### MDG own experiments on ORMUS: (page created November 2007)

## Personal Adventure in the Ormes from the sea …, May 2007 (form MDG the webmaster)

For sure I had to try this Ormes, because of so many fantastic reports, and thanks God, it’s GOOD. Now I’m taking 2-4 times a day (once before sleep, and once when waking up, plus sometime 1-2 times along the day, as far as possible from meals, for fast absorbtion and to be sure it will not be spoiled at contact with food) a small amount of powder from the sea, since beginning of March 07 (2 full months now), and I’m very satisfied.

First I tried the Ormes from a simple Magnetic Trap I made; the tap water has some Ormes inside, but the strong chlorine test, here, render it very difficult to drink. So once I borrowed a car and went to the jungle waterfall 40 kms from here, and I processed its water, to collect 1 gallon of concentrate. This was wonderfull ! Very powerfull ! I get bursts of light/joy coming from the area of my stomach, exploding in the direction of my head, giving me big smile and flood of happiness; as driving the way back, I found it a bit difficult to control (this bursts of joy) and to keep the car on the road, so I decided not to take Ormes before driving anymore !

I’d like to go again collect some Ormes from this pure water, because the effects are much different from the sea water extract ! But I am too busy and have no personal car…

The precipitate from the local South China Sea gave us 200 grams of dryed powder from 100 liters processed following the Wet Method (with NaHO). From the 100 litres we get around 4 litres of highly concentrate milky solution, that gave us this 200 grams of very white powder after 3 hours of drying on a gas cooker, and grinding to fine grain. So we can get 2kg of powder per meter cube of this sea water.

– Making Liquid Plant Fertilizer
I diluted 35 Spoon of Sodium Hydroxide (NaHo, Lye) in 10 Litres of Reverse Osmosis Water (this RO water has less than 80ppm), and added it slowly, per 1/2 litre, while stiring the sea water at ‘vortex formation speed’, by hand. The PH, starting from 8.2 (sea water alone), went up to 9.7 with the first half liter of Lye Mix, and stood there til around 8 liters were versed inside, then the PH went slowly, 1 decimal by one decimal, to 10.4. At that moment when I added a bit more mix, it went up to 11.3, what is already too high ! Never mind, I’ll use this batch as fertilizer, and will make another onefor dinking purpose; and I’ll be carefull when the PH goes above 10 to 10.5, to add Lye Mix very little by little, to be sure not to go higher than 10.78, as recommended. Actually, having a cheap PH meter, 35 Euros, with only one decimal (but having temperature adjustment), I can’t be so precise as 10.78, so I’ll stop adding Lye Mix when it will reach 10.4 to 10.6. Up to this PH the precipitate is already very generous, and the effect on plants or as drink are already very GOOD !
Using for plants to grow faster and bigger, effect visible within 1-3 weeks.

– Making the Energizer/Medecine Drink:
I diluted 2 spoons of Pure Lye Chrystals in one liter of R.O. water, and added it slowly to 5 Litres of Microporous Korean Ceramic filtered local Sea Water. After this liter of Lye Mix finished, the PH was just starting to increase above 10.2, so I made more Lye Mix, and after adding 120ml, the PH was up to 10.7, so I stopped. After few hours the precipitate was down the pot, so I siphoned out the top water, then replaced it with R.O. water, I made it 3 times, to take out the salt. It gaves me 1 liter of very white milky solution, that test like calcium powder on the tongue, and give the Ormes’ ‘strong coffee effect’, feeling under high tension for a few hours … can’t sleep in that state at day time (taking it just before night sleep is the best)!

