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## Doctors recommend using Sea Water for Health, since long ago:

That the mineral content of seawater is practically the same as blood is significant, and it is a fact, according to Dr Maynard Murray, that seawater contains all the trace minerals needed by humans. Dr Murray demonstrated forcefully that animals fed on his crops fertilized sparingly with diluted seawater exhibited superior growth and health compared to other animals. This is described in Dr Murray’s book Sea Energy Agriculture (see Chaptere 8). Said Dr Murray:

“The disease resistance of plants and animals in the sea is remarkably different from disease resistance in land animals and comparisons between animals of the same or similar species are most interesting. For example, fresh-water trout all develop terminal cancer of the liver at the average age of 5-1/2 years; cancer has never been found in sea trout. It is also known that all land animals develop arterio sclerosis, yet sea animals have never been diagnosed as arteriosclerotic. Investigators have also established the startling absence of disease in the sea, citing not only the absence of ‘chronic’ disease forms, but especially the general vigorous health of sea animals that has apparently lengthened life many times in comparison to similar land species. These longevity differences are especially evident in such sea mammals as whales, seals and porpoises who have identical physiological systems with the majority of land animals important to man. And the major differences between sea and land life appear to be attributable to the superior food chain of the sea!”

Dr Murray’s many experiments with all kinds of crops and animals all showed dramatic benefits from sea minerals. For instance:

“Started feeding mice both experimental and control, food that was raised on the Ray Heine and Sons Farm. The experimental food had been raised on soil fertilized with 2200 pounds (per acre) complete sea solids. The control food was the same as the experimental with the exception that it was not fertilized with complete sea solids. The food consisted of a combination of one part soybean, two parts oats, four parts corn, balanced food proteins, carbohydrates and fats for mammals. C3H mice were obtained for this feeding experiment. This strain of mice has been bred so all the females develop breast cancer which causes their demise. The mice were two months of age when received and started on the feeding experiments. The life expectancy of this strain for females is no more than nine months which included the production of two or three litters. The experimental and control groups both consisted of 200 C3H mice and those fed on control food were all dead within eight months seven days. The experimental mice that were fed food grown on the sea solids fertilized soil lived until they were sacrificed at 16 months; definitive examination revealed no cancerous tissue. The experimental group produced ten litters compared to the usual two to three litters and none developed breast cancer. In the next experiments, twenty-four rabbits were obtained. Twelve were designated experimental and fed on food grown on sea solids while the remaining twelve were labelled control and fed accordingly. All of the rabbits were given a high cholesterol diet for six months which produces hardening of the arteries. The control group did develop hardening of the arteries and all had died within ten months. The experimental group did not exhibit hardening of the arteries.”

Another way people can obtain all the colloidal minerals they need is from fresh seawater taken about a teaspoon a day. Health from the Sea and Soil, by Charles B. Ahlson (Exposition Press, NY, 1962), described the remarkable health improvements by people with different ailments gained simply by taking fresh seawater. It is important that the seawater is fresh and unheated, because once heated the minerals lose their colloidal status necessary for the body to properly utilize them.

Fresh kelp and even dehydrated kelp is a good source of minerals from the sea and it is becoming common practice for farmers desiring the best crops while at the same time avoiding poisonous spraying to fertilize them with fertilizers derived from sea kelp.

And finally, on the subject of seawater minerals is a recent item from the Queensland Fruit and Vegetable News:

“There may be hope for Australian deserts if recent Israeli research is any indication. Today thirsty plants are not only drinking but thriving on seawater at an experimental farm near the town of Ashkelon on the Mediterranean Sea. Dr Dov Pasternak from the Boyko Institute at Ben Gurion University, is overseeing the project which is studying 150 species of plants irrigated by sea water. The research into seawater for irrigation is directly related to the successful efforts of Dr Samuel Mendlinger, also from the Boyko Institute, to produce a special strain of sweet, high quality autumn melon grown on brackish water using drip and sprinkler irrigation.

Among other fruits and vegetables being successfully irrigated by saline water from underground aquifers are asparagus, broccoli, sorghum, olives, peas, and pomegranates. Agricultural production in 14 southern Israel settlements is now based on underground saline water, and instead of costly desalination Israelis are taking advantage of Nature’s abundance, learning to harness sea and sub-soil water to grow crops.”

