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## October 23, 2007, INVENTORONE.COM PATENTED THE STATIC FIELD CONVERTER – A MACHINE THAT TAPS A NEW SOURCE OF ENERGY http://www.mmdnewswire.com/source-of-energy-2450.html

October 23, 2007 — Hartford, NY — The Andrew Abolafia Company, after more than four years of research on an intellectual property (Static Field Converter) in collaboration with the University at Buffalo, SUNY, produced results that suggest The Andrew Abolafia Company’s Static Field Converter taps a new source of energy. ANSYS Finite Element Analysis computer simulation yields the data that support that interpretation. It has helped enable The Static Field Converter to evolve and be refined in conjunction with experimentation at the University at Buffalo.

The Static Field Converter (patented and patents pending) is an invention that converts the energy in a static magnetic field into usable electrical energy. The significance of the innovation is that the energy stored in some permanent magnet materials can be tapped. The magnitude of the energy is large enough to make a significant impact in reducing the U.S. addiction to oil as well as mitigate the destruction of the environment. Large amounts of electricity generated by the invention can produce large amounts of hydrogen. Hydrogen can be used as fuel in most applications that now require fossil fuels. It can also be used to power fuel cells. The exhaust is water.

The Andrew Abolafia Company is an IT and engineering consulting company located in Hartford, NY.

The patent, supporting documentation and analysis can be found at The Andrew Abolafia Company web site InventorOne.com .

Contact Name: Andrew Abolafia
Contact Phone: 518-632-9193
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Web Site: InventorOne.com
Email: Andrew@InventorOne.com

– InventorOne New Technology: Click Here For A Solution http://www.inventorone.com/newpage5.htm> to theEnergy C risis

– R&D in Support of a New Energy Source Claim http://www.inventorone.com/list_of_publications.htm

## Patent 5,710,531, issued in 1998. http://www.inventorone.com/newpage5.htm

Patent 5,710,531 issued Jan. 20, 1998, STATIC FIELD CONVERTER, Andrew Abolafia, NY. Field May 29, 1996.

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Other Publications: Julius Babiskin ‘Magnetic Properties of a Hollw Superconductive Lead Sphere’ Jan.1.1992, Physical Review vol.85, No.1.pp.104-106.

Abstract: A device for the conversion of a static magnetic field into electrical energy comprising a permanent or electromagnet for establishing a stationary (static) magnetic field, one or more coils responsive to the magnetic field, a switch to periodically place a load across said responsive coils, and a hemispherical diamagnetic insulating element to periodically shield the coils from the magnetic field to produce electrical energy in the coils. The responsive coil may be cylindrical and totally surround one pole (half) of a magnetic dipole. The insulating element is rotatable around the magnet and is to alternately shield and exposes the coil to the field of the magnet. The switch periodically opens and closes the coil circuit corresponding of the rotation of the shield.

– Various attempts have been made to use the Meissner effect of superconductive materials to perform useful work. The Meissner effect occurs when a superconductive material is cooled to a temperature below its transition point. In a magnetic field, the lines of induction are then pushed out as if the superconductor exhibited perfect diamagnetism. Various devices have been developed which bring a superconductor in or out of the diamagnetic state or mechanically move a superconductive element in relation to a magnetic field and thereby produce or control mechanical, magnetic or electrical energy. In the present invention, a superconductive magnetic insulating/blocking device in the form of a hemisphere, rotates inside a responsive means such as a coil to periodically shield and unshield the responsive means from a magnetic field. The invention provides for the efficient transformation of the energy of the magnetic field into electrical energy and can thus be used as a dc transformer, a dc to ac converter, an electric generator or a very high energy density battery.

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