– The major effects of the ORMES from the Sea Water, on me, are:
– Easyer and earlier wake up every morning, day naps much shorter.
– Feeling better and younger; I think I came back to at list 10 years ago, I feel I walk like when I was much adolescent sometime ! I feel lighter !
– After continual stretchings (I always feel I need to stretch my back spin/muscles), I feel my body is transforming a bit itself, mutating … mutating in what, I don’t know :)) …
– I can tape much faster on the computer than before, and memorize longer parts of sentences when I transcript texts for this website. I unerstand deeper. I work for hours without seeing the time going, and much more work is done everyday 🙂 Also I never feel lazy to go and work each time.
– I can go for a 30 kilometers bicycle ride (at full gear for 90 minutes, plane ground = 20kmh/hour average speed) and be ready to work after only 30 minutes of rest. And with almost no pain in the legs ! Before I would need 2 hours of rest, have pains, and the next day would be dificult, but now, I feel much less tired, less pain, and next day it’s almost forgoten … while riding, I also don’t feel tired like before.
– Some time I feel I hear much better, I’m more aware of what is going one in my surrounding environment, but nothing supernatural yet !
– No persistant feeling of ‘third eye open’, telepathy or other paranormal abilities, but may be sometime strange effects, and for sure different feelings…
– Ormes are the better ‘Energy Booster’ I never ate (natural one of course), and the best is that we don’t accumulate tiredness; before, drinking coffee for ‘Energy Booster’, after few days I had to rest much, feeling like the tiredness had accumulate during that time, and I would feel completely exhausted. I don’t feel this problem with Ormes.

Only one problem I found, is the ‘hot’ effect; 15 to 30 minutes after absorbtion of the powder, if I’m not at rest, I feel my temperature increasing in my head and my chest, and at contact with other people I found myself much more ‘hot’ and strong. I feel like I become wild, savage, like a Tiger … that’s easy to control after we are aware of it anyway.
– Also if I take too mush powder at a time, I can get headhache, and especially one time, at the beginning, I took a too large dose, and get ONE WEEK of very strong headhaches and really had to stretch strongly all the time, feeling my body was ‘growing’, transforming; all along my spine I was feeling ‘activity’, high energy accumulated …
– Of course, if I want to drink coffee again, I’ll have to stop ORMES. One tea spoon of Sea Extract gives me the effect of 3 coffees !

– Eating the powder:
The amount of powder to take is so small that I found nothing to measure it (like a very small pintch of salt that we put on the tongue). I think 5 grams of powder will last at least 1 year, may be 2 !

Actually I was interrested by the Ormes just for the ‘better health and energy effect’, to be able to work more, and the results are 100 % positive. It’s a success for me.

For the hundreds of year of lifespan, the teleportation ability through the Space-Time, and the meeting with the Enlighted Scientists, I am not expecting anything. Just the ‘medical/health’ part attracted me.

# Small Maths:
– South China Sea (near ‘Paradisiac’ islands) gave us 200g of powder from 100L of water ; it’s 2kg per m3 (1,000L)
The Earth Sea Water volume is 1Billion of kilometer cube ; 1 km3 is 1 milliom meter cube
So our planet contain 1 Million of Billions of Meter Cube of Sea Water, what is 2 Million of Billions of Kilo of Ormes powder !!

It’s 2 Trillion Tons of Ormes white powder in Sea Waters (if concentration in water is same everywhere)

– Hudson cured cancer with 2 mg intravenously per day per person for 25 days = 2 mg x 25 days = 50 mg (milligrams)
1 kg of powder, from 500 Litres of Sea Water, could cure 20,000 cancers (twenty thousands)
The Ormes from one Kilometer Cube (1million m3) of Sea Water could cure40 Billion Cancers …

If the Sea White Powder had the same healing effects that Hudson’s Powder, only 1ml of precipitate would be enough, to inject daily !! (2g of powder per liter of sea water = 2mg per 1ml of sea water)

– At 500 grams of powder per Hectare for fertilizing (10,000 m2) per year to obtain enormous plants production,
The Ormes contained in the Sea Waters, could fertilize 2 Trillion Hectare during 2,000 years (two thousands years)

So, what are we waiting to use it, it’s so simple and cheap ?!?!

– Is there a lot of atoms in 1g of powder ?