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## Health Testimonials, extracted from David HUDSON Lectures: ormus_david_hudson_health.html

## Health Testimonials from Barry Carter’s website:

HEALTH & SURVIVAL IN THE 21st CENTURY by Ross Horne, from
There are also indications that animals receive great benefits from eating plants which have been grown with ORMUS. In an on-line book titled HEALTH & SURVIVAL IN THE 21st CENTURY by Ross Horne we find the following passage:

Started feeding mice both experimental and control, food that was raised on the Ray Heine and Sons Farm. The experimental food had been raised on soil fertilized with 2200 pounds (per acre) complete sea solids. The control food was the same as the experimental with the exception that it was not fertilized with complete sea solids. The food consisted of a combination of one part soybean, two parts oats, four parts corn, balanced food proteins, carbohydrates and fats for mammals.

C3H mice were obtained for this feeding experiment. This strain of mice has been bred so all the females develop breast cancer which causes their demise. The mice were two months of age when received and started on the feeding experiments. The life expectancy of this strain for females is no more than nine months which included the production of two or three litters. The experimental and control groups both consisted of 200 C3H mice and those fed on control food were all dead within eight months seven days. The experimental mice that were fed food grown on the sea solids fertilized soil lived until they were sacrificed at 16 months; definitive examination revealed no cancer

Though this experiment was done with whole sea solids (including the salt) I think we can presume that these benefits will also apply to animals that eat plants grown with the ORMUS precipitate.

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## The Real Thing or the Good Stuff, by Barry Carter

David Hudson probably did not do any testing of the white powder of gold on live subjects. Virtually all of the biological effects that he reported were on the naturally occurring mix of ORMUS elements from his mine. These elements were extracted from rock, concentrated and “annealed” to the white powder form at first; till he realized that the white powder of gold and iridium would not dissolve in stomach acid.

At that point he started promoting the “chloride form” of the ORMUS element mix. You can see an image of this ORMUS product at:

Most of the reported benefits were based on this product.

I have used this product and I am sure that most of the other products suppliers listed in the ORMUS FAQ have products which are comparable if not superior.

David Hudson did not make the product that he provided. It was made by various other chemists. These other chemists made a small amount of the white powder of gold which the “original ORME consumer” tried. You can read about his experiences with this at:

It is generally believed that ORMUS gold is less effective for healing than ORMUS rhodium and iridium.

When using an ORMUS product it is not always beneficial to use the most powerful available. Part of the healing process involves something called the “healing crisis”. This is often an unpleasant condition wherein many of the symptoms of a past illness will re-manifest for a period of time. Sometimes these symptoms might be more unpleasant than the original illness because they are concentrated in a short period of time. You can find some helpful methods to mitigate the severity of some of the healing crisis effects at:

To avoid the harshest of the healing crisis effects, I believe that it is generally best to use a combination of moderate dosages of existing products in combination with liver cleansing and nutritional support.

If you wish to get the “real thing” for spiritual advancement you might want to consider the problems that this can cause as described at:

There are not many people who have had the opportunity to try the fully “annealed” and “charged” white powder of gold made according to Hudson’s patent method. One of these people was the “original ORME consumer” who described the effects of the “charged” gold thus:

The emotional shock of it would be enough to kill most people. Look, even if you took someone 3/4 brain-dead and started pumping it down them, in a certain amount of time you would probably start to effect them on an emotional level.

In concentrated forms, I don’t think it’s for everyone. I don’t think many people, in terms of percentages of the population are going to be compelled to deal with this in the way someone who has spent years working on a spiritual path would be. This material is real, but if someone expects to eat it and suddenly fly through the chimney: they’re in for a real surprise.

It changed everything in a way that hasn’t made my life very nice. If you were to talk with some people, they would say it’s made me impossible to be around…there’s no way in the world to lie. It’s not fun. Most people are not going to like it. It’s not light-hearted. It’s not easy. Unless you have someone that you can deal with that has a point of reference for it, you’re going to be very alone. These materials and how they’ve been dealt with historically have a rich, beautiful tradition built around them. Only now do I understand why.

I know this gentleman and I can say categorically that going through the 40 day fast while eating Hudson’s materials and continuing with their ingestion for another couple of years did not allow him to “ascend” or anything like it.

This gentleman’s experiences are not unique. I have a friend who made the “charged” white powder of gold using Hudson’s process. First I will give you some background about this gentleman. He is a very mature and spiritually aware person. He is also a respected scientist in his field. He has always been kind and respectful in all of the interactions I have had with him.

