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## The Quantum Dynamics of Life, Space is built out of its contents – Roger Y. Gouin http://blog.hasslberger.com/2007/09/the_quantum_dynamics_of_life.html

The ‘Ghost Head Nebula’ is one of a chain of star-forming regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Image: European Space Agency http://www.esa.int/esaCP/ESA2DLJUWSC_Life_0.html .

According to Roger Gouin, life manifests in the physical through quantum processes, but current theory and classical quantum formalism cannot account for the complex processes that determine the growth and operation of organisms. The Quantum Dynamics of Life http://blog.hasslberger.com/docs/QUANTUM_DYNAMICS_OF_LIFE.PDF is a collection of essays written by Gouin and Amrit Sorli. A few of Amrit’s articles on this site are linked below.

The aim of ‘Quantum Dynamics’ is to bridge the large gap between today’s physics and a real understanding of the universe, which includes of course that-which-cannot-be-seen and that which we can’t measure – life. The essays discuss time, the mind and conscious as well as rational experience, the assumptions of general relativity and Active Galactic Nuclei as Spacial Sink-Source Systems that continuously re-cycle both space and matter.

In the second essay, “Space and the Basis of Life” Gouin, starting from his specialty which is biology, shows how the cell as a common manifestation of life is organized in a complex way that defies purely physical analysis. And the basis for cellular organization and duplication is not DNA, as we might assume. Before developing DNA as a central molecule, cells duplicated with the help of a biological supramolecule called the centriole http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/cells/centrioles/centrioles.html . He also introduces the concept of manipulation of the geometry of space by matter, particularly living matter. These concepts are further explained and expanded upon in an Annex http://blog.hasslberger.com/docs/APP4.PDF to Quantum Dynamics, which makes for lighter reading as the concepts are introduced in dialogue form and garnished with illustrations to help those of us who are conceptually impaired.

Ben Connell, who after Roger Gouin’s death in 2004 has put all that research on a website, says that Roger has “expanded his ideas into developmental biology and cell science since this book and appendix was written” and that these more up-to-date papers are available on Ben’s website. So anyone interested in Gouin’s work should definitely check out this web page http://www.rgouin.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/roger.html which links many articles as well as Gouin’s book-length thesis ‘On the Origin of Space’. The work of Gouin goes far beyond the approach from the side of biology:

“There is a basic whole to my work, and this is summarized in the statement:
*******Space is built out of its contents*******

I attempt to prove that fact in particle physics, in quantum mechanics, in astrophysics, in Life and in Computer Science. This is the thrust of my thesis.

So anybody looking at only one part may misunderstand, or not understand at all. I cannot help that fact. The rewrite into articles helps, but the difficulty is still there.

The statement above is so UNINTUITIVE that even mathematicians do not understand it, and this because math cannot exist in a world where space is built by its contents. Math can only be a rough tool since it deals with separated things, as classical mechanics did. Only our quantum mind can process that information. This is why I wrote the equivalent of 20+ articles on the matter. .”

– – –

Quoting from the preface of The Quantum Dynamics of Life, we can see where Gouin and Sorli are headed:

The scientific picture of the world is continuously improving with new discoveries. In this small bok we will see that an important discovery is also the understanding of how the mind influences the direct experience of reality. The mind is an active part of any experience. The information of an experiment enters the senses, such as sight, gets elaborated by the mind, and then experience occurs. When becoming aware of the mind’s elaboration, a new picture of the universe and life arises: The universe is a timeless self-renewing system in which the development of life is a fundamental part.

We have been told that the root of scientific knowledge must have a mathematical form. This was the mantra of “logical positivism” in the 20th century, reflecting a pan-mathematical view of Science, and a philosophy that all students of the physical sciences implicitly follow through the teachings they receive. This philosophical road has reached a wide gap recently by uncovering that reality in general cannot be represented through mathematics, nor can we get to the true base of reality through it. Some call this gap the “end of Science”, but it is only the end of that philosophy. Human rational understanding has only limited tools at its disposal, and mathematics is just one of them.

With this in the background, we go back to the forms of experience we are physically going through, and build a picture of reality out of the scientific knowledge acquired in the last centuries, and especially in the 20th. This picture is not the one found in present scholastic teachings, as such are limited by mathematics; it is one that attempts to go beyond the gap, while yet retaining the scientific method that allowed the great advances made earlier.