Ex. with Hydrogen: one hydrogen atom is about 1 amu ; One gram is about 600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 amu (that’s 600 sextillion, or a 6 followed by 23 zeros).
Ex. with Gold: one gold atom is about 197 amu ; one gram is about 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms of gold ; 3 Billion of Trillion atoms of Gold per gram of Gold.
Electrons are so light that you can usually ignore their mass relative to the atom as a whole. A proton has about 2000 times the mass of an electron.from http://www.colorado.edu/physics/2000/periodic_table/atomic_mass.html

– How many atoms are contained in 2mg of ‘Hudson’s White Gold Powder’ that Doctors injected daily to patients to cure them from Cancer, Aids, Arthritis, Osteporosis, …:

=> 2mg of Hydrogen will count around 1.2 sextillion atoms of Hydrogen (1,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms, or 1,2 Billion of Trillions of atoms).
=> 2mg of Hudson’s White Gold Powder will count around 6 Million of Trillions of Gold atoms (6,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms of Gold in 2mg of powder of Gold)

– Hydrogen having Atomic Mass around 1 amu, Oxygen around 16 amu, Sodium around 23:
A molecule of Water would weight H2=2 + O=16 = 18 amu ; Hydrogen being around 11% of the total Water Molecule Mass, and Oxygen 89%.
A molecule of Sodium Hydroxide would weight Na=23 + H=1 + O=16 = 40 amu ; Hydrogen being around 2.5% of the total Mass, Sodium 57.5% and Oxygen 40%.

– Since we add around 3 grams of Sodium Hydroxide (NaHO) per litre of sea water to precipitate the powder, how much is the weight of Hydrogen in the 2 grams of precipitate of Hydride Metals that we get per liter of sea water ?
3 grams of NaHO contain 2.5% of Hydrogen = 0.075 gr of Hydrogen.

– Then we can know the weight of our ormes in this 2 grams of precipitate obtained per liter of sea water, and confirm it with the weight of the powder after anhiliation through red hot heating.
2 grams of precipitate less 0.075 gr of Hydrogen = 1.925 grams of Ormes (I had no means to confirm weight after red hot heating)

– If in his High-Spin state an Orme weight only 59% of its metallic weight, 1.925 gr of Ormes represent 3.26 grams equivalent metals.

– Like Oxygen is said to have also an ‘high-spin’ monoatomic state, it should be also under white powder form, or does it still under gas form? White powder of Oxygen Orme … precipitated with NaHO, giving Hydride-Oxygen , HO, under solid form ?!?Mysteries …

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## ORMUS Adventure continues …, October 2007 (form MDG the webmaster)

As for now it has been almost 10 months that I started experimenting with ORMUS/ORMES/M-states, and I am still very enthousiastic, because it is easy and cheap BUT powerful !

About the Sea Water Precipitates (from Wet Method), I must confirm that it is a very good fertilizer for any kind of plants, being trees, flowers or anything else. My manggo tree gave an enormous amount of fructs just 4 months after I water it a few times with fresh wash water from the Wet Method. My Sugar Cane grew also much faster and bigger, average 30% more. Now somebody is already commercializing the product in a near area, see article below.

Also VERY IMPORTANT is the good effects of the Sea Water Precipitates (from Wet Method) on Human beings, because everybody that has tested it reported MORE ENERGY to move and work around. Our best testimonial for the moment, we just started a while ago to sell this product, is from the sales man himself, whose grand mother was suffering in bed since 2 weeks, feeling pain in the back and tiredness, and that wake up the next day after she took just a few drops of the Sea Water Precipitate (from Wet Method) ! The third day she was outside cutting the grass (with a knife) around the house. Here in the country side the people are very sceptical, and when they like something it’s really because it’s good. And they are VERY enthousiastic about the Sea Water Precipitate !!! Everybody report the feeling of MORE ENERGY and FEELING FRESH.

We decided to first introduce the Sea Water Precipitates, for Health and Agriculture, and then after we will go further through the other products like Sea White Powder, Coconut and Aloe Verae White Powders, Salts Mix Precipitate, Charged Virgin Oils, Magnetic Blender Charging Methods and Radiant Energy Colloidals.

The spectrum of effects and products is wide and I hope to keep record of the many experiments I am doing. I will try to get a digital camera one day, to show in pictures how easy is the work on ORMUS. It’s simple, cheap BUT very effective.

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# Our First Product for Plants: Thanks to Barry Carter for ‘inspiration’ and model.

