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## On the Production of Aetheric Stress Waves Utilizing Sound Vibration” or “Sonic Stimulation of the Aether” by Dan A. Davidson, June 1996 http://www.keelynet.com/davidson/sound1.htm

I asked my friend Jerry Decker if he thought the Keelynetites would be interested in the topic of this paper – the result is this little diatribe. One of the most intriguing questions which plagued my early research on John E. Keely was how could Keely produce gravity effects and do various nuclear engineering feats using sound vibration. After several years of study on his amazing discoveries it finally sunk in. This paper discusses the theoretical aspects of my conclusions back then (late 5 0s). It seems appropriate now for those getting really interesting in anti-gravity, free energy, sonoluminesence, and cold fusion. You might ask “cold fusion” – well, they are using sound to enhance the production of energy in cold fusion e xperiments.

Just the Facts Please:
The wavelength of sound – Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) rattles the nucleus with microwaves and lasers do it with light but these are all electromagnetic in nature and their wavelengths are on the order of nuclear particles. So, how can sound s hake the nucleus in other than as a mass aggregate mode (i.e., the entire block of material) as a sonic resonator? If one examines the wavelengths of sound in various substances one comes to the amazing conclusion that they can be on the order of the nuclear magnetic resonance wavelengths (NMR). NMR is based on the proton spin which produces a small magnetic moment. From table 1 it is obvious that this is the case. The thing which makes this so is the fact that the SPEED of sound is much slower that EM so a relatively low frequency (i.e., compared with microwaves or lightwaves) doesn’t travel very far before it has gone through a complete cycle and that distance is on the order of the proton spin resonance frequency. Thus, it is easy to see that sound can also RESONATE with the atomic level in far as frequency is concerned.

Table 1. Sound Wavelengths comparison to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance:

Speed of Sound (meters/second) ; Air 331-344; Water 1441-1724; Steel 4790-4990

Average Speed of Sound ; Air 338; Water 1583; Steel 4890.5

Sonic Wavelength @ 1 KHz (m) ; Air 0.338; Water 1.583; Steel 4.8905

Sonic Wavelength @ 40 KHz (m); Air 0.00845; Water 0.039575; Steel 0.1222625

Sonic Wavelength @ 500 KHz (m) ; Air 0.000676; Water 0.003166 ; Steel 0.009781

Speed of light = 2.99 X 10^8 m/sec
NMR Wavelength (60 MHz) = 5m

The nucleus and the aether – It is now fairly well established that the zero point energy (ZPE) (i.e., the aether by another name for those too embarrassed or stupid to admit they screwed up eliminating the aether) is in a wild interchang e with the nucleus. In case you didn’t get this – the nucleus is directly connected to the aetheric field. The aether is flowing into and out of the nucleus all time. The nucleus has a wonderful little dance going on vibrating and rotating and suck i n and shooting out the local adjacent aether.

# The Theory:

Nucleus and sound – So now if you put these two little facts together and generate a sound wave which resonates with a particular nucleus then sound can theoretically rattle the nucleus. Generally, sound simply shakes all the nuclei so the whole m ass shakes and we just have a whole lot of shakin goin on. However, if a standing wave is generated in the mass then we have a sound pressure built up in the mass and hence pressure on the nucleus (probably on the spin rate of the protons in the nucl eus). Now this pressure squeezes all those little nuclei just ever so slightly and of course that changes the flow of aether into the nuclei that it is resonating with. So theoretically all the aether is also being stimulated with a standing wave in the vicinity of the mass being stimulated and voila, we have a standing wave in the aether around the mass. And that standing wave is now controlling the local aetheric field and its being done with sound.

Gravity control – The weight of a given mass, atom, or whatever is a function of the aether flowing into and out of the mass (more theory if your not a believer yet). If we change the local stress in the aether or we change the amount of aether fl owing into and out of the mass (i.e., the nuclei) then we can change the apparent weight of the mass. So theoretically, if we set up a standing wave in a given mass and by having its nuclei in resonance then super-gravity (heavier) or anti-gravity (l ighter) occurs. If the flow of aether is a function of the spin rate of the protons (and probably the neutrons since their almost identical) then changing the spin rate changes the aether flow rate into the nucleus.