– The Quantum Dynamics of Life http://blog.hasslberger.com/docs/QUANTUM_DYNAMICS_OF_LIFE.PDF
– Annex http://blog.hasslberger.com/docs/APP4.PDF to Quantum Dynamics
– Website of Roger Gouin’s works http://www.rgouin.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/roger.html compiled by his friend Ben Connell
– And here is a page where Roger Gouin describes the history of his thesis http://rgouin.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/history.html

Articles by Amrit Sorli previously published on this site:
– A-Temporal Gravitation http://blog.hasslberger.com/2007/05/atemporal_gravitation.html
– Sub-atomic particles in a-temporal space http://blog.hasslberger.com/2007/05/subatomic_particles_in_atempor.html
– Quantized Space: Evolution in a Universe of Frequency http://blog.hasslberger.com/2007/06/quantized_space_evolution_in_a.html

# Comments:

– October 1, 2007 01:35 PM | Posted by: ben connell
An email that roger sent
Dear Amrit and Ben,I can’t believe it. Someone last month has proved my theory about leptonic space manifolds in Life!!! Look at Fig. 1 and 2 in the filesattached. You will see in Fig. 1 a cell being cut while going through mitosis gives 2 cells in the middle of mitosis, but with only one spindle pole.

Then in Fig. 2, each half cell continues the mitosis, withthe actin furrow (ring) forming splitting the cell into two bubbles. I said 5years ago in my thesis that actin sensed the intersection of perpendicularleptonic space manifolds . Here the two space manifolds are artificially cut upand the corresponding microtubules are split and result in separate bubblesshowing the two manifold intersection with ordinary space.


My first proof of quantum space built by its contents wasthe Hubble effect in the Solar system. I only needed 2 proofs since the fieldsof Astrophysics and Life are obviously unrelated. (Einstein needed 3 proofsbecause they were all in the sky…:-)
Cheers! Roger Gouin

figure 1.

figure 2.

– October 1, 2007 04:24 PM | Posted by: ben connell
PS the above pictures are taken from paper submitted to frontier perspectives journal unpublished before he passed, available:- http://rgouin.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/pdf/reviewB.pdf

– October 1, 2007 11:04 PM | Posted by: Sepp for Robert Kerr
Robert Kerr says (by email): It is ridiculous to treat space as being empty. All of the properties of cosmic objects are explicable by the reaction of mass to pressure.

The pressure of space is temperature. The chaotic motion of the overtly undetectable mass particles regenerativly organizes them around random concentrations increasing concentration density. This action is confirmed by the sphericity of cosmic entities. The limit of mass containment results in a nova explosion which releases pressure and radiates the internal mass. This is the life cycle of the the universe. Regeneration of mass concentration to explosive diffusion.

Regenerative concentration explains the illusion of attractive force action. Its action is consistent with all universal entities and their behavior.

– October 2, 2007 06:20 PM | Posted by: ben connell
thank you robert, and i will guide you to rogers paper on this very subject, http://rgouin.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/pdf/newhubb5.pdf
‘On the Origin of Space’. Part 2: A Many-Hyperspheres Model of the Universe

– October 4, 2007 09:58 AM | Posted by: Robert Kerr
Another comment by Robert Kerr (by email): The essay offered by Ben Connell was based on a constant maximum light velocity.

Light is a wave which requires a transmitting medium. The medium is photon fluid. Photon fluid pressure is temperature. Wave action delivers different fluid energy waves at the same velocity.

Wave frequency varies with wave particle impulse. Wave action transpires when the media energy equals wave impulse. The resistance of the media is established by fluid pressure. Fluid pressure is temperature. Hence the media resistance must vary with fluid temperature. Wave velocity is therefore only limited by media pressure which establishes particulate photon density. Hence local wave velocity is only locally constant and must exceed local transmission velocity at lesser media density.

There is no basis for the assumption of a maximum constant light velocity. Light velocity is much greater at the lower temperatures of surrounding space.

– October 4, 2007 02:22 PM | Posted by: ben connell
the whole thing about Rogers works is it describes the entire of reality on different levels like a whole, one object, and that all the components in that reality, from atoms/molecules/living things/planets/solar systems/galaxies are all linked sub components of that 1 object, so roger did a top down version, took the whole first then figured out how the parts function but he went back and forth, by looking at life he found the processes that operate within that whole ‘computation’ and applied it to the mechanics of the whole using the language of our sciences and scholars to describe the vision he saw, to view roger work a common sense way is to not look at the parts but to look at the method used to get to the conclusions he did, like Einstein said in not so many words, you cant solve the problem from the place that it was created, but you can hypothesize a new place to view the entirety from as roger has, and then check that hypothesis against observed data, this is common sense, and puts creative thought back into a science shackled by mathematics and observation with no fundamental advancement in theory, and Robert I still do not understand wat your point is if you could explain it more I’d be pleased to reply