We called it C’Energy Mix. A bottle costs 1/2 USD (half a dollar) to produce, is sold 1.50 USD in quantities, and the public price is 3.00 USD in the garden shop.

We concentrate it to coefficient 5, that’s fast, when others announce coefficient 10. So one acre need 10 to 20 litres of our product per year. 2 or 3 applications per year seem also possible.

I wanted it cheap for everybody to be able to buy it. And I am already trying to ‘export’ the technology to near by countries … where there is still quite a large number of very poor people that don’t have enough to fill the stomacs of their children. I wish I had a few bodies to work in multiple places …

Off course I teach for free to anybody wishing and that can’t ‘get it’ from internet. It would be very good if somebody could organize multilanguages translations of this VERY IMPORTANT staff.

The original sticker is in 2 languages; I took out the local language to make it more difficult to trace

I encountered problems of people being very sceptikle, and also using it without following the recommandations on the sricker, and of course getting lower to no results. It’s IMPORTANT to dilute well the concentrate, and to water the base of the plant on a large surface. Repartition must be as wide as possible in the 3 dimensions (large and deep), and that is why it is important to dilute well, giving a larger amount of liquid to cover the largest possible volume of soil enriched.

One of the miracle of this Sea Water Precipitates (from Wet Method) is the drought and freeze fighting abilities of this liquid of ORMUS. Because using this natural fertilizer farmers in Australia and America report being able to water on a tenth of the usual volume of water, while obtaining the same amount of fruits, and plants fertilized can resist to freezing temperature. That is very important because this 2 problems of freezing and drought (extreme temperatures) are what cause lots of people to scarve from food.

It is a priority to teach to the ‘third world’ populations to make and use this Sea Water Precipitate because it will give food to the populations living in extreme climat conditions, desert, cold or hot.

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# One point on the Sea Powder ingestion: by MDG, 20 July 2007
I measured the amount of powder that I was taking, and having no precision scale, I just divided 10 grams of powder on a white paper, with a cutter blade

I took out half of the volume each time, down to what should be 1 mg (one milligram), roughly of course, and it corresponded with the daily amount I take. Yes, just 1 mg per day, and that gives me a super good energy on the next day. Actually I have to slow down my activities, because I don’t feel tired with all the work I do, but after a while I get equilibrium problem, like I’m going to fall down …

# Instructive comparison: taking 1mg of sea water powder gives me a clear indication of it’s activity (heat in the body, in the head, pressure on the throat, boost of energy like when drinking 3 strong coffees but without the heart beating acceleration).

This 1mg is what is contained in 0.5ml (0.5 milliliter) of sea water (2 grams per liter of sea water using 3 grams of NaHO per liter to precipitate it)

But if I drink 20 times this amount (10 ml) of sea water (or even more) I feel nothing, so I have the proof that:
– there is a very powerful ‘medecine’ in the sea water
– it needs to be ‘extracted’ to give its full power

Note: I have to try to eat 1mg of pure NaHO to see if the effect comes from there, to be definitively sure where it comes from. Or may be that’s just the Hydrogen ions liberated in the water, increasing the PH reading, that produce the effect …

# Once I took double dose of the White Sea Powder, may be 2 or 3 mg; the result was the very powerful headaches for 1 full week described earlier ! I will never take so much again, it’s too painful; so BE CAREFUL WITH THIS POWDER
I advise you to test the product you want to ingest by taking first a very small amount of it, then waiting for 1 full hour to feel if there is any effect, and how strong it is. Then increase slowly the dosage up to one that you feel confortable with.

Month after month the effects felt are different, no more headaches, no pains. But since that first powder, I made ORMUS from different sources. From Raw Sea Salt you can get a different effect, from Young Coconut Juice you get another feeling, etc…

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# A very strong and simple method is just to put Raw Sea Salt in a bottle, say two spoons in a half liter empty mineral bottle, then to fill it with a good cooking oil; then after 2 days waiting, you can just put ONE DROP on your tongue and feel the effects … I was very surprised to find it SO STRONG ! I let you try.