I first got acquainted with him in mid 1999 and have worked with him in person. In the year 2000 he spent several months duplicating Hudson’s process and getting the resulting m-gold product annealed. When he had the annealed white powder of gold he tasted about six micrograms of it and within a few hours was almost totally incapacitated.

Judging from his experiences after ingesting a few micrograms of this powder I would bet that its widespread availability would be sufficient to shut down ORMUS for the next few centuries. I doubt that any sane person would produce the fully charged white powder of gold for anyone else. After ingesting the ORMUS gold one time he was unable to live normally for over a year because he would manifest everything he would think of. Soon after ingesting it his behavior got so strange that his wife told him that she was going to take him to the hospital but he was able to convince her that they would not know what to do to treat complications arising from the ingestion of white powder of gold.

He said that his mind would call up anything that he thought of. He could generally control this during the day but it became a real problem at night. If he thought of having an accident while driving a car would show up out of the blue and almost hit him. He had to learn to keep from thinking of what he did not want in order to avoid manifesting it. This rapid manifestation of his fears became so intrusive that he had to spend every waking minute with his mind on things that took all of his attention. He avoided contact with people and performed mathematical calculations in order to keep his thoughts from going astray. In order to sleep he took sleeping pills to keep from thinking.

This condition persisted with the same intensity for about six months and with less intensity for another six months. He said he realized that ALL of his beliefs were only beliefs and none of them were true in any fundamental way. He said that our beliefs are the foundations of physical reality and that without them things can get very shaky. This happened several years ago but every time I talk with him about it he is noticably upset as the memories are very disturbing to him still.

While I don’t think that this experience did this gentleman any profound karmic harm I also don’t think that it brought him much closer to unexcelled complete awakening either. He is finally able to work with others on a normal basis and he is finally able to talk a bit about his experience. If this sort of thing happened to lots of people it might attract the kind of attention the ORMUS movement does not need right now. Anyone who would make this for someone else or who would help someone else to make this would be legally liable for the harm that he or she caused and would probably be sued by the survivors of the person who ingested the substance.

Many people who wish to take the “real thing” have said that they wish to do so in order to transcend the physical world. In other words they would be doing it to escape what they don’t like. This kind of attention to what he did not want is exactly the thing that brought about the manifestation of those very things for my friend.

Another gentleman had a similar experience with the ORMUS gold in Dead Sea precipitate. In his story on this he wrote:

I had read that one should consume about a teaspoon per day. But, I reasoned that if a teaspoon wasn’t too much for a 90 pound woman, that I, a 265 pound man could probably tolerate more. So, I started with a tablespoon. I’d dip my measuring spoon in the mason jar and pull out 1 tablespoon and mix that with 8 ounces of water and stir to dissipate the curds. Then I’d drink it. This time, I was pleased to note that, after only 3 days or so, I was beginning to ‘hear’ a high pitched note all the time. And, if I plugged up my ear holes with my fingers – the note was just as loud as before. I believed that this was an indication of the definite result that I had been seeking. After about a week of this, the sound had become louder and constant, and I felt a little discombobulated. So, I cut back to just a teaspoon instead of the tablespoon I had been consuming. But, that didn’t slow down the progress of the loudness of the sound. It got louder and louder. It became difficult to be at work because I felt as if a part of me wasn’t quite ‘there’. Also, I began to have problems coming up with the names of things. That is to say, in conversation I would have a concept that I wanted to relate. The concept would come up – but the noun for that concept wouldn’t. I found myself constantly reaching for names that just seemed to have been wiped out. So – I stopped taking the ORMUS. Altogether, I had been consuming it for 2 weeks to the day. But, the experience that I have been describing continued to get stronger (and louder). Two weeks later, in the first week of September, I got fired from my job. I’ve never really been sure why, but I don’t think it was ORMUS related. The combination of my new condition and the general discombobulation of being fired left me mostly too tongue-tied to do anything but try to get it over with quickly.

He summed up his experience thus:

I think that I might have thought of this as a spiritual experience at one time. But really, this is just a different way of framing the question – it’s not an answer. It’s a reminder to me that my reality is only a shadow or reflection of ‘the reality’. But – it doesn’t resolve anything. There are other, subtler, changes that are harder to define.