– October 4, 2007 02:50 PM| Posted by: ben connell
‘many realities’
“Everetts many realities as an evolving quantum program ie you”, an everyday interpretation for those of us who are conceptually impaired if we took say a simple protein, it has for example, 4 conformational shapes (arrangements in structure it could be) and the protein will fold to the lowest energy shape it can exist in, but the other 3 shapes/conformations are still available to the protein molecule to exist it, like prion proteins (though these show drastic shapes changes) so when the protein reaches its position required in the giant nano-technology project that is life (how it gets to where it is needed is a whole other question) the protein enters its place in the lego set, now the organism can now use the other shapes the protein can form to create the motion of the organism, life by influencing the possible shapes by shuttling electrons around non-locally can use all the shapes, this is where many realities comes into it, in this case the many realities is 4 realities, but you can imagine as we start building up the shape and complexity of a life form there is a finite infinite set of conformational shapes the entire organism has (reason it takes so long to model protein folding in computers is they have to calculate every possible shape of the molecule, where as in affect the molecule exists in all shapes at once depending on its energy level, and does a protein spend 6 months figurin out howto fold itself? No so a simple potein can out compute and super computer on this planet because it has to to fold itself) so organisms learn to function, like our human body it is built on a cellular level from egg fertilisation upto an entire person/child. The cell /organ processes are already sub systems (subconscious) that function on their own programs, but now baby has to learn to (consciously) move, baby who is in essence a giant molecule like our protein with 4 possible shapes, so wat does baby do? Baby starts wriggling, induces motion in their limbs and learns to move, when they actually achieve a motion they want to many-realities in there memories remembers that this motion coincided with my ‘desire’ to move and the ‘skill/set of conformational shapes changes’ is remembered, have you ever noticed that your perception no matter how much you learn or how complex the scene is you are viewing, it doesn’t slow down?

This is because your perception is created out of the same many-reality program that you protein folds itself by.You perceive all the possible shapes of your reality and identify, like a congress of perception wat you observe. Many realities is the only process in nature able to achieve this amount of data computation, a fact ignored by current biology, just how is life computable with out it?

– October 5, 2007 02:36 AM| Posted by: ben connell
‘Schrodinger’s cat’ . is the cat in the box alive or dead, well in actuality the cat’s molecules are goin thru their many-reality shape changes inside the box and quite probably the conformation changes of the molecules will be tryin to find a solution from the intent that the cat does not want to be in the box. Scratch scratch, common sense?

Problem with most people’s approach to many-worlds is they don’t see common sense from what they observe, and then give themselves a headache thinking every decision they make somewhere is another universe where they made a different choice, instead of putting a ceiling on many worlds and thinking maybe it’s the driving force of the objects and life forms we can observe and that many-worlds exists on a molecular/atomic level to manifest the macro life forms and reality that we see every day, Common sense?

– October 18, 2007 10:54 PM | Posted by: ben connell
‘God in science’
Re robert: the problem is wat do you measure the wave with, how do you know that the same thing that measures the speed of light isn’t changed by the same thing that changes the speed of light?

science wants to label everything, but reality is quite happy existing without us to label it. the big jump scientists need to make with Rogers work/method is that everything is whole, and that any process scientific/life/chemistry/etc is all a part process of that whole, science is not used to this concept, and fights against it because it lets god in the door. i am gona say that science is a religion of no god because who is the scientist to say god/wholeness doesn’t exist when the scientist cant even measure his own universe to any accuracy without the use of certain fundamental constants, then threw string theory the ‘chances/possibilities’ that these 32 constants of nature are the values they are to create life is a 1×10 to 500 probability, that’s a 1 in 1 with 500 zeros after it that it is pure chance that the universe is the way it is to create life, pure fluke or quantum mechanics? Intent or luck?

Science needs to read its own ideas and realize how spiritual science really is, “steven hawking eats his own hat and says the universe is the way it is to make wat is ‘now’” any one notice an under current? Common sense?

PS and that is takin god as all that is, who we all are together combined, not some whote bearded old guy sat on a fancy thrown somewhere behind his pearlt gates.wake up read wat science says

– October 28, 2007 05:48 PM | Posted by: Sepp for Dr Lebau
Space is built out of its contents – Roger Y. Gouin –
According to Roger Gouin, life manifests in the physical through quantum processes, but current theory and classical quantum formalism cannot account for the complex processes that determine the growth and operation of organisms. The Quantum Dynamics of Life is a collection of essays written by Gouin and Amrit Sorli. A few of Amrit’s articles on this site are linked below. The aim of ‘Quantum Dynamics’ is to bridge the large gap between today’s physics and a real understanding of the universe, which includes of course that-which-cannot-be-seen…

In my book “A Flower for Einstein http://www.lulu.com/content/946644 ” the “flower” is an equation:

h = 2 pi r m c’

in which r is the radius of an H atom, m is the mass of an electron, and c’ is its velocity in its orbit which is 2 pi r cm long. Regards, dr. Lebau

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