Anyway, for the scientists, it is THE PROOF THAT THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE SEA SALT, and that when immersed in oil, it migrates to the oil ! And it has an immediate (after 2-3 minutes) effect on our human body after ingestion. You can even just put the oil on your skin and the ORMEs will make there way to your blood and you will also feel them very strongly after a short while.
That’s amazing no ? This ORMES/ORMUS are for real, and just next and whitin us.

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# Another incredible method, to get the positive effects of the ORMES/ORMUS, is just to put 1 liter of clean water in your blender, add a tea spoon of Raw Sea Salt, a few magnets outside the blender, and run the all for 3 minutes.

The ORMES/ORMUS superconductors get energetically charged each time they cross the magnetic fields of the magnets, and you end up with a very powerful, energizing, rejuvenating and tasty water to drink.

I made my ‘blender magnetic belt’ with 10 standard black magnets (50mm x 20mm size), the all for USD15.00, and I’m drinking it everyday since 2 months, and I drink this water only. It puts me in a high energetic level, the all day. At night I can’t drink to much of it, or I won’t be able to sleep !

I think that it is a very good method, because we ingest highly charged Ormes, the full spectrum of minerals from the Sea Salt, and a better shaped water after 3 minutes blended.

I do 10 liters (2 1/2 gallons) batches, that last me 2-3 days. 1 Liter in the blender, with 2 big spoon of Sea Salt and 3 minutes of blending, then I mix this in the rest of the water.

I store the water in a clear plastic container wrapped with aluminum foil outside, to protect against the light that has a tendency to make the superconductors to escape, fly away.

I am actually so satisfied with this Blended Water that I seldom take any other Ormes products ! I just forgot them ! But I must say that I’m ingesting a daily microdose of Iridescent Oil from Golden Water daily (thanks Nicholas D Collette for the recipe), and that’s supposed to be the Universal Medecine, precursor of the Stone of Immortality, so I feel that with this 2 products I have enough to be healthy and rejuvenated …

Like I still having my white hairs since ever, even while taking this powerful Ormes, I join the general opinion that the Ormes from Copper are those related to the color of the hair, and that sea water doesn’t bring enough of it; or may be it’s a longer processus, and also depend of each person (see Dr Milewski that get his hair back to black in a few months just by drinking magnetized water). Problem is that Copper Ormes is not stable, and reform microcluster within minutes after production (I used a Bedini Solid State Oscillator to send Radiant pulses in two small copper wires in distilled water, thanks Dr. Lindemann for the info), so it’s actually difficult to do by ourself, and only a proved stable commercial product may give satisfaction.

Anyway witnesses having their hairs comming back to full color get it after 18 long months on Copper Ormes. (See pictures in Barry Carter files) So we can be sure that by any method it should take at least a few months.

If instead of Reverse Osmosis water I use RAIN WATER, I have to reduce the blending to 2 and 1/2 minute (from 3 and 1/2) because the water become TOO POWERFUL for me to drink. That prove the presence of Ormus in the Rain Water, that become charged through the Magnetic Blending and add their power to those in the Sea Salt. Alchemists knew it since ever, and can even extract these Ormus from the Rain Water. Even better would be to use DEW WATER ! Yes, it’s full of Ormus !

# A last comment on my experiments with Ormes: I came to precipitate the Ormes contained in my urine, to see how much were there. I found 20 ml of concentrate per liter of pee. Like it seems to be quite a lot (if I drink 20 ml of Ormus concentrate in one day, I’m sure to die, it’s far too much), so I conlcuded that the important was NOT THE QUANTITY, BUT THE QUALITY. That’s how I came to drink almost only Highly Charged Ormus (through Magnet Blender Method), in place of standard concentrates or powder.

I didn’t tried yet to charge a Standard Ormes Concentrate in the Magnetic Blender, because I think it could be dangerously poweful ! 🙂 The thruth is that I have already so many other experiments running, in Ormes, Free Energy, Stone and doing this website, that I didn’t found the concentration-freetime window to try it.

# Precipitation from local Sea Salt:
1 kg of Pattani (Thailand) Raw Sea Salt (USD 0.50 per kg) gave 60 ml of settled concentrate after 72 hours.

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