So – was it all worth it? I don’t know exactly how to answer that. I lost most of two years of my life and all my life savings. I developed a disease. I’ve changed in ways that I did not intend to and could not have even comprehended at the start. Although I didn’t feel fear for all of that time – I was depressed for a part of it. If I knew what was going to happen – would I do it again? No. Definitely not. It was too hard. There were few points along the way that I was happy to be where I was. It wasn’t fun at all.

I had similar, though not as strong, experiences when I first started using ORMUS. Early on, when I would make ORMUS gold or use Dead Sea salt precipitate, I noticed that it really put me “in the moment”. I always would cut back on my use because I could see that being so much in the moment might make it difficult to do the things that I needed to do to live. I was concerned that I would forget to pay the bills or do my work.

## Reports of Another Researcher

Another ORMUS researcher is working with several medical doctors who are recording the progress of patients on these materials. Here is some information that has been gleaned from this researcher”s work with these doctors and their patients.
M-state materials are the same as monoatomic or ORME materials.

C-11 or M-11 is all 11 of the m-state materials generally recovered from sea water. The relative concentrations will vary depending on the source. For example the Pacific Ocean will vary from Alaska to Japan.

M-3 is just rhodium, iridium and gold. 70% rhodium, 15% iridium and 15% gold. It is likely that the gold content in M-3 is higher than it is in C-11. The assay of the m-state elements in natural source materials is difficult and requires that they be converted to their metallic counterparts which are then subjected to conventional assay procedures. This difficulty of assay is compounded by the propensity of these m-state elements to change from one element to another. Generally they tend to move toward the gold m-state material.

The most stable m-state element is gold. The half life of m-state elements is reduced by sunlight. Since these elements move toward gold, in any situation like the Dead Sea, one would expect most of the m-state elements to have converted to gold due to their exposure to sunlight over the centuries. Following is a chart showing some preliminary percentages of certain m-state elements from different sources sea water sources:

Source Dead Sea ; M-State Gold 70% ; M-State Rhodium – ; M-State Iridium- ; M-State Magnesium 30%

Source Great Salt Lake ; M-State Gold 19% ; M-State Rhodium 30% ; M-State Iridium 5% ; M-State Magnesium 46%

Source Pacific Ocean ; M-State Gold 8-14% ; M-State Rhodium 30% ; M-State Iridium 6-9% ; M-State Magnesium ?

There is definitely a more pronounced effect with the M-3 and the M-1 but whether this is a concentration effect or has to do with people’s expectations regarding the elements associated with the gold is not known yet. The M-3 generally comes from mine tailings which have the proper ratio of m-state elements. If the mine waste material is not available, pure metal is converted to the m-state and mixed in the proper ratio. The M-3 is measured in fluid ounces and is measured after the liquid m-state material has settled out and concentrated for four or five days.

You can get most of the health benefits from C-11 but it takes a bit longer. The C-11 provides for “general uplifting and total body health.” “You can go all the way with it if you continue to take it.” Many people who take these materials get a sort of “high” from them. This researcher thinks this is because it increases the efficiency of the body and the brain. He claims that you only need 10% of the energy to run the body that you are normally used to running on. The excess energy that is liberated goes into producing the high feeling.

“Any ailment you’ve had in your life that didn’t heal properly, this will attack and re-heal them properly. So you get all the symptoms back on everything you’ve ever had as you go through it.” But they are not as severe as they were the first time you went through them. Depending on a person’s current psychological state when they start taking m-state materials they may become more active or more passive for example. Some people get real sleepy while their body is repairing itself. When they get up they will “eat everything but the curtain rods and then they will go right back to sleep again.” The body needs fuel to repair the damage that has accumulated throughout life. It needs rest so that the body can repair itself. “It forces the body to do what it has to do to get itself fixed. You no longer have the mental choice to say ‘I’m going to stay awake for a week’; if you need to turn off, you turn off.”

As with all things that you ingest it is wise to stop taking them when you reach a plateau of effects. Taking anything through the plateau can result in addiction. If you are not taking these materials to cure a specific disease it is probably best to take them for no more than two weeks at a time with a week of rest between the two week periods.

Some early researchers claim that the m-state gold, if taken alone, can tend to lock people into their current physical or mental condition. For example if they are criminals they may just become much more effective criminals. This theory is based on a very small sample over a very short time.