Aetheralization – The conversion of mass back to pure aether is called aetheralization. Not disintegration as my father use claim when he argued with me when I knew it all back then as an 8 year old but aetheralization is what Keely did when he ge nerated aetheric vapor. Disintegration is simply the breaking up of the mass into smaller parts and the atomic structure is still intact. Back to theory – if we stop the flow of aether to a given nucleus what happens to it? Answer – it aetheralizes. It returns back to the great sea of energy from whence it came. Slowing down the proton and neutron spin enough will eventually disrupt the aetheric flow to the extent that the nuclear particles (they are really aetheric vortexes!) cannot be sustaine d.

As an example if you stop a smoke ring from moving it disintegrates immediately because the air flowing in the smoke ring hole is stopped. So how about putting a standing wave in water at the water aetheralization frequency (i.e., around 42.3 KHz to 42.8 KHz) and see what happens. The whole mass of water turns into aetheric vapor, as Keely called it, and is gone forever. Read my book – “Energy: Breakthroughs to New Free Energy Devices” and you’ll see its been done not only by Keely but replicated in a modern lab using ultrasonics.

## Re: Earth Energy Taps, Dan A. Davidson, 27 Jan 1998 http://www.keelynet.com/interact/arc_1_98-7_98/00000291.htm

Hi Jerry,
The antenna was a 1/4 mile (i.e. 1/4 wave antenna). We tried orienting it both east/west and north/south. The amplifier was approximately 200 watts.

We used an audio signal generator and tried sine, triangle, and square waves. We also ran several tests up and down the audio spectrum (10 hz to 2mhz) and there was little or no difference. the two technicians which helped me with the experiment both had backgrounds in electronics and worked in California for electronic companies.

I don’t recall the exact voltage being pumped into the antenna as we had a audio transformer which kicked the voltage up to around 200 to 300 volts.

I don’t have the lab notes on the expriment any longer. Lost in numerous moves!
Good Luck on you expt. I think if you tried high voltage spike to kick up the aether/zpe you might have some good results.
Dan A. Davidson

At 11:20 PM 1/26/98 -0800, you wrote: Hi Dan!

In your 1962 Prentice experiment, did you use the 500 Watt 500,000 cps generator?? And was it a complete mile or 1/2 mile??

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## Re: Weight Loss, Dan A. Davidson, 28 Jan 1998, http://www.keelynet.com/interact/arc_1_98-7_98/00000319.htm

Your on the right in your last paragraph.
Mass (i.e., atoms) have aether flowing into and out of them continuously.

Inertia is the result of starting the mass to move in a different direction so the aether flows have to get oriented in that direction. Thus, once a mass gets moving in a given direction it wants to stay moving in that direction since the aether is now flowing in that direction thru the mass.

To make a mass go antigravitic the aether flows have to be manupulated.

Advance Yogis can control the aetheric flows and levitate at will. The breathing lift expt does the same thing. Breath control is the basic secret to the whole levitation expt w/ people. this is also why intertia and mass are the same numberically.
Dan A. Davidson

At 01:00 AM 1/28/98 -0800, you wrote: Hi Bill!

You wrote;
Where did the weight of the spinning mass go as it was lifted with ease?

It is puzzling. I think it has something to do with gyroscopic precession…there are claims as with the Dean Drive that indicate a spinning weight can be redirected in a given direction to cause the mass to push away.

Dr. Harold Aspden did an experiment which indicates that aether actually couples to mass, like velcro hooks that seep into and hold static masses…(my interpretation)….when the mass spins, these velcro hooks are partially broken to allow the mass to accelerate to speed….that is the resistance/inertia that must be overcome to get the mass spun up TO that speed.

I won’t quote the experiment just yet because I have it in the old VSRT Plenum newsletters that I am planning to put online. Essentially, he measured how much energy it took to get a mass rotating to a certain speed….then he would bring this to a stop….he did this over and over, to make sure the electrical energy requirement was very nearly the same in each test.

Then he brought the heavy rotating mass to a ‘near stop’, then accelerated it again…when accelerated in this fashion, it only took about 30% of the energy necessary to go from a FULL STOP to full velocity, than it had before….he repeated this several times and it always came out the same….it ties in very well with Puthoffs paper on ‘ZPE as the Cause of Inertia’.

IMHO, there is something going on with gravity deflection, perhaps chopping the ‘field lines’ of gravity as it flows into the earth. Kind of like an umbrella. Of course the mass has gravity flowing into it, but that justs hold it together, it is the flow of gravity into the earth that gives it what we erroneously call ‘weight’. That’s why the Aspden comment about being measured on a scale while lifting this gyroscope showed a decrease in overall weight….see, we have all kinds of clues, just need to get off our butts and figure out how to scale this effect up….

Jerry W. Decker / jdecker@keelynet.com

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