Comments on specific diseases
AIDs:About fifteen or twenty people have recovered from AIDS as a result of treatment with the C-11. More advanced cases of AIDS should use the M-3. “That’s a little four ounce treatment and they’re done. No one will tell you that they have got AIDS anyway.”

Alzheimer’s disease: Twenty four people with Alzheimer’s disease in a rest home were given M-3 at the rate of 2 ounces per person over a period of 30 days. They were all released as normal at the end of the thirty day period. Alzheimer’s seems to be the depletion of m-state materials from the body.

Bipolar disorder: About 100 people with varying severity’s of bipolar disorder have responded well to the m-state materials. In the less severe cases the C-11 is adequate, in more severe cases it is best to alternate the C-11 with M-3. Start with the C-11, go to the M-3 then back to the C-11. Essential oil therapy and aromatherapy are useful adjuncts to the m-state elements with bipolar disorders.

Cancer: Thirty eight of forty people with cancer treated with these materials have made complete recoveries. Both of the people who died quit the m-state to use conventional cancer treatments. The cancer dosage is two to six ounces of the wet M-3 material over a period of two to six weeks depending on the severity of the cancer. This is taken as a teaspoon of the liquid precipitate in the morning, and a teaspoon at night (before bedtime). Most recently a two ounce bottle of M-3 consumed over a month’s time has brought about complete remission for four women with breast cancer, two people with other tumors and four people with lupus. Types of cancer which have been successfully treated include lymphatic cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, leukemia, brain tumors, prostate cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer and uterine cancer.

Diabetes: Diabetes responds to C-11, vanadium-chrome (because that’s the building block to repair the pancreas) and B-6. About 250 people with diabetes have been treated 100% successfully.

Emphysema: Five people have completely recovered from emphysema using the C-11. People on the C-11 often never get sick again. “It raises their immune system and wakes it up so they don’t catch anything.”

Heart disease: Six people have recovered from various heart diseases using the m-state materials. The more severe heart problems respond better to the M-3. High blood pressure and less severe heart problems respond well to the C-11.

Lupus : Several people have made complete recoveries from lupus.

Multiple sclerosis : Six people have made complete recoveries from multiple sclerosis.

Muscular dystrophy: Three people have made complete recoveries from muscular dystrophy. The M-3 is recommended in this situation.

Osteoporosis: M-state completely reverses osteoporosis. An m-state massage oil is used to stimulate this process in conjunction with progesterone. Unheated calcium works better than calcium that has been heated.

Hepatitis C, liver disease, kidney problems and Lou Gehrig’s disease have also been treated successfully.

M-Copper: The m-copper seems to have a less profound psycho-physical effect than the gold. Some people react well to m-state copper and some people do not. M-state copper will put a person with Parkinson’s disease into a severe reaction. Do not take m-state copper if you have a history of Parkinson’s disease in your family. Parkinson’s disease is a result of the body not handling copper properly. If you do not have tendencies toward Parkinson’s disease, m-state copper is actually good for you.

Most of the effects generally associated with aging; gray hair, wrinkles etc. have been linked to copper deficiency. Copper deficiency is what kills most of us. If m-state copper is what gives chlorophyll its green color then your mother was right when she told you to eat your vegetables.

M-Platinum: M-state platinum causes strong Anabuse type reactions to alcohol if you eat the m-state platinum and try to drink alcohol. Several people who took m-state platinum for allergies seemed to recover from the allergies. The whole group went out to a New Year’s party to celebrate. Right after they started to drink they got so sick that they thought they were going to die.

## Some Ormus benefits, by “rodavi11”,,

Sun May 2, 2004 10:48 am : I’ve been taking Ormus products in some form or other for over 3 months now. Currently manufacturing our own WPG with Celtic salt and the Wet Method, and drinking tap water, having purchased one of Bob Winters traps.

I’ve had BPH and Cronic Prostatitis for about 10 years, normally my prostate is about the size of a Grapefruit and the pain from it is intense. Yesterday I had my prostate examined and it’s the smallest it’s been in that 10 years.. almost normal. Having seen 8 of Canada’s finest Urologists and resorting to Microwave treatments and such – it’s amazing not to be in pain. I’ve had some nice light shows, and my better half is feeling better and better.

Wow am I ever glad I came across Barry, Ormus, and You Guys. We are the scientists pushing the envelope – Thank